History is written by cowards and in many cases as it is with Winston Churchill; mass murders. The human race has lived in bondage for a thousand years and in that time only one movement has ever been made to change that appalling fact. The cowards and the mass murderers have done their best to malign and slander that movement but there is a mystic aura left in its wake that all their sniveling cannot wipe away. 

As Dylan said, “they say the darkest hour is right before the dawn.” But even in the darkest hour the Morning Star pierces the night sky with the promise of a new day. We will be examining the movement, and the valiant men and woman of that movement. Let us only hope there enough real men and woman left among us to live up to the standards they wrote in their own blood seventy-five years ago…    – JH

The SS have already gone down in history as the industrial eras answer to the Greek Spartans. No competent historian can deny, love them or hate them, that they were men of valor not seen in a thousand years of recorded western history. As a military force they were peerless and extracted a toll from those who took them on in the battlefield that only a country the size of Russia could ever hope to endure. We know the SS now for their ruthless fanaticism which resulted in atrocities just as unprecedented as their martial skills, but the truth is the evil reputation of the SS traces not back to their enemies but to General Franz Halder.

Halder was Hitler’s chief of staff of the Wehrmacht till September of 1942 when it became apparent that he, either through incompetence or treason like much of the German high command, was almost singlehandedly losing the war for Germany and he was dismissed. “A post war de-Nazification panel judged Halder’s earlier conduct a “complete betrayal of his country.” (1)

Halder issued orders to the Wehrmacht to exterminate whole villages in Russia and shoot commissars and Jews on sight, but for his services to empire in selling out his country this was all pretty much ignored after the war and Halder became the go to guy for British and American historians on the war. He used this position to relentlessly propagate the myths of the bumbling Hitler and the evil SS, whom he blamed for the Wehrmacht’s war crimes. – Jack Heart

1 – Internet Archive. 2020. Betrayal in the East p 301, Hitlers Revolution By Richard Tedor: Free Download, Borrow, And Streaming : Internet Archive. [online] Available at: https://archive.org/details/HitlersRevolutionByRichardTedor_201606/page/n297/mode/2up

Below is an assessment of the SS by a career military man, our readers know as Phil, using Hitlers Revolution by Richard Tedor as his source:

A review of the Waffen SS section of chapter 5 in Hitler’s Revolution.

By Phil

“I think the most important sentence is the entire section is this: “The Waffen SS demonstrates how National Socialism’s emphasis on personal initiative created the opportunity for flexibility and development on an unprecedented scale.”

As one looks back at military history one of the primary questions that arises is why did this occur; why was there a Waffen SS? During the beginnings of National Socialism, just as Hitler became Chancellor, there was much subversive activity in the nation, the goal of which was to destroy the new administration and replace it with Communism.

The true National security issues led to the formation of an SS military branch. When Hitler became chancellor, Communists were still numerous in Germany. They hijacked 150 tons of explosives, of which just 15 tons had been recovered by the police by mid-March 1933. The exiled Communist Wilhelm Piech issued a proclamation in September, calling for a general strike and “armed insurrection by the majority of the German proletariat “to topple the” Hitler dictatorship. The police were neither equipped nor trained to suppress a possible uprising. The German army was not psychologically suited to wage urban warfare against elements of the indigenous population.

The police and army were not capable of the action necessary to stop the Communists. This is reminiscent of the date of my writing here. This then begs the question what kind of force could and would succeed in the mission to eradicate Communism from the nation? My simple answer is to start with men of character proven warriors, who believed with their entire being in the vision of what their nation was becoming. The men should all have experience as fighters, been in the battles and shown that they have what is necessary to win. Take these already special men, train them to razor sharpness for the specific mission and mission accomplishment will follow. The more difficult the mission, the more specific the training needed to be.

The men who were to train this new, new to the 20th century, warrior were men who had acquitted themselves well during WWI. The development of Shock Troops during the latter years of the war was a great success and provided a view of the ideal types of training.

WWI Shock Troops were a great asset. “They were of different spirit than the mobilized masses. . .. In a world of standardization of soldiering, they proved that better trained, hand-picked soldiers, mastering the military technology of the times, were a match for any vastly superior, collective soldierly mass.” Those who developed the SS training program had much experience from WWI. That experience and knowing that which they believed would suit the Fuhrer’s purpose, led to the development of the VT training programs. This was the birth of the Waffen SS, officially titled the Verfügungstruppe from 1935-1940. Abbreviated to VT, the expression translates literally as “Availability Troop,” meaning ready for immediate deployment.

The character of an elite warrior, a man of war, is of great importance to their military unit’s ability to successfully complete their mission, and to their society that they may eventually return to. It has been my experience that those with strong values and a concrete moral underpinning tend to be very successful and have the least problems when they return to society. This section and the entire book for that matter, address, character both national and individual.

Its (VT) members generally possessed better comprehension of the movement’s political objectives.  The Junker School s’ (SS Training Academy) goal was to produce men of refined, fearless character, chivalrous with an unblemished sense of honor and obedience, displaying helpfulness, camaraderie, and willingness to accept responsibility. Impeccable deportment in public and cultivation of family values were also prerequisites.”

I see many parallels of lessons learned by the US and German military leadership after WWI. As those lessons have the added the experiences of WWII and Korea the US Army developed a special fulltime force trained and ready at a moment’s notice to respond to Presidential orders as his shock troops. The development, selection and training is quite similar to the Verfügungstruppe, the Waffen SS, the Availability Troop. I refer of course to the US Army Special Forces, the Green Berets.

As I read through this section I don’t directly see a key point that I know is required and it is where I started this review. That missing point is the development of the soldier’s spirit and vision, those things which belong to the soul. Mind and body can accomplish much, add the soul as the motivator and nothing but greatness can follow. So how did those schools cultivate the spirit? Many I believe came to the schools having already developed the spirit in combat or life. Belief in the ideal, religious type fervor comes from the soul and is enough to cause soldiers to climb into lion’s den. The ideal vision of National Socialism inculcated in the warriors coupled with the knowledge that they had the ability to effect the outcome of that vision is what I believe drove the SS to high excellence.” – Phil

Comments from Patreon:

Great comments on the book by Richard Tedor. I finished it last week and it is a real polished work. As Phil mentionned, the emphasis on the values Hitler infused in Germany completely demystyfies the vicious lies which are still propagating on these men of valor and what they stood for. We can still sense a glimpse of this past valor and industriousness in some germans of today even if they happen to believe these lies. It was really saddening to read the diplomatic part of the book with Hitler trying to establish win-win cooperations while being slandered and insulted in the process. At the same moment the bolsheviks were trying to subvert the country. I was outraged to learn of the scope of treasons among the german high command. Truly staggering ! Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh are lauding Claus Von Stauffenberg for the attempts on Hitler’s live in their book Secret Germany, but Richard Tedor explains it best when he says those aristocrats didn’t like this new society based on merit, courage and leadership and wanted to maintain their predominance by a poor plot. They were totally helpless after the bomb detonated. They completely lacked vision beyond what they tried to accomplish… What Hitler did will survive the lies and be the basis for the man to come, even if those men cherishing the same values today know it not. As a French, I was really angered to read again the British murder of our navy troops during the event of Mers El Khebir. Just because France wanted to uphold their promise to the germans, those so called allies sent their plane to kill more than a thousand sailors. The same spirit of falsness and lies is still giving birth to this kind of untermensch. Those bastards who wear the moral high ground as a shining garment. They still can’t hide their soiled pants as hard as they try. But their time is expirating…

Romain I had similar thoughts and feelings while reading the book. We’ll look at other aspects in the next few articles. The aristocracy traitors should have seen that empire did not have an issue with Hitler, but the German people as a whole. It was not just the industry, trade and science, but very much also poets and philosophers running counter. A whole different world view, a radical challenge to soulless materialism.

Honor, dignity, being of service to the whole while reaching full potential as individuals. Breaking the chains of the dual whammy of pope and feudalism that was the 1000 year realm we’re in the post dead stages of, and bringing a new 1000 realm

Because it was such a formidable challenge, it is so demonized as ultimate evil, to the point of that Germans today are almost completely divorced from their past. Every look back is filtered through those 12 years. This far, the propagandists have been setting the agenda. Time to change that.

WIP thoughts

I will focus on the volunteers of the Waffen SS, millions of them from Norway, Denmark Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania among others. Combined, the book assess that they were not necessarily fighting for Germany, but to rise Europe in a new spirit and most of all stopping the Bolshevik onslaught. The fight wasn’t driven by 19th century nationalism, nor Imperialism, but leadership by example in case of officers, regardless of their previous station in life. The new man, forged in battles and hardships, rooted in that German enlightenment as a counter to hollow materialism and Komissar misery. The book claims they challenged the ideology of races by the National Socialist party. The SS also stood together in defeat, Odessa comes to mind. All in all, a start to talk about the lessons beyond atrocity propaganda, one side hasn’t gotten their stories heard, their graves unmourned or spit upon. This goes for the soldiers and the civil population as well. The wound still festers east of the Elbe and Danube, and there is still dynamic use for our future, less we want to shape our coming twenties thirties forties of this century differently. Past present future

It is from the alliance of South America bormann and Cia that fascism became the go to enforcers for corporate Kartell and their dime store brutal, corrupt dictators, from Pinochet in Chile to today’s chocolate oligarchy in the Ukraine

They were going with the Kalergi plan from day one Orage, Ludwig Beck just scratches the surface of how far back the deception went, guy that took Feder’s place was a pal of Kalergi, its in the link as is all the rest of Kalergi’s highly placed disciples among the European elite. White people are so annoying, especially those pesky Germans… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi

From that Wikipedia page: Hitler did not share the ideas of his Austrian compatriot. He argued in his 1928 Secret Book that they are unfit for the future defense of Europe against America. As America fills its North American lebensraum, “the natural activist urge that is peculiar to young nations will turn outward.” But then “a pacifist-democratic Pan-European hodgepodge state” would not be able to oppose the United States. – I’d say that analysis is spot on as it came to pass. Elsewhere, it’s a veritable who’s who of the known players

What a shame that a publication like Veterans Today once catering to veterans and men of arms now consists of an audience unable to make intelligible comments like this on a piece written by a man of arms. Yes, the more I delve into it, the deeper I go, everything Serrano said about Hitler is confirmed, more prophet than man, a warning to the White race, and the finest man who ever walked the earth. Imagine its as if they have turned Jesus into a sadistic villain, a mass murderer (which was actually their boy Churchill) and a megalomanic, and its actually worked. These are an evil evil lot; I believe in the end Patton realized too and was murdered for his troubles. Yes, Orage all the industrialists, all the power brokers of Europe and America, they are all there, an evil evil lot…

Illustrations & quotes for educational purposes. © Jack Heart 2020



  1. What does he see? Persecution for the Church as those with the Spirit believe that we are not of this world.

    Pastor Baldwin is out in Idaho I believe making a stand.his type of Christian will be destroyed with what is comming.

  2. Why does Chuck Baldwin see what he sees? I will answer that Jack as he has the Spirit that is taught in every American Evangelical church as he listens and the others don't .

  3. on the undergirding financial assistance from their mega-rich partners of crony capitalists.)
    Karl Marx was a Zionist. Joseph Stalin was a Zionist. Vladimir Lenin was a Zionist. The communist revolution in Russia was a Zionist-led revolution. And the push for Marxism in America today is being facilitated by powerful Zionist toadies such as Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff.
    As for Donald Trump, he did more to promote Zionism than any other president in U.S. history. Behind the scenes, Trump's Zionist daughter Ivanka and Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner constantly pushed the Zionist agenda in Trump’s foreign and domestic policies.
    So where is God’s blessing on America now for all of Trump’s blessings on Israel?
    For four years, Christians have been saying that Donald Trump was a John the Baptist-type figure—a forerunner of Christ. They had it half right. He was a forerunner alright: not for Christ but for the antichrist figures within the Harris family.
    Maybe that’s why, when the entire country was emotionally embroiled (to put it mildly) in the most divisive presidential election in history, Trump was casually playing golf last weekend. He knows the plan (and the planners) and his part in it.
    Until Christians and conservatives come to understand that by supporting Zionism that they are supporting the Marxist takeover of America, that takeover will continue unabated.
    Zionism is not a race; neither is it a nationality nor a religion. Zionism is a political philosophy—the philosophy of atheistic collectivism. The Zionist state in Palestine is an elaborate stratagem that provides a convenient shield against criticism. Any critique of Zionism—even when it comes from Jewish rabbis—is labeled as “anti-Semitism.”
    From the days of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Zionists (communists) have used political upheaval, chaos, disorder, violence, hatred, division, historical and cultural cleansing, etc., to accomplish their takeovers of countries.
    Had Trump been genuine about wanting to rid America of the swamp creatures in Washington, D.C., and had he used the immense power of his office to bring the known criminals such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton (and the myriad support staff in their criminal network) to justice, there would have been no Joe Biden to run against, and he would have easily won a second term in a landslide election.
    Wake up, folks! Donald Trump brought this on himself. We can debate all day long whether he did it wittingly or unwittingly, but there is no denying the fact that by his refusal to drain the swamp, he brought this on himself—and on the rest of us.
    By the way, Benjamin Netanyahu already congratulated Joe Biden on an election victory—even before the election was firmly decided. He is keenly aware of the exponential rise in Zionist power and influence that accompanies the Harris family rise to the White House.
    Amazingly, many evangelicals continue to stupidly believe that Netanyahu (and Zionism itself) is a friend of the United States and a friend of Christianity. What dupes!
    In a real sense, the rise of the Marxist attack against America, personified in Kamala Harris, can be, at least partially, attributed to the misguided support for Zionism among our evangelical churches.
    As I said, almost no one else will say it, so I must.

  4. Let me ask you something. How come it is that a pastor, I mean no disrespect for Chucky I love this guy, seems to have a better grasp of the situation than all my Spy friends combined? Have a read; Chucky just stole Kaminski’s crown… – Jack Heart

    Almost No One Else Will Say It, So I Must by Chuck Baldwin
    I will refrain from making comments about the presidential election itself until after it has been officially decided.
    In the meantime, however, there is much to be said about how we got here. And, once again, it is left to me to say what almost no one else is willing to say.
    First, had Donald Trump followed through with his promise to drain the swamp, we would not even be in this fix. Trump had four years to take care of the Clinton/Biden criminal cartel, and he did absolutely NOTHING.
    Instead, Trump surrounded himself with the same old establishment Deep State CFR globalists as did his predecessors Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. In fact, Trump appointed more globalist fellow travelers during his first term in office than did his predecessors in a comparable period.
    In other words, we can thank Donald Trump himself for the current crisis unfolding in Washington, D.C. We wouldn’t even be thinking about Creepy Biden had Trump kept his promise to drain the swamp. And it’s maddening that evangelicals and conservatives can’t seem to figure that out.
    Second, while conservatives are rightly concerned about Kamala Harris, almost none of them seem to know the real reason why she is so worrisome.
    Let me lay a foundation with this report:
    Well, firstly there’s Biden’s age to consider. He’ll be 82 at the end of his first term and it’s widely predicted he’ll call it quits then. Sources close to him suggested so last year, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Obama’s former campaign manager David Axelrod have both expressed this view in the past few days. In that scenario, Harris would be a front-runner to take over.
    It is particularly telling that Axelrod has spoken out, as he is incredibly well-connected inside the Democrat apparatus.
    Harris is being positioned now to take over in 2024 and win again in 2028. She’s just turned 56, so her age is not an issue, and she is being groomed to appear presidential. How else would someone go from being a basket case of a candidate to a highly-respected national figure in a matter of months?
    You can see the behind the scenes string-pulling, like how her husband Douglas Emhoff is being hailed as the first Jewish second gentleman; no Jew has ever been part of America’s first or second couples.
    But the real focus should be on Emhoff’s job. He works for multinational law firm DLA Piper in Washington, which also undertakes lobbying work. The couple are reported to comfortably be millionaires, and are very much part of the establishment.
    The Democratic establishment know she is one of them and are plotting her course, and we can expect to see her afforded a higher profile than other VPs over the next four years.
    Because Kamala Harris is being lined up as the 47th President of the United States.
    Harris’ husband is a mega-wealthy lobbyist and litigator who made his fortune promoting and defending the socialist/Marxist/Zionist agenda within the entertainment and media industries.
    Here is the big disconnect among evangelical Christians and conservatives: They don’t understand that socialism, Marxism, communism and Zionism are one and the same. I repeat: They are one and the same. (And all of it depends

  5. This next comment is more or less just a public service announcement which I am forced to do in Mikes comment section because the rest of the fucking internet is brain dead, and by the way Mike so glad you brought up Fatima. Because as Eliphias Levi wrote long ago: with the Christian incorporation of Charity into their religion they elevated themselves, perhaps even spiritually, above the rest of the animals out there. Therefore yes the olive branch has been extended to them over and over since Fatima; their leaders stubbornly refuse it till this very day…

  6. I have said before that the Christians never refuted the Gnostic, they just murdered them. There is much more to this story. As Evola instructs us, the European always had two means of achieving the Light…the contemplative, and the initiation. The Christianization of Europe usurped this condition.
    The rule of Christianity brought with it the rule of distant, and often malevolent kings and queens, who decided that the only path they would offer is the path of subservience, but not a subservience freely given, but a subservience through domination and death.
    Mary of Fatima offered to the Christians a way out of this trap, through a move to truly galvanize a trust in ultimate innocence. Christians were offered a way to spirit that called to their devotional roots, while ascending above their primal murderous instincts. This window is now closed. Only the lesson remains.
    Subservience is not a valid spiritual path, unless the fealty is freely given. Again, calling back to Julius Evola, he made it quite clear that the European system of initiation was based entirely upon a deep consent, one which when freely given evoked immense power. This is why, in the old ways, a woman given to marriage had to offer her free consent to the marriage. She had to decide if it was in her heart to agree. Only she could do so, and it has to do with this power.
    Forced subservience is a twisted inversion of this condition, it offers no power, only cold, dead control that soon outlives its usefulness, and must change.
    The path of the Gnostic combines both the contemplative, with the initiation.
    A false subservience cannot refute the power of the ancient way.
    This modern world demands your subservience according to it Christian, and more widely, abrahamic model of forced subservience. This system is done, and those who dissolve into it to become it will also be done.
    The path of Initiation and Contemplation is extremely demanding, but the separation between those who are the subservience, and those who are the consciousness will only continue to widen. On the one hand it very sad, but on the other it is the culmination of conditions that always come with darkening of all before the birth of the next phase,
    Decisions are being made at very deep levels.

  7. KMB,
    There is much being decided right now, what and whom will make it through this time, and what whom will not. Much of it is in our hands.
    A word of warning to those with power right now, the effort to blow up those and that seen as obstacles, problems, issues will in fact end them.
    If they want to survive, they must learn to move beyond the tight grip of their lower darkness.
    For the rest of us, remember Her story, because it is our story.

  8. This bares repeating:

    " Ultimately, this sphere is facing a significant shift in the essence of its standard perspective. This has occurred several times in history, but what is new here is the condition of restriction.
    Restriction is actually being welcomed by the majority of semi-conscious people, to the point that this ostensibly absolves them from responsibility. Of course, this abdication of native autonomy on the basis of fear is exactly the kind of paradigm we have seen repeated ad adnauseum most strongly since 911. Yes, this type of condition is responsible for empowering the unworthy simply because they offer a primitive dichotomy as the explanation for events, and offer a tyrannical rule which most will misinterpret as strength.
    The requirement for embracing this type of degeneracy is the surrender and negation of all higher functioning. Slogans and solutions that aren't, are therefore advanced with a vicious level of intolerance, as though a demand to approach life purely from a stupid and primal perspective will make it so. This is not the path to clear mind.
    Those who cannot participate in what is an evident fraud will be isolated from the majority due to their inability to permanently reduce themselves to a primitive status. This isolation will be more mental than physical. Such separation must occur for the condition cannot be changed into something more productive. This is the death spiral. This is the Earth change. This is the momma of paradigm shift. Expect reality to become more fluid. Expect your time honoured institutions to dissolve. Expect more madness from the masses and their controllers as they desperately seek to avoid the "elephant in the room".
    You will not be their victim. You will not be their willing partner. You will keep the first fire through the dark, into the next phase.
    MK "

    I have to laugh as I sat on a bench on a bike trail drinking a beer watching the people run, walk and ride by. I tipped my beer at them and said "to DR. Fouci" LOL

    Then I observed folks with masks on riding bikes and running with a 40 mph wind as how could you possibly contract a virus with a wind blowing like that?

    I embrace the isolation as its my pal….

  9. So, in the darkness and pain that screens all the truth away a voice without sound echoed in my mind. I beheld Her golden beauty in a quiet corner where for a moment all the noise and static was held at bay, and she was clear, that she wishes for me to tell her story.
    I do not have the capacity to do her story justice, yet despite this, I am compelled to place it here…
    From the place before place, and the time before time, the supernal Light lives. Here in the Light there is only warmth. and soft edges, and love is both within and without, uncontaminated by the loss and inversion we know so well here.
    She existed in the Light, knowing no limitation, no fear. Her strong white arms shone as she extended herself and knew that she was without limit. In her wisdom and her grace her curiosity called upon her to cast her gaze below. There she noted a most curious manifestation, one which both puzzled and captivated her. In the place before time, there is nothing to compare to the bond that developed between her and the strange curiosity below. Yet the strength of this waxed, and captured her, and the unfathomable occurred, and she was gone.
    How does one fall who has never been aloft?
    How does one deal with blindness when there was no dark?
    She cried out through her fall and her voice sounded through the immensity. Her breath was the wind, and her sorrow was the red sunset. Her tears were the storm, and she was now alone.
    The Bright One then filled her loneliness with her creations, first a few, then many, all crafted from the wisdom she had brought from that place before time. So, from that time to this time she lives in exile, a being out of her rightful place, out of her rightful destiny. And so it is that her creations follow this path, with that spark from her remembering true identity, remembering from here, in this place of sharp edges the warmth and the light, and the limitlessness of pure being.

  10. None of this can be true, I know that. “I’ve read a book…”
    Just for the record, in case there are a few more animals left out in the yard to paraphrase Morrison. Those that say things like this can-do things, as in what Laura Palmers mother says in Twin Peaks 2017; “Men are coming. They can do things…” What’s said in this comment section by luminaries like Mike Kay, should be the new gospel for those who survive what’s coming but the important thing for you to know is that there are those among us who can bend and even collapse the wave function…

  11. Ultimately, this sphere is facing a significant shift in the essence of its standard perspective. This has occurred several times in history, but what is new here is the condition of restriction.
    Restriction is actually being welcomed by the majority of semi-conscious people, to the point that this ostensibly absolves them from responsibility. Of course, this abdication of native autonomy on the basis of fear is exactly the kind of paradigm we have seen repeated ad adnauseum most strongly since 911. Yes, this type of condition is responsible for empowering the unworthy simply because they offer a primitive dichotomy as the explanation for events, and offer a tyrannical rule which most will misinterpret as strength.
    The requirement for embracing this type of degeneracy is the surrender and negation of all higher functioning. Slogans and solutions that aren't, are therefore advanced with a vicious level of intolerance, as though a demand to approach life purely from a stupid and primal perspective will make it so. This is not the path to clear mind.
    Those who cannot participate in what is an evident fraud will be isolated from the majority due to their inability to permanently reduce themselves to a primitive status. This isolation will be more mental than physical. Such separation must occur for the condition cannot be changed into something more productive. This is the death spiral. This is the Earth change. This is the momma of paradigm shift. Expect reality to become more fluid. Expect your time honoured institutions to dissolve. Expect more madness from the masses and their controllers as they desperately seek to avoid the "elephant in the room".
    You will not be their victim. You will not be their willing partner. You will keep the first fire through the dark, into the next phase.

  12. The Clear Mind is always immanent, yet the human must work to arrive. Remember Blake wrote about opening the doors of perception? He had realized the immanent nature of mind.
    Throughout history we have examples of those who have achieved this state, it is neither a fantasy, nor a construct. Perhaps in certain moments you yourself have noted with surprise that the events proceeding around you do not become you, that your sense of humour remains intact, that your thought is still, yet moving…that you need absolutely nothing. You have stepped into the room where clear mind dwells.

  13. Thanks MK….its good to know that there is some good news in all this mess. A clear mind — its like extracting it from the matrix hopefully in one piece. Thank you for all your posts (and everyone else)!

  14. Fear then, being low on the hierarchy, the ladder of consciousness is more universal in application than that which develops beyond it, which we can refer to as the clear mind. Clear mind takes effort to achieve, whilst fear takes practically no effort at all. The modern definition of fear classifies it as an emotion, a response to external stimuli, yet this definition is not complete, because, as H.P. Lovecraft observed, the greatest fear has no visible stimuli. It is a feature of the mind.
    Thus, the palpable fear radiating from your neighbors will seek justification for its existence, without questioning it's own existence.
    Certainly, the corporate media is performing its well understood function of misrepresenting and misinterpreting events, yet even at their worst, they require a degree of participation which exists almost entirely, almost singly and most predominantly in the mind.
    The good news here is that no amount of A.I. bombardment, newspeak, fear mongering, and blatant lies can alter the clear mind.
    Thus the efforts to redirect your direction from making an ally of your mind into repetitive, unproductive, shallow and inconsequential trivialities inflated to the point of significance.
    The would be mind controllers require willing parties. Thus the cheap manipulation of symbols to distract, allure, confuse and entrain.
    Fear is a genuine aspect of life here on this sphere. The successful extraction of one's mind from the sophisticated entrapment conditions is the real reset, one which the control complex is heavily invested in arresting its unfoldment.
    Fear as it is designed is an invaluable survival aid.
    Fear as it is being manipulated is an impediment to achieving sound mind.
    Once aware, the change begins.

  15. Consciousness is the key. Consciousness determines the extent of resistance to the psychological warfare bombardment. It does so by having its root set beyond the conditions of the physical.
    Part of this rite of passage involves a familiarity with fear, without becoming lost. It's a big test, and some will fall along the way. When the electricity fails, the control ends. In this darkness new comprehension is born.

  16. Fear only holds those who are lost in it. One can know fear without being lost in fear. Humanity today is suffering through an incredible psychological warfare application. Those manipulating the fear are absolutely drunk with power, and this inebriation is going to ensure that they make some hefty mistakes. These mistakes will be noted and revealed widely, and for those with the speed and integrity, this will cause great disturbance. Where humanity goes from here will largely depend on wether people can listen and actualize true consciousness.

  17. Fear is being used to paralyze and hold humanity helpless. The fear campaign, and it's success, directly reveals the extent that subservience of the people to artificial institutions, has been achieved by the lever pullers.
    The fact that monolithic corporations can now orchestrate entire fear campaigns should be noted by every sane individual. That this fact places a great degree of power to manipulate and control behavior in the hands of the corporate controllers should be quite evident.

  18. The fear clutching at humanity today has a great amount of control to award those who manipulate it. The fear itself is presented as a reasonable response, yet such is not the case. Fear magnified out of proportion overrides all reason, thus allowing the manipulators to walk in broad daylight, shielded by lies.

  19. Humanity will never live without fear.
    Fear is an essential building block, tied to every aspect of this sphere. So, it is impossible to eliminate fear, until such a moment when this sphere no longer includes it in it's essential design.
    Humanity is currently faced with this essence, devoid of any true reason to wallow in it.

  20. Race and gender are not issues, certainly not social or political issues. Gender begins very early on in the process of Emanation, as the Tantra recites…
    Divided into Two, I Create.
    Cheap politicizing of race, advancement of hostile wedge issues that originate from deeply seated misconceptions, all owe their inception and their vitality to the abrahamics.
    Race is little more than an expression of origin on this sphere, a bundling of predilections. There is nothing inherently better about darker skin, blacker hair and eyes. The Spirit must be earned by them as it must by everyone else.
    In truth, the curse of the abrahamics has long been responsible for destroying the spiritual in all aspects of European existence. The invasion of abrahamic inversions across the spectrum of cognition, benchmarks, and reference points have left most Europeans spiritual cripples.
    Europeans will not find themselves by worshiping the darker races.
    Only through your own efforts, your own blood, and your own focus will you find the the way to reveal the spirit through the vessel that is you, no one can borrow it, or have it rub off on them from someone else, teaching moments aside.
    During this rite of passage we will be asked to strive much further than we have, since the dawn of the Great Inversion, the dawn of the abrahamics. We will struggle to discover the truths, or we will be left behind. The separation is clear, the choice is yours.

  21. The takedown of America is painful, painful to watch, painful to experience. The death of any genuine dream carries with it a great loss, and the dream of America, as imperfect and as hijacked as it has been, was always from a holy place.
    The current memes of exalted victimhood are jealousy assigned on the basis of race, while the definitions between races increasingly blur. Such adoration of the victim leads us directly into the hate and self destruction that walks the streets of America.
    There is nothing holy in this meme, only an inevitability of creating it's own demise.
    The lust for punishment and destruction has no ultimate point, no greater dream than the dream it tramples with its arrogance and it's deaf disregard.
    When the higher is destroyed by the lower, the lower condemns itself to erasure, for the lower claims no ultimate source, but is a feature revealed through the art and science of Emanation.
    Be very careful with those holy dreams, they carry far more significance than most can know.

  22. I will say this once. our finest American men are being trained and recruited in our urban areas.

    Not to be political however, the donkeys do seem to control the urban areas however, I believe The Spirit rules.

  23. Enmity? you never studied it? I was continually at war with someone at my agency for three decades.

    That is why the VA was created to keep our best in the game…LOL

    Our enemy has successfully confused our home comunications from those abroad and most importantly from those whom have come home.

    My recomendation? Ues the us mail. send it by snail….

  24. Why the Spirit is simple and taught in any American Evangelical Church.

    As our dear Jack says about BLM a movement lead around by Jewish lesbian school teachers I would ask him as what Gender is Spirit?

    Said this will know them by their love. I believe Martin Luther King was led by the Spirit I describe.

    Would BLM genocide whites? Some need to be genocided can I give you my list?

    Well, many of them are family as we give them the ole cover up..LOL

    said can an enemy be loved?

  25. Do we see the spirit move across the streets of America?
    Most certainly, we do not.
    We must not confuse animation with spirit, for even dead leaves take flight when they are acted upon. The force that animates the Eidelon, the physical does not immediately offer divine grace. The Spirit is earned, not unjustly bestowed.

  26. You guys must excuse my abbreviated comments, I’m using my phone. I’ll be going back on line with a full 50 G’s tomorrow. OK Stan, I’m leery of anyone even using the word White Supremacist anymore. As Blindlight who probably knows more about internet White supremacists than any man alive can tell you, their leaders are almost invariably Jewish operatives and their adherents double digit IQ’ed Neanderthals. That Whites are under attack through the Kalergi plan is now obvious and White supremacist has become a blanket Bolshevik term to vilify anyone who would dare fight back against their media orchestrated Mau Mau movement. It starts with the foul religion of Christianity, worshiping Jews that never existed and it ends with extinction and the human IQ lowered by fifty points…

  27. The "White Supremacist" label is a tricky one and I think largely related to older generation vs younger generation, but more specifically it's related to people not being free to associate and 'forced' to cohabitant with strangers that others forcefully, and genocidally, dropped into your lap. From my days having grasped the JQ, race, and the false history at young age trying to find others like minded in this mad house called "reality" I've learned deep down inside most people want the vision Hitler so artistically put out to the group conscious in which few even then fully understood. It crosses all boundaries of the physical into some realms that defy explanation itself (ala Serrano the war across time and space).

    Unfortunately one of the problems of living in this defeated world of shit and piss, death and decay, spearing fecal matter on caves and calling it "art", we become aware of how alone and isolated we are away from the divine itself and thus the emotional puppet strings of our linear character start to become more prevalent. Those emotional strings that some other puppet master smiles and thanks you for opening up to allowing him to play those cords to the tune that does you the most harm and him the most benefit. When people fall into that grug brained mentality of just hating everyone its because of hopelessness to some degree. Feeling powerless to stop all that remains that you try to love and correct being destroyed by a demonic force that smiles at your futile struggles in a torturous manner of having to watch your family being brutally murdered before your eventual end, and that end will come slowly because they want that maximum level of suffering and also because you will to fight anyways and will sleep when you die and not a second sooner.

    JH, Orage and crew seem to be one of the few people that understand this on the whole and don't take these deeper truths into levels of perversion and condemnation understanding whats been done and the tragedy of it all. My best wishes always go to those who stand for truth and justice against all even if it costs them everything and those who try to understand all angles of the situation, whatever it may be, to the best of there extent. If we don't try to understand how we got here we'll never understand how we get out and stay out.

  28. MK, can we not see Spirit playing out on America's streets? Do any here go and protest with BLM or antifa or the "proud boys" or any of the other right wing groups?

    These groups are all bought and paid for by the powers that you are describing as a "false spirit" and of course the vast segment of American society that simply ignores everything other than their next vacation or diner out.

  29. The White Supremacist cult was invented by those who wanted to redefine what Hitler was or stood for. I firmly believe agents disguised themselves as WS leaders to assure race hate was promoted along side white love.
    The elites control the conversation by refusing to engage any of those who want to explore issues surrounding Hitler, for the debate always ends up as a united attack on those that would clarify the issue while editing out arguments made that would threaten their control of the narrative.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I don't recall White Nationalists referred to once in Ford's "The International Jew". That then tells me they were invented to support the Hitler narrative they were selling the public
    We all know they are no supremacists more dominating than Jews and why the topic is put under the category of "racist rant"

  30. I think it is where Dietrich traces out the subject of ancient and 20th century histories of holocaust, he states the SS was derived from the Weishaupt Bavarian Illuminati. I need to see where he can explain that, hopefully on his website.

  31. I don't know where "waging war against White Supremacist Nazi eugenicists," comes from, I only see this:

    Douglas Dietrich, Son of Adolf Hitler, Fighting AGAINST White Supremacist Neo-Nazis/
    And writes: “Neo-Nazism,” as a new white supremacist movement that’s wrongly conflated with The Historical Hitler, is the result of continued Allied war propaganda against the National Socialists aka the Third Reich in exile. (We are still technically at war with the Third Reich. Reference Daylight Saving Time aka War Time, US Code Title 38, and the Unconditional Surrender.)

    And before that writes: Hitlerism

    ADOLF HITLER would be disgusted with White Supremacists. American White Supremacists Misappropriated NAtional-SoƵIalistiche (“National-Socialist”) terminology with-Intent to pervert The Hitlerian Paradigm ‘o’ “Equal But Separate” into “Separate But Equal.” Whereas Hitler Advocated The Human Right ‘o’ disparate Èthnic Groups to Preserve their own Genetic and Culture Heritages, White Supremacists in The United States considered Whites to be The ONLY Race worthy ‘o’ Preservation, and the Separate Institutions and Facilities they either Established or Designated for “Coloured” People(s) were NOT Equal to White-Privileged Institutions and Facilities.


  32. If we are going to approach the counterfeit spirit with any hope of understanding, we must first develop a suite of recognitions related to Emanation, Consciousness, and the human potential to overcome, at least temporarily, it's limitations.
    This should come as no surprise, as any worthy endeavor arrives fully only when it's prerequisites are fulfilled. We can begin the process by turning the mind to God, ultimate source. When we think of anything, we model it. Consciousness creates an external point, a projection, and that point then can be addressed.
    However, in order to model something, consciousness requires a concept. Thus to imagine this godhead is to device a set of attributes that can be associated with this concept. Yet, when we approach God, eternity, we begin to find that concepts cannot model it. If we call this great spirit The Creator, for example, we are assigning a sense of being that only exists in our conceptualization, for it is clear that God has no conventional being. Thus we can at best approach our destination, but cannot arrive, for any concept we choose to visit, is a construct of our mind. We can apply any measure we wish. The ultimate simply cannot be explained, boxed, described, or defined. To do so immediately reduces the concept to something smaller than the mind, which is just a concept, not God.
    People have ignored this fact for thousands of years. They demand to be able to appreciate their loving God, on his throne, with his great white beard. They want to see his hand move across the earth, his works to be revealed. They ignore what is beyond their touch, and they define the ultimate according to their own inner workings. This is not the ultimate they define, but a shadow of it, a reflection, the counterfeit spirit.

  33. we were gonna reach out to Dietrich Stan but when I see nonsense like 'waging war against White Supremacist Nazi eugenicists,' I know the boy has swallowed the cool aid. Genetic war is being waged against Whites not Blacks by Farben in accordance with the Kalgeri plan, same reason they betrayed Hitler and the SS. Dietrich has either lost his way or sold out, thanks for talking me out of reaching out to him…

  34. For The Extrastellar Antigods are Much (Not All, But Much) Beyond The Magicks of The Multiverse Gifted Us By Our Creator – and via Divine Betrayal of Creation Unto Such Abominations In Penultimate Expression of The Free Will Divinely Granted Unto Humankind Along The Multiverse Created For Us doth The American Military Junta Aim To Usurp The Throne of God ….

    ~ Douglas Duane Dietrich

  35. the made up name in the book of tal-mud (talgo lummud) the furnaces were portals . with elmo fire and fluid
    effect. thats where the bloodlet murder death cult orihinated..the guys with the tech moved back to north or off planet leaving the dumb ignorant and plain stupid near yhe tempels they got here with, but inoperable. so.. they lit fires cutted hearts out to make portal open… many dead…nothing happened but leaving around pissed off disembodied ones that went on a harrass spree to get a new body…

    in the middle east some bigger problem rose… same portals but the ones who came through were no neck golums with an o.s. made of 72 variations of martian elemental spirits. now known as goethian demons, who want soul/soil thinking thry are still on mars..

  36. Mike Kay – “So, in order to understand that the attack on Germany was launched as a strategy to suppress the natural expansion of consciousness, one must realize that this realm we populate is only a result, not an inception of commonly ignored circumstances and interplays. As the result, it has no possibility of self generating. The Light, the life force itself regularly enters and leaves here quite mysteriously. Thus we begin to understand that we populate an artifice, that all of life simply cycles through here, and this construct takes the shallow identity that was formed here as it's very sustenance.
    Most correctly, this construct is the engineering of a spiritual being. The abrahamics call this God.
    However, worshipping the construct empowers it, makes it a reflection of all the dark lower identities it devours to maintain itself. Thus the construct becomes lost in itself, and demands it's own perpetuation. Key to this is preventing any reveal to the life that cycles in and out, that it can be harvested perpetually.
    Thus, the construct treats the life that sustains it with a fierce hostility, a punishment designed to break down any attempt at comprehending the nature of itself, it's genuine heritage, at all costs. This is why communism was born from a corruption and an inversion of the philosophy of achievement, it is an ally of the construct, with its supreme purpose to exist parasitically, placing itself in a position to dispense direction to life which can only be twisted and corrupted. However, that force applied to revert humanity to a more miserable condition has its opposite, and whenever this opposite arises, the construct must attack it via its proxies, or risk humanity grasping the construct for what it is, and abandoning it like a seedy hotel.
    I submit that on the spiritual scale this is exactly what occurred with WW1, and even more crucially, WW2.
    Remember, it was not the abrahamic God who bestowed that miracle at Fatima, it was our beloved world soul, she spoke through the children, do we not see this so clearly? Do we not see that she intervened?
    Yet the abrahamics do not love her. They do not love that spark, that fire burning deep in the deepest of innocence, where the little fire can know her greater fire in an intensity lost to them all.
    Yeah, the acolytes of the construct won. They got their victory over human potential, and now it will cost them their existence.
    In the meantime we must endure the abuse in this artificial sphere. We are not without resources, even though this is the game being played on everyone and everything. It is a very dangerous time, a deciding time, and the jealousy and the terror and the hatred of the abrahamics is to thank for what happened to Germany, and for what happens right here, today.” – MK

  37. Mike Kay – "Some years ago, in passing, I was told that letter appeared after the U.S. Civil war-the first one. It was obviously a correspondence between various international banking types, celebrating their victory in bringing the U.S. to a civil war they had agitated for. If anyone wants to know, this agitation was covered in a two part series published by the Chicago Tribune, during a time when journalism and newspapers actually meant something. The core of this letter was remarkable for identifying the next target, Germany. The letter declared that Germany was slated for takedown twice.
    Let us recall that a short piece was published in Germany during the late 19th century, whereby the economic, political, and social disenfranchisement of Germans in their own country was exhaustively detailed. Whilst Wall Street did indeed heavily bankroll the Bolshevik hijack, it must be remembered that Lenin enjoyed the unfettered funding of so-called German banks, which occurred at a time when financial constrains in Germany certainly hampered the prosecution of the first world war.
    Every candid observer of post WW1 conditions concludes that they were a set up for WW2.
    Few know that FDR had a special envoy to Europe in the 1930s, one John Bullet, who left a clear and consistent record of tirelessly agitating for war. It seems that even fewer know of the 8 point McCallum plan, drawn up by US Naval intelligence to draw imperial Japan into war. FDR had many recorded telephone calls with Churchill, which included not so subtle allusions to the culmination of the McCallum plan as the key to the U.S. entering WW2.
    It's rationally impossible, knowing just these simple facts, to place the burden of WW2 wholly upon Germany and Germans, as is conventionally done. By any measure, both world wars certainly required the participation of other actors, and the suppressed history is quite clear on the dirty deeds of the key players to draw Germany, and the world into a second great conflict.
    However, nothing here even hints at my own perspective.
    When I look at the events of this chapter of history, it is clear to me that a part of humanity was poised to break free of the oppression of the counterfeit spirit, and for that, there was a determination of especially harsh punishment, a punishment both involved with, and instituted by those struggling to release themselves from the chains.
    The globalists are not a new conspiracy, and the waves of dehumanization they ride are an old story to anyone familiar with the abrahamic creed. That said, it would be a mistake to imagine that the planned sacrifice of entire peoples is somehow absent from this creed. The bible is overrun with tales of sacrifice, and indeed, the biblical distortion of Iaousus is itself an overbearing reminiscence of sacrifice on a grand scale.
    Die Waffen SS, was the most admired and feared military organization since the Berserkers of old. Elements of the Warren SS continued to fight well after the official close of WW2, and they remain to this day the most successful and remarkable international military force since the Roman Empire. However, the SS was beyond its Ken in a world where human development will get you killed.
    The sacrifice was set and determined by the abrahamic acolytes of the counterfeit spirit. However, in their lust and depravity they destroyed too much. They have doomed this realm to a half life of misery, and in doing so ensured their destiny as extinct material of the Kenoma." – MK

  38. Never forget that highly modern, industrial Germany was to be the model communist state, not backward Russia. Make the people destitute, starve them, so they revolt. The tricks are still be found in history books, be it French, Russian or German Revolution. It almost worked in 1918/1919 and somehow I think having resisted that glorious plan, they had to be punished and de-spirited. That"s just the worldy, temporal plane, but there are other layers, which we've found again and again, article after article. It is vital to put it all together.

  39. Jack,
    I've sent you an email which was too long to read, but too short to complete my perspective. In essence, the Waffen SS was an international military organization without peer, yet it was caught up in a spiritual battle as old as the abrahamics, if not older. This issue with sacrifice, especially sacrifice of others on a wide scale, creates highly unstable conditions…such as those we find ourselves in today.

  40. Upon reviewing the lucid and informative comments associated with this piece, there is nothing of value that I can add. Therefore, I will close with a simple observation, and that is this; This world, this sphere operates according to sacrifice. Its actually common knowledge so to speak, that this is the case. Thus the sacrifice required is always at question…Too much? Not enough?? Where lies the proper balance??? Further, the question opens to whom is being sacrificed, and for what end????
    I simply cannot view WW2 history without these questions on fire.

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