Globalism has ridden its one legged jackass of a lie about the “Nazi’s” just about far enough. 

Yes the National Socialists committed atrocities in a war they didn’t start, but they pale in comparison to the ones Great Britain and the United States along with their dog of war the Soviet Union committed in a war they did start.

Globalism has chosen Communism for its system of world domination.

As Anthony Burgess, a high ranking British Intelligence officer in WW II pointed out in his masterpiece A Clockwork Orange, this has been their endgame since WW II ended. It was instituted covertly, systematically, and relentlessly.

No one but Burgess really saw it coming. But now in its final push, every sentient being still left after seventy-five years of MK Ultra can see it as easily as they can see the palm of their own hand. Again there is a simple solution, a cure, complete the circle and go back to where it all began…

“In the West where industrially advanced societies existed, Liberalism became the chief social mechanism for controlling mass populations. By breaking down cultural norms and thereby cultural health and integrity, the elite sought to undermine national spirit. By breaking the cohesiveness of European cultures, they sought an accelerated globalization process as a consequence. Hitler considered modern liberalism as a hijacking of European culture, therefore he promoted Germany’s self-sufficiency and independence. His party advocated the sovereignty of nations. While classical liberalism was the social mechanism by which the European people shed the feudal monarchial system that had ruled for centuries, its greatest legacy was making people conscious of their individual human rights. Although National Socialist propagandists publicly acknowledged the contributions of liberalism, they warned that without controls, the free reign of personal ambition would always lead to abuse.”

“Hitler argued the absence of sufficient state control in a Democracy enabled the wealthy class to manipulate the economy the press and elected officials for its own gain.”

“National Socialism was diametrically opposed to Marxism. As it emphasized National pride while still promoting individualism. Property ownership was a human right…”

“Hitler withdrew Germany’s money system from the gold standard. Gold was the recognized medium of exchange for international commerce. Over centuries, it had become a commodity as well. Financiers bought and sold gold and speculated on its fluctuations in price and loaned it abroad at high interest. Hitler substituted a direct barter system in foreign dealings. German currency became defined as measuring units of human productivity. The British general JFC Fuller observed (that) Germany is already beginning to operate more on the concept of labor than on the concept of money…”

The mainstream media has been hard at work for their globalist masters, convincing Americans indoctrinated by an educational system answerable to the very same masters as the MSM, that Socialism is the same as Communism. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

German National Socialism fought an apocalyptic war to the death with Communism, while American and British Globalist Capitalists financed the latter leading up to WW II. 

In just a few short years, the National Socialists dragged Germany from economic ruin to the pinnacle of power by merely following the precedents laid out by the Great Adam Smith, without poisoning them as Alexander Hamilton did the American Revolution. 

Mercantilism, the economic formula still used today to enslave the common man, postulates that wealth is gold. Smith, a prodigy who was the smartest man in England by the time he was fourteen years old, disagreed. He said a country’s wealth was in the labor it could generate, and National Socialism took it from there. This video supplies the details. 

Smith set all his tenets down in plain English in his seven hundred page plus Magnum Opus, The Wealth of Nations. The problem is, the only one who has ever really understood them outside of Gottfried Feder, the “Nazi” economic genius, is David Ricardo. He added that “Rent Seekers, those who take from the economy without producing, must be eradicated.

America has instead made Rent Seeking the very foundation of its economy and called it Capitalism. But there are even more vile interpretations of Smith’s work. 

Marxism, based on the completely untenable premise that all men are created equal, egalitarianism, is the worst of them. It now threatens the West with a transhuman nightmare where individualism will be virulently eradicated, and mediocrity persistently cultivated. The National Socialists knew full well the dangers this system posed to the higher souls. Below in three comments Mike Kay (MK), a man who Understands the human soul as well as anyone ever did, explains the irreconcilable spiritual differences between National Socialism and Marxism, erroneously called Socialism by the uneducated. – Jack Heart

August 8, 2020 at 10:43 AM

National Socialism was opposed to Communism on a deep spiritual level. Any effort to study the two reveals that both cannot exist together, except in conflict.
The rise of National Socialism is, and has been equated with fascism, but as Evola explained at his trial, it isn’t fascist, it’s super fascist. If one considers his point, one realizes he was referring to a deeply spiritual condition, not simply a political system smeared by today’s carefully conditioned beliefs.

Communism is very much a child of the abrahamics, in the sense of a monstrous offspring that magnifies the appetites, terrors, and objectives that the parent was able, at least temporarily, to hold in check.

National Socialism derives from a native European origin, one which kindled both a genuine identity and heritage. Referencing our previous message regarding the Great Conundrum, National Socialism attacked this problem with a deep comprehension of identity, whilst Communism, which shows zero understanding of the Great Conundrum, dives right in and becomes indistinguishable from the abyss.

It should be mentioned that just because one is too stupid to understand the conditions of existence, doesn’t correlate with avoiding them.

Communism introduced a number of thoroughly Jewish perspectives which have never been accurately described as Jewish, because organized Jewry has an aversion to being tagged with its invention. The primary example here is deception. Deception is the method behind double entry banking, and creating money via debt, it is the avenue by which mass murdering of the native inhabitants of the Levant is labeled self-defense, it is the lever by which blood and treasure is extracted from a people, and it is central to all communist endeavor.

Contrast the path of knowledge with the path of deception, and one can clearly discover why the tool of globalism is Communism. Today, we are treated to incoherent babble concerning socialism in America. This is both idiotic and wrong. Communism is here, it’s been part of the education system for decades. It’s comfortable in the minds and hearts of many. It is the template for globalist objectives and agendas. Unfortunately, Americans are not perceptive enough to grasp this, and thus they are subject to it. – MK

August 8, 2020 at 5:38 PM

There are several aspects of National Socialism that cannot be examined due to a complete lock down upon it by the globalists, and their Pavlovian lackeys in key positions around the world. They lock it down because of several reasons, but certainly one of the most significant is fear. Should National Socialism be allowed to rise anew, the hegemony of the political, economic, criminal, and ideological network, most of which is completely opaque to the casual view, would be directly threatened.

Why? Because by its very nature National Socialism is built upon the crux of the very issues that define the struggle of the human species, whilst globalism and globalists can only succeed through opposition of this struggle.

The destructive nature of globalism finds a home in the violence and depravity of holding down human development. The best way, they reason, to prevent any threat to their positions and plans, is to reduce human activity to its most basic physical forms.

Any honest examination of this direction reveals its basis in fear.

Fear based systems are fundamentally abrahamic, as they condition the user to develop an opinion of the cosmos that is ultimately bereft of any value.

Thus, Communism is at war with deep identity both in order to affirm the supremacy of the state, and its leaders who are awarded an unearned godlike status. Thus the world of Communism is the abrahamic world in a very real, degenerative sense.

The Frankfort School, a group of Communist ideologues who left Russia due to Stalin’s determination to murder them, inserted themselves into higher education across America in the 1950s, bringing with them the messianic message of Communism to receptive ears. This is considered the watershed event, where treasonous forces began eroding the strength of the USA. This assessment is very, very wrong. The promotion of, and justification for Communism in the USA began with its very inception, as the primary financier of the Bolshevik hijack of the Russian revolution was Wall Street.

What is always missed about Communism, is its inherent elitist and invasive nature.

The attractive nature of Communism to globalists is directly related to its elitism and arrogance. For an example of this, one need only look at the structure of industry in modern China, and its relationship to the Communist party. Indeed, the abrahamics can be equitably described as an anti-spiritual religion. In all branches of abrahamism, spirituality is reduced to supplication and subservience, which paradoxically in flames and aggrandizes the physical aspect of the self. This is what Plotinus was getting at, in his examination of matter, and its activity as a thoroughly inhibitive state.

Ultimately, the attempt of Communism to replace genuine spiritual values with ersatz props dooms it to the condition of opposition to everything that makes humanity human.

Next up, a review of some of those suppressed qualities of National Socialism that the middle eastern nukers don’t want you to know. – MK

August 9, 2020 at 11:36 AM

Jack, this was written in response to the 9 contingent, struggling to come to terms with living in what is no longer their country. All of us, now facing this situation, can better navigate this if we understand the nature of the forces at work.

However, there is a wild card in all of this, actually several wild cards, and we can study the rise of National Socialism as a result of these forces at play.

First of all, National Socialism arose through the avatar that was repeatedly signalled to arrive long before he actually made his appearance. This prophetic nature to the rise of N.S. is documented in art, mysticism, and philosophy.

This immediately removes the entire phenomenon of N.S. from the sphere of concrete politics, and places it into the realm of cosmic time. The significance of this is impossible to overestimate, because we are now dealing with forces that are far beyond the mental math of the modern mind.

Of course, this also makes significant realizations and perspectives that cannot be controlled or diminished by the abrahamics, only destroyed by them.

Most of know here that the primal forces of the cosmos are alive, and have their own will. Humanity, and its path is deeply and intrinsically linked to these primal forces. In effect then, N.S. was the definitive movement of recognition of the human role in the cosmic waves of destiny.

Communism, in contrast, is the chameleon that always adopts the most convenient outer form, whilst never changing its fundamental destroyer nature. For those who only see surfaces, labeling communism neoconservative, globalist, socialist, is akin to describing different things, and thus the essential nature, the deceptive destruction, is missed almost entirely.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Communism in America was nurtured through it Utopian fantasy. It was fed to America in a time when the banking clan was eagerly stealing property, as foreseen by Jefferson. A time when 7 million Americans died of starvation, which witnessed the establishment of organized crime as a tool for political and economic control.

I have already described the inherently abrahamic nature of Communism, and it is due to this profile that Communism so easily slides into modern society, hiding in plain sight, as it were.

Now, in conclusion, National Socialism defeated Communism in Germany because National Socialism was not Abrahamic, because it was moving in accord with cosmic forces and because it rode the invisible wave of destiny.

In response to this, the abrahamics mounted the most unprecedented response of lies, deception, and crime to destroy the remembering and return the world to the dark abyss they glory in.

The last saving grace of the abrahamics was tossed to the earth and defiled by nincompoops in 1917. We are all doomed to play out the result of placing faith and destiny in the hands of those who neither comprehend it, nor deserve it.
We now have so much to look forward to, this long empty train, speeding into the dust. – MK

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  1. Duff may not have a choice. He's clearly a gate keeper so…Remember the insanity over the staged ops across the country and Duff's firing a bunch a writers because they didn't get in line to his decree. I assume he was "assigned" to have that position or remember when Deanna Spingola became a gatekeeper for not allowing questioning of Sandy Hook? Well, Jews refer to Sandy Hook in the same breath with denying the Holocaust now

  2. "Hegel was essentially awarding this process a developmental path"

    In stories there is a competition of ideas, and the only rule is "what could happen or not happen next must be more interesting than what happened previously"

  3. "Whatever one's conclusions, the fact remains that Hegel provided the world with an effective template for cultural evolution" But it's bullshit because look at all the de-evolution in art/society. Like Marx all you need to believe in Hegel is to ignore all the information that contradicts the supposed progression.

  4. Apparently, Google, aka the globalist transhumanist censorship nexus, had better things to do than publish my first comment. So, I decided to grab my rifle and deal with a varmint problem before attempting to post this.
    It didn't take long for the Turkey Vulture to discover the whereabouts of its next meal.
    In short, yes.
    Hegel remembered himself to the extent that he recognized his origins. More than I can say for the acolytes of Saklas, and their plans for you and me on this fine day.

  5. The Orange Fat Man will win this election running away. The polls are just as fake as the rest of the news, yes we all support the scrawny homosexuals' and three hundred pound blue haired lesbians burning down our cities too, and Kamala Harris yea she's a Black woman. Please! I've been to about 20 different states in the last year, I have more Black friends than most ANTIFA members have friends, OG's too. They can tell their lies to the maskateers, they don't fly with me. The democrats are not even competitive in this election which is why they forced mail in ballots with an eye toward stealing it. I hope they do, Civil War is certain then and just as certain will be the confederate flag flying over the rubble of the UN building in two months. I would vote for Biden just to see it, but that would be ridiculous. There is no way Biden can win a legitimate election…

  6. Jack, did you watch the turnip last nite?

    Gosh, he rallied the troops as no one had a mask nor was there any social distancing nonsense as he thumbed his nose at the media and that marxist wing of that democrat party!

    He made the Princess giggle with his antics that went on for well over an hour! Never ever underestimate our dear orage clown as me thinks no matter what the media says a huge win for him is in the works!

    PBS covered the event and of course they cut in to pontificate rather than let us listen to the fine singers and musicians during the equally fine fireworks show!

    The first to pontificate? A burly short haired dyke angry about the fact that no one was donning the mask nor social distancing and the others following with a series of tired old BS on how our democracy is in shambles because he dared to have the party on the White house lawn!

    Give the orange one an "A" for a stellar and highly entertaining performance as no wonder they want to keep Biden locked in the basement with no debates! LOL!!!

  7. MK, I am I guess with our Jack in regards to Hegal as he says there were God like men before us and one must simply look at the ruins of the past which proves it!

    It appears man is fallen as the Bible says from a higher state and look around as our world and the people in it seem to be falling and fast. The height of western music was JS Bach whom all great musical minds revere since his works are perfection played and one is transported to another kingdom when its played properly!

    Above my paygrade of course.

  8. Hegel was right in one very important sense, the perception that ideas develop through struggle. History is rife with competing ideas, at least for those cultures that emerged from stone aged hunting-gathering, and these ideas play against each other continuously.
    Hegel was essentially awarding this process a developmental path, and if we view European art and culture through the lens of his time, one does indeed find a general trend towards ever greater competency, and depth of expression, as long as one begins with the completion of the Christian conquest.
    There can be little doubt that the innocent and simple arts from those dark ages grew in sophistication and genius, to the extent that these arts continue to inspire to this day. Primitive cultures do not spawn Vivaldi's and Monet's.
    If Hegel struck out at all, the pitch that sent him to the dugout came from the inversion of this evolutionary process.
    That the ascent to unequalled heights could be followed by as great a fall might be considered heretical to a Europe that hadn't yet seen communism, disastrous revolution, or the crushing oppression of the globalist tyranny.
    Whatever one's conclusions, the fact remains that Hegel provided the world with an effective template for cultural evolution. Thanks to Marx, we now have a vivid picture of the dark side of this progression, with additions from the greatest mass murderers in human history.
    A most curious condition, as it were.

  9. "I concluded if Hegel were sitting next to me in a bar I would shoot him just to shut him up." haha! it's like today with political correctness, you can't just say "a BLM protest will lead to more infections during a pandemic end of story" because that's racist, so professors have to make a 17 tweet statement implying maybe its a bad idea but please don't fire me. there's a book on hegel by magee that shows hegel was an occultist attempting to make contact with demons. funny story Arthur Schopenhauer thought hegel was such a loser he scheduled his lecture series at the exact same time as hegel (thinking hegel's audience would slowly dwindle). arthur delivered all his lectures to an empty room.

    so anyway spinoza is brought up in the red symphony. i got one of his books i will try to read it. i think its interesting to try to know what the enemy believes. kay griggs said the homosexual pedophile mafia in the us military were "existential nihilists" or something to that effect they think the universe is a pointless joke. i feel like there must be different factions in the nwo. for example, the jews were divided into 3 groups by robert sepher: the rich elite, who were non spiritual, the talmuldists, and the essenes (into sex magic).

    i get spiritual knowledge downloaded by mk ultra mind control satellites. while i have no personal experience on demons/aliens being real, if they are, it could be these nwo factions are being herded by aliens, and their belief system is incidental to their plans/objectives. ie. whatever they believe is just a tool for alien manipulators.

  10. Jack, at best Hegel offers a view of the interplay of forces. For whatever it's worth, I see in Hegel a model of transformation that is relevant, especially in a cultural sense. You correctly point out that everything he composed was inverted by the suicide abrahamics, but was that his fault, really?
    EVERYTHING on this planet is dealing with the poison from the suicide abrahamics.
    In terms of Berkeley, I think you're as much entertained by his approach as his insight. It's ironic to the core that he found a home in the church. Somehow, I'm altogether certain THAT won't be allowed to happen again.
    Well, the forces of the earth are gathering power, and the modern mind is struggling to keep up. Visions from the past arise to help us through this…The Dacre bears. Signs from the world, the animal powers, dreams crystallized that quickly transform.
    If Hegel helps to deal with the quicksand floor, great, if he's an impediment then find another. Things tomorrow will not be what they are today.

  11. As a young man I attempted to read Phenomenology of Mind. After forcing myself through some hundred pages which Hegel took to pose the question of whether a tree falling in the forest unheard by anyone actually does fall I returned the toxic concoction of words to the library where I had found it. I concluded if Hegel were sitting next to me in a bar I would shoot him just to shut him up. Nietzsche who could say in a sentence what Hegel could not say in a lifetime said a strong healthy man has little to no need for words and expressed through his own virility what philosophers have struggled in vain to say throughout the centuries.

    George Berkeley in the magnum opus of all philosophy; The Principles of Human Knowledge, expresses the very same sentiment when he says: “unless we take care to clear the first principles of knowledge from being burdened and deluded by words, we can reason from them forever without achieving anything…” Although Berkeley would never have the misfortune of ever having to read Hegel, who in the next generation of philosophers would begin the decline of human reason that finally culminated with Marx, he scoffed at Aristotelian philosophy calling them “those great masters of abstraction” and with sarcastic glee points out “what great good they have brought to mankind…”

    Well take a look around you now, a good look and see where Hegelian Dialectics has brought us. This is exactly why the Nazis found it necessary to burn books. Hitler, the great avatar of action who valiantly attempted to put an end to Hobbs transhuman nightmare which we find ourselves living in today, explained: "We are often abused for being the enemies of the mind and spirit. Well, that is what we are, but in a far deeper sense than bourgeois science, in its idiotic pride, could ever imagine." As Gurdjieff, Orages mentor, once said to his disciple Ouspensky: "My way is to develop the hidden potentialities of man; a way that is against Nature and against God…"

    We, twenty-first century man, stand at the periphery of the bottomless pit of oblivion. That is where the Judas sheep of rationalism and materialism, of which Spinoza was the vilest, have led us. Most will take the final plunge into the endless abyss of nothing without ever even realizing Quantum physics has proven all their Spinozian philosophers wrong and George Berkeley right. As Christianity, in perhaps its only lucid moment says: the kingdom of heaven is within us and as our own in house philosopher once noted; they are too stupid to live anyway. Our world, the coming world of the new man, will be a far better place without them…

  12. If one is going to set forth an interplay of forces which continuously redefines the higher state, one cannot place artificial boundaries upon this process.

  13. What's interesting though is what is left over after such a synthesis ie. natural God. Is this what is described in Twin Peaks ie. aliens/demons that have this very natural preoccupation with feeding on baked beans.

  14. I haven't finished reading 'Hegel's Undiscovered Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis Dialectics: What Only Marx and Tillich Understood' but the gist is that the synthesis/antithesis dialectic can be expressed simply using diagrams (there are about 38 such diagrams). The author says most who claim to understand Hegel don't even get this basic part right. Further, Hegel is just saying "supernatural God + natural man -> supernatural man" ie. his so called "Science" is just expressing God is dead and we can become Gods but in a way he wouldn't lose his job.

  15. I simply am tired of the bullshit Jack as I left a comment above yours as Odell was backing you up however, he is a believer like Duff on the power of the mask! Lol

  16. Yea I left a comment on Veterans Today about the latest so said shooting nine, it looked like a Hollywood mafia hit with the cop grabbing a scrawny little Black man by the shirt and instead of cracking him in the back of the head which would have knocked him out immediately, firing point blank into his back seven times. Staged for sure, we concur. But what's even more disturbing than the gullible who believe this television land bullshit is the Whites, and in some cases Blacks too, who condone it. So you really think the cop had a right to shoot that man, then I for one would givin the chance shoot you, you are a clear and present danger to the free world, that's my statement to them and as far as BLM, as you say, useful idiots who will be rounded up by Kamala Harris if the democrats win and put in jail for the rest of their naturel lives. Her specialty is putting Blacks in jail and throwing away the key, check her record as a DA. We are living with a vast majority that as Mr. Duff says are just to stupid to live, thats why I'm doing Legion on Patreon, I'm not discussing economics or politics with "people" we will have to kill if the transmutation don't…

  17. A missing, but essential aspect to the understanding of Hegellian philosophy is the recognition of time as a divine power. This is missing from all English speaking evaluations of Hegelian philosophy because it is missing from the English conceptual vocabulary.
    Remember, the dialectic occurs in time.
    The manifestation of a event occurs in time.
    That there are energies, a dynamic behind this is essential to understand if one wishes to get more out of Hegel than a brain numbing political exposition.
    The man was a genius, and like so many of his stature, requires a certain amount of dedication to understand.

  18. If I am unduly harsh regarding Spinoza, it is because of a natural intolerance to equating the Soul of the World with the manifest divine principle, or if you prefer, First Cause.
    I could detail why this is so, but it would take a book, and this is the comment section of Jack and Orages' journalism. Suffice it to say that to apprehend the Numinous with the human faculty requires that both are accessible to each other. Thus the Gods can be described, met in person, whilst the unmanifest is beyond any definition or description, and therefore becomes a mirror for the forces in the mind. In short, any description of godhead is not godhead, but a concept, impulse, or belief held in one's own mind.
    This by the very nature of the mind refutes the abrahamic claim that the ultimate spiritual principle is the World Soul, simply because She can be held in the warmth of the human condition.

  19. Zen, If you find this significance in Spinoza, then I think you are looking for it. Jewish philosophers are never held to the same rigorous standards demanded from non Jewish philosophers, and are often given credit for the work of others. A great example here is of course Marx, who didn't have the capacity to understand Hegel, while busily ripping Hegel off.
    Personally, I believe Hegel does a much better job of illustrating the action of numinous forces in time than he is given credit for, and much of the criticism levelled at him is from cowards who can't lay the blame where it belongs. As Voltaire wrote…if you want to know who rules you, find out who you can't criticize…
    If, on the other hand your point is that Spinoza typifies a mindset that directly led to communism, I heartily agree.

  20. And to Kenosha Wisconsin it is a tough place to live if you are white as the Black crime is over the top in that city and most whites have left for the outer small towns and a few have stayed but its a horrible violent place to raise a family.

    Our elites want things the way they are as a divide and rule policy and BLM is filling their paid role in the scam wonderfully as when the change they want happens BLM will be the first to be put down and they are simply to stupid to see what is happening.

    Even Gordon Duff says that there are two America's. One with money and one without as money allows one to live in a bubble that is peaceful as all of this has been created by the elites as they simply laugh at us all as they are on the golfcourse laughing at us all.

  21. Zen, I believe that one sees what you are describing in the wearing of the mask ordered by all governments of the world except a couple like Sweden. Problem, reaction, solution as they say so put on your mask and shut the fuck up as they tell us with no science at all to back up their claim as it is a demonstration of their power when people put it on.

    Look at the mobs in Kenosha Wisconsin after that staged shooting of another "unarmed" black man and all the little white college kids running around with masks on and chanting "black lives matters" and remember in Germany before Hitler took power they had those same Marxist's running the streets as Hitler and the National Socialists put them down and fixed Germany.

    America? There will be no Hitler as the Marxists have already won and wait what comes with a Kamala Harris regime folks. They have already told you that the mask will become mandatory and nationalized and enforced by the local police. You will obey….

  22. "R – If it is necessary to end, then I can only express myself in this way. Let us see if
    I shall not be able yet to help to understand. It is known that Marxism was called
    Hegelian. So this question was vulgarized. Hegelian idealism is a widespread adjustment
    to an uninformed understanding in the West of the natural mysticism of Baruch Spinoza.
    "They" are Spinozists: perhaps the matter is the other way round, i.e. that Spinozism is
    "Them," insofar as he is only a version adequate to the epoch of "Their" own philosophy,
    which is a much earlier one, standing on a much higher level. After all, a Hegelian and
    for that reason also the follower of Spinoza, was devoted to his faith, but only
    temporarily, tactically. The matter does not stand as is claimed by Marxism, that as the
    result of the elimination of contradictions there arises the synthesis. It is as the result of
    the opposing mutual fusion, from the thesis and anti-thesis that there arises, as a
    synthesis, the reality, truth, as a final harmony between the subjective and objective. Do
    you not see that already? In Moscow there is Communism: in New York Capitalism. It is
    all the same as a thesis and anti -thesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism,
    but Capitalism – objective – State Capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but
    Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the
    Capitalist-Communist one. "They." "

    This is the quote i'm interested in. Do we know what this spinozan system consists of?

  23. I read this blog and all the comments on here…then I watch what is happening around me. I break down and weep for whatever is left of humanity.

  24. I grow weary of the endless discussion concerning politics and agendas. I loose interest in the demands of an increasingly insane populace to take their insanity as an elevated state. I loose interest in the contrived rewriting of history. I loose interest in the empty justifications and hyper hypochondriac shrieking of psychologically crippled leaders.
    I loose interest.
    I tire of lesser men elevated to greater men. There are no great men amongst the brass ring grabbers, certainly not amongst the lesbians who would be king.
    I am affronted by a media so unequivocally fake that almost nothing can be taken at face value. I am affronted by a system where truth is optional, where facts get in the way.
    The cost to all of us is far too high, although even those who eagerly pay it have little clue of how costly it most certainly is.
    Doomed and condemned in a world they didn't make, self blinded to where the train is taking them, the heartbeat of society revels in progressing break up and break down.
    Where will the Ravens live, after all the forests are scorched to the ground? Who cares, when there's money to be had.
    The great wheel of incarnation continues to turn, the moving image of eternity, things burn up, swallowed by the rising seas.
    The old battle, hidden from most by curtains of ignorance, continues unabated. The struggle is for one's own humanity, for one's own life and destiny as revealed by mystical cosmology. This will increasingly seem to be a fantasy for those who lost their connection to that beyond the animal lusts. The transitory to them will be all that is real, no room, no allowance for anything more. Without the guidance of wisdom, everything will bust down quickly, descend into flames to entertain the bored and silly.
    We can all watch it die, with the misunderstanding fed to us by our unearned authorities. For myself, it's back to the front of the old battle in the ancient war.
    Are you tired? Are you sleeping? Did you forget? Are you dreaming?
    The war never ended.

  25. The complete translation of this contact conversation report 254 should be read. The "higher" contingent of these South American Germans achieved further advanced development of the Haunabu and Vril craft, which the Plejaren do not want to talk about and make this information available to the public. There was no "REPTILIAN" involvement regarding this, as this disinfo is being repeated and broadcasted today.

  26. German flying disks and the Plejaren. Because of the Plejaren involvement helping the Germans, and the whole fact of this reality, you will never hear the "P" word on any msm news or entertainment.

    Billy:That's what I meant by my words. But say, dear friend, because of the flying discs of the Germans, one hears strange things again and again. Is it true that flight tests were actually carried out, with the discs reaching Mars and an altitude of 12,000 metres?
    Ptaah:39. Such assertions are absurd, because the flight spinning tops, as they were really called, did not find such perfection in Germany, and the fact that flights into space should have taken place with them corresponds to an imagination.
    40. On the other hand, flying discs were later built in other countries, e.g. in South America. 41. In the former Soviet Union and in America, too, efforts were made to build such aircraft, after the occupying forces of Germany had received the corresponding construction plans, which were so incomplete that the new plan owners themselves had to do a great deal of work and contribute so that the flying discs could be built, but which could also only be used for terrestrial airspace, as is still the case with these aircraft today, apart from a certain group in South America, as you know.
    Billy:I remember, yes; but we're not supposed to give any details about that in public when I'm …
    Ptaah:42. You remember correctly.
    Billy:Can you still tell me whether the construction plans for the flying discs seized by the occupying powers were the same kind that you impulse telepathically transmitted to the Germans, and who was actually responsible for them?
    Ptaah:43. You mean those plans from which the covers were finally made?
    Ptaah:44. The transmissions went to two men named Schriever and Miethe, who also dealt with self-constructed plans for flying gyroscopes.
    45. It was these plans that fell into the hands of the Americans and the Soviets, who then devoted themselves to their studies and constructions.
    46. Also the group in South America came into the possession of copies of the same flying gyroscopes, namely by theft.
    Billy:Surely one may say that this group was higher Nazis, who fled Germany at the end of the war and disappeared to South America.

  27. "Lives of great men all remind us
    We can lead the life sublime
    In departing leave behind us
    Footprints in the sands of time.
    Aged stone of sacred circle
    Where the Wizard Sages sat
    Let us try to remember
    Of the times that they were right…"



  28. So, please pay attention as in any war one must love his enemy

    Why that shocks you as he said it not me

    however, he sent his Spirit as that rules America

  29. here is what I suggest as we send black lives matters and antifa and the Mega folks all in agreement over the bullshit closings of business to the Health departments official's homes for a bit of unified protest. Just fucking saying…

  30. Mk, I believe that love is a bubble that we build among those closest to us as that bubble expands to include more people as that bubble is full of peace between those in it.

    And to today's mask nonsense, as I rode my bicycle to Milwaukee from a little town 35 miles west of it on a wonderful system of bike trails that were dreamed up by a friend of Mine named Chris Kegel as he passed 3 years ago.

    I stopped at a beer garden as they had signs up with all the rules about the mask and where one could sit as I walked right up to the plastic window maskless and ordered a beer.

    Now, explaine the science of the mask to me please. They had the place all roped off with plastic tape and tape on the side walk where you had to stand and one would enter through a tunnel of taped off area as it was like a hallway to the beer window where one was required to wear a mask.

    But, when one crossed over the tape wall to his table all the masks were off as does the virus not spread at tables with out masks?

    I did not ask any questions as why fucking bother….as I just observed people having fun as I expect the Milwaukee health department to shut the works down anytime now as to much fun was happening at that beer garden…

    I simply woke up in bazaro world…

  31. Two wealthy groups are competing to completely fund David Adair, to create a new space program. One group is in the Middle East, and the other is some where in Indonesia. The second group will put up 3 trillion dollars. He states that two world power groups are engaged in a kind of civil war. One group wants to hoard all the worlds money and maintain status quo, and the other wants to take the world into the future. When I hear him relate his life story when he was at Area 51 with Arthur Rudolph in 1971, I think this connects to the Plejaren information about how Mao in China found out the USA was planning a nuclear first strike with 9K atomic bombs. In this video, he mentions all the W.W.II stolen wealth as a possible source of this funding. According to him, there will a lot of news about this development coming out for the public, and nothing is going to be kept secret. I think "THOSE" Germans are involved in this project. If all this manifests into 3D reality, then I think the Apophis 99942 meteor problem will be dealt with.;_ylt=AwrVrN46YEFfCWIATjgPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTEyMzgybTlqBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQzAxNjNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=david+adair+you

  32. It should be said here, now, that all external events and circumstances have their roots within. The currents that carry the events that consume our attention are at best, end result manifestations of far deeper, and thus far more significant interplays of poorly understood forces.
    At best what humanity has come to accept as it's reality is nothing more than an end result, a plane upon which all the forces people are completely ignorant of, compound to set off against each other in myriad forms.
    Recognition of this condition has been ridiculed and oppressed by segments of "humanity" for thousands of years. This attack derives from a determination to achieve total temporal power, as a position of enslaving and diminishing others in order to harvest love for extremely short term undeserving ends.
    The transmutation of the higher into the lower has been the fevered goal of globalism, for as long as globalism has surfaced on the political radar.
    Ultimately, this drive has infected all aspects of human behavior to such a complete degree, that it now enjoys a position of unquestioned authority, given to define the human condition, it's requirements, and it's direction.
    The unprecedented success of this attack on humanity is now threatening the very existence of humanity.
    The only possible alternative to this suicide march is for humanity to remember themselves and dethrone the slavery machine, yet in order to get there, humanity must peel back it's own darkness and ignorance.
    The slavers, the globalists, know they are fighting life, know their success derives from abusing and perverting their subjects, and thus ultimately themselves. This level of deep illness was first cultivated on this sphere by the unholy alliance of Abraham and his demented overlord. It continues today, in increasingly accelerated forms.
    The puzzle this circumstance reveals is a perfect storm of epic proportions, because it is utterly inescapable. To say that it sucks to be here is a magnificent understatement. To say that people are being forced to recognize this intolerable situation is rather poetically put into fiction by John Carpenter's They Live, with the magic sunglasses.
    Could anyone make such a significant statement today? Look around.
    The key to survival lies ultimately within. It will either be manifest as a check to the giant black hole of the slavers, or humanity will cease to exist.
    Are we having fun yet?

  33. Best to get some land and a good vehicle and build a small home and have a bunch of like minded folks around one.

    I have achieved that where I live however, the mask virus is in all the big box stores as I avoid them like the plague.

    We have the word "exempt" for now…

    The Donald? As VT hates him and as I am no fan shows leadership when he refuses to don the fucking mask.

    Let the covids get their undies in a huge fucking bind over the don not donning the god dammed mask…

  34. And to tourist areas and the mask? Why would I go and spend my blips I get from OPM and Social Security and blips drawn out of my Thrift savings plan to go to any tourist area that will make me wear a mask to buy a drink or a Chicken sandwich? Or fly in a crowded covid tube with a fucking muzzle on?

    Those that enforce the mask need to go out of business but the covid idiots need their fake rides and over priced beaches and all the bullshit surrounding them.

    What we need is an armed anti-mask militia and at the point of a fine AR tell the little communist health department pricks to fuck off….

  35. "Why? Because by its very nature National Socialism is built upon the crux of the very issues that define the struggle of the human species, whilst globalism and globalists can only succeed through opposition of this struggle."

    MK as I await the collapse, its best to govern ones self and family and area of influence as its best to cultivate peace in any area you are in control of.

    Again I was at best buy taking care of iphone issues as I walked in without the mask as now they know I am exempt and say nothing. The mask is not a law nor can they even ask why one is exempt.

    I got angry looks from a few covid Karen's as I always have a snarky grin on my face as I joke around with the masked employees. I got my order complete and left the store with no problems at all as we spent 2800 dollars on iphones in two days. Money talks and bullshit walks as they kissed my royal ass for that big sale!

    The princess needed a new phone and deserves one to and apple makes a fine device with a wonder camera. My anger towards the covid's and their mask has turned to pity as its simply a decision to set oneself free of the mask. What can they do? However, over the past few weeks in Wisconsin the mask virus has exploded to near 100 % compliance as me? Maybe time to cash in and move red….

  36. Personally, I find the most effective governance is in one's own sphere of influence. No, it won't stop the high altitude spraying, the lying media, or the transhumanists, but it isn't about that, anyway. Anyone can clearly see that this entire system is set for destruction, and in a very real form, governing responsibly in one's own sphere prepares you and yours for the wreckage we're all heading to. Humanity has to go through these events, it seems, and we can state unequivocally that the next one is around that fast approaching bend.
    Structures of all sorts are already teetering, the economy has been a zombie for decades, and the so called global concerns are increasingly overshadowed by immediate ones. When it all breaks down into smaller units, those who tend to their own will not be so easily taken down.

  37. as always those in charge now demand that you obey as put that fucking mask on and shut the fuck up

    as I shall not comply

    that line in the sand you see

    shall the mask be a mark of the beast as the 'vangelicals say that one can not buy or sell?

    Well, went into best buy today not donning the fucking mask and came out with a 1400 dollar iphone as money talks and bullshit walks…

  38. "it can only live within the souls of those that govern, as a spiritual imperative."

    Then we must govern then MK. Simple as that.

  39. The Great mistake of the American system is that it requires the organized and tireless participation of the educated public to keep its republic intact. However, since the education, information, and participation are all strictly controlled by those same elements the system is designed to restrain, the public isn't capable of performing its duty as the guarantor of the republic. Consider the agenda to completely disarm the people. Arms are a requirement of a check to the corporate governance, but this doesn't stop emotionalized pleas to surrender them, because of course no one needs arms anymore…except for the social security administration, the FDA, the post office, FBI, BIA, USDA, municipalities, corporations, Hollywood, politicians…but hey, they would never misuse their arms, only you, the only entity empowered by the constitution to have arms for a valid purpose, must surrender them now.
    If this isn't evidence that the republic is gone, no evidence will suffice.
    Some will claim the death throws of the republic arrived only recently, however it has been a concerted effort almost before the ink was dry on the bill of rights.
    The people cannot be charged with keeping themselves free, as they are too easily out flanked, overrun, and divided. Left to their own devices, the people naively believe that everyone is like them, with the same motivations, desires, hopes and dreams. This is so much not the case.
    In the end, a government must have responsibility to its people, it must work on their behalf. There is no system that can bring this condition into existence, it can only live within the souls of those that govern, as a spiritual imperative.

  40. The capture of America by small minded parasites is indeed almost complete. Parasites contribute nothing to the spiritual impetus to deepen consciousness, truthfully, such deepening is their enemy, and they oppose the natural direction of consciousness with everything they have.
    Nowhere in America will one find any established institution dedicated to this deepening, mostly because such institutions are not allowed to exist. Nowhere will one find Americans who understand this fact of consciousness participating in any activity that carries economic, political, or educational power. Such people are quickly sidelined in favor of those who celebrate parasitism, whilst lying to everyone about it.
    America is neither republic nor democracy. Americans cannot choose their political representation, their economic direction, or their educational priority. American idiots spout off about their freedoms, whilst every freedom they claim to enjoy exists at the behest of opaque corporate governance. This c.g. is dedicated to eternally reining in this freedom, making a sick mockery of the word.
    Is it really a tragedy that this Shitstem is teetering on the brink of collapse? I will leave it to the reader to decide.
    The real tragedy, the genuine regrettable condition is the complete failure of the parasites as human beings. Concomitant with this, is the ability of parasites to inflict harm at all levels. It is beginning to come out, for example, that the Covid lockdown is inflicting far more harm than the disease. Note that the lockdown is not open to review.
    No future in parasitism, but the fangs on the jugular won't relent. The failed humans will continue their petty games until the tide of destiny sweeps them away to the oblivion of the Kenoma.

  41. Deranged government contractors wearing government logos collect their bloated paychecks for intentionally burning Americas forests to the ground. So called environmentalists collect their winnings collaborating for the grants that pay the contractors. It's an insider's club, where the arrogant and the annihilators play their game of the elimination of rural America.
    This whole picture illustrates the incestuous nature of the so called republic, where the stupid, vicious and greedy build their petty fiefdoms in order to rake in their unearned reward.
    No where is any of this clusterfuck subject to transparency, to oversight, or even admitted to exist. Ignorant manipulators use the ugly buzzwords so commonly tossed about in a dying society steeped in the fictions of isms…
    Communism Feminism Marxism Socialism Globalism Fucktardism.
    It's all falling apart, it's all crashing down.
    The contractors, the government, the enviros all have something very much in common, they make up the circle jerk that removes options, removes integrity, intended to drive people off the land, as their hero, Maurice Strong envisioned for his overprivileged compatriots.
    Never again will my efforts go towards interacting with any of them. When they complete their destruction they will stay out of my way, or use overwhelming force. Nothing else will keep them walking upright.
    There is no republic, no America, outside of a few who still hold the ideal in their hearts, and these few are vilified by the terrified lapdogs, the psychopaths, the miscreants that work overtime to turn this place into a pile of wreckage, and then lie about it.
    There are many tragedies, but the fall of the circle jerks will not be amongst them.

  42. VT? Now blaming the motorcycle folks for covid spreading because they dare to gather and ignore the bullshit as my next large purchase will be a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    Since they read you Jack I am telling them to fuck off!

    And who cares what is going on in the middle east when one has to wear a face diaper to get supplies?

  43. America has always struggled to create a culture.
    The louts have, from the very first, sought to dumb things down to a very simple level of action and interaction. Louts flourish in a small, easily defined world, which is one of the primary reasons for the current lockdown. The lockdowners are unable to fathom a populace able to breathe without being told to do so, because they themselves are thusly limited. No society has ever collapsed due to effective leadership. The bottom falling out here is because stupid and lazy people have steered it in this direction.
    It's one thing to seek power and control, something else again to be able to use it for anything besides destruction. Wrecking things has been amongst the easiest of activities, for the least gifted, for as long as humanity has both appeared and disappeared from the biosphere. The current condition is remarkable only in its widespread irrationality.
    It goes without saying that any society that seeks to destroy itself won't be around for all that long. This goes double for those who refuse to realize what they are doing. We still have a little time to pull ourselves back from the brink, but this action will not come from those who steered it there in the first place.

  44. Most in America are thoroughly clueless concerning the true depths of the events unfolding. They have to be, if they hope to continue their existence in this increasingly anti-human, anti-life paradigm.
    Much of the fear and the compliance comes from a vain hope that those in charge will hold the whole thing together. Yet any honest observation, unhindered by the fear of the unknown, clearly concludes that absolutely nothing is being held together. There is no intention on the part of the leaders of this society to preserve anything. The simple truth is that your leaders expect you to hold this together, so that they can continue to rape everything, grab it all, to attempt to plug up that huge sucking sound that replaced their souls.
    No one, certainly not sock puppet and incarcerater have the slightest idea of what they stand for. These shitbags honestly think you are here for their benefit.
    Part of the problem with the parasite model of society, is that the parasites kill it. At least since 911, the parasites have had a no holds barred field day on the planet. Since the 911 coup, vast criminal endeavors have resulted in the impoverishment and desolation of the biosphere. Honestly, people are sleepwalking through this extinction, insensitive and blissfully unaware of what is going on around them, captivated by idiotic distractions as they herd together to the slaughterhouse. Don't kid yourselves, the graft, abuse, and corruption will continue until the walls finally cave in.
    Humanity is now found only on the most personal level, behind closed doors, hidden from the claws.
    The playbook hasn't changed, but the stakes have. There are a whole slew of souls taking their one way trip to oblivion. Don't join their ranks.

  45. lets get real as its like this as what would you do if you won the biggest lottery in the world?

    would invest in family to make sure they are cared for

    and would give the rest away

    what would I need it for?

    said this through his spirit as their are nine principals

    the first is?

    to those that attend my church

  46. Well Jack,

    I know you warned me of zerohedge with all their finance bullshit however, why not simply run up the debt and skip town?

    The gangster in me I guess

    or we just stay and have them make us pay it back

    as I see the creditor the servant of the indebted

    a new world I see

    course above my fucking god dammed pay grade

    if you are smart capitol on the local level will pop up

    spirit led

  47. Excellent Stan but Thomas is being to optimistic, its fleeting alright, but so is this world, the fuse has already been lit and no power on earth can extinguish it…

  48. The turnip was on Fox news today as he did not seem at all seneial!

    He talked about the post office and vote by mail and he's right as if folks can run over to home depot and Walmart with their masks on they can go to the polls and vote in person.

  49. A scamdemic? And the pod people have guns? Well VT will blame us Jack for not wearing masks and was'nt that masked man in your story charged with anti semitism?

    Threatening to shoot up a jewish camp? Where is homeland security when you need it?

  50. Meanwhile back on Long Island a heavily armed man was apprehended by police before he opened up on 500 school children, as he promised the police he was about to do, because they were not wearing their masks and safe distancing. He had the firepower to do it too and lived right next door to the school. I hope they lock him up with someone just like me but that's beside the point. The media, along with these fucking politicians and yes you too, all you mask wearing in the car by yourself pod people, have now become a clear and present danger to our children. Until now those of us who just want to live out our lives in peace have only watched you all with a mixture of amusement and revulsion, like one would the antics of a deranged cockroach, that is if we don't own businesses which you have destroyed. Its time for us, the sane among us, to organize into militias as the second amendment of this country obligates us to do and purge our society of those who are infected. Not with COVID but with the fear of it. After travelling twenty states on the East coast and living in three of the purported epicenters; New York, Tennessee and Texas I can tell you that there is no actual disease, only the psychological sickness, egged on by a media requiring mass executions to fix, that creates things, dangerous things, like this blob of shit pictured here. Old people die all the time, that's what they do, that's what we all do. We get old and we die. Statistics, as any thinking person can tell you can be skewered to say whatever you want them to say, especially by medical professionals who forgot their Hippocratic oath when they sold their medical diploma to the pharmaceutical companies. Act and act now, with extreme prejudice and end this before it ends you and your children…

  51. Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? Surprised Mr. Waters is still alive…

    Many say a war of some kind has come home to America as how do I plan on fighting it? As I plan on ignoring it.

    If I were to pick a side in the coming election I would choose the turnip as the chaos shall continue

    trained in that from the best

  52. Well, the creepy guy followed my princess and my daughter aground the store as they ran into a fine very buff young man with a very cute blonde wife and a seriously cute little girl all maskless!

    As he mocked the creepy guy and said don't look em in the eye! As he said "I ignore em and just walk away" as our dearest creep walked away as he was a fine example of a young man caring for my wife and daughter when I was not there.

    See? There are hero's in our dearest chaos. My princess described him as young buff and handsome and described his young wife as blonde and beautiful. She described the little girl as absolutely angelic.

  53. And then I watched Macheal Obama pontificating upon the merits of Joe Biden and how the orange turnip was evil incarnate as then she went on to shame our dearest Jack Heart for not wearing a fucking mask at the grocery store as I just about shot the tv with my nine millimeter. LOL

    Course, My TV is old and they have some nice big screen ones over at Walmart as they don't enforce the mask whilst buying a TV as any sale counts in the chaos.

    Well, the evangelical princes and my daughter were at Wally world the other day and got accosted by a masked man as he said I will block the aisle until you put on your mask as I wonder what our Jack would have done? Picking on two little women over a cheap cartoon mask? I think some teeth would have got busted out.LOL

  54. Well, MK, JK rolling of harry potter fame told us how it is going to play out as they had a sorting hat placing you in your house at the local witchcraft school.

    First, under a Biden/Harris regime we will see cuts to the old and disabled and the medicare system as Biden has been about cutting programs for the working class his whole life.

    And with Harris a huge crack down upon black lives matters and Antifa and of course any White supremacist group. She? the ultimate whorish prosecutor.

    And if our dear turnip gets back in? The chaos shall continue as I prefer that environment. LOL

  55. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
    America has its own version of mythical fantasy land, actually several versions. They would be quaint, perhaps even cute, if not for the overwhelming seriousness of their adherents.
    It's a tragedy, really, that the well meaning, with a core of truth have been given so much by those who cynically play them. The mythic mind is too precious to be bulldozed by parasites. Yet again, the only limit recognized by the destroyers is definitely not the point of sacrificing humanity. It should be, and if they knew what was at stake perhaps it could be, but all this is going to have to proceed to the great sorting. In fact, it already has.

  56. I wish to apologize for my globalist device, changing anthropos to arthropods, because it is designed by fucktards who sacrificed their humanity for corporate supremacy.
    Anthropos is ancient Greek for the human mould, that which defines the result, the human species.

  57. Dehumanization. The mask makes one bereft of facial features, of humanizing interaction. Similar to the assignment of numbers, the mask reduces identity, busts it down to a primitive common denominator.
    Interestingly, this is a good metaphor for the effects of fear on a group. Fear is similarly reductionist, reducing human actions to simple abrupt responses.
    Materialism, the crowning glory of modern abrahamic science, is often referred to as materialist reductionist.
    Through it all, the grind to simplify, to break down, to analyze assumes that through this reduction comes greater mastery, greater control for some, yet such is not the case, for reductionism is a temporary result of bringing overwhelming forces to bear upon consciousness which believes it's alternatives to be eliminated. The failure of reductionism is about to be revealed, first in small, and then increasing ways.
    Watch for it, for it is already signalled that the overwhelming force breaks harmlessly upon the bright mind, and while the arthropods is being tested, it has as its origin a place higher than that previously mentioned overwhelming force.
    The war isn't over. The bravery of the heroes is not forsaken. It is in our blood.

  58. Mk, today's mask nonsense,

    I was in an old Wisconsin river town on my bicycle and had to stop into a gas station to get some water as they turned off the water in all the parks due to covid. The town is full of fat obese people as I walked into a gas station without the mask as no one said a word but I got the stink eye. LOL

    Then, a fine young man pulls up on a Harley and walks in without a mask and seeing me with out the mask gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up.

    Well, today's entertainment I guess.LOL

  59. This video of Randolph Winters will explain how a Plejaren beamship creates anti-gravity. He discusses ancient earth history of humans on earth. How the brain can be altered by transfusion to a permanent higher evolved consciousness. He speaks about how the present day FIGU operates. He states that if anyone wanted to start a new FIGU group, the franchise fee will cost $10K.
    At the ending, he says that the German group in South America, is operating their own independent space program. Their is a separate cut out video of these photos in S.A. of German craft, where I thought the narrator is Dr. Bruce Macabbe, that's wrong, it came came from this video.
    Randy Winters, a former inner circle FIGU member, is now banished from it, because he went his own independent way. I say he is very charismatic, and would have been more effective in public relations, as compared to what is happening today regarding this Contact.

  60. How can this be, that the grand success of a socio-political movement is exactly the impetus behind so many systemic failures?
    Certainly, it has everything to do with the true intent of the actions, rather than the deceptive falsehoods adopted to camouflage this intent. The left has always sought areas of discord and tension to exploit, with the aim of complete destruction. We see this operating in BLM, Antifa, the effort to conflate sexual 'orientation' with enlightenment values, all the while eroding those values through attacking them in a fashion designed to render them meaningless.
    The left at one time admitted its destructive aim, but today it finds it more appropriate to conceal its mindless destruction with a fake concern over the fate of carefully chosen groups in order to better unleash a contrived moral attack that can split the planking of society wide open.
    This, dear reader, is exactly why the globalists fund, support, and deploy these groups. Globalists have been wrecking the hard work of humanity for generations, in order to release the capital and enrich themselves. As the ultimate parasites, globalists require iron control over their hosts, and it's this iron control that communism has a history of providing for them.
    Leftists on the ground have no comprehension of the role they actually play, either due to lack of capacity, an absence of guiding principles, or an inability to conceive of the individual responsibility they all bear.
    The victory of the left removes the spiritual imperative, replacing it with an elevation of the poisonous to exalted status. All this was stated clearly early last century by the philosophy of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, and since then precious little has changed.
    Either the left refuses to deal with this, or they simply play hide the sausage. Regardless, the building of monolithic totalitarian control through destruction has always been their aim, and it still is today.

  61. Mr. V. first came to my notice as a writer with an English language piece which essentially blamed the left for moderating its position in the world. He apparently took this as a betrayal, and an abandonment of its duty.
    After this piece, Mr. V. rode a wave of popularity in the English language press, which brings us here.
    A note here, regarding what the left imagines itself to be. Leftists fervently believe themselves to be valiant reformers. They call themselves social justice warriors, community organisers, and activists. They are thoroughly convinced of their moral superiority, and their revolutionary mission to reform the world through protest, violence, and decree.
    In total, the view of the left is that any wrong can be repaired by a governmental action, and the best government to achieve this is communist.
    The problems with the left arise from two separate yet related conditions, first is their blindness towards their own hate and prejudice, and the second is that they won.
    Mr. V. practices classic projection through his use of emotionally charged language, exonerating himself of any hyperbole through feeding the latent racism, hate, and arrogance of his currently chosen downtrodden ethnic groups. There is a lot of fuel for this, as such is a classic stance of the left in America.
    The problem with every revolutionary who can't outgrow their revolution is once they win, they have nothing to revolt against except themselves.
    Mr. V. writes like a revolutionary who can't find his revolution.
    It is much the worse both for America and the world that the communists won. Mr. V. blames the amorphous right for all the litany of ills he rails against, yet every problem he wails over was amplified, if not entirely created by the enormous success of the left in exactly those areas they originally targeted.
    I'm certain that Mr. V. has a long and prosperous journalist career ahead, as he offers the correct amount of self hate, hubris, and unchallenging observations to appeal to the large audience that expects exactly this fodder.
    Personally, I prefer substance.

  62. Madison Wisconsin?

    Affectionately called "The peoples Republic of Madison" as they run and ride bicycles with masks on LOL…..

    The black gangs came in from Chicago and filled up all the rental units with section 8 folks as they terrorize the white folks that can't afford to leave the city to the surrounding communities whose real estate prices have mushroomed.

    We have Milwaukee and Madison and then the rest of Wisconsin which are filled with many hard working white folks whom wish to live in peace. I am one of them Jack!!

  63. Even Stalin knew what the useful idiots were all about so he killed as many of them as he could and the rest seeing that came to America and lodged themselves in the educational system and many local health departments as you see now the fruits of that and like I said the mask is not about health but about obedience and mark my words mask wearing under a Harris regime will mean a properly worn muzzle or jail or starvation without access to the grocery store for the non believer.

    Gosh, a perfect system….

  64. Andre Vltchek and the mask/

    Why Jack it's mass times velocity squared as my fist hits his masked Russian face as the mask will keep his busted teeth from spreading covid all over the place.

    So, the mask does serve a purpose to stop the spread of covid 19.

  65. Thanx Jack and coming from you a great complement!

    The economy in America is totally fueled by folks that don't do a days work as they collect rent or stock options or work a job behind a computer screen. I did none of that in my career as I do collect a handsome pension and have social security and am invested in the thrift savings program from my Federal service.

    Notice the elite hate Social Security the most followed by the Postal Service and any investment vehicle that would free up old folks like me in old age. Notice whom died with covid? They cleaned out the elderly in nursing homes Jack as don't go to one as your better off dying at home in your own bed free of their poisons.

    The mask? As in VT's article by our dear Marxist he has a mask on talking to the unmasked native American man as the mask is the symbol of Marxist tyranny.

    And Kamala Harris our dear affirmative action queen whom will be president? Hope the Duff armory has plenty of guns to pass out as we are going to need them especially if your a white male the most hated group in America.

    I saw the black female up close and personal working the federal system Jack, trust me we will be fucked if the Dem's get in.

    Trump is the better choice however,not saying to much with that one…LOL

  66. 184. However, the full value of the age will not dawn until the 3 February 2029, at 11:20 CET.
    197. The Earth i.e. the SOL system orbits the Milky Way and its central sun in about 318 million years and is already immersed in the outer edge of the "Golden Radiation" of the galactic central sun, which emits the strongest transforming and developmental change radiations in the entire Milky Way area.
    204. Countless human beings will die in the delusion of their sects and religions and come to an evil end.
    208. Anything that is not highly enough developed in spiritual-consciousness-based terms, for being receptive to and for in harmony with the higher spheres of the spiritual go hand in hand with it, will be erased and eliminated, because it disturbingly and dangerously impairs the life in every way.
    208. Anything that is not highly enough developed in spiritual-consciousness-based terms, for being receptive to and for in harmony with the higher spheres of the spiritual go hand in hand with it, will be erased and eliminated, because it disturbingly and dangerously impairs the life in every way.
    210. First and foremost in this regard will be the religions and sects, which function as the most malicious enslavers of the consciousness and its development.

  67. They don't have a hundred and eighty five years Stan, consequently their gonna have to take the crash course, most of them won't survive, spaghettification just like we promised them. But for the ones who won't end up on the menu in an Italian Restaurant they'll be a much better place than the current cesspool our now not so fearless leaders revel in…

  68. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Andre Vltchek knows about as much about America as I do about Russia, probably less because I’ve had close friends in the Russian mob. Vltchek would be hard pressed to name an American who is not a communist academic. What he is saying happened in Minneapolis, and what Jeff Smith is his witness (?), is completely different than what I saw in New York, Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, Indiana, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Texas, and I get around, proofs on my Facebook page if not my resume which can be supplied to you by anyone who knows me. Fuck it you can start with TV people like Michael Franzese. He knows me as Crazy George. Since VT continues to publish us, you can read us on VT and get the facts or you can read bullshit and get housed, VT to its credit gives its readers a choice, unlike Drudge and Zero hedge which have completely sold out. And by the way nine I laughed like hell when I read your comments. I think you spoke for every White man in America who ever had to work for a living, they are playing with a dangerous fire, they better hope it don’t flare up and consume them…

  69. MK, if you can not access the link I will copy and paste the contents here with the empires computer so you can read the tripe for yourself.

  70. Sentences duplicate from 2 english translations.

    170. That is the essential which is important for the Earth-human to know.
    171. Further necessary knowledge is to be mentioned regarding a cosmic developmental change, which I have already mentioned once before.
    172. It concerns the Age of Aquarius, also known as the "Golden Age".
    173. Concerning this, the first thing I have to explain is that the religious interpretations regarding this age are absolutely unreal and are consciously misinterpreted.
    174. In part, however, there is also a certain irresponsible fanaticism behind iit, when it is claimed that the Aquarian Age was the religiously proclaimed Llast Days.
    175. But the new age is by no means an end-time, because in truth it brings tthe real life.
    176. It is only this age that makes it possible to bring everything to a highest state and to develop the spirit as well as the consciousness according to providence.
    177. However it will take many centuries after the onset of the age before it will be so. 178. First and foremost, as usual, the scientists who are poor in religion will reap benefits and might from the new advent, while the normal people will be impaired and profoundly disadvantaged by the religion.
    179. Due to the change of ages, many of the people who hold fast to the belief in a religion fall prey to a sectarian and religious delusion.
    180. In particular, the 185 years of the transition period are mightfully characterized by the fact that religious belief-directions of all kinds sprout from the ground like mushrooms and cast their dangerously destructive spell over the human beings.
    181. Murder, suicide, mass murder and exploitation of all kinds as well as evil sectarian-religious enslavement arising from unreal assumptions of belief belong to the order of the day, where through the entire world view is being shaken in a religious-sectarian manner.
    182. Supposed bringers of salvation and false prophets take up a lot of room in open public and fanatically search for victims and new hangers-on. 182. Alleged saviors and false prophets spread out in public and search fanatically for victims and new followers.
    183. This is the prelude to the "Golden Age", the transitional phase of 185 years.

  71. The program to normalize and validate biblical fictions first began with the hybridization, the step which followed invasion. The invasive nature of the abrahamic pandemic is as much an ignored feature of history, as it is a well documented one.
    The aggressiveness by which the early church fathers compounded layers upon layers of lies and fictions is equally well documented and equally ignored. In previous years my posts have covered the artifices, forgeries, and stupidities that surrounded the blatantly puerile effort to award Christianity a history every bit as artificial and farcical as that of Judaism. Considering that 20% of the Quran is gibberish, it appears that Islam has enthusiastically followed suit.
    The aggressive hybrid is of course, a pathology of remarkable proportions. The elevation of lies, distortions, and misrepresentations creates a dissonance by which the host itself begins to defend the pathology. This leads to a self denying repressive violence that exhibits itself in events such as the U.S. attack on itself of 911, the engineering of a global pandemic, and the repeated nuking of the Levant.
    Some might consider this an astounding record of failure for an ostensibly spiritual paradigm.
    It is past the point of pretending that the abrahamics offer anything beyond total suicide. A mind warping pathology with a 2 thousand year record of lies, mass murder and darkness cannot be rationalized away as a good effort.
    In this rite of passage the human species is demanded to take responsibility for its dark side. It's a big task. Is humanity worthy? It is up to humanity to prove it is capable, or to suffer the price of failure.
    Much to do, we must.

  72. Before the outbreak of WW2, the middle east was being forcibly settled with European Jews who had already set their sights on Palestine as is revealed through the Balfour agreement, which itself was an addendum to the defining of boundaries and ruling families throughout the middle east.
    The Rothchild banking family was directly involved in this forced immigration, and reportedly had at least gentleman agreements with a number of European nations to liquidate assets of Jewish families before their relocation. Conveniently, this program of asset liquidation is now blamed on Nazis, even though it was a Jewish resettlement program. Rothschild banks are implicated in a variety of other contemporary scams, including large scale freezing of bank accounts, and refusal to allow withdrawals.
    The stubborn assumption, that the bible is a repository of historic events, documenting the history of the Jewish nation, and it's geography, has been proven to be without any substance. Decades of lavishly funded archaeological exploration has yet to turn up the slightest evidence of a great Jewish empire, much less any kind of sophisticated culture associated with advanced civilization. The only statement it does make, is one of a primitive and barbaric material culture heavily overshadowed by the presence of Egypt.
    Psychologically, this betrays an envious small cranium approach to life. Spiritually, it reveals a complete obsession with transitory existence, and an illiteracy with higher aspects.
    Thus the entire foundation of a Jewish middle east is directly related to biblical fictions, post 1920 political decisions, and under the table dealings by Jewish financiers. This obsession with a fictional history is beginning to show its hysterical dysfunction as it threatens to doom the western world to an existence of endlessly fruitless military adventures which increase the fracturing of a society already in steep decline. Of course this very decline is directly linked to this specific desert pathology, in all its myriad forms.
    The neotany of the western world is also directly linked to the abrahamic rejection of spirituality for material comfort and control.
    That all of this is unwinding in the current crash dive orchestrated by those in charge should be evident to any with eyes to see.

  73. 109. But blinded by that and full of false pity, Earth humans seek the friendship of the, violent ones but who in no way merit this friendship and only take advantage of it for their criminal purposes. 109. But thereby blinded and full of false compassion, earthmen seek the friendship of the violent, but who are in no way worthy of this friendship and only use it for criminal purposes. 110. A fact … 110. Eine Tatsa … Billy Billy Man alive, you must be damned cautious about what you say here, because all of this could be interpreted as being neo-fascist and anti-Jewish. Child of man, you have to be damn careful what you say here, because all of this could be interpreted as neo-fascist and anti-Jewish. You also know that anti-Semitic machinations and the like constantly lead to legal procedures and even worse. You know that anti-Semitic machinations and the like constantly lead to lawsuits and even worse. Semjase Semjase 112. But these explanations are necessary for what I have to tell you in this context. 112. But these explanations are necessary for what I have to say to you in this context. Billy Billy That may well be, but in spite of that, it is dangerous. That may be true, but it's still dangerous. It could endanger our entire mission, or at least attract murder attempts around my neck again. It could jeopardize our entire mission and at least bring attempted murder on my neck again. Semjase Semjase 113. If you are frightened, then we can abandon our mission. 113. If you are afraid, then we can drop our mission. Billy Billy Certainly not, but I ask myself whether I did right in this, to have questioned you regarding future events, when you now so openly speak of these things, which correspond to truth as I know, but which are damned hot. Definitely not, but I wonder if I was doing it to ask you about the future events if you now speak so openly about these things, which are probably the truth, as I know, but which are damn hot.

  74. Thus, it will happen, that the future will bring events on the one hand, will have a very malicious effect on the world and Earth people but which, on the other hand, will only be confirmation of what has been announced prophetically for several thousand years. 102. It will therefore turn out that the future will bring events which, on the one hand, have a very vicious effect on the world and earthly people, but which, on the other hand, will only be a confirmation of what has been prophetically announced for several millennia. 103. Especially now, it also confirms what has been said since ancient times, that the Israeli people originally never were an actual people, but that this mass of people, in ancient times, singly and alone consisted of a gigantic group of degenerate and partially even criminal elements, who during their existence on Earth at that time only incited discord, falseness and war. 103. In particular, what has been said since time immemorial is now also confirmed that the Israeli people were originally never a real people, but that this mass of people in ancient times was simply a gigantic group of degenerate and sometimes even criminal elements acts, the time of their existence on earth at that time only caused strife, falsehood and war. 104. Having come forth from the ones who were expelled, because they would not obey any order and were criminal, they assembled together in a mob in ancient times and formed the sham-people of the Hebraons, the gypsies, who in their megalomania and in selfishness and egoism, named themselves a chosen people, who wanted to take up an elevated and ruling position over all terrestrial peoples, as is indeed known to you. 104. Emerging from outcasts, because they did not fit into any order and were criminal, they banded together in ancient times and formed the pseudo-people of the Hebraons, the gypsies, who, megalomaniacal and out of selfishness and egoism, called themselves a select people, that above all wanted to occupy a high and dominant position among earthly peoples, as you know. 105. But you also know that this sham-people over a very long time always reached its goals, however, always only through murder, arson, the betrayal of friendships, and intrigues, and so forth, whereby they, the original forefathers of today's Israelis were truly masters. 105. But you also know that this pseudo people always achieved their goals for a very long time, but always only through murder, pillage, betrayal of friendship and intrigue, etc., in which they, the ancestors of today's Israelis, were true masters. 106. Their distant descendents now, today's Israelis, respectively their responsible ones and their myrmidons can – like the USA – commit the worst crimes pitilessly and unhindered and with their secret services and military, right before the eyes of the world at large, and even with their approval. 106. Your distant descendants, today's Israelis resp. Those responsible and their henchmen can – like the USA – commit the worst crimes in the face of the world public and even with their applause, relentlessly and uninhibitedly, secretly and militarily. 107. Not only that the secret service and military have criminal elements and trustworthy friends in many nations of Earth, who they, as ever, simply brutally and bloodthirstily butcher as needed and to reach their goals, no, they also have – again like the USA – through their intrigues, also understood how to make the appropriate friends in the governments, the economic concerns and banks, and so forth, or even creep into these themselves, so that their power has already grown to the degree that this cannot be grasped and perceived by Earth humans any more.
    08. The last world war, the second, through which millions of Jews were massacred, which was truly unjust as you know, carries the great blame that this could even happen to such a degree, also because the USA with its allies decided the war in their favor.

  75. What is truly amazing about modern America, is the level to which the mass media is allowed to define and describe the world. At its best, the media itself is controlled by economic and ideological realities that absolutely interfere with any articulate and objective view of the human condition.
    Currently, this media landscape is laced with nauseating social engineering objectives, rotating around the crass deployment of symbols. No where can one find rational, reasoned analysis. If the mass media isn't inventing its own fictions in regards to current events, then it's adopting fictions created to protect the perpetrators; fertilizer now creates nuclear detonation.
    Indeed, mass media in America is fully dedicated to misleading and reeducating it's audience. Of course, the perspective the viewer is conditioned to adopt, is that the media operates in response to events. We know this is untrue, because there is always a consistent media approach to events both real and contrived.
    Mass media practices omission to control the narrative, which is justified as deciding what is newsworthy, whilst never revealing its skin in the game. What is not covered, what is dismissed, what is written off is exactly what the viewer needs to pay attention to, lest the next great fear becomes fertilizer nukes.

  76. Thomas is right when he states They use Dark Magick on Us, We are constantly being played with on a Armageddon physic battlefield by the forces of Imperium Diabolica.

    This is a link to letter composed by the Plejaren written the U.S. Federal Government in 1979. The Plejaren offered their consultation on developing an aligned attitude on life, minus handing over advanced technology at that present time. The Plejaren wanted Billy Meier installed as their world Emissary. The answer was complete silence.
    The letter image needs to be magnified.

  77. I am starting to form the opinion that the typing program on this device is intentionally designed to murder whatever is left of the English language.
    Peacemaker is a reference to the effectiveness of both the firearm and it's proprietary .45 cal. cartridge in ending fights, permanently.

  78. Stan, I've had the honour to be allowed a small introduction into Tibetan ceremony, and thus conclude it is both authentic and powerful.

  79. Pleiadians/Plejaren – "we also own dresses of your fashion. We do need these, because here and there we walk in your circles"; Meier proposes Semjase go out for an evening with him (a "date")
    Pleiadians/Plejaren – don't use personal identification papers; if a Plejaren were walking among Earth humans and got asked for ID, they would be able to "produce by the force of our thinking, sham-pictures" (a hallucination)

  80. Pleiadians/Plejaren Earth-monitoring equipment & devices able to register non-terrestrial mental & telepathic oscillations; if communications between Earth humans & extraterrestrials occurred, they would be registered by automatic recording devices; they have been monitoring this type of activity on Earth for 82 years
    Pleiadians/Plejaren attempt to clarify all claims by Earth humans who claim contacts with extraterrestrials
    Pleiadians/Plejaren developed "some months ago" a comprehensive global monitoring network to register all Earthly air traffic (which would also detect extraterrestrial spacecraft)
    Aside from Meier, there have only been 8 true contactees in the 82 years that the Pleiadians/Plejaren have been monitoring this activity on Earth; only one of those ever went public, Daniel Fry:
    Since 1984 only very few extraterrestrial spacecraft have entered Earth's air space; most UFO sightings have been of secret military or official missiles of Earth origin
    Meier's enemies & Kal Korff & Luc Buergin are influenced by the long-term & still-active impulses from the Giza [Gizeh] Intelligences
    11 of the 14 assassination attempts on Meier are traceable to the Men In Black (MIB)

    Other extraterrestrial groups have contacts with Earth humans or examination contacts ("abductions")
    Increase in UFO sightings tied to the peaceful & harmless extraterrestrial race to officially visit Earth (landing in America) "before the year 2000" (see Contact 35)

    Men In Black (MIB) capable of stealing articles from locked areas; they intimidate some Earth humans into working for them; they also affect certain Earth humans maliciously through negative telepathic impulses such as in governments & the military
    Meier's accuracy with a gun, drew & shot a 5-franc coin tossed into the air, hit a postage stamp at 100 feet at dusk, shot the hat off a running man who attempted an assassination of Meier (shot in chest, bullet deflected by a book & metal tag); "to this date" 10 assassination attempts on Meier & several contrived accidents
    Spiritual lessons – "the hitherto offered lessons and explanations by Semjase are only the foundation stones for the essential now following main work"
    Religion – "When hitherto Semjase only spoke of Earth religions in negative form, then it was because the Earth human had to be made attentive to the error in his religions, …for these are like nowhere else in this Universe"; "They control the Earth human and the whole planet, and retard your world thousands of years, in Spiritual respect. Every Spiritual evolution is blocked by these religions and find no progress. Your religions still contain real worth, but this becomes so indiscernible that only few people are able to see the effective truth there. These few who are able to see the real truths from the scripts, are banned and confounded by those dependent on these wrong beliefs, and thus cannot spread the truth. When Semjase speaks in negative form about Earth religions, she is addressing the falsifications in them which have been built up partly consciously. The Earth religions are only called such in name, but are just degenerate cults."

  81. The deeper one dives into the fabric of existence, the more aware one becomes that genuine insight from across the ages all describes the same world tree from different angles.

  82. 1873, the year Colts' mfg. co. debuted the Peacemaker.
    Attempts to trace one specific source to this moniker come up empty, however what it certain is it reference to the effectiveness of it's also newly debuted .45 cal. cartridge.
    The Peacemaker referred to a cessation of hostilities via death.
    Colts' still makes small numbers of the Peacemaker, although the company, and world have irrevocably changed.

  83. Religious faith can result in a form of schizophrenic illness. Extremism and certain passions in various forms can result in disease-like states which become expressed in the form of fanaticism, uncontrollable excitement states which can degenerate into destruction, rage, hate, etc. These factors arise within individuals which can lead to evil behaviors because due to the illness they lose control of their thoughts, feeling and actions
    These types of diseases were eliminated amongst the Plejaren mainly due to their training courses towards understanding and reasoning in order to recognize and fight fanaticism and conditions of uncontrollable excitement to bring them under control; this process took about 1800 years for the total Plejaren population to repair these diseases
    These same types of hereditary diseases include sports fanatics and sport fanaticism
    Religious and sectarian belief may be transmitted/passed on from the parents to the child and is stored in the brain's temporal lobes and the rear part of the parietal lobes. It then manifests itself as a form of schizophrenic illness.
    Crystal skulls – manufactured in Germany in the 1800s by diamond jewelers for a wealthy man named Florian Rosenfelder who brought them to the Mayan sites to be "discovered"; he was later poisoned by the natives; the skulls have nothing to do with extraterrestrials
    Philadelphia Experiment – a swindle which never happened; based upon the fraudulent statements of a man named Kal Allen (a.k.a. "Carl Allen", a.k.a. "Carlos Miguel Allende") who sought fame & fortune, who later "disappeared" when he thought he would be exposed as a fraud
    Ptaah's response to accusations that the lessons & teachings spread by Meier are recycled from old philosophers & religious teachers; "Billy's Teachings": originate from the teachings of Nokodemion & Henok; "life teachings" & "spirit teachings" defined; during ancient times the teachings were spread by prophets using words & expressions understood by the generally uneducated masses of people, while in modern times the teachings utilize modern language; many "know-it-alls" slander Meier & his teachings as originating from old philosophers & teachers, failing to see that Meier brings greater & more comprehensive explanations of the teachings than were ever brought before on Earth by any teacher, prophet or philosopher

  84. Attempts by Meier to write letters of warning regarding world events would be futile, as it was when he tried this in the 1950s and 1970s; the world leaders only seek their own power, delusions and insanity regardless of whether or not millions lose their property and/or lives; the large mass of Earth humans is unfortunately stupid and of small intelligence, who would rather pray to their imaginary gods; the large mass of Earth humans do not wish to understand that there is no Father God, gods, angels or holy ones who would determine the fate of humanity, rather that it is humanity that determines its own fate; humans must develop their intelligence, understanding and reason; by the efforts of those few humans that are intelligent, to provide an example and instruct in the truth, change can come about, if even by small iotas which build up into forms that can't be ignored; much time will pass before the mass of humanity becomes intelligent, reasonable and understanding; much time will pass before multinational peace combat troops exist
    The national religion of Tibet has nothing to do with Buddhism, but is Lamaism
    The teachings of the prophet Gautama Buddha were thoroughly falsified
    Helena Petrowna Blavatasky [Madame Blavatsky]: she spread the nonsense about "the Ascended Tibetan Masters", which affected the "New Age" movement (which arose in the 1960s in the California counter-culture); her nonsense teachings influenced the National Socialist [Nazi] Rudolph Hess [Walter Richard Rudolph Hess]: and Rudolph Freiherr von Sebottendorf [Adam Alfred Rudolph Glauer]: into founding the Thule Society (which had 1500 members connected with Bavarian society): part of whose teachings affected the founding of the United Nations in 1945; Hammer Alliance; "Munich Observer" newspaper

  85. the great shaman Pythagoras is oft praised for saying:

    "all philosophy is a result of an attempt to explain the nature of universe and man's relationship to it."

    and this leads to contemplation of both physics and mind. From a (Simon Magus based) Gnostic viewpoint, we "see" that matter is k-not-ed light (according to the synergetic geometry principles of the great shaman Buckminster Fuller).

    from p.252 of oWi

    back 2 ontology

    The 'noise of the world' comes to each and every one, if they allow a thought or two to mingle with the here and nOw. herb began his ontology talking about how a computer worked, that flow of that mysterious fluid type magical substance called electricity, which we reasoned was also a flow of number emanating with little Knots of 'light.' The ancient Chaldaean oracles, from a mysterious past, teachings brought forth through the aeons from father to son, and in these teachings there was only a solar world where endless light subsists; so you see, with the Chaldaean system, the sacred reason may have an ontology. The physical realm, put together by a Demiurgus, the artificer of the Universe, allowed the immortal soul to be wrapped in a garment of divine light, and this patterning, we can only surmise, is handled via the reality flux.

  86. Now lets put our fucking thinking caps on as the courts are shut down as they can do as they please how convenient…

    However, in your personal life peace is a person as he sent his spirit

    guide through the chaos

    said will send my spirit

  87. You know the three stooges had this skit about hitler as he was a little dictator starting a war as the little dictator got eat by the lyons

    He fucking he

  88. Interesting title, Jack.
    I tend to imagine the fictional Jedi as a happy mix of Samurai and Templars, together with all the mysticism and magic of ancient Tibet. One thing is certain, there are no mystical warriors keeping the peace in modern America.
    As we all move into the great unknown, we will have to define our lives, and our world on an as yet unknown basis. The globalists think they already have that waiting for everyone, but deception and destruction are not so easily kept in a box in times like this, and the communist chameleon has already revealed that it has no answers.
    Fear is a poor advisor, and a worse companion when facing the unknowable. National Socialism had this right, knowing one's destiny, and allying with cosmic forces, will forever leave a mark, a beacon upon this plane.

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