Watching Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate is like watching two monkeys locked in a cage hurling feces at each other. Nevertheless, considering the COVID panic Americans need to pay very close attention to what’s said. For Trumps part he has repeatedly threatened the Chinese with retaliation for unleashing the “Chinese plague” on America and promised his glassy eyed constituents that the military will oversee vaccination distribution. His rhetoric reveals intentions to initiate a biological war with China. But Trump is an amateur, in way over his head, and in the end most of what he says is just white noise. He is a pawn on the chessboard of the powers that be.

But on the other hand, Biden has unimpeachable Deep State credentials combined with a fast fading intellect that will sometimes cause him to unintentionally blurt out things he has been briefed on that only those who really run the government are supposed to know. In the last debate, he told Americans that they will be entering a Dark Winter, said it twice. Dark Winter is the name of a Bioterrorism Exercise run at Andrews Air Force Base from June 22-23, 2001, by the National Security Council.

“In their roles as National Security Council (NSC) members responding to the smallpox crisis, exercise participants were given information about unfolding events in four important ways: briefings, memos, newspaper summaries, and video news clips.

Each of the three segments began with briefings delivered to the NSC meeting by exercise controllers playing the roles of deputies or special assistants. Subsequent briefings in each segment provided NSC “players” with possible policy options for consideration.

Throughout the exercise, individual participants were given memos on issues or events within the purview of their position or agency. Participants responded to events in whatever way the felt appropriate.

The exercise began with a briefing on the geopolitical context in which the scenario occurs. At the start of segments 2 and 3, summaries of relevant news coverage of the epidemic were shown.

At five different times in the exercise, video news clips were shown which conveyed the breaking news stories occurring at that time in the scenario. The text of the news clips is not shown in this exercise script.” (1)

In the exercise Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Georgia are attacked in early December with Smallpox by an unidentified enemy. Three million cases with up to a million deaths are projected and much of the controversy we have seen with COVID prevention is anticipated. Closure of stores over the holidays is opposed by merchants, The ACLU sues Pennsylvania “over its decision to initiate mandatory vaccination of patient contacts and the imposition of travel restrictions.” (2)

Texas practically declares war on Oklahoma with the governor of Texas stating that all air traffic into Texas “originating or passing through the state of Oklahoma will similarly be stopped and turned back.” Vaccinations are limited with only “12 M doses in U.S. stockpile” and “foreign supplies limited…” (3)

The vaccination is only effective if given “3 – 5 days after exposure, with “exposure determined by history.” There are “no rapid, reliable tests” and there are “possible serious or lethal complications in 1/5000 Smallpox Vaccine.” Decisions must be made on “national vs. state vaccination policy? Ring vaccination vs. mass immunizations?” And of course, whether to hold aside “2.5 M doses for DOD? key officials?” And other various civil service miscreants like “public safety, elected officials? Their families?” (4)

After the September 11th, 2001 attack the Rand Corporation initiated their own study. Their study suggested that the “degree of integration between public health and hospitals with the planning activities of other emergency responders is greater for disaster and emergency response in general than for incidents involving the use of biological or chemical weapons.” They concluded that the “Dark Winter exercise made clear, integration between the public health and medical communities and that of other local emergency responders is a key concern.” (5)

In April of 2003, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the DoD ran a one year comprehensive study which stated goal was “to collect as much of the open source literature on manned gaming and simulations of terrorism involving WMD as possible, organize these data, and present them in an accessible format.” They concluded that “there has been little indication that exercises (or for that matter any other preparedness efforts) have resulted in substantively improved levels of preparedness for a WMD terrorism attack… (6)

Fast forward fifteen plus years and Americans are grappling with what is clearly, to the sentient among them, the first major biological attack. Clearly Trump, because that is what he has been told, blames China and has every intention of retaliating if reelected. Despite all these studies done a decade and half ago significant funds have never been allocated in accordance with their findings. Make no mistake about it. America will wipe China from the map in a war of annihilation but there will be few Americans left to enjoy the fruits of victory. Perhaps that is just the way it is intended…


1 –DARK WINTER: Bioterrorism Exercise Andrews Air Force Base June 22-23, 2001, Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense, Center for Strategic and International Studies, ANSER, & Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism,

2 – Ibid.

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5 – Davis, Lois M., and Janice C. Blanchard. “Are Local Health Responders Ready for Biological and Chemical Terrorism?” RAND Corporation, 1 Jan. 2002,


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We are living in a post-apocalyptic era where the only constant is the millstone of isolation that weighs down upon the sentient like the world on the shoulders of Atlas. Speak and no one hears, cry and no one cares, laugh and surely you are as mad as those who have brought us here. Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan is an inside account of how and why they did. Long Island is “an evil dirty place.” The Montauk Project, Flight 800, and the Amityville Horror, I am a witness to all of them and this book is my testimony.

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  1. A reminder, when we use the word identity, we are not referring to a fleeting footprint assigned via drivers license, sosh numbers, your neighbors opinion of you, or your IQ scores.
    Identity here refers to an intense core motion, within stasis. An apparent unsolvable contradiction. If it is discovered, it will tie you to the highest of the high.
    Norea has never been refuted.

  2. Identity involves the essential separation before time began. The projection and interplay is the first step, so fundamental to the process of Emanation, that this drama plays and replays with each step down that eventually makes its way to what we call here.
    This drama plays equally within as without.
    This means that the fundamental projection of the multiverse is itself alive and self described. We are not living in a cold world of implacable mechanical laws that determine physical reality. When you realize this, you won't try to explain Fatima according to your jaundiced perspective.

  3. The separation we have discussed is related to identity. In regards to the collective, identity is lost. The goal of all marxist progeny is the erasure of that deep identity. Similarly, the goal of the dawning collective is to provide an identity ready made. Both marxists and the new collective dovetail on their goals regarding the erasure and replacement of identity. It is to absorb your power, your energy, in order for it to be food for the counterfeit spirit. We need to cover the issue with the counterfeit spirit, and we intend to do so soon, however it is most crucial to understand that identity is deeply involved.

  4. That is exactly right Mike, and D. Dietrich who worked at the military S.F. Presidio for the D.O.D. becoming a research librarian, explains what they have done and how they are doing it that creates fear.

  5. The battle of Los Angeles is dated February 25, 1942. Here are computer graphic images of the type of Japanese bio-bomber craft that floated across the sky that historic night in L.A. The Japanese pilots that operated this type of craft were 4 feet tall with a missing 5th finger, because they were members of the Yakuza. In order to minimize static electricity, these pilots had to completely shave off all the hair on their body, including the eyebrows. It can be imagined that this can result in a off world appearance. This fact was greatly taken advantage of in Roswell, July 1947. When the information presented by Dietrich is received, the individual will see where all this is going.

  6. I've touched on the collective here, I've contrasted it to the spirit, because people are making a huge mistake, they are substituting the collective for the spiritual.
    The collective reaffirms your incarnate experience.
    The spirit transcends it.
    Everywhere, the collective is going to wash across this globe. The dream of some will be to manipulate it at your expense. They will attempt to convince you to reject your innate nature for their pseudosciety, and the counterfeit spirit.

  7. The energies that shape the human experience extend for durations of time we find difficult, if not impossible to comprehend. Time is not one single current, it is many, of different colours, intensities, and potentials. Cycles move within cycles, gears turn gears, it is not simply a linear expression of a planet moving through space, it is a complex multidimensional reveal.

  8. I just don't want you to lose one single reader over their "democrat & republican" narrative. What you are saying is sublime, and as many people as possible, whether they voted for Biden or Trump need to read it. And this time we will not be going home we will be taking the elevators in many municipal buildings down below the basement floor to that level no one who voted for either of those two porkers has any idea exist and we will exterminate them, no ones going home this time Mike…

  9. Said election matters who not twain

    This said

    The least shall rule

    Kingdom ruled in love

    Gospel i see preached


    in murica

  10. The signals that the war that never ended is going hot again are many, too many to hope they might mean something else. You know what this war is, its brought to you every day. You can watch the directed energy weapons on the internet. You can observe the spraying of the sky. You can peruse the photos of children mangled for life by billionaire vaccination programs. But what you can't see, unless you become very quiet, is the time running long past its last count.
    The Soul of the World is not adverse to war. She does not shrink from the violence and the chaos, but she does so with a strong proviso in mind, and that it for the war to involve everything you are, so that you can look within, and see if there is something there.
    Thus it is that war reveals, if you are a soulless beast, or if you are not.
    The Golden Eagle plunged from the sky, his mighty talons seizing upon the ungulate perched upon the cliff. In his fall, the ungulate showed no fear, for the briefest moment standing in full blossom of his living energy before being dashed to death upon the rocks below.
    No simple beasts.

  11. Jack,
    Beneath me or not, it needed to be said. This is not a defense Of Trump, it is a direct and uncompromising retort to the call of war that has been sounded, and you know it has. Everyone here should know this by now.
    Perhaps it seems meaningless in the press of insanity that has descended upon this place, but someone has to be very clear about who is opening hostilities.
    I won't be reaching for popcorn, and I won't be finding it entertaining. There is a certain thrill to battle, one which is avoided by the perpetrators at all costs, and defrayed to others, others I know quite well. This time it won't just be the survivors of the fighting to walk home with chunks of metal in their bodies.
    No way am I mindlessly supporting the depredations of the Trump presidency. Yet there were myriad ways to steer this ship besides resorting to the take down game. I know this has been long planned, and I know they are eager to let it loose. But if anyone thinks this absolves them, they are sadly mistaken.

  12. From Kevin Barret: Is Donald J. Trump the Beast of Revelation? Why does the number 666 keep turning up ― over and over again ― where Trump and his family are concerned, as documented extensively on this page? When the Hebrew prophets spoke of a “little horn” and the “Trump of Doom” were they speaking literally? A trump is a little horn. In the first book of the Bible that describes the Antichrist, Daniel 7:8 warns us about a “little horn” that speaks “boastfully” of “great things.” Trump speaks boastfully of making America “great” again, while presenting a completely negative, reverse image of Christ. Has Trump deceived the very elect, just as the ancient prophets warned us the Antichrist would?

  13. Frankly Mike I think this comment is beneath you, let the stupid fucks kill each other, as I told them at VT either way we're censored. Civil War, as bloody as possible, would be the best thing that could ever happen to America, and I guarantee you president whore, I mean Harris, will give us one. Get some pop corn, you are speaking for the goddess not the narrative of her enemies…

  14. A message for all Bidenistas.
    If you think Biden should sit in the White House, and you call yourself an American you are lying to yourself and others.
    If you think "repairing relations" with communist China means something else besides offering the last of this country up for sale, you are deluded.
    If you conclude that America needs to join the global community, and implement greater abrogation upon your liberty, independence, and guarantees from our system of government, you aren't a leftist, you are a traitor.
    People fought for your ability to continue to speak English in a world of newspeak. They fought so that your kids could have a future. They fought because they saw something to believe in that was worth fighting for. You have shit all over that legacy if you want Biden in the White House.

  15. Douglas Dietrich worked at the San Francisco Presidio as a assistant librarian where he was assigned in the burning of documents that where classified at the Cosmic level of security. It is explained in this video how he was able to do this. This video reveals what actually happened at the Battle Of Los Angeles in 1941, what happened in Roswell in 1947, what happened in Antarctica with the Germans, Admiral Byrd, and what has become known as the German Unterland located in Antarctica. This video was taken from a 3 hour radio interview in England in 2012.
    Roswell, Operation Highjump and the Opium Wars – Douglas Dietrich
    58,330 views•Jun 12, 2012

    Douglas Dietrich, Son of Adolf Hitler, Fighting AGAINST White Supremacist Neo-Nazis
    DOUGLAS DIETRICH’s Late-and-Sainted Siress, DIANNA SŪJĬN-LÍN DIETRICH (TAKABAYASHI HIDEKO), was an International Diplomatic-Level Interpreter Transitionally Privileged Personal Liaison to Hitler. She was instrumental in the contemporary Fielded Ceasefires between Imperial Japan and Nationalist China, helping Hitler to Ally with both ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá (“China”) and Daï-Nīpphôn (“Greater Japan”), instead ‘o’ taking sides with one ’gainst the other. It was also during this time Dianna Dietrich collected sperm from Hitler which was then Controlled-Temperature Stored and ultimately Artificially Inseminated within herself thirty years later to produce the Live Births ‘o’ both Douglas Dietrich and his Late Sister.
    Michael Aquino, the Satanic Military Chaplain who wrote Mind Wars, knew Douglas Dietrich was the biological son of Adolf Hitler through his intelligence connections with the National Security Administration.

    Details of this information are presented in this article on his website, but they are presented in less detail than compared to his 3 hour radio interview.

  16. The fundamental nature of this current time involves the conditions that make events on the human sphere easy to manifest. We can clearly observe that the actions humanity must respond to, are increasingly in opposition to balance, harmony, and creative expression.
    The black tyranny of this condition is inescapable. It allows for a war to be waged in secret against you, with the pretense that no war exists. The better to distort, plague, and murder those unsuspecting.
    Your fellow man cannot help you, he sees no war, no interference with the songs of this planet, and the natural flow he knows nothing about. He just wants sex and cars. His brutal drive is a brick, he sees nothing besides the fundamental lies.
    This is no time of peace, and the love I speak of is not the collective that emasculates and weakens, it must be genuine to survive in the divine darkness.
    The casualties will mount, and amongst those who have convinced themselves of their control a number of their fallen will dispelled their dream. Their confidence will echoe hollow, as irony will remind them that they brought on the war that demands their energy for its food.
    There will be no global elite presiding over their despised slaves.
    This has not happened yet, but it will, if the condition is simply apex by those still able to make a choice.

  17. What can you do?
    1) Be true to your higher nature.
    2) Make evident your intent to continue as a spiritual being.
    3) Love is pure, it is bright, it lives for the joy around it. Embrace love.

  18. I used to think that all of humanity was born with potential. I really wanted to believe that the glimpse of truth was open to everyone who had the gumption to draw the drapes and really look.
    I wanted to find the potential waiting, like a spark, because it was beautiful, no matter how much ugly tried to drown it.
    But things are never that simple.
    The forces that rue their existence now have achieved their ascendancy. Their vicious, animal natures rule their every move, their egos rejoice at the taking they are already poised to complete. I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but it has. Extinction is a powerful force, gathering the many who are ignorant of the spark. Right now my best hope is to speed this on, to make it so their time is too short for them to come to full terms with the extinction they ride like a wave. I already know this a vain hope, but it keeps me going, despite the clouds descending upon us all.

  19. Its not just the deep state, Stan. Thats the thing, you know, that its much bigger. The deep state, the leering soulless globalists, all are following a condition. Their ascendency is due to this power right now. They all congradulate themselves, take credit, and imagine it is due to their guile and courage. They are wrong.

  20. Here is further inquiry on the Parasite Pilgrims, who own, operate and control this world:

    The evidence is overwhelming that the Pilgrims Society (often called the Deep State, Senior Executive Service, Crown Agents, Shadow Government ) is manipulating the public to achieve its new world order goals .

    The evidence is overwhelming that the strategy of the Society of Pilgrims (Pilgrims Society), as conceived a long time ago by Henry (Rothschild) of Worms, First Baron Pirbright, has been stealing and arming patents from about the 1880s.

    The patents that are stolen focus on,


    wireless technology




    mental control

    Educational systems…

    Now that the activities of the Pilgrims Society are becoming known, the citizens of the world must demand that their funding be reduced, force them to hand over their mistakenly obtained profits to their victims (including the payment of the Miller Act Notice to Leader Technologies ), and (re) create governments that truly follow the Golden Rule:

    "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

  21. The view of the cosmos provides us with a glimpse of our own existence, and this existence follows the path of manifestation we have discussed here, with the Light.
    Paradox is the method by which the consciousness arrives at the doors of advancement, and finds its new operating level to explore. In order to arrive at the doors, radical acceptance must be the practice, to ensure that the lower mind does not bend the process out of shape, and render it useless. Here is where the black magicians of globalism, the neo marxist adherents of the school of jealousy launch their abductions.
    The reverse engineering of the parasite is the theme, in order to control and weaponize, never to defend, never to protect. The acolytes of jealousy do not feel the mystery flowing across them, through them, around them. They are dead.
    Thus in a ver genuine sense it is so that true change occurs when one is the ally of CHANGE, in all that entails.

  22. If we are to change conditions for the better, we would need to embrace certain realities concerning our existence. First and foremost amongst these realities is that one soul cannot ensure the advancement of another. While it may be possible with certain extremely advanced minds to provide conditions appropriate for the advancement of others, advancement itself is a curious concept involving a wide application of perspectives to even arrive at the doors of understanding.

  23. Alone and unwitnessed, New impossibilities are achieved.
    Never in crowds.
    Not through technologies.
    Never through what is defined.
    Not in what is believed.
    Impossibilities arise upon their own magic.

  24. Eternity is revealed through change. Change itself we define as motion. The dream of power is to rule change, yet how does one rule that which is beyond one's understanding?
    Those who wish it cannot imagine the next step. Even if one were to design a better car, the greatest car, it would still be a car.
    The thought holds here.

  25. And the million dollar question that I grapple with is how to change what I see and the way things are. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and getting zero traction. I'm never going to give up though.

  26. If it seems ridiculous to pick on commie Joe alone, then to be fair, we should note that the current Prez is responsible for speeding up the already blindingly fast descent to a rogue, unaccountable, government…something the constitution took great pains to prevent.

  27. The OTHER uncle Joe, for those who might wonder, was of course, Stalin, who should have the title as the top mass murderer of modern times, with a cool 55million credited to his efforts…or was it 60??? We loose count in our celebration of a politico-religious system notable only for its backward elevation of the lowest impulses, and it's leaders remarkable for their bad teeth.


  28. In honour of America's rekindled love affair with communism, a quip by that OTHER uncle Joe…
    It doesn't matter who casts the votes, it matters who counts them.
    …lucky for the current commie Joe.

  29. The dark shiny eye stirs in its cradle, looking about, active dis-ease. The punishment it wants to see.
    It hates your laughter and your nature.
    Trees have always been it's bane.
    The dark shiny eye would awaken to it's ascendancy, an ascendancy built on your bones.
    It is time to cast higher your every thought, to raise beyond the waves of a dying world. There is a spark immortal, undiminished by the death of these days.

  30. It's terribly unfair, to be in this time, this place.
    We are told so many lies about everything we have to experience, by those who find it convenient, to watch us try to digest the lies.

  31. Devourer chafe beyond the arena of the seen. Their hunger and jealousy spur them on. Ever impatient, they want the keys to power. They know they bring destruction, misery, and the end of the system that has showered them with gifts, but this has never mattered.
    Their proxy mumbles pathologies to their acolytes soothed by their mental deficiencies. They bay and howl in signs of obiesance, grabbing and clinging to the parasite they blindly follow.
    Unbelievably, it's slated to get much worse.

  32. I have moved to Tennessee and I am due at a funeral in less than four hours so I must make this brief. I will do a rant when I get settled in, promise. But for now, let me thank the people who make Jack Heart possible. Above is my new computer, paid for by you people. It is up to me to use it well and I promise you I will. Posting and answering of comments might be sporadic for the next 10 working days because that is how long its going to take to get the internet people down here. Until then its wifi hot spots, using phone and restaurants.

  33. There is the obscuring force that works directly with the parasitic. In order to hold your awareness as food that perpetuates this sphere. The ancestors saw this coalesce, the dark smoke mixed in with the pale smoke, as it became a place sustained by the energy in consciousness. Without you, will it return to the smoke?

  34. The most significant aspect of existence for us all today is the realization that much of reality is determined by a parasitic authority.
    That power in this modern world defines itself according to its ability to force itself upon the world.
    This is the inversion of the love of Emanation.

  35. If you think there is no force in this world that is destructive, negative, and regressive, you are wrong.
    If you think the forces of good triumphed over the forces of evil in WW2, you are sadly mistaken.
    If you think that people are on the verge of the great awakening, and we're all going to dance and sing kumbaya together, you are an idiot.
    If you discover within yourself an essential nature that refuses to be a tool for the direction of society and so -called humanity, congratulations, you have discovered a key to your own mystery.

  36. MK, the Spirit runs turtle island as I have absolutely no worries. I even got rid of my firearms and traded them for a set of high end bicycle wheels to roam the island….

  37. Post 36 November 1, 2017: If Trump failed, if we failed, and HRC assumed control, we as Patriots were prepared to do the unthinkable (this was leaked internally and kept the delegate recount scam and BO from declaring fraud). Dig deeper – missing critical points to paint the full picture. There is simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty.
    Analysis: This leaked threat of direct military intervention –“the unthinkable” –explains why Killary meekly backed-down from demanding a "recount" that some had been urging her to pursue (here) as well as why the post-election delegate tampering effort (here) also fizzled out. Wow! The generals and admirals really do have our backs!
    Post 44 November 2, 2017: Before POTUS departs on Friday he will be sending an important message via Twitter.
    Analysis: The trigger-tweet from Trump has been mentioned several times over the years, and is an important article-of-faith among A followers

    Post 55 November 2, 2017: Look to Twitter: Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……."
    Analysis: The post election codeword from Trump – to be tweeted after the Communists explode in red rage (as the Slimes and Compost now confirm) — as the activated NG and Marines make their “clean and swift" move while Trump activates the Emergency System. Notice how the 2017 dates for these posts — though from three years ago –precisely precede 11.3 — another known Q Anon tactic.

  38. Mike Kay – If we are going to develop any sense of reality when it comes to European America, we are going to have to go beyond the duality we are all forced to deal with, the current being the guilt by birth-and the former being manifest destiny. Here I am focusing primarily on North America. I call this a duality because it represents a wild swing from extreme to extreme, as if to say the best method to stop running in one direction is to dash madly off in the opposite direction. Honestly, America is no longer a European country. It has sunk to a precarious state of chaos, where the absolute unwillingness of the people to face anything real concerning their destiny is guaranteeing another major action by the spirit of this land. The eagerness with which people pass of the hard choices, their fervent adoption of crippling lies, and the ease by which they descend into truly primate level functioning is directly threatening their spiritual existence. The world doesn't need endless numbers of stupid monkeys in human form, and as of now countless humanimals are not making the grade. This place is both merciless and growing short on patience. The only way to avert what is coming is to move to a higher level of functioning. Failing that, it's gonna blow up real good. We all know what higher functioning entails, in that it derives from the deepest part of the light. It is valuable to study history, and to recognize both the triumphs and the disasters. However, we are hard pressed to assign any valid moral verdict on history, as we are currently undergoing a process that we really should take very seriously, but can't-and won't-if we are determined to put our cognition and our judgment in neat little boxes, removing all the odd shapes that just won't fit. This is a time where it is truly possible, even essential, to do deep soul cleaning. In order to come to terms with one's incarnation absolutely requires an uncompromising level of self honesty. This is a path that is available to everyone to change destiny. Look around, do you find yourself embracing the destiny of your fellow people? If you do, then we are done here, but if you don't then you must do the work to not suffer the fate that unbelievably unfolds before your hands. – MK

  39. Mike Kay – George, since we are taking this to the Americas, we're taking this to the Americas. Warning, this will not be politically correct, or sensitive to people's feelings… No one has anything useful to say about European colonialization of the Americas if they are ignorant of the prophecies.
    If you don't know what I refer to, then be advised that Red Jaguar of the Maya of Central America wrote extensively concerning the return of the white brother, and the Aztecs, and the Hopi. They were told if they did not follow the difficult path to advancement, that they could expect ruin at the point of return. Out of respect, this is all I will say, however it is clear that the path of advancement was not taken. You, my dear white reader was prophesied to be here, on this very land. Think about that, when Joe Biden tells you to celebrate your replacement by immigrants from every nonwhite country on this earth. This land in the Americas has a lot of power, and a lot of iron. It does demand an adherence to higher principles while providing ample opportunity for every sick deviance imaginable. Why? Because here you will be made, or you will be broken. America is not a nice place. Its spirit is not given to rest. The Navajo have a series of stories, about the people of the wind. The people of the wind fall into mishap after mishap, because they cannot take the difficult path. The Americas are a merciless place, a graveyard of lost civilizations, of giants, of monuments modernists are too stupid to recognize. What do you think is going to happen to the neo Marxist globalist ascendancy, dear reader?
    Think hard. – MK

  40. David Wilcock, only if you bend over and let him. I offer no such thing, but what I can tell my Patreon readers is the "Illuminati" need protection from me. In my soon to be available book, in our exegesis on Legion, and plenty which we've made available free of charge on the open internet, the reason why is explained and I don't charge 333$. Some may give me more, and to them I am eternally grateful, but you cannot charge people more than they can afford to free them, I am at the disposal of all who have five dollars and a will to transcend this now accursed place. Morrison already told them, "no one here gets out alive…"

  41. I recall reading on the M.S. King website, Tomato Bubble," that the NSDAP issued an official "White Paper" to the US federal government concerning the pre-war provocative movement of the British Army across France towards Germany. There was no American reply. In the recent "Dunkirk" Hollywood movie, the British soldiers were machine gunned by the Luftwaffe on their retreat back to England. That never happened.

  42. D.,
    The power of Jungs' approach is undisputed today. Like the quantum, it exists beyond the abrahamic fold. Jung was the only psychologist capable of discussing the Gods in a significant manner. Couched in politically correct jargon, his essay on Wotan remains singularly significant today.

  43. KMB,
    This requires a longer response than Google allows me to print here, when they allow me to post at all. For longer posts I have to count on the patience of Jack Heart.
    The story continues.

  44. MK, the average American just loves Columbus even though he was a mass murderer of Native American peoples and will get angry to the point of violence if that fact is pointed out.

  45. Heard my son's teacher tell his class that we wear masks to protect and respect others. This is such a load of complete and utter brainwashed bullshit — the masses have been scripted well. Just like when covid hit and lines and lines of folks with toilet paper in their carts. At the time I thought something is scripting their reality–telling them to buy toilet paper. Good grief it is a mental institution in an open air prison.

  46. A very old practicing psychiatrist living in LA whom I saw a few times had a copy of the Red Book on his coffee table when I had a few sessions. I asked him what the Red Book was and thus started my research into Jung….he had studied with Jung back in Switzerland (I think) when he was starting out. He used spirit to provide therapeutic counseling–this old dude was amazing.

  47. I'd say this is my experience for the past however long…its disturbing and I can't find any peace except for a few things that I do deeply enjoy doing still.

  48. I've always thought that Star Wars 'story' resonated deep in the cells of people that love and have watched it. Millions of people that connect to something deeper than a fictional story–however they don't know why they do.

  49. No Google, not pre emotive, preemptive.
    Barbarossa was a preemptive strike, Google.
    Preemptive is the word I chose, and you changed without my permission.
    Annoying, that some bat eared goof can simply alter my text.

  50. Examples, provided here to illustrate the willful corruption of history into "official" narratives…
    Russia, we are told never lost a war. Of course this is true, as long as we ignore the Mongols, the Huns, and the Russo-Japanese war. It's not just ignorance the good guy narrative is propagating.
    The Russians, led on by communist party agents, orchestrated a mass campaign of rape against German women. These same Soviets kidnapped every scientist and engineer they got their hands on. One notable case, Hugo Schmeisser, who doubtlessly was forced to offer his expertise in the development of the AK-47.
    BTW, for those who say Germany just got what they deserved, the attack on communist Russia was pre emotive, didn't the USA have a president who embraced this strategy?
    One more quick example; if Pearl Harbor was such a surprise attack, causing such anguish, why did the USA declare war on Germany before declaring war on Japan?
    Really, is that how people work? You get jumped by Guido, but the first thing you do is kick some dude who never hit you?
    The official narrative is consistent only if it goes unexamined. The unexamined history is not worth believing.

  51. The reactive outrage from the demented champions of the dead good guy narrative illustrates directly the observation of the Dalai Llama, and I paraphrase…
    In the west a great deal of time and effort is spent to develop the mind. Yet nothing is spent to develop the heart.
    The fake good guy narrative is directly responsible for never ending military occupations, deranged social engineering objectives that are inherently suicidal, direct long term offensives against personal liberty and self direction, and a new tyranny launched by billionaires whose anti life allegiance is so plain to see it is missed by almost everyone.
    Death to the rancid good guy narrative. Life to the truth.

  52. UFO Conspiracy Theorists Offer 'Ascension' From Our Hell World for $333

    UFO Conspiracy Theorists Offer 'Ascension' From Our Hell World for $333
    David Wilcock and Corey Goode are peddling salvation, protection from the "illuminati deep state," and bogus COVID-19 explanations to millions on YouTube.

    Cory Goode says he was in bible school to become a minister. David Wilcock works the same way. When they are together or separate I get the impression the audience is bunch of new age christain types. $$$.
    Goode says that ascension is any conscious expanded thinking. To me ASCENSION is final, you are gone baby, GONE.

  53. Most of all, the good guy narrative so beloved by officialdom completely ignores the fact that the demented wasteland we call the modern world is brought to us all by this alleged great moral victory.
    Is the stilted good guy narrative behind WW2 showing serious cracks? Yes, it is. The ignorant will continue to mindlessly support their Hollywood history despite all truth, the reputations built on phantasie narratives will for a while continue to be magnets for money and tv interviews, and the horrors perpetrated, orchestrated, and blamed upon those who didn't do them will continue to fuel modern agendas of genocide, international crime, and global enslavement.
    While groups focused on washing their hands can for a while longer continue to shine under artificial light, the corrosive energy of their buried evil will further fragment and compromise the dying beast called the modern world.

  54. It never occurs to the self proclaimed good guys that advancing their status with omissions and phantasie narratives leaves them vulnerable to any honest examination. Truth will out. It never occurs to them that they cannot dismiss their own forced relocation programs, death camps, ethnic targeting, terrorism, agitation and conspiracies while focusing on those who cannot defend themselves with smear campaigns and lies.

  55. "Revisionist" history is what the good guys call it.
    This stems from a perspective that status quo history includes the right to ignore key facts, developments, and actions. It includes a hypocritical grandstanding whereby a fake moral authority goes with military success. This puerile stance comes fully equipped with blinders to any and all complicity towards the war going hot, and the conditions we have inherited from this selection of fiction and exclusionary events to paint a certain historical picture.

  56. Pushback from the self proclaimed good guys.
    Russia, who now views their descent into communism as a good thing, is joined by certain western intellectuals to declare that yes, they really are still the goog guys, WW2 is over, and any attempt to assign any responsibility for starting the war to the good guys must be silenced

  57. Thanx Stan.
    I should perhaps explain, and one day I may finally do so. The pain is not simply physical, and so deadening this pain is at best only a temporary relief, that carries with it a host of even deeper ramifications.
    The classic question, is the cure worse than the disease?
    I will say this much, the pain medication I have tried either doesn't work, or it really doesn't work. Thus, my method is to become the pain, and with this I can restore some function.

  58. Whenever we attempt to reduce mystery, we are truly attempting to reduce the awe. However, no explanation from any divinity school can address the mystery, because as soon as it does, it's merely discussing it's idea of the mystery.
    Norea, the beautiful light, needs no description, because Her mind and the mystery are One.

  59. Here is a translation of ''The Thought of Norea''…..

    Father of All, Ennoia of the Light,

    dwelling in the heights above the (regions) below, Light dwelling in the heights, Voice of Truth, upright Nous, untouchable Logos, and ineffable Voice, incomprehensible Father!

    (Nous: My first encounter of this description was from the R+C, who state it is sourced from the Sun.)

    It is Norea who cries out to them.

    They heard, (and) they received her into her place forever.

    They gave it to her in the Father of Nous, Adamas, as well as the voice of the Holy Ones,

    in order that she might rest in the ineffable Epinoia,

    in order that might inherit the first mind which had received,

    and that might rest in the divine Autogenes,

    and that she (too) might generate herself, just as she also has inherited the living Logos,

    and that she might be joined to all of the Imperishable Ones, and speak with the mind of the Father.

    And she began to speak with the words of Life,

    and remained in the presence of the Exalted One,

    possessing that which she had received before the world came into being.

    She has the great mind of the Invisible One, and she gives glory to Father,

    and she dwells within those who […] within the Pleroma, and she beholds the Pleroma.

    There will be days when she will behold the Pleroma, and she will not be in deficiency,

    for she has the four holy helpers who intercede on her behalf with the Father of the All, Adamas.

    He it is who is within all of the Adams, possessing the thought of Norea,

    who speaks concerning the two names which create a single name.

    Source ~

    Thank you for another tip Mike, this information resonates what was experienced on that bright Summer Day, 43 years ago.
    Forever Risen, Forever Received, in the crucifixion of the Triple Flame.

  60. "The sense of absolute unreality pervades much like being in the mental institution portrayed in Legion run by that demented lesbian."

    Exactly nine, which is why we are doing Legion

  61. Mike Kay – George,
    In order to refute Gnosticism, the Christians would have to prove that the Gnosis is something else entirely. This is so because the numinous is approached via Gnosis. Jews and Christians are justly famous for savaging and contaminating the Gnostic gospel. In their warped imaginations, this desecration destroys the validity of the message, yet here they are fundamentally in error. The abrahamics cannot refute Gnosis, because Gnosis is beyond their understanding. They still cannot grasp that their attack upon Norea has failed, and that their delight in defilement takes them ever farther away from reality. Despite their most vindictive efforts, we hear her strong voice today, as she calls upon the essence, and gives it a name.
    Gnosis is not available to them to codify, refute, or deny.
    The origin story goes back to the earliest moment, and beyond. The image is alive with the fire of vision.
    The truth is that the Gnostics weren't refuted, they were murdered. Like the Platonists, Gnostics felt the full wrath of the abrahamics, consecutive campaigns of erasure, deportation, incarceration, death. Our heart still burns, when we remember Hypatia.
    If anything, the lives of people like Carl Jung are a testament to the fact that no refutation ever took place, only paroxyms of hate and violence. The Gnostic is born to Gnosis, and this will spontaneously occur again and again despite the abrahamic betrayal. The time of the abrahamics is a greased wheel, they cannot in their fear and their lust hold onto what they already rejected.
    Their time is over, but their payment has only just begun.
    We remember the voice of Norea, the beautiful, who called upon the highest, and was heard. – MK

  62. MK talks about a very real separation of people from the paridime as that is directed by Spirit as I simply walked away from it 10 years ago as have many around me as I believe its time and days are numbered.

    No matter who is president will bring the world back as we knew it. Went out to eat at a trendy micro brewery with all the masked zombies who walk into the restaurant with a mask, then proceed to the bar and remove the mask and like magic there is no virus as the ritual makes it some sort of talisman of protection however, are not modern doctors even worse than witch doctors?

    The sense of absolute unreality pervades much like being in the mental institution portrayed in Legion run by that demented lesbien.

  63. Mike Kay – Gnosticism derives from direct contact with the numinous. The Gnostic is the liminal consciousness. The experiential informs the material, imbibing such with significance that mere measure cannot achieve. This is not a set system, there is no official channel to weaponize. It cannot be controlled, diffused, refuted, or summarized. Like Fatima, the terror of the numinous can only be buried-at one's own considerable risk.
    Weaponizing higher functioning carries with it the anger of the Gods, and right now is an especially bad time to indulge in this process.
    Perhaps the greatest modern example of the modern Gnostic is Jung. The Jews attacked him for being a Gnostic, their own warped imaginations assigning to him their terrors and savagery. They succeeded in burying the Gnostics once again, as they steered the world into newfound lows.
    The Red Book, long hidden, is the visual narrative of direct spiritual contact. The rules this contact follows as foreign to abrahamics as the spontaneous arrival of alien insects to 19th century scientists.
    I could describe the origin of Gnosticism, and it's spontaneous reinvention. The Nag Hammadi Library was revealed through Her. She made sure that Her story is available in this time. I cannot convince anyone of the deep truth here, I can only say that this body of work gave credence and connexion that the abrahamics had warred to remove for centuries.
    Alone and amidst the shifting forms, the glow of the light. When you discover your own glow, you will become aware of your true home. – MK

  64. Mike Kay – George, You had mentioned that the Christians had successfully refuted the Gnostic Sages in the comment section. Dr. Jones, a prominent Christian theologians, is a champion of this perspective. He asserts that Gnosticism is a reinvention at the university level of a dead religion. Dr. Jones is wrong.
    Everything that happens on the university level is an emotional intellectual construct based upon long understood perspectives regarding power, energy, and the material sphere. It tends to lead society, because of its unique position in society, but it is completely bound by the greater tenets and concepts of that society. If this sounds like a contradiction, it is not. Those invisible concepts and beliefs that structure world views both guide and bind. Before we get too lost in the role and affect of university, it is important to understand that university has no more understanding of spirituality than any other human endeavor, which in this society is somewhere between almost immeasurable and none.
    What is called Gnostic, and deeply feared by Dr. Jones is nothing more than a neo-Marxist ideology repackaged into a pseudo-spiritual guise.
    The biggest issue with the current paradigm is that it must reduce everything to a weapons technology.
    What Irenaeus missed, what Dr. Jones and his embattled Christians miss, what the Jews and the Scientism-sits miss, is that a political ideology can only masquerade as a spirituality. Spirituality is only experiential.
    This is exactly what Master Dionysus gave them, and they shit all over it like stupid monkeys fighting over rotten fruit.
    The much vaunted refutation refute nothing, because they come from a crippled ideology that had to invent a fictional past, because it's genuine origin is purely political, as devoid of spirituality as the Caesars and Flavians were devoid of compassion.
    One cannot use set of measures to define that which is beyond that set, yet this is exactly what Christians have done, and continue to do. This is their identity, and they obsess with externalizing it onto the Gnostic. Guess what, such not a refutation, not even close.
    The neo-Marxist university types play fancy and loose with their next barrage of self satisfied rhetoric, driving Lexus cars and speed dialing each other. Their collective has always been mistaken for a spirituality, and the Christians fall for it. – MK

  65. When Corey Goode came out to reveal his world to the earth groundlings,
    he chose David Wilcock to connect with. I think that was a mistake. Wilcock can be tolerable in an interview, but when he is on stage with a "live" audience he reveals a personality similar to a Christian fundy preacher. He has stated he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. I think it is Wilcock who wants to connect Maria with the Plejaren woman Semjase. Maria was born Halloween Day 1895. In 1975 when Meier had his first contact with Semjase, she was +/= 300 years old. In the video I watched with Goode and Wilcock together on stage, they had two Computer graphics of Maria. One depicted her standing next to the outside rim of what looked like a Haunebu ship, complete with landing gear that had twin wheels with tires. Why did you do that Corey?

  66. There's a chasm now Joe, this piece was defined as politics by them as an excuse not to publish it. As we all know only MI6 talking points are permitted in VT’s political content, but this is straight up military intelligence, the kind they can't even get anymore. Where do you think it came from? Trump and Biden were treated equally badly because that's the way I feel about both of them, but they are not the story. Dark Winter is the story, let’s just hope it’s not a bedtime story. We are working feverishly on our own website, the further we are removed from the internet clown show the better.

  67. It almost doesn't matter any more, how destructive the control complex can become, because this destruction is their own. The control complex can no longer serve to perpetuate itself, it's lust for wreckage is absolutely beyond it's own ability to control.
    For a short time, the fall of the hammer will continue to sound, but as those who sew it back together are punished by the hammer, there will be a lessening in repair, and with the lack of repair the lust for destruction will inevitability turn against itself.
    Where do you stand?

  68. It almost doesn't matter any more, how destructive the control complex can become, because this destruction is their own. The control complex can no longer serve to perpetuate itself, it's lust for wreckage is absolutely beyond it's own ability to control.
    For a short time, the fall of the hammer will continue to sound, but as those who sew it back together are punished by the hammer, there will be a lessening in repair, and with the lack of repair the lust for destruction will inevitability turn against itself.
    Where do you stand?

  69. When we begin to put it all together, we are confronted with a personal dilemma that is incredibly disturbing. The mind seeks to quell the disturbance, and failing that, the mind seeks refuge and escape in some other venue.
    The contradictions look, yet the energies do not cancel out.
    This is the work of consciousness, to bring its measure to build walls, and never be at peace with them.

  70. When George Lucas, et al, designed the fictional Star Wars galaxy they did so in concert with some of the most intense research into genuine spiritual and warrior traditions ever undertaken. Thus, with much behind the pre-Disney productions, the echoes of reality carry through the story, and are picked up by the audience and the fans on a level beyond regular mundane awareness.
    This story is an allegory to life.

  71. The deep motivations are dividing humanity, ever wider separation between those who cling to the whirling broken remains of their flying machine, and those who are done with the paradigm. This is not an artificial separation, designed by military programmers wearing corporate suits. That separation, as designed has failed. The money spent continues to line pockets, because they can fool themselves that their divisiveness extends beyond themselves.
    There is a deep purpose to the true separation. It is directly linked to identity, and it is terrible.

  72. There is no group with temporal power that is truly in charge. There are some which are better opportunists, better influence peddlers, and who believe they are near the point of leaping for the driver's seat, but nothing here has the slightest tint of being in charge.

  73. Mike Kay – George,
    I won't write much about myself, because there is nothing to say. No grand adventures, no accolades, no accomplishments, nothing. In fact, George, I don't even belong here, I'm no willing partner to the games so interesting to everyone else, I certainly have no place, that has been taken away again and again and again.
    That I am generally hated is simply a fact of existence, it doesn't matter what I think about it. It doesn't matter at all, but for the curiosity of it. BF Skinner set the stage for modern psychology when he stated that humans are a blank slate at birth, subject to whatever manipulation the control complex wants to deliver. He was right about the abuse, but he was wrong about the rest. There are conditions set that are already determined upon birth. Plato said we have a limited choice here, yet some have no real choice at all.
    Since my dance with death in hospital, the pain becomes at times crippling. Working through the pain is to become the pain.
    Personally, there is nothing biblical about my predelections. I am of course quite familiar with Christianity, and have the great misfortune to have to navigate the other three branches of the abrahamic mythos. Despite the fanatical efforts to beat abrahamism into me, quite literally, it never took root, obviously.
    As I've said, the more one learns the less freedom one has. Recently, I met Her in a golden place, and she told me she still had a purpose in mind for me. Well, that's great, I guess.
    You wrote me, and that's what got the ball rolling. Other than that, I can honestly report there are greater forces at work.

  74. Openly attacking the Government or VT? One and the same however, my expertise was surviving their BS as my opinion? Ignore them and let them do what they do. Notice I won't comment on any article as my Hitler pal says he misses my comments. LOL

    Even Jim Dean. He is week minded and believes the BS however, these guys are pushing 80 so leave them to their future which is the grave and nothing more for them since they care not for the future generations.

    The best one can do with the US Government is co exist with them as that can and should be done by us. Best bet? meet up with local like minded folks for survival not fighting the US Government as they are doomed in their present form.

    Just an opinion Jack and Orage and pals here.

  75. Remember Stan as my Hitler pal always says that the internet has a rabbit hole for every person. LOL

    However, energy is Spirit as that rules the universe IMO….

  76. The ancient prophecy the Cabal has long been preparing for, the mini solar nova, the great solar plasmic flash and release that is described, will effect the transformation/transfiguration of all earth humans who survive the event, into the fourth dimensional state. This prophecy is stated to occur anytime from the present to no later than the year 2024. The hyper-ancient inter-galactic A.I. god will be wiped out. Former earth human E.T.'s will come down to assist and help with the new world. Most of them will have brown skin with the minority being the Nordic type.
    Information states that since the year 1920, this solar system and the 52 star group around it, has moved into an area containing a high frequency energy "froth." It is being said that this energy is effecting humans in two ways, the NPC's are having a hard time coping, will be more and more confused and even experience anger. The neutral-positive types will experience enhanced thinking and understanding.
    While listening to Corey Goode dispense this information, he said the German Vril leader Maria Orsic and the Plejaren woman Semjase, is the one and same person.
    This video concerns current events of an "intelligence" discussion of events and various CIA machinations.

    Possible China Coup, Rogue CIA Nuclear Submarine, Militias vs Anarchists & Q-Larp Infiltrion.
    152K subscribers

    Recorded on August 20th (Dr. Salla & Corey Goode). We cover the recent social media censorship, Q Anon Infiltration, Rogue CIA Naval Fleet, Possible China Coup & Militias vs Anarchists.

  77. "Whoever said that the bioweapon COVID-19, which was first deployed against China last year was a one-shot deal? Isn’t it probable that new strains of it are being developed and deployed all the time? It was deployed in the USA not only to cover the biggest transfer of wealth to the 1% in human history, but to cull the herd of the elderly, the infirm, and the mask-eschewing too-stupid-to-live Trumpsters. So far, it’s doing a great job, but if the general population starts developing herd immunity then it’s back to the lab to come up with something better. As General Electric used to say, “Progress is our most important product.” typical VT comment with all of their propaganda. Their hero Putin just ordered masks for the country just like tRump will mandate that vaccine for big pharma. VT? Domestic enemies I see as they work for the folks doing all of this Jack.

  78. Many would say that the Gnostic sages were debunked centuries ago by the Christian sages, and this is true. Does not it say in Revelations, the only relevant part of the bible now, that the Devil will hold sway over the world a thousand years? But with the revelation of the nag hammadi tracts that changed, the Truth will always raise up mighty prophets in the end…

  79. Orage and I were discussing you last night Mike, what has gotten into you? You were always brilliant, in fact on VT your comments were considerably better written than most of the writers pieces, and I’m talking about back in the day when VT had the market cornered on the best of the best the internet had to offer. But now you have morphed into some kind of biblical prophet, you know things no other human knows without ever having been told them and are able to describe them in prose that would have been the envy of Herman Melville. In truth our Jesuit friends have been in contact with me recently about you. Now I’m not going to get into that he said she said bullshit, I never did even when I was running the streets with the bikers and the mob. But I will tell you what I said. I told them the boys in the back room are using technology but “Mike is using spirit. You should know how much more potent the latter is…” The truth is that Man can morph back into the original species, which as you say were the Jötunn. Just like cultivars in a garden can morph back into the original species, highly undesirable to landscaper because the species only follows the laws of Nature and can no longer be controlled by the gardener. In a post-apocalyptic world there will be far fewer humans but the good news is there be no gardeners. And fuck the Rosicrucian’s and their tacky Georgia Guidestones, the human race better remember to keep it that way so we never have to do this again…

  80. Mike Kay – George,
    Dark Winter, this arrived at a time when I've gotten a number of signals of the war that never ended going hot once again. I'm reminded of the Ioten. In modern vernacular they are referred to as the Titans, the Giants, the Orcneas. In a very real sense, they are our ancestors. People today carry on their genetic heritage, some more than others.
    Ioten however, has a deeper meaning: Devourer.
    The Devourer has a characteristic of self destruction, through the annihilation of the world. The lore reminds us that the Ioten have brought about the destruction of themselves and creation previously, and are slated to do so again. The Ioten devours everything.
    In the dying embers of the afterlight, the cosmos vanishes from existence. Only the core of consciousness remains.
    I wouldn't cash in all my chips just yet, but there are many who will cling to the broken structures that whirl down into oblivion.
    I try to make sense of the cold mercilessness of this time, and then I remember that she herself is bound by the condition of her fall. Like her progeny, she has forgotten, and thus she cannot answer certain questions, for she has lost herself.
    We are here as the result of eternity revealing itself.

  81. The question regarding the survival of humanity is indeed a very genuine one, in that it is not a mere intellectual endeavor, but one which is at the center of this rite of passage.

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