‘The Russian forensic evidence has proven that Adolf Hitler was in fact a woman in her mid-thirties. It’s true; a skull reputed to be Hitler’s and held in Russian archives for almost sixty-five years as evidence of his suicide in the bunker was found to be that of a thirty-five-year-old woman. Nothing of what you’ve been told about WW II can be believed, least of all the dubious stories of the deaths of people like Adolf Hitler, Hans Kammler, and Martin Bormann.

If any one man could be labeled as financially responsible for reconstituting a Fourth Reich as postulated by the History Channels Hunting Hitler: The Final Chapter it would have to be Martin Bormann. For that reason and that reason only, we will refer to a particularly vile faction of the Nazi breakaway civilizations as the Bormann Faction. It could just as well and probably should be called the IG Farben faction.’ – Jack Heart

‘For starters, there’s never just one faction in a given group. In terms of the Nazis, you’ll see us arguing that there were at least three factions; blue-collar-left wing with Strasser, Röhm and Frey as early proponents, mystics with Himmler, Hess, Rahn and SS, the economic faction with Feder, Schacht and Bormann.’ – Orage

The aristocracy of Europe had their own vision of National Socialism long before Hitler assumed power in 1933 and it didn’t include Hitler or his noble sentiments toward the German people. They were going with Aoyama Eijiro, a hybrid of European and Japanese aristocratic descent, better known as Count of Coudenhove-Kalergior. Kalergi for short or perhaps just plain old Richard by his close personal friends and collaborators like Archduke Otto of Austria, Louis Nathaniel Baron de Rothschild and Max Warburg who financed him with gold marks. Warburg acted as his go between with American financers Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch, the very same men who pushed the Federal Reserve down Woodrow Wilsons semen encrusted throat. 

Hjalmar Schacht, the man who would push the radical Nazi economic genius Gottfried Feder aside to become President of the National Bank (Reichsbank) from 1933–1939 and the German Minister of Economics from 1934 – 1937, was a big fan of Kalergi.

Schacht’s resume for his new job included using his previous employer, the Dresdner Bank to siphon off 500 million francs of Belgian national bonds destined to pay for German requisitions during WW I, for which he was dismissed from his post by the German army. When it became apparent he was there to sabotage Germanys preparation for a second war, Hitler sidelined him with pay. But in 1944 he would be arrested for attempting to assassinate Hitler and spend the rest of the war in concentration camps. Above strenuous objections by the Russians Schacht would walk away from WW II after serving only a couple of years for war crimes too numerous to list. 

Hjalmar Schacht

A Free Mason of the highest rank, in all likelihood by birth, Kalergi had friends and admirers amongst the most powerful people in the world. He would need them as Hitler who knew what he was and outlawed Free Masonry because of him chased him out of Austria to Czechoslovakia, then to France and when France fell, the United States. Winston Churchill, Allen Dulles, “Wild Bill” Donovan and Franklin Delano Roosevelt all supported Kalergi. But when he declared himself the de facto head of Austria’s government in exile Roosevelt and Churchill distanced themselves from the statement. 

As the story goes, Kalergi’s book; Pan Europa was published in 1923 and contained a membership form for the Pan-Europa movement which held its first congress in 1926, attended by all the gala people. Albert Einstein the father of Stone Age science was there along with Sigmund Freud, another iconic fraud and Thomas Mann too, a vindictive homosexual already seething to verbally assault Hitler. Kalergi knew Hitler would be the primary obstacle since he had gotten Rothschild and Warburg to bankroll his aristocratic counterproposal to anointing Hitler as a latter-day Holy Roman Emperor. 

Again, the official story is contrived nonsense. This was infighting, synarchy, rule by the privileged safely ensconced in their secret societies. And for most as always their only real concern was holding onto their own wealth, this time in the face of the Bolshevik menace from the East.  

Kurt Eisner had sacked Bavaria in 1918 collapsing the House of Wittelsbach. He would not live long as the new ruler of the Free State of Bavaria as he called himself because Anton Arco-Valley, a German Jewish aristocrat, shot him dead in the a street a few months later. But by early April 1919 crazed Bolsheviks under the direct command of Vladimir Lenin in Moscow proclaimed “a revolution of love” and Bavaria a “Soviet Republic.” In between wiring Lenin that Bavaria’s interim government had fled Munich, taking with them the keys to the ministry toilet, Bavaria’s new government issued a proclamation making the private ownership of guns a crime punishable by death. The new Soviet Republics foreign minister; Franz Lipp, an ex-mental patient who had once been institutionalized, declared war on Switzerland for its refusal to lend him sixty trains. 

When they murdered their aristocratic hostages on Walpurgis Night they were in turn attacked and annihilated by thirty-thousand battle hardened Freikorps volunteers raised up by the Thule Society under Rudolf von Sebottendorff. Thousands were slain in Munich’s vicious street fighting and the executions that followed. With the communists crushed for the time being the Thule Society melted back into the shadows from whence they came. But they had already decided to groom Hitler to lead the West into battle against the twentieth century Hun. Hitler came within a hairs breath of seizing the government as the Thule Society intended him too in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch but the elitists of synarchy feared placing that kind of power in the hands of one strongman. The police, who weren’t supposed too, opened fire. 

Superficially Kalergi’s plan called for European integration; the academic label now put on the process of industrial, economic, political, legal, social and cultural integration of European states, the current agenda of the European Union. 

By the time of the Great Depression Kalergi’s International Pan European Union had eight thousand committee members, drawn from the most illustrious salons of European privilege. In 1927, the French politician Emil Borel, a leader of the centre-left Radical Party and the founder of the Radical International, set up a French Committee for European Cooperation. Twenty more countries set up equivalent committees.  

Until the close of WW II European integration remained an elitist venture. The largest committee outside Kalergi’s, the French one, possessed fewer than six-hundred members, two-thirds of whom were parliamentarians, and many more literary syncopates who made their living feeding off the bread crumbs that fell from the table of Europe’s wealthy industrialists and aristocrats. Foremost in Kalergi’s plan; Pan Europa would be under the stewardship of the Landgraves, the monied and the Roman Catholic Church. 

“His original vision was for a world divided into only five states: a United States of Europe that would link continental countries with French and Italian possessions in Africa; a Pan-American Union encompassing North and South Americas; the British Commonwealth circling the globe; the USSR spanning Eurasia; and a Pan-Asian Union whereby Japan and China would control most of the Pacific. To him, the only hope for a Europe devastated by war was to federate along lines that the Hungarian-born Romanian Aurel Popovici and others had proposed for the dissolved multinational Empire of Austria-Hungary. According to Coudenhove-Kalergi, Pan-Europe would encompass and extend a more flexible and more competitive Austria-Hungary, with English serving as the world language, spoken by everyone in addition to their native tongue. He believed that individualism and socialism would learn to cooperate instead of compete, and urged that capitalism and communism cross-fertilize each other just as the Protestant Reformation had spurred the Catholic Church to regenerate itself.” *

Kalergi was just as influential in Asia, particularly Japan, as he was in Europe. A hybrid himself Kalergi had decided the only way to stem the Asiatic hordes of Bolshevism was to breed the White out of Europeans. He envisioned a new Europe tended to by Eurasian-Negroids better suited to living amicably with the colored races of the world. 

The Thule Society had not forgotten, and Hitler was still there. He called Kalergi a bastard, seething that he was a rootless, cosmopolitan, and elitist half-breed. He scoffed at his mechanical economic policies and ridiculed his cowardly pacifism. In 1928 Hitler wrote in his Secret Book that this “pacifist-democratic Pan-European hodgepodge state” would never be able to withstand the inevitably expanding United States. Eventually Hitler would win the titanic power struggle between the two Princes of Synarchy and when Hitler annexed Austria in 1938 Kalergi took to flight. 

Wilhelm Canaris, Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1979-013-43 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Thus, the stage was set when aristocrats by birth like Chief of the Abwehr Wilhelm Canaris, Ludwig Beck Chief of the German General Staff before the war and Field Marshall von Witzleben started plotting against Hitler from the very first days of the war. 

Even more treacherous than Canaris and his venomous sidekick General Hans Oster were the generational military men like General Franz Halder. He was Hitler’s chief of staff of the Wehrmacht till September of 1942 when it became apparent that he was almost singlehandedly losing the war for Germany in the East and he was dismissed. 

“A post war de-Nazification panel judged Halders earlier conduct a “complete betrayal of his country.” After the conquest of Poland in 1939, he formed a secret planning staff to overthrow the government and placed General Heinrich von Stuipnagel in charge, who one German historian described with admiration as an old school European nobleman.” (1)

The Germans had broken Russian code by 1934. In 1935 they started flying high altitude missions and taking photographs. “Air crews photographed Soviet naval installations, armaments and industrial complexes, military fortifications and troop concentrations.” In 1947, after the war, the United States “used the photographs to prepare its own maps of the Soviet Union.” (2)

But in preparation for Operation Barbarossa, Germany’s invasion of Russia which began on June 22, 1941, military cartographers were making maps without using any of these photographs. “Some they based on Russian maps that had been printed in 1865. The German army received inaccurate ones which depicted dirt roads, which became impassable quagmires after rainfall, as modern paved highways…” (3)

A jammed road 1941 

In 1937 “the Germans began deciphering Soviet photo-telegraphic communications. In addition to reading diplomatic correspondences, they gained knowledge of Russian armaments production, the location and capacity of the factories and the short falls in industry.” (4)

In addition, quickly advancing German troops often overran Soviet positions before sensitive information could be destroyed. “Monitoring stations forwarded this vast quantity of intelligence to the Abwehr for assessment. Canaris, Oster and fellow conspirators relayed almost none of the findings to Hitler.” (5)

1st Panzer Group after the Battle of Brody. June 30 1941 

General Erich Fellgiebel and Oster’s coconspirators in the Abwehr were actually wiring German High Commands plans to Moscow through Switzerland before they even dried on the paper. “Advance knowledge of the German plans helped the Red Army embroil the invaders in heavy fighting around Smolenske in July and August. The Germans regained the initiative when Hitler decided on August 21 to shift his panzer divisions southward toward Kiev.” While Halder fumed about the “senseless” move “scattering” his forces ‘Corporal’ Hitler “destroyed four Soviet armies and mauled a fifth around Kiev.” (6)

Before the final assault on Moscow cold weather uniforms were held up by treasonous railroad bureaucrats. “Largely responsible for the delay in supplies were the director of Main Rail Transport South, Erwin Landenberger in Kiev and the Director of the Main Rail Transport Center, Karl Hahn in Minsk. Hitler ordered both men arrested for sabotage. Released from Sachsenhausen concentration camp months later, Hahn described himself to another officer as a “mortal enemy of the Nazis.”” (7)

Treacherous generals “were no less remiss about advising Hitler of intelligence reports predicting a planned Soviet offensive.”  Reliable reports from Sweden of the Soviet buildup were also ignored by the Abwehr. Resultantly the Germans vastly underestimated Soviet strength. The assault on Moscow would end in a massive Soviet counter attack that drove the Germans back for the first time in the war. Hitler railed about “the total underestimation of the enemy, the false reports of enemy reserves and the strength of his armaments… and incomprehensible treason.”(8)

When the German army began their push to the south at the end of July to capture the Caucus and Soviet oil fields they were consistently undermined by their own commanding officers. “The Russians surrounded and destroyed the German 6th army at Stalingrad. Historians blame Hitler for the catastrophe, but the verdict does not weigh the flagrant disregard of his orders, misleading intelligence that he received, or the militarily senseless troop movements carried out by the OKH [Oberkommando des Heeres / High Command]without his knowledge.” (9)

The Abwehr’s Operation Zeppelin had recorded thousands of trains carrying war material and Soviet troops to Stalingrad. Air reconnaissance was reporting that the Soviets were constantly bringing in strong reinforcements which they were concealing on the other side of the Don River flanking the city. On November 10 they also “discovered that the Russians had transferred the 5th tank army there as well. 

“On November 11 comander of the Nachrichtenaufklarung 1 (Communications evaluations section 1) submitted to the OKH a comprehensive analysis of Soviet military radio traffic. It identified the enemy reserves transferred to the Stalingrad area of operations. The report accurately predicted the Russians were about to launch a pincer attack to surround the German 6th army…” (10) 

Nothing was done about it; no preparations were made. Once again Hitler and the German people had been betrayed by their aristocracy. Ludwig Beck was a German general and Chief of the German General Staff during the early years of the Hitler’s regime. By 1938 Beck, a generational Prussian career soldier who could not bear the fact that Hitler was not going let the military run Germany, was gone. But his fellow plotters still “considered him the military head of the anti-government movement.” (11)  

“In the summer of 1944, law enforcement authorities cracked the resistance movement and began trying the ringleaders for treason. One of the defendants the former social democrat Wilhelm Leuschner testified about a conversation he had once had withLudwig Beck.” “Beck explained that there are now enough people we can depend on in positions of command on the eastern front that the war can be controlled until the regime collapses …”(12)

Foreign Armies East was responsible for assessing all reports pertaining to the eastern front. “In the spring of 1942, Halder had arranged for his former adjutant, Reinhard Gehlen, to become its chief. Believing like Hindenburg that “Germany should not be governed by a Bohemian corporal” Gehlen later acknowledged actively supporting the resistance.” (13)

“Gehlen disclosed to Hitler neither the progress of Zeppelin nor the proximity of the 5th Tank Army, which he claimed was stationed far to the north. Even though the red army had massed 66 percent of its armor opposite Army Group B Gehlen warned that the Russians were planning to instead attack near Smolenske further north.” The Russian offensive began November 19 but as late as November 11 Gehlen was assuring Hitler that the available “Soviet forces were too weak for major operations.” (14)   

At the opening of the Russian offensive “The Soviet 57th Army plunged headlong into General Hans-Georg Leyser’s full strength motorized 29th Infantry Division, which counterattacked without authorization from the general staff. Its 55 tanks of Panzer Battalion 129 struck furiously along the railroad line detraining masses of surprised Russian infantrymen and supplies. Sealing off this enemy penetration the 29th turned southwest to assault the flank of the Soviet 4th Corps. Before the operation began the division received a suspicious order to break contact and withdraw to the Stalingrad perimeter. This enabled the Russians to continue their encirclement of the 6th Army. (15)

The 6thArmy would end up being surrounded at Stalingrad: “based on Gehlen’s report that the Soviets had no reserves left, Hitler decided to supply the trapped garrison by air until a relief operation could be prepared.”  He had no way of knowing the strength of the Soviet colossus crouched on the other side of the Don River. “Organizing the missions was Colonel Eberhard Finckh. An active conspirator, he arranged for substantial number of flights to carry useless cargo. In addition to food, medical supplies and ammunition the beleaguered troops at Stalingrad received thousands of old newspapers, candy, false collars, barbed wire, roofing paper, four tons of margarine and pepper, 200 thousand pocketbooks, shoe laces, spices and so on.” (16)   

The German Army launched a relief expedition on December 15 spearheaded by the 6thPanzer Division. At almost ten percent above full strength it constituted an overwhelming mechanized force featuring hundreds of tanks and self-propelled guns, along with thousands of support trucks. “The attack progressed to within 30 miles of Stalingrad. Some fifty miles to the west, Soviet tanks counterattacked and captured the airfield at Morosovskaya threatening the German flank on the lower Chir River. Instead of dispatching weaker covering units to plug the gap the high command transferred the 6thPanzer Division to the Chir position.”  (17)

It was incomprehensible overkill, and it would cost Germany everything. Without the mighty 6thPanzers, the relief expedition was no match for the massed Soviet forces. Stalingrad was lost. “There were 220,000 thousand German soldiers and foreign auxiliaries on the 6thArmy’s roster in mid-January 1943, two weeks before the garrison surrendered. Six thousand survived Soviet captivity.

The battle of Stalingrad not only proved a crushing military defeat for Germany but, for her civilian population, became the psychological turning point of the war. In 1948 former Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller summarized the dissonance in the Fuhrer’s headquarters: “many older officers of high rank sabotaged Hitler’s plans… Although I’m no military expert, I know that Hitler was right about military matters more often than these people. Hitler would issue an order, and because some general found Hitler personally offensive, this officer would indirectly disobey the order. Then when disaster occurred, the same man and his friends dumped the blame on Hitler. And they often lied right to his face.” (18)                   

“Canaris was led to the gallows naked and executed on 9 April 1945 at the Flossenburg concentration camp, just weeks before the end of the war.” (19) His mongrel dog Oster was hanged right next to him.

But Halder would do much better. He became very important to American intelligence on the Soviet Union after the war. Halder was never tried at Nuremberg in spite of having personally issued orders to the Wehrmacht to arbitrarily execute entire Russian villages and shoot commissars and Jews on sight. Halder would walk away. 

During the fifties he became the go to guy on Operation Barbarossa for western historians. He perpetuated the myth of the bumbling Hitler and the evil SS whom he blamed for the Wehrmachts atrocities. So effective was he that his stories are still believed today by credulous academics. In 1961 he would be awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service Award and become the only German ever to be decorated by both Adolf Hitler and an American president. 

Gehlen would do even better than Halder under allied occupation. Knowing they were going to throw the war Gehlen ordered the Foreign Armies East intelligence files copied to microfilm, stored in water-tight drums and buried in various locations in the Austrian Alps. When the war ended Gehlen had fifty cases of intelligence files on the Soviet Union which he parlayed into his position as post war Germanys undisputed master of spies. 

The Anglo-American Empire would attack from the West in the early summer of forty-four, a year and half after the 6thArmy fell at Stalingrad, sealing Germany’s fate to go down in flames. But the German aristocracy would not go down with her. Plans had been laid. They would soon rise again with their British and American cousins at their side in an invisible global consortium that bestrides the West as its misbegotten and monstrous overlord to this very day…       

“On the morning of 10th August 1944, SS Obergruppenfuehrer Scheid, a lieutenant-general in the Waffen SS – as well as a director of the industrial company Hermansdorff & Schenburg – arrived at the Hotel Maison Rouge set in Strasbourg’s rue des France-Bourgeois.  Dr. Scheid had been sent to host the meeting by none other than Reichsleiter Martin Bormann, by then the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, after Hitler.” (20)

Bormann had been preparing for the meeting for at least two years already. “During 1942 and 1943, Bormann began transferring party and S.S. funds under his control from the Third Reich to South America. The transfers included currency, gold, diamonds and share‐holding certificates controlling numerous blue‐chip German and foreign corporations.”(21)

“Present at the meeting, in addition to Dr. Scheid, were representatives of Krupp, Messerschmitt, Rheinmetall, Bussing, Volkswagenwerk, engineers representing various factories in Posen, Poland – including Brown-Boveri – an important part of the German electrical industry that was part owned by two American companies – General Electric and International Telephone & Telegraph [Bell Telephone].” (22)

Scheidinformed the assembled elitists of Germany that “government controls over the export of wealth (money, patents, scientists and administrators) were to be relaxed immediately, the transfer of these national assets became an official policy of the Nazi state. A report by the U.S. Treasury Department in 1946 stated that 750 companies were set up all over the world by the German industrialists following the Aug. 10, 1944 meeting in Strasbourg. Their listing noted 112 in Spain, 58 in Portugal, 35 in Turkey, 98 in Argentina, 214 in Switzerland, 233 in various other countries.” (23)

“I. G. Farbenindustrie, A. G., the largest and most powerful chemical combine in the world during the twelve years of the Third Reich, controlled—both admitted and concealed —over 500 firms in 92 countries. It was the largest single earner of foreign exchange for Germany, and its cartel agreements numbered over 2,000 and included such major industrial concerns as Standard Oil (New Jersey), the Aluminum Company of America, E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Ethyl Export Corporation, Imperial Chemical Industries (Great Britain), the Dow Chemical Company, Rohm & Haas, Etablissements Kuhlmann (France), and the Mitsui interests of Japan, When Martin Bormann switched on the green light for massive transfers of wealth, I. G. Farben moved into high gear.

Hermann Schmitz, I. G.’s, president of that era, reported to Martin Bormann: “Our measures of camouflage have proved to be very good during the war, and have even surpassed our expectations.” The measures he referred to was camouflage of the true ownership of Farben assets as a war and postwar device. The company cloaked its direct and indirect ownership and control of hundreds of its foreign subsidiaries by utilizing every conceivable device known to the legal mind. It was a razzle‐dazzle operation, with Bormann nodding approval and giving assistance every step of the way. Other major German firms pursued the same complicated and devious course. 

A primary technique used generally for shifting control of German property to avoid Allied seizure in the last year of the war was to use a cloaking device of ownership. The German owner would transfer his holdings to neutral national who acted as the nominal owner; made easy by the general European practice of using bearer shares as a token of ownership (bearer shares are negotiable by delivery, and it is exceedingly difficult to trace the chain of title of a particular share). Fees varied for this service, but the usual figure was 5 per cent of the deal.”(24)

Critically, Bormann believed he needed nine months to fully complete the planned capital flight programme. (25) There would be those in America and Great Britain that made sure he got it, but Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery was not among them. 

“With the closing of the Falaise gap, Montgomery was determined not to let Eisenhower waste a golden opportunity to bring the war to a close in 1944. On 4th September, Montgomery sent a coded signal “Personal for General Eisenhower Eyes Only,” laying out in detail an audacious plan to seize strategic bridges in the Netherlands followed by a full-blooded armoured thrust into Germany through the back door of the Ruhr – the very heartland of German industry and, coincidentally home to many of those industrialists Dr. Scheid’s capital flight conference had addressed less than a month earlier.” (26)

The plan would be rejected by the doddering Eisenhower, modified by Montgomery and changed from Operation Comet to Operation Market Garden, then finally accepted by Eisenhower on the tenth of September. Operation Market Garden called for British airborne forces to capture and hold the final bridge at Arnhem till it was secured by tanks. Coincidentally, or not, “it was the 4th of September, that Field Marshall Model directed Lt. General Bittrich’s badly mauled but veteran II SS Panzer corps to bivouac in the Arnhem area to refit and rest.” (27)

Any number of the elitists, who were privy to them, starting with those who had Skull and Bones and other secret society affiliations, could have leaked Eisenhower’s plans to the Germans. Prominent on the list of suspects is General Walter Bedell Smith; Eisenhower’s chief of staff in the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force at the time as well as close friend and business partner after the war of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

“German born as Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, he joined the Nazi party in the early 1930’s, eventually donning the SS uniform.  By 1935 he was gainfully employed in I G Farben’s intelligence department NW7.  His match to Princess Juliana, the daughter of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, was reportedly arranged by Farben director, Gerhard Fritze, a relative of NW7’s chief, Max Ilgner.” The Nazi national anthem, the Horst Wessel, was played at the wedding. (28)

Bernhard’s request to work for British intelligence after the war broke out was denied because the admiralty didn’t trust him and neither didEisenhower who refused him access to sensitive intelligence information.  However, with the intervention of King George on Prince Bernhard’s behalf, he was eventually allowed to work in war planning councils…” (29) 

Immediately after the war Smith and Bernhard went into business trading in looted Nazi art through a company called Bernard Ltd. They used “military aircraft to fly between Soesterberg – a short distance away from Prince Bernhard’s palace Soestdijk – and the USA.” Stolen art wasn’t the only Nazi treasure Bernard Ltd transported to America by air. In contradiction of prevailing policy and at the risk of court martial: “in August 1945, Bedell Smith donated his private plane to secretly fly Nazi master spy Reinhard Gehlen, and five of his general staff, to Washington for secret talks.” (30)  

Following the war in 1945 Prince Bernhard along with a unit of Dutch Intelligence traveled into Russian occupied Berlin, ostensibly to recover the Dutch crown jewels looted by the Nazis. They were in fact recovering papers for Fritz Thyssen that would prove ownership of assets. Thyssen was one of Germanys leading industrialists prior to WW II and many believe he financed Hitler. Thyssen was related to Bernhard through Bernhard’s relative Prince Alfred zur Lippe-Weissenfeld whose daughter was the wife of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen, Fritz Thyssen’s nephew “and heir to the Thyssen family fortune.”  (31)

“The papers were returned to Holland and deposited in the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, in Rotterdam, which was secretly owned by Thyssen.  Known as “Operation Juliana” this cunning scheme was a body blow to Allied investigators who were anxiously seeking the “missing pieces of the Thyssen fortune.” (32)

Nothing can be proved but like Americas aircraft carriers being out to sea when Pearl Harbor was bombed it is telling that British commandos parachuting in to begin Operation Market Garden landed right on top of the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions, specially trained in anti-airborne operations. Never the less, despite getting their heads handed to them by the German defenders who seemed anything but surprised; the allied troops did finally prevail by force of overwhelming numbers. The Nijmegen Bridge, the last bridge at Arnhem was finally taken and held. 

Initially the Allies could have easily broken through German lines. But the Grenadier Guards, under the command of Major Peter Smith, more commonly known by his title of Lord Carrington, inexplicably refused to advance their tanks over the bridge at night and seize the opportunity. By morning, due to German reinforcements, the bridge could no longer be crossed. 

The Germans would hold the other side for another five months and the bridge would be immortalized in the 1977 Hollywood epic A Bridge too Far. WW II would not end till May of 1945 giving Bormann exactly the nine months he said he would need from the time of the Hotel Maison Rouge meeting in August of forty-four.  

It’s now an excepted fact in British journalism that Queen Elizabeth I herself was decidedly “pro-peace movement” and “spoke of her “desire to avert war with Germany and for closer ties to be established between the two countries.”(33) By the turn of the twenty-first century the British press were finally ready to admit that the “Queen would have willingly accepted a German occupation providing that the monarchy and her place in it remained intact.” (34) 

The Grenadier Guards are one of only five British regiments appointed to fly the flag of the monarchy in front of the Monarch on their birthday ceremony. Reigning British Monarchs are usually the “colonels-in-chief” of the regiment. The Grenadier Guards are considered household troops and are one of the elite regiments charged with guarding the monarch. 

“The rank and file of the Grenadiers swears an oath of allegiance to the monarch as head of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.” “The oath is sworn to the reigning British monarch and not to Parliament. Interestingly, the first public engagement of the present monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, took place in 1942, when as a young princess she inspected the Grenadier Guards on her 16th birthday.” (35) 

Lord Carrington would later serve as chairman of the Bilderbergers, a synarchic group of elitists who held their first conference in May of 1954. Not surprisingly General Walter Bedell Smith was one of the people instrumental in organizing them. Attendees to their incessant and what should be highly alarming meetings over the years have included: “David Rockefeller, Walter Boveri Jr, son of the founder of Brown Boveri, Sir Eric Roll of Warburg’s London based merchant bank and Dr. Herman Abs of I G Farben”(36) 

The 1954 conference took place ten years after the failure of Operation Market Garden in the Bilderberg hotel: “located in Oosterbeek, Holland, just a few kilometres from both Arnhem and Nijmegen – and in the very middle of the fighting to take the Arnhem Bridge. Is it possible that Oosterbeck was chosen for the first meeting of Bilderberg in order to secretly celebrate the success in getting the wealth of Nazi Germany to safety as planned by Bormann?” (37)

1954 was the very same year “the Allies finally agreed to return Western Germany to the status of a sovereign nation and German companies were, at last, freed from Allied control on 5th May 1955.”   Assets: “that had been secreted abroad could now be untangled and returned to once again rebuild Germany – as foreseen by Bormann.  The treaty that ended the occupation of West Germany was signed in Paris in October 1954.” (38)

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  1. With permission I say, from the earlier comments, there is a sense that embodiment is not critical or necessary. That at the end of the day consciousness is all we need. If I miss the truth of earlier comments please reply clearing of my confusion.

    My own take from what I know about the Christ and Buddha is embodiment is a critical part of path. That realization occurs when these two are become one. There is a lot to say about this. Even more to do. From Revelations;

    Rev 11 18

    And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.


    Lest we be destroyed because we fail to care for the Earth as Mary cared for Jesus, a course correction in our understanding and doing is necessary. For me that is learning who to care for the Earth on her terms as I am ignorant having grown up in this current era. That message comes through consciousness as well as embodiment.


  2. In this quickly arriving time, the duality of the inner and the outer will loose its sense of absolute tyranny, simply because the focus will move to the dynamic, rather than attempt to define the static. We will be much more interested in what preserves than what is preserved. This shift will be required to navigate the oncoming time.
    We can all realize that struggle will not depart our existence.
    Some will sneer at the coming time, they will deride it as illusory, and others will delight in deploying illusion as a weapon, which we currently see the inauguration of, with the event dubbed the pandemic.
    In the coming chaos, many will do as they have done, yet for some this time will be understood as great opportunity, no more a time of cities, but a new time of ships, both metaphorically and epistemologically.

  3. The new time we are moving into is going to have different ground rules from that time which we just left. Previously, the condition was focused, almost maniacally so, upon distinctions in our shared reality. Most refer to this shared reality as the material. Essentially, what we discovered was that there is no point where the material stands up and claims it's existence. The material is a metasystem, metasystem is a word I use to describe this incredibly complex multilayered expression, which is remarkably comfortable with stunning contradictions. If it wasn't so completely given over to evil and abuse, it would actually be worthy of admiration.
    We are now moving deeper into the essence of what it means to live an existence where nothing is absolute. We will be far less concerned about the difference between the field and the deer, and fascinated by the transformation of the field into the deer into the brush, into the earth into the sky.
    Maybe this will in part explain why people are scared shitless.

  4. More so, who is that woman on the edge of sleep, and why does she keep telling me to wake up? The struggle of climbing the spiritual ladder is breathtaking, but nobody likes to tell you about the fall. Things I once knew now haunt like ghostly echos of something long forgotten, yet it was only yesterday or so I thought.

  5. Over time it's impossible to come to any other conclusion so long as your self-reflective capabilities are still intact. There's truth that the external is a reflection of the internal. From my struggles its always been to piece together whats outside with whats inside, two worlds, completely opposed with confusion reigning in-between as one foot solidly resides in both.
    Day dream more, get lost in it, and one day you might find your favorite song, film, book or what have you speaking to you and only you. What is it saying?

  6. We all need our teachers. If left to ourselves, we would eventually arrive at our totality, but it would take significantly more time and effort.
    The world is always teaching us, if we pay attention.

  7. Our Story
    Space Templars storming the skies. (Templer Vril) – "Now the main goal of the Space Templars is to find out what rules the Almighty is guided by, and then use them for their own purposes."
    Never join "secret societies", whatever the circumstances. Also avoid any religions, including the New Age, do not trust human gurus / prophets / priests / rabbis / imams / popes / diviners / "mediums" / dalai lamas / politicians / writers / scientists / "celebrities" / parents / etc. e. as authorities with regard to the Divine … in other matters you are free to accept or reject their opinion, however, accept the consequences of your choice as well. You only need yourself and the Divine, no interference of others, clothed in bodies … I repeat, do not allow any interference from anyone.

  8. Everyone should realize by now that placing great faith in any institution without the will or ability to examine them, and to require them to reveal their inner workings is simply a tacit approval for enslavement.
    Currently, the opacity with which decisions are made, is waxing stronger across the spectrum of what people recently referred to as the free world. The very institutions once held as essential have lost their ability to fulfill their intended purpose. To all appearances they seem to function, certainly they continue to devour more than their rightful share of dwindling resources, yet their paralysis is apparent in their advancing of non solutions and wild accolades for work they have not done.
    We see quite clearly in the fear and the blame so prevalent today, a great excuse for the useless institutions to perpetuate themselves. Yet we know it is really the resistance of people who refuse to recognize that the world they so recently inhabited has forever slipped away.
    I observe this with a quiet sorrow, as it is so clear.
    The tighter the hold on the past world, the less is available for adapting to the current, much darker one.

  9. At issue is the predominance of fanciful beliefs, at odds with actual events. In every case, the fanciful beliefs are advanced to allow the vicious agenda to advance. They are just camouflage for a thoroughly cynical purpose. It never ceases to amaze me how easily people are taken in by this type of attack. It certainly appears that the critical thinking necessary to recognize this attack for what it is, is utterly absent.

  10. Yes, Stan, we do wait for conditions to change, but we should be mindful of what we are tasked with in the here and now. Those with higher functioning are being resoundingly abused by this time, this energetic. Many have already chosen to leave, because the punishment is this relentless. Every day, it seems that more higher functioning are checking out, leaving a great imbalance. This is understandable, as the rancor has reached a fever pitch. It also bodes ill for the times ahead, as the "merry x-mas to me" mentality gains prominence in all levels of the society, and destroys it's champions together with all they feed on, through this taking.

  11. If the benefactors secede with the planned world financial reset with digital currency, the value of that currency can be altered with a push of a button. In this feudal control any bad behavior will be punished easily by lowering the value of the digital money.
    When things play out with having to put the peons down, that is the time stated when the backup appears.

  12. A fundamental condition we all face, is the belief by certain groups of humanity, that they deserve to be in a position of benefit. This benefit is almost always achieved at the expense of others, sometimes significantly so. This is further complicated by various emotional states, such as hate, which tend to modify the behavior of the privileged to extremes.
    Currently, the beneficiaries are busily blaming anyone and everyone else for their decision to benefit in a heavy handed and brutal fashion. They count on the people confusing their tyranny and oppression with safety and security. It actually gets worse, because the beneficiaries have some pretty destructive intentions toward the groups they have singled out. Problematically, the informational, decision making, and economic interests of the beneficiaries are erroneously perceived by them to exist in their own spheres, separate from the aspects of life they target.
    The press of this error will in fact lead to dramatic changes beyond the current oppression, and doubtless will involve all of life having to either mount a rebellion, or perish under the tyranny of the beneficiaries.

  13. It has always been the way, that all of manifestation is ceaselessly in search of Spirit. The emptiness, the hollow echoe, the drink that never slakes the thirst. It is all because of love, because of the true desire.
    One cannot change this. One cannot escape it. The desire of matter is yearn for return, and this yearning is beyond ken.
    It is almost worse to be gifted a glimpse, than to never comprehend oneself, if that glimpse then abandons us to the heartless storm of manifestation. The pain of separation, of the gulf we cannot cross then drives us to a curious despair, and we settle for the world of abuse and pain by adopting the armor and the ignorance.
    Yet there can be no direct path to that which is elusive. No set of circumstances that will open the doors to our love. The journey is of many colours, endless transformation, shifts and shimmers that defy any explanation.
    How do you find your way through, but for the fire in your heart to guide you.

  14. I've thought about why its 'harder' to keep searching within as I get older…post 50 something. It feels like I've failed whatever this experiment that I launched myself into….kind of a bummer to be honest. Amidst this dark time…its all I can do to keep a bit of humor and focus on making my way through this and helping my youngins to still dream. I'll get back in the saddle and keep on keeping on.

  15. Certainly, our progress through life usually follows a trajectory where our essential participation with the numinous wanes with age. All manner of explanations are produced in order to affirm that this process exists, and even to celebrate it, but few attempt to view it for what it truly is, a complete absorption into transitory material existence.
    The surviving pre-Christian traditions are completely up front about this phenomenon. They are also adamant that such must be a challenge to forever struggle against. Why? Well, it's all there in the cycle of the fall and the return.
    The Gnostic vision of this cycle is perfectly represented in the Hymn of the Pearl.
    Serrano himself owed more than a little to the Gnostics.
    The density and unconsciousness of this sphere are very strong. One could note that it's opposite is much more elusive, yet curiously persistent. The key to this transitory world lies in the appearance of the objective, and so convincing it is. Yet the key to that elusive world exists within, and as such, is opened through entirely different skill sets than those needed "here".

  16. I have to thank Serrano for not just rekindling my heart to poetry giving me eyes to read it once more with feeling, but also for bringing to my awareness the remembrance of why speaking in rhymes and riddles, very frustrating for the left brain, is absolutely crucial when speaking on larger truths the physical mind just cannot handle correctly. Some say it's what defines the "esoteric" trying to hide something, but from my perspective it's always been trying to explain something that words cannot possible do true justice. If you told them straight it would be off, not quite right, misunderstood, wrong.
    That's the beauty of poetry, "esoterica", or speaking in entendres. The more layers you can fit in the more masterful it becomes and what it really tells the masters of the thought trying to be conveyed through written language is where your understanding is. Only with time, experience, and wisdom do you unlock the other layers and then look back at the previous to see how masterful and beautiful it really is. When I was younger and more in touch with such realms I adapted the behavior of speaking in that poetic way where apparently I gave off a mysterious nature to people around me never quite able to pin me down on anything.
    Not for trying to be mysterious nor a trickster, but because locking myself down completely was always a guarantee for the average person to misunderstand me completely. One of the difficulties of having your mind too much in the clouds beyond the clouds. The truth is language must, like your thoughts, flow like a river while retaining it's authenticity and basis in truth. It's why I never understood but applaud those who try to do mediumship or what have you. Every time I picked up the pencil as a child I failed to translate a diluted message as the doors closed and my access waned. It always felt as though without the whole the point was lost as in a world full of lies and deceit I'd only be adding more to the confusion. So instead I just held onto it as best as possible and every now and then I find others who can relate without having to say a thing.

  17. Any experience, then of that beyond the veil is fraught with misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and the contamination of concerns that do not belong to it.
    Genuine numinous events can carry immense impact across decades, and even generations. It takes a prepared self to be able to traverse beyond the veil, and return with something else besides gibberish.
    Keeping all this in mind, it's somewhat absurd to refer to Her as "Mother Nature", the planet, or any other single definition oriented description. Much better for poetry and song, and esoteric symbol, where the definition is the mere stating point, and the moment stretches into eternity.

  18. Thus it makes no sense within our worldly mind to describe intelligence as both a being and a place, which is essential when attempting to meet with the phenomenon beyond the veil. Such is the reason for poetic and esoteric symbology, that as something not fully rooted in the material, such can engage the mind on different levels.
    When approaching that beyond the veil, the most powerful is certainly the wild natural places so much under attack today

  19. Perhaps the greatest obstacle to understanding matters beyond the material is the fact that the worldly mind has little it can use from it's own experience.
    After all, the worldly mind is quite comfortable deploying terms, conditions, definitions to material existence which it believes are distinct. Classifications are the rule, and characteristics are assumed to be non transferable. That something is made up of qualities is considered incontrovertible.
    Yet when we attempt to discuss matters beyond the veil, this impressive catalogue of information finds itself utterly lost, incapable of constructing anything as what it is. This is an important feature to the rejection of all but worldly mind to most branches of knowledge today.

  20. So, who is it, who has many names, and a wisdom that she imprints upon the myriad forms she breathes life into?
    She is the Lucifer, the divine feminine principle. She is the Sun, the energetic behind energetics, and her little sister rules over you and I.
    To all genuine cultures, the generative principle is feminine, inescapably so. Spider Woman derives from this wisdom, as does Changing woman, and the Turtle who maintains the Earth on her back.
    My own Amerindian teachers were always big on personal revelations, rather than excessive dogma. They saw all of this as a structure upon which to understand vision, yet there are myriad levels to vision. In this sense, the Gnosis is very similar, it involves divine contact with your own juices, and this is Her essence.
    I have written that the way of knowledge is the personal experience. This is all of our roads to Her, who fashions the threads that bind and weave.
    The male energetic is directive, the female generative. Both principles work within the sphere, the ground they operate within.
    In the end, there is no simple directive, or definition of Her. In this, those who walk the path know with reverence.

  21. In the time that is quickly arriving, the Achilles heel of the power complex will be that it assumes power it has no right to claim.

  22. Perhaps you noticed, that the play of which you cite, was written after the Potter series was complete? Perhaps too, you have noticed that our fine author champions a different objective, now that she has achieved position? Just so, the concerns of one going full globalist involve a certain amount of inventing adversaries, and what pray tell, is the purpose of misdirecting and changing focus to a scapegoat? I think you can answer that yourself. However, if you are certain that specific conditions in the world have no bearing on your questions, you obviously already have your answer, and are simply wasting your and everyone else's time in asking it.
    Of course the sound is key to manifestation, and of course the sound, the vibration, the music is directly associated with the word, and the scribe, and the leader, but your question had to do with what was before that. If you are content to dwell in manifestation, like the abrahamics, then the rest is nonessential.
    We are all facing a great bid to expand control to newer, wider proportions at the expense of those targeted for control. You won't find the keys to freedom inside the cage, especially if your focus builds that cage for yourself. If you think that none of this matters, then why read here? Certainly, the point behind this latest piece, the Bormann Faction, is not entertainment for the entrained.
    Your question regarding Her deserves its own post.

  23. The words good and evil do not appear in the above comment. I have read someone's comments about darkness and darker darkness, or light being the same, etc. I get that.
    And, your comment is well taken, however, one could think of the word as the sound that emanates from the center that initiates the formation of all. That word is a frequency of sorts. I imagine that the word creates the holographic universe that we allow our mind to play in. This can be depicted by sound waves in water and the patterns they form.

    As for opposites, sometimes people just like to go on a dragon hunt. Why take that imaginary adversary away from them?

    There was nothing about globalists in the comment, so I would suggest, with all due respect, that there are standard memes interjecting themselves in the comments here.

    Is "she" grandmother earth or something else similar to the indigenous version of spider woman.

  24. J. K. Rowling achieved much in the world of fiction before abandoning her audience and going full globalist. She correctly focused on the story first, and it was her story telling rather than her rendition of magic that won the day.
    However, the magic she does employ in the above statement, uses immediate examples to reveal eternal conditions for everything and all that must suffer through incarnation. In the true world of spiritual healing, there is no good or evil power, just power that is in its correct or incorrect place.
    The abrahamics have lied to you about the Logos. In the beginning was that which leads, but that isn't, nor ever was the word. The error is passed down to us because of a primitive inability to comprehend the forethought, and it's agency. Thus the idiot abrahamics have reduced a profound statement to something inane and stupid, like the shrieking of brain damaged monkeys.
    To understand what is meant by forethought, you must train your mind to closely observe itself. You must find the spark she placed within you, and you must engage your love to be it and behold it at the same time. Do this, and you will realize much concerning your condition. Do this, and the error of confusing forethought with word will become crystal clear.

  25. In an imaginary scene from a J.K. Rowling-type play, a spirit sends a blue light patronus to alleviate aching body parts, and accidentally drives out a dark ugly spirit from the aching body part that it had been parasitizing, as the ugly spirit can't take the energy level of the patronus. The spirit draws her sword and takes the tip and draws a light square to the 4 corners, north south east west, above the prone patient. The ugly spirit, blocked from reentering, hunkers down at a distance in the shadows. Stage direction: Advised not to invite him or it back.
    Immediately on the scene, a young beautiful ascended male entity whose personality embodies absolute purity comes and asks "what are you doing, is there more to do?" The sender of the patronus replies, there's probably nothing you can do because he doesn't believe that you exist, nor does he want you to. But you can check. The ascended entity nods yes, surveys the patient with his gaze, and wordlessly fades away.
    End of J.K.'s scene. It's just a play.
    In the beginning was the word. When there are no words, where does that leave humanity?
    No judgement. Merely a question.

  26. So, as the globalist owned swamp creatures rush in with their hammers and nails to finish the coffin for the place they murdered called America, taking orders from their communist inspired greed merchants, the confused and the trusting, the hopeful and eager, the indoctrinated and the unthinking, all find themselves mentioning the new slogan for the great plunge…
    I trust humanity.
    A great slogan, and for once one with the ring of truth, with just one proviso; make certain those you trust are truly human.

  27. The backup never materialized for either of us, Stan, but the world still needs it's dilettantes, regardless of how this might make us feel.
    If we work through love, and focus on the survival of innocence, much personally and externally can be achieved.

  28. Diotima instructs us even now. The purpose of love is to draw the person to higher levels, ending in the return to all, to the One.
    All else is a strange dance.
    The world vanishes with the dying of the light. In the perfect darkness all but consciousness ceases to exist, and for that consciousness to rally, the requirement of identity.

  29. Love is demonstrated my dear MK. Action follows a changed heart.the world is doomed if you care to look around as life continues after this human form as the science Jack refers to proves this as fact.von newuman I see.

  30. You may wish to think you are free, yet your slavery is almost complete. The girders that bar your heart protect you from seeing the world, and all that goes with it.
    You were sold a fake duopoly, so that the slavers moved in, corrupting tradition, to show you how their money controls you, while telling you the opposite.
    You agreed with the abrahamics about the Ophites, and you lost your last subtle threads to the bright world of truth.
    The prophets of profit ignited your greed, they gave you a black story of probability and need you to devour the gears of their dream, which you did, and you do, as you behold what it makes you into.
    The slavery state return with a vengeance, showing you what a pathetic tool to their money you are.
    Are you still giving them your mind, as you bar your heart?
    Most certainly you are.
    Dark Winter.

  31. Modern thought is abrahamic thought. This is true both for religious and ostensibly secular facets of modernity. Abrahamic thought is primarily characterized by a truncated vertical sensibility. The acceptable arena for abrahamic thought is intentionally tiny, oppressive. This lends to the illusion that abrahamic thought understands the world, which it most definitely does not.
    Religiously, the command to love reveals fundamental misconceptions about our most sacred inner dealings. This error based approach can only isolate and damage, and lo, it's accomplished exactly that.
    Secularly, all abrahamic knowledge forms are debased mockeries of their original parents. Like the crippled laws brought too us by the equation miscegenation, abrahamic thought is an abomination, designed by deranged lunatics to lead humanity into extinction. Everywhere around us now, we see this is true.
    Strutting around, proclaiming abrahamic thought is going to save the world pretty much ignores the obvious fact that it was abrahamic thought that brought us all here, to a world screaming for its own suicide.
    Be careful who you choose as your master. You will know them by their actions, if you bother to look.

  32. Well, Zen, where exactly did geometry come from?
    Modern mathematician, a term easily exchangeable with arrogant religious fraud.
    Amazing, really, that spiritual illiterates are so comfortable interpreting what they don't understand on the basis of fundamentally flawed assumptions neither you nor they are allowed to examine.
    The ancient world after all, left us a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire today, whilst modern mathematical geniuses have brought us magnificent artifacts like chemtrails, the electronic interference field, fatally poisoned groundwater, and gigantic oceangoing islands of conglomerate plastic trash.
    Thank god for modern mathematicians, because without them the terminally unworthy wouldn't be able to launch half the destruction they currently can.
    If you want to know the accomplishments of the ancients, you should choose a proper ambassador. Begin with Plato.

  33. There can be no command to love.
    If your love is true then your love directs you.
    You cannot direct genuine love.
    You do not find love.
    Love descends on its own accord.
    Love is not a grip. It doesn't bend the world out of shape.
    Love is not a possession, or a task.
    Love is not lust.
    Love does not last.
    It simply is.

  34. There was a really cool book secrets of geometry that said there was a global cult based around chess and these guys sabotaged napoleon's invasion of russia. It was two volumes. Basically debunked the "Golden ratio" as being big in ancient architecture.

  35. Where I go to Church we say

    said we must love one another

    I asked Jack to visit my Church

    said dead Jew on a stick

    we said stick empty

    follow me

    gospel I see

  36. The more conventionally minded amongst us, are beginning to realize the depth and breadth of the changes that have occurred in their ostensibly stable world.
    The few remaining honest journalists who still have jobs, are finding themselves unable to rest their perspectives on anything even approaching a conventional stance.
    The legal system, never a paragon of democracy, is fully determined to ensure a complete compromise of fundamental values which form a basis to any political, social, and economic guidance.
    Government itself, forever the victim of powerful interests, now cannot view it's role as anything greater than an arrogant bully, completely given over to a twisted vision of a great enabler for corporate "fictitious persons", whilst simultaneously a vicious punisher of the people outside this incestuous circle.
    Of course, all of this and more has its antecedents, one observes that the result of a nation regularly dieting on fiction is for fiction to become the only acceptable item on the menu.
    What is particularly telling is that the direction of all this is quite obviously set, as the plan released matures into the next step. The slow dance of inevitability unfolds, as predictable as the breathing of a great beast, whilst the omissions and distractions continue to loose their veracity, and erode even faster the tenuous hold the creaking machine has on existence.

  37. Consciousness, awareness, is always projecting from itself to behold itself. This means for us that there is an active, passive, and neutral aspect to consciousness, the ancient rule of three. Because of this, we can be certain that events here are being observed.
    However, as it stands with people, this circumstance on this planet will not last for much longer. The time we are in is remarkably short, volatile, and decisive. Thus this condition will change.
    The separation I've written about is part of this, and so is identity…The genuine identity some great minds have referred to as the number of the soul. I won't repeat it all here, except to say that nothing here is done without a witness. This is the reason I refer to death as the examination of life, because it all gets read before it gets devoured by the great Eagle perched atop the Tree.

  38. The greatest show on earth Mike. I think even the Aliens are addicted to all the endless drama. The script is so written and acted out on a biblical scale, this broadcasted program across the galaxies will never be cancelled, right?

  39. The haze of numb terror inflicted upon a people. Ghosts from the electronic interference field, you make them feel at home.
    All manner of complicity, for the DNA attack, arranged for you via the vaccine that will free you from the human life.
    But let us believe the TV, they only exist to tell you the news, to inform you about life, to report to you everything that matters,because you are so important, the faceless audience, and alpha wave entrainment, the message so good for you.
    Do not imagine you see the pillars of the world being hacked apart for the fun and gain of the supremely unworthy. Do turn yourself on to the electronic interference field, it has many ghosts to entertain you, to protect you from the falling debris all around.
    Censorship is proper.
    Tyranny is your safety.
    Do not think. Turn on your TV.
    The best liars tell the best stories, watch them now. The electronic interference field has everything you need. Just watch, and munch away at what was your future.

  40. All true stories write themselves. They need someone dedicated enough, and willing to sacrifice enough to have them told, and keep them as free from corruption as possible. For true stories, all true stories wear large targets, and the monkeys below the veil have large slingshots…remember they hate guns.
    True stories are often suppressed, marginalized, because they don't tell lies about the monkeys, especially not the kinds of lies the monkeys want to hear.
    No one tells the truth about the Ophites.

  41. On the other hand…If I could see anything, it would be the Mandalorian. Have to love the idea of the toughest guy in the galaxy toting around a precocious baby LGM with awesome telekinesis ability.

  42. Ever wonder why everything follows a certain script? Funny thing, everyone in Hollywood hates guns, but they can't make a movie without them. On the other hand, Hollywood is crime central, yet they obsess with movies of heroes and heroines…too funny.

  43. Ah, but when it comes to movies and publishing, only Jews can tell the stories, or to be more precise, those who give them their keys are those who amongst them who have a voice…sort of.

  44. MK, my favorite theologian

    do you have 'flix?

    great show on there called queens gambit

    must watch in my opinion

    Jews and with respect tell the finest stories

    MK I see

  45. If the Bormann Faction proves anything, it proves that the nature of reality is malleable. One need not offer a good dream, for that dream to capture and define, in its own intensity, a direction for many to follow.
    It's funny in a way, to observe all the small dreams bumping into each other, like blind mice in search of an eye.
    The theory of evolution deifies survival. It treats death as annihilation rather than the examination of life which it is. This deity, survival, demands in its worship a corruption of principle, bearing witness to the stigmata of currency and unholy deals. Where did the USA get its plutonium for Oppenheimer's crazed episode of destruction? I think we know..
    Survival, the deity, doesn't offer a heartwarming narrative for his worship, at least not in this world, at this time, with these conditions.

  46. Responses to Jews in Space:

    BUCKLE-UP! General Of Military Space Program "We Have Made Contact With E.T."
    23,887 views•Premiered 16 hours ago
    773K subscribers

    A former head of Israel‘s military space program claims that extraterrestrials have made contact with officials in the United States and Israel over the years. Conclusion Nothing


    Witchfile 12-08-2020
    152 views•Dec 8, 2020
    Solaris BlueRaven Conclusion : Pissed Off I'm outa here I'm outa here I'm outa here…




  47. The reveal is both the lesson and the answer. The answer is never final, because here in this sphere a critical essence has gone AWOL. The abrahamics will tell you this critical essence is their God, and you'll find it through a perfect adherence to their message. Yet their perfect adherence reveals only a vacuum, where all of their striving fade to lead, to destitution, which they misrepresent as power.
    Not even they understand that which they lack, so they try to stuff all manner of things into the breach, a band aid upon a severed limb, and they want so badly to force you to water the weeds and burn the trees.
    They are burning it all now, the mindless stupidity of this abrahamic society can only prove its might through suicide. Not simple suicide, but the one that removes every trace of lost essence, busts down potential to a bestial picnic below even the beasts. The success of Abraham and his progeny is the foregoing of the Return.
    Our dreams of death are rebellions of the soul, the resistance of the man to this cage. Without the lost essence there is no return, no mythic city of gold in the deep distance.
    The abrahamic has taken eternal wisdom, and has inverted it into a corpse. The living soul reacts in horror.
    The primordial split itself created evil, and through evil the essenceless world perpetuates itself. How could we not be subject to it?
    The true mystery is that you will never be told by the tyrants and pedophiles and troglodytes who pull all the strings. They will laugh at you and tell you that such do not exist, and you will see them as momentary fire with no future other than disappearance into the dust. Such vision then turns question back to oneself, to the quest, or to the dust. It rests upon what lies within.

  48. Poetically put. And here I was just dreaming about my dreams I once had as a child when I wandered between two worlds wondering what is real and why this all seems so strange, beautiful, flawed, and yet not real. It was too early to be asking myself whether I myself am even real or as a friend of mines child once innocently called me "her robot friend".
    Strange how the eyes of a child can see a person better than grown adults in this world. Unpolluted from the corruption at least for the moment before the iron curtain of indoctrination crushes their try eyesight, covers their ears, and hardens their heart into a lump of coal like mine. Shame it all is lost now in a world that can't even recognize, nor appreciate, and laughably could no way guide such a child to navigate this unreal world where in that moment of half-way in and out of physicality in the zone of timelessness it all feels like a box looking down and darkness everywhere outside of it.
    The death you speak of and the death everyone thinks they fear is not the physical. No, it's much worse than that. The death of everything that makes you you. Because we all still have this hubris within us that even if we die we'll still somehow exist as we are in some time and place, but they would sadly be mistaken.
    I dreamed my death before I ever reached adulthood and got to experience life and the heartbreak of that child was insurmountable. The stages of grief all came. My skin and flesh melting from my bones as I tried hopelessly to pull them back up like oversized pants. My bones shaking and collapsing until even my teeth feel from my face and the fear of "how will I eat if I have no teeth" has still left me with terror.
    Finally embracing the inevitable death I found existence, how I don't know and couldn't say more. But I do remember the feeling of naked beyond all measure and beyond all care. In that I was being judged by an invisible audience, and they all seemed to know me better than I did.

  49. The events thus unfold, leading to the fall.
    It's funny, because so many prefer the journey, no matter how horrible, to that suddenly violent result, whilst others, admittedly far fewer, find the wait worse than the demise.
    Doubtless this all arises from the first division, where unity became two.
    Even hardened sarcasm fades when the fate of existence is revealed. The fatal flaws, so reviled, there so plain to be seen. A cosmic joke, with permanent results.
    The age old trade, of a good life for- oh to be king for just one day.
    The apologists for the status quo have taken us all in, with their faulty rebellions, against the stuff of illusion and misapprehension. Yet we all know, if we wish to see through the turmoil, that few have any real choice.
    The seeking for certitude in apparent manifestation is the grasp of hand upon the water. We've all been sold an ersatz self at the expense of everything real and true.
    And so it is that the principles evoked, trampled and used as a coat of deception will most certainly be tried in the days ahead.
    Blessed be they who dread neither wild ride nor sudden plunge, they alone will have the best clear place to experience it all.

  50. Ahh the cretinous children of Abraham and their vile fucking god. “Look at the pretty conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter!” So, say they on the internet and even on the television, now watched only by those who have no soul. Their god; Azazel, rules over Saturn which is why the Rabbi’s instruct their flock to hide on the day where he is strongest; Saturday. But most Christians, they have nothing to fear, especially if they have been practicing Christianity without Charity. Those types of Christians are human devils, and they revel in the evil influences of Azazel. Yes they’ve laid a few us, me included, low for a while. But on the twenty-first the conjunction starts declining. What will they do then? Stay tuned, only here, outside of our Patreon page is reality dealt with, just like Azazel and all his evil works will be dealt with. I guess that’s why five hundred people a day from all over the world read this blog, and have been doing so for years. Orage and I have now decided to give them what they come here for, we have given up on solutions reached through compromise with the Bormann faction, the Catholic Church, and even the Luciferians, who claim to worship Lucifer but worship nothing but their own twisted libidos. They, the Luciferians, in particular because they have been given the keys to the kingdom have been warned repeatedly, starting with revelations. Its been a Grim year but I promise them all we ain’t even getting warmed up yet…

  51. Sarcasm sure does enjoy company MK. What can we peasants not see the Judaic condescension dripping from the tone of our benevolent pretender rulers? They know best that humanity doesn't crave a leader (fuhrer), but a master after all.
    How dare you read between the lines of their 75 years of coverup with the sciences and space and then fail to understand how the benevolent gloriously chosen master race gifted with technology so far in advanced it would be "magic" to wow our senses, also cannot show its face until we are thus educated on such fields as the sciences and space itself. How quaint?
    I suppose I'll just stick with being one of their "experiments" to "help" them along. Plug me in and I'll tell them everything they need to know to rule me correctly. Ready Player One?

  52. So the abrahamics declare they will save us all.
    They who have enshrined the veil of ignorance, claim that they are the only light.
    From a living Cosmos they deliver to you a corpse, which they carve up with their gibberish mathematics, and make you believe they have unlocked great secrets.
    They tell you your soul hovers above your body, and your salvation lies in ignoring the flesh. They no nothing of the work of your true mother and father, and their task for you, here.
    It is their wish that you forget the murder they commit which silences all voice but their own.
    They forget they are the result, they mistake the copy for the cause, they stand on the bones of their own failed knowledge, and in their disgrace they demand your worship like torn fragment buffeted by the wind.

  53. A little OT but I thought it might be interesting in the time of the unveiling. It appears Isriyel's glorious Space Command chief is coming out about how the greatest ally ever and America are working hand-in-hand with those mysterious ET's and by golly they're running agreed upon experiments on everybody to try and "understand" the universe. Isn't that lovely? If that wasn't enough he drops the New Age peace, love, unity consciousness, "we're all one", and life is just a playground experience for the soul Galactic Federation on the audience who is most surely amazed by now at how Israel would be the one to blow the lid on this presence. I mean who would've thought with all this New World Order Noahide Law talk they'd be stepping up to the plate this late in the game? If that wasn't enough, Professor Haim Eshed assures us, that this is being held back until we "evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are,". I know the liberal rot has reached unprecedented levels but surely I think we can figure it out and even our blindly good friend Joseph P Farrell will fill you in on the super science the Germans were working on fairly clearly without needing to master the physics itself just understanding the elementary concepts.


    But you have to go a little bit further. They're now getting smart with what they put up in their articles because Israeli News Live dropped more of the actual text enchilada. This is what's missing with regards to the hand-in-hand American-Israeli-Galactic Federation Alliance:

    "They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers."

    Ho-Ho-Ho Santa's looking for his little helpers who make all those cool wizbang toys ya'll.

  54. "I immersed myself in the waters of Lake Nahuel-Huapi, cold as death, where angels wash their wings."

    "And I planted an apple tree in southern lands, where only the wind grows."

    "And when the indigenous spear opened my chest, from the stream of blood that flowed from it to water the far south and fertilize the apple tree, cities and towns also came, with walls of gold, with roofs of diamond, which I had carried inside since I was born."

    "These ships were provisioned in the mysterious oases of Antarctica, where the city may be hiding. The fleet was commanded by expert and immortal admirals, with icy beards and eyes like icebergs."

    "This fleet sails underwater, through the depths of the sea, under the Antarctic ice, making its way in the direction of the warm-water oases that exist in the frozen Meadows."

    "In the Caleuche(ghost ship) goes the Admiral. He carries in his hands a spade more like a scepter; he also has wings" – Miguel Serrano

    Even this crude machine translation can't butcher his prose. Thanks.

  55. "…buscando la Ciudad de los Césares en las calles diurnas".

    "Descubrí aguas que nadie ha visto, cumbres donde florecen extrañas plantas y se mecen lirios de fuego, llanuras de pura luz sonora, nieves como la espuma de la plata".

    "Me sumergí en las aguas del lago Nahuel-Huapi, frías como la muerte, donde los ángeles lavan sus alas".

    "Y planté un manzano en tierras del sur, donde sólo crece el viento".

    "Y cuando la lanza indígena me abrió el pecho, del arroyuelo de sangre que de él manara para regar el lejano sur y fertilizar el manzano, vinieron también ciudades y ciudades, con muros de oro, con techos de diamante, que yo llevaba dentro desde que naciera".

    "Estos barcos se aprovisionaban en los misteriosos oasis de la Antártida, donde tal vez se esconde la Ciudad. La flota era mandada por almirantes expertos e inmortales, con barbas heladas y ojos como icebergs".

    "Esta flota navega bajo el agua, por las profundidades del mar, debajo de los hielos Antárticos, abriéndose paso en dirección a los oasis de aguas tibias que existen en las praderas congeladas".

    "En el Caleuche(barco fantasma) va el Almirante. Lleva en sus manos un catalejo que más semeja un cetro; también tiene alas"…Miguel Serrano…

  56. Thank you, Macharian.
    There is a conundrum to this time, that it's oppression and angst can become a catalyst, that it's abuse and destruction can birth a greater will. Perhaps it is due to this intolerable tyranny that in some of us, the power of consciousness must discover itself. Regardless, we must carry ourselves forward, aware of all our wounds.

  57. Hmm a certain Gandalf quotation also comes to mind.

    "Before the vision of the Iron Age, Hesiod exclaimed: 'May I have not been born in it'! But Hesiod, after all, was a Pelasgic spirit, unaware of a higher vocation. For other natures there is a different truth; to them applies the teaching that was also known in the East: although the Kali Yuga is an age of great destructions, those who live during it and manage to remain standing may achieve fruits that were not easily achieved by men living in other ages".

    – Julius Evola

  58. The direction of consciousness is to expand and develop. The human, if they live long enough, will experience physical decline, yet the faculty of consciousness has potential beyond this end.
    However, life here is subject to a powerful reverse conditioning. Every effort currently is going towards the reverse of consciousness expansion, where the misuse of technology, drugs, and information is a weapon to not simply stunt consciousness, but to reduce it to extremely primitive levels of functionality.
    It is in this milieu where powerful dreams and visions prove themselves beyond the grasp of the consciousness killers. The very nature of these experiences render to the mind and heart that which ultimately exposes the attack on consciousness, on cognition, and opens possibilities to fend off the planned destruction.
    Essentially, as I have written previously, this places humanity between two mightily oppositional poles. The torsional energy is both very real and extremely challenging to balance. As always, it is the higher that must lead the lower to reach to the heavens.

  59. I have written extensively about this current time as a rite of passage, an initiation into a world that will be much different from this current one. The spiritual dimension of existence will assume greater importance, and that means that it will be both recognized, and given more weight than currently is possible.
    Vision is an endemic quality to spiritual experience, and the seer of visions has the task of comprehension. This is very difficult to accomplish in a system where vision is readily dismissed, yet the growing number of visionary experiences will eventually require an inclusive, rather than an exclusionary approach.

  60. We are trained, from a very young age, to force our perception into two camps. First, is the camp of external stimuli, which we are trained to assume is somehow outside of us, and the second is internal stimuli, which is usually considered inferior to the first.
    Such distinctions, however, are nothing more than opinion, which has become cognitive dogma. External stimuli is not objective. Examine the variance in eyewitness testimony concerning any event.
    Further, internal stimuli often resonates in the so called objective world. Everyone has experienced a bunch, which has born out, with no obvious reason for it to have done so.
    Ultimately, the source of the stimuli is of far less importance than the consciousness of the perception itself. Thus all sense, all perception, all awareness, occurs in the mind. Perception then, is directly linked to consciousness, and we know that all consciousness does not function equally.
    Shared experience reinforces a concept of exterior stimuli, the narrative of something happening to the perceiver. It has quite a bit to do with how we view this life experience, but it does nothing to truly comprehend the mystery of perception, and the great wonder that is consciousness.

  61. Let us build an Army

    as the survivors gather here

    truth is simply brutal

    get fucking over it

    what does the enemy posses but a shifting see upon an electron blip

    as we hold the homeland

    security I see

    Gospel I see

  62. Your mindset is very akin to Horus The Avenger's take on the Joseph P Farrells and all the woowoo stuff where something about this reality including the game at the top just doesn't seem right. It feels like its going in the direction or at least mimicking the motions but something post-9/11 as he'd say scared the shit out of them and they're ramping up making mistakes as if something is coming sooner than they planned. Something anyone with a brain has to question is why did they go anti-Nazi with trillions into propaganda after a war they won? Why do it for 75 years knowing eventually it was going to fall flat especially with the intellectual decay liberalism spreads. Not only that but the first 20 years you portray them humorously and then shift to this dark campaign of purim style persecutions. What changed? Was this just the snake ultimately eating itself something it couldn't help but do after its defeat, or did it take 20 years of pussyfooting the generations that lived through it to bring in the Jewish Janissary's that became the Boomer Generation. The Iron Guard first generation super soldiers leading the crusade for their New World Order largely oblivious themselves of their ultimate reason for living. What Horus The Avenger does wonder though with his Joseph P Farrell level deduction powers with a clear perspective on Hitler and WW2 that Farrell doesn't have. His idea that even if there are good and bad factions to the Nazi's themselves, there's a terrible feeling he has that the people running the world are walking right into a Teutoburg Forrest style trap, and they're only just now realizing they're in the middle. I must say, if so, we'll be talking about the Germans for yet another thousand years and the cry of Augustus will ring like bells to the bloody faced victors who reaped their vengeance once more.

    "Varus give me back my legions"

  63. They speak of a 'reset' and I can't help but think their 'reset' is trying to avert catastrophe for them. In ways that I don't understand fully. Also, I tend to think that whoever you are in this timeline you experience it differently depending on many factors….I read about a couple walking their dog one late afternoon/early evening and the lady saw a weird anomaly in the sky yet her husband didn't see it even though she thoroughly described what she was seeing (a slit/rip in the sky that showed 'golden city' or something to that effect). Point being that we all may experience what this end time on this timeline differently. Btw, seems all roads lead to Germany (not Rome!)….how powerful she still is and has been…whether using that power for good or evil. Must have been something in the water over there…or something like that.

  64. Whenever we study the apparent mass movement of anything, we generally attribute this move to one or more affects. What we rarely do, is admit that certain agendas are already in play, and that causation is, more often than not, a distraction from that agenda itself.
    First, we should, as readers of this blog, understand that WW2 occurred due to persistent and multi-leveled manipulations that to this day remain largely secret. It is no accident that conventional history is largely a work of fiction, for that great distraction removes from circles, any effort to look for the agenda behind the events.
    WW2 was the basis by which the current globalist system launched itself into its contemporary position of power, and it most definitely was focused on eliminating what we will call the Germanic Obstacle.
    Like all abrahamic movements, globalism is fascinated with its ancient middle eastern mythic structure. A significant portion of this mythic structure involves the concept and idea of genetically engineered human slaves, something that tickles the globalists to no end.
    I will not bore the readership with all the stories of slave labor surrounding the second great conflict, other than to point out that innovative means to secure such slaves were regularly and endemically employed by all nations. The purpose of such worldwide slavery markets was not simply the result, it was the study of conditions necessary for such slavery to be expanded without the impetus of world war. Orwell was wrong in his idea of perpetual hot war, not because war isn't a constant, it is-but because the desensitization that occurs with prolonged hot war experience creates populations harder, and not easier to control.
    The current corporate structure owes much to seditious elements in WW2 Germany, yet it also owes a huge debt of gratitude to the world financiers, and their servants such as Edward Bernays.
    The essential plan of the globalists is to re engineer the human into good slave stock, a la' the Kalgeri plan for Europeans. This plan is currently being manipulated through through the engineered pandemic and a vaccination response that will doubtlessly make on more receptive to the electronic interference field.
    We haven't yet experienced the hard landing that is waiting for us, but it is on the horizon, as every effort must be made to scare and coerce the population into the agenda planned for it.
    Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this plan, is the deeply demonic entities it empowers, which then feed upon the unsuspecting via the apparatus of the pandemic, and the targeted weakening that is taking place.
    It no longer matters who is the US president, because this agenda has now been launched.
    It is very instructive to discover the details and programs revealed in this piece. Hopefully, a little shedding of light will help the readership to successfully negotiate what is arriving on this timeline, all too quickly.

  65. I am tired, Jack, of always hearing my own voice, but visiting with the mysteries of the dead can have unexpected effects. Let's see if others have something to say, then Mahal I can write something worthwhile.

  66. Yet another mind numbing masterpiece. Your internal factions seem to be similar conclusions I've come to relating to the current situation today that plagues all strata of society. Strasser had the common man sense to understand how toxic the aristocracy really was and that the only failings in Russia was that it was lead by Jewish agents for the other factions. A race determining its own future for itself would've cleaned house a lot cleaner and more thorough which I suppose he wanted to do, but the never-ending pincer move Germany, Hitler, and the NSDAP were in wouldn't allow for that level of internal strife or the spectacle of a Bolshevik French Revolution realizing the fate that was already in store and that time was down to the seconds.

    Woe to humanity that we are ruled by a ruthless invisible hydra who proudly invert honor and loyalty to butcher their own. Perhaps you are right. The Aryan man or European, whichever it concerns, has been thoroughly Jewish for over a thousand years now in heart, mind, soul, and now are disgusting bodies with the shit we put in it that's unavoidable. We are Golems with a hint of creativity still to feed the Jewish beast. Good and proper slaves too fat to fight, too mentally weak to argue, and too devoid of spirit to give us resilience. Most already exist only for Serrano's AI robot god Jehovah as "food" your New Age reptilian types instinctively compare it to.

    Serrano's words still haunt me that the brutish apes who call themselves "Allies" got EVERYTHING from Germany at the end of the war including the Vimana's at least in physical form. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure what one could accomplish controlling the fabric of reality itself, but then you always speak of Otto Remer and the mystery continues that perhaps the stage was set in a space-time bubble before hand allowing what played out to play out for a reason. I can only speculate as you never spill all the secrets always allowing for the creative mind to spark in directions it otherwise wouldn't assuming that part of the brain died years ago.

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