Unfortunately, my laptop has crapped out and will take I am told between a week and ten days to fix. Everything we need to continue with Legion is on that laptop or I never would have even agreed to pay the two hundred it’s costing to fix it. That’s the bad news. The good news is I have dug up my old faithful tower, where I have stored a priceless collection of notes from old pieces, out of the trunk of my car and set it up in my cousin’s basement. All I need now is my mommy upstairs fixing dinner for me and I will be eligible to have over a million subscribers on Youtube. 


Gordon Duff keeps claiming that George Soros and Bill Gates are not to blame for the rampant stupidity that now threatens to put an end to the western world. I find it hard to believe that Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are not at the bottom of much of this, considering the fortunes they have made from the COVID hoax. Considering VT’s vapid parroting of the MSM narrative about COVID I find it even harder to believe but I will give Mr. Duff this; Google and all the rest of genetic defects that comprise the infection known as Silicon Valley are the real enemy of the human race. Without their systematic eradication of all pertinent information necessary for critical thinking none of this could have happened.


Which brings us to Soros; Soros is a fucking Nazi and the vilest kind of Nazi, one under the employment of the Bormann faction whom were brilliantly exposed by David Lynch in Twin Peaks the Return. Now Google and the AI can stop Orage and me, at least temporarily, from explaining Lynches masterpiece to the ignorant masses, indeed they have. But what they cannot stop is the actual Return. There will be a reckoning, with all of them, mark my words. Billions will die and it will be on them. The Law of Karma demands that the scales be balanced…


As Otto Rahn has already told you, you are in The Court of Lucifer’s. Rahn is responsible for convening it, here in this artificial timeline, because he feels a great wrong has been done to Lucifer/Apollo. That will be for the jury to decide but what I can tell you is the Germans split the timeline in 1931 in preparation for this. Bell, a euphemism for die Glocke employed by the Bormann faction, among others, picked this up in 1937 when they shared the Nobel Prize for demonstrating the wave nature of matter. 


You are in the Frequency domain of a Fourier transform, there is no time here. Time is in the other domain, not surprisingly called the Time domain. There are no particles here, only frequencies, nothing is solid, and nothing is real. You are in a place called Vertigo and they better let my people go. There is a reason Michelangelo depicted Moses with horns, as I’ve already told you there’s no such thing as time here. It’s all just a matter of changing the signal. Rahn can create himself as many times as he wants and in as many different forms. But what I find most interesting, in light of what we’ve written about the Black goo, is that Rahn chooses to recreate himself as a famous bacteriologist… 


Below is a  three paragraph excerpt from Lucifer’s Court where Rahn tells you that he is writing this story, it’s at the end where he also tells you he will take the path of the Thief in the Night. The rest are trinkets of notes, with their sources, that you may find interesting. — Jack Heart   


“My eyes consider the two piles of the Journal’s pages, those on the right and left. The two piles are equal. The pages on the left have been used. They have furnished the substance of this book. I shall put them away, but I shall reread them from time to time: they contain notes, which I took only for myself and which I must not forget. 


Early tomorrow, I will lift off this stone that I brought back from desert-like Iceland and will free the pages on my right. And I shall give speech to the first sheet, then the others, one by one. It is a new book which I wish to begin: the Journal of the continuance of my quest, which will follow on from the first work. I wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle; the others, for the most part, in the heart of Europe: in my German fatherland. But some were written in the meantime in the sector of two volcanoes: Vesuvious and Etna, which were both known as Mount Bel in the Middle Ages. 


Along with the pages of my Journal on my left, I will also put away the stone which acts as their paperweight. I brought it back, a long time ago now, from the ruins of the Pyrenean heretic fortress of Montsegur, the Grail castle. Then the left third of my desk shall be empty, ready for a new pile. Another stone will guard the order of the pages which will occupy this new free space: a block of amber, golden yellow.” – Pages 186 -187. Otto Rahn, Lucifer’s Court. 


Rahn must have discovered something which caused him to espouse a strange theory. He came to the conclusion that the Emerald Cup was only one Holy Grail, while in fact there was another… The second Grail, according to Rahn, was a Stone, or more specifically, a collection of stone tablets… on which was written the wisdom of the ages or the ultimate truth, but in a language that no one could decipher (the mountain covered with symbols?) …In ancient times, the word ‘Gorr’ meant ‘Precious Stone’, and ‘Al’ meant ‘a splinter’ or ‘stylus’ with which to write. Hence came the contraction to Gorral or Graal, meaning Precious Engraved Stone.”  – Col. Howard Buechner. EmeraldCup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich .Thunderbird Press, 1991. Print.


“But the chief intention of the initiates of the Ahnenerbe, of the sages of Esoteric Hitlerism , had been rather to focus on decrypting the Treasure, the Stone, discovered in Montsegur, in the caves of Sabarth, where Otto Rahn had been the first to find it. In the Gralsburg of Berchtesgaden they deciphered it; the science of Hyperboria has been reclaimed. Making possible the construction of the vimanas anew. The anti-gravitational science of orichalcum, of which Plato speaks, has been rediscovered.

After this all else is meaningless.”– page 134,  Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar,        


The first thing I came across when I looked into Otto Rahn at Montsegur is almost all accounts are based on Howard Buechner’s 1991 book Emerald Cup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich which has Otto Skorzeny assisting in the recovery of the Cathars treasure, even making a plane flight over the commemorators of the seven hundred year anniversary of the fall of Montsegur. There is no documentation and no witnesses that can put Skorzeny anywhere near the area and Wikipedia has him trying to blow a bridge on the eastern front. So regardless that personally I know bi-location is “Illuminati” 101 I cannot use Buechner’s account, not to mention the fact that he is a war criminal and should have been executed by firing squad long before he got to write any books. Further research turned up The Secret Glory as the definitive work used for reference by serious researchers, in fact Richard Stanly the film’s director is a direct descendant of the Stanly who said the famous quote “Livingston I presume,” a regular son of empire. The film is as objective as it gets… I myself have been taking the death of Otto Rahn story at face value but after my first viewing of the Secret Glory I was struck by the fact that there is a whole lot more to Rahn than meets the eye. From the top, part 1, Rahn’s father was a Magi and his mother a cold and domineering crypto Jew, a classical, and who knows better than me, Illuminati upbringing. Rahn did not go to France as a stranger he was tied in to some of the most powerful people in the country through Polaires, the Countess de Pujol Murat, Antonin Gadal, and Maurice Magre. At one point the local papers, no friends of Germany, started to question why Rahn and his colorful entourage, giant Black bodyguard, Karl Wolf sporting loud golfing outfits and acting as his chauffer, drunken French, German and Italian poets, were digging up their back yard. Rahn’s powerful friends, led by Gadal, immediately came to his defense writing into the paper and squashing the matter. Rahn just wrote them a letter telling them how to properly spell his name. Rahn’s mode of dress right down to the lightning bolts his mother sewed into his pull over shirt was prototypical SS, the fact that he was really reporting to Dietrich, Hitler’s best friend at the time, and not Himmler is also telling as is Rahn prowling the streets of Berlin and dressing down drunken SS officers, not to mention physically attacking a regular Wehrmacht officer at a wedding party because he had a better seat at the reception. This was no sensitive artist, although he is a great artist, this is a man in power and reveling in it. What I’m seeing here is the trip to Iceland was the forerunner of a trip to the Antarctic; he was not working as a guard at Dachau but rather training for the rigors of an Antarctic expedition. It’s all in the film; testimony from people who, with the exception of Christian Bernadac whose father was Rahn’s guide in Montsegur, have no idea. As Bernadac, who seems to know more than he says, does say; Rahn’s “death” was intell 101, no footprints, a badly decayed body. Please!!! Read what I have transcribed here then judge for yourself.

The Secret Glory part 1

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece. “Otto’s father was a very religious man. I’m not saying he was a churchgoer. At old age yes but not before. He was looking for religion in nature. When there was a single tree he would say “this is god, it reflects itself in everything. Very early on he introduced this world to me which I already had within me but hadn’t lived consciously. From then on I lived it. I think this must have been a special talent he passed on to his children. Otto’s father was a man of few words. He expressed himself more by feeling. In the end when he was eighty years old he became blind. But he still went to the woods each day. He felt it. He often gave me his hand at that was all. He didn’t say anything but I understood him. I think, I hope he did the same with his children but I don’t know for sure. He told me “the angels are a reality, those seraphim, they exist! You only have to close your eyes and take my hand and you can sense it. Then he gave me his hand and it was like a flash of light. I had to take a deep breath. I didn’t know what it was. He said “you see? This feeling that is heaven!” That was an experience I had when I was six years old. This strengthened my relationship with my grandfather very much. My Grandmother I only turned to when I needed shoes. She was a little dictatorial. She had a good nature but it rarely came to the surface.”


The Secret Glory part 2

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “I knew Otto Rahn during my first visit to Berlin in 1929.I had just finished high school and I wanted to learn a trade with my hands to become a painter. Berlin was a marvelous city very poor but very gay. We were very young, dancing a lot loving the girls and music and everything enjoying life ten years after the end of World War I and ten years before the start of the Second World War. One night I received a telephone call from one of my pals who told me that he had the flu and couldn’t go the next morning at five to play in a film with Pabst somewhere on the border between Germany and Poland. Would I be kind enough to replace him? I said yes I’ll go there and I played there in the first film of Pabst; Die Vier von der Infantrie. And we were a group of about thirty young men in French uniforms of the war of Verdun playing war games against the Germans. One of my little pals came from Switzerland too and one of his great friends was German about four years older than we were who came to visit us and he was Otto Rahn. Why did he look at me and talk to me? For the simple reason that I taught French to him and he had with me a good exercise, I don’t see more than that in the beginning. At the time I met Otto Rahn I looked at him with awe and interest. I said that’s a chap who has ideas about things I couldn’t dream of.”           


Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “Throughout his life Rahn travelled without means but he was never a tourist. He knew everybody and was very well educated. His literary talent and charm enabled him to come into contact with the upper classes.”


Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “He comes for the first time to Paris and has the chance to meet a man who is a Frenchman from the South, with the accent of the South who shares the enthusiasm of Rahn, and this is Magre, Maurice Magre who has already written books Le Sang de Toulouse, The Blood of Toulouse telling about the Crusade, about the suffering of the South, about the Inquisitors like one of the Inquisitors of Rahn’s hometown; Marbourg, who had been a terrible man in the middle ages, who had burnt people in the street because they didn’t interpret the bible like he did and he finds that such a thing happened also in France. And this idea of the young Rahn is to discover that France, about those who had been crushed, about the minorities, about the Cathari, about the quest for the Grail, the search for the wisdom of past centuries when Germany was a great and noble country and he imagines that this time may one day come back. And so came the idea of Otto Rahn. One day Germany and France must be united and united with England, united with Italy and united with all of Europe, to make a United Europe. I happened to be a witness to one of these talks between Otto Rahn and Maurice Magre at Leila in Montmartre in Paris. So I can tell you this; Rahn was fascinating when he talked and I believe that more people were fascinated than I was, especially maybe woman.”


Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “These Parisian contacts which led him to the Pyrenees acquainted him with a countess who lived there; Countess de Pujol Murat. It is assumed that this contact was made through Magre. The Countess thought of herself as the reincarnation of Esclarmonde do Foix, a historical figure who Rahn refers to in his first book as the guardian of the grail. It is also known that the Countess was a member of an esoteric circle, the so called Polaires. One can’t refer to them as a secret society, rather as an esoteric circle that concerned itself with Hans Horbigers World Ice Theory and speculation over the Atlantean and Aryan forefathers as well as the mysterious tribe of Hyperborean’s who were supposed to have lived at the pole in ancient times.”


The Secret Glory part 3

Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “theCountess de Pujol Murat was a spiritualist who claimed she was channeling the spirit of Esclarmonde. One day she took Otto Rahn for a drive and on passing Montsegur she said “there, that is the castle of the Grail!””


Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “and then Rahn asked me if I would accompany him because I knew something as a Swiss person, something about mountain climbing. I said alright I’ll gladly come with you if I have not to pay for it and it’s not too long…”  


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist, “the history of the Cathars wasn’t at all well known then, was that in 1928 and 1929 several international secret societies sent special envoys to the region. The first, it seems, was an Italian who wrote many books under the name of Zam Bhotiva and who founded the society of the Polaires in Paris.”

“Many saw in the treasure of the Cathars, not a monetary treasure but rather a horde of books that might hold the answers to the questions that men ask. Therefore in the same place you had within 5 or 6 kilometers of each other during that period around 1930 the secret society of Polaires, the secret society of White Eagle and the secret society of Thule. We already know at that time the secret services of these countries, which were already funding pro-Fascist, were funding this.”


Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “theCountess de Pujol Murat united friends and sympathizers with interests in archeology, religion, the Grail and spiritualism. Otto Rahn arrived into this environment. He came here with a mission which was perhaps supported by the politics of his time, even then in 1930. Otto Rahn, its clear, was very happy in this environment especially since all these people were saying that the inhabitants of Ariege had Germanic origins. This pleased him a great deal because he was interested in the legends of Germany, in the origins of his nation which was Aryan. In this way a bond formed.”      


Emilie Couquet, Hotelier, “this house has been in my family since 1928 when it was first established as an inn and it was around 1930 when I was very young that my parents received M Otto Rahn. His room has been kept as it was then and people often ask to see the room where Otto Rahn lived.” 


Marius Mounie, Former mayor of Montsegur, “Otto Rahn was a man I knew when I was ten. He lodged at the Hotel Couquet. When he went about town in the street he made an impressive silhouette dressed all in black with a walking stick and long legs. It was because of the fact that he was German that he made this an impression especially as he wished to buy a field from my father in order to build a house with a view of Montsegur overlooking the castle. My father, a veteran of World War I, was more than a little reticent. There was no question of selling to Monsieur Otto Rahn. He was honest in his love for France. And he was very very sorry that the French did not return his love.”

Emilie Couquet, Hotelier, “Otto Rahn never manifested any ideological ideas on Aryanism. While he was here he was very kind. He was never any trouble to my parents. He stayed here until he obtained a grant to finish his book.” 


Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari, “We could question whether Otto Rahn was really a Nazi. I think I was alone in understanding Otto Rahn’s sensitive side. He was probably a member of the National Socialist Party from the beginning but above all he was a poet. It is certain that he attended a wedding in the Pyrenees, at Montsegur and discovered the castle of Montsalvatch there, which possessed all the phantasmagoria of the Round Table, haunted his imagination. Sometimes in his poetic descriptions we can hear the voice of the old German romantics. Like them he lived in legends with mythic hermetic characters and it was often with a chimerical imagination that he saw Occitania.”


The Secret Glory part 4

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “he wanted to be admired. He admired himself most certainly. But who could take him seriously? Who could take seriously a man writing the books that he wrote? But I met then, a very strange man; Mister Gadal who was he director of tourism, and Gadal was the guru, the master of Otto Rahn.”


Christian Koenig, Museum Curator. “Antonin Gadal was born in 1877. He was a teacher who was interested in the history of Occitania and Catharism. During his youth in Tarascon he lived near Mister Adolf Garigou who was a great historian from Ariege. Thus we can speak of an oral tradition which was transmitted from Adolf Garigou to Antonin Gadal. In the rites of Catharism it’s said the tradition comes from the apostles and has been transmitted from bonhomme to bonhomme down through the ages to this very day. Gadal talks of a patriarch when it comes to Mister Garigou and Gadal himself became famous as a patriarch of the Cathars. I think on his journey through life he received a certain illumination and at the end of the road he found that through the caves. The caves played an important role in the initiation and formation of the Cathar spirit. The silence that reigns here is favorable to the opening of the mind. Gadal said “there are places where whispers the spirit.””


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “The relationship between Otto Rahn and Antonin Gadal is easy to understand as Gadal was the owner of all the caves in the region or so he claimed. The commune at that time had signed a contract giving over proprietorship for ninety-nine years. It was discovered only ten years ago that it wasn’t true and Gadal was not the owner. This was Gadal’s first lie. When Otto Rahn in the course of his research had to enter the caves he went and knocked at Gadal’s door. Gadal opened the door and little by little I believe he became a true friend of Otto Rahn. What is certain is that in Gadal he found a patron, a patron and a financer. Because we mustn’t forget Otto Rahn arrived in Ussat without any money whatsoever. My grandfather had, by an extraordinary chance, the only car in the region at that time. Obviously since Otto Rahn wanted to move about and since he was with Antonin Gadal who had been involved in Grail research for years they came to see my grandfather about the car, which was a Renault, a B14 I think. In this car they visited the places that were important for Catharism which for Otto Rahn meant Montsegur, Lordat, Foix, and the region of Albi and the cave of Bouiche, where my father acted as a boatman as the cave was only accessible by river in a dugout with a paddle. Otto Rahn admitted that he owed everything to Antonin Gadal and he told him “you are the key” and key in German is Dietrich. Dietrich was the man who, in the cabinet or headquarters of Heinrich Himmler the patron and creator of the SS, was responsible for sending money to Otto Rahn as well as to another man Karl Wolf, who was here in the same period. This cabinet was made up of very few people, just seven or eight people amongst whom featured Dietrich, Karl Wolf and of course Otto Rahn who was on the payroll and long before the creation of the SS.


The Secret Glory part 5

That is to say in 1931 and 1932 wore a pullover knitted by his mother that bore the sign of the SS.”


Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “That pullover was given to me as a gift when I was a child. It was a white pullover with matching white skiing gloves and white socks. My grandmother gave them to me not because I wanted to go skiing but as a gift. Children wouldn’t feel the same about wearing their uncle’s clothes but I thought it was an honor to inherit these things. And perhaps it will make you laugh but I made a pair of play trousers for my first son with this pullover.”


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “There begins one of the first mysteries. The SS existed for Otto Rahn two years before its creation, simply because these two barred S’s, these two barred lightning bolts were one of the signs of the Thule Society. It is probable even certain that Otto Rahn was sent to the area as an envoy of the Thule Society.”


Christian Koenig, Museum Curator; “Some say he was a spy. I think that if he was a spy he would have had more money. He would have had more money to live on when in fact he didn’t even have the money to buy himself a pair of shoes.


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “if Dietrich was sending him money then it was a miserly amount because Himmler wasn’t, at that time, the most powerful person in Germany as he was to become. So with regard to money equating it with a modern sum today that might be two or three thousand francs per month. It was obviously not enough to live or get around, to buy pickaxes for digging, cameras, a typewriter, things like that. It was really a small sum for someone who had no money at all, like Otto Rahn. It was a lot of money all the same. When he came to negotiate the deposit for the hotel Des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains, it is certain that Gadal put forward the money.” 


Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “As Rahn’s research took a long time he had an idea of leasing a small hotel in Ussat. But Rahn was anything but a business man. Otto Rahn quartered himself in Ussat-les-Bains on the national highway to Andorra, in order to be close to the caves of the Lombrive where he pursued his daily investigations. In these caves he believed lay hidden the so called treasure of the Cathars.” 


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “Gadal showed Otto Rahn one of the most important caves which is a fortified cave close to Ussat-les-Bains. It is the fortified cave of Bouiche. It is certain that Otto Rahn felt there was a mystery about it. This cave is quite mysterious with its slits and battlements. It is a closed cave, a veritable castle in a cave. It is without doubt that Gadal explained to him that this is where the Cathars had hidden their treasure. For Gadal the treasure was not monetary. It was perhaps a collection of books but might also have been the Sangraal. For Gadal the Grail was a stone that had fallen from the moon, from the sky. The ancients called it Lapis Excoris which was essentially a kind of meteorite and this area of the Arierge is very rich in meteorites. There is something quite extraordinary about these meteorites in that they consist of a form of hematite, lapis extraordinaire a mineral from outer space that is extremely pure iron, up to 99.99% pure. It is an absolutely pure mineral that doesn’t rust. It is very smooth, very beautiful and it is certain since prehistory, these stones, fallen from the sky have possessed a genuinely mysterious property, that if you take two of these stones and rub one stone against the other drops of blood fall from them. Why do these stones weep blood? Simply because they are made of iron oxide and when you add liquid to iron oxide which is red one can believe it is the blood of Christ.


Extract from Rahn’s correspondence;“Gadal has given me the key. I found what mankind had lost for seven centuries…”


Christian Koenig, Museum Curator; “in fact it was found in a hollow stalagmite carved out with a chisel. Me, I always knew of this vase that held the meteorite. It was exhibited in the Gadal room of the Tarascon museum. It was a very dense stone with magnetic properties. Gadal described it has the object of a cult and even spoke of the Sangraal, the blood of Christ. It’s curious if we look closer we see that in the manuscript of Wolfram von Eschenbach who was a troubadour, in his text the Grail was a stone and it is said that one who sees that stone will have eternal life and will be healed. In his text there are many interesting things such as this Grail being called the Pyrenean Grail by Gadal. The stone from the sky symbolized the fall of man the fall of matter and the fall of Satan.    


Narration (?), “The density of matter and hence the position of an element on the periodic table is determined by the local conditions prevalent at the time of the big bang. On earth the heaviest available element is uranium which can be artificially enriched to form plutonium although far heavier stable metals exist in deep space some of them dense enough to bend the fabric of space time itself, each one with the energy of the big bang, the original light still trapped within it.”


Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University, “But to be very frank I was not mobilized with the enthusiasm of my friend Rahn. He was in heaven and I thought all the time I have a girl waiting for me in Paris. So I didn’t make it too long.”


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “The first time that Otto Rahn came to Montsegur he was sent which implies that he already had contacts very close to Himmler, in particular the man known as Colonel Weisthor. The true rise of Himmler didn’t come till 1935 or 36 but already everything was ready, the SS were ready, the concentration camps were ready, the concentration camps rather than the extermination camps like Auschwitz. In the formation of the symbolism of the SS and the master race Otto Rahn played a role. It is certain that he did not describe this role to his friend Paul Ladame, it was a secret, not just a mystery. It was a true secret and if one betrayed such secrets at that time one could be killed.”




The Secret Glory part 6

Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “Rahn had written the Court of Lucifer in Homberg and was invited to a wedding where SS uniforms appeared. He was very hurt that he was seated with the other young people whilst an ordinary Whermacht officer was seated higher up at the table. During the festivities he intentionally started a fight and attacked the officer.”

“Professor Frise writes about different events. Rahn would often walk through Berlin at night and when he came across a drunken SS man in a nightclub or in the company of loose woman he would salute him and shout “you are besmirching our Honor!”


The Secret Glory part 7

Albert Von Haller, Publisher;“My relationship with Rahn came to an end when he tried to blackmail me politically. He was always in financial difficulties. This was certainly the case the year in which his book was published [1933]. I had told him in advance that he would not earn a lot of money from the book. Rahn phoned me one day and said he had to speak to me urgently. He said he was in trouble and asked me to meet him at a coffee shop in Alexanderplatz, a very well known literary café frequented by authors. I went and to my surprise I found Rahn sitting with three high ranking SS officers. They were colonels or squad leaders of the highest order surrounding Himmler. This was of course suspicious to me. Now Rahn came out with his request and said that he urgently needed money. He claimed that his book was a personal favorite of Reich’s leader Himmler. He felt that I should give him an advance. He urgently needed a few thousand marks. I then looked at the officers who told me they thought I should pay him…” 


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “the problem of Otto Rahn is very complicated. He is surrounded by mysteries. The only certainty is that Otto Rahn was a National Socialist. It is unimaginable that in Himmler’s cabinet someone could be pretending…”


The Secret Glory part 8

Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, “Otto was sent to Dachau at the end of 1937…


Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “Dachau was relatively new at the time and couldn’t yet be called a concentration camp, nor did it have the characteristics. This was only after Kristalnacht. Rahn had nothing to do with the guard troops but was trained with the SS utility group. Commander Eickels assessments from this time say Rahn found it difficult for purely physical reasons to go through the exercises. It shows again and again that the Nazi’s were interested in hardening Rahn…”  


Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “I had planned to take a flight to Leningrad or Moscow. I went to take a visa and then my aunt told me ‘your friend Rahn has called several times.’ So I ring back and he gives me the order ‘Paul come as quickly as you can to meet me!’ And I took the car of my uncle, drove through Berlin to his flat and discovered Rahn in uniform. And he was quite a bit drunk. He had a flask of French Cognac.


The Secret Glory part 9

And he said ‘Paul you have been at the Russian Embassy at ten minutes to twelve. You have been out ten minutes later on, proof that you are a spy! I have been asked to follow you every day and report who you might meet, who you see, what telephone calls you get, what mail you get. Paul I can only give you one advice. Get out of Germany as quickly as you can.’” 


Ingeborg Roehmer –Rahn, a psychiatrist and Rahn’s niece, ‘and then in the spring of 1938 he was advised to either with the help of a good friend return to service at the concentration camps or commit suicide. This is how I know it. I don’t know about any evidence. This is internal.”–Qk


The Secret Glory part 10

Professor Paul Ladame, Geneva University; “And that was the day that Otto Rahn had to take the decision, when the war broke out, to commit suicide.”


Reich Historian Hans Jurgen Lange; “He travelled via Kufstein to Sol. He got off the bus and went into the forest, close to Wilde Kaiser Mountain. Deep in the forest lived a farmer and his children he arrived there late in the afternoon and the children saw him. He asked them for the time and they had the opportunity to talk a little. After dark the children started to wonder about the stranger’s whereabouts. They started to search for him which was pretty easy as the snow was one meter deep. But finding no footprints they could only wonder.”

“After the snow melted in the spring while playing in the bushes only a few hundred meters from the house they found the corpse of Otto Rahn. Next to his body were two bottles containing tablets, one empty, the other half empty. They called the police and now it was clear why they hadn’t seen the footprints. He had walked upstream along the river bed and lay down beneath the fir tree to take his pills. He didn’t die because of the sleeping pills. He froze to death…”


Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist; “From this moment it would have been easy to give him a second or third identity. There were many examples in WW II that the British and Germans declared false bodies. It would be necessary to dig to reconstruct and exhume the skeleton of Otto Rahn to see if it corresponds with his teeth, his height, his bones, maybe his hair. It’s the ABC, the most well known ploy of the intelligence services…”   


Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari; “There were a few faithful of Montsegur who decided to celebrate the 700thanniversary of the fall of Montsegur. They could have been thrown in prison or even sent to Germany. They did it all the same. Seven or eight of them went up. It was cold. Well it was the 16thof March. Someone read a poem after that a plane was heard overhead. It is here that the myths and legends start. This plane certainly came. Maybe it was the command at Tours that sent the fighter plane to see if a crowd was gathering in Montsegur to start a revolution, that sort of thing. Around this myths started to accrue. It is said there was someone German who was behind the pilot, maybe Himmler, I don’t know. Someone who saw the plane said it circled above making Celtic crosses. Why a Celtic cross because the origins of the Germans are Celtic. The proof is that when the plane was sighted they came down they took the car and they went to eat a hearty dish of beans at then Couquets, that’s a detail that proves it’s true.”  


The Secret Glory part 11



By May of 1932 Rahn purchased “a three year lease on the Hotel-Restaurant des Marronniers in Ussat-les-Bains. Among the guests he was said to have invited were Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich…”   


Graddon, Nigel. “Chapter 3.” Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Grail: The Amazing Life of the Real “Indiana Jones”. Kempton, Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008. Web.


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  1. "Then, out of the blue my "higher self" tells me not to worry about it."
    Love that one Jack hits me directly in those nostalgic wonder years when I was bouncing between two worlds, one more fluid and infinite, and the later material solid slow boring realm that was so utterly predictable and impossible to influence the stream of knowing coming from the other. Fond memories of talking to this "higher self" when I was younger and more spiritually detached from this realm and often thought he was a rigidly stoic asshole immune to my emotional whimperings but letting me have my fun nonetheless. When I asked what I should do the response was "Nothing. It's done already do what you want." Needless to say it drove me into a rage of confusion and only now am I starting to understand what I somehow already knew.

  2. No one mentions love today, because they can't differentiate between strong emotion and the source of wholeness.
    A broken energetic can only obscure the flow.
    An injured limb that cannot correctly move.
    A limp wing that cannot proudly sail through the sky.
    The Grail is inextricably related to love, the juxtaposition is the Fisher King. If you think it's related to THAT fish, congratulate yourself.
    This isn't some eulogy for a quaint moment of history. It has everything to do with right now.

  3. Love.
    The word trivialized into meaninglessness.
    In modern vernacular, a word of stupid, insipid weakness, getting in the way, of real things, like torturing and murdering and enslaving for endless gluts of "profit".
    Pesos just added another $ 73 billion to his bloated portfolio.
    Love, described today, is a limp wristed effeminate word to be laughed by repulsive shitheads who think they run the real world.
    This world is hopelessly broken. Souls that make it out of here require extended healing and convalescence, or they bring their brokenness back into this wasteland asleep.
    Forgotten is the Living Light.
    The living light is love.

  4. So, what could the ancestors possibly have meant, when they said that no God could have the significance of love?
    After all, we're not talking about effete modernists, we're talking about warriors who crossed steel. Men who face death tend to eschew fancy mathematics, because the workings of devious minds are truly a hindrance.
    Thus, we can immediately conclude that the subject was no idle theological dalliance, no patronizing abstraction, no platitude invented by parasites to use as a distraction for their destructive activities.
    What we truly have is a pathway to the alchemical ascension of states, a transformation that occurs in incarnation.

  5. Stan, I am the FED…LOL…

    said I am from a burning bush

    I am spirit

    He said not me

    evidence I see is Spirit all around

    said this you will know them by their love

    for one another

    just an old school sermon I heard over and over at my Church

    Gospel I see

  6. Yes, I think I do recall the time of the copy, and it's degradation. A memory of various artists working with this theme, a premonition of the lost authenticity inherent in the digital corporate world of today.
    We most certainly have reached a dead end. The social engineering of the modern corporate state is focused entirely on destroying the energetic required for humanity to continue. Their derangement is advanced, and the cost they will pay for this should not be assumed by those they scapegoat and blame.
    We have run out of time. The Gods grow impatient. Without any successful method to rein in the toxic, the psychopathic, the path before us can only get worse.
    The damage done is lasting and severe. The plan fails as the abuse consumes everything.
    The material existence is about to take another big hit, one wonders, at the levels of punishment and resentment.
    A storm age
    A wolf age
    It all was predicted, because it all happened before.
    The advanced souls just leave, and the Gods are unchanged, despite the new clothes. Up, or down, we are being forced through the wringer, with all that is left of life.
    Yes, the wisdom of the ancestors reminds us to honour love. They showed us, that all else is ephemeral. We do not ascend with thought or emotion, though both show us the way. It is love, the real devotion of a bright flame life that delivers us from the chains.

  7. MK, my first public persona back in the early nineties was VideoMax, a virtual TalkingHead on analog TV, named in homage to Max Headroom. A holistic performance art, visual glitches, language glitches. No originals anymore, just copies of copies and their degradation. The production company was called Kopi!, Copy! in English. On the office wall was a painting by Søren Martinsen of Andy Warhol"s Marilyn Monroe, as seen through a video camera and the resulting image seen on a waveform monitor. The seemingly complete corruption you see today, as Waking Life, calls for a reset of this dead end. Hence the work of remembering, kenning, Minne in Nordic language; bards & troubadours, blueprints

  8. Is it truly possible, writing here from the depths of the abyss, to make any meaningful observations about the Grail, about the numinous?
    Observations depend upon certain senses and capacities, upon the ability of the mind to model what it observes, so without a direct apprehension of the Grail, of the numinous, there can be nothing said.
    Is there then any Grail, does it really truly exist? For anything to exist here, in the depths of the fallen, it only has to exhibit affect. This affect need not be observable, in fact very little of any affect ever is reportable to the senses, available to the mind for its modelling.
    Yet this then suggests that we don't know what is real, because true cause is beyond the description of the abyss.
    Indeed, the curse of humanity has been to trust those who cannot grasp the Grail, but demand that you treat them as if they do.
    Ultimately the Grail is more real than the shifting glimpse of existence consciousness struggles to attain here in the fallen land. There is no ability to objectify what cannot be modelled, yet as Plotinus instructs, it is not with this faculty that we experience the numinous, and it is not with this that we meet the Grail.

  9. Some jaded bystanders might wonder why the Grail has to be such a fixture in the European consciousness. After all, if the Grail is forever out of reach of those grasping abrahamic fingers, how can it be anything to regular folk today?
    Again, the efforts of the abrahamics has always been to rob you of your inherent purpose, and replace it with a far less stellar version, which includes copious amounts subservience and abrogation of self direction. The idea that any abrahamic institution, dedicated as they are to crowd control and material mastery, has any idea of what they have with the Grail is closely akin to asking a five year old to rate commercially produced sour mash whiskey.
    The ultimate proofs of the Grail do not translate to a neat box in the world of concrete and steel, nor do they serve child molesting psychopaths who long ago sold their souls.
    The Grail serves purity, dear reader, and if you consider this carefully you will realize where purity comes from, and what it actually is.
    The Grail doesn't sit in a museum, because it is not a simple object to be imprisoned by, and gawked at, through thick panes of industrial glass.
    It goes without saying that the Grail is needed more now than ever before. The image and the energy can uplift one from the low level grunting the modern world is determined to immerse itself with, and the purity can cleanse the poison of taking that attacks us all.

  10. The purpose of the Grail was always to be an antidote.
    The Chivalric focus upon love, was always the devotion of the warrior.
    The symbology no mere pageant. It derived from the very essence, an expression meaningful and significant in a world where life was brief, and the flame that was followed found itself uplifted by this expression.
    Scholars who write of these times are quite fond of referring to them as Christian. Yet the Grail is not rooted in any abrahamic origin, and while abrahamics attempt to claim it, it is so far beyond them, that the material experience they seek is ever beyond their grasp.

  11. These are 9 minute video segments of the Plejaren contact notes, there are a total of 158 9 minute video clips detailing Billy Meier's contacts with the Plejaren humans, mainly from 1975 to 1978.

    In clip number 65, Randolph Winters reveals information concerning a "private" group in the Unterberg area in Austria who are building functional anti-gravity craft:

    In this video clip number 38, the subject of the Ashtar Command is brought up, but then it begins to refer to the Thule Society in Berlin, the object here is the Plejaren can't find the ET's who are influencing the people of the Thule Society.

  12. Since we are forced to deal with transhumanist mythology, then let us deal with it.
    First, the essential direction of transhumanism is a one way linear progression. OK, where do we find linear timelines that contain the myths of creation and culmination? Well, we won't find such in pre Christian Europe, in pre-Islamic Iran, in Vedic lore, or Buddhist, no we don't find this mythological complex in any developed religion other than the abrahamics.
    Alone and by themselves, the big four of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the new kid, Scientism, demand to define a cyclic cosmos in purely linear terms. To themselves, this is grounds for their arrogant exceptionalism. To everyone else, this is evidence of irreversible cognitive decay.
    Transhumanism develops a mythology where the conscious ego identity is mobile, to the extent that this faculty is perceived as something which can perpetually exist in its new mechanical home. This has been the stuff of science fiction for decades, without one single example of this phenomenon in genuine human experience. Wish fulfillment fantasies have been a big part of industrialized society since "Big Rock Candy Mountain" sang of cigarette trees, yet no intelligent mind views such as anything more than a fantasy. Are transhumanists intelligent? A question for future exploration.
    The entire theory of evolution states unequivocally that biological life forms adapt to conditions through varied survival strategies. The most successful adaptation from ten thousand years ago may very well be a dead end today. Considering the fluidity of conditions, the concept of ever lasting life within a plastic and metal machine patently ignores the conditions which have shaped life in this sphere. We could quite easily go further into our examination of the mythology of transhumanism, yet the previous points paint a clear enough picture.
    Ultimately, the ideas surrounding the predictions of transhumanism require a strong suspension of disbelief, similar to watching zombie movies, or modern American media, but I repeat myself. Let us simply conclude that the mythology of transhumanism reveals a great disconnect from an ancient tradition of valid expression, that was first inverted by the abrahamics when old Abe himself made his unholy pact with his fave demon. Like the abrahamic ideal, transhumanism requires very little of its adherents, other than total, unsupported belief. That it is such a darling of the intellectual class says as much about the state of knowledge in modern society, as it does about its quality of spiritual life.

  13. : "Stan Del Carlo, D.C." <stanzzz@

    To :

    Subject : The Gypsy Germans, The Travelers, The Most Recent Modern Break Away

    Date : Fri, Oct 02, 2020 11:29 AM

    Earth humans evolve, things change.

    Contactee Randy Winters (R. Winters) from Miami (USA) reports on the existence of a real alien spaceport of the Pleiades civilizations in the Amazon jungle. He also says that after the war, the aliens took on the service of some of the Germans. Since then, at least two generations of Germans have grown up there, who went to school with alien children and interacted with them from an early age. Today they fly, work and live aboard extraterrestrial spacecraft. And they do not have those desires to rule over the planet that their fathers and grandfathers had, because, having learned the depths of space, they realized that there are much more significant things …

    When that big snapping-cracking electric sound descends out of the clear blue Summer sky, in a flood of translucent yellow light, marking the Newborn with the Solar Sigil blazing permanently at the center of the brow (as reflected in the mirror), we can talk about it.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    Santa Cruz County, Ca.
    July 7, 1977

    StanDelCarloDC September 27, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    This is how it was done on Earth +/- 80 years ago :

    StanDelCarloDC September 27, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    Now everybody can walk the walk like a swaggering swinging dick, depending of course on your chosen gender. All that has to be done now, is learn how to talk the talk and then, get your clammy cold hands on some of that Rothschild big money to build one.
    I believe this video was made by some friendly Ruslanders, with the help of some very smart Blondie Boys.

    Good Luck With All The Tribal Gas Lighting Jason.

    Sincerely 888,
    Stan Del Carlo
    San Jose, Ca.

  14. There is a dark spirit across this land. It obstructs and blocks, it infects and it becomes. For those who dive into it, who become it, it twists them in such a way that they will pay it before anything else, including their own blood. The dark spirit infects and warps. Those who live the dark spirit want it all, want everything, will leave nothing for anyone else.


  15. JRJ is correct in his prediction that the movement of the globalist/transhumanist/virusist carries with it it's own epic fail, yet he is wrong to assume that parapsychology is the means by which it will escape the demise of its own creation.
    Frankly, the sixth sense is merely the liminal threshold to the seventh, which for most humanities, exists only in the most abstract of potentiality. We are not describing a potential that can be described and limited by any mathematics, or measured by any metric because it does not belong to this plane.
    The greed, the lust to subjugate the sixth and the seventh is palpable in his explanation, yet again this derives from a twisted inversion of the natural order.
    The Empire could not subjugate the Jedi, it could only deceive and murder them. Although such is fiction, it displays an uncanny truth. In his hunger to see all potential devoured, JRJ is falling into the disfigurement that this lust brings to its adherents. You can already sense the darkness growing around him.
    To be clear, this is not a condition specific to an individual, it is a condition an individual can descend to.
    The description of technology leading to a singularity is an incredibly arrogant and ignorant perspective devoid, yes devoid, of even fundamental
    knowledge of the unfolding of the cosmos.
    Can you write syllables without letters? Can you create melodies without notes?
    The only thing of any value to the oft promised singularity, is the contrast to genuine life.
    There is a world of difference between a mechanical joint replacement and a computer that houses a conscious ego identity. Do not fall for the fantasy that specific technologies create a timeline of inevitability. This has never been demonstrated.
    What the singularity does demonstrate is a hysterical, escapist drama derived at by hopelessly twisted souls who are rightly terrified of receiving the bill for the life they led.
    It's almost impossible to imagine in this dystopia, but there are genuine alternatives to a future of oblivion.

  16. Ok, the digityranny changed my words again…
    The belief system of transhumanism is hung on the abrahamic structure. The structure is the paradigm, the prevailing method for organizing the world. The belief system of transhumanism exists within that paradigm. In fact, it fits so neatly as to be practically seamless.

  17. Transhumanism.
    The singularity.
    The concept and belief in technology as deliverance.
    I have covered the abrahamic roots of transhumanism in previous posts here, yet it should be obvious for any who choose to look, that the belief structure itself is hung on the same structure as it's deranged parent.
    The Abrahamic structure is the realization of inversion, a paradoxical elevation of end result manifestation as cause itself. Because of this, the outgrowth of abrahamism has led to a vision of a materialist paradise that is always immanent, always on the verge of becoming, yet never arriving.
    Transhumanists are teenage boys who discover their first girlie app. The boys always think the woman of their dreams is as available as that app, but life reveals a far less simple association. The primitive beliefs of transhumanism are powerful because of the note of horror they sound, because of the thrill of annihilation they promise. The impression of power through the fantasy of inevitability.
    The current path of humanity is being directly observed. We are being watched as the prophets of transhumanism promise nothing, yet are enshrined by the demented spirit that is behind the current plunge into the depths. It is a curious thing to watch a species under the influence of a near unbreakable mental virus commit suicide, and so the watchers observe.

  18. JRJ, I presume is doing some serious reflecting on who his "friends" really are, and who set him up to be damned. A friend who is making continuous contact is really on a intelligence gathering mission. Always so curious about "you."
    Call it Jason, Heads: crash and burn; Tails: bite the dust.

  19. I’m doing the Bormann faction right now, been laid up for a few days due to a back procedure but work on it should resume either tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning, depending on the pain I’m in. I won’t cheat our readers and write while I’m on pain medication. I might start sounding like Kerry Cassidy or David Icke but that’s right they both make far more money than I do, crime pays. Speaking of which the information you’re looking for is not what we do here on the blog. That’s for Patreon and the people who are paying for this. The Bormann faction, as are the others, is woven into everything we have written since Black Sun Rising part 1. Otherwise watch Twin Peaks. Lynch just like we have has woven t all through the iconic television series, particularly The Return, that’s a double entendre by the way…

  20. No better example of the demise of America than an electronic tyranny that can't stand the term "Praying Mantis", and has to corrupt it into Preying Many.
    If you thought my sentence was nonsense, it's because everything I write has to be on corruption alert, but this one is too egregious to let stand.
    The needed change is on the way.

  21. JRJ is a somewhat naive intellectual who has been destroyed by the modern political system.
    Marxism, in all its deranged subterfuge, is very much alive and well in American society. One of the best kept secrets of the USA is its deep collaboration with all facets of communism. There was a short lived effort to break free from this love affair, from the late 1940s to the middle 1970s, but this time of variance has long since passed.
    JRJ is correct in labeling ANTIFA as a neo-commie group, this is exactly what one would expect from it's primary founder, an ex-Nazi who has embraced his genuine roots.
    The love that the USA holds for Marxism is the love the male Preying Many is has for the female, with the same result. The cowardice of American media, and American higher education is so evident here. A limp wristed lisping betrayal to everything they are supposed to stand for, but don't.
    Does anyone still seriously believe the American experiment is in good hands? I laugh at the yellow stripe up their spines.
    JRJ, if he is honest, and if he is genuine, is better off for being cast out by the neocommunist cowards. Better to carve your own path in this dystopian nightmare, than follow the the one set up by those dancing down the road to their own extinction.
    We are living in the crucial times.

  22. Hello sir, I am impressed with these writings! I have gone through many of your articles on this site in the the last few nights.

    I am very curious about this 'Bormann faction'. I am quite well versed in many takes on the so called 'Imperial German survival myth', 'Die Dritte Macht', Antarctic bases, operation high jump, hollow earth, Untersberg, and many other of the seemingly endless strands of this mystery regarding world war 2 and the National Socialist continuance.

    So then, you mention the Bormann 'faction', implying there is more than one National Socialist group which survived the war. And perhaps this faction has 'degenerated' to an extent, or in other words, is in bed with the Enemy?

    Well, did any other factions survive? What do you think of their current status? Do you have any sources for this knowledge?

    Thank you sir.

  23. Who is Jason Reza Jorjani? Rebuttal to a Libel

    This is the video that is about how J.R.J. was set up and played by a college student undercover agent who video taped and recorded their conversation. After the video was cut and pasted it was presented to the New York Times and in less than 24 hours J.R.J. was suspended from his position at the college he worked at. The Swedish student from England was a ANTIFA agent.

  24. The ‘School’ was started at the University of Frankfurt in 1923. “When Hitler came to power, the Institute was closed and its members, by various routes, fled to the United States and migrated to major US universities – Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley.”

    Many important names are associated with the School: “The School included among its members the 1960s guru of the New Left Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, the popular writer Erich Fromm, Leo Lowenthal, and Jurgen Habermas – possibly the School’s most influential representative.”

    So what was the aim of these men? “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief – or even the hope of belief – that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the ‘oppressive’ order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus—‘continuing the work of the Western Marxists by other means’ as one of their members noted.”

    They devised strategies by which the destruction of the West could quickly and effectively take place: “To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

    “1. The creation of racism offences.
    2. Continual change to create confusion.
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking.
    7. Emptying of churches.
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime.
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits.
    10. Control and dumbing down of media.
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.”

  25. Decades pass, yet the paradigm of existence continues to be defined by cretins and nincompoops who are so completely clueless, that people flock to them in throngs.
    Someday, people will have to realize that the society they feed with their life force is not the repository of the best, the good, and the righteous. Yes, your wonderful society does intentionally burn up rural communities, and murder countless expanses of forest. Your righteous society does encase everything in toxic one use plastic, which is now poisoning the entire biosphere. Your good society is maniacally fond of war, as long as they can get others to fight.
    If you think this is just venting, then you are too clueless to enlighten.
    People imagine that the make-up of their world is simple, that it's all about the money, about "human nature". They really believe that they have to follow the rules, and the rules are put up for their benefit. Sorry to say, but the rules you believe in so fervently are there for very different reasons than your highest good.
    There is one word which best defines this existence. This word explains the why and the how of your awareness, such as it is, eagerly hurling itself into the abyss to chase that entrancing reflection.
    This word explains how a great animal that viciously devours itself can be imagined as something else entirely. It offers an excuse for the numbing stupidity required to continue to make excuses for this horrific dynamic, to pretend, really really hard, to just BELIEVE.
    There is one word which explains how this trap, this abyss works. It explains why you must be torn asunder, your very identity ripped from you as you drowned in the river of forgetfulness before waking up here with only small haunting clues of what you were.



  26. Thank you Jack, much to absorb as always. And btw my younguns do think I'm completely off my rocker most of the time 🙂

  27. I envy you that you were able to raise your children as Adepts, mine were raised to think I was crazy even as they absorbed all the benefits that being my daughters entails. Funny part of the whole thing is that for the first twenty or so years of their lives when I was sleep walking through my incarnation I was the only stability they had in their miserable excuses for life. They both worshiped me then, ironic no? But this world is filled with irony, god loves irony. I love irony too but the problem is I don’t love this world; I don’t even like it, this world that you and the rest of the Adepts have fashioned from basest possibilities of materialistic existence. We all have our secrets and you’ve kept yours well, so well in fact that you’ve never even considered the possibility that there might be even deeper secrets; “a dream within a dream…” So:
    Take this kiss upon the brow!
    And, in parting from you now,
    Thus much let me avow:
    You are not wrong who deem
    That my days have been a dream;
    Yet if hope has flown away
    In a night, or in a day,
    In a vision, or in none,
    Is it therefore the less gone?
    All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream.

    I stand amid the roar
    Of a surf-tormented shore,
    And I hold within my hand
    Grains of the golden sand–
    How few! yet how they creep
    Through my fingers to the deep,
    While I weep–while I weep!
    O God! can I not grasp
    Them with a tighter clasp?
    O God! can I not save
    One from the pitiless wave?
    Is all that we see or seem
    But a dream within a dream?

  28. I’ll answer this in the morning, in case any of you adepts think I’m enjoying this; I haven’t slept in two days either, in spite of being on strong medication for a back procedure yesterday and drinking a half a case of beer. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight, fucking debate don’t put me to sleep nothing will. I want to choose my words carefully…

  29. Divine Darkness.
    I had this vision, before I even realized what it was. It occurred more than once, a part of my consciousness, almost like carrying along a graphic novel in a language that cannot be translated.
    In part, my understanding failed because I was distracted by the light that flashed in succession, the divided polygon of Gnostic creation. This created a duality of light and dark, that prevented the Divine Darkness from being accessible.
    There is no such duality. This duality is only an appearance from a certain point of view.
    For those who require a better explanation of Divine Darkness than I can provide, I refer you to Master Dionysus.

  30. Take this kiss upon the brow!
    And, in parting from you now,
    Thus much let me avow:
    You are not wrong who deem
    That my days have been a dream;
    Yet if hope has flown away
    In a night, or in a day,
    In a vision, or in none,
    Is it therefore the less gone?
    All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream.

    I stand amid the roar
    Of a surf-tormented shore,
    And I hold within my hand
    Grains of the golden sand–
    How few! yet how they creep
    Through my fingers to the deep,
    While I weep–while I weep!
    O God! can I not grasp
    Them with a tighter clasp?
    O God! can I not save
    One from the pitiless wave?
    Is all that we see or seem
    But a dream within a dream?

    A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe, 1809 – 1849

    Been feeling this poem for awhile now….and now more than ever. Divine Darkness of what MK spoke about….I'm resisting in the feeling that is welling up inside of me but its there and I can't deny it. I have young ones that are adepts but young adepts …. I feel so guilty bringing them here and not being able to protect them that I find myself trying to desperately switch the timeline but am doubting I will be able to do that. Or fly the coup as they say….either way damnit this sucks.

  31. Beam Of Light Aimed At West Coast Fires As Pentagon Warns That China Has Weaponized Space

    Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) was caught on a live stream going right into a fire in California. Then there was another shown igniting a fire in Oregon. Now, there’s a black censorship line through the beam.

    The video above has been brightened so the DEW can be seen well.

    What is going on?! These beams have been seen since 2016, apparently starting fires. China and Russia have the capability to cause the fires and control the weather drying up the vegetation.

    Youtuber Dutchsinse has discovered something unbelievable while looking at the fires in the Western United States and studying the earthquakes occurring around the world. When it’s first noticed, Dutchsinse called it “Some kind of ray or beam of some kind”. If you have trouble seeing, it at first, adjust the brightness on your device. But it is an incredible find.

    After this, Dutchsinse discovered another DEW last night. That’s at least two nights in a row. This one appears to come from the ocean and into a fire that has just started in Oregon.

    After this was discovered, Dutchsinse noticed that someone decided to “censor” the beam by literally putting a black censorship bar right over the heat signature. The energy beam which was beaming down has been BLACKED OUT ON PURPOSE— LOOK CLOSE?? To try to hide it… they tried to match the black of the background but.. because it’s a live feed grey black it’s impossible to perfectly match. So now we have a black line hiding the original beam

    Beam Of Light Aimed At West Coast Fires As Pentagon Warns That China (they are however, not the only ones) Has Weaponized Space Beams from space are causing fires.

    Houses surrounded by water burned to the ground:

    Military Directed Energy Weapons:

  32. Roight:

    Stellingabund (German for "Stellinga league"
    The Stellinga ("companions, comrades") or Stellingabund (German for "Stellinga league") was a movement of Saxon frilingi (freemen) and lazzi (freedmen) between 841 and 845. These were the middle two Saxon castes, below the nobility and above the unfree. The aim of the Stellinga was to recover those rights the two castes had possessed before their conversion from Germanic paganism in the 770s. At that time they had still possessed political privileges, but Charlemagne, having won over to his cause the Saxon nobility, had reduced them to mere peasants. The Stellinga thus despised the Lex Saxonum (law of the Saxons), which had been codified by Charlemagne, preferring to live in accordance with ancient and unwritten tribal custom.[1] The movement was violently resisted by the uppermost caste, the nobiles (nobility), not always with the support of the Frankish kings.

    1 Saxon conditions 838–841
    2 Uprising
    3 Historiography
    4 Notes
    5 Sources

    Data mined from Orage

  33. Today, we all live in societies that are corporate controlled. Corporations are intertwined with all aspects of material and intellectual endeavor, from the military to education, from the arts to the halls of religion, and inseparably from society to government.
    This corporate phalanx operates in direct opposition to the needs and requirements of humanity. For example, corporations thrive on secrecy, and thus on espionage. Humanity, true humanity requires openness and accountability.
    The modern mind, ruled by the corporate paradigm, has come to accept its indoctrination into a world defined and limited by a secretive entity that demands humanity bend to its desires, and it is the nature of a corporate ascendancy for that very thing to be equated with and superior to biological life.
    Thus, it is impossible for the modern mind to fully grasp the significance of a movement that centered around identity, sacred identity in a transformative and galvanizing dynamic.
    Currently, the modern mind is obsessed with guilt in myriad forms. This obsession is itself a weakening and retarding drive that comes straight from the abrahamic religious ideologies.
    There are no modern movements, zero, null, nada that employ transformative and galvanizing dynamics. All modern movements are guilt based, and this more than anything else makes them suicidally destructive.
    The last galvanizing and transformative movement in the world was National Socialism. Because of this, modernists, with guilt ridden suicidal obsessions absolutely must demonize both N.S., and Germany.
    It becomes extremely tiresome to deal with the guilt psychosis, because it's circular justifications are based on visceral rather than rational suppositions.
    The guilt psychosis is a gold mine for corporatist of all stripes, because it creates willing victims en masse for their never ending depredations.
    If we allow Nazism to be defined by the guilt ridden suicide jocks, we will completely miss its deepest and most significant achievement. It is this achievement that is being kept away from your consciousness, because if you knew it, you would realize the extent of the sham that is the modern world.

  34. Clearly, there are a wide variety of possible definitions for Nazis, but there is not one I can imagine that has both historicity, and is free of the connotations we are all familiar with.
    Therefore, it behooves us to refer to the specific areas of concern, as part of the term. For example, Bormann-Nazism refers to that underground corporate empire that gave the maniacs their nuclear toy. Ideological-Nazism refers then to the intellectual aspects, from poltical, economic, and social spheres, whilst Esoteric Nazism refers to those aspects which require a certain degree of metaphysical, and spiritual training to comprehend. Here we would refer to such things as the Runes, the use of fire in ceremony, and of course the Black Sun.
    These are simply suggestions, however I make the case that without some sort of qualifier for the word Nazi, it becomes impossible to treat the different aspects and avenues of it on their own merit.

  35. Thanks for this, JRJ seems to be an avid reader of this blog, although he does not give credit. A shame, and a no-no for an academic. He certainly makes the case for what we call the Bormann faction, but lacks in precision on the esoteric end. Granted, it is tangled web, It should be clear the technocrats have failed in their quest, cause their world is material only and hollow. It simply lacks the quintessence, the essence, the soul. Never let clerks prepare a meal for you, unless you like eating out of a tube.

  36. It is time to arrive at a modern definition of the word Nazi.
    This isn't necessary for "them", the media, the political wannabes, the hangers on who hope to curry favor from the middle eastern nukers. Everyone already knows their definition of Nazi, and their deep concern in projecting it everywhere.
    We need this definition now, because the word Nazi cannot effectively include parasites like Soros, and the esoteric efforts to reach into identity, and thus destiny.
    I've considered some possibilities, and will post them soon.

  37. The Breakaway Civilization with Jason Reza Jorjani :

    The German establishment in Argentina. Rocket saucers launched from Spain by Franco directed by Otto Scorzeny and sent against America. (Washington, D.C. July 1952 flyover?) An article in the New York Post states that J.R.J. is a genocidal Nazi, good luck and goodbye with that.
    David Lynch tells the story in Twi Peaks.

  38. The plandemic is equivalent to 911 in myriad ways, not the least of which include the readiness to adopt non-evidence-based theories as guiding principles, and the giveaway of autonomy and independence to exactly the wrong crowd.
    Both narratives are so seductive, that they easily hijack even thinking minds.
    We should get used to questioning any narrative with as many holes as those provided for 911,and Covid 19. Doing so reasserted oneself as the entity that chooses it's own response, and that is central to genuine expression of the soul.

  39. If the Plejaren Commander of the Galactic Federation Ptaah materialized out of the air into my private study room, I would ask him to explain the name and dynamic function details of the components illustrated in this video. If that was a possibility, my integrated understanding of Natural Law would be greatly increased, but in order to remain safe and and be targeted as a dangerous criminal, that will never happen, in todays world.
    This is how you do it, if can figure it out:

  40. Billy Meier, Contact # 750, Sept. 22, 2020:
    Ever since this world class episode began, the Plejaren have been warning that only a complete mandatory lockdown will prevent infection and death from Bologna-19.
    I wonder now, how much Meier is really active anymore, from what I read and hear now, is that he has basically stopped participating in communication with the outside world. If these contacts are still occurring, I think the Inner Group of +/- 30 people are writing, editing and creating the narrative.

    "But regarding the Corona epidemic it is probably pointless to talk about it further, because reason and Reason is in short supply for the majority of those in power and at least for 25-30 % of the population. The sufferings are all those people who earnestly strive for the protective measures and behave correctly and responsibly, because their intelligence is up to date and they are therefore intelligent, whereas the intelligence is missing in all ricochets and believers of the conspiracy theorists, and consequently they are not able to think for themselves and are consequently addicted to stupidity. Stupidity is just that, after all, when a man does not think, and so does not think over a thing, etc., as a result of laziness of thought, faith, or defiance, etc., or when, for lack of intelligence, he is not able to do so. And, if a man lacks the intelligentity-that very thing which, as a result of mis-designation, ignorance, and traditional misnaming, was called intelligence, and is still used in the wrong way today–hops and malt are lost, because, consequently, understanding and reason cannot be used. This must be explained again and again. It is indeed necessary to explain this again and again and again, because the completely wrong terms, which have been used wrongly for blah bablah babablah blan blan…………….???"

  41. Stan,
    The threats of force, the demand for compliance, are telling. You aren't treated as a human with any measure of respect. Do you observe the fear behind the threats of force? Do you detect the throngs of computers crunching numbers in an endless cacophony of circular motion?
    The society has no place left to go, short of turning everything into a communist police state.
    What is both sad and telling is the dehumanizing aspect of this interaction. Where is the higher functioning? Where is the love? This is why we are undergoing this process, because people have lost their humanity. If we don't rekindle our essence in our daily lives, the future looks bleak indeed.

  42. Stan,
    The threats of force, the demand for compliance, are telling. You aren't treated as a human with any measure of respect. Do you observe the fear behind the threats of force? Do you detect the throngs of computers crunching numbers in an endless cacophony of circular motion?
    The society has no place left to go, short of turning everything into a communist police state.
    What is both sad and telling is the dehumanizing aspect of this interaction. Where is the higher functioning? Where is the love? This is why we are undergoing this process, because people have lost their humanity. If we don't rekindle our essence in our daily lives, the future looks bleak indeed.

  43. Yesterday, I received a letter from the Santa Clara County EDD. (Employment Development Dept.) Some body has filed an unemployment claim using my name, with the ridiculous Social Security Number: 999-44-8844. I had to check the box that states I never filed any claim on the date of 8-30-20. I had give them my phone number. It states all EDD false claims will be investigated. Due to the virus Plandemik, a large population had to file unemployment claims, and there is a criminal group using stolen social numbers to steal money. I am perhaps just a random victim, but I know there are players who would be thrilled to see me crash and burn.

  44. Society was once ordered according to the Gods, thus it was a model of the soul. It was well understood in ancient times that everything about the soul requires hierarchy to discover order, and order must occur due to divine provenance for it to be anything more than oppression.
    That all souls are not equal was plainly observed.
    The genius in life derives from the soul, and for all of us, it will at surprising times shine through the clouds to the world of concrete and steel.
    This genius can be strengthened in every life through the methods of education, realization, and spiritual development. These methods are available to all, but each soul must choose them in its own way.
    The current system is run according to a great inversion of the divine order. The values magnified, and the philosophy behind this inversion is an all out bid for temporal power. You can see this so clearly in every action, in every justification, in everything elevated and placed before you to consume.
    What was the change that destroyed the society of the ancients, and replaced it with a dead smoking crater?
    I have detailed this change over my years of association with Jack and Orage. Simply put, it was a pathological change in consciousness that cemented inversion as the desired state, a mental pandemic that destroyed the Divine order, and replaced it with maze intended to lead you into the identity of the stupid slave.
    Follow the thread, and this process becomes clear.
    Now, today, there is nothing more difficult than removing the shackles that you were indoctrinated into, that imprisonment intended to define all your hopes and fears, your dreams and aspirations. Shitstem wants nothing more than everything it can devour.
    An obvious condition, that the plyable souls will always seek to mirror that which they find themselves in. The Gnostic parable then, of three kinds of people, the Hyllic, the Psychic, and the Pneumatic are dealt with through chaining each to its specific avenue in this inversion.
    Modern philosophers struggle with this condition. It is due to the fact that this inversion has reversed every action of divine intent, busted down the natural abundance of our beloved world soul to a dead cube.
    It's amazing that there are any souls in existence who can glimpse anything at all. They certainly aren't produced by this system.
    When judging the capacity of the modern mind, we must remember that the soul herself is shackled. The allogenes is part of the price demanded for your greater vision. Those who are here know this through experience.
    It is a great geas that this deeper vision can only be deployed to instruct and enlighten, and indeed, this is the highest temporal achievement of vision.
    In the end, we are all on this journey, contributing knowingly and unknowingly to its greatest totality. The levels of seeing corresponding to levels of activity of the soul.
    We are going to be deeply challenged to reach deeper into what we are. We cannot accomplish this being ruled by this inverted paradigm, yet we cannot escape from this necessity. Where we currently are is a sort of cul de sac of consciousness. Where we go from here will be defining for all time to come.
    Big wheel turns
    Spins and turns.
    Held in place
    Can't go back.
    Can't go forward
    can't go left
    Can't go right.
    What is there
    Save the up
    And the down.


  45. Jonathan Glassel – "I have come to the conclusion that each of us watches own "movie." Case in point.
    In reference to the giant mule picture that I sent around…………… friends saw big mules, little people or a doctored photo.
    I sent it to my older siblings who are closer to the horse drawn days than I, expecting them to be flabbergasted, instead they just made a few comments about the horse barn back on the farm.
    I sent it to another person that is awake to a great many things asking her if she saw anything unusual. No response.
    I, therefore am under the impression, as they did not see anything unusual at all that they simply did not see the same picture you and I see.
    Perhaps, those operating at higher consciousness, perhaps even in higher dimensions are watching a different movie which allows us to see alternate past timelines, simultaneously?
    I must conclude, therefore that there are folks in my reality………….that I think are watching the same "movie" as me who are actually witnessing the "Zombie Apocalypse."
    Not only are we not on the same wavelength as the fluoride folks, we are not even in the same movie theater.
    On a lighter note my wife, a farm girl herself spotted the giant mules right away. I may have to reconsider my theory of her being a Replicant.
    In a sense, it is a Schrödinger's Reality. Both mine and Mike's already exist.
    Certainly, there are tough times ahead for many. But, as I look back on my life, I have never suffered, never gone hungry and certainly have never experienced anything like the plight of the Palestinians.
    I do believe that many of us are here on "A Mission from God" to help free wisdom which will take us into the New Age and eventual return to the Golden Age at the Consummation of the Age.
    The Elect do not taste death."

  46. Stan,
    The west coast fires follow a corporate government program set up over a decade ago, and perfected into a weapon. Every aspect of the fires is controlled, including the intentional destruction of communities resulting in murder of the unfortunates.
    The corporate government hates you, and relishes in your distress. It really is run by demented psychopaths whose highest goal is to become the greatest parasites on two legs.
    You might think this is hyperbole, or written for effect. Unfortunately, the evidence is all around that this is the sober truth.

  47. Orage,
    The Easter Bunny is exactly the kind of myth one would expect from a people who measure existence by what they have instead of what they are.

  48. Jonathan Glassel, so many significant points.
    No one in their right mind would wish to be a prophet, because the pain of the loss of humanity that comes with the cosmic visions is too great a price to pay. Yet like a man dying of thirst, the visions must be sought, their sweet nectar partaken of, because the need to comprehend, to behold, is insatiable.
    Master Dionysus instructed us about the Divine Darkness, he exhorted us to have the courage to withstand the might of this vision. He was so right, but he never told us of the cost, because the fucking xtians got to him before he could.
    You don't want to know the cost, except as an intellectual interlude, because otherwise you would understand it is your life.
    The piece of shit government thinks this is all some new toy to plunder and break. The corporate morons dream of turning it into cash. Small pseudohumans, your time is short.
    No one gets to play with this, no one gets to remain a conduit for long, if they play the self aggrandizement game. If you knew, and you threw it away for houses and cars you would quickly find yourself a used up hulk holding your one way ticket to extinction.
    I have entered the Divine Darkness, and it is subtle, oh so subtle. We live in a zone of concrete and steel, a place of dead blocks that seeks forever to blind everyone, and get them to trade their genuineness for an ersatz conspiracy of broken toys.
    Don't fall for it.
    Don't become it.
    No one has any idea of how important this is. Remember your love, allow it to warm you. Ignore those who want you to kill it. Your redemption is through your love.
    We are about to fall into some very bad times. No matter what, remember your love.

  49. Jonathan Glassel – “”However, Nibiru slowed and eventually stopped. It is still there, biding time until………….
    The number of the Elect is ‘the cypher of Melchizedek’. When this number is reached, the Gnostic saviour will end the Archons rule: “It happened now when these things in their time were known, and when the number of the cipher of Melchizedek, the Paralemptor (of the Light), occurred, he (the saviour) came forth, and he went into the midst of the archons of all the aeons, and to the midst of all the archons of the Heimarmene and those of the sphere.
    And he agitated them, and he caused them quickly to abandon their circles, and immediately they were afflicted…” (Pistis Sophia – Ch. 26)
    The consummation (the end of the Archons’ rule) will come when ‘the number of perfect souls’ is reached: “And he took their light to the Treasury of the Light. (…) so that they should not dissolve, but that they should be retarded, and should spend a great time until the completion of the number of perfect souls which would be in the Treasury of the Light.” (Pistis Sophia – Ch. 26)
    And now, consciousness has risen to the point where Nibiru is on the move once more and we get the long-planned Rona treatment from the Demons.
    10. Jesus said, "I have thrown fire on the world. Look! I watch it until it blazes."
    16a. Jesus said: People think, perhaps, that I have come to throw peace upon the world. They don't know that I have come to throw disagreement upon the world, and fire, and sword, and struggle.
    16b (For) There will be five in one house. Three will oppose two. Two will oppose three. The father will oppose his son and the son oppose his father. And they will stand up and they will be alone (monachos).
    Behind the scenes of all of this drama, we have the Universe still trying to repair itself from a major………………. “POOF” ……………………………… that happened eons ago which created all these alternate timelines in the first place.
    What is known as the fall of the Wisdom Goddess is more likely some sort of event that separated reality into higher and lower dimensional frequencies.
    Metaphorically, we are witnessing the rejoining of the realms through Wisdom and Consciousness, The Restoration of Sophia.
    So, what are we, the conscious observers, doing here?
    As Observers, we are the creators.
    The choice is ours; I suppose. Continue creating timelines that simply go ……………………“POOF”…………………… in the night or find a way to assist in this Universal healing process.
    The only tools at our disposal are within, it seems.
    Consciousness is a good thing to have in a non-physical reality. All we need do is use it. There is no right or wrong way to expand consciousness but doing so will create a better reality and heal the Great Rift in the Universe.
    We are on loan from the Kingless Realm. Once we fix this shit, we get to go home.
    Logically, Mike's view of things is more probable, but I do believe each of us watches our own "movie."”
    I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie, yes I did
    And that I was the star of the movie
    This really blew my mind
    The fact that me, an overfed long-haired, leaping gnome
    Should be the star of a Hollywood movie
    Not only starring in it, but producing, directing and writing it, too.

  50. Jonathan Glassel – “About a year ago, I was in prepper mode. Then, out of the blue my "higher self" tells me not to worry about it.
    But, as usual the asshole didn't tell me why I need not worry about stockpiling food and ammo. He leaves that for me to figure out.
    So, here we are at the end. What is the statistical probability, that of all the assholes that have ever lived, we get to observe the end? Astronomical. I would think.
    I wrote this about a month ago. I got 2 likes. But these days, I write mostly to organize my own thoughts, hoping for a little help from the "mainframe."
    As I cannot prove that anyone else has consciousness, I am pretty convinced that it is I, alone that exists, at least within my own reality. So writing for others seems rather futile.
    Anyway, this is why I think our "Energizer Bunny" reality keeps going and going. Regina always saying "not on my watch," doesn't help either.
    If you believe that we live in a physical reality, it may be good time to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. Mathematically speaking there is a 99.99% probability that all live on earth will cease to exist in the very near term.
    Methane is the culprit. Either the thawing methane will ignite in a cataclysmic fireball (boiling us all like lobsters) or it will shroud the Earth in a life ending cloud of toxic gas with Venus-like temperatures.
    Of course, to us Baby Boomers this is nothing new. I, myself have “survived” on the “Eve of Destruction” for some 68 years.
    From the study of Quantum Mechanics we learn that a new reality is created every time an “observer” comes to a major intersection in the road. In fact, multiple realities are created for a left turn, a right turn or straight ahead.
    Those who study these things tell us that 99.99% of these realities will not bear fruit and will simply go…………………………. “POOF”…………………………… and disappear. At which time the observer will “leap” to another reality that did not go………………” POOF”…………………….. with no conscious recollection of ever going down that road. This cycle has been going on for a very long time.
    In a sense, it is like a timeloop as we "restore" an earlier version and start down this same path (with slight variations) once more.
    Only Demons and Prophets retain memory of these previous realities.
    The Demons attempt to adjust the timeline to achieve their desired outcome, which is mostly avoiding the Wrath of Sophia at the Consummation of the Age.
    A true Prophet tries to raise consciousness in others that probably don't exist anyway.
    It is said that Nibiru returns every 3,700 years or so, but as of late the reset cycle seems to be about 250 years.
    The Demons were expecting Nibiru in 2010-2012 and had a “Rona Event” similar to our current planned-demic as a cover for escape to their bunkers.”

  51. "They want you to believe they are this influential, they want to believe it themselves. Well, there are still many who want to believe in the Easter Bunny. Who wouldn't want to believe that a rabbit brings you painted chicken eggs?"

    What a classic

  52. All the website blogs and articles that knew that the process would begin and come at some future time, just not exactly when and how. If the Jehovah Witnesses called this one, they would have it made it in the shade.
    About two weeks ago, I watched an hour long video of a helicopter flyover of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties coastal mountains, revealing that any isolated house or cluster of houses, were burned to the ground and all the trees that circumscribed the perimeter were singed. There was no sign of the fire progressing through the trees from one isolated house to another isolated house. About 25 miles away, at about 3:00 A.M., on the day that "wildfire" started, there were tremendous thunder claps and some slight rain I could hear, that lasted about 5 minutes. I wonder what those people who live in those houses up there in the coastal mountains are thinking, or if anybody up there saw ANYTHING. If those homes were targeted, WHY?

  53. Its…
    Too late to change the channel.
    What passes for optimism, is looking more and more like desperation.
    No one is ready for this, no one was hoping and waiting for this to occur, and this most definitely includes that element of the elite who think they are steering things because they're so successful at blowing them up.
    The smoke in the sky is the world you once lived in. You can mourn it's loss. You can show your disdain for the incredibly small pseudohumans who actively perpetrate the latest engineered annihilation, but what you can't do is save the world you lost.
    No matter how unprepared you are, no matter how out of shape, you are going through the great separation, or you will leave. If you think you can steer this process, then you believe that you can change what you cannot conceive.
    This rite of passage is not organized or orchestrated by any group of small pseudohumans. They want you to believe they are this influential, they want to believe it themselves. Well, there are still many who want to believe in the Easter Bunny. Who wouldn't want to believe that a rabbit brings you painted chicken eggs?
    Everything we are experiencing is a set condition that we can adapt to, distort, or seek to profit from, but it is as determined as the nature of light.
    There will be no great awakening.
    There is no moment of the people exercising their power for the good.
    Quit pretending that small pseudohumans have any control. They already have doomed themselves to extinction, why focus on their failures?
    Do not play their game, do not join their circus, do not get their shot.
    There is almost no point to trying to prepare for the next stage, because you are hopelessly outmatched. It's not about what you think it is, and that's why the numb fear hits so hard.
    Unless you check out now, you are signed up for this.

  54. "Cold terror reins
    Sickness now
    Then horrible death.
    Only Lucy knew the truth,
    And at her window


  55. An evil, all-encompassing wraith

    The massive amount of lying by government officials forcing a lockdown on the entire world still remains unnoticed by the majority of the semiconscious population. They dutifully wash their hands incessantly never realizing that the so-called disease from which they flee in terror has a worldwide death rate of virtually zero.

    A lot of people you thought were honorable were in on the scam. Hospital administrators slapped the COVID label on whomever they could — dead or alive — in order to receive whopping bonuses from the feds for participating in the scam.

    People die every day, but that is no reason to run and hide from the world.

    A wholesale investigation of allopathic medicine would reveal the fraud of chemical medicine and the concealment of proper nutrition as the key to all health.

    You know how you can realize this plandemic is a total fraud. Simply consider this: the government wants to know every single secret detail of your life. Just ask yourself to consider the opposite — about how the government strives with all its might to prevent you knowing all the unconstitutional, illegal and evil things IT does to keep the money flowing to the Jewish power brokers who run the show . . . the show? . . . I’m talking about the whole world.

    The government has become an evil, all-encompassing wraith of our own misgivings which we created to protect us from untimely death but instead has accelerated what it was supposed to reduce. Why? Because it is owned by foreigners who have no desire to protect anyone except their own demented clan.

    As long as society runs on the basis of secrets we cannot know or see, we are simply not free and never will be free, no matter what disingenuously noble rhetoric they try to shove down your throat as they put you to sleep permanently.

    Incarceration by suggestion

    It now can be revealed and understood that the poisoned landscape reflects the poisoned condition of our minds. The public reaction to a contrived epidemic plan has shocked even cynics, because people have knuckled under to draconian pathological measures with a robotic willingness few would have expected.

    Masks make people anonymous, which is just what the Commie bankers want. They only want customers with numbers and no other complications. Everywhere in society you see people being turned into numbers.

    If you don’t fight for freedom, it will be stolen from you by those who are smarter than you are. This is the history of the human race.

    The noble platitudes used to sanctify governments are specious at best as they lull the multitudes to sleep during the wholesale theft of everything they own.

    Change the channel! Before it’s too late. And don’t say it’s never too late. Because after the Bill Gates quantum dot tattoo, it will be.

  56. Dirty country tricks its citizens

    Unbridled power produces unbridled atrocity and perversion. When people can get away with anything they wind up destroying themselves. Just ask the Clintons. Only when regulated moderately by an established moral authority can they restrain their savage impulses. Trouble is, the established moral authorities are themselves infected by the temptations of power and the blind passion of the sexual impulses which, when left unregulated, create addicts who destroy everything to get their fixes.

    Bill Gates’s quantum dot tattoo has been inserted into in the COVID-19 vaccine, many sources have reported, so if you get the flu shot you’ll get the permanent connection to government snoops that you never wanted. That would figure. Every cure the government has invented seems to have contained some time delayed poison like the SV-40 gene in the Salk polio vaccine or the fatal ingredients in Dr. Fauci’s AZT nostrum deaths from which were all blamed on an AIDS virus that never really existed.

    Think about this. The new Bill Gates vaccine will spread out and deploy an array of abilities once it’s inside your arm. I wonder how you will feel as you observe it growing beneath your skin. But then I wonder now if anybody anywhere feels anything anymore. We are all, to some extent, put to sleep by the phony propaganda of those identifiable billionaires who surreptitiously rule us.

    Our government has never told the truth about anything, not about 9/11, AIDS, JFK and the other assassinations, all the phony wars to prop up corrupt dictators and steal valuable minerals, how FDR stole everyone’s gold in 1933, and exacerbating the Great Depression and causing millions of Americans to starve. This last mention provides a telling tangent to the present time, where a controlled famine is one of the subplots of the COVID scamdemic.

    Our country was officially taken over by Jews in 1913 with the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve act, which allowed 13 Jewish families to take control of U.S. finances in perpetuity. Ever since then it has been the boom-and-bust cycle, let everyone borrow what they want and they at the most unpropitious moment call in all the loans and destroy millions of lives.

    Now that the population has been significantly dumbed down and children are being both sexualized and infected in first grade, things will become a lot easier for the puppetmasters and harder for the average American to continue to insist that his deteriorating condition could actually be something called freedom.

  57. Just who did you think you were?

    Your life is being ripped from your hands. Powerless to change the channel, in horror you watch your future zoom past you and disappear into history. The things that made you whole now tear you up on the inside while your fondest memories and possessions shrivel in the flames of the premeditated disaster of the day (most likely the killer microwave beams from above that have been tearing up the U.S. West Coast; the perps hire arsonists to cover up the real cause of the fires).

    The crap that has metastasized inside your mind from a faulty knowledge base is reflected in the pollution and violence in the world, as herd animals cheat each other and one tribe masters them all in a kind of worldwide cannibal dance that is rapidly consuming the entire superstructure of life on Earth.

    When we modify nature to increase our creature comfort, we do so at our peril. The toxic terrain of the planet bears painful witness to this. The landscape we have poisoned accurately reflects the polluted lagoons our minds have become.

    No more drinking out of that stream we used to play in. The poisoning of the Earth by humans has gone into hyperdrive. As blacks repay whites for their many kindnesses by murdering them, our puppetmasters push their poisons into the brains of our children, making them very different from the people their parents wanted them to be. The kids themselves will never have a chance to be themselves.

    Schools turn them into obedient, Beta-class drones.

    Plus, everywhere we look for advice is tainted by the shadow of those who change things from their concealed position behind the scenes. Like moves on a chessboard, these shadowy figures — camouflaged by more money than you can possibly imagine — move people around like mechanical ants before they decide, for fun, to squash them.

  58. Only zombies

    wear masks

    Is this the end of the age

    of natural born humans?

    How much faith may we have

    in a medical profession

    that routinely perpetrates

    hoaxes on its patients?

    By John Kaminski

    Make no mistake about it — the zombie apocalypse is here. You know how you can tell? The zombies are wearing masks!

    Anyone seriously following this demonological passion play known as COVID-19 and listening to all these principled doctors trying to fight their way past the censorship of the Jewish communications platforms knows that masks won’t stop the penetration of the substance carrying the so-called disease, and that constant wearing of the mask, because it reduces oxygen intake, can lead to heart attacks and the development of cancer in the wearer.

    Remember, COVID stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID — what a strange name for a vaccine, eh? And this yet-to-be-invented Frankenstein injection is actually the real disease we should be fighting. This idea to vaccinate everyone against everything is a mental fixation in the diseased brains of the people who run the world and desire to control everyone with a single inoculation.

    If they succeed in this psychopathic mission, this will be the end of humanity, the turning of human beings into robots under the control of a merciless central authority, which is now widely regarded as an artificial intelligence routine. The great fear is that if AI took over (which it apparently has), the first thing it would do is eliminate humans as the most dangerous factor in the universe to everything that lives).RM

    So, the PCR test that declares everyone ill doesn’t work in identifying disease, according to the test’s Nobel Prize-winning inventor, the late Kary Mullis. So all those labeled with this disease have been besmirched by a test that DOES NOT WORK and was labeled INAPPROPRIATE BY ITS INVENTOR.

    Yet the public believed in its doctors and its government, and now the world is locked down on the basis of this utterly unreliable test.

    The lockdowns have retarded the growth of millions children as well as destroyed most of the world’s independent businesses, apparently triggering the creation of many trillions of dollars which resulted in the ruination of the worth of all the money possessed by ordinary Americans. Now the banks can buy your property at any time with an offer you will not be able to refuse. And the money you receive for your property will quickly erode down to next to nothing as inflation soars to infinity and the government takes ownership of everything.

    And yes, the bogus test can help kill old people more quickly, if they haven’t yet been killed by putting them on ventilators, yet another New York medical scandal that will never be investigated. No wonder everyone is moving away from that rancid nightmare megalopolis as fast as they can (which some people say is the true Jewish capital of the world).

  59. Jack, John Kaminski has a new article on the zombiefication of the world based on the mask and to be followed up by the Gates vaccine as its some sort of biological control mechanism.

    I won't link to it as why bother? And Gordon Duff's game of playing g along with it all as I put him in the same league as the people I used to work for as one at best could only co exist with them!

  60. Stan,
    I find that the humans amongst us describe our current condition with a significant degree of agreement concerning salient features. Some will focus more strongly on areas specific to their expertise, others more on overviews, yet when overlaid upon each other, the picture gleaned is consistent, alarmingly so.

  61. Interregnum #55 : Prometheism. By Jason Reza Jorjani. Premiered 9-15-20.

    In this interview, J.R.J., begins by stating that the Covid Plandemik, is the beginning of a world-wide beginning phase of the long projected plan for de-industrialization, and this will be the up and coming reorganized method for complete control and set back for Their neo-feudal society. The "New" technology will be restricted and reserved for the Break Away Civilization only. Prometheism is the evolved earth human lit ethos format that will prevent and change this from happening. Prometheus has the full capacity of Pattern Recognition and will not be fooled with, and knows this jig is up.
    The degree of clarity of insight, foresight and hindsight is presented and represented here and now, this is NOT some phony baloney New Age Bullshit. For the Esoterist, Occultist, Magician- White / Black, or Initiate, this is a long two hour, 7 course complete dinner, of the highest quality brain nutrient thought food. Chew on it completely, and swallow all of it, it will not make you sick and vomit, except for those who watch this video and listen to it, are one of Them.

    Thank you Mike for the tip.

  62. Whenever one considers the delimas referred to as modern life, the justification given for these conditions is human nature. The abrahamics are fond of expressing this opinion with a solid dose of self mortification.
    Human nature is blamed for all manner of perceived imperfections, as if there is something both intrinsic and insurmountable at the same time. This something is treated as a deterministic force, inescapable, and beyond the ability of humanity to improve.
    These assumptions then, become a catch all, a default position, and more of a write off than an explanation. Human nature actually explains nothing, since it is understood as a mysterious compelling condition that can't be remedied.
    What is it then, that makes one human, other than a physical form and the ability to speak?
    The ancients would say that it is education, self improvement through effort that makes one human. No one, they would remind us, is born human. When we are born it is with the potential to become human, to become the breath of the Gods, but such achievement is never for certain.
    The struggle then, must by definition be an internal one. It's success depends entirely on the individual, to become human, or fall into human nature.

  63. In an inverted world, deception is an especially useful means of control, it is used by those who don't want anyone to know why they do what they do, on those who prefer to be deceived, which happens to be many indeed.
    The latest roll out of so-called wireless technology is a perfect example of this. It is deceptive in that it was never intended to provide internet for the many, it was always to ensure better spying, better oppression, better control.
    The new electromagnetic is powered up to blast through the natural resistance of the biosphere, to bring disorientation, confusion, upside down navigation to every living thing.
    The masses, eager for their next toy, will welcome it, beg for it, demand it, as their warped biochemistry becomes dependent upon it, the same way a heroin addict becomes dependent upon the fix.
    The new electromagnetic is already killing, already destroying what little balance is left. The greedy parasite feeds upon the host, and injects it poison into the psyche of the many.
    Awaken, Prometheus, for humanity requires the gift of the true fire to realize it's identity. Without it, this latest cycle is doomed.

  64. The Grail.
    The ancient Celtic mythos that most strongly remembers the Grail was the warrior tradition. Warriors were never Christian. No true warrior can embrace the mythos of the slave. This is why the soldier came to be, because the soldier can be capable of great sacrifice, great effort, and great belief, but the soldier is only a slave.
    Soldiers could never quest for the Grail, only warriors were capable.
    Because the very nature of the quest lies in the experiential essence of the Grail itself. Such is only available to those who can dedicate themselves to being, rather than simply doing.
    The Pyrenees are a significant chain of mountains, altogether separate from the Carpathians, but similar in one significant way, and that is the timeless mystery they both guard. The Pyrenees are intricately entwined with the Grail, in a similar fashion to wrap and weft being intrinsic to cloth.
    The damned abrahamics have now made it necessary for a Prometheus to be born into existence, through polluting the very mind field with their demented poison of slavery as deliverance. They have made it necessary for the Grail to exist, and also to follow the path of the language of the birds and be irretrievable by any save the warrior-in his many manifestations.
    Those of us who were born before recognize that the Grail is written in stone in a language no one understands. The recognition is that it is beyond knowledge, and thus beyond the corrupting fingers of the Abrahamic ascendancy.
    This is both how and why the Grail quest has driven men mad, and this is why the terrified smug abrahamics try to write it off as a quaint fantasy, in order to save the integrity they long ago threw to the winds.
    It is the image that has undeniable power in a dumbed down travesty of a world. It has this power because it's beauty and significance remains amongst the most real of real beings available to slaves of this abyss.
    The jewel in the crown.
    The Grail.

  65. Oh yes, Orage.
    Herr Rahn knew a thing or two.
    The bees have always been associated with the liminal deities, with the fury personified via Wotan.
    Bees of course, are the source for the divine elixir. Mead, as perhaps the oldest of sacred elixir, has long been linked to that aforementioned fury, and also the brilliance of inspiration. This inspiration is itself linked to the crown chakra, as is the busy buzzing of bees…

  66. "With the bees’ honey, our ancestors made hydromel, to drink to Minne. Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from. The pagan Germans thought that bees were the survivors of the Golden Age, of Paradise." – Otto Rahn, pp 186-187

  67. Whenever anyone attempts to describe the divine principle in its highest aspect, they discover that what they are doing is inventing a concept of the divine, not actually describing it. Concepts can be useful models, yet they are never the real object itself.
    What can be said of the divine, is the origin, the source for all, including what we call time.
    Just like light, time has no apparent ultimate form. We understand time as a mechanical progression, a movement relative to itself, in this modern world.
    It makes no sense, to the modern mind to speak of time as a force, because time both describes and limits, without binding in any perceptible way. Yet even the modern mind can grasp that time works both in linear and cyclical motion.
    Stephen Hawking once remarked that he didn't know what time was, and the dominant abrahamic science that spawned him is equally mute. Yet if we follow the ancient way, we would understand time as the essential unfolding of eternity in this Emanation.
    Time then, is the moving image of eternity, as Plato instructed us so long ago. Thus the will of the life force is both to set forth, and return. Yin and yang, breathing in and breathing out.
    We must remember ourselves to complete our return. All knowledge, all true wisdom, is thus remembering.

  68. It’s a little over 20 minutes in Stan, interesting Sheridan was covering the same topics we were covering at the exact same time we were covering them, but Sheridan unlike myself was unable to see them objectively and ends up doing just what he accuses academics of doing in the first 20 minutes. That’s why Time has born us out and our Black Sun Rising series where as he became just another fail of the empires phony academia with a mystic topping…
    Embrace the Djinn Stan, make love to them but never let them in…

  69. Yes, in this modern world communism continues as a disembodied pathogen infecting everything, just like a certain leading religious form we all get to enjoy.
    History portrays Hitler as running everything. It makes a simple picture for simple minds. It was actually bureaucrats like Bormann who ran the Reich. Hitler focused on the war, and was unable to root out the corrosive treason within the military, which was a major factor in the military success of the self proclaimed good guys.
    So, here we are today, where economics, governments, media, and quasi-military organizations like VT are little more than junior partners in the globalist death cult.
    Are we having fun yet?

  70. Are you familiar with the term Khazar Nazi antichrist? I think you may be. Well it’s a very calculated piece of propagandistic labeling. The Jews and the Nazis been in bed together since day 1, which was the pan Babylonian movement, which began in earnest after a British scholar, Smith I believe, who died very young mind you, found the story of the biblical flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The pan Babylonian movement was financed by old Jewish money; I believe Mendelssohn money if my memory serves me correct and it does. The pan Babylonian movement gave rise to the Thule Society which in turn gave rise to the original Nazi party, which mind you may have been still born had not aristocratic Jew Anton Arco Valley shot Kurt Eisner dead in the street before he took over the rest of Germany and declared it a Soviet Republic, like he had already done in Munich. The holocaust is a scam that enables occupied Germany to act as Israel’s reluctant ally without the world suspecting the truth; that Israel is the spear point of the Bormann factions invisible German Empire…

  71. In the end, there is history, and there is propaganda. Soros most likely did join the Nazis, as did literally thousands of other Jews. After all, Hitler's personal driver was Jewish, so advancement was possible within their ranks.
    Soros made his mark betting against the British pound during the Thatcher regime. How did he acquire the inside information to make this bid? Certainly, it couldn't have come from a long association with the Rothschild bankers.

  72. The pattern of significant Jewish collaboration included working with the Nazis economically, politically, and criminally. For example, it was Jewish counterfeiters who so successfully copied the British pound, that it was indistinguishable from the authentic example.
    Jews today are happy to act as if their collaboration didn't occur, as if certain Jews didn't predate on their own, as if they were innocent victims, as if this gives them some right to steal Palestine with a phony religious imperative, to nuke the Levant with reckless abandon, to force the world to support such a travesty.

  73. The Rothschild banks made a formal agreement the governments in Europe to carry this out, the most high profile of which was the National Socialists.
    Throughout WW2, the high profile nature of the Nazis placed the truth, which is nuanced, into a very simple narrative. The truth is the Nazis wouldn't have gotten anywhere without significant collaboration. The truth is that those who collaborated were Jews themselves, and Soros was amongst the most successful.

  74. History tells the story that the Rothschild banking clan cooked up a plan to transfer a significant number of the European Jews to Palestine for the purposes of taking advantage of the Balfour agreement. The plan liquidated all assets of those up for resettlement, and upon arrival in Palestine, provided them with start up funds, and a stipend.

  75. Soros has told us years ago he was a Nazi. He said that he worked under a mentor to liquidate property of Jewish families facing resettlement. With access to mountains of wealth, he made his fortune.
    However, there is only one problem with this statement, and that has to do with Jewish resettlement, and who actually was behind it.

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