Peter Colt is a reader, Facebook friend, and patron, other than that I don’t know much about him. However, I do know when somebody has nailed it. This guy’s no amateur, been a long time since I read analysis of a situation where I’m aware of all the facts that makes perfect sense. Peter even explains why your local Walmart shelves are empty. Merry Christmas… – JH

I’ll try to explain it again. They can’t have their Great Reset until they’ve destroyed everyone’s business and cost everyone their job. For if they were to simply close the world down, or allow the people to find out that the monetary system has collapsed and that they are already broke (their savings now being worthless), the people would revolt. That’s the reason for the fake pandemic. It’s there to make people believe that the shutdowns and the resulting economic disaster were unavoidable consequences of the ‘virus’, leaving people with no redress, or at least believing that they have none. The worldwide total economic breakdown started in earnest in September of 2019. The economic devastation is inevitable, but the people mustn’t be allowed to understand this lest they realize that it was the economic system itself that collapsed. The people must not be permitted to look into nor understand why the previous system’s collapse was inevitable or they’ll be able to assign blame where blame is due.

They can’t end the fake pandemic until ‘it’ has destroyed the economy completely. That’s what it is for; it’s a cover for the economic collapse that started over 1 year ago. They don’t want people to realize that the currency is now worthless. If the people knew the truth, we’d all literally be starving within a month. The worldwide credit system would collapse, there would be no delivery of food or fuel, etc because no one would accept our now worthless currency for their goods. That’s the reason that the fear level over this ‘pandemic’ must be kept at a maximum; anything less would cause people to wonder why a total shutdown was necessary. Unfortunately, instilling the greatest level of fear requires that people be made afraid of seeing even their loved-ones, hence the prohibition of gatherings even at Christmas.

This fake pandemic has been in the plans for well over a decade to be used as a means to mitigate the havoc that was unavoidable in the inevitable economic and monetary-system collapse that the powers-that-be knew was certain to come. After all, the world’s monetary system had been on death’s door since the mid-1990’s. It’s not a deep state ploy to ruin Donald Trump nor is it a plan by Trump to use the emergency to stay in power forever but don’t doubt for a minute that political parties are milking the ‘pandemic’ for all they can get out of it.

The reason for the non-essential-goods mandates at the retail level is to hide the fact that many of these goods are simply not available for re-stocking. We are in the midst of a full-blown worldwide economic collapse being papered over by money printing by the central banks. Many foreigners won’t be accepting our currency anymore, making it difficult to import many things. I know, people will say that China needs access to our markets but in reality they have reached the point where they (and their other trading partners) no longer need North America and the West, especially with our failing currencies. I expect that much trade with China and other places is only being carried on with by the government coughing-up a surplus premium to the payment just to get foreigners to sell to us. It would simply be part of the emergency bailout monies being printed so quickly these days by the hundreds of billions. You won’t hear about this on the news; any such action would be considered a matter of ‘national security’ and therefore subject to a publication ban (what the British call a ‘D’ notice).

Have you noticed that many things that used to come from China are suddenly coming from places like South Africa where their currency is suffering the same collapse as is ours? We can only maintain trade with others who are in the same boat as we are. Those with well-performing economies aren’t accepting our currency as payment.

Goods deemed non-essential are (for the most part) goods that would not be able to be replenished when the current stock runs out. The government can’t print enough extra currency, or guarantee enough favours, to subsidize every possible item that gets imported, and were the shelves to become bare it would lay out for all to see that our economy is finished. That is an unpleasant truth that the powers-that-be have been trying to hide from us for almost a year now. The ‘pandemic’ is their main instrument for covering up that truth.

There is a reason that they claim that this ‘pandemic’ originated in China; and that’s because China is where the majority of our manufactured goods come from. Now they have the justification for telling our manufacturers that they must re-locate out of China. The USA is being quite adamant about this. Like I said, foreign nations don’t want to accept our worthless currency as payment nor will they want to accept whatever new currency we come up with. Therefore, Western nations must once again start manufacturing all of their own goods.

It’s high time for both a back-to-work protest amongst those who have been shut down and a strike of the ‘essential workers’. You’ve got nothing to lose that you’re not already scheduled to lose in their master plan the ‘great reset’. If I were you, I’d get out now and make the best of what time is left for preparation; whether it be with family, or just with yourself in steeling yourself for the battle to come. You’ll have to be able to look yourself in the mirror in the future and say “I tried, I didn’t just ride out the clock until doomsday came playing along with their sick game”.

The economy (the monetary system) is finished, that’s the whole reason for this fake pandemic (it’s a cover story). We’ve already had everything stolen from us society just isn’t aware of that fact yet. So keeping on working isn’t going to save our homes or our life savings; they’re already gone, the paperwork (the great reset) just hasn’t been presented to us yet. The only thing that can perhaps be saved is our dignity and freedom to start over as we see fit. But this will only happen if we stand-up right now, together, in defiance; whether that means quitting work so that our friends and family finally see that the situation needs to be taken seriously, or re-open our businesses and damn the consequences, which will also let the message be known to those in denial that this is deadly serious. Playing ‘their’ game is only going to lead us directly into the trap they have set for us.

The monetary system was already dead. In August 2019 it was revealed that the big US banks started refusing to deal with one another under the Interbank Overnight Repurchase System unless they were willing to pay each other a 500% premium on their usual fees. The FED was forced to step in and pony up $105 BILLION per night. By March 2020 the FED was ponying up $225 BILLION per night. Remember, this is just what was happening in the USA; the rest of the world was in the same quagmire. This fake pandemic was instigated to hide the truth. They could blame the shutdown of business on the virus instead of actually having the businesses collapse. It was brilliant. They managed to keep food on everyone’s table, most people being none the wiser that they were on the brink of total collapse. Now they’ve grabbed emergency control of the printing presses; especially in the US where the FED has been commandeered by the Treasury. They’ll print money to keep the economy afloat while insisting that all exports are paid for in Gold. Building the gold reserves until they have enough to transition, very-temporarily, to a gold-backed currency which will soon after be replaced with a currency backed solely by the productivity of the American worker and the demand for U.S. made goods. Canada will print money to infinity too, until they’re Zimbabwe, then they will likely have no choice but to join the USA. The citizens will demand it just to get some relief from the crushing poverty and debt load. All part of the damned North American Union plan that’s been in the works for decades.

Anyone who thinks that the debt-fueled spending isn’t necessary doesn’t understand what is happening. It’s the only thing keeping food on your table in this economic collapse. At this point, without government intervention, the credit markets would dry up, the shelves would be bare, fuel would be unavailable because no suppliers would be accepting payment in any form other than gold (therefore the entire economy would grind to a halt). This debt will never be repaid, a FIAT currency is a debt by nature and can never be repaid, but that doesn’t matter anymore. You’re witnessing “The Great Reset”. So far, it has been managed well (that’s what the fake pandemic is covering for). I hate that this is happening, but it was inevitable ever since ‘we’ let central banks and FIAT currencies rule our economy.

Again, you must understand what’s happening now. CERB, for instance, put food on people’s tables. I know, most people say that if it weren’t for the shutdown CERB wouldn’t have been necessary but they’re wrong. If the government wasn’t pouring out money, guaranteeing that interest rates stay at zero or perhaps go negative, backstop all of the banks (which by the way are all insolvent), and fund (by subsidizing) many other things that haven’t even come to light yet, the people would literally be starving.

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  1. Well, D.R., it may not be such a good thing to agree with me. For one, the assault on free thinking is about to get much worse, as the acolytes of a deranged global abrahamism gleefully take the controls.
    However, it is for those whose spirits can never rest with the false success of the dying paradigm to decide who to read.

  2. I have been saying this from the start Mike. Branch covidians I call them.. Mask is the cross and yes the vaccine is the communion.. Fauci and Burkes apostles and or John the B.. etc…
    Also on a side note thanks for everything you post here. I may not reply, but I always read.

  3. So, when one speaks of the spontaneous Gnostics, one most naturally is drawn to William Blake. He is perhaps best known as a poet, whose works lead inevitability to that fire of mind kindled by pure Gnosis. It certainly is this which guides statements such as, opening the doors of perception.
    His construction of a Gnostic cosmos from his own vision is exactly the type of rebellion that She rekindles again and again. It is from this first fire that the imagery is reborn that will forever stir the minds and the hearts of those called, whether or not they truly listen.

  4. Of course, the relationship between Kafka and the great press of meaningless abrahamic society is one that continues to spark a sort of quaint, patronizing interest today amongst what passes for the modern incarnation of the intellectual class.
    Obsessed with their own ennui, intellectuals have learned to reflexively debase themselves before everything abrahamic, nee Jewish, in an attempt to thoroughly negate the genius they seek to explore. Because of Kafka's message of horrific humorous powerlessness, intellectuals embrace the philosophy of distorting truth to attain means, and this makes the abrahamics very happy indeed.

  5. So, one might be tempted to surmise that hugely centralized power, the ability to circumvent any apparent truth, and the religious willingness of greater humanity to force everyone it can to abide this condition just might not be lending itself to a great evolution of humanity to the stars, in fact, you might think, this whole thing is starting to look more and more like a dark fantasy from Marx himself, and you would be right.

  6. The beauty of the abrahamic order of thought and emotion is how well it lends itself to ostensibly unrelated areas. A great example is the religious fervor behind Covid, whereby the collective assumes the power of self policing, reinforcing each others delicious sense of terror, and praising the vaccine sacrament as the means by which to attain sanctity.
    The abrahamic model behind the Covid phenomenon should be obvious. Of course, this self creates a situation where by Covid cannot ever be overcome. There must always be new, more virulent strains engaging the faithful with their sought after horror movie levels of terror. The sacrament can never be examined, only devoured with the unholy glee of the sin eaters. Governments that have spent decades attempting to kill you are now your savior, and the media, ever so helpful in reaching new levels of frenzy through disinformation, omission, and old fashioned lies.
    We owe so much of our current, magnificent existence to the thriving slavery of the abrahamic mind set, including the brother and sisterhood of disease.
    Leper Messiah, anyone?
    Laughing under the chemtrails.

  7. Continuing our discussion on economics, apparently K.A.Fitts has revealed in a recent interview that the dollar is going to be replaced. This is as good a time as any to contrast the contrivance of currency with the fantasy of the marketplace as God. What we find is also vindication for the aforementioned Mr. V., who stated that wealth and solvency is purely a matter of how connected something or someone is to the halls of power.
    Productivity, work, development of tangible goods have nothing whatsoever to do with one's economic standing. If one requires an example, one need only refer to J.B. of Amazon fame, whose recent windfall arrived from the generous contribution of the U.S. government, the same gov't which proudly tells ordinary Americans to expect austerity.
    It's really ok though, because the replacement of the dollar won't simply replace a currency, it will end the USA as a global, and most likely even a regional force.
    This is a very big play by deeply entrenched self worshippers, and it is the proof, if one actually needed any, the the takedown of America is in full swing.

  8. You and I both know that the true work is internal, and no one can do the freeing for you. We're just arguing over the drummer that gives the frequency of this dream. Why have a nightmare, set by grocery clerks and rent seekers?

  9. Since this entire article has its focus on economics, perhaps a fitting gesture to sum up 2020 comes from the previous finance minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis. In case readers don't know, Greece was set up to absorb the costs of globalism, through manipulating fictional debt burdens. This had the added benefit of justifying a national austerity campaign to supposedly pay back the fictional debt, which like all austerity campaigns, was engineered to benefit those who arranged the fictional debt in the first place. Mr V. stepped in, in 2015, only to discover that the game was set. His recent activity has highlighted the structure of oligarchy, which sets the economic conditions people must navigate in their lives. He clearly, and correctly states that 2020 was the death of capitalism. We can expand this further, and mention, as an aside, that it was also the death of the American presidency, the media, higher learning, genuine science, and the intrinsic value of life.

  10. We are about to pass through the death and rebirth of the light, to the time of rest and renewal. The wizard sages remind us still that the makeup of existence is that which we move, live and die within, that such is always greater than our comprehension, and this existence, this mystery, and this moment extend for eternity.

  11. What becomes important, from an individual point of view, is not a greater milieu, but the personal.
    It is truly absurd to count sheep and groom one's ego in a time when consciousness is demanded to face its own limits. Ultimately, any skill set, any ability, and any motivation derives from that which animates. Thus, the discussions regarding control and evolution and awakening are mere sidelines to the inner collision with your own limitations.
    This inner conflict is directly related to your discovery of your deep identity, because this rite of passage demands that you discover it, that you may continue to unfold it.

  12. Meanwhile, the flip side of the so called rational view asserts, depending upon which faction one listens to, that we've reached the gates of Armageddon, or are on the verge of a huge awakening.
    The champions of the awakening theory are thoroughly given over to the collective, asserting that it's a numbers thing. Once enough of humanity rouses from their perpetual slumber, the very weight of numbers will all lead us to new horizons. Apparently the awake all have different criteria for defining their status, usually contradictory, often involving various communist ideological tenets which creates feedback loops to their collectivete'.
    The Armageddon-ists are nearly universal in their belief that its everyone else who gets the one way ticket to Gehenna, whilst they, the exalted ones, can look forward to a new paradise.
    What is truly interesting about these approaches is the contrast between powerlessness, and ultimate authority. In all cases, it is individual effort supported by the larger group, which changes everything for everyone. Never mind that there exists no seminal event in human history that can be truly described by this type of activity. Certainly, one can reduce themselves to the intellectual dishonesty of Marxist historians, who make a mockery of the human experience, but we are discussing history which does it's level best to accurately report the events of our past. Thus, the so-called irrational approach is equally unhelpful in coming to terms with what we are all currently facing.

  13. "The Great Reset".
    A statement which presupposes that the world is controllable, subservient to the desires and will of the self described leaders of society.
    This is particularly amusing, considering that the brightest and the best, who travel on speaking tours, write critically acclaimed papers the plebians must pay to read, and invent new exciting forms of bioterrorism have such a clueless approach to consciousness, that they almost universally refuse it's existence.
    The Great Reset implies a thoroughly knotted up system so intrinsically immobilized that one must pull the plug to return to default status. The only fly in this ointment is the means by which biological machines who lack consciousness could possibly craft any system, much less make one with a default status.
    Quite obviously, the contradictions in the concepts behind the great reset cast very real questions on the assumptions and beliefs that the practical, ostensibly rational based science advances on the nature of this world, and where it is going.

  14. The work to purify the lead in the soul is never wasted, for every drop of lead transmitted is one less impediment to the vision of the treasury of light.
    National Socialism is demonized by the world criminal elite because it involves genuine worth, made from the genius and effort of a people. When the true gold is found within, the false gold no longer enslaves. This is dangerous to the globalist abrahamics, because ultimately, they cannot own this genius, any more than they can own the Gnosis. Thus the death agenda, thus the punishment and the persecution, to get you to accept an ersatz wealth that holds you in thrall. No refutation of the genius exists, only a question, what will be left as the agenda unfolds.

  15. Some years ago Gordon Duff posted an article on a chinese satellite that destroyed another chinese satellite appearing to being able to jump from one place to another. Which means the Chinese were either able to teleport or spoof the US tracking systems. He also posted an article on a missile fired in the US waters and said it was fired from a Chinese sub that used alien technology to get close to shore undetected. "Did an alien race “beam” a Chinese submarine to a launch position off the California coast where a missile launch acted as a private exhibition of capability to a very select and silent few? This was the back story in 2010, not from the “UFO community” but the power centers around the world. This incident and several others including one “disappeared airliner” was thought to open the doors to disclosure."

  16. Internet was the final nail in the coffin for critical thinking, but at the same time the double edged sword served its purpose of flooding society like the days of Noah with information forcing people to break out of their box and confront alternative perspectives else they get caught up in the information title wave and have their entire work and existence swept away by alternative viewpoints (positive or negative). In my short venture into the topic these last 3 years it finally started getting interesting. As far as I'm concerned they shot themselves in the dick decades ago, closer to 50 to be exact, when they couldn't get over the savior complex and pretty color ball go zoom zoom in the sky. Only took them 50 years to actually start to stop laughing at abductions and see that something bigger and fucky is going on in this reality and those spiritual experiences people were having you might want to consider in your analysis.

    Let Aquarius truly do its work and pour those sweet waters on us all and cleanse us of our preconceived notions, for many out there are covered and shit, smell like it too, and worse off are completely unawares of it.

  17. Thus it is that Dr. Jones and his ilk get it all wrong. The University led rebellion he identifies is truly his progeny, come home with their own abrahamic Oedipus vengeance.
    The true Gnostic is beyond their Ken, because the Gnosis is a mystery impenetrable to the abrahamics.
    Thus the sneer that it all belongs to the past. Look, look, be careful what you speak, for it is you who have both feet lost firmly in the past.
    Time is not merely linear.

  18. So, the fantasy of the Christian, and their abrahamic cohorts, is that the Gnostics are nothing more than historic curiosities. Through this denigration, the Christian hope is to avoid the collision between themselves and spiritual reality.
    Unfortunately for this point of view, the Gnosis is intrinsic to all true spiritual traditions, and as such, will always spontaneously reincarnate. The Gnostics are the beloved of Her, and thus, whilst they can be murdered, they cannot be exterminated.

  19. KMB,
    All forms of Christianity adhere to a matrix. This matrix involves setting a condition, and it's response. What this means for all of us is that this matrix was conceived, grew, flourished, and is now facing its sunset. Evangelism cannot escape this condition. This energetic is set. America is being taken down, and most of us are slated for death and impoverishment. This game could very well be the ruin of humanity, it will definitely be the ruin of the world you knew. If your evangelical community brings you what you need, then pax vobiscum. Just understand that which the matrix has granted you is going to change, completely.

    Jonathan Glassel – “Just wondering if such a device as described below from this article was used in Nashville? A hyper dimensional missile?
    If a certain country that did not wish to host WWIII developed hyper-dimensional missile technology, it might demonstrate such capacity by targeting a random communication hub deep into the country wanting it to host WWIII.
    And since this country was attacking the government and not the citizenry, it might give advance warning.
    The missile would be unstoppable as it would enter this dimension just a few miles from its target, easily defeating any anti missile system.
    Those who issued the FAS shoot down order over Nashville were probably not aware of the technology they were facing, only that it was airborne.
    The message to Trump would be, I suppose that if you start a war with us as an excuse to declare Martial Law, your citizenry could have a very dark and very cold winter as we are perfectly capable of taking out key substations on your electrical grid.
    And replacement transformers are made in China.
    If given a choice, I think most Americans would prefer electricity over protecting a tiny minority of the world's population.
    On the brighter side of things, if this technology were available, perhaps it could be used to fix the climate mess that this tiny group of people have caused.
    However, for hyper dimensional missiles to work, the world would have to be much different from what this tiny group of people have taught us.
    "One thing is for certain, and that is the technology involved in these craft are far up and above (perhaps centuries) more advanced than anything the United States has fielded. They can “pop” into existence out of no-where. They are immune to radar, and thermal signatures. They can accelerate to enormous speeds in a short period of time, and they are equally capable of underwater, air and space travel."”

  21. Look at every human organization in the west as all are run by the lowest scum imaginable and the monsters are moved up as look at covid and it’s creation and what the government is doing and will do.

  22. The church always murders the Spirit as she murders her people as those in charge are not with the Spirit. That is the only answer the tyrant has to the superior being.

  23. It’s not at all about Abraham my dear MK but about the Spirit. Life led by the Spirit and filled with it as the Church as it is is a dead thing and corrupt.

    All of America is a dead thing like a corpse as we see it rot right in front of us however, life is given through the Spirit one person at a time.

    Those that live by the Spirit will be thrown out of the Church and were the gnostics murdered in France? They lived by the Spirit and not by a dead bunch of words in a book.

  24. Understanding the abrahamics is not possible for the abrahamics.
    Primarily, because the abrahamics have enjoyed unrivalled access to the highest echelons of society, they are compromised by their own success, their own focus, and their own goals. For any institution to staff it's ranks with those concerned, and focused upon the type of recapitulation necessary to arrive at a transformative moment of self understanding, does change the focus away from the throne of temporal power.
    Christianity has already had this debate, nor will the resultant decision be revisited.
    In a very real sense, Christianity, and all the abrahamics have already transformed society. This work as well has already been done, which precludes it from happening again.
    When Marx whitewashed Hegel, and corrupted philosophy with a toxic utopianism, he was taking his cues from his abrahamic roots. The idiot offspring of fiction loving hybridization continues to haunt the parent today, and brings its poison to the human experience again and again.
    What is required to permanently, and completely change this dynamic is that which some in the highest halls of the abrahamics have seen, but which escapes their ability to manifest. Instead they waste their energy on trying to keep their position, and refrain from challenging entrenched interests.
    Meanwhile, the time for all of this as an ascendancy has already played out.
    The abrahamics will not simply go away with these changes, but they will increasingly have to wrestle with the consequences of becoming anachronistic in a world greatly impoverished in almost every conceivable way.

  25. Let us all keep in mind that good deeds, right action, exists because we exist in this place of stark duality. That the potential and the choice exist within, is independent of any institution, and speaks of that deeper motivation to manifest that which is true.

  26. Emotion is healthy when it directs us to higher functioning. Emotion deployed as a defense of a structure, an institution, only serves to obscure the foundation of that being defended. This type of obfuscation allows all forms of aberrant behavior to escape scrutiny.
    It is important to realize that the world has been crushed under an abrahamic ascendancy for thousands of years. This country has never seen a significant challenge to the supremacy of Christianity, thus any statement promising that more of the same will somehow change things for the better is at best disingenuous.
    Christianity has never dealt with it's origins, or its foundations. It has repeatedly chosen fiction and fantasy as it's right and left hands because such help to secure its power over it's ignorance saddled masses.
    Christianity was given its chance to accomplish exactly what it claims to, when She visited and spoke through the children. If you think you can get another such opportunity, then take it up with Her. You might not be content with Her response.

  27. Not the world that was but how the world actually is MK. This is what is believed in the Evangelical world as good can come to that world based upon how that bible is interpreted and preached as some things can and should be emphasised over other things.

    The Church in its current form can transform America to a better place as its best not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  28. The window of opportunity right now is for humanity to reach beyond the veil, and demonstrate to all of life that it is more than, as George refers, agglutinations.
    I could explain how the circuit is crucial during times of great transition, but this should be quite evident, therefore I will state that the collective has no inherent ability to reach beyond the veil, which is the reason for this substitution originally.
    The ability is one which is available to humanity if they choose to develop and deploy it. I would say, if humanity is at all interested in choosing, at least somewhat, it's destiny, it's going to have to remember this ability.

  29. The assumption that Christianity is somehow unique, somehow outside of the forces of time and space is refuted by Christianity's lack of any understanding of them. This is so completely clear that it escapes notice, because humanity in general has lost this capacity.
    Christianity continues to be obsessed with it's political objectives, and is utterly oblivious of its thoroughly temporal nature.
    It is criminal to replace the spiritual with the collective. Yet this is exactly what all abrahamics do, not just Christianity, although the arrogance of Christianity in asserting it's empty claim to the human soul is particularly laughable.
    We are already planting our feet in the new time. We cannot stop this change from occurring, and if we try we will be dragged along like debris in a flood. This new time will feature different political systems from the last, they will develop as the transition becomes more permanent.

  30. Christianity developed from several distinct roots. One can clearly follow the melding of unique traditions, if one is willing, thus establishing that Christianity is a chameleon, a hybrid, with nothing but a political objective to give it identity and substance of it's own.
    A perfect example is the complete dearth of any mysticism that is genuinely attributable to Christianity.
    The holy symbol of Jesus on the Cross is itself an imported one, from the Mysteries. Several pre-Christian sculptures have survived which clearly illustrate the motif.
    The point being that Christianity is not anything close to the image it portrays. To be fair, the exact same statement applies to all the other abrahamics as well. Political systems all, which were devised for specific purposes in time, and like all temporal creations, have definite life spans.

  31. we would openly embrace any American Intel opp person if truly rehabilitated into our Church.

    believe love demonstrated upon a cross

    lived died and rose again

    entry exam easy

    Mr Duff has poor intel upon the subject

    send your kids to Bible school and pay the bill

    as he sent kids to schlool…LOL

  32. Not of this World of course and not a threat to the US Government as our Church is openly calling for our members to serve in Government positions.

    We preach service oriented Church life meaning caring for the sick and poor.

    Your next best operational plan please…

  33. Paul said this that there is evidence of Spirit

    call them fruits

    put them in cakes and eat them at christmas

    we believe Gospel is an action word

    to build his Kingdom

    preached where I go to Church

  34. Tough crowd, well its time for an American Evangelical to take the stand

    said this where two or more gather there I will be

    we believe that prayer changes things

    said where two gather their I will be

    said as he left will send the spirit

    Gospel I see

  35. I remember in my youth having a vivid dream shall we say, and seeing what appeared to be D.C. and intuitively the U.S. in general destroyed, lying in its ruins. The horror from the nostalgic ideal 90's era view of America had me bursting with sadness at how such a beautiful picture I've been painted could come to this? Surely our principles and way of life was truly in gods image was it not?

    Now in my curmudgeon years I see the humor. For all I want now is this wretched beast ruled by legions from the pits of the abyss to fall to free humanity from this slavery and tyranny crushing everything below it in that wheel some talk about that seems unstoppable. But it's never that easy is it and as the saying would go there are worse things in life than death. Sometimes it's the sweetest mercy that life can offer.

  36. The new time, the time where distinctions fade, and energetic forces become more apparent is arriving.
    The other night I noted the clothes I had layed out were missing. A search did not reveal their whereabouts, at which point I simply chose another roll I had handy. Come morning, the clothes I had originally layed out were back, and the roll had returned to where I had it before everything changed.
    Illusions will be manipulated, but the new time is about so much more.

  37. You can tell the world we not only live in now but where it intends to take us into the future simply by watching some of the trillions of dollars of MKUltra programming that's inescapable in our daily lives. Just look at the vision in their comics, books, movies, television, etc. and it's all a dystopia that calls itself utopian where all the plebs watching unawares are the ones that are eating the shit, but they all envision themselves as being the "safe ones" within those big concrete electro-magnetic protected walls.

    If you watch the bizarre behavior of liberals and their obsession with these multi-cult-i "utopia's" this is why they cheer it on. It's the synchronicity of their beliefs, ideology, and technology enslaving them to make their perverted heaven on earth a possible completely unaware they have no place in it and are thus simply slaves to the chaos whirlwind in which they bring. If not for the massive INJUSTICE don't to good people I would long to see the horror on their idiotic faces when the steel curtain closes on their future, forever. Some people deserve not only the hell they create, but to live in it for eternity because in the end ignorance is not bliss, nor is it an excuse. Take that shit into realms where truth and justice are honored and you'll find yourself smacked down harder than even your masters now treat you. Then raise your voice at the cosmos and scream more to me about that vengeful god that didn't take you into its loving brace whose face was stern and form stoic.

  38. B – Well, George. We've been in contact for years now and I'd never fuck u around.
    We have good sources. The best.
    The US narrative is so completely sewn up that our intel guys only got wind of it when several wings of US F35s landed in Britain this summer for assignment to the Royal Navy's 2 new supercarriers as the RAF has yet to commission her carrier versions of the F35. In other words, a rush job.
    According to the media here those 2 new carriers aren't even commissioned and ready for war yet. Yet they steamed through the straits of malacca a few months ago via Brunei.
    All tooled up and ready with a full compliment of aircraft.
    They joined up with the colossal US naval fleet sent sent south early last summer. Remember that flotilla Donnie talked about in that bizarro press conference? Meant to be an anti drugs mission near Panama?
    Yeah, right.
    The biggest US force at sea since WW2.
    The Chinese may (repeat: may) have used alien tech to repel the force somewhere between Taiwan and the mainland. Quite the battle, we hear.
    Significant losses. And not on their side. Some kind of rail gun tech as well as complete US systems shut down remotely by the chinese. Quantum entanglement, local time/space interference.
    And similar tech used recently to access US nuclear command.
    A warning?
    The whole fucking works.
    Only thing that stopped the whole fleet being sunk was China plays the lonnng game and wanted the leverage.
    Rough outline.
    Here's some background from a retired MAJ operative who has been permitted to share elements of his own story.
    It's quite the read. I politely suggest you do so.
    Sorry that i cant share our source info. But this will give u some background.

    Our sources concur with this 100%

    Who says they cant keep secrets, eh?

    Please feel free to quote my earlier post. The more peeps know about these crazy fucks the better.

    Only real question is how did China get that tech? We guess Majestic worked with them because they knew that should this invasion proceed, an escalation would result that would become uncontrollable.
    I mean, say what u like about the Chicoms, but they are a peer capable nuclear power, and will defend themselves accordingly.
    The US navy is probably now finished.
    We also hear that the carrier captain removed because of COVID refused to put his ship and crew in harms way.
    Remember that story?
    He might even be MAJestic.

    Anyway, now you're at least another layer closer to the truth.

    Will send u an update in the NY.
    Im guessing MAJ have shifted the worldline cluster away from COVID and war with China.

    What's gonna happen stateside now is anybody's guess.
    But Donnies gonnie. And right now we understand he's pleabargaining with the FBI while they destroy all evidence of the bioattack b4 Biden's people get the details.

    Stay safe, George. 21 is gonna be a weird one.


  39. Jack Heart – Your theory is not a theory about the fleet being turned back, it’s a fact, and most recently a lone Cruiser was approached within forty-five feet by a belligerent Chinese navy, couple of days ago maybe. Yes, they’ve been playing brinkmanship with the Chinese for months now. You should post you’re comments on the blog or give me permission too. I’ll say they are from B.

  40. B – Concur, George. You know we love ur take.
    Check out that armada.
    That's what it was all about. Bioattack followed by invasion.
    But they fucked it up. Now there'll be hell to pay.
    Stay safe.

  41. Jack Heart – It saddens me to think you could believe that I would ever believe my enemies are human. As long as it’s not machines, I care not who rules this world or how. As far as Trump instigating a war with China, I already said that two months ago with Dark Winter but I will check your story about the fleet being turned back. (Deleted sentence). Claus Schwab and company (and you can read that as the Bormann faction) are going to attempt an end run around all of you with a global reset that will see a whole world populated by automatons, useless for anything other than material concerns. Since the gods have no material concerns you can expect this transhuman race to be euthanized, end of story. This is not Star Trek…

  42. B – All part of the billion dollar coverup, George. The Reset was predicated on China being vanquished.
    Didnt happen.
    As for what that greedy kike was doing with the nano shite, do you really believe a top harvard scientist was dumb enough to draw a salary from China figuring nobody would notice?
    All theatre. They tried to blame the Chinese for a pathogen used to attack her.
    And of course the chinese are working on advanced biotech. Who isnt?
    Our source: ongoing chaos stateside after Biden "win" while the China plan continues in other forms by the REAL players.
    Empty shelves = reorganised supply chains.
    Theyve been stocking up warehouses for a decade stateside for just this eventuality. There are no major shortages.
    Now theyre just drilling the shortages and US production capabilities now that china will no longer supply.
    Cmon, George. The great reset is a damp fizzler. Watch it not happen.

    And ask Duff about the naval force sent packing. Dont ignore this important piece of the puzzle or youll go very wrong in your conclusions.
    Sure noone wants to think that they really did risk an invasion and thousands of casualties.
    Raining down missiles on chinese going about their business. But they did. And they were repelled swiftly and effectively. A whole fucking naval armada. US, UK, Netherlands, and a few other pissant puppets. And thats why Donnie is gonnie. And esper b4 him.

    Dont fall for that china is the enemy, George. Their system works, people are content, and just look at the US by comparison.

    Happy hols!

  43. Jack Heart – Oh, I think you're being very hard on Peter; my sources tell me their looking for a economic reset, most likely to carbon credits, the vaccine's self-explanatory. It's loaded with nano particles which you can buy from Sigma Alldrich, along with anything else you need to manufacture COVID pandemics. Go to their web site their bragging about how they now ship in tons, we are talking about very expensive stuff, one knock-off rat will set you back 75 thousand. You may remember Sigma Alldrich from when we wrote about them, judging from all the back hits this got last week lots of people do:
    Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge II | The Human: Jack, Orage & friends. Jack Heart writings (
    Another one VT had to hide. Where does Charles Lieber, the father of nano science, arrested January 28 for running the Wuhan Tech Lab while on the DoDs clock, fit in your theory here? His specialty was injectable neural networks, I'm hesitant to believe this war with China stuff, looks to me like the deep state plans on giving America to China…

  44. B – All very well and good, George. But pray tell, what then is with the substance they want to inject in everyone's fawking arm?
    Not a mention of that.
    Fake news, you've inadvertently posted here.
    It's NOT the economy. The US dollar is backed by the US military. Period. They can buy what they want at whatever price they want. Any time, any place. And nobody can stop them.
    Except a very near future China.
    What we're witnessing is a bioattack on China gone very badly wrong. And the political theatre is all just part of the coverup.
    The cartel behind Donnie attacked China with a bioweapon and attempted to spread a milder version stateside in order to attain herd immunity. The cartel behind the CCP (Borman faction?) are not happy.
    My sources tell me that as a pound of flesh and to avoid a limited nuclear response, China has demanded a complete US withdrawal from Asia.
    The US cannot absorb an atomic detonation sociopolitically. There'll be chaos.
    China can absorb such an attack. And have drilled for this scenario. Social cohesion 100% able to handle a disaster.
    Trump is authorising this withdrawal right NOW.
    I told u all this months ago:
    Deadly pathogen released in China.
    China warned in advance and locks down entire country. This level of responsive capability was not factored into US attack plan.
    Attack fails and COVID released in US and EU by US as a plan B cover up.

    You do know that the worlds biggest naval armada since WW2 was sent packing from the South China Sea September/October by highly advanced Chinese and Russian tech?
    Losses as yet highly classified.

    Ask Duff about that one. Im guessing you arent aware.
    That was Donnies last chance.
    It failed, too.
    Not a mention on VT, eh?
    We don't rate them as a source, anymore.
    Something weird happened there.

    Biden is next in the WH. But whatever clown is president, the China plan will proceed. They have to stop China becoming world number one officially.
    She already is unofficially and everybody knows it.
    Once they catch up militarily, no one will be able to stop them.

    As for the vaccine. It's a way of making billions vaccinating chumps against a mild pathogen they created and then released stateside as part of the later cover up once things went tits up.
    Thus, they can still blame China to keep the chumps distracted.
    They're lucky the Chinese didn't hit back with fucking weaponized ebola.

    But theyll get Asia. Not a bad way to save face, eh?

    There's much more detail, the above is just an outline.
    The empty shelves ard a result of supply chains from china being reorganised as we gear up for Cold War part 2
    The military also confiscated many food items for the naval assault and invasion of Taiwan that never happened this Fall.
    They thought they could invade and subdue China.
    Can u believe that?
    The consequences are gonna be generational.

    Cmon George, get yesseff some better sources!!


  45. I’ve taken some flak from those within the intelligence community for running Peters piece, most agree with the premise but are appalled that the mitigating circumstances of our COVID pandemic have not been factored into Peter’s equation. There are those who read this site who have particular insights into the unfolding situation not available to the public, or they simply pick up what others have missed because their keying on a specialized aspect. I’ve been in communication with our old friend Banger. Apparently there are things going on with China not being discussed in either the alternative media or the MSM:

  46. There are no simple answers.
    Life will pin you up against the wall, it will demand everything, and when you think it's done, it's going to demand more. You will hate it, and you will discover depths previously unavailable to you, and as this opens the inner it opens the outer. It demands nothing more than everything, even as you discover what that means.

  47. Do you think the book is legit then? I can't understand most of it to be honest – which could mean the author is crazy or just knows a whole lot of stuff.

  48. When the step-down transformer of the Third Eye, the three phase generator/alternator is blown out, the pretty colors disappear, and only the full strength of the White Light of the Monad remains. Human but not necessarily human anymore, as a 5th Grader.

    In the Crucifixion of the Triple Flame, You are Forever Risen, Forever Received.

  49. A vast proportion of our national wealth is all being taken to finance the NWO one world government takeover by the Tribe, so we stop letting them take advantage of us, we cease to acknowledge the validity of their banking racket and the monies we supposedly owe them, where they make us pay 30 times more for a house than we should do, and no more problems, end of.

    How many people even know what fractional reserve banking is? Ask anyone in the street, you will hardly find anyone who has even heard of it, let alone someone who actually knows what it is, that is how the banks are getting away with this immense criminal fraud, because nobody is educated on this.

    Almost nobody knows that actually criminal governments in cahoots with the criminal banks through crooked laws enable a bank to 'lend' out 30 times more money that the bank actually has, then ask for three times the face value of the mortgage loan back over 25 years, thus creating massive inflation, this being the only true source of inflation if the truth be known, though no university course will ever teach that, nor will any 'financial expert' from any government ever reveal that, because they all work for the Israeli mafia.

    Yet the important thing is this, fraud or no fraud, that all that labour is still being done to repay this with still-existing natural resources, so there is no real collapse, not in physical terms anyway, not through lack of labour or resources anyway.

  50. There is no genuine financial collapse, nothing is missing except common good will to take back our power from the Tribal bankers and politicians, and in next to no time, the whole world would be vastly better off than they are today purely by no longer having to unwittingly fund the criminal terrorist state of Israel, with its self-statedly second or third most powerful armed forces in the world, its Samson Option nuclear armory that it threatens the entire world with, its ISIS terrorist forces, and its Talpiot electronic surveillance system that can access even NSA computers in America and any other computer system at will, closed house or not, anywhere in the world.

  51. The only thing that could really make all this true is if there were no more skilled or willing people available to grow food, and no more land, and no more raw materials to produce consumer goods. What is really missing is courage, willpower and knowledge of how to replace the current Tribal capitalist racket and current Tribal communist racket with completely fair and benevolent nationally independent National Socialist-type non-usurious systems in every nation of the world, all of these independent governments agreeing to work with each other in a federated manner.

    The notion of 'debt' and total financial collapse, and consequent starvation etc, lockdown or not, is mistaken in this instance and is an entirely artificial perception created by the Tribe, as simply by replacing those capitalist and communist leaders who are controlled by the Tribe with genuine leaders drawn from the ranks of the people themselves, and no longer from the parasitical Tribe, and by replacing their criminal usurious banking system leaders with genuinely fair non-usurious bank staff employed by each state as civil servants, then all these problems will go away.

    When all the resources in every nation including labour, knowledge and skill sets still exist, then how can there be inevitable starvation or collapse?

    Simply write off the illusory debt to the criminal banks who have been telling us we owe them money for hundreds of years, we do not owe them a single penny, they owe us every penny they have amassed, all the trillions they have amassed.

    The notion of total debt and a total financial collapse is merely an artificially created perception.

    The usurious Rothschild and other Tribal banks have been making people pay thirty times back what they have really borrowed though fractional reserve banking scams on mortgage loan chicanery for instance for very many years, in the UK since the French Norman King William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, bringing an army of Jewish bankers with him along with his soldiers, in order to thoroughly subjugate and enslave all the English Gentiles by placing them all under such a permanent financial yoke, with the agreement that the Jews would get 50% of the haul and the French king would get the other 50% of the haul, a neat scam that has effectively enslaved the English ever since except for two brief periods where the English actually came to their senses and threw the Jews out.

    The law still exists in England for that to happen again if ever the English again come to their senses.

    The only thing that has really collapsed is the tolerance of TPTB for our continued existence now they have got everything they want built for them by Gentile labour, they are intending to do away with most of us and just leave the Tribe alive with a few hundred million essential Gentile slaves.

  52. A brave call to arms. Mr. C. offers economic insight, which is compelling, but as Zen correctly observes, this is now beyond economics. For the globalist, economics were always a path to control, not an end in themselves. Their economic plan can be summed up in one word, centralisation.
    A good argument can be made that the economic crisis was made inevitable with the establishment of debt as assets after the success of the Crusade in Spain. Double entry banking became encoded into Jewish monetary structure, which was foundational with the establishment of the bank of England 400 years ago. Such is the crux of the current erroneously described capitalist system, which is in truth nothing more than a semicontrolled destruction and devastation strategy.
    Whatever we choose to call it is moot, because it is dead.
    All abrahamics deliver to you fancifully made up corpses, and their excuse for an economic system is no different.

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