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Root Pruning: Getting Rid of the Rot to Save the Lot

Western Civilization’s rotten root has been one of its major defining characteristics. The issue is that while the hateful verses of the Tanakh/Old Testament are widely known, these are only the tip of the iceberg. A more complete examination of the issue involves going back to older texts and rituals whose symbolism has been prevalent in many Western, and to a degree certain other, schools of thought even if those who actively practice these have been a demographic sliver. Yet, it’s a powerful one whose claims to be the basis of Western ethics and identity should not be denied, rather affirmed and also condemned. What Western Civilization needs is a thorough root pruning so as to allow room for new ideals to flourish and perhaps even redefine the whole thing itself.

1- Recognize
2- Uncover & Uproot
Jewish Ethnocentrism
The Holocaust
Modern Jewish Colonialism
3- Establish a New Order

1- Recognize

This is what you are to do them: Break down their altar, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire.
For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. ~Deuteronomy 7:5-6

These words, sacred in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West, can be seen as a harbinger of the worst that Western Civilization would go on to become after adopting them into its core creed. And it is words and the ideas, which they put forth that are the ultimate battleground. The establishment exercises a ruthless control over words and ideas, however as we all know, ideas can’t be killed. And since words cannot killed, the establishment has sought to excise words that go against its interests, by power of taboo; and then enshrining its own words, by the power of dogma.

In the Judeo-Christian and Western tradition this has its root in the Jewish Aggadah, or a tale that becomes Jewish canon after approval by a high enough religious authority. [1] In short, Jews believe that they “speak truth into being” and this reflects their cult’s world origin tale as YHWH (the Demiurge) inscribes everything into existence with a fiery stylus. [2] The most common Hebrew font is mean to resemble flames.

In practice, this paradigm of “words to truth” coupled with their fanatical belief in their own “choseness” leads Jews to turn their subjective viewpoint into a general (and “self-evident”) truth via their vast influence in media, politics, and finance. It also leads them to censor non-Jewish voices as those people weren’t “chosen” – given the mission by the Demiurge – thus, as with the Herder deciding the fate of his cattle, Zionists have no interest in letting others speak, and it in fact collides with their worldview.

1965 Speech in Harlem, NYC [3]

One of the most telling examples of Jewish chosen words suddenly becoming sacrosanct, is the fact that between the years 1900 and 1945, there were no less than 200 published mentions 6,000,000 Jews in peril or facing imminent death. [4] Yet, it was only after 1945 that the number came to be taken seriously and all previous mentions were suddenly forgotten in a stunning feat of Orwellian double-think. Also noteworthy is that in 1977, David Irving published his seminal and fact-based biography of Hitler’s years in government. It dealt a stunning blow to popularly propagated post-war image of Hitler as a raving maniac. Particularly when Irving cites meeting records, which indicate Hitler merely acknowledged that the Red Army captured Auschwitz as if there was nothing incriminating there at the time nor had been disposed before. [5] It may very well have been this book that prompted the pathos-laden response in 1978, the miniseries Holocaust, which enshrined the now “official” word to describe any and all Jewish misfortune during World War 2. The establishment outer party followed the line and swarms of “holocaust” mentions now referred to that one particular period with all the previous mentions of “holocaust”, as with the infamous “six million” figure, plunged down the memory hole.

The supreme Aggadah of the Age had been established and now it was heresy to challenge any aspect of it. Whereas previously the Judeo-Christian Inquisition (which was non-Jews propagating Jewish ethics and methods) worked through outright terror and torture, reflecting the aggressive hunter archetype, while the newer methods are much more subtle and for good reason. Edward Bernays, dubbed “the father of American propaganda” and a Jew related to the Freud family, called his work “the engineering of consent” and explained in his 1928 and bluntly titled work, Propaganda:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.
We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.” [6]

The Jewish Herder archetype works in a way that discourages straying too far from where the comfort of a stable career (in line with herder-dictated rules), the pleasures of social circles (in line with herder-dictated rules), and wealth increase (by those same established rules and only those rules) are to be found; a paddock by another name. It’s only natural for those who view themselves as superior to behave as such. [7]^

2- Uncover & Uproot

The true nature of the Herder archetype has been carefully hidden, since if livestock knew they were being exploited and likely sent for slaughter for the gain of the Herder, they’d revolt, which would be trouble, or launch a revolution, which would be deadly. A revolt is limited to those who can be made to believe that they will personally gain from it, while a revolution attracts initially uninterested groups to the cause. However, before a movement can take on revolutionary characteristics in order to overthrow the status quo, we must identify the causes of the status quo and not merely criticize the results. The latter is the rigged game and paddock.

Appealing to fear and telling people how terrible their lives will be if they don’t revolt is insufficient. As is an appeal to hubris and telling them how wonderful their lives will be if the revolt succeeds. Thus, even if the slaves break down the barriers, they have kept the conditioning of their imprisonment. A new order is not possible from this and the slaves themselves will rebuild the very kind of system from which they broke free. Within a few generations, if not earlier, that’s a given. Therefore, we must introduce new values or long forgotten values that are no longer in play in order to cut the roots of the status quo and prevent its causes from spreading again. This is inherently harder as it requires a sense of duty and devotion, since those fighting will not necessarily benefit from the fight to establish something better. And this makes revolution harder to unleash in a materialist society. ^

Jewish Ethnocentrism
The whole debate about whether Judaism is an ethnic, religious, or cultural identity is meaningless, since Jewish identity (as with all identitarian viewpoints) is whatever the in-group needs it to be. There are appeals to religion, culture, and ethnicity according to the point being made. The key is that such identity is largely arbitrary and voluntary. A bit of Jewish humor aptly demonstrates the quintessential identitarian point of view:

“Jews have a joke among themselves that goes something like this: A class of schoolchildren is asked to produce an essay about giraffes; little Tom Smith hands in a piece on the neck; little John Baker writes about its diet; others write about the tail, the environment, and so on. Then little Benny Cohen hands in his paper, and it is titled ‘The Giraffe and the Jews.’” [8]

Mostly only Jews are familiar with that “humorous” anecdote yet it’s a spot on representation of the fact that for Jews all things, regardless how far removed, are always seen through the prism of Jewish identity. As the author of the quoted article goes on to state: “it’s a joke about Jewish ethnocentrism.” And the fact that that very topic is celebrated and very frequently discussed in Jewish circles, yet not discussed much in non-Jewish circles, or even downplayed and outright avoided, is equally celebrated by Jews.

“Self-glorification is commonly defined as the exaltation of oneself and one’s abilities, though one could add that it entails excessive or unjustified elements of superiority. Individually, high levels of self-glorification are correlated strongly with psychopathy. A small number of studies have found that groups demonstrating feelings of exaggerated self-love and superiority were more prone to desires or attempts to dominate other groups.” [9]

And so Jews hold the proverbial Ring of Power and they know others want it, too. However, upon snatching it, the correct thing to do would be to destroy, not hijack, said ring. ^

It wants to be hijacked.

Hanukkah is an apt demonstration of tribalist mythos. While the modern rendition of Hanukkah is a gift giving holiday and generally speaking “being happy in winter,” a time that was typically cold and dark before modern conveniences. The origin of this holiday might be shocking to non-Jews. Not only does Hanukkah affirm Jewish identity, be it religious, cultural, or ethnic (whatever the situation needs), the first rendition of this holiday was a pogrom.

It was a targeted killing of Jews that were accepting Hellenization, thereby becoming accustomed – and accepted in – to the dominant Greek culture. Those Greeks accepting the Jews were also killed and thus we can see why White Nationalists have slowly come to love this holiday.

“Not all Jews helped Maccabee. In fact, the elites of Jewish society favored the blending away of the Jews (much as our modern elites favor the blending away of whites) and they helped the tyrant in his attempt at assimilating Jews into non-existence.
The ‘extremist’ Maccabees, weren’t having it and they fought against both the Syrian tyrant and their own Jewish elites. In time, the Maccabees won, and Jews who didn’t assimilate, became the only Jews, and they celebrated their victory over the forces of assimilation with Hanukkah.” [10]

Maccabee led the tribalist revolt that was, likely, the first Western incarnation of identitarianism. All that was done, White Nationalists talk about doing today; some in more extreme levels than others, yet all part of the same symphony.

“So, Hanukkah was about Jews being able to have their own identity and religion as they themselves decided was right for themselves, and it was a struggle against their extinction by assimilation.” [11]

This is a good indicator of why Jews have been expelled 109 times, if one counts only the biggest expulsions, but the real number of Jewish Expulsions is much higher. [12]

Always the “others” fault.

The Jewish identity was created and upheld as an aggression against all others, symbolized in the quintessential image of what Hanukkah represents: Judith with the severed head of Holofernes. [13] It’s a zealous adhering to identitarianism and dogma much like the creation of “whiteness” in people when “the Virginians legislated a new class of people into existence: the whites. They gave the whites certain rights, and took other rights from blacks. White, as a language of race, appears in Virginia around the 1680s, and seems to first appear in Virginia law in 1691. And thus whiteness, and to a degree as well blackness, was born in the mind of America.” [14]

This was done to keep two groups that were essentially compatible – both poor, farm subsistence-level, largely Christian, small town life-style – divided across race. The early American Republican party (now a shadow of its former self) was broadly inclusive based on idealist principles and varied communities lived in proximity and peace. However, it was the increase in such legislation echoing the essences of Judaism that led to violence, thereby echoing the Maccabean mass slaughter – Tulsa, Rosewood, etc – and a instilling a resentment that holds to this day.

Don’t blame “whites,” get them to see where they’re wrong about identifying as “white.” Maybe like Boromir, they will see the truth about the force that attracts them, and if they see early enough, they won’t perish as he did. ^

Taking the fanatically motivated killing of Hanukkah to the next level for all-out mass-murdering bloodlust frenzy we come to another celebration that has been given serious window dressing. Purim isn’t mentioned too much outside of Jewish circles, it doesn’t appear on many calendars (unlike Hanukkah), and in general is at most mentioned as a just a “joyous holiday.” Christians have Easter, a celebration of life representative of Spring, which also appears in many other religions and cultures. However, Judaism celebrates what would today probably be labeled as genocide. And this mass killing was also motivated by identitarianism.

“The Book of Esther (Megillat Esther in Hebrew), the basis for the Purim holiday, recounts one of the most beloved [beloved of the Jews] of all biblical stories. Haman, the arch villain of the story, devises a plan to annihilate the Jews of Persia, which is approved by the Persian King Ahasuerus. Through a complex turn of events, the Jewish Queen Esther and her adoptive father Mordechai manage to intercede with the king, thwart Haman’s evil plan, and destroy Haman, his family and other enemies of the Jewish people. The holiday of Purim is then proclaimed.” [15]

This sounds very familiar.

However, the real revealing thing about Purim is not just what it celebrates, rather also how it is celebrated. While the events themselves happen behind closed doors reserved for the most zealous, there are few inhibitions. The killing of Haman and his 10 sons is depicted in lurid detail and celebrated with a fanatical hate fervor that mirrors the “two minutes of hate” as depicted in Orwell’s 1984[16]

This is then compounded by lurid displays of Haman dolls going through a simulated execution, and Jewish children (mainly young boys) are encouraged to get their zealotry and hate on full steam.

The Many Minutes of HateA Haman effigy that is dressed in contemporary clothing,
an indicator as to what Jews think of what should be done
to non-Jews who act against their tribes interests.

Purim toys: A depiction of Haman and his 10 sons.

Fresh bread and a salad don’t seem to be enough for this Jewish celebration during spring. There are two Purim-specific foods and these go right along the same mindset at the above rituals. “Hamantaschen are triangular-shaped dough pockets meant to symbolize Haman’s ears and Kreplach are dough pockets filled with ground beef symbolizing the beaten flesh of Haman. Does this sound appetizing?” [17]

Ritual cannibalism of a defeated enemy.Morbidity at its finest.
Judaism’s most sacred icon represented by symbolic severed ears.

As gruesome as symbolically wishful cannibalism might be, it fits right into a religion whose “prophets not only hated their enemies, but rather reveled in their suffering” and which considers exclusion and hate as virtues, since “not a single Jewish source asserts that God deeply desires to save all humanity, nor that He loves every member of the human race.” [18] Well, of course! YHWH only loves his “chosen” and everyone else is under their dominion. That is the Jewish covenant with the Demiurge.

Dietrich Eckart wrote some poignant words about Purim: “The Jews call our Sedan Day celebration barbarous, but they find entirely in order the fact that, year in and year out, they still, after all this enormous time, celebrate in the synagogues their heroic deed concerning the seventy-five thousand Persians, in the feast of Purim.” [19] Sedan Day was held on September 2 in the former German Empire until 1918. On that day in 1870 the Prussian Army won a decisive victory against France during the Franco-Prussian War by accepting the surrender of the French army. It was celebrated in various ways, from games and festival grounds to music and food, and major cities, especially the capital, typically had a military parade. [20]

While Aryanism and National Socialism have a rather obvious propensity for large folk celebrations and something like Sedan Day might very well fit right in. However, they also have room for hate, though it’s a hate of evil and the initiation of violence, which is unlike Jewish hate of what causes them tribal disadvantage. Also, Jewish hate is going by a loose or insufficient definition of the word. Jews cannot, in the strict sense of the word, “hate” goyim, since they are, by their own cult beliefs, to inherit them as servants after the coming of their messiah. Even today, many Jews see “gentiles” as for performing menial task of simply deriving tribal advantage from. In fact, that is the entire point of the Jewish Lobby, the most salient tentacle of which is AIPAC. [21]

True hate flows towards the violator/deceiver/oppressor from the lowest levels of the exploited, not the other way around. ^

Track record of acting “chosen”

The Holocaust

“The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and thus, on God Himself. It is an event that is the antithesis of Creation as recorded in the Bible; and like it’s direct opposite, which is relived weekly with the Sabbath and yearly with Torah, it must be remembered from generation to generation”
~~~~~~~~~~Abraham Foxman, behaving very “chosen” [22]

Abraham Foxman, former head of the ADL of B’nai B’rith, did something very telling with those words quote above. By simply using written words in what is simply an editorial piece he elevates one event he deems important above all others, regardless how similar, since it was his in-group that suffered and his group is “God’s chosen children.” Thus, Foxman has provided an identitarian justification for endless Holocaust commemoration. The idea of using words to elevate certain events above others is an old Jewish practice – the aforementioned Jewish Aggadah that itself is derived from the Jewish world creation myth.

Considering how many Jewish texts on the Holocaust are memoirs and recollections and even admitted works of fiction and/or “fictionalizations” (to make the matter even more convoluted), it is no surprise that these have been elevated to “official narrative” status. [23] They serve Jewish tribal needs, provide advantage over other tribes in discourse and politics, and allow control over subsequent narratives since “he who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.” [24]

For example, the current establishment’s highest Holocaust cleric, the late Elie Wiesel, published many works about his experiences during World War 2. The first of these, Night, has the problem “that in its central, most crucial scene, Night isn’t historically true, and at least two other important episodes are almost certainly fiction.” [25] And this being the first of Elie Wiesel’s major works means that: first, his memory was supposed to have been the freshest at its writing and second, it laid the foundation for his subsequent writings. Thus, if it is flawed or intentionally false, this casts doubt on his all his writing and certainly discredits them as fact. They are popular op-ed pieces and subjective and heavily embellished accounts with a specific cult’s theology running through them. This is even confirmed by the more scholarly Raul Hilberg calling Night “the most read of all Auschwitz memoirs not only because of its brevity but because it has something mystic, surrealistic in it.” [26] This also shows that while Hilberg attempted a research-based body of work, his cult background shines through and, in fact, has received thorough criticism [27] that – no real surprise – hasn’t been publicized since it doesn’t conform to the “official narrative.”

Perhaps most interestingly, is that while the official “Holocaust Narrative” has been spoken into being, [28] it is orthodoxy within in it to think that the perpetrators and their sympathizers wish to forget it out of being.

“Forgetting extermination is part of extermination, because it is also the extermination of memory, of history, of the social, etc. This forgetting is as essential as the event… it must be effaced by an artificial memory (today, everywhere, it is artificial memories that efface the memory of man, that efface man in his own memory). This artificial memory will be the restaging of extermination.” [29]

Those are words from 1981, not too long after the 1978 miniseries Holocaust that cemented the capitalization of the h-word into use in Jewish cult canon. However, this long “restaging of the extermination” was hardly “forgetting.” In fact, the mixed-reception of that miniseries led to the perpetual “lively debate, limited sphere” that we have today. Every debate about good and evil has an anchor in the Holocaust narrative. Jewish filmmaker Claude Lanzmann, who admitted and boasted about not using archival and documentary material, said the following:

“If the pain of Auschwitz is much more extreme than that of the Apocalypse, much more horrifying than that described by John in the Apocalypse (since the Apocalypse can be described as, and even resembles, a huge, Hollywood-style spectacular, while Auschwitz is inexpressable and undescribable), then the Book of the Apocalypse is false, and the Gospels are false, too. Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ.” [30]

Thus, the motivation of Jews, be they Torah thumping Rabbis or humanist atheists such as Lanzmann and Hilberg, is a redefinition of morality and ethics according to their own tribe’s advantage. Also, it is very ironic that the current rosy and sociable celebrations given to Hanukkah and Purim are actually a “forgetting” and their “restaging” has most certainly been a way to bury the inherent mass atrocity at the core of each story. Thus, the Jews forget their own crimes and seek to redefine the moral outlook of others based on crimes against their own tribe – after these have been given the mystical Elie Wiesel-style Aggadah embellishment. The herder’s worldview is the only one permitted. Fitting for a people who see themselves as “chosen.” ^

Modern Jewish Colonialism

“Zionism was never simply about the idea that Jewish Lives Matter: from the beginning, it meant the lives of Jewish colonists would be valued more than the lives of indigenous groups — from Herzl’s time, until today.” [31]

Even that truthful quote is extremely generous. Around halfway through, the words of the Tanakh promise the Jews that the Demiurge will “reign on Mount Zion.” [32] Zionism is central to the Jewish religion. Such an attitude also pervades Judeo-Christianity, thus making it no surprise that that Alexander H. Stephens, vice president of the short-lived Confederate States of America alluded to the “curse against Canaan” [33] where Noah’s youngest son Ham sees his father undressed (since Noah had passed out drunk) and this offends the traditionalist patriarch so he condemns Ham to forever be a servant. [34] This perfectly matches Stephens’ vision for Americans from Africa. The inspiration came from the same rotten root that inspired Herzl.

“The Jews made no converts: they butchered all.” ~Thomas Paine, Age of Reason
Words about the Ancient Jews whom present day Jews claim to exalt.

Herzl is only one neck on the Zionist Hydra. Various diplomatic dealings, the most salient of which is the Balfour Declaration, are another. And yet another is the outright terror used on ground in Palestine. [35] And the Israeli lobby has necks, claws, and tentacles nearly everywhere in the form of Hasbara, [36] an information manipulation strategy that has mostly replaced the old style Rabbinical aggadah. Such an elaborate system – that is seemingly not centralized, thus more easily deniable – is required upkeep considering the eugenics-bound direction Israel is heading in where the semen of men with combat experience is in top demand. [37]

Not many see past Israel’s smoke and mirrors, and even less connect all the “bad apples” into one hydra. Yet, there are those that have managed this feat of perception. By leaving the proverbial cave with its shadow show (on this issue at least) one can see that “American Jews sympathetic to Israel dominate key positions in all areas of our government where decisions are made regarding the Middle East.” Virtually all US news publishers simply refuse to publish the non-Jewish perspective. Letters mentioning taped interviews of Palestinians who related stories of torture at the hands of Israel go unanswered. Later, a realization hit the writer of the letter, “I hadn’t known: had it been Jews who were strung up and tortured, it would be news. But interviews with tortured Arabs were ‘lost.’” Some research is given “to the Israeli Embassy, to let them read it for mistakes,” and even if there are no mistakes “it shouldn’t be published. It’s anti-Israel.” This is the goal of Hasbara: The Israelis have a policy to discourage us [news reporters] from visiting the Holy Land except under their sponsorship. They don’t want Christians to start learning all they have never known about Israel.” [38]

Surely, if Christians found out about this [39] then they would sympathize increasingly with the Muslims and the Christian-Muslim rapprochement is what Judaism/Zionism fears most – two of the world’s biggest universal religions realizing common cause against an old tribal religion that cannot stand by itself.

This would be the start of a New Order. ^

Zion’s Biggest Fear

3- Establish a New Order

Looking to Islam may very well be counter-intuitive to many present self-proclaimed supporters of National Socialism, yet that would mean that they are as ill-informed on this legendary movement as the rest in the traditional left-right/liberal-conservative “lively debate/limited sphere” spectrum. What would be genuinely closer to counter-intuitive is recognizing that even among Jews themselves there hasn’t always been a monolithic anti-Hitler stance. While many of those Jews had been excised in a way akin to the original Hanukkah cleansing, the fact remains that many Jews in Germany were concerned about the hyperbolic anti-German propaganda, which said that the NSDAP was already mass killing Jews [40] in some desperate continuation of the atrocity propaganda of WW1 such as corpse factories and “babies on bayonets.” [41] The Jews within Germany had a profoundly different reaction to Hitler’s election and assuming of the Chancellorship than Jews outside of Germany.

The Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith condemned press sensationalism:

“Following press reports in German papers, which were then disseminated by various foreign newspapers, which claimed that mutilated Jewish corpses were found at the entrance to the Jewish cemetery Berlin-Weißensee, and that Jewish girls in public places had been forcibly rounded up, and that hundreds of German Jews had arrived in Geneva, including many children, nine tenths of which were severely abused. All such claims are completely fictitious.” [42]

In light of books such as Black Nazis and Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers it is no surprise that the NSDAP wasn’t nearly as draconian as they have been portrayed to be when it comes to their treatment of minorities, yet few people have found out about these books. [43] Despite these books seemingly pioneering nature, uncovering some hitherto unknown aspect of the III Reich, they are actually in a line of research, writing, and opinion that has been excised or just not widely discussed.

One German Citizen of the Jewish faith wrote:

“At first the German reaction to riotous, Jewish-led, anti-German demonstrations abroad was a government-decreed one day (!) boycott of Jewish stores which had been marked overnight with stars of David. Never at any time, neither then nor today, did National Socialists mark Jewish properties of any kind with swastikas, because this would be considered a desecration of their revered symbol. The most astonishing result of this boycott was the revelation of the unbelievably large number of big and small businesses in Jewish hands. Had the German-Jewish community voiced a unanimous and vociferous protest against the action of their co-religionists throughout the world, they would have avoided, in my opinion, some of the harsher measures soon to come.” [44]

The calm and reasoned tone throughout that work, which was written many years after the Second World War, suggests a very different experience than the usual that is presented. Another such example is Joseph G. Burg, who defended Ernst Zundel during the latter’s 1988 trial and despite having been interned for 3 years at Auschwitz, he had never heard of gas chambers until after the war. His testimony led to him being given the proverbial Hanukkah slice of Judith’s sword as Jews disowned Burg. Eventually, Zundel had to have his friend buried in a Catholic cemetery – the last favor for a friend who was a man of faith. [45]

As one researcher in 2010 pointed out, the root problem with studying the NSDAP and its policies is that “popular and academic discussion of Nazi race theory has been in general highly misleading, and vitiated by a failure to differentiate between: (1) popular, propagandistic and aesthetic stereotypes of race; (2) racial policies; (3) academic race theory as expounded within scholarly publications in the Third Reich.” Thus, the propaganda war that had been started and engaged in by all sides of the Second World War was ceased by the defeated Axis, however the Allies/Soviets never ended theirs. This has had a profound shaping of the popular perception of the German Third Reich. The fact that “the term widely used in English, “Aryan race,” now almost synonymous with Nazi thought, has no unambiguous counterpart in the German language” and that the “normative German term is therefore ariches Volk, not arisches Rasse. The paper comes to the conclusion that “standard histories of the Nazi era generally make little or no reference to debates about the nature of race, and the lurid associations of the word “Aryan” obscure the fact that mainstream Nazi scholarship was not radically at odds with the wider framework adopted by European intellectuals” and that “the Nazi understanding of race needs to be set within an evolving intellectual and political landscape, rather than singled out as a single, static and defining idea.” [46]

This sort of “woke” perspective is hardly new. In 1958, an academic paper was published that details how National Socialist race theory and studies had three distinct periods. In the first there was the hyperbolic German nationalism after the shame of Versailles. Second, there were attempts at scientific affirmation of this nationalism and it was during this time that the work of ardent Nordicist Hans F.K. Guenther was widely circulated. However, upon realizing that so few people even within Germany fit into these strict Nordic criteria, after 1934 Guenther’s work was rejected by the NSDAP itself. “It was this last phase of National Socialist race theory that was cut off… the work of half a decade was scattered or destroyed – to leave only the tragic-comic image of the Nordicism of Guenther and his followers, to appear and reappear as the popular misconception of the National Socialist theory of history.” This was in stark contrast to the third phase of NSDAP positions on race where there “was no longer of fixed and immutable races, but of races in formation, the components for which arise out of the crucible of the past.” [47]

Thus, the NSDAP looked into and studied race, as did their European counterparts, however unlike he British Empire or Judaic traditionalism, the NSDAP’s goal was to find a unifying factor among its people and then later among its allies, which included non-Europeans.

Only a few years later in 1966, Murray Rothbard, a Jewish revisionist wrote:

“Revisionism as applied to World War II and its origins (as also for previous wars) has the general function of bringing historical truth to an American and a world public that had been drugged by wartime lies and propaganda. This, in itself, is a virtue. But some truths of history, of course, may be largely of antiquarian interest, with little relevance to present-day concerns. This is not true of World War II revisionism, which has much critical significance for today’s world.” [48]

Thus even by the mid-1960s there were those well aware that the Allied/Soviet propaganda line was still in action. Their societies and governments had grown complacent to it, and in fact the wartime (and often pre-war) demonization of the enemy had become a lucrative venture. [49] And so, due to “market pressure” and the laws of supply and demand, the new religion was being preached and printed with a Judaic vengeance.

“The Enemy, then, says the war propaganda, is guided by but one purpose: conquest of the world. He never suffers from such human emotions as fear — fear that we might attack him — or belief that he is acting in defense, or out of self-respect and the desire to save face before himself as well as before others. Neither does he possess such human qualities as reason… Now revisionism teaches us that this entire myth, so prevalent then and even now about Hitler, and about the Japanese, is a tissue of fallacies from beginning to end. Every plank in this nightmare evidence is either completely untrue or not entirely the truth… For revisionism, in the final analysis, is based on truth and rationality. Truth and rationality are always the first victims in any war frenzy; and they are, therefore, once again an extremely rare commodity on today’s “market.” [50]

Very telling that a staunch libertarian and advocate would criticize the free use of a capitalist market; Rothbard was very likely driven by higher ideals and finally stated: “such truth is almost desperately needed in today’s world.” [51]

Joseph G. Burg echoed this sentiment in saying that “If the Holocaust story went on the way it was going, there would never be a sincere relationship between the Jews and the Germans.” [52] When one side is committed to fanaticism based on its belief in its “chosen” status, then even the mildest suggestion to take a new perspective is met with fury as David Irving’s experience relates:

[When asked if the Jews are responsible for being sent to Auschwitz]
“It’s a bit of a dazzling question, and when you think about it, I said, ‘well… the short answer is: yes.’ But that’s a cruel answer, because to do the question justice you’ve got to have a lot of intervening stages, of course, but the short answer, if you want to hop from A to Z is ‘yes, if you hadn’t behaved the way you have as a race for 3,000 years, first the Russians, then the Poles, then the Galicians, and the Austrians and the rest wouldn’t have harried and hounded you from pillar to post so you end up finding yourself in Auschwitz. And you’ve never asked yourselves ‘why?” And they still don’t want to accept that. To him [the Jew asking the question], that question, and my answer, was unacceptable. In Germany, it would no doubt have been grounds for another $22,000 fine, and in Canada I would no doubt have found myself in handcuffs again. But I don’t think it was an anti-Semitic answer, it was an attempt to be helpful in a kind of ‘psychiatrist couch’ way – analyze yourself, cast out the mote from thine own eye.” [53]

Perhaps a religious cult taking such a perspective is understandable, however why do historians, of all stripes, basically parrot the same story?

[Explaining why historians fail to criticize the official Holocaust narrative]
“Their only conceivable excuse – to claim ignorance – is to surrender their entire claim to expertise. For the experts to somehow claim that they ‘did not know’ about these issues is to admit gross incompetency, if not sheer idiocy. Thus our experts are caught in a terrible bind: either they are outright, malicious liars, or they are gross incompetents. Needless to say, the future does not bode well for their reputations.” [54]

To create a new order, that goes (finally) past the Allied/Soviet propaganda lines of a massive war, it would perhaps be better to offer POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS. After all, isn’t it better if all those people didn’t die? That even if families were not reunited after the war, isn’t it better to know that they weren’t, in all likelihood, hunted and herded to death? And critically, who wants to push the current, deeply flawed, version of the story? Who wants those people to remain dead in the most horrible way imaginable and in a way that will cause strife and anger and further fanaticism for generations to come?

Well, it’s definitely not “the Nazis” that equipped facilities with life-saving equipment.

It’s the fanatical cult whose sacred beliefs include a mythical “6,000,000” as a requirement for their god granting them their promised land. [55] Hence, they have been mentioning this number for nearly a century before the founding of Israel. [56] And today, they refuse to let go of it. All ethical arguments in present Western society are based on this morbid tale. All so that an old, tribal cult can claim to be the basis for Western thought. Perhaps they’re right.

And perhaps that’s why it’s time to abandon traditional “Westernism” for something better and that starts by root-pruning the rotten root.

“The euthanasia of Judaism is the pure moral religion.” ~Immanuel Kant

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  1. Animal, the word, references spirit. Human, a compound word refers to both mind and matter together. In common modern vernacular, human just means a certain group of animals exalted by an ability to extensively alter the environment purely for itself.
    Thus there are three essential categories of animals according to modern thought; wild, domestic, and human. Such a perspective rarely takes note that humans do not balance the alteration of the environment with any sense of responsibility to it. Such a stance is equally observable in various forms of human to human interaction, on personal as well as collective levels. However, only recently have humans begun to realise that all are not human.
    Animals have been observed for the entirety of human existence, and just about everyone has some sort of horror story regarding animals, blaming animals, when in truth a large number of such cases are caused by human ignorance and stupidity.
    We take it for granted that animals can learn, can go bad, and can manifest remarkably complex behaviors. However, we tend to view animals as limited both in capability and cognition.
    Humans, we are told, evolved farther and more rapidly than the rest of the animals. The problem with this view is manifold, but the essential issue resides in forgetting what the words animal and human mean, because animals are not simply physical entities and humans are not simply fancy animals.
    Spirits populate what is generally considered this greater world, moving easily between states, shedding their material forms with little effort. They commonly evoke manifestations of natural forces, their splendor far more significant than their forms would suggest.
    However, mankind has a completely different lot. Mind in the body is the human experience. For most, it is impossible to imagine anything else. Every waking moment of every day is defined by mind at work in the body, in matter. It is so fundamental that it is rarely observed. Thus, the human rarely moves easily from state to state, rarely takes note of the defining condition, and almost never grasps it's own potential.

  2. Mike Kay – The true purpose of religion is to make existence seem understandable, and from that offer a strategy for genuine evolution. However, when we honestly view experience, we have to admit that the truth we seek is beyond all such symbols. Consciousness doesn't develop through cogent lines of thought, it develops through riddles, mysteries, and conundrums.
    Such is Her territory. We can only traverse it, and glean what we can along the way.
    Some say that we are fortunate in living through and experiencing this time. I can say that fortune has nothing to do with it. We can accept without reservation that we are here, or we can choose some method to resist it. The difference between the two is the first moves you, and the second drags you along, but you go nevertheless.
    Humanity is defining itself, and this act is being observed with great interest. This is so big, it goes beyond the living. Some years ago a woman I knew was found dead. Before it was reported she came to me, her ghost, and said goodbye, but now through the pain, chaos, and agitation she has returned. I assumed that her people brought her to a well deserved rest, but now that is clear she chose differently.
    This time we are in is going to move to greater intensity. We take the ride. Even for ghosts, there is no choice. – MK
    Sorry I’m a little late with this one, was in the hospital but now it only hurts when I laugh, which is all the time. The other one is very special and I shall make a special Patreon post for it – Jack Heart

  3. Beyond this most basic level of establishing the will to know, the path to remembrance, are those communications, visions, and moments of knowing that do not follow any commonly believed path of manifestation. The correspondence between inner and outer events blends, and this, like it says in the gospel of Thomas leads to disturbance.
    This moment of disturbance is not to be evaded, or rationalized away, rather it is like one's own personal diving board into the unknown.
    Master Dionysus wrote of tokens placed in higher realms, and that such tokens were gifts, and guides for those who read them.
    Once one is through with the operant conditioning of the marxosphere, one will by natural tendency begin to behold the tokens, and as one develops the necessary cloudless clear mind, the need to justify them within the sphere of the talking heads, billionaires, and child molesters just falls away.
    This time here is very much a deciding time, sitting on the fence will only mean one is dragged along with it. Much better, in my own humble view, to become like the kite, and holding your own tether, steer along with the cosmic wind.

  4. One might well wonder, well how exactly, is one who is still finding the clouds within, and dispelling them, able to make any kind of sense from all this? Indeed, this is a place that delights in neotany. It has been common knowledge, for example, that a world wide network of human trafficking and ritual child abuse exists, protected by the media, involving the highest castes of "human" society. It should be obvious that any such condition is not going to lend itself to one's personal development as a being.
    Yet it is precisely because of these type of pogroms, that we can be assured that a higher path awaits. We can know this, because of the rule of opposite forces in this sphere, that any particular movement must have its corresponding complement.
    Further, the mania with which the abrahamic society turns everything back to a basic material explanation is in itself an indication of an intentionally abrogated world view.
    Armed thus, we need not pay homage to a system whose limited perspective only functions to enforce its own definition on the nature of existence. Once we have liberated ourselves from the grip of the cold, material explanation, we can begin to discover our own paths, and in so doing, allow both knowledge and comprehension, in short consciousness, to blossom within.

  5. You are afraid that you have no choice. The doom and the terror ring you in. You put your hands over your ears and you still hear the shrieking.
    Your birthright is the plaything of cowards and cretins. They delight in your pain. It makes them believe they have power.
    You were taught that all of mankind are equal, but they left something out, didn't they? They left out the fact that all who wear the people suit are not men.
    The abrahamics arose from the ashes of the Gnostics. Like the chameleon hybrids that steal any shape and pretend to its truth, those who know nothing of the divine darkness have devised their Shitstem to keep you here.
    You do not yet see, how it is that your life, your spirit are what feed this place?
    You do not yet know that She is much greater than this world?
    Feel this time. Sense it. Observe that to move within it is to become congruent with that. What does that tell you? Does it open your heart? Does it clear your mind? Or, perhaps it offers you a silky narrative of a plastic dream, where the promise is to move with the collective flow?
    You must choose. You must join, or forever stay separate.
    The device of the abrahamics is to keep you here, whilst they feed on you. For some, they don't mind, as long as they get to play. But they don't see, in their revelling in the muck they have created that they are here because of the higher, and this time has already played out.
    You seek to know more about the choice of which I write, and if you hold that question close you will be lead to the place where that choice becomes clear in your heart, and there is the only place the choice can be made.

  6. Well I'll gladly lump myself in the group that would want to never rebirth here however why do I feel like I won't get that choice? I hope your right MK and that I do get the choice….when the going gets tough to the point of breaking my back I start murmuring I want to go 'home'….where that is I have no idea. More important than that is how utterly depressing it is to see family members who are very good people now taken over by the brainwashing of what the media has told them. This is how they will die. And they didn't start out that way….in my humble opinion. That's one catastrophy that I see around me. People unable to think for themselves. Maybe I give my family members or those around me too much credit but this black goo….or dark energy ….it sure did a number on some unsuspecting good folks. That's the hard part for me to watch.

  7. Of course, what is most curious is that much of the drive for white genocide comes from other whites. Part of this is from severe brainwashing and neo Marxist re education programs, another part from a deep seated desire to be something else besides white, but even here, there is a much deeper explanation.
    Most strongly amongst the white race is the identification with the origin, which is not found here. The darker races claim ownership of this place, and identify most strongly with it, something that both bemuses and causes hilarious examples of imitation by whites, whilst never getting us anywhere.
    Yet as our most famous Norms have clearly demonstrated, we are here for a purpose, yet this entire premise has played out. For a large number of whites are done bringing the light to creatures who refuse to leave the dark. Their love and expansive natures have been viciously attacked again and again. Their attempts to illustrate magnificent principles inverted, and corrupted. The patience of these advanced minds has ended, and they are tired. They will go home, rather than feed the parasite, thus they will no longer seek rebirth here. All of this is boiling like potatoes in a pot, and it has enormous significance for what is happening right now.

  8. So, we find a curious thing about race-perception. The manner in which perception occurs is determined by the dynamic of race and culture. Enter language, and you discover an essential triad to human experience.
    The efforts in modern society have been directly aimed at negating race, featuring a Marxist forced egalitarian definition of humanity. This all makes perfect sense, once one educates themselves on the operations of Marxism in the West, and it's embrace by the globalist agenda.
    There is an esoteric reason for Kalergi targeting the white race, and it has nothing to do with ridiculous negations and assumptions provided by Marxists, Globalists, Zionists, and their cadre of brainwashed leftists.
    For now, suffice it to say that every race has their own unique root, and thus their own genuine path to a greater wisdom, with their own help and hindrance to this way. The anti-white agenda is thus an attack on this birthright, and an attempt to cut European people off from their ancestral path. It should be obvious that cutting off a people from their spiritual heritage is genocide, and we should examine very carefully any agenda that promotes this goal.

  9. I don't care what face you have, or the form of your foot, nor the color of your skin. either you peddle eternal strive and debasement or you work for rising up of this peculiar human entity, "potential", which I see as a birthright. Having said that, I start with people that are kin to me. Why wouldn't I, only natural. Individual strive in concert with rising up over all, and cherishing the successes. Battle where needed and cooperation wherever possible.

  10. I couldn’t have said it any better myself Manchurian, and don’t worry about us cooperating with anybody or anything around here. We don’t compromise, and if you are with us and I know many reading this are, just remember that. I will burn down this world and everything in it, along with myself and my own children before 1$ of the dues I have paid getting here is forfeited…

  11. Hey again Jack. After reading through some of the posts from this 'Aryanism' site you guest-posted here, as well as its sister blogs, I would certainly advise caution if you deal with these people, perhaps it's better to leave them alone entirely. Funnily enough, I see some serious similarities to the previously discussed Douglas Dietrich here. They seem to pride themselves on being 'anti-racist', 'anti white supremacist' and 'anti-Islamophobic', and are apparently representatives of the 'true Left'. These immediate red flags give way to the true nastiness of these folks when reading their articles, found throughout the webpage you provided as well as affiliated pages.

    Primarily, this piece stood out as a true embodiment for their seemingly pathological hatred for 'white identity'

    My prediction with these folks is very similar to the case of Douglas Dietrich. That is to say, I picture a 'non-white' person or group of people, who has for some reason or another become enamored with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler's worldview. This is certainly understandable, as his message is universal and eternal (eg. one can find no shortage of google images displaying 'Mongolian neo nazis').

    The unfortunately unavoidable perceptive contradiction of a 'non white National Socialist' (largely due to the pitiful white nationalist community which is its modern torch bearer), has resulted in a mania of sorts in the author, culminating in these vicious attacks on the racial 'cohesion' of the current European stock.

    Still, perhaps the writers of this blog are 'white' (a term they seem to despise with passion), but are simply enamored with their understandable yet warped 'unracialized' view of the world. Regardless, the point remains the same, they have not conflated these racial views with National Socialism in a harmonious fashion, and the result is quite ugly, simply have a read of their bile!

    Certainly, they have many good points regarding the nature of National Socialism, the degeneracy of modern society, Zionism (the article you provided here was quite good), etc. I even somewhat appreciate their decent critique of the foolish yet overblown 'great evil', of contemporary 'white supremacy' and the loathsome 'alt right', parts of which have the nerve to declare themselves 'heirs' of the Third Reich's ideology. But this is where the true mania begins, as the author seethes in rage that 'white people' who view themselves as 'white' dare to call themselves 'National Socialists'. Their blatant resentment of the white nationalist community has clearly led them to ideological overcompensations and emotionally charged racial vitriol. It is a shame, as their analysis of the inadequacy of contemporary 'racial identity' itself is quite valid!

    However, everything 'valid' the website does bring up, is constantly overshadowed and undermined by the authors' consistent injection of subversive racial nastiness, which oftentimes takes on an inconsistent and frantic manner. This can range from a passive acceptance of racial traits and their importance, to an outright endorsement for the racial mixing of Europe, ie, they share the biggest wet dream of the globalists currently in charge. One can also look to the author's bizarre and apparently contradictory fixation on 'oval face shapes', and 'trans-racial Aryan phenotypes', to see this strange compensatory technique at work.

    The gist is, while they certainly have good analyses of certain topics, and certainly deserve a detached study from afar, I believe the author's should not be 'cooperated' with in any tangible sense, they simply radiate with nasty vibes.

  12. The diagram of the Ophites is not the one described. The practices of the Ophites were not those they truly observed. One cannot use modern abrahamic phantasie to define and explain that which is beyond their realm.
    The transhuman lives in the abrahamic world, breathes it, imagines it, and thus his supposed rebellion against it, is but his affirmation of it.

  13. Always it is, that which is made here is ignorant of absolutes, and in that lack it seeks to invent them in order to overcome them. This is defined as progress, but is really the shadows playing with shadows in the mind.
    The attempt to hijack reality bears little resemblance to absolutes, so it runs everyone around in endless cycles, taking everyone away upon a terrible journey which is something less horrible than the inevitable destination.
    Remember the Ophites.

  14. The transhumanist is really a spiritual retard looking for a religion that excuses his acts of defilement. He imagines that his transgressions of the sacred boundaries of life are a new horizon to explore. He considers his ego his identity, and does not hear her laughter.
    The transhuman and the globalist dovetail in their logic. They use the artifices of society to control society and they call this wisdom, ignorant of the emptiness that drowns out their efforts. They deploy cryogenics, they harvest organs and have the best doctors convert them into Frankensteins, they murder the forests they pretend to support, they advance psychopathic underlings, and call that planning. Their manipulation they keep hidden, and they call it real.
    Yet when that Angel calls for them, they have no will but to listen. They hate this truth as they hate all truth, for it exposes their folly and lays bare their subservient status, and illustrates their dark dreams as dust.

  15. The acolytes of the modern madness now display their technocratic prowess, proud they are of their electronic interference field. Look, look at all the flashing lights, listen to all those annoying buzzes and beeps. Most of it is fantasy, playing God with those already hopelessly innured. They want you to believe they always know where you are, what you are doing, and who you are doing it with.
    Jim Dandy to the rescue.
    They do not know that she lets them play their game. The bars they have made for her cannot hold her past her willingness to give them a lead. They cannot spy upon what is beyond them.
    She can show you that which is beyond words and images, and she can do so with deceptively simple acts. How fortunate you are, if you have earned her attention.
    For the transhuman cyborg dream is dead upon it's dawning, and any seeking of life beyond her is merely a shadow passing through lower manifestation. It does not return to her, and thus it is delusion.
    All things made in this sphere are dead and mechanical. They have no voice. What makes the dance is the mystery life, and that is beyond the delusions of the wannabe gods.
    There is no great reset, only great hubris and folly, the disgusting devourers convinced of phantasie that arises phantomlike from their electronic variance.
    Life is an ocean, and the wise know they don't command the tides.

  16. No doubt Orage! "If there ever were a Fourth Reich, it sure as hell ain't this"! These ideas which float around that the 'Nazis' of world war 2 continue to covertly rule us, always seemed preposterous.

    I know you guys have a lot to say about the corrupted 'Bormann faction', so perhaps this is responsible for people's confusion (eg. Jim Mars), but that's something I won't pretend to know anything about.

    But as for National Socialism proper, I can't think of anything more detached from that Germanic ideal than our current Western reality. Even the Gulag nation of Stalinist Russia is a 'step up' from our cultural disaster, in my view.

  17. I think the case of Douglas Dietrich is a truly bizarre one. I certainly lean towards the idea that certain traumatic life experiences and thought patterns have led to him being 'compromised', rather than him being a conscious and willing agent of any faction. I also view his demonization of 'white supremacy' and his desperate ploy to convince others that he is the son of Adolf Hitler, as a warped compensatory technique, to conflate his obvious and pronounced love of National Socialist Germany, with his equally obvious 'non-white' heritage. How he came to this seemingly bizarre state of mental affairs, I have no idea, but if any of his claimed experiences in the military are to be believed, he has undergone ridiculous trauma. But who knows, I have heard other veterans claim he never even served in the military, and that it is all a fabrication. Either way, he is one of the most compelling, intelligent, yet also bizarre and unsettling characters I have ever come across.
    The man claims to have received evidence of US military correspondence with the 'Third Reich in exile' of the 'Unterland', up until the 1990's, during his service. If that doesn't perk your ear, I don't know what will.

  18. When you know what their essence was about, you'd never confuse any criminal empire Jim Mars, Farrell et all coin 4th Reich nor any tattooed hoodlums as heirs apparent.

  19. We feel he is an agent of the Bormann faction, which would explain why he doesn’t mention them. This just in from one of my best researchers yesterday and she is Dutch and Asian…
    “Oke, have you read his personal website lately? He is well into the anti white rhetoric and is full on buying the covid hoax. Someone must have gotten to him badly.”
    Yea we’re looking at him Manchurian, he’s now been recommended by 3 different trusted sources, but none of them trusted as much as the one I just gave you. Anyone who tells you they are Hitler’s son and doesn’t produce a DNA test cannot be taken seriously, anyone who uses the term White Supremacist at this point is a useful idiot of the global communist regime and its Pan European Kalergi Plan now being implemented, it is lead by IG Farben which has metastasized into the dozens of pharmaceutical companies that brought you COVID, the “vaccines,” and Claus Schwab and his fucking transhuman reset. Maybe I should tell you all who the “Illuminati” say I am, well pretty soon you can buy the book for 15$ and figure it out for yourself…

  20. Hey Jack, I see you named dropped Douglas Dietrich! I have listened to this guy a lot back in the day. What is your opinion on the guy and his takes? As far as I know he does not account for any 'Bormann Faction', ie, a degenerated and traitorous Third Reich Remnant. But he has plenty to say about the supposed continued existence of the Reich proper in the 'Unterland'. But that's just scratching the surface.

    Would love to read your thoughts man!!!

  21. A purely rational perspective on America makes it quite clear that republic is gone.Certainly, the existence of personal liberty and self guidance has always been a tenuous thing. Certainly times in history could be covered that exhibit that precise warning from Mr. Franklin, concerning the republic, If we could keep it.
    Thousands of years ago, Plato wrestled with the question made historic by Mr. F. All quite formidable, such obstacles, which have now doomed the USA into a republic in name only, not quite but almost as cynical and sarcastic as the "republic" brought to Russia by Lenin and his judeobolsheviks.
    America is now fully in the grips of a parasitic globalist ascendancy, one where crime is as normal an operating procedure as breathing. If you imagine, in your media soaked opinion, that the biden-clinton contingent is going to usher in some form of enlightened governance, then hold that question, because your answer will be quickly forthcoming.
    Trump, for all his embarrassing and nauseating genuflections towards this criminal bloc, will be the last genuinely elected US president. He was, in fact re-elected, something that only the bravest of historians will dare to cover, sort of like the holocaust meme.
    Its been a rear guard action against massively superior forces for a while, sharp counter attacks, followed by agonizing retreats. Many watched, but few went where the bullets flew.
    The last of the rearguard has fallen now, with no where to fall back to, we remember our comrades as we must now go separate ways, and hold the fire in our hearts, deep underground.
    The highest of ideals are not ever meant to be fully actionable by all, rather they are the guiding light by which we navigate a world where the vicious and the stupid achieve new heights.
    The guerrilla war begins now, for those who cannot lay down their arms it will remain to be seen how long the crime bloc can hold together a fantasy of legitimate government. There will be many whose grip on their rifles will not relent until it, or they are done. There is no unifier in the crime bloc, there simply cannot be. This is far bigger than it appears, and the dancing perverts cannot bring a clean light to desecration they commit.
    Where do we go from here? It all depends on who you are. She is held behind bars, the inversion of the authority is almost complete. What is certain is that for everyone with a heart, it is the establishment of that fire that will lead you through the ruins of what was once, a great effort by humanity to follow the Light,

  22. The depths of this decision help to evoke the separation occurring today, because they are intentionally divisive and destructive. Unlike then, this movement is not about establishing, or even recognizing an identity, rather it is about annihilating it.
    This is a persistent, relentless attack through inverting the natural progression of energy and consciousness.
    Never before has this level of sophistication and possibility been open to the manipulators. If we are honest, we can draw parallels between then, and now in many areas, however the basis for this human experience has irrevocably changed from then to now.

  23. Yes, Jack, I understand that the forces that shape today shaped the world then, and this brings to us a strong sense of continuity. Yet the current time is characterized by culmination, by an insipid aggression that is at once sans higher functioning, whilst firmly locked in fiction.
    I have looked, and have yet to see such limited capacity unleashed, unless one restricts themselves to communist Russia. Generally speaking, the manipulations had to be more accomplished, because the cognition of the subjects was simply too sharp to allow the current sloppy level of orchestrations to succeed.
    In this way, I find a huge disconnect between this time, and that time.
    Before we conclude too much from this statement, it is imperative to recall that the technology used against us in layers today was at it's infancy then. The electronic interference field bombarding us, had hardly begun.
    The worst aspect of genocide certainly continues unabated, and this focus is definitely upon the white race. The corporate governance structure of today certainly owes it's existence to a banking system that was firmly entrenched even then. All this and more, yet there has been a decision made today that was not even considered then, the decision to reject ones humanity whilst building upon it. This is a sea change that promises to take much of humanity with it, far beyond the confines of a shooting war.

  24. This is what my princess would ask all of you

    Who is the enemy as I follow her

    how would he define his enemies

    when she defines one I for one will fight to the death

    females hold all the power over any american male

    suggest you surrender

    continue as you are doomed

  25. Orage – "The problem with this essay is not not its accuracy, but with what it omits. For starters, there“s never just one faction in a given group. In terms of the Nazis, you“ll see us arguing that there were at least three factions; blue-collar-left wing with Strasser and Rhoem as early proponents, mystic factor with Himmler and SS, the economic faction with Feder, Schacht and Bormann.

    It also hides neatly the players of Empire, Priesthood, Vatican and old princes. Free loaders, rent seekers, middle men.

    Keep in mind that the people of America, Germany and Israel are the most propagandized in the world, handilyy beating out North Korea.

    This is the most important information from the article: Thus, the NSDAP looked into and studied race, as did their European counterparts, however unlike he British Empire or Judaic traditionalism, the NSDAP’s goal was to find a unifying factor among its people and then later among its allies, which included non-Europeans. – A contrast you“ll see again in labor relationship, class struggle vs. class cooperation.

    In short, reducing the arguments to Us vs. them with no grey is precisely what the idiot elites want: shouting, street violence, debasement, lowest level of discourse.

    The jews in Germany were also not a homogenous group. You had the had the well-integrated middle and upper class that fought for inclusion into modern society for 200 years, also very active in German Unification. They served in the German Army in WW1 in great numbers, often with distinction. Pan-Babylonian Society. International Bankers aligned with Zionism and Marxism like lil Warburg and Schiff. Crisis profiteers. And lastly, you had almost 3 million eastern Jews expelled by Poland, the Ukraine from the Versailles treaty reshuffling of Austrian-Hungarian Empire and declared stateless, low skilled peasants and tradesmen, from which many of the marxist revolutionaries and Zionist activists were recruited. This last group were Shetll-Ghetto jews, around Odessa and Lemberg, which most closely match what is described in this article.

    One could argue that because the German Jews were so highly integrated, and often thought of themselves Germans first and Jews second, you have the h-story and atrocity propaganda. The rabbits would have none of that. This group was also highly sought after for the purpose of nation building in the fledgling Zionist settlement in Palestine. Hence havana or Transfer agreement.

    The blue-collar faction with many former voters of Communists was decapitated in the 1934 Night of Long Knifes, partially to placated the Wehrmacht and Industrialists, but also integrated by achieving real advancements for the workers, and Frey became their champion. Class warfare and envy was transmuted into the propagated class cooperation, unemployment, strikes and hand-outs replaced with virtually full employment, better work condition, 8 hour work days, 5 day work week, worker’s comp and paid vacation, a first in the world. Achieved while overcoming the Great Depression, in a credit crunch with no god reserves and boycotts. Many of these benefits spread to the rest of the industrialized world only after the war, you can argue that these measures were the foundation of relative affluence of the fifties and sixties, in Germany called Soziale Marktwirtschaft or Social Capitalism. The very same construct has been under assault since Reagan“s eighties and Neo-Liberalism, perhaps even since the 1973 manufactured Oil crisis, where world debt tripled in one single year.

    The economic faction. Feder was sidelined also in 1934. In came Martin Bormann, who negotiated many bi-lateral barter deals for raw materials for German goods, Machine tools for beef from Argentina and so forth. Hjalmar Schacht was strongly opposed, more the man of the international bankers inside Germany. Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

    — All has to be fleshed out and structured, also want to include modern situation. Class-Group cooperation, honor, dignity vs. debasement and trans-humanism" – Orage

  26. Christmas and Easter are next on the first president elect suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s hit list Jim. VT is selective in who gets to criticize the old fool. Father Guido Sarducci gets to say whatever he wants about COVID and the swamp relic, but I supply military intelligence like Dark Winter and I am ignored, even though I vehemently hate the orange monkey messiah and all that he stands for. What does that tell you?…

  27. I don't know Mike what we are doing here is setting Dicks 'Man in the high Castle,' to different tune, its called truth and its killing them because they can't do a fucking thing about it except erase comments in VT. You are the one who enlightened me to Kalergi , a mutt with a plan to make the whole world mutts. It was a masonic plan and it was adapted by the German aristocracy almost to the man, and they plunged their Saxon blades into his back. Sure there's a few more lights and bells but its the same old song and dance my friend, featuring Farben and COVID spell. I'll let you in on a little secret, Hitler was exactly who Serrano said he was and they cannot beat him, to paraphrase the Eurhythmics "he's got the Saints and Apostles backing him up from behind…"

  28. …"Here we meet the gleaming tides
    That from the west unsatisfied, never will
    In patience wait, before the human Banquet.
    Many with madness in their eyes stare gibbering
    At the white hot skies.
    Cloud birds circling overhead
    Shadowing the living and the dead."



  29. That which was is fast disappearing, as a new and extremely volatile condition gains ascendancy. The forces that finally took down America will not have time to bask in their triumph of graft and corruption.
    Some of us will be able to balance these intense energies, like boilers set to heat, the transmuting force will be almost unbearable.
    This is an unavoidable nexus. The crucible will replace the bridal chamber for the duration of this term.
    As always, the visible will be mired in its own experience, deaf and dumb to the higher forces at work all around. Those unable to withstand the turning of opposing forces will be destroyed by them. When deep madness meets massive matter-antimatter collisions, the result will be spectacular and permanent.
    The forces of destruction, the angels of globalism, are determined to play God at all costs. They see their chance arriving. They believe their fictions, that they are destiny, a transhuman singularity, crowning their fear and hate of the condition they inhabit.
    The masses follow, unable to free their minds from the dumbing and the numbing, the cattle the Jews relish.
    It is the perfect time, the perfect condition to wipe away the vestiges of the previous cycle.
    Woe to the world, the crucible time is nigh.

  30. So, as the war comes home peace breaks out at home.

    The pandemic? Has brought families together

    In the long term a nation prepared for battle

    if i keep speaking they will fwithdraw

    doomed I see

  31. "but it is important to realize that today we have a firmly entrenched global criminal corporate empire that uses politics to advance its schemes, which are anathema to the improvement of the human condition.

    However, Americans can always be bribed as a wise owner would kick in for more Justice

    a marshal plan rural to urban

    a harley way safer on a country road

    than a bicycle upon an urban street

    Just saying….go outside much?/

  32. Love reading yallz comments on here. Much food for thought.
    But what the FUCK is happening over on VT with the Biden love fest. I've read Duff and co. for years and am starting to get a tingling ever so lightly– but constantly– feeling that I've been taken for a chump. I also noticed that they deleted comments on Jack's recent SS post. Im guessing that mouth breather Greenstick, or whatever his name is.
    Stay safe, guys.

  33. The attempt by many to draw parallels between the pre-war and current time periods seems to derive from a desire to fit the current time into a structure of events, to define and thus make less awesome the ultimate sense of ennui that comes with living in times when great forces are directly at work.
    This approach comforts itself by lauding the global theft of human autonomy as a simple act to ensure safety. The invisible criminal corporate empire is welcomed amidst the grandstanding of antisemitism, The careful omission of the return of the usual subjects who view life as a circumstance to be killed and profited upon. The mass mind of humanity would rather coddle the corrupt abusers it knows, than embrace its walk into the unknown.
    The assigning of this current time to a reduced status of repeating what has already occurred reduces the angst associated with a world where the leadership has no interest in taking humanity and planet to a higher level.
    Part of the issue of course, is that modern leaders rarely lead. They are installed by thoroughly unworthy groups working tirelessly behind the scenes purely for goals that deny the opportunities humanity needs to grasp its own condition.
    The final reason we will cover here, for addressing the parallel echo theory, has to do with a very strong disconnect between those events centered around Germany 80 years ago, and modern times.
    Pre-war Germany was very much under the influence of folk movements which emphasized a return to the natural world, and a relationship with it. Nature, defined as that which is self willed in this sphere, was viewed as an essential aspect of a full human life. Today, we sit in front of electronic devices, as I am currently doing while typing away, dealing with virtual currencies for imaginary purposes unrelated to anything one might consider real. Our current pandemic, for example, has proven itself immune to any rational analysis, or any attempt to tie this phenomenon to anything tangible. All efforts are set by billionaires to introduce new DNA modifying drugs-at considerable profit, with concomitant surveillance and control apparatus administered by the unexamined collusion between global corporate organizations, and somewhat visible political ones.
    The pre-war condition is valuable to study on numerous fronts, mostly as a contrasting exercise, with the modern condition, but it is important to realize that today we have a firmly entrenched global criminal corporate empire that uses politics to advance its schemes, which are anathema to the improvement of the human condition.

  34. There are some who see the period before the outbreak of WW2 as an indicator for this current time. I'm rather disinclined to agree with this assessment. The events in Germany were heavily influenced by the injustice of the allied powers, while today, few can comprehend what justice, or injustice even is in the first place.
    The period before WW2 was one where political systems underwent great change. There was a general motion towards national goals of efficiency, consolidation of political and economic power towards objectives designed to improve the quality of life, and develop a national destiny.
    Today, no nation has anything close to a sense of destiny. The leaders of the world today enjoy pogroms against the defenceless, actions designed to emasculate individual will, and invasive backwards looking posturing in everything but name.
    We could go on, examining the differences, but the biggest difference was that before WW2, the leaders of humanity were very much forward thinking, whilst today everything is informed from erroneous views of the past.
    The best we can do today is to attempt to preserve the last of a fading legacy, although the global leaders only sneer at that.
    I am disinclined to see modern times as any significant echoe of the period between the wars.

  35. The madness manifest is as the root of our living selves. When everything is reduced to the most essential, that reduction involves the feature of sense, and the consciousness of that sense. Without this basis, we disappear. Consciousness, awareness, must perceive itself to realize it's existence.
    Madness manifest involves the abrogation of this essential duality.
    Our consciousness has no limit to its expansion, any such limit is imposed. Stopping points occur when the mind gets lazy, or the creation of obstacles arrests the expansion.
    Madness manifest then, arises from the imposition of false perception. That which is not truly perceived must be constantly reinforced to hold its place. Since perception and consciousness are actively being deceived, people demand this deception to be maintained in the eyes of each other, as their measure.
    Madness manifest is when that which is perceived is denied, or that which is not perceived is heralded. We have observed both conditions, the result either way is disconnect from our essence.
    You have only your consciousness, and the perception therein, to define your own existence. Use it well.

  36. The walk of madness, the terrible dream leaves a dark mark on all between earth and sky. The madness must be mastered, in order to truly realise the gift. Rite of passage, dangerous journey, deepest fears, no release, are you able, to walk this narrow path?

  37. Humans have a gift, the ability to manifest here that which is outside the template of this sphere.
    This can mean beautiful things, it can also mean terrible dreams.
    There is a limiting force, to this ability, this gift, but it is elastic.
    Healing is the ability to sort the beautiful from the terrible, and dispel the terrible gift. No one can dispel another's insanity without the participation of the insane.

  38. The insanity amongst the people deepens. The imagination made real for hidden agendas, for conformity, for visual slogans that are intended to wrap the experience on this sphere.

  39. Perhaps it would serve us to show how the abrahamics are lying when they claim to have killed off the Gnostic. Just to quickly review, the abrahamic has four branches, starting with Judaism, then Christianity, Islam, and the new kid on the block, Scientism. Of course, at the time when Gnostics still walked this sphere as more than hermits in caves, there was only Judaism, and its offspring, Christianity.
    Let us begin with the process of Emanation. Emanation is described, by Plotinus as an overflowing from ultimate source, and by Iamblichus as a stepping down, a projection from source to this current plateau. Other, more poetic images have been presented to us over time, but we will choose these for brevity. What the flow of Emanation determines, is that ultimate principle works through lower orders, thus the establishment of the physical plane is the god work stepped down from that essence. This is the necessity of the Demiurge, which literally translates for us into God Work.
    Jews, when presented with this complex model of creation, were unable to reconcile it with their own beliefs, which derive directly from a primitive, cultic distinction between themselves and the rest of life. What they could grasp, was a concept that their god was above all others, and that it could be equated with ultimate source. Christianity picked up on this simplification and gross error of conception, enshrining this concept as canon.
    Both christianity and judaism lack any method to explain how a transcendent god operates directly in the physical world, and thus many stupid and ridiculous attempts have been made to explain this, with no success whatsoever. We can see that this error is directly descendant from the inability of the abrahamic mind to to include whole vision in its essential spiritual dogmas. The hybrids took bit and pieces of a much greater system, debased it, corrupted it, and used at a weapon, a process ongoing.
    Thus, there is no true concept of Heaven, and none of Hell. There is no path, no participation, no purpose, because the judeochristian hybrid couldn't include it in their theft.
    Such was no problem for the Gnostic, because as Iamblichus instructs, all which is emanated seeks its return. The path to source, as revealed by the Gnostic, is simply to follow that way of return. Thus, we have an internally consistent system based upon the ancient traditions of seers, philosophers, and mystics. Contrast this with a brutal and stupid hybridization that is confused and at best, fragmented. It is obvious then, why the jews attacked Jung as a Gnostic. It is obvious why Dr. Jones rails against anything starting with the letters g n. The natural response to the cult of abrahamism is to immediately attack anything that threatens them, the evidence of this is even present in this blog. However, a vicious attack from a murderous psycho might be bad to face, but it is hardly a refutation.

  40. I suppose it is inevitable that the modern mind simply must see everything through the abrahamic lens. This does not have to be the case, since there are paths open to viewing eternity without abrahamic impediments.
    One of the first keys to escaping abrahamic tyranny is to stop yourself from thinking that anything is as it is defined. This can be done through the unwashed apprehension of yourself and your surroundings.
    This is power of innocence. a direct relationship with everything.
    The Black Magicians of the abrahamics have been after this for so long that it now defines them for themselves, and their relations.
    To gain worldly perspective of this power of innocence, and the mind control games of the abrahamics, one need only review the life story of Jacob Boeme.

  41. Thank you for this post. Good to have thought-full nourishment of Mind once again. I shall return.

    I point out here an essay by Michael Hoffman, II, who equates YHWH with (my rendition here) GOD the Father to which Jesus reportedly referred. Which is the greater error, I wonder. Equating the two as done in the Judeo-Christian tradition — a cosmic oxymoron, seems to me — or even believing such teachers as Jesus, prhaps the Sikh gurus, and others actually existed and taught higher consciousness?

  42. This is from a cycling publication covering the huge sport of Gravel cycling. They are already getting ready for cycling events fully masked up and socially distanced as this group of cyclists were rebels against the established cycling culture controlled out of France called the UCI. To see young folks bow to this tyranny is disturbing. European style bike racing is a total top down tyrannical cult of control freaks. So, it looks like the cycling rebels are now the leaders of the covid mask wearing cult. How ironic.

  43. It’s also up on Veterans Today, and to the mother fuckers who just subtracted a couple of hundred hits what good do you think that will do you? Nothings going to do you any good when they come except suicide before they get you…

  44. No I insisted that be put up; snowflakes and “cracker” hating Blacks need not apply here. This is where we will be going on our web page but it’s just not ready yet. We are working on a shoe string. Phil, I and Gnome in the Shadows are putting our own money into this and our pockets are just not that deep. Hopefully we can go online next month. But we are in desperate times and this needed to go up today not tomorrow so for the first time I took the liberty of posting on the Human myself, our European collaborators have nothing to do with this, me, I did it. And if Klaus Schwab and the rest of the Bormann faction clowns, together with their trained Jewish media ferrets think they can just turn the human race into robots at their leisure because they have cooked up what they think is an unstoppable biological weapon they will coming up against me and some friends of mine they haven’t yet met.

  45. Sensitive Content Warning
    This blog may contain sensitive content. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Community Guildelines.

    I UNDERSTAND AND I WISH TO CONTINUE I do not wish to continue

  46. "Have you thought of Al-Lāt and al-ʻUzzā”
    “And Manāt, the third, the other? "(28)
    “These are the exalted gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for.”

    ‘To most Westerners The Satanic Verses conjure up images of Neolithic cavemen clamoring in the streets of Europe and the Middle East for the head of Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, the author the 1988 novel of said title. There was that decrepit old man in a bathrobe Ayatollah Khomeini, looking ridiculously theatrical and issuing a fatwa, calling for Rushdie’s assassination and the British responding by giving Rushdie police protection and eventually knighting him. For the first time in centuries, Westerners got to witness first hand all that is truly ugly about Islam.

    What Westerners were not told is what the furor was all about. With his title Rushdie was alluding to what is now considered a heretical Islamic concession to polytheism, made by the Prophet himself and known by scholars to be as old as the Qur'an itself. The Satanic Verses consist of three lines. Surah fifty-three, verse nineteen and twenty, which implore the Faithful to think upon the three great goddesses of yore.’

    The Satanic Verses (the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ part II) | The Human: Jack, Orage & friends. Jack Heart writings (

    You see long before the bible was conjured forth the Prophet bowed to the three Goddesses of the Elysian Mysteries and implored Islam to do so too. But like all good men and women his words were twisted into lies to serve the thousand years of darkness the human race has just passed through. Mike I couldn’t agree with you more, I don’t know whose worse the Jews, the Christians or the Muslims but as it stands right now they all have to go. I have the evidence I just haven’t gotten around to publishing all of it yet, but much is in the first three parts of the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ of which the above excerpt is taken from part II. There is no antiquity attributable to Judeo Christianity beyond the Leningrad Codex, in all probability written by the high priests of the Pechenegs and the first pope Bruno, who as the academic bullshit story goes was also a saint dispatched from the court of his brother Otto to Christianize the Pechenegs. No, sorry you keep trying to censor it and your world will keep dying. The Old Testament was composed a thousand years ago after She naively wrote the New One herself at the Abby of Quedlinburg as Matilda. It was the ultimate double cross and now the reckoning for it is upon them…

  47. This piece reveals the outer workings of our abrahamic society through the lens of examining the leaders of that society, and in this, it is well written, sober, and strongly supported.
    What this piece doesn't do, and in all fairness, its beyond the scope of this piece to attempt, is to reveal the extent to which the abrahamic society cultivates regressive and primitive facets of consciousness as its essential control mechanism.
    It is the elevation of the unworthy, that is the trademark for jewish led abrahamic society everywhere.
    I must take exception to the claim that somehow Islam offers any kind of antidote to this inversion of human potential. Islam, like Judaism, Like Christianity, and Like Scientism, is a bulldozer. Ultimately, the drama of universalism as played out by the abrahamics, is completely contradicted by their sense of primitive "us against them" tribalism. This stems from the fact that no abrahamics have a native mystical tradition. In the case where one somewhat exists, as in Sufism, or Qabbala, these are importations into abrahamism from earlier and more genuine source.
    All abrahamics are hybrids.
    In fact, when truly studying the effects and conditions of abrahamism, one factor looms quite large, and that is the love of externalization. This mania for blaming everything you do on others is absolutely the most salient example of primitive consciousness exalted, and the abrahamics revel in it.
    The poles of Astarte are indeed the Trees sacred to Her, and the abrahamics get their start by defiling everything she brings. This alone illustrates quite clearly the kind of low level spiritual stupidity enshrined in the abrahamic ideal.
    Religion is important, but like the author points out, we are beyond religion here, into a cognitive wasteland, a man made dump that becomes a maze of epic proportion.
    If anyone thinks any of this is going to end well, they are truly mistaken. Humanity is being given a choice between taking very necessary advancement, which as Carl Jung observed, has to do with our shadow, and as Jean Gebser instructed us, involves the development of a new stage of consciousness…or, humanity will choose its primitive regressive abrahamic cognitive enslavement, which will result in once again, humanity being cleansed from this sphere.
    No abrahamic will lead us beyond the death spiral, most certainly not the murderers of trees.

  48. Billy:
    That’s possible. But now, I have a question for you: what, actually, is up with the two drawings that you promised me, regarding the Zeta Reticuli Intelligences?

    58. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make these for you.
    59. The permission for it wasn’t granted to me.
    60. I acted somewhat hastily with my promise.

    That isn’t so bad; something like that can happen sometimes. But may I, perhaps, ask why?

    61. In order to be able to make the pictures correctly, I would have had to draw certain details, from which insights for the earthly scientists would have arisen, which they may not obtain yet.

    I understand. But since we’re already talking about drawing, I would be interested to know what the “dear God” actually looks like or looked like.

    62. Of which one are you thinking?

    Of the great JHWH, who still wanders like a ghost today through the Christian religion.

    63. There are two of those.


    64. Sure.

    I don’t understand that.

    65. Why do you speak an untruth?


    66. You know the circumstances very well.

    Well then, since you know about that! I mean the old “dear God”: JHWH the Barbarian, as I’ve christened him, or the Lord Jehovah, as he was commonly called.

    67. Thus, the one of the old time or Moses’ time.

    Exactly, I mean the superhero, that ambivalent subject who, on the one hand, proclaimed himself as the Creation and boastfully spoke of universal love, mercy, and justice, but who, on the other hand, heedlessly demanded innocent human blood and allowed millions of Earth human beings to be brutally slaughtered at his command.

    68. That is a very accurate statement.
    69. His image is known to me very well.
    70. You call him the Biblical God, but with us, he is called “The Unjust and Cruel One.”
    71. He came to his end approximately 2,150 years ago.
    72. He was a very malicious and power-hungry life form, who led his regime together with another and good JHWH and drove countless Earth human beings to death and destruction…

    … and to whom today's Christianity still pays hellish tribute.

    73. Sure, unfortunately, that is so, for his malignant influence was enormous.

    That is well-known to me. But how would it be, now, if you would draw this super twit for me – do you still have my paper and pencils?

    74. Sure, but you speak very disparagingly of Jehovah.

    Should I still pay homage to him, then? After all, he is the most to blame for the fact that we on the Earth live in the insanity of his cultic religion and that millions of innocent Earth human beings were murdered on his account. Should I heap praise, then, on this twit just for this?

    75. You shouldn’t do that, for he was evil and unjust.
    76. Only a distant descendant was just.
    77. I only wanted to hear how you stand with him.

    Alright, but you do, indeed, know my opinion. Your question was, therefore, pointless. Jmmanuel only spoke of a god in his present time and of earlier gods, but never of JHWH the Barbarian…

    78. … the Unjust or Cruel One.

    Alright, then I’ll just call the guy after your designations. But can you now draw the fellow for me? Is there still enough time for this?

    79. Sure.

    Good, then I’ll take a somewhat closer look at your ship, if you don’t have anything against it? If the thing zooms off, then you’ll just have to interrupt the drawing and bring the mill back on course.
    Semjase's hand drawn picture of Jehovah The Cruel One:

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