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We’ve got serious work to do here and we will not be sidetracked by circus side shows. I’ve already said on Facebook that I will not talk about COVID anymore but this morning one of our best researchers sent me this:

“Hi Jack, just a quick update. Still looking into the PCR test / Chromosome 8 theory. Here is article debunking it: A response to this article: “Also, this is RT-PCR, not PCR we are talking about, see Pasteur document. First the reverse transcriptase is working to produce the DNA from the RNA, and then the primer/replication process starts. Does this mean that it would be reversed again into the chromosome 8 sequence?” I don’t know if you are looking into this but I just wanted to forward it in case. It’s hard to comprehend for me, trying to work it out with a friend who actually does covid PCR testing. So i’m not sure who is right at this point. In anyway it’s a point of discussion in the politics in NL. 90% false positives are being talked about. Take care”

My answer:

‘All this discussion over a common cold, a class 4 on the Baltimore scale, that in reality has killed 8000 people in America according to censored CDC reports. These guys need to get a real job, get out of the house, maybe see a little of the world before they start arguing about what is to those of us who holistically view these current events an obvious ploy to justify an economic reset. Fuck this shit #$. don’t show me genome sequences from a science, that mind you is at best only one quarter understood, show me the bodies. As a man whose travelled every state east of the Mississippi since late May I can tell you there ain’t any…’

That’s my final word on COVID, now I could say so much more but I won’t waste your time or my time with it. When I hit the road in late May, I didn’t know what to expect. Would I catch it, would travel even be possible, what would I do if I caught it? At the time getting medical treatment for it was near impossible. You see I believed in the COVID just as much as anyone else.

What I found out is they are perpetrating a complete fraud, nobodies’ dying that wasn’t dying before “COVID…” If you don’t believe that then try talking openly about it on social media or in once trusted alternative news publications like Drudge, Zero Hedge or Veterans Today. COVID is not open for discussion because just like every other phantom it melts away in the light of day. Forget it and go about your lives, it’s for the sub-creatures to worry about. Jesus Christ they may even die. Imagine that…

What you need to worrying about is things like the second in command of the United States of America phasing out like a virus afflicted Google search during an interview last week. Yea “Good Morning, Sunday morning…” Take a look at the interviewers face while she’s sputtering. The moon is all over the night sky, I told you this over a year ago and it’s since been confirmed by others. Take a look at this frothing at the mouth Christian’s video of the sun setting right into the clouds, a pretty neat trick for something that is supposedly 93 million miles away from those clouds.

He has others of the sun setting right into the sea. I’ve been watching these very same things for just about the past two years. This is a hologram, a signal; a program like what runs your computer and just like that program it is subject to something called bit rot. With hard drives “saved bits can flip their magnetic polarity. If enough of them flip without being corrected, that can lead to bit rot. Solid-state drives, meanwhile, lose their data when the insulating layer degrades and the charged electrons leak out.” (1)

Either way, computer programs do not last forever and by my estimate, using Montauk Project lore, this program is 89 years old. Dissolution is inevitable but as Quantum Immortality tells us consciousness is eternal. Assuming that if you are reading this, unlike the vast majority who are nothing but program, you are conscious and you will not fade away. You will create a new world, a new program, in order for you to continue your existence.

The present program was created in accordance with the Nazi religion, it was an attempt at the unification of the He and She, as laid out for you by Miguel Serrano and myself in Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. It had nothing to do with your own personal fulfillment as an individual. Which is why everyone of you has wrestled with the lions of existentialism every time you became more introspective than your garden variety man or woman was meant to be. This Timeline was never meant for you. But as the generators, the Alcheringa of the hologram, we can fix that for the next one. We will have to work together but, remember there is only strength in unity.

Personally I’m going full on, I’m taking hits left and right financially but I guess resistance is to be expected. Even a dying animal will fight for its last breath, so much more so a dying world. I’ve thus far sunk 340$ into a web site and had to pocket another 200$ earmarked to fix my laptop because my lap top can’t be fixed. Now one of you was good enough to give me 550$ and some of you may think that leaves me with over 200$ extra. Wrong! That leaves me without a laptop.

I’ll get Legion on the tower one way or another, even if I have to pay for it again, it’s that important and the data from the laptop can be retrieved thanks to our new IT guy who tells me to think of him as my little anonymous gnome in the shadows. But for now on no more distractions; I don’t care if Ian personally shoots Donald Trump dead at his next rally; the main stream narrative has nothing to do with reality. “Good Morning, Sunday morning,” that’s reality. We will start with the Bormann Faction and the evolution of evil on this timeline because in order to eradicate something one must first Understand how it works.

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021


1 – Paul, Ian. “Bit Rot: How Hard Drives and SSDs Die Over Time.” How-to-Geek. 23 Mar 2020. Web.


  1. Mike Kay – George,
    The Jesuits didn't simply object to my presence here. If they had merely objected, things would not have plunged into the circus of abuse that characterized that time. If it isn't clear why I cannot join them, a cursory view is all that is required for the answer.
    They show who they are through their actions, and those actions are completely congruent with the decisions they made when they were presented with their pivotal moment. It is their stamp of identity, one which is becoming increasingly irrelevant as this paradigm moves through it's final phases.
    Our pastor commits himself to that paradigm wholeheartedly, lost in the hybridization of politics and spirituality that wounds and obscures. He can't find his way out, except to appeal to the collective, the only ersatz spirituality available to the political. All congruent, all in keeping with the rejection of everything real for fleeting temporal dominance.
    The reality of all abrahamics is that promise for temporal dominance in exchange for worship. The error here is the assumption that anything rooted in perpetual change can be eternal. Their great pact came with it's own time limit, George, something all abrahamics will fight like junkyard dogs to avoid. Yet in their moments of repose, they are quite aware of their waning authority. This is exactly what our pastor is facing, a microcosm for his entire ascendancy.
    Those who only have the temporal have nothing when the temporal changes, which she always will do.
    I find it a patent irony, that someone like me finds an awesome significance in an event directed at others, and buried by them. In a way it is a parable for all humanity, and this may very well be the central reason humanity, and what passes for it, is being taken through this rite of passage, to succeed or fail according to their own.

  2. What the Owners and Operators of this world have long laid out as a form of spiritual containment to maintain the hold of earth human consciousness, They themselves do not partake in. Looking at many Polish videos with translated subtitles into english about information given from Emery Smith, all secret black corporate/military discoveries about enhanced medical developments, DNA mixing, technological achievements, expansion of physics, ET cooperation or just any and all phases concerning earth human progress and evolution, is handed over to the Vatican. Is all this one massive lie to enforce the illusion of power? In the form of real actuality though, is the amount of activity in the sky and solar system that is being witnessed and disclosed, I would say, on purpose, everyday now around the world.

  3. When we consider our current circumstances, we are directly confronted with the actions of consciousness. Consciousness has its own, natural way of being, a way that is not static, a way that is intrinsic to life here, now.
    Most of equate awareness with consciousness, but such is not the case. Awareness merely describes a state, while consciousness carries unknown potential.
    Solaris Blueraven instructs us that the current goals of the ruling classes of this planet include building an artificial ceiling to consciousness, a cutting off and a holding down. She assures us this is in opposition to the purposes of life.
    So, how can this be?
    Consciousness is never static, however, consciousness here is intrinsically linked to it's compliment. One can understand this compliment as a primordial and essential aspect of this existence. That a deep interplay occurs between consciousness and it's compliment has been repeatedly proven by psychologists, mystics, and philosophers across European history.
    The emergence of consciousness can be stunted, impaired, fractured. The policies of impairment have long been positioned within this abrahamic society.
    Considering what is at stake, an important step involves the recognition that consciousness is currently being punished, together with understanding that consciousness is intrinsic. A recognition that the negative manipulation of consciousness is possible, carries with it the acknowledgement that globalist actors are actively engaged in this program.
    Before a defense of life and consciousness can be effectively mounted, the makeup of the attack should be understood.

  4. And MK and Pastor Chuck nailed it with their writings that the Church was given a choice and choose the path that we are going. Looks like America will become a medical police state and perhaps relocating to an area of total non compliance such as the American Bible belt might be the answer and become the new "Amish" with guns and tech.

    You had mentioned Tennessee perhaps but look at Memphis and Nashville shitholes full of covid Karens and the cucks that follow them.

    I have to laugh at a writer whom interviewed an Amish guy about covid and if he were afraid and he said "no, we don't have TV's" LOL!!

    And to VT and their writers cheering this on? Hmm….

  5. well Jack, was at the grocery store yesterday and 99% wear the mask now and this is trumplandia for sure! The time is coming to perhaps purchase that Glock and simply open carry with the thing on ones hip for the "mask" people whom actually believe the thing works as its like a religious thing.

    Its usually a 40 something white male as I stare em down with my best "fuck you" stare I can muster.

    Fuck you and fuck your mask.

  6. well Jack, you now have a ministry as his disiple how would you run it as perhaps you pass it to me?

    I follow a Jesuit trained theolegan….

    our churches are drive through in nature

  7. put on a cross for telling truth

    taking care of the old reality we create the new

    gospel I see

    let the monkeys throw feces upon each other

    crowley a genius as you deserve the gods you get

  8. The clouds of disinformation generated from the euphemistically labeled "news" might seem to be a mere disconnect, a mistake, were it not for the oppressive "virtue signaling" they wear on their sleeves.
    The complicity of the masses reveals at once the hypocrisy and the basic terror they experience in human form.
    I get a bit annoyed, having to revisit this cesspool created by those who have all the means, yet none of the will. It's one thing to corner all the resources if you are following vision, something else entirely if you operate at the level of the Devourer for the purpose of existing as a Devourer.
    The punishment delivered for daring to be something besides food for Them is at once an unnecessary, as well as a regressive constraint designed to keep souls wallowing in the wake of Her fall.

  9. Mike Kay – George, I don't think the demented corporate monkeys are very happy about you posting the pastor's essay. If anything, though our pastor is whispering in a hurricane, because he doesn't sense that this time is a perfection of all things laid down previously. He mentions spiritual solutions, but not Mary of Fatima, which was the pivotal moment for the Christians to act. I'm no Christian, George, but I understand the spiritual imperative, and I know what happens when a organization confuses spirituality and politics. The irony is that they were handed the moment to act, yet all they could do was become enraged over the manner in which their truth was laid bare. Do you see the parallel to today? It should be clear. The Judeo-Bolshevik hijack of the Russian revolution focused on deception, yet once the deception was revealed, the revolution continued. It had become a reality, and few had the wherewithal to reach above the murder and betrayal. Their own cowardice, their own complicity ensured exactly what Maria of Fatima had placed into the hands of the church to decide, and decide they did. The church has no spiritual authority left. When the soldiers of the Reich returned the favour to the Soviets, and attacked them in operation Barbarossa, they found churches turned into barns, livestock plots, machine shops. Where was the power of your church then? Americans are so completely non spiritual that they can't tell the difference between a collective consciousness and a spiritual event. Those who do see, those who do perceive realize there is no return to a more defined, more comfortable past condition. Be careful what you choose, because where you walk will write your destiny. In this hour great decisions are being made that will play out in the time ahead, not the least of which is whether this planet will have a human population in the near future. MK

  10. There are two sides that make up this one big ass planned out problem. One is the mandated government control over the entire population and the other is the population group 1 who just want their life back verses the population group 2 that worships the viral god because it gives them something to believe in. This 2nd group would be the ones who are independently wealthy or maintain full employment by working at home via the internet or are government civil servants.
    If I copy and paste the 2nd pastor comment on the "They Fly Blog" as a response to the new Plejaren contact dated 10-22-2020, I would be inundated with humiliating insults from Michael Horn and his female attack dog. Complete lockdown, social distancing, respirator/ FFP2-FFP3 masks are once again severely advised so they say from the Plejaren.

  11. The only thing Christians can focus on is Donald Trump’s reelection. They are absolutely insensible to the fact that all of this happened ON TRUMP’S WATCH—and with his assistance. Donald Trump is as much a stooge of evil spirits as anyone else in Washington, D.C.
    In fact, I just discovered that here in Montana, the governor’s Emergency and Disaster orders expired months ago. The only Emergency Order (EO) that is in effect, the EO that maintains the phony corona narrative, the EO that keeps businesses closed, keeps churches closed, keeps theaters closed, keeps concert halls and sporting events closed and that forces people into agonizing isolation and forces them to wear those stupid face diapers is Donald Trump’s Emergency Order.
    Look hard at your State laws, folks, because I suspect that many states are likewise suffering primarily under Trump’s Emergency Order—the same Emergency Order that is funneling trillions of taxpayer dollars into the perpetuation of the phony corona narrative and the giant corporations that are profiting from it.
    If Donald Trump truly wanted to end the lockdowns, shutdowns, closures, etc., if he truly wanted Americans to go back to work, if he truly wanted the American people to have their lives and their liberties restored, he would rescind his Emergency Order NOW.
    So, why hasn’t he done it?
    Christians foolishly assume that this nightmare will go away after Trump is reelected. It won’t, because this is NOT a political or natural attack; this is a supernatural or spiritual attack that can only be defeated by a supernatural and spiritual counterattack—a counterattack that hasn’t come. After this much time with no meaningful response from America’s spiritual leaders, the powers of darkness know that the Church is ignorant, impotent and indolent. As a result, nothing stands in their way.
    The power elite have already started the next phase of our open air imprisonment. If you don’t believe that, read this:
    Google recently teamed up with the Pentagon as part of the new, AI-driven “Predictive Health” program. Though only focused on “predictive cancer diagnoses” for now, Google and the military have apparent plans to expand the AI model for automating and predicting Covid-19 diagnoses.
    Here is the rest of the chilling report.
    They are planning the creation of a real-life Minority Report society, except MUCH WORSE.
    Trump’s decision to use the U.S. military to deliver corona vaccines and/or other Big Pharma solutions to the faux corona pandemic is no small matter. It has nothing to do with speeding a wonder drug to America’s heartland for our medical healing. It has everything to do with merging America’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with the U.S. military for our near-future enslavement.
    Of course Joe Biden is no better.
    Again, this is not a political problem; it is a spiritual problem. And as long as Christians keep shirking their responsibility to apply spiritual solutions to spiritual problems and keep telling themselves that their national salvation depends on perfidious, unprincipled politicians, the more they aid and abet their own enslavement.
    As already stated, the phony corona narrative is a lie pitched from the pits of Hell. It’s past time for Christians to stand up and say so. Christ told us that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. So, why is the Church not storming the gates? Scripture tells us that when we resist the evil one, he will flee from us. So, when will the Church start resisting?
    America’s future is not in the hands of the politicians; it is in the hands of the men in the pulpits. And so far, all most of them have done is wash their hands."

  12. Think about it: The American people have allowed themselves to be put in a giant open air prison, prohibiting them from going to work, from going to church, from going anywhere without a stupid face diaper, from going to movies, from going to concerts, from going to sporting events, from going to bars or restaurants, from going to hair salons or barber shops, forcing them to close their businesses, forcing them to close their stores, forcing them to close their shops, forcing them to close their churches—basically, forcing them to abandon virtually all of their God-given, constitutionally protected liberties.
    FOR WHAT? For a virus that is less harmful than the seasonal flu. And WHO admits it.
    Second Report: The CDC document is titled, CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. It is dated July 13, 2020.
    Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”
    The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”
    Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.
    A further tip-off is the use of the word “isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.
    As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated …and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.
    So, now the CDC is saying they cannot prove the coronavirus even exists.
    I say again, this entire coronavirus narrative is the biggest global fraud in world history. In fact, this fraud is so large it cannot be explained in natural terms. The sheer magnitude of such global devastation, disruption and decimation of Liberty and natural living can only be explained in terms of the supernatural.
    Yes, I’m saying it straight out: The corona fraud is a work of evil spirits. It is a lie pitched from the pits of Hell.
    This means that the medical professionals, local and county health boards, State governors, mayors, city councils, county commissions, school boards, government bureaucrats, media professionals, Big Tech executives and PASTORS who are blindly going along with the corona narrative are being manipulated by evil spirits.
    There can be no other explanation.
    And the real lesson of the corona fraud is the almost universal lack of spiritual discernment and courage within the Church. If I am right that the corona fraud is a creation of the dark regions of the netherworld, the ONLY answer to it is the heavenly light of spiritual truth. That means THE CHURCH must respond.
    Except it’s not!
    Pastors are silent. TV preachers are silent. Evangelists are silent. Christian educators are silent. Christian authors are silent. Christian radio broadcasters are silent. Christian doctors are silent. Christian attorneys are silent. Christian businessmen are silent. Christians in the pews are silent. Save for a precious few, the entire Church is utterly, shamefully SILENT.

  13. I’m posting this, from a Christian pastor of all people, not because I give a shit but because it’s nice to see there are still a few animals left out in the yard that get it. – Jack Heart
    "The Spirit of Fear Has Conquered Our Country
    Dr. Chuck Baldwin is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded.
    Chuck was the Vice-President nominee for the Constitution Party in 2004 and the Party's nominee for President in 2008 and 2012.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers For Disease Control (CDC)—who together orchestrated the biggest global fraud in world history and who put the entire planet on military and police lockdown resulting in millions of lost jobs, millions of people thrust into poverty, millions of people becoming prisoners in nursing homes and even their own homes, untold broken families, ruined careers and suicides—recently published two reports that shatter the accepted corona narrative fostered by both organizations.
    Typically, almost no one in the mainstream media will cover these reports, so you probably have heard nothing about them.
    First Report: The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu.
    The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.
    In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves.
    At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their “best estimate”, and a huge increase over the number of officially recognised cases (around 35 million).
    Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, later confirmed the figure, stating it was based on the average results of all the broad seroprevalence studies done around the world.
    As much as the WHO were attempting to spin this as a bad thing – Dr Ryan even said it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk” – it’s actually good news. And confirms, once more, that the virus is nothing like as deadly as everyone predicted.
    The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539.
    That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly 0.14%. Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world.
    0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies.
    In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu.

  14. The question is always that which never asked.
    No church, no synagogue, no temple will ever hear witness to this question, no mosque, no convention will have it ring across its walls.
    For it is a great unspoken truth that control over you is best achieved by deception, and by running you to places for your answer that are already barren.
    No one who devours your awareness believes they are served by your knowing. Much better the awareness of the perpetually ignorant, the clueless, for although it be tough and tasteless, it is satisfying enough to those who believe to rule you. Though in truth it is not themselves.

  15. KMB,
    There is room for variation upon every theme, except in that final moment where life forms must prove their mettle. We all get to live this moment, some of us more than once.
    The bite of this moment tends to wash away notions such as how many angels fit on the head of a pin, if the Dodgers won, or whether you should've bought that chewing gum. No, it is far more essential than that.
    The role of the abrahamics, every last one of them, is to make certain you are fully unprepared for this moment when it arrives. The so called 'great religions' of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and now Scientism have not got the slightest interest in helping you discover your truth when this moment bites.
    Think about this.
    Think hard.

  16. back to the founding I go of a fine republic

    our African American community suffered so as whites are in succession

    to receive the crown of suffering

    my smart white pals are building bunkers

    whilst I build his Church


    ultimate bunker buster

    where he is every bunker liberated

    Gospel I see

  17. Yes I scanned my ID as I was refused entry to this sector…

    as like magic there my post appeared as Gordon is a mother fucker….

    I believe his Church holds the answer

  18. There most certainly is an intelligence to the dead reptilian burning electricity. JPMorgan was certainly a proponent of it. HPLovecraft wrote of this dead but dreaming intelligence the only way he could-as a horror.
    We are all taught that Nazis were terrible, just the worst. However, if one actually develops the intellectual courage to examine the facts apart from the smokescreen propped up by popular fiction and movies, one discovers that most, if not all of the terrible things attributed to the Nazis were done first, or better by their accusers. It gets a little muddy, because their accusers actually partnered with them, and goaded them into actions they probably wouldn't have taken on their own.
    It is not a coincidence that their accusers all happily worship at the altar of primitively burning various volatile substances to both contaminate the field, and to produce a byproduct of electricity.
    Maria and Sigrun challenged this identification directly, and their genius is largely vilified today because of their challenge to the reptilian burning electricity paradigm.
    It should not be forgotten that nuclear demonics arose in collaboration to the reptilian electricity model. Hitler correctly observed that the nuclear was a field contamination delivery mechanism par exellence, which was why he curtailed thar program. Leave it to the accusers to take it to its full demonic potential.
    Now, we have social media, and its demented corporate monkeys, who devour and ape the contamination, to the point that their best plan is an elaborate murder suicide they dream of forcing everything to accept.
    The love we need to remember is the pure love of the energy behind the energy.
    This love is not the stilted perversion dreamed up by the demon posessed scribes of the Septuagent. Get that deranged deception out of your heart.
    Maria, and her society followed the ancient way of the Norns. Like all women of power, they were seen by the ancestors as something more than a collection of pretty bones.
    It should be very clear that the system based on the reptilian model of burning, contaminating, and destroying has already eclipsed itself. To remember your love is to remember that incredible energy we refer to as Vril, for it to be your guide, and your riminder of humanity in the darkest times yet ahead.

  19. Social media is now censorship.
    Posts deleted.
    Words changed.
    Google fucks with everything. Corporate monkeys obsessed with their dementia. Huxley lives.

  20. Tesla spoke about the science of reptilian burning.
    What did you say, Nicola?
    'Their fancy equations take them further and further away from report's
    The Vimanas flew again over Schweinfurt in 1944.

  21. Michelson-Morley, the fathers of the reptilian burning electricity, Albert Einstein, the figurehead for the promotion of a false physics. Arrogance is their cloak, acceptance is their filter, abusive domineering is their method.
    Follow them, they demand. The abrahamic never invents, just subverts and destroys.
    Tessa drove his car around, with his crafted box installed. 'How do you power your car, Mr T.?
    Why, through the aethers, he would reply.
    The energy behind the energy, the One the All. Our beloved Maria, and her mysterious Sigrun knew.

  22. A new Mishlove/Jorjani interview came out 2 weeks ago. At the end of this interview, Mishlove says "this conversation can go on for a thousand years." Which means in tribal: "you are a good source of entertainment, and we are just going to play you out, but there will be no Promethian Transformation, for you, anybody or anything."

  23. Then the amount of Visitors here began to increase in numbers. The amount of this activity being witnessed around the world is undeniable. People are taking clear pictures and producing videos every day. The type of activity of a craft/ship can help determine its origin, such as the ability to just suddenly blink out. They can be either be corporate/military, German, Hollow Earth Ancient Aryan or ET. I would say at this time the YouTube channel "THIRDPHASEOFMOON" is getting the great majority of craft caught on video everyday. This makes the official Robertson Panel "Project Ridicule" a big gas lighting joke.

  24. After the nuke flattened Hiroshima…
    The Allied P.O.W. camp, vaporized.
    The city, gone.
    The vegetation, seared.
    Trees twisted, blackened souls recorded their lives.
    70 years, it was said, before vegetation would return.
    With amazing speed the devastation was covered with wildflowers twisted and distorted by the invisible radiation.
    Who will bring you flowers?

  25. Nobody except David Lynch has the right to say one thing about Twin Peaks without referring to Orage and I’s work on it, that’s one sure way to infuriate me, because we did so much, only to be ignored by an MSM that by all rights should have embraced us. I’ll tolerate the Iranian academic even though he plagiarizes us but discussion here of anyone else but David Lynch’s and our own take on Twin Peaks I will not…

  26. I think we have to be highly suspicious, when the so called entertainment industry claims it's innocence in disseminating vile, destructive, material.
    Remember, the Bolshevik philosophers promoted all manner of vile and destructive programs and materials in their goal of turning people into automatons. Today, the secretive, monolithic, unaccountable corporate complex has invaded all walks of life. One quick view reveals the congruence of their agenda with that of Judeobolshevism.
    If America is going to survive, the demented corporate monkey must be taught to serve its proper role.

  27. Stan,
    The most essential explanation of what Gnosticism is involves the actualization of Gnosis.
    You definition is quite correct, in an intellectual sense, yet on an individual level it requires a catalyst, a driving wheel, and this most properly is Gnosis, a direct knowledge of the cosmos.

  28. What is Gnosticism in layman's terms?
    Gnosticism says that humans are divine souls trapped in the ordinary physical (or material) world. They say that the world was made by an imperfect spirit. The imperfect spirit is thought to be the same as the God of Abraham. … Some Gnostic groups saw Jesus as sent by the supreme being, to bring gnosis to the Earth.

  29. This is exactly what was explained in a 4.5 hour video I watched last night in what could be called "The Rise And Fall Of Twin Peaks." The tv audience consumption of Garmonbozia corn while demanding only consumer level violence to reveal Laura Palmer's killer, lead to the ruination of Twin Peaks.
    Show us what you got and We will ruin it.

  30. What do we see, when we see life?
    Do we know what life is?
    If we understand what life is, can we honestly offer a description?
    Can we conclude anything useful, or are we stuck in a shallow wasteland of tv and Doritos where significance is decided by corporate monkeys?
    Perhaps it says something about this place that such questions are so seldom asked.

  31. Ignorance is the gift to the parasite.
    It offers up all of life as food to maintain its becoming. There are many of those who think they can profit by apeing the parasite, so they change their faces and darken their hearts and become an opposition to ascend in this world.
    But the parasite has plans for the sycophants who emulate its work, for the apes maintain no world in their harvesting greed and corruption. Take a look at what you walk upon, dear reader. It is matter as insensate as the forgotten direction they once embraced. The parasite has a plan for those who make their failed copy of his work.
    Spontaneous Gnostic.

  32. So, if we are focal points for the collection of consciousness, at what point do we arrive at our own reality? Are we simply collections of parts held together for a short time, windows through which the mysterious force perceives itself?
    For a long time now, I have been living with no identity. No stamp, no color, no ultimate characteristic besides energy. Yet life in this sphere is obsessed with identity. Insects release pheromones to identify each other, plants change the soil to make way for each other, animals define their world, which is the assigning of identity, and people are cautiously hopeful that their identity will never die.
    It is a source of great humour, that this force with no identity has distilled an entire sphere obsessed with it. Fear is the unexamined skeleton upon which identity rests its flesh. Anxiety is the burden we have accepted, as our clinging attachment to identity demands we cultivate and continue it at all costs.
    Identity is at the core of the Earthwalk.

  33. All I know of Hurtak is from these pages, courtesy of Jack and Orage. All I know of the government is that it isn't what it wants you to believe. All I know of existence is that it's time located within timelessness. All I know of knowledge, is its sum is what we remember.

  34. It isn't matching sensibilities, where humans find congruence. It is, rather in the interplay of energies. This interplay is dynamic, kaleidoscopic, vital.
    The physical is the result of such activity, it is neither the origin nor the measure, nor is it much more in this world than an inverted wasteland. It wasn't always so. It certainly was hijacked along the way.
    Humans are advanced people. Today, humans are few, people are many.

  35. Assume everything is as you have been told. Toil according to the expectations of those who demand your obedience to their beliefs. Whatever happens, blame Hitler. Remember, every moron has been told that by killing Hitler, they ascend to the clouds with harps and wings. The only problem is, they continue to resurrect their personal Hitler so they can fantasize about killing him, feeding their false image of their beloved Satan, so carefully going over it again and again until the path is well trodden, and the rut they have made with their fear and their hate becomes inescapable.

  36. When you speak of the Tao, you are not referring to the true Tao. When you think of the Tao, you are not thinking of the true Tao. When you become the Tao, you are the true Tao.

  37. There has been a certain assumption, in the English speaking world, that the measure of all things is the practical. How practical is it to build your world which empowers certain people, who then destroy what they never built?
    Don't speak to me of the practical, when you don't know virtue. Yet this is the way of the modern world.
    Does not the true practical mirror what is true?
    What is true today?

  38. Ask Duff about the FED's when they came a calling…

    gave um everything he had or go to Jail…

    Well, lets take a look at Michigan? the retards that tried to kid nap her governer?

    The FBI ? one of America's newest organization as I worked for Her oldest.Retired. With a fine pension and handsome health insurance. Will compare with that fine Duff Portfolio.

    Hated by both Republicans and Democrats like the two pontificating about the presidency…..

  39. got in terigated by Google …our new FBI LOL

    said this : give me the code upon that other google device…so I did.

    Nothing is private on the Net…

  40. Well, MK

    Should I visit my Hitler pal? Says this about our dearest Jack that "he" has an active imagination. Bad use of the personal pronoun.

    I shall be banned for this of course….

  41. Once upon a time, on this day, 34 years ago, a beautiful apparition appeared in the sky over Saratoga, Ca.

    Searched for: headline,lead(beautiful apparition Saratoga) AND date(10/15/1986 to 10/31/1986)
    Returned: 2 displays of 2 matches
    Search result 1 of 2

    CANDLES THEORIZED AS 'UFO' ES,41L,17P10,10 Author: .dy Cathie Calvert and Kathy Holub Mercury, News Staff Writers
    Date: October 23, 1986
    Publication: San Jose Mercury News (CA) Page: 1B
    Wordcount: 692
    A beautiful apparition that has been glowing in the night sky over Saratoga could be the work of a creative prankster.

    The description of the bright red light that hovered in the heavens for several minutes on Oct. 15 and again on Tuesday — awing dozens of people — fits the description of something that is far from extraterrestrial in origin.

    "It sounds like the old lighted-candles-in-a-plastic-bag routine," a self-described expert on the trick, who requested that his identity not…

    View the full text of this story »»» Go to top of this page »»» Begin New Search
    Search result 2 of 2

    Date: October 23, 1986
    Publication: San Jose Mercury News (CA) Page: 1B
    Wordcount: 480
    A beautiful apparition has been glowing in the night sky over Saratoga, leaving viewers baffled and entranced.

    About 15 people, all agog, called Santa Clara County dispatchers on Tuesday night to report a mysterious bright red light that hovered in the sky from 8:15 to 8:30 and then disappeared.

    Dozens of callers described a similar phenomenon on Oct. 15, same time, same place.

    ''It was very exciting," said Maureen Denton of Los Gatos, who watched last week's display during a…

    View the full text of this story »»» Go to top of this page »»» Begin New Search
    Yes, ye olde plastic bag routine, a Halloween prank. The newspaper article quoted a pillar of the community, a local truth and nothing but the truth, "Judge." An actual visual witness said the UFO put on a display of what looked like dripping sparks before it suddenly shot off toward Moffett Field. I still can remember reading that. I believe that display was a plasma burn off of atmospheric negative ion build up on the craft. That looks like this:

    Occurred : 10/15/1986 17:00 (Entered as : 10/25/1986 17:00)
    Reported: 2/8/2020 9:43:50 AM 09:43
    Posted: 2/13/2020
    Location: Saratoga, CA
    Shape: Disk
    Duration:30 minutes
    Saratoga , Ca. sighting 10/15/1986 report has gone missing from NUFORC.

    I checked your reference page by state and also by date looking for a report listed in the city of Saratoga, Ca., that was witnessed back in October, 1986. This report was there a year ago and was there for several years, and now it is missing. It was a very extensive report and this sighting was reported in the San Jose Mercury News on two separate days because the UFO did appear twice around the same area for two days. It was close to my house.

    After this appearance, I started to experience sounds like electronic tones in Morse Code for about three months. I was looking for this report because I wanted to use it for reference and now it is deleted. Can it be restored or has it been disappeared? Sincerely, ((name deleted)) . They told me by email 9 months ago that they were doing some updating on their website and this report was left out by mistake. The only way I could get them to respond was to write another report.

  42. Remember Oneself.
    The blasts of cosmic wind have sent you here, DNA is not native to this planet. Forgotten across the endless expanse of space, the origin.
    Do you long for home?
    Do you remember the colours, the shapes, the forms?
    You were brought here through a great forgetting. Desire replaced poise.
    You have never learned a single thing here that you didn't already know.
    All learning is remembering.
    The piles of fear are played upon you to force you to speak his tongues, to adopt his patterns, and loose your own.
    Remember Oneself.

  43. Nordic Aliens brought The Holy Grail to Earth What is their Purpose

    This video is a constant download of continuous rapid fire information. At about the 27 minute mark, the discussion is about Hitler and the people around him who witnessed what was happening to him while he was experiencing ET impulses. This is generally understood as Hitler being influenced by the Bafath / Giza Intelligence.
    The 1950's UFO contactee, Orfeo Angelucci, who wrote the book "The Son Of The Sun" is also discussed.

  44. One last statement regarding the great separation.
    The process is an inner one, inside the Earth, and inside yourself: Part of the reason it is so hard to see.
    There is another destiny besides this abyss. The tenets and supports of this world all lead to extinction, ultimate absorption into the dark matter itself.
    There is another possibility besides this inverted trauma that pretends towards virtue, the plan, of the abrahamic demon, this shitstem calls God.
    There is another goal besides insipid corporate looting. There is another possibility beyond the primitive inverted survival strategies of the success stories. The great separation makes it a potential that can be realised, which is to say, it expresses the drive to leave Hell behind.

  45. They want what you have. Even if you try it won't work, bloodlines are meaningless. Its who you are from where you been and what you did. When they get up there in their "new" ships/craft or operate the "advanced" technology down here, they are being scanned and watched every single second.

    Last night I watched this 4.46 minute video of Clifford Stone. He job in the Army was participating in UFO crash retrievals and E.T. communication as an empath. Here he is describing his initial introduction to a E.T. ,did he just say "a buzz saw light went off in my head," at the end of the video? I tink zo.

  46. The great separation is a disentanglement.
    If you don't think you are entangled, simply review your dreams. Take a brief look, because even the gods are entangled.
    The entanglement has a million vines running into you, they siphon off your light, to keep the world that binds and immobilizes you alive.

  47. The great separation defines us via presenting each one of us with necessity. The necessity in question is for that deep allegiance to reveal itself. For some this means exhibiting unsavory and dark urges, deeply primitive and regressive energetics that should have been transformed long before achieving human form. For others, it means striving to achieve the direction that means everything to them, an exploration of manifesting potential. Still others sit and watch, preferring to allow others to direct them.
    In the end, this separation and identification sets forth a destiny. For some, it will be very short, for others, it will carry on to mold circumstances as yet unwitnessed.
    Tough times, interesting times.
    Soon enough the separation will accelerate the reveal.

  48. The great separation defines who we are.
    It is a wry irony that what is generally understood as identity is only a label for a transitory manifestation. Is there a deeper identity? Can we discover this facet of consciousness?
    When we view our true allegiances, are we not revealing identity?
    The question of identity, then is not who you think you are, but that which supports this cognitive structure.


  49. Deciphering the unfoldment.
    It's always more nuanced than is easily understood.
    We really are not in control of this. Consciousness has questions, demands answers, yet the more we learn, the less free will we have at our disposal.
    How exactly is one to reconcile the ridiculous with the significant? Is there a key to explain prophecy and ignorance?
    Time is not motion, even though every sense tells us this is so. Time is the revealing of eternity within a reduced focus. Is this focus within us, dependent upon us, or are we an aspect of it, dependent upon it?
    Animals have strictly determined life cycles, yet they change the world, and deeply, with their presence. The wild woods are electric when the Lion prowls.
    When we understand time as the procreative, the generative, the revealing cosmic soul, we begin to think, not of a dead thing, but a living energetic.

  50. I've thought about that we are being separated according to our consciousness here lately….it reminds me recently of one of Jack's contributors who spoke about a picture of mules and what people saw in each one. I guess the point being the sentient are seeing things differently. Maybe we are all living multiple worlds at once now that collide and merge in/out on a daily basis.

  51. Haha, swamp thing!
    It's not so much what we see, it's really what we don't see.
    We are being separated according to our consciousness. This great separation is very real, yet hardly seen.
    We don't need to invent monsters, there's plenty of them about.
    If anything, the monsters drive in the wedge ever deeper, increasing the speed of the division. This will of course lead to a failure of communication. Will we be relegated once again to diagrams?
    The stars are very bright tonight.

  52. Crime is traffic

    freeway uncrowded

    uncrowded life becomes a craggy cliff

    said this step clear

    step guided

    Gospel I see…

  53. To our dearest Jack as I will continue to pontificatece about our dear Goddess as one must demonstrate love

    Gospel I see

  54. Riding through the Great Marsh I saw snakes everywhere as it was difficult not to hit them upon my bicycle and then I saw her this fine woman that was moving the snakes off the trail for me to ride through as I gave her my thanks.

  55. Well, MK and Stan as I have found a new place to ride my fine carbon bicycle with a fine new set of wheels coming from my favorite bicycle shop as I digress, as I found myself in the middle of THE swamp I mean the biggest one In America Its called the Great Marsh.

    Many say we need to drain the swamp as what better thing to run America then the swamp thing…LOL….

    Well, they tried to drain that swamp as it was called the great drainage dream to make the useless useful however, our swamp creatures seem to be the most useful in keeping our water pure as its always above my pay grade….

    Can say this as I have Iphone proof that the sun did not glitch as I watched the sun set down all around me…LOL

    Like VT I see the world how it actually is….

  56. So many mysteries, Stan.
    The image of the disc is directly related to specific states of consciousness. Of course, modern science tells us there is no such animal. Certainly, modern science must be right, since they have brought us this brave new world, where they are always right.

  57. I notice the fabric of reality thinning.
    The separation of humanity according to consciousness.
    The brutality is the actionable, it tears down the edifices built long ago under a different paradigm. Deeper consciousness is being fast tracked towards manifestation.
    The world we all knew is gone, only the afterglow to remind us it ever existed.
    Consciousness is the ship that sails the darkness of extinction.

  58. Mike Kay – I'm not going to directly answer points, because this requires a perspective that results in a strong identity sense. Without sidetracking too much, identity is like a magnet that solidifies consciousness. This solidity has its purposes, however it will raise far more questions than it can answer. Therefore, we shall attempt to approach this through imaging.

    We are all taught to see time as an external fact of life, as a something that can be successfully divided, and structured. It is all so familiar, that it becomes a determiner, a deeply organizing facet of what we believe is the objective world. No one seriously questions the existence of this thing, mostly because we cannot conceive that something so easily measured could possibly be anything else besides that which we believe.

    We cannot conceive that this fact of life is only a tyranny due to a point of view.

    Time raises the question of, what does it reveal? To this question we offer two possible explanations, which truly are just one, but are better approached as two. First, we are confronted with the relentless aspect of time, and this is the perception of motion. Motion for us is the impossibility of holding on to anything, of continuing to be just something, of reproduction without changing. We watch the clock, we see the stars proceed, the Sun sets, all in appearance of a great turning, a cycle without pause. We can focus on the motion. We can imagine the motion. But the motion is not time.

    For time to exist as an independent force, the way we describe, it would need an independent existence. We see a bottle, it is large and blue and comes equipped with a stopper. We laugh at the notion that our blue bottle could contain time. We know that which is subject to something is less, and therefore cannot contain the greater. Perhaps it could hold a fragment, but how are we to find a fragment of that which we cannot behold, except in the abstract? Evidence in effect of something holds a connexion to that, but cannot hold that something. We walk across the damp earth, and our boots leave their waffle souled imprint. Like the light, at first the imprints are clear, only to decay and pass into the nature of the damp soil. However, the end of our imprint is not the end of us. The imprint in the earth cannot contain us.

    So we take our stopper, and we affix it to make a defined inner space. What do assign as meaning to this space? Well, if we were to hold our fragment of time, our space would be greater than the fragment. So what then, could be greater than this endless becoming we call time?



  59. Mk says a lot here. Let me digest. Many thoughts. 'Great breath of time that has ended…' I take that as we are on the frequency wave and not the time frequency of the Fourier transform. If and when we leave this do we go back to the time frequency….the real reality (pardon my simpleness). Or to somewhere else–I still lose grasp of why the timeline split. 'Zombie time'….well if you look at any western US big city it looks like zombies have been unleashed to the streets. Many reasons for that but if you pull the lens back there was definitely a shift when looking around outside of oneself (I'd say 2007,2012 and 2015/2016) when things markedly shifted of more modern times. Its funny. If you live by your demon attached ego you'll find some reasons as to why its 'great' here but it is strictly only for ego gratification–and its absolutely rife here and spans across everything. From gatherings of people to corruption of city governments, all the way up to the top. Nothing has been spared …the darkness that takes over is in everything. I was listening to 70's R & B yesterday…and the Carpenters on a quick road trip. The pain for me is listening to music where things actually were FELT….its painful because this music feels like it came from another time that we will never access again. And so it renders this reality dead, useless. I don't believe but I think maybe if I remember the love I can generate my own little universe around me that feels good. Kind of like Pigpen and his dust swirling around him. That's the way to go…

  60. Mike Kay – So, I typed a long reply, George, but Google was able to destroy my comment, and for multiple reasons, I don't have the will to fight it out with them tonight, thus, we'll try this venue.

    It goes without saying that it's unfair and relentless for this existence to subject the people in the videos to the unveiling of the light, but this is exactly what occurred. I have stated that the Gods are unchanged, but this is not quite as it seems, because the Gods are deeper and more powerful than than the human mind can assign, and they are making moves to interact with us. For people who spend their time in their tiny mundane reality, things like this are too great for them to behold.

    We live in a reflection, in a construct that has before failed and collapsed. This construct is dead, because it has no genuine light. All Light here arrives from beyond this abyss, from beyond the simulacrum. This nature was just revealed to those people who provided the videos, and it was beyond their imagination.

    Current time is Zombie time. Everything now is carried over from the great breath of time that has ended. In the impenetrable dark, the brilliance of light shone forth for a moment. After that moment the afterglow faded, first intense, then increasingly cooler, until the afterimage is hardly visible. We are at this point now, in the last radiation of the forgotten brilliance.

    Zombie time holds fast to the dead time, it seeks consciousness to keep it going, ravenous, it becomes increasingly desperate, increasingly violent, increasingly chaotic, non linear, manifesting ghosts. Zombie time breaks down with the fading radiation, a time of gibbering insanity, when the perception of time itself is highly variable.

    Those who can only find reality in the dead time they left behind will be in great danger. This is how the cosmos restructures herself, and she is merciless about it.

    There will be another brilliance, another flash, another breath. We are not yet there. We are approaching the complete extinction of the light, where for all purpose, there is only the radiant dark.

    Remember your love, it makes you human.


  61. Jack, sent you an email via Jackheart.
    If this posts consider it a heads up.
    Always sending communiques through the smoke,
    Some should get through.

  62. We can all take comfort in 5g.
    We can believe that 5g is here, just so we can all connect to the internet, which as we see here, no one does.
    5g is not part of turning the present electrical system to a giant antenna. If it was about that, analog transformers across the grid would all have to be replaced by switches, not just most of them. So, for sure this not being done. Whatever anyone says about 5g being a total information awareness plan that will spy upon the most private of human moments, well remember what junior Bush told us, they wouldn't do that. We should trust him, because his daddy wasn't there when JFK was killed, he called the FBI the next day from an easy drive to a neighboring town. His grandad was pretty special, to. How many of your grandads can claim to organize a fascist coup of their own country, and then find it a great day to put his own progeny into the same government he targeted. I mean, talk about achieving something!
    Same thing with the fires. We know that today fire behaves way different from how it used to behave. It likes to ignore dead, dry, rotted trees and jump from house to house. Today, fire goes according to money, and corporate genius. Sometimes they kill you and burn your cities, but like I was told, everything you have you get from corporations, like the air, and water, and pretty soon your body. So, what's a little murder from such great folks?
    Over here, we know that we aren't being railroaded by a disingenuous group of slimy parasites. I mean, only a group of great people could bring us the kind of awesome world we now live in…hey, got your mask?


  63. I guess I'm lucky. Somehow, I don't even know how, I'm given old devices with outmoded operating systems that still work-sort of. I'm told this is stupid, that I had better get my microsucks updates, and my surgical masks to keep me safe.
    Well, I had a laptop I really liked, so I looked up microsucks, and clicked on the option to have the turdmunchers tell me the updates I needed. No updates, but they did now have a direct path to my old Bessie, so they tried to sell me the farce they concoct, and when it became apparent that I wasn't a Ferrari driving entrepreneur with a Bezos credit line, my computer suddenly developed an incurable software problem that prevented access to the internet.
    Just a coincidence, I'm sure. I mean those turdmunchers at microsucks would never do such a thing, because my tv tells me that head turdmunch is a great guy who really cares, and sure his vaccine plan has just introduced a new, virulent strain of Polio across Africa, as recently disclosed by the WHO, and he's directly responsible for destroying tens of thousands of lives, but darn it everyone has down times. I believe my tv, because it tells me exactly what to think, and how. The tv has the information, and it just knows!
    So, like, there's just no way microsucks wrecked my li'l laptop, because the tv never told me they would ever do something like that, right?


  64. This is what I suggest, that South Chicago would be the place for Jack to go as long as he was invited by someone he trusts perhaps?

    the degree of separation between God and man was put to an end

    on a cross many died to say

    old school evangelical sermon

    the cross a symbol of disunity or unity

    how would He prey?

    Gospel I see

  65. Jack, here is the band The Orb playing little fluffy clouds as even those are not the same anymore with the chemtrails that don't exist according to VT.

    The woman in the piece has a beautiful voice describing the clouds in the desert of Arizona.

    My Hitler pal says the whole shebang is collapsing as I agree with him but not about his views on the bible and that third Reich.

    Indeed, relocating to TN might do the trick for the very spiritual to reset the thing as its all above my paygrade. I am researching the State and finding some promising things for a young man to move or build a family as the first is a low cost of living and the second as the rural areas seem to get along racially as I mean blacks and whites as that is essential for any area to move to in my opinion.

    I hope your work on your site is going well as you need a tech guy to build a cheap computer to run linux for a server. An old 3 or 4 year old windows box would do the job just fine and then of course the band width charges as you will have a huge following….

    My old agency has more windows boxes than anyone on the planet and they run windows 98 and have a million boxes linked together with their own servers. LOL

    I did transportation for them and not computers but its all the same since its managing a highway and its traffic. LOL as what do I know…

    Upgrade? And pay that Gates pirate? LOL

    And to black lives matters, if they came to my house to protest I would invite them in and feed them and give them water and soda and beer and when that runs out I would go over to the local gas station and buy more. So, the McCloskey idiots brandishing guns as folks come by their house? Well the devil is always in the details…

    Me? No one would bother protesting or doing anything else around my property except the nosy neighbors whom think that the color of my house is wrong or that I have to many weeds in my lawn. LOL

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