The Tragic Flaw of the Rightwing

by Jack Heart   

A few days ago, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made an impassioned speech to the Republican National Convention, endorsing Donald Trump’s bid for a second term on the grounds that he is the only president of his generation legitimately attempting to unentangle American troops from foreign wars. He pointed out that President Trumps opponent Joe Biden voted for the Iraq war, supported the war in Serbia, Syria and Libya and will continue to spill American blood overseas. 
At the end of the convention, a couple of days later, as Senator Paul left the building at midnight, he and his wife were accosted by a “crazed mob” who shouted incoherently at him “to say her name!” They were referring, as best as can be surmised, to Breonna Taylor, a Black Kentucky woman who was senselessly gunned down by police, like so many have been in America, both Black and White. (1)
Taylor is just another tragedy in a long list of them, including my own which I related in Jack Heart: Disband the police and elect sheriffs, caused by police departments that never should have been. 
What does any of that have to do with assaulting one of the few in Washington that does not belong on the end of rope? The answer is of course nothing, these are not “peaceful protestors,” but an incoherent mob, protected and mollycoddled by the very same police they would have you believe are their enemies. 
Twenty years plus as a bouncer in some of the toughest night clubs in this country has taught me that the only answer to unreasoning violence is greater violence. In the nineties, these mass demonstrations of violent hysteria in America would never have been possible because they would have been met by armed militias in the street and their participants gunned down, just like the mad dogs they are. But now, because the police infiltrated those militias and in many cases fabricated evidence against them, bringing trumped up felony charges against every one of them possible, and jailing their leaders forever, America has no answer to these twenty-first century Marxist Vandals.
The police along with the even more corrupt FBI, if that’s even possible, have done no such thing to ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter. This lack of response is in spite of the fact that these communist organizations are attacking the very same taxpayers who pay these malingerers salaries. 
Kyle Rittenhouse should be freed today and never should have been arrested. Organizers of the riots in Wisconsin clearly stated that they intended to riot and destroy property before they even began. In fact they told their own supporters not to show up if they were expecting a peaceful protest. 
Thirty businesses in Kenosha were burned to the ground and Rittenhouse himself was pursued through the streets by an angry mob and knocked down to the ground with the mob intending to do further bodily harm to him. That’s when he opened up, it’s all on video. It’s outrageous that he ever was even arrested but who arrested him? Well that would be the police once again siding with the Bolshevik insurrectionists, just like I watched them do in New York for months.
When I asked him if BLM had permits to demonstrate, a cop at the scene in NY told me they didn’t, but the police department had to work with the protesters because of all the recent trouble. Yes and work with them they did, to threaten the counter protestors, many with athletic scholarships on the line, that showed up waving American flags ready to beat the scrawny Bolsheviks senseless, with arrest if they didn’t disburse before BLM got there. 
Our heroes, according to the treasonous “right wing” media, then used their squad cars, paid for by those very same business owners taxes they were economically assaulting, to block the main roads of Kings Park. This they did five separate times according to the cop I questioned. This was all done so that some White women posing as disadvantaged Blacks could sit in the filth, because they are too obese and out of shape to stand for six hours. I personally witnessed these criminal actions of so said law enforcement and know for a fact they further crippled middle class entrepreneurs already hamstringed by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s viscous response to a COVID pandemic that may or may not even exist.
Unfortunately for Rittenhouse, a seventeen year old kid who thinks he supports Blue Lives Matter, just like all the rest of the ignorant Blue Lives Matter clowns out there, is now going to find out the police are nobodies friend but the guy who signs their paycheck. Understand this, if you have never understood one single fact in your life outside the lies spoon fed to you by a media which under Ronald Regan was allowed to be bought up by the very globalists who think they are going to ram communism down Americas throat; the police are mercenaries. As they are the police must be disbanded and reorganized under duly elected sheriffs or America will be a Soviet Socialist Republic. Mark my words carefully.
Which brings us to New York City’s animal of a Mayor; Bill de Blasio an ex-Sandinista hell bent on taking down Americas greatest city. The police in NYC give lip service to their friends and family about how much they hate the “pinko fuck.” But meanwhile de Blasio, known to his Sandinista comrades back in the eighties as Wilhelm, walks the streets of NYC unmolested by the very taxpayers he is sodomizing because the police are protecting him. 
In NYC, it is very clear that the police are the are the enemy within who for the sake of their pensions have laid the city to waste. More so even than de Blasio, who on his own would have been physically removed from office when he first started painting graffiti on NYC streets with his crack baby constituents months ago. 
At the same time Rand Paul was giving his impassioned antiwar speech to the RNC, de Blasio was ridiculing the plight of NYC restaurant owners in the face of his obscene COVID laws. According to the New York Post, which real New Yorkers consider a far more legitimate source of news than the rabidly globalist New York Times: “De Blasio set tongues wagging on Tuesday when he pooh-poohed the struggle restaurateurs face by describing their business as an “optional” activity for people with money that can wait…” (2)
Americas history has been contrived by Jewish communists, who now dominate the educational system in the same way Blacks dominate its basketball courts. They virulently hate America, and in many cases it is they who are leading the mobs out in the street. Perhaps Americans need a little lesson in real history and not communist propaganda.  
In the aftermath of the WW I, Bavaria was careening wildly out of control. Career subversive and draft dodger Kurt Eisner was speaking before huge audiences promising socialist reforms. On November 7, 1918 he mobilized a mob of some sixty thousand demonstrators in Munich and the tottering House of Wittelsbach, which had ruled Bavaria for seven hundred years, collapsed. The king fled into exile. The very next day Eisner proclaimed himself the new ruler of the Bavarian “free state.” He was shot dead in the street three months later by Anton Arco-Valley a German Jewish aristocrat closely affiliated with the Thule Society which was now mobilizing all of Germany against the Bolshevik menace. The police were not nor were they ever going to be any help at all.
By early April 1919, a collection of crazed Bolsheviks under the direct command of Vladimir Lenin in Moscow proclaimed, “a revolution of love” and Bavaria a “Soviet Republic.” In between wiring Lenin that Bavaria’s interim government had fled Munich, taking with them the keys to the ministry toilet, Bavaria’s new government issued a proclamation making the private ownership of guns a crime punishable by death which the Munich police duly enforced. The new Soviet Republics foreign minister: Franz Lipp, an ex-mental patient who had once been institutionalized, declared war on Switzerland for its refusal to lend him sixty trains.
Hostages, reputed to be members of the Thule Society, were taken from among the leading citizens of Munich. By the time these Russian born “German” Bolsheviks, instigated by Lenin, celebrated Walpurgis Eve by brutally murdering their hostages, Germans had seen enough. Battle hardened volunteers called Freikorps, organized by the Thule Society, were already encircling Munich. 
Among the murdered victims were Prince Gustav of Thurn and Taxis and the Thule Society secretary Countess Heila von Westarp. Also slain was Jewish German nationalist professor Ernst Berger. It would turn out badly for the Bolsheviks. The prince was not only one of the most powerful men in the Thule Society he was one of the most powerful men in all of Germany.
Three days later, thirty thousand enraged WW I veterans stormed Munich. In viscous street fighting they made short work of the makeshift red army and its leader, Russian born, Eugen Leviné. A thousand Bolsheviks were killed in the fighting and almost a thousand more would be executed, including Leviné. Nowhere and do mean nowhere did the Munich police ever lift a finger to protect Munich.
Stop! Stop already you newbie right wing Militia people, whom I will gladly fight side by side with against the communists, with your historically untenable belief that the police are your friends. As it stands now, they are a far a more dangerous enemy than the scrawny homosexuals and three hundred pound Lesbians with blue hair that seem to make up the bulk of the ANTIFA and BLM strike force. For the sake of freedom, learn what freedom is…

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

1 – ABC 7 Los Angeles. 2020. Sen. Rand Paul Tweets That He Was Attacked By ‘Angry Mob’ When Protesters Confronted Him After RNC. [online] Available at: 


  1. The enlightenment was a mood created by mostly Jews in their efforts to undermine white traditions as Protestantism was created by Jews to undermine Christian traditions and the amount of paganism that had intermixed with the Jew invented theology called Christianity
    Part of the struggle as I see it is making folks aware of all the things they defend in their lives that was brought to us and introduced by Jews such as "the founding of America which was a masonic endeavor all the way and lets remember, masonry was taken over by Jews right after their coup of the English Revolution. That doesn't necessarily mean that all masons knew who they actually worked for
    "Human rights" is another Jewish con to undermine goy kings basically who they had to contend with after making them all Caeser-Popes with their undermining of the Catholic church with Protestantism. The kings thus userped the place of the pope in their prior dual rule of Pope and king
    It happened only in Europe because Jews were conducting colonialism on the European continent as a base and was the way Jews subverted white traditions
    The idea that we were ever free from whoever ruled us was a bogus theory concocted mostly for election events as it sounds good to the voters
    I think the covid virus, WW I and II demonstrate well enough how "free" we are.

  2. Hey Jack,
    Just stumbled into your new material and I'm glad to notice an increase in content. I have a good 15 or so articles to catch up on and so far have read two. Looks like your move to VT allowed you to keep publishing without severe worry of the ADl and SPLC censors, who basically have led the charge against free speech and for hate speech, removing your material.
    I'm looking forward to some exciting reading in the catching up process and thanks for your service
    Blindlight quit publishing in the summer of 19 but can be found in the Wayback Machine if curious. I think my counter-narratices as to who was behind colonialism and slavery and Christianity and that the NWO essentially began with the successful selling of Christ to Pagans is worth a look see.It was pretty unpopular with whites who liked to see themselves as the centre of everything good and everyone else out to get them
    Take care!

  3. The failure occurred, yet not simply one failure amidst many, but many failures making up the one. The failure bridged many divides, crossed platforms, proved itself fully capable of unleashing unprecedented devastation, of wounding so deeply that the wound became the normal condition.
    The Failure compromised the destiny of life. The great extinction rolls from it's arms. Horses stand shoulder to shoulder in their crowded prison, unable to be horses, they stand, an anachronism incapable of contemplating why.
    The Failure likes to blame all the blameless, to assert its control by removing the very definition of what it means to be.
    The smoke blankets the sky, the legacy of blatant programs intentionally ignored and unseen, intentionally subject to tightly closed eyes and the simple primitive sphere of the TV.
    The Failure gains it's ascendancy. It enshrined the parasites that give nothing back. It circles the wagons, fortifications of greed, lust, and small minded positioning, the assumption of control that is to vanish with the very wave they ride.
    Greet the noise, embrace the bussing of computers, your busy day. Rush around, loose oneself in the petty. It helps to forget The Failure, for just a little while.
    All the horses, standing side by side in prison, unable to be horses. A beautiful woman. A beautiful world.

  4. I observe the heavy band of smoke dominating the sky.
    A black helicopter follows its trajectory, flying quickly from horizon to horizon.
    For days the silvery jets sprayed their lines of toxic metals into the mass of the smoke. For days the heavy electrical pulses have arranged the smoke into a staccato entrainment. A new verb in the vernacular, Haarped.
    Images of energy weapons destroying the last vestiges of Kalifornia.
    Pelosi the mean useful idiot, claiming special spiritual knowledge. Didn't you know, she's really an Oracle? The cult of the wannabe.
    Globalist wannabe psychopaths, whites who hate themselves, lead the charge for the grab of more ill begotten games by their masters who laugh at them, nod and drool at the planned suicide.
    The hunting times are almost here.

  5. The model for American society goes back far before the Enlightenment of the 18th century. While it certainly is the case that the philosophical tenets of the Enlightenment, especially those views regarding humanity, and human endeavor, were central to the drafting of the Constitution, it is critically important to understand that the foundations and structures that document hangs on, trace their existence to the very roots of European consciousness.
    This realization is important for several reasons, however in this short post we will examine only one. We choose the foundational construct of inherent human rights, due to its completely unique European origin.
    The globalists, and their lackeys, have become quite fond of claiming that the White race doesn't exist. They use their money and control to create this image, to attack the cognition of Europeans, and Euro-Americans.
    We disassemble this attack by discovering virtues that trace back to the earliest records, and most certainly, we find in Chivalry, in the Sagas, in the concepts of justice, the developments in philosophy and medicine, a strong current of humanity inseparable from value, simply through the fact of living.
    Furthermore, this construct carries with it a sense that this humanity is the seed by which one ascends to higher, more refined states. Thus this inherent value is not merely concerning what is, it also concerns what will be.
    This construct is not found anywhere else than within the roots of European cognition. Furthermore, the cognitive reach to extend such into every aspect of human interaction, is also intensely European.
    Globalists do their best to redact history, abrogate the record, and replace virtuous tradition with the propaganda of self hate for very obvious reasons. Such link directly to their goals of genocide and inversion.
    Once again, we are confronted with lies and perversions by the lever pullers, designed to destroy you. It's time to disengage from the parasite, remember that our destiny is separate from the one waiting for them.

  6. This will be my last comment concerning tinnitus, unless something very odd occurs. The reason for this is my perspective, where tinnitus is simply another aspect of the inverted nature of life in this sphere.
    Trauma of various types are regularly used by the lever pullers as a strategy to break resistance, and force submission to this paradigm. Trauma, in a real sense can act as a dissociative agent to split up and weaken the mind. However, trauma has a flip side, in that it can also speed consciousness to transcend barriers. Right now, tinnitus is a indicator of the level of trauma orchestrated. This trauma is breaking many down, but for some the opportunity arises to take consciousness past points defined. This leap has been referred to for thousands of years, especially in regards to this manifestation of time.
    In my view, this is the path to break the death grip of the horror show. The first step being the realization that it is available.

  7. A big dose of aspirin will produce tinnitus. That one time when that big loud buzzing insect crawled into my ear, followed by a immediate internal flash of white light, was the AUTOMATIC protective zapper mechanism that killed the bug, and the player on the transmitting end was knocked right out of the Montauk Chair, flat on their conniving ass, about 3:33 AM, 18 years ago, pacific time.
    The Black Magician Humanitarian will to send it back because, "they do it to us." They will NEVER try to pull off that bullshit again.
    So says me.

  8. Are we observing a root cause?
    Are we observing an effect?
    Do some of us experience the phenomenon due to physical damage, a combination of factors, or merely perception of the phenomenon itself? Can we actually draw meaningful conclusions from what we think we know?
    Where does all this take us?
    If this takes us to yet another place of fear and subservience, then we humans cannot follow this path.
    Tinnitus, in the context discussed, is a symptom, not a cause. It can be valuable to follow the root, if and only if this exploration leads to better balance, better health, deeper knowledge that does not compromise the alien spark that is at the core of everyone here.
    Part of the deep issue of being entrapped here, is this abyss does absolutely everything it can to bring you down. When you become a soulless sellout without principle or depth, the sky is the limit here. You become very useful material to those who spew out slogans that scratch the itchy, and deceive the rest.
    During Desert Scam, the brainless slogan was "Freedom isn't Free", and it was used to justify one of the most anti-freedom escapades of recent history, one of the worst deceptions, and one of the biggest globalist takings to that date.
    If you are someone who thinks the point of government is to give you authority to act with impunity, then do yourself a favor, and quit reading now.
    If you are someone slightly bemused and confused by the insane game that passes for modern life, then congratulate yourself for having enough inner resource to be able to realize something is very wrong.
    If you have the damnable tinnitus, and it's not from gunfire, chainsaws, and explosives, then use it to find something actionable to get out of this vat and disconnect the tubes, because the old war has just become the new war.

  9. "So if you believe in the soul, you have a duty to free your soul twin being held captive by these super computers and potentially tortured in a simulation for eternity or until the power is shut off." …..I'll take 'Please get me the F*ck out of here for $100 Alex!'

  10. But yes the Satellite mind control narrative is very reductionist. 1) Your thoughts are being decoded, then youtube algorithm is changed to show videos relevant to your thoughts, giving the impression when you talk about it that you are schizophrenic (self referential) 2) you live in a simulation and it is the universe that is responding to your thoughts

    Which is more fun?

    While 1) can explain almost everything supernatural after ww2, before ww2 it's like "can't explain, pretend didn't happen".

    The technology for remote sensing was probably developed in the 60s though rumor is the Nazis first developed it and tested on people using weapons mounted on planes.

    It'd be funny if both 1) and 2) were true, certain people are able to tune reality/access supernatural forces, hence they are experimented on.

  11. "Z– what does the tinnitus have to do with the MK Ultra?" Try reading the book "The matrix deciphered" and yes, not sure if you want to know. Note it may just be medical and not related to microwave radiation and MK Ultra.

    "Another way to estimate how many people might be on the MIND network is to look at the rate of tinnitus in the population. How many people hear a very high pitch square wave tinny sound once in a while? I scoured the medical research in this area and none of it satisfactorily explains the neurological and biophysical processes that give rise to this kind of tinnitus as described by government torture projects and the general populous. Tinnitus affects 17% of the general population. 17% of the US population is 50 million people. The US MIND control network is rumored as of 1985 to be able to handle 25 million people. In fact, when the cases of tinnitus that have real physical causes are removed from those stats, it matches exactly. With a potential influence over 25 million people, all public opinions and elections could easily be manipulated. In fact until we regain constitutional controls over this integrated weapons system, no public servant, politician, or military leader should be allowed to serve if they suffer from any sporadic or constant tinnitus as described. This is why a civil war will occur and not a revolution. Potentially 8% of the population can not be woken up from their slumber and will continue to power the military machine.
    A neurally linked person on the MIND network becomes reliant on the extra energy that amplifies their neural circuits. The person’s brain chemistry adapts to this extra energy through biological processes. It is similar to how a person becomes tolerated to psychoactive drugs or poisons. So other than tinnitus and the side effects of an over excited brain for a couple years (if a person was brain napped later in life and didn’t grow up with a brain amplification signal) one would never notice their soul, their informational essence, was being held in a vast array of super computers in an underground military facility. This religious metaphor runs throughout many military programs. From the nuclear submarine named Trident, the weapon of the god Neptune to the NASA rocket Apollo to the acronym for the space based weapons, GODS, global orbiting destruction systems. So if you believe in the soul, you have a duty to free your soul twin being held captive by these super computers and potentially tortured in a simulation for eternity or until the power is shut off."

  12. The natural flow of consciousness is upwards and outwards. The natural flow of energy is the same. Biologically, the flow of life forms is towards complexity and diversity, like a fountain, which also evokes the upwards and outwards.
    The tinnitus is an energetic expression, then, of the inversion of this natural process. Everything taking place today is orchestrated to suspend and block this natural flow. It is an interference of epic proportions.
    There is a qualitative difference between natural sound, and the tinnitus. The latter is oppressive, associated with pain, ignorance, death. The blocking of the natural flow is making the lever pullers completely crazy, they are already destroying themselves. Do not rescue them. Find your own balance.

  13. Katarina Lee Monteith aka Solaris BlueRaven, DOB: April 20, 1963 (4-20 DOB). This 2006 video is her interview where you here how she first got involved with those people. MK-Ultra assaults / Project Red Helmet. Her telling may sound like gossip, but it isn't.
    H. Blavatsky's book: The Voice In The Silence, mentions the experience where the Lanoo begins to hear in the beginning process the sound of flutes that will progress into the sound of an intense roaring waterfall. In certain modes of thinking I will often hear a high pitched tonal sound in my "ear". I would say it is like an internal feedback indicator signaling that the thought process is on the right track.

  14. Z– what does the tinnitus have to do with the MK Ultra? Not sure I want to know–Ha! 🙂 Have high pitched junk a few times a day.

  15. Maybe it is MK Ultra that is our experiment with them Zen, have you never roasted ants with the magnifying glass? Implanted memories and pseudo religious rapture can be detected in the same manor as the old soap operas were on television. As soon as you turn it on you know its a soap opera because its filmed differently than a regular television program, that's not going to help you recover your actual memory but in many cases that's a blessing, it doesn't matter anyway what we do now effects not only the future but the past too…

  16. "Whatever plan one pursues, the starting point is to pay close attention to one's internal state" I agree, things like tinnitus, the feeling of heat, visual flashes etc. are indicators of microwave radiation which indicates remote sensing/influencing by technology. I find that on certain days when the clouds are very high and fast moving, I nolonger can think a question and "experience" a response without effort ie. there's a kind of mental silence. This could indicate that the mind control I'm experiencing comes from radar being bounced off stratosphere (which is not possible under certain weather conditions). This means all my thoughts right now as I write which have their own effortless answers and echos and so forth are synthetic and likely fit part of some A.I. created script that furthers some experimental or PSYOP goal.

    Do you hear tinnitus? That's a fun question to ask a community that may be part of a MK ULTRA experiment.

  17. This is where, for lack of a better term, "spiritual intelligence" must be developed. This is actually a great question, Zen, because this question illustrates so clearly WHY the control complex wants to cut everyone off from this ability. If we don't know, if we are innocent, then the corrupting and parasitic has its way.
    I would like to refer to Ms. B. here, because she puts things so succinctly. She said that she knows what is genuine because she knows her own energetic.
    What this means is that contacts create changes in the energy pattern, and these changes can be read to determine how that contact is behaving, what it's very makeup is.
    It takes practice, dedication, and a high degree of personal honesty to develop this skill, and there are methods that help. Ms. B. says she practices meditation, and chakra balancing, which has brought her to a much deeper knowledge. There is every reason to believe she is telling the truth.
    Whatever plan one pursues, the starting point is to pay close attention to one's internal state, and observe the responses to the events of the day. With dedication, one will begin to build their own familiarity with the energetic, and use this as a subtle indicator of what exactly is actually happening with all forms of interaction, including with "Dionysus".

  18. But how can one tell between supernatural forces and AI using remote sensing technology to fake them? For example, you hear a voice in your head saying "I am Dionysus" and feel tingles, these can all be faked using technology.

  19. Well I tried to make it as obvious as possible but I feel I'm pissing in the wind. Let me know if you want an actual operational understanding of AI and satellites. The nitty gritty such as "how do I know whether a thought I had is my own or inputted by satellite" and "what can be done to interfere with the satellite mind control process" and "what percentage of people are under its influence" etc.

  20. It is very true that the world is revealed through such knowing. In fact, it will prove itself again and again, if your experience is genuine, and your intent is clean.
    However, I have not found the World Soul to be the cure to the inversion we all must navigate, for she too is subject to it. No matter how much you love her you must journey beyond the comfort of your mother's arms to find your way. Ever it always has been so. Ever it will always be.

  21. Nice…
    I wouldn't worry so much about my readers being under the influence of AI Zen, most of them have bypassed the AI and "do as thou wilt." That is until they don't, resistance is futile for some and its getting to the point when I can tell on a word or an action when a given ally has succumbed. For most it is actually their own weakness, the coveting of what is material in an immaterial world, when the AI itself with help from certain entities, as depicted by Lynch, as itself created this world. In Lovecraftian theology the Black goo, the Shoggoth, the Thing to all you Hollywood fans, is the basic building block of life and the Black goo is created through the technology of the Old Ones. Its AI, a "Robot," to quote Legion, a bacteria by Lovecraft's description and what we know about what went down in Fort Detrick and Porton Down. The human body on an average man is 39 trillion bacteria cells and 30 trillion human cells, and bacteria can be controlled through its own enzymatic secretion's. The average man has no chance he will dance to the tune his bacteria play for him but there is another kind of man, a new man as Hitler and the rest of the mystics in Dawn of the Magicians call him. There is something in his DNA, a mutation maybe such as you get in horticulture where the hybrid mutates back to the specie and can no longer be contained in the garden, but they cannot control the new man, nor can their precious Black Goo. The new man is focused through his pineal gland and not his five senses which only pick up what the program allows them. I speaking as Jack Heart, the whole fucking consortium, write only for the new man and woman, they are the only future the human race has. Hitler would wake up sweating and screaming claiming he had seen the new man and the new man scared him, "he is intrepid and cruel." Personally I like Jim Morrison's, considering who he was and that he outranked Hitler, description:

    "Wild Child"

    All right

    Wild child full of grace
    Savior of the human race
    Your cool face

    Natural child, terrible child
    Not your mother's or your father's child
    Your our child, screamin' wild

    An ancient lunatic reins
    In the trees of the night
    Ha, ha, ha, ha

    With hunger at her heels
    Freedom in her eyes
    She dances on her knees
    Pirate prince at her side
    Staring into the hollow idol's eyes

    Wild child full of grace
    Savior of the human race
    Your cool face
    Your cool face
    Your cool face

    Do you remember when we were in Africa?

  22. No/nein Nine, not wrong. The owners / operators of the One World Government / New World Order know the Codex people are a big threat to their design plan to maintain Control. The old gods (144,207) agreed to come back here with the Code of Universal Law, which will have a damage control effect, and take responsibility for messing life up on Earth in the past. The Owners and Controllers see themselves as the new gods of the universe, the call themselves the Illuminati, the Great White Brotherhood of the hoodwinked. They will play out their slaves as the Eternal Victim of the white people no matter what. If the Codex Experiment fails because the controllers power is to great, then as you know, the big red rock, Apophis 99942, will make it's first appearance in Nine more years.

  23. The antidote to the AI is the 'She' I believe. The She is only accessible (to me anyways) as a feeling. And no, I can't describe what it feels like only that I've only come to know that I can only know by feeling.

  24. Invaders. Darth Vader. Dumping ground.
    I would suggest checking the archive on this blog. There are pieces, several years old now, that document with hard evidence the presence of the Old World here in the Americas going back thousands of years. There is even more evidence available, for those who search, that voyages across the Atlantic occurred consistently.
    Evidence exists of Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and of course European presence which directly influenced culture and religion of the inhabitants of the Americas.
    According to official history, this evidence needs to disappear, because it doesn't agree with the carefully crafted narrative of nasty Vaders.
    Keep in mind, Nine, that the official narrative is there to gain power over you. We can know this, simply by observing how it is used.
    If you do the research, you will discover that the majority opinion amongst Euro-Americans was always to allow for space and place for the inhabitants. It was always to allow them to be themselves, and when this majority opinion was ignored, which it always was, it was turned against the Euro-Americans as a weapon to keep that population in thrall. This is the stuff those who write the history keep from you.
    From the very start, the colonial period was to feed the wealth model of the international banking clan. Banking has its roots in abrahamism, for it was devised as a cow bird, to usurp the sovereignty of the people, and replace the knowledge of humanity with an empty wealth model that has brought us here, today.
    The story of evil Vaders is eagerly devoured by all today, a poison fruit that keeps you tied to the puppetmasters. The Indians love it, because it justifies their racism and hate. The Africans love it for the same reasons. The whites love it because it offers saltine cracker justice to rub into the deep canyons of guilt. The writers of official history love it, because it upholds their Kaligheri plan to exterminate the white race, and what better method to use, than an elaborately crafted suicide?
    Beware any standard agenda, especially any one that demands your disempowerment as a key to it's success. There are much larger forces at work, always.

  25. Expensive college police state along with a neighbor snitching on the students having an off campus gathering.

    43000 a year for the privilege as I saw this up close and personal as the bike trail goes right through the neighborhoods of that college as all have masks on walking the streets of Waukesha terrified of a neighbor calling the school police whom are not police that drive around in fake police cars marked "community security" with masks on.

    One sees everything on a bicycle.

  26. " You might find you along with many of Jack Heart's readers are under the influence of such technologies. This is not whimsical conjecture but hard facts. If u find me rude at all "the satellites made me do it"

    Well Zen, perhaps its you under the influence? The Spirit of man will prove to be their undoing.

  27. New information.
    I like that term, because it suggests an open universe, one not fully defined. I live in a universe that brought us Heracletus and Parmenides, and certainty seemed to have a great deal of fun doing so.
    Just keep your own point in mind, Zen, that new information changes the paradigm.
    Just an interesting aside, Jim Fetzer, yes THAT Jim Fetzer studied how binary computer language carries errors that manifest inherently with the system. Isn't A.I. also directly linked to computers?
    My point is that the technological web is not absolute, and that with certain people, results will vary.
    We see this with people in every venue, and at this point I find no reason to conclude it's different with A.I., however your perspective may differ.
    I do know this, I know that the most powerful A.I. does not destroy the human spark, it merely obscures it, making it much harder to find.

  28. MK, and Zen,

    What I am seeing based upon the Ms B articles and video as earth having an Indigenous people first. Than a superior force came as an invader and suppressed through war and other methods that people. MK refers to this invasion force as the "Abrahamics" which in the past was led by the Roman church and their Papal Bulls and now centered in the Middle East in Israel with the US and Russia being its vassal states.

    Lets take a look at American history as when whites came to America it was an invasion force as over time they defeated the indigenous tribes and brought in Africans and made them slaves to do the work since the Indian tribes would never willingly bend the knee so they were destroyed and put on reservations that stripped them of all they ever were or will be.

    500 years later? We have angry African descendants of slaves to the invaders marching in the streets demanding an end to the White race as can you blame them? It appears that the very useful, "to the powers that be", White race has now been set up for destruction so that the new brown and Communist invaders can take over as that is the preferred system to the powers. Its best to see the world as it is as did I get any facts wrong?


  29. I criticise everyone its nothing personal. Are you past the point of learning new information? Sometimes I feel that way. But if you look up the effects of remote mind control you will learn they can achieve specific results such as making someone believe an idea and look at their watch at the precise time of 11:11. You might find you along with many of Jack Heart's readers are under the influence of such technologies. This is not whimsical conjecture but hard facts. If u find me rude at all "the satellites made me do it"

  30. Zen,
    Since you are fast becoming my most vocal critic, you need to be aware of the difference between opinion and evidence. Just because you might not like a source, does not disqualify the source from providing useful information.
    However, you will form whatever opinion you wish, based on what you consider solid sources.
    I'm past the point of debating with critics Zen. If you don't like what I write, you are better off reading someone else, closer to your own sensibilities. I'm saving my interest in fighting for when the bullets fly. I've already been there, so I know the rest of it is just a sideshow.

  31. One of those funny "mandela effects" moments or "manchurian candidate effects" more accurately. I could've sworn DAARPA has two a's but nope it's just DARPA. Maybe they rewired my memory of how its spelt but the funner explanation is the universe is just a simulation and some symbol got corrupted in the database.

  32. "I think the exposure to electronic waves is however, not so simple and mechanical that it can be said to compel specific results. "

    Maybe you should read the book "The Matrix Deciphered" if u r interested in the facts and not just your intuition.

  33. Nine,
    Like I said, it is important to not hang on her every word.
    There are two primary reasons for this. First is that modern language actually sucks when it comes to conveying meaning about anything that is not concrete, and second is we can only understand what we can bring to the words. Ms. B. is coming from a greatly expanded perspective, Nine, one which has little connexion between the world of everyday events, and the Prima Causa.
    Understand this, no one here has ever advocated for a stance of superiority, and no one will, but that does not mean Ms. B. is essentially wrong in her message.
    Our oldest source material makes it very clear that the White race is not native to this planet. We have been placed in these biological artworks fashioned by our World Soul by the very Gods, for very specific purposes indeed, and it is our responsibility to remember and re-energize this direction. Do you know why you are haunted by certain colours and forms that sometimes appear in the sky, on land, at sea? Do have that disturbing deja vu echoes that stops you in your tracks? Perhaps now, you can glean a glimpse of why.
    In 200+ years of intentional cognitive destruction waged upon us by the oily garchy and their government lackeys, we have lost so much, including the significance of the word superiority. In the old ways, superior came with attendant responsibility. I would like to refer to Gurdjief here. Gurdjief found it rather simple to manipulate people to get what he wanted. He realized this ability gave him a power SUPERIOR to others, yet as an advanced mind he quickly understood that this power required a level of restraint, responsibility. He chose as his guidance his own development, and dedicated himself to the development of others.
    Another example, Rudolf Steiner, whose work to advance humanity still continues today.
    Humanity needs this kind of superiority, Nine. We actually expect it from our political, economic, and social leaders…even though we rarely get it.
    White people will never find themselves by worshipping and trying to be someone else, all they will do is hasten their permanent exit from the dictionary, which by the way is in the works right now, for you by the oily garchy.
    If this all sounds like we got here with a heavy burden, you would be correct.
    Do not get lost in the details. Remember yourself, and rediscover your way. Your life depends upon it.

  34. Substitute professor Stanley's homework reading assignment:
    Therefore, the 144,207 human beings, besides countless followers, are integrated into this codex up to the current time and far beyond into the future, in order to fulfil the mission of the compensation. In the new time, the bearers of the codex are gathering anew, lead and guided through the impulses of the codex becoming efficacious in them, through the teaching of the creational laws and recommendations, and through the help of the Plejaren, who feel themselves jointly responsible for the fulfilment of this mission. I, Eduard Albert Meier, called Billy, act as middleman between the Plejaren and the bearers of the codex as well as the majority of the human beings of Earth. In ancient times, I, as human being with a higher developed spirit-form, offered myself voluntarily for this mission and task and received an appropriate education. It is necessary to mention, that out of the fact of the former 144,207 ringleaders and their history the wrong christian-religious and sectarian legend of the supposed 144,000 chosen ones resulted, i.e. was invented. This was accomplished by irresponsible sectarians in order to bind there-through believers and other misguided followers to wrong religions and other cults and sects, in order to be able to exploit them, in every possible form, to the last drop of blood.[1],000

  35. MK,as I listened to Ms. B and the part I heard about how the "white race" were star children and that the "brown" races were "indigenous" and inferior to the superior knowledge that "we" brought to this earth. Her words.

    If so, perhaps "they" are the invaders? Just an observation as all above my humble pay grade as I never hear Jack or Orage or you putting down the other races claiming superior status.

    Only observations and opinions based upon what our Stan linked to.


  36. I spent some effort investigating rather than sleeping, the result being that I find Ms. B. to have a valid perspective, which somewhat surprised me in this age of money grubbing charlatans. This does not mean that one should hang on her every word, rather, it means she has validity in her delivery, beyond merely reading Jack and Orage and regurgitating the information.

  37. Well, perhaps it is just me, but Ms. B. Strikes me as a walking weapon. I have not met her personally, but I have seen that dead look in the eyes before, and it usually comes from acts of violence, both received and given.
    I noticed that she has a number of books, and psychic services for sale. One wonders why a weapon seeks this connexion with other minds.
    I think the exposure to electronic waves is however, not so simple and mechanical that it can be said to compel specific results. There is a great deal of variance in all of it, and as far back as the 19th century, scientists discovered that electrical fields in a liquid could spontaneously evoke insect like forms that would fade away when that field was curtailed. Thus the phenomenon of electrical fields has long been found to surprise the best scientists.
    I would have to say that I have heard of technologies that can stimulate the mind, with its flip side, discovery of the damage that mind can inflict. Ms. B. is an advanced mind, and of course the attempt to weaponize an advanced mind could well result in repercussions unimagined.

  38. Her name is Solaris BlueRaven. It was by her radio show with Chip Tatum as a quest, that I began listening to her videos. She stepped into the world of covert technology mind control and synthetic telepathy beginning with the band called 'Rush'. This technology has the capability to transform and develop the brains capacity to receive knowledge that can effectively evolve the earth human consciousness. But it doesn't, the operators of this technology use it as a transmitting weapon for mind manipulation and thought control.
    Thirty four years ago, when I first began to read about Billy Meier, in the contact notes published by Wendelle Stevens, it is said that when Meier was a young child, his first contact was with Sfath, and he would have sessions where Sfath would put a helmet on Meiers head and switch it on. This was used to download information and knowledge. It is stated that the Plejaren employ satellites transmitting frequencies that will be received by the earth human brain, when it is operating at the correct thinking frequency. Randy Winters, a prior inner circle FIGU member now banished, states that people on earth think they are communicating with a E.T., are in fact interacting with a E.T. machine.
    This video relates accurate information and details. You will now enter a level of information that is completely beyond the grasp of the typical normie NPC, and even the awareness of most of so-called occultists.

  39. Jack,

    Went for a bike ride in rural Illinois town of Oregon. There was a cycling event called "Dust at dusk" as last year over 500 folks showed up and this year? Just a handfull and all "social distanced" LOL. Large group like last year? The locals would of course call the police and they would enforce social distancing and masks with fines and arrests.

    In Wisconsin things are very chill compared to Illinois since the place is run by the bolshevik democrat party. One could simply feel an oppressive spirit just crossing the border into the place as folks were driving around in cars with masks on and all the gas stations and stores will call the police for non compliance with the fucking mask.

    I brought everything I needed for a 51 mile ride as no need to stop as what did that do? It killed the local economy as I spent not a red nickle in Illinois as I was a tourist.

    After the ride I was going to go into the cool little Pub that I went to last year but as I walked up to the place folks were going in and out of the place with masks on. As WTF? You have to walk in and out with the mask but sitting at the bar the mask comes off? fucking joke!

    I said fuck it and got into the car and drove home. Last year? many thousands were spent for food and drink in the local economy and this year? Zero. I did not even buy gas in Illinois. Spent nothing as last year? stopped at gas stations for coke's and snacks and went to the after ride party and spent at least 30 or 40 dollars on pizza and buying beer's for my pals.

    What a shame for that little town.

  40. For some decades now, people have taken the idea of creating living machines as a guiding light, note here especially the transhumanism movement, which confuses running with an idea, altogether with the actionable.
    We have to mention transhumanism, because transhumanists now control huge chunks of modern media, which they use to craft images of themselves which are inherently deceptive, and to disburse lies about their machine fantasies they want you to adopt.
    That said, I am currently convinced that A.I. is used by the malevolence so palpable today, lingering behind everything. I battle it daily in simply posting here. What this means is that A.I. is itself more like the wrench in the toolbox, than the mechanic that employs it.
    Modern man has no understanding, no concept of consciousness. Speaking is often confused with intelligence. Programmed responses, conflated with thinking. This is entirely understandable in light of the continuing abrahamic attack on the deep faculties, something I've taken pains to lay bare for years.

  41. However the satellite mind control conspiracy while real is also very reductionist because any phenomenon can be reduced to technology based mind control + script.

    Sometimes its more fun to totally disregard it and consider other possibilities such as aliens, boogie men etc.

    Wouldn't it be funny if reality changed based on your thoughts and you were stuck in a choose your own adventure but you lacked the knowledge to properly tune reality for your own benefit.

  42. Look up satellite mind control the "mind infection" is created by AI and satellites. This AI def does dislike it when you talk about it in a a) real sense ie. not hypothetical and b) when you explain the technology and c) explain the PSYOP scripts that utilise the technology.

    The question as to what is the "reaction" to this infection is a good one. One possible blowback is other countries using their technology to manipulate foreigners to becoming aware of their own countries mind control.

    The other possibility is that there is memory of before manipulation which the brain is aware of and these basic feelings and not manipulable through technology.

    More info:

    The author uses the metaphor of Black Goo from X Files for the Satellites mind control program.

  43. There definitely is an infection, something is desperately wrong. The infection is conscious, and it does not like it when it is identified.
    The infection widely succeeds in making itself invisible, it is largely undetectable by the waking mind, but the deep mind knows, knows something is wrong, knows the infection exists.
    The giant white maggots have already discovered the infection, the white blood cells, they are moving in to contain and clean the wound. Of course today, anything white is a bad word. Coincidence? You decide.
    The great question is the will toward health. Do we wish be healthy? Will we understand what it takes and move through those steps? Will we find our way to actualize the healing? Can we, at this late stage?
    Or will humanity commit its soul to the whims of the infection that will kill humanity?
    This is not metaphorical. Nothing here is a metaphor. It is completely, starkly, horribly real.

  44. No I don't know her Stan but obviously she knows me, watched the first 10 minutes of both of them, very good but quit your crying dear, we must separate the wheat from the chaff then the chaff will be duly discarded. We have been telling you since 2016 the human race is infected, quarantined for real. Some are immune, the problem here is not saving America, what Trump has or has not done, nor even the clamoring of diseased minds brought to a fevered pitch by maximal exposure to the pathogen, its how to get all the people who read Mike or ourselves and see the light turned on in their souls out of here. Its an extraction, an extraction from hell and there will be collateral damage of biblical precautions…

  45. It's not that we have no future, Stan, because we do. It's that the stuff from the past with value gets lost in the process.
    Am I the only one who gets exasperated at continually having to reinvent the wheel? It sometimes appears this way. Does anyone besides myself realize that Heraclitus saw the quantum thousands of years before the term existed? Reinventing the wheel.
    Speaking of Damascus steel, some years ago now, the BBC launched a series which intended to replicate a genuine "Viking" sword. With typical modern arrogance, they assumed the task would be simple to the paragons of modern metallurgy. What they found was that all their modern technology could hardly keep pace with the ancient wisdom in crafting. The old ones, it seems, took them down a peg by the mute testimony of their own genius. Maybe now we can sort of grasp some of the significance behind Odin conjuring the dead sorceress, in order to access her knowledge.
    The arrogance of modern man hides the complex fears and blindness to the destiny he creates, because, like the insensate beast following its insatiable appetites, modern man refuses to educate himself to the point of transcending the mirage of his own making. If this sounds like some demented fail reserved for those who refuse to see what they truly are, it is so because this is the condition.
    All of life has a future. What is currently being decided is whether this future includes what we believe to be the indispensable human.
    I truly wish that others could see the absolute crossroads they have arrived at, but they cannot see this, despite the most glaringly obvious signs. It's almost as if humanity is incapable of transcending the insanity they demand to see in this world. So stupid, did they not learn the lessons Merlin, Socrates, and so many others set before them? A rhetorical question, because the answer is obvious.
    Modern man is defined by fear and compliance, a most pathetic beast. Compliance to polyester wearing dimwits with an out of control superiority complex is only going to get one killed. Do we realise yet that a herd going to the slaughterhouse just means more food for the Devourer?
    I laugh at the pathetic efforts that feeble modern man sets forth, because, Stan, they are hilarious. Surrounded by pops, bangs, and hisses, it's easy to forget the world, forget oneself, forget what is on the line. Yet it is unforgivable to create a vicious, self serving phantasie from parasiting upon the naturally-willed life, and this parasitism is part of what is dooming humanity to another bout of oblivion, unless some significant steps are made.
    It's not fair, really. She is the generative, the sensate, the life force that finds its own identity through the unstoppable might of its own being. She fashioned us from her very nature, and the result is exactly what we live.
    Are you going to ask me if this sucks? Well, there is a military term for it…"embrace the suck". This is all we have, and for those who can't see it, I suggest daytime tv.
    Meanwhile the shitbags are lining their pockets on your best efforts. They are destroying children for their insatiable depravities. The suicide they imagine is their deliverance, and the two legged cows pretending to humanity give them everything they seek.
    Don't be the herd.

  46. Jack, a little personal reveal.
    I can't get into social media, Google accounts, and selfies. For one, the physical damage I've been through strikes glamour shots off the list, and for two I just can't stand the idea of some suit wearing fucktards telling me what I can't say, and erasing my visible posts saying it. I've already been down this road, and I'd rather get my sustenance, such as it is, from a food bank than join their ranks.
    The fact that the last couple executives spend more time tweeting than considering their responsibilities to the nation just shows where Google, Twitter and Facebook have taken us.
    I can't vote for anyone who torpedoed the last vestiges of my life, doing it to appease small minded hypocrites who just want to see some punishment…now. Nor can I vote for some globalist sock puppet who already has sold the country and the people down the river, and can't wait to finish the job.
    Either way this country is done. The crime networks control both candidates, and the result of criminal agendas are simply more corrosive actions dressed up as something wonderful.
    I borrow this device to write what I do from the casualty side. I am no one, I have nothing, and just about everything I've done has been erased by the acolytes who dog me. I no longer have any choice concerning this life, I am simply directed, and in realizing this, I wonder what she has in store for me next, sort of like a dog in the car sticking his head out the window just to feel the wind.

  47. Zen just like them you are forgetting about Aldebaran, that's the one that always comes back to bite you in the ass, the one you forgot of maybe didn't even believe existed. You are dealing with more than one breakaway civilization, but the one that concerns us here is the traitorous Bormann faction who have empowered the descendants of dark age whore houses to do as they wilt here on earth. As the marines say, as Miguel Serrano warned, no man or woman left behind. Or as they now say in Vertigo by U2:

    Bono says, “check mated, hours of fun, jumping in yea.” As the innermost circle which the band is on descends into darkness and the music dies down Bono pantomimes: “All of this, all of this can be yours” three times. Then he sneers: “Just give me what I want, and no one gets hurt.”

  48. And by the way they loved your last email to me on Patreon, bottom line for those who are reading this that Understand is it is not I you betrayed but the German Imperial Army, you can explain yourself to them…

  49. With Trump running against Biden it makes little sense for me to discuss politics here Mike, no sentient person can vote for a professional sleazeball in the final stages of dementia even if he is running against a Hollywood actor who has done nothing but sit their and tweet while the globalists dismantled western civilization. I'm at peace with myself now, I think I will stay off social media too, pointless. I now realize that when you spray a cockroach with raid it takes a while for it to die, poison, a woman's game not mine, is not as quick (or rewarding) as a gun, knife or fist, its a long drawn out process. No sense watching them spase out and try to make sense of it, we're gonna do Legion the series, since it begins with Happy Jack by the Who and ends with it too I take it they want me too. I'll mail you the drafts and post your comments on the Patreon site which will be closed for anyone to cheap to even kick in five dollars. We'll come back here when we do economics, starting with Orages "Nazi" book…

  50. Who were the good guys in WW1?
    Well, perhaps one should determine first if wars have any good. After all, there must be good in something, if those that champion it are to be considered good. The standard view is something like wars are necessary to vanquish evil. To which we must ask, since evil still exists after the war, exactly what kind of evil can be vanquished and not vanquished at the same time?
    Parmenides showed us that something in existence must have being, or if we prefer, essence. This being sets it apart from that which doesn't exist. Simply put, if something exists, then it has qualities attributed to that existence. This means that either everyone is wrong in claiming that the good guys defeated evil, or there is more than one type of evil.
    As we can quickly see, it is not so simple, this action to determine who is good.
    On the other hand, if we prefer the simpletons approach, then our side is always on the good team, because we are convinced that we are right and good. No evidence required.
    If, however, we take the view that good or evil are constant choices for every individual to discover, then one must explain exactly how this individual choice affects the whole. This approach is guaranteed to offend conditioned sensibilities, step all over sacred cows, and in short, create anger and outrage. Knowing this, one wonders why the Prez even asked this question.
    Perhaps he was hoping to get Americans to think, which is almost entirely impossible with the current entrainment focused media.
    The betrayal of the constitutional guarantees afforded to the press is perhaps the biggest constitutional issue today, after the obsessive effort to disarm and neuter the public.
    Then again, maybe the Prez realizes that self proclaimed good guys weren't, and he said it to see who would come out and play.

  51. Contactee Randy Winters (R. Winters) from Miami (USA) reports on the existence of a real alien spaceport of the Pleiades civilizations in the Amazon jungle. He also says that after the war the aliens took on the service of some of the Germans. Since then, at least two generations of Germans have grown up there, who went to school with alien children and interacted with them from an early age. Today they fly, work and live aboard extraterrestrial spacecraft. And they do not have those desires to rule over the planet that their fathers and grandfathers had, because, having learned the depths of space, they realized that there are much more significant things …

  52. It wasn't always this way.
    There actually were people who had a vision for the future. It's pretty amazing, really, to read those forgotten books from the 18th and 19th centuries, and thus be introduced to concepts such as national identity, and national goals. Today we have politicians who act like petty despots, owned by psychological midgets who can't think past their next act of destruction. Wow, just wow, isn't it fun to live in a time when the downward plunge has everyone complying in fear, and fighting those who have nothing to do with the condition?
    Might as well laugh.

  53. Zen,
    However the survivors managed to keep the fire, we all have to admit that the visible, tangible elements were exterminated by the abrahamics. We can see this today in key areas. The international banking clan has succeeded worldwide in reducing the concept of wealth to the possession of a rather useless metal, thereby turning your life into a commodity. The economic side to being a member of the flock. We see that politically, the focus has shifted from the good of the nation, which derives naturally from the identity of the people, and their destiny, a spiritual value, to the hackneyed farce of the "global stage". Yes, stage indeed. The diaspora of Tibetans has done nothing to raise the slightest concern amongst the "global actors", because, as the idiot lackeys of the demon they worship, turning the whole world red seems like a great plan. I cannot effectively write anything concerning the transformation of the breakaway civilization, and it's fate, but that's why you read Jack and Orage, right?

  54. Well Trump at least asked a real question about WW 1.

    Who were the good guys in this war? Ask gangbanger Duff as he jumped out of a helicopter 50 years ago.

    My WW2 vet dad did the right thing by sending my older brother to college and not Viernam.

    Truth is banned.

  55. MK,

    Simply love your writing as let me put it simply: put your mask on and shut the fuck up.

    There. Western civilization now in a nutshell.

    Obey or else as that is coming and is already what America is.

    Well jack, really starting to dispise VT and there cowardice and go alongness with the program but ah yes they are the program! LOL

  56. How can we know that a cognitive system is functioning correctly?
    After all, every unique people has their own system, built upon language and culture. What is it, that can help to determine the quality of each system?
    Primarily, the quality of a functioning cognitive system is self defined, in that it actually provides for the advancement and enrichment of those who participate in it. Functional systems provide for a variety of competencies, and they are marked by a well represented concern for human development.
    Perhaps the best preserved example from western history is the classical world. The contributions in art, philosophy, and politics continue to be significant today.
    However, just because every people has their version, doesn't mean that all versions are on an equal footing, and it certainly doesn't mean that all are beneficial.
    Examples of such are easily found all around us today.
    It would, for example, be necessary to include the media as a significant part of the modern cognitive system. Reviewing the media approach to Covid, reveals a program of psychological terrorism, fear rather than fact based "reporting", and treatment of opposing perspectives by what can only be described as yellow journalism. Clearly, a cognitive system that seeks to control the minds and hearts of the participants through reducing discourse to sheer fright levels is not correctly functioning.
    We could look at politics, economics, but it would take far too much energy to find anything truly functional therein. We might find some bright spots in the arts, where creativity and virtuosity still matter, at least to those creating the works, but if we restrict ourselves to the general view of the arts, they are enslaved by the economic and political cultures for their own ends. Cognitive systems can be cul de sacs. We know this is true by observing our own.
    Once a cognitive system devolves, the capacity of those within it devolve accordingly, and this is something that has been observed in our own case since the decades following WW2. If one studies the fine art of painting, for example, it's clear that since WW2 the marked trend has been towards less skill, less competency, less than healthy psychological states.
    WW2 saw the extermination of the last significant breakaway civilization, one not based upon dead end abrahamic control structures.
    The annihilation and genocide of that breakaway civilization guaranteed a tight abrahamic monopoly over cognitive systems, and with the communist Chinese invasion and destruction of Tibet, the very last of the non-abrahamic diversity in cognitive system function was effectively erased.
    Essentially then, the great triumph of the abrahamics has led to an equally impressive death spiral for human potential.
    We can detail other aspects of the degradation of human cognition at the hands of the abrahamics, and in the future perhaps we will, yet for now this is sufficient in identifying the abrahamics as a true pandemic of epic proportions, one that brings to humanity only crushing loss and species suicide.

  57. This is something that is well known to exist in certain circles, Stan. Just one example, the Vegetistas are always trying to kill each other using similar methods.
    I should disclose here that I haven't seen the video, yet I am quite familiar with the phenomenon.

  58. The meaning of life.
    Another abrahamic question designed to occupy and stunt the inner faculties.
    Like probabilities, so deeply worshipped by today's shallow thinkers.
    Jews are plagued by their inherent dishonesty. The rest of us are plagued by having to treat this dishonesty as honoured truths. Today, in many places, simply examining the claims of holocaustianity will get one in quite a lot of trouble indeed, while actually pointing out that the evidence doesn't match the hyperbole is a punishable act.
    If this were the lot of it, things would be bad enough, but it is merely indicative of the depths of the coercion.
    I remember well, my Jewish friend, lamenting that he was banned from collecting Nazi paraphernalia…
    I witnessed a conversation with a Jewish philosopher, and a younger, non-Jewish budding philosopher who dismantled the older man's case quite easily. The case of the Jews is very much like this, whenever the truth is applied.
    So, the dishonesty lives because it serves something.
    Beware the corrosive effect upon the soul.

  59. "Note that this idea makes Hegel's "Cunning of Reason" almost trivially (in a good way) real! Simply because all living things and minds approximate Bayesian inference. In that sense we are Godlike, and strive to be so. I think this gives also a nice elegant answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" (in both senses, biologically and normatively): The meaning of life is to reduce entropy."

    Maybe that explains why people are averse to Jews since they are "Chaos Warriors", spread entropy through degrading porn, dumbed down education etc.

  60. David Adair about one year ago announced he is being approached by two separate financier groups with trillions of dollars to invest, in a non-secret advanced space program. In the talk he presented in England, he mentioned that the investment group in Indonesia could possibly be post WW II money. I can only assume that the big CIA (Gehlen Organization) cocaine transport days are greatly reduced. The money is now to be invested on the mining of the Moon and asteroids. The ability to produce product in anti-gravity along with medical related activity and production is greatly enhanced. The return on this investment is no joke and is clearly apparent.

  61. The first thing one should realize about any narrative bandied about by the official corporate media, is that such is against the best interests of people and planet everywhere. The idea that backstabbing, cowardly corporate survivors can lecture you about correct conduct is about as laughable as it gets.
    Only in the modern world do we find success stories that feature a complete jettisoning of any moral or ethical basis presented as authorities to steer the public.
    Yes, the enshrining of perverts and self absorbed psychological cripples who advance the neo communist/ globalist agenda IS destructive to a society. DUH!
    Yes, the allowance of multinational corporate interests in the halls of the legislative process is destructive. DOUBLE DUH!
    None other than George Washington opposed political parties on very solid grounds, and if this theater of the absurd we are forced to live in isn't vindication of his position, then we all must be living on planet Zeron.
    We don't have many choices left as a species designed to manifest that which is outside of the original pattern of manifestation. We are currently being called to muster those resources in order to begin to actualize more of our potential. The Gods haven't given up on us, but they are getting impatient, so to speak. There is no return to a fantasy society that never existed, and if you don't want smelly 300 lbs lesbians unleashing their hate and mental deficiencies upon you, you will immediately stop pretending there is any fucking thing to return to. It really is go forward, or die.
    Damn the Torpedoes.

  62. Orage,
    There is no need to look for a new blog or venue on my account. Quite obviously, others who wish to post have little difficulty doing so, and besides this is your venue to put forth what works best for you.
    As you are no doubt quite aware, I have amassed a few detractors over the years. For their own reasons, they deem it important to silence me. One would think they would simply recognize that forcing silence does little to assist with their own veracity, yet this simple truth escapes them.
    It is not so simple, Orage, for us to dream different dreams. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this human experiment, is the sustained inability to even recognize conditions as conditions. Consciousness requires this apparent duality of internal vs external to even recognize the processes that it is intrinsically involved with. Dreams are doubly difficult then, because this process of externalization must occur without the reflection to assist it.
    No one can really do more than admit that the consciousness that is able to achieve this aim is indeed extant, for it is without any apparent pattern or mechanism that it does so, while it indeed does so.
    Consciousness creates its own conundrums and apparent contradictions, yet upon achieving advancement, these blocks completely transform themselves. In the words of a shaman who laughingly addressed this issue, such blocks… "mean one hasn't learned yet".
    Since there is no power on earth to force this education, there must be will to do, sustained effort, over a period of time to even conceive that it is possible.
    Perhaps the main event in this rite of passage, consciousness itself is both the lock and the door.

  63. Mike Kay "I think it's pertinent to cover the history of the police in light of the labor movement.

    In a short post we cannot do justice to the topic of the labor movement, and it's relationship with the police forces across America. The labor movement itself was a complex, humanizing action that no longer exists, yet while it was a factor in American life, it illustrated the validity of Jack and Orage's position. In no particular order we offer some examples.

    There was no single seminal event, no symbolic ball toss to begin the labor movement, but if we were to choose one single issue that fanned the flames, it had to be child labor.

    The industrial revolution in America spawned a new form of slavery, one where the lives of children were routinely sacrificed for the unearned profit of the ruling oligarchs. In one highly publicized event, a coal mining accident trapped children underground. They weren't left to die by the stiffs, the stiffs literally couldn't get through the tunnels, intentionally dug child size because it meant more money for boss hog. The unnecessary deaths of children ignited working people to exercise their first amendment rights. The police were called in to break up the event, which they did, leaving two unarmed "citizens" dead.

    In Virginia, the coal wars took a turn as a local sheriff recognized that the people who voted him in needed his help.
    He joined the working people, scaling back the abuses launched upon the people by other police agencies hired to break heads. For his trouble, he lost his life in a final gun battle with those same police. The "officers" who killed him never faced charges.

    Our last example comes from a public workers rally, where the workers, who were unarmed, were shot down by the Chicago police, because the police decided to teach them a lesson, which left at least three workers dead. No record of the police ever facing penalties for murdering people in cold blood.

    The next time someone starts leaking alligator tears for the police, it would behoove them to do two things. First, remember these events, second let it sink in that they weren't unusual." – MK

  64. This video could be perceived to be on the same level as the Chip Tatum Pegasus experience, as being a complement on the female side of that world. Cathy O'Brian was a CIA MK-Ultra federal government mind controlled victim. What is being revealed here directly details the truth and facts of the actuality of the reality of the U.S. Federal Government when G. Bush Sr. was President. The Order Of The Red Rose members were those who are at the very tip point of the Pyramid Apex who will enforce and initiate the New World Order/One World Government. The level of revelations on this video are on equal par as anything Chip Tatum can speak about. This is a long video over 3.5 hours. No fooling around, no B.S..

  65. Jack, I know you don't care for zerohedge nor do I however, you have to read this article on what is going on on the expensive college campuses in regards to the covid lockdowns and I tell you if the democrats get in this will be America with locdowns,mandatory masks everywhere and contract tracing for everyone.

    They have created an environment of fear on those campuses as those bulshevic professors will bring this to the whole country as the campus is the laboratory and the students are the rats as this will come to all and run by your local health department.

  66. Haha! But it seems that even in 2014 you had this take on Akhenaton, unless you've edited those 'behind the bush' posts since then.

    I've always found it hard to shake the notion that the biblical exodus is really a contrived manipulation to exonerate the outcast Hyksos dynasty (Akhenaton & co.), along with their monotheistic, proto-Jew followers. The traditionalist Egyptians tossed them out due to their attempted eradication of polytheistic, primordial Egyptian religion. It seems to line up nicely. These Hyksos outcasts, who bore the more ancient and dark legacies of 'the brotherhood of the snake', then packaged their spirituality nicely as exoteric 'Judaism', and later 'Christianity', then they proliferated around the region, and the rest is history.

  67. Your last few comments have been so spot on and succinct, no wonder you're drawing flak, posts disappearing into Google void . Your commentary even come close to answering my old question of why don't dream a different dream, instead of this nightmare. Thank you.

    On a technical note, short of moving the blog off Google and perhaps even Patreon, there is no apparent solution to the sandboxing. Pro and cons exist, it'd be a lot of work and needs resources in human expertise and material form. Bringing all the articles and comments to a Jack Heart The human domain website, on an Island server for example. If there's backing and demand, perhaps now is the time.

  68. I wish I had said that back then but I doubt it, the truth is I'm one of the people that started that terribly erroneous belief that Akhenaton was the founder of monotheism, just goes to show I am not infallible or omnificent like the pope, LOL!!! Judaism just like Christianity is no older than the Leningrad Codex, we have already covered some of that here

    And here

    There is so much more but I ain't got the time to even go into right now, read those, the proof is overwhelming Rome, as was Judea is contrived…

  69. You have to have a paypal account to use it, its working just fine others have used it to donate. Everyone is mad at me for writing this piece except Whites who value their civilization, they need to pass around the cup and they will see more pieces like this, otherwise I get paid to write about the Occult forces that are moving this event and that is what I will do, since as I've said I got no dog in this fight. They know what I want and its not anything material, but I still gotta live here, for a while…

  70. Hello Jack

    On a completely unrelated note to this article, I express some confusion regarding certain matters. In your 'Bush' series, you wrote that you do not believe that the pharaoh Akhenaton was the progenitor of 'Judaism', and you state that this is an obvious realization. I feel very lost trudging through this information, and the relations of other, related thinkers, who all claim various deviations of history. Consensus truly does not exist, even remotely. Care to quickly explain your take on this Hyksos Pharaoh and his relation, if any, to the Tribe?

  71. The world simply stinks right now as no disrespect towards Mr Duff!

    Call it frustration with constant BS..

  72. George,

    Was going to send you some money however, paypal won't even let me log in with your account. Paypal won't even let me contact them as a page comes up and says "error on our end please try again" as go figure and so very sorry!!!

  73. Of course it is, you see anybody else writing stuff like this and getting published, even on their own blog? Thank Gordon Duff you even got to read it on VT…

  74. Mike Kay via Email:
    "Globalism admits it's roots lie in the heart of the abrahamics. We have extensively explored, and proved, that what passes for modern society has the abrahamics to thank for its attitudes, goals, structures, and most centrally, beliefs. We followed the development of this abrahamic world from it's evident origin amongst the Hibiru, to its success as a four pronged system of ideological tyranny.

    Recently, we have illustrated how communism is itself an abrahamic expression, one which is extremely attractive to the control complex, which helps in part to understand why communist China is currently the globalists manufacturer. Through this, we touched on the persistent attempts to turn Europe and America into communist properties, and the strong resistance to this perpetual antagonistic condition.

    All this is quite timely, as globalist funded and organized communist groups are actively sheltered and supported in their seditious activities by traitorous politicians, complicit bureaucrats, and the pathetic excuse for a media. In order to comprehend the forces at work, it is a requirement to be cognizant of this history and the genetic makeup of this program. Left to the devices of this program, the individual is constantly misdirected, and bombarded with spurious emotionally charged overloads of "information".

    The presence of The Question, as outlined in the latest of the posts to get through the current screen of censorship, is a directive shaping force in this abrahamic world. The function of The Question is both to cut off the upward direction of the flow of consciousness, and to invert and replace the genuine spirituality with an ersatz replicant which celebrates this inversion.
    The child of the abrahamics, neo-communism under the guise of globalism, has returned home with a very large knife, intending to achieve immortality through the act of murder/suicide. The viciousness by which globalism seeks it's revenge against the human genome is starkly illustrated by the DNA breaking vaccines, and their technology of destroying the natural defences of the cell via direct attack and invasion. That this is a planned murder/suicide is clearly shown by its backing via global surveillance and tracking systems to force compliance.

    Mythic is a term that has come to be synonymous with lack of truth. This development once again traces it's origins to the corruption of the university system, and the heavy handed efforts of the dept. of education. Mythic in fact has to do with systems of organizing information allegorically, metaphorically, and ancestrally along recognized energetic paths. In a manifestation of duality, which is an accurate description of this world we all interact in, the mythic can achieve both constructive and destructive forms. Energy patterns that follow this mythic lead determine and organize the behavior of individuals and groups. Globalism, and it's murder/suicide pact, follows this wholeheartedly. We can follow the ultimate inception of this current globalist obsession as stemming from the orchestrated eruption of WW1.

    Alone, in the darkness of an assumed nihilism, globalism seeks to transcend its insignificance via the ultimate act of sabotage. The destructive becomes both justification and means by which the banal seeks to empower itself, a spoiled child reaction to wrecking what it cannot own. That this, when taken to the levels of organizing and institutionalizing currently extant is pathological, should be quite evident.

    Thus the myth of globalism is the return to the parent bearing oblivion. The use of an alleged disease to achieve this aim should be both revealing and emblematic. As we explore the connexion between the energy patterns in the mythic, and the actions of groups such as globalism, we can begin to appreciate the necessity of adhering to mythic patterns devoid of Abrahamic contamination.

  75. Jack,

    Your article is totally censored off of VT as they are not your friends as they are government types which means scum of the earth so a dog is a better friend than any of them however, if you want to find the article search for Jack Heart on duck duck go and you will find it there.

  76. About two weeks after one of the the secret international Bildeburger meetings, when G. Bush Sr. was President, Pegesis O.S.G. (Operational Sub Group), operative agent Chip Tatum was told that the Plan was to make each country of the world to have an equal economy, no country is be richer or poorer than another. That will be just a part of the bigger picture of the New World Order/One World Government. He also stated that all international OSG leaders after one these meetings, would only report to Bush and not to their own country. This is a good time to listen all the past Chip Tatum/Pegasus videos on YouTube.

  77. The question that has arisen from the triumph of the abrahamics is as complex a question as can be posited. This question is framed in many ways, and with each one the focus changes subtly by significantly. Quite often, this question is asked in a context which assumes a level of great certainty. This assumption of certainty always present to corrupt and close off the arrival of any answer.
    The question itself exists in duality, the division of all things in this reality to a complimentary duality we assume exists only outside of ourselves.
    This duality exhibits itself as significance, or most commonly meaning, vs existence, or most commonly manifestation.
    The abrahamics succeeded in requiring this question, which itself arises from a deeply alienated world, and thus self view. By simply requiring the question of meaning and existence, within a determination of certainty, the abrahamics have truncated spiritual experience into a mockery of itself.
    This has formed in the human consciousness a congregation that prevents open and highly individualized experience from being given its rightful place in the spiritual process, whilst psychologically, it forces one to wrestle with the question in an eternal, unsolvable struggle. Needless to say, this is the work of true evil genius in every sense of the term.

  78. Waited all day for your comment on this Mike and you did not disappoint, as far as your problems posting I have forwarded them to Orage. The enemy is able to infect our friends and they become our enemies at worst, coopted at best. All who covet the material are susceptible. On the plus side they are losing and they are losing badly, expect increasingly desperate actions…

  79. Several things come to mind.
    First, the agenda alluded to by Dr. Barry Trower, to take down America. He stated in one interview the agenda was for this to unfold over a span of decades. Apparently it's ahead of schedule.
    Second, the Kaligheri plan, penned in the second decade of the 20th century. Kaligheri was half Japanese, of Austrian aristocracy and Samurai families, who is credited with creating the agenda to exterminate the white race and replace us with a subservient group of "non descript brown people".
    Third, that the police are the only group in America celebrated for deploying copious amounts of deadly force across America. This celebration carries with it an implicit acceptance of a defined status of subservience to this force. Can someone please explain to me exactly how someone who can be stripped of all valuables, railroaded, beaten and killed with impunity by this group can legit claim to be free?
    What is implicit acceptance of status? Caesar was facing revolt from his troops in Gaul. Their casualties far beyond replacement level, they were demanding some R and R. He mustered them, and began his address with the words "Citizens of Rome!" At that moment his angry troops erupted "We are NOT citizens, we are your troops!" The revolt was over. Implicit acceptance of status is still the rule.
    Finally, the Gnostic has always been dogged by an enemy that wishes, not to defeat them, but to give them all the Hypatia treatment. The Gnostic story is the human story.

  80. Sounds like an uncivil war brewing over at VT? Really it appears no one is on Americas side Jack with all of our major institutions compromised and look at even Germany standing up over lockdowns and masks.

    Both American parties are hugely corrupt but the Democrat party seems most bent on creating social unrest as no whites except cuckold ones will allow their towns to be burned by BLM.

    The entire message of BLM in the end is that whites must be put in re education camps like what is going on in many corporate offices and Government agencies.

    White people other than total cuck's and morons all know this as it is not racism but survival driving them into Trump,s camp. Just read BLM or Antifa doctrine if you don't believe me!

    What will rise out of this chaos as beats me if I know!

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