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At the “School of Arts and Archeology at Zhejiang University – one of the oldest, most selective, and prestigious universities in China,” students are taught that the West has fabricated their entire history. Professor Huang Heqing is teaching his elite students that the “Pyramids of Khufu, and the Great Sphinx of Giza, were made of concrete, and constructed in the 19th century.” Dr Huang alleges “that from the 19th to 20th centuries, the West was rampantly forging historical and cultural relics, and spending huge sums of money everywhere from the Mediterranean to India, fabricating fake ancient artefacts…” (12)

In Russia they’ve been questioning the authenticity of the Primary Chronicles, just about the sole source of their history, since Nikolay Karamzin wrote the History of the Russian State in the early nineteenth century. Dmitry Likhachov, who died in 1999 at age ninety-two and is still considered the world’s foremost scholar of the Old Russian language and its literature called the Primary Chronicles unintelligible due to the all pervading presence of “fillers” added post factum by the Eastern Orthodox Church. He said they “destroyed the narrative’s logical progression.”

The prominent Ukrainian historian A. P. Tolochko states the chronicles are more or less fictional in nature and written to justify Viking domination of Russia through Kiev. He concludes that “there is absolutely no reason to continue basing our knowledge of the past on its content.” His conclusions are backed up by hard science. Both the Primary Chronicle and the Novgorod Chronicle, a fourteenth century Kievan addendum, date Kiev back to the middle ninth century. But modern archeological dating methods, the most important and most accurate being the tree ring dating method since Kievan houses were made out of wood, show it only dates back to the late tenth century.

Nikolai Morozov and Anatoly Fomenko are not aberrations but the culmination of two hundred years of dogged and honest Russian scholarship. But here in the West plodding and willfully stupid academics still fanatically cling to the narrative of a religion that floats on an ocean of blood. The Royal Frankish AnnalsAnnales BertinianiAnnales FuldensesAnnales Xantenses, and to a lesser extent the Annals of Quedlinburg, have obviously all been pasted together long after the facts by Christian monks whitewashing the churches past.

Anything written in Latin must be arbitrarily dismissed as church propaganda. The Norwegians and Swedes that fled to Iceland did not go there to catch codfish. They were political dissidents, writers and poets, fleeing the New World Order of their time; Bruno’s Catholic Church. The cadre of literature they preserved in the prose Edda, recorded in Old Norse, is what they could save of a past where men asserted their freedom with a sword and a battle axe and no king or even god would dare tell them what to think.

In The Hervarar Saga King Heithrek calls Odin an evil wretched creature and draws the magick sword Tyrfing to kill him. Odin turns himself into a falcon as Heithrek slashes at him with the sword and he ends up cutting off Odin’s tail feathers as he flies out the window. Odin, safely away, then causes Heithrek to be murdered by his servants soon after. It should be noted here that the founder of the Ottonian dynasty, said to be Bruno’s father, was called Henry the Fowler and he would die abruptly from a hunting accident right before he could be crowned Holy Roman emperor.

The Swedes and Norwegians have a raw account of their past in the Eddas and Sagas but the Danes who had no representation in Iceland have had their past scrubbed. Through the sagas Norwegians trace their dynastic lineage to the Jötunn and the Swedish to the Vanis but somehow the lone Danish saga; called the Skjöldunga saga, focusing on Danish dynastic lineage and integral to the storyline of the Old English poem Beowulf, has been lost to posterity. All that can be known about the Danes has been Latinized, a euphemism for sanitized.

The pre-Christian history of the Danes is recorded not in Old Norse like that of their close cousins in Sweden and Norway but only in Latin in the Gesta Danorum by “Saxo Grammaticus…”

Although scholars are dazzled by Saxo’s (Saxo the Saxon?) knowledge of Latin, particularly for someone writing in the thirteenth century, there is little to no record of Saxo Grammaticus ever even existing until Christiern Pedersen’s Latin edition of his complete work was printed and published in 1514 by Jodocus Badius under the title of Danorum Regum heroumque Historiae (“History of the Kings and heroes of the Danes”). Pedersen supposedly obtained the original manuscript from Archbishop Birger Gunnersen, but magically that manuscript just disappeared before anyone else could see it. There are only four fragments attesting to the early authenticity of the Gesta Danorum and those absurdly have been dated only through paleography.

Using carbon dating methods on the organic material comprising a manuscript should be a scientific layup. However, that is not how it’s done. It’s done through paleography, defined as the study of ancient writing systems and the deciphering and dating of historical manuscripts. This academic pseudoscience was scandalously invented by a Benedictine monk; Bernardde Montfaucon who lived from 1655 to 1741. In 1708 he published the bible of paleography; Palæographia græca, sive de ortu et progressu litterarum græcarum (“Greek palaeography, or the origin and progress of Greek literature”)…

Scandalously not only because it provided standardized directions on how to forge an ancient manuscript but because de Montfaucon had to have been well aware that his contemporary and the most brilliant scholar of his day; Jesuit librarian Jean Hardouin had just accused the Benedictine Order, which he called the black monks, of fabricating the entire history of Greek and Roman civilization. Hardouin also the premier numismatics expert of the times said, just like the Chinese are saying now, they had faked it all; coins, inscriptions and manuscripts. He said the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil, the Satires and Epistles of Horace and the New Testament which was originally written in Latin. (13)

Sourced in Old English, the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, although much tampered with, have greater credibility than anything sourced in Latin. In the very first lines it’s stated that England was originally settled by Armenians who became the Britons. Then later the Picts came from Scythia and were given land to settle. This is inconvenient to their narrative and academics squeal in unison that the Saxon author copied it wrong from Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, or An Ecclesiastical History of the English People, pointing out that Bede said Armorica. (14)

There are three problems with this explanation. Bede, supposedly writing a couple of centuries before the Anglo Saxon Chronicles were begun, was a Benedictine monk. The Saxons were well aware of who the Armenians were. They had settlements with them on the Black Sea, as the language Crimean Gothic attests too. The author knew just what he was saying. And, finally, no one has accounted for the Armenians fellow Russians, the Scythians, being treated like comrades and not invaders.

There is an account in Old English by a man named Wulfstan who took a ship from England sailing up the coast of Northern Europe to a place called Truso now in Poland. Back then Truso was in Estland, the land beyond Denmark. Wulfstan describes Estland as being “very large, and there are very many walled towns, and each walled town has a king.” (15)

He gives a vivid description of Estland funerary rites where the dead are left uncremated, sometimes for months depending on their stature in the community, while their friends gambled and drank away their possessions in the company of the corpse. He explains that they are able to do this because they are able to freeze the body, even in the summer. He writes “If one puts down two vessels full of ale or water, it happens there that both become frozen over, whether it be summer or winter.” (16)*

So much for the “Dark Ages.” Back at Malmesbury Abbey in England, from high atop their dark citadel the black monks were teaching themselves to fly. Writing in Latin in the Gesta regum Anglorum William of Malmesbury commemorates mans first actual attempt at flight made by a monk named Æthelmær (Elmer) a thousand years before the Wright Brothers were born:

“He had by some means, I scarcely know what, fastened wings to his hands and feet so that, mistaking fable for truth, he might fly like Daedalus, and, collecting the breeze upon the summit of a tower, flew for more than a furlong [201 metres]. But agitated by the violence of the wind and the swirling of air, as well as by the awareness of his rash attempt, he fell, broke both his legs and was lame ever after. He used to relate as the cause of his failure, his forgetting to provide himself a tail.” (17)

That Europeans were in the Americas long before Columbus slaughtered his first Taíno Indians has been well documented. (18) There are huge pieces of history missing in the centuries following the Ottonian dynasty and what we have before it is mostly the concoction of the church.  The Royal Frankish Annals, the Annales Bertiniani, the Annales Fuldenses and the Annales Xantenses are what western historian’s call their Primary Source; it’s not coincidental that they correspond to the four synoptic gospels.

Three can be traced directly back to the Benedictines as can the Gesta Regum Anglorum and the Gesta Pontificum AnglorumNobody knows where the Royal Frankish Annals came from, but the Annales Bertiniani simply turning up at the Abbey of St. Bertin, a Benedictine monastic abbey renowned for its Latin cartulary, upon the abbey’s final completion in the sixteenth century is a dead giveaway. You can date them all from there because that’s about when they were manufactured. Attempts to trace any of them into the all too convenient quagmire of the dark ages are a tautological proposition. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that they are, to a Latin letter, a product of the black monks and they must be read with the utmost of skepticism.

The Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum covers the relations between the Saxons, Vikings and Wends. It turned up around the late sixteenth century like all the other Latin manuscripts but shows far more integrity, recording that by the eleventh century the Vikings were already on the coast of North America. It was supposedly written by Adam of Bremen in the late eleventh century and purports to chronicle the church’s deeds in Hamburg-Bremen. At the time the bishops of Hamburg-Bremen had jurisdiction over all missions in Scandinavia, and the entire scope of Viking expansion in Russia, Iceland and Greenland, in all likelihood making the Gesta Hammaburgensis a less sanitized source of Russian history than the Primary Chronicles of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Res gestae saxonicae sive annalium libri tres or Deeds of the Saxons, recounts the history of tenth century Germany. It’s said to have been written by a monk named Widukind in the monastery of Corvey. Duke Widukind is, and has been for over a thousand years Germany’s greatest folk hero. He is said to have led the Pagan Saxons against the rabidly evangelizing Charlemagne and the Carolingian Dynasty and fought them to a draw for decades, exacting a heavy toll.

Widukind the monk, apparently just as proud of his people and their history, begins not with Rome but with a short synopsis taken from the orally-transmitted history of the Saxons. Widukind’s work is marked by its failure to ever mention Italy or a pope, even in its detailed account of Henry the Fowlers rise to absolute power in Europe…

Widukind dedicated his three volume work to Abbess Matilda of Quedlinburg, one of the three true architects of western civilization. Traditionally three is the occultic number of royalty in Northern European lore. There were three Bruno’s; three Otto’s and three Matilda’s. In the Hervarar Saga western civilization is founded by the shape shifting Valkyrie Hervör, her demigod son King Heithrek, and his son Angantyr.

Quedlinburg, the womb that gestated the last thousand years of darkness, according to the official narrative is where the Carolingians first offered to cede Germany to Henry the Fowler. It has been called, and for good reason, the “cradle of the German Reich.” (19)

Castle and Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg, Germany

The Quedlinburg Abby is where Saxonicae Annales Quedlinburgenses or the Annals of Quedlinburg would be written. The Annals of Quedlinburg are the official history of the Holy Roman Empire, written by what scholar Hannah Burrows calls supernatural woman: the “women on the mighty mountain,” the “maids, who fight weaponless around their lord,” the “white-hooded ones, and those women do not have husbands,” the woman of Odin’s riddles in the Hervarar Saga. (20)

According to the Deeds of the Saxons and her two hagiographical biographies, Matilda of Ringelheim or Saint Matilda was the wife of Henry the Fowler in a marriage arranged by her grandmother. The most desirable woman in Europe by birth and said to be descended from Duke Widukind himself, Matilda would be raised by her grandmother abbess Matilda I at the Herford Abbey. The powerful abbess would negotiate her granddaughter’s marriage to Henry Duke of Saxony, soon to be known as Henry the Fowler. Their union would be parlayed into the Holy Roman Empire and it would bear five children. The oldest and the heir to the throne would become known as Otto the Great and his younger brother Bruno the Great.

Upon Henrys early demise, Otto would assume the throne and Matilda would retire to the Quedlinburg Abby. It’s said she favored his brother Henrys claim to the throne because Henry was born after his father was king and truly born to the purple. After half a dozen or so years of bitter internecine warfare the family reconciled and recognized Otto as the rightful king.

Matilda would live out her life as a saintly matron with a reputation for charity. She is the patron of the St. Matilda church in Laatzen and the St. Matilda church in Quedlinburg. Perhaps tellingly she is also the patron of the Melkite church in Aleppo, Syria. In ancient times, Aleppo was called Nephîlā′, the biblical city of the Watchers…

Henry the Fowler captured a Hungarian prince early on in the hostilities with the Magyar and parlayed him into a ten-year truce in which he agreed to pay them annual tribute. With his dukes he used that peacetime to build fortified towns and to train an elite cavalry force. When he was ready Henry cut off their tribute and the Magyars resumed their raiding. Henry met them in the Battle of Riade and crushed them so badly that they would never again return to his northern lands.

In the Hervarar Saga; Heithrek captures Sifka, the daughter of King Humli, and the princess of the Hun. She has a son with him named Hlöth and he sends her and the boy home to the Hun.

The reign of Otto the Great is marked by war upon war. There was war with his brothers, war with his dukes, war with the Slavs, war in Italy, and civil war with his first born son. Finally there would be his great victory against the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld then more war in Italy. He would be the first of three Otto’s to be crowned Holy Roman emperor. His second wife Adelaide of Italy, in an unprecedented papal gesture, was crowned empress right alongside him.

Of Burgundian nobility and married at fifteen, Adelaide’s first husband Lothair II, the nominal king of Italy was poisoned by his usurper Berengar who then tried to force her to marry his son while holding her prisoner. She escaped hiding out in the marsh grass and making her way to a fortified city where she sent an emissary to Otto asking for protection.

Otto could do better than that. He married her and sacked Italy no less than three times killing both father and son Berengar’s and installing his own pope. When Otto wasn’t killing Slavs and Magyars on the eastern frontier for empire he was in Italy killing Italians for Adelaide. The two spent almost the entire first decade of their marriage in Italy and while they were away Bruno the Great, Otto the Greats younger brother, acted as regent.

Adelaide would have four children with Otto, among them Otto II the next Holy Roman emperor but even more importantly would be Matilda, the third Matilda, the first Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg to whom Widukind dedicated Deeds of the Saxons.

At eleven years old, her Grandmother Saint Matilda gave her the Quedlinburg Abby and her father Otto arranged for an extravagant ceremony electing her “suae metropolitanae sibi haereditariae, a title that suggests episcopal powers, which she certainly wielded in nonsacramental matters. As an adult acting as regent when her brother Otto II went to Italy she governed, as the approving chronicler said, “without female levity using the skills of her talented ancestors and parents to restore the stubborn officials of the barbarian kings to peace and obedience.” (21)

The narrator then praises her for being able to use prayer to get what she wants even though the swords of the empire were at her disposal. As regent, Matilda held a reforming synod at Dornberg concerning the church in Germany. But the true extent of her power over the empire is revealed when she would later call for an Imperial Diet at her Abby.

With his idiot son Otto II safely out of the way in Italy and young Matilda running the empire with his brother Bruno, Otto married Otto II off to Theophanu, a Byzantine princess and not Otto’s first choice. Otto’s first choice was Anna Porphyrogenita, as was everyone else’s. Anna was a “Porphyrogenita,” a legitimate child of the Byzantine emperor born in the special purple chamber of the palace where his children must be birthed while he is in power. It was constructed solely of porphyry, and is where the term born to the purple comes from. It was the highest pedigree royalty could have and Anna Porphyrogenita was going to Vladimir. She would become queen of the Kievan Rus, some say it was for her that Vladimir sold out the old gods…

Porphyry sarcophagus, Istanbul Archaeological Museum

As Adelaide was before her, Theophanu was crowned Holy Roman Empress Theophanu on the same day she married Otto II because he had already been crowned emperor. With that they all went back to Germany and Otto the Great promptly died, leaving Theophanu after she pushed Adelaide out of the way, effectively running the empire.

Like a salmon but with less personality, Otto II spawned Otto III with Theophanu and then himself promptly died at twenty-eight. There was another family scrum for power when Henry the Wrangler, not to be confused with his father Henry, Otto the Greats brother, claimed to be the rightful heir of the Holy Roman Empire. An Imperial Diet was held by Matilda in the Quedlinburg Abby (22) where Matilda successfully defeated his claims and secured the election of her nephew Otto III as Holy Roman Emperor, therefore “holding the empire together” (23)

Theophanu would now rule openly as regent for the toddler emperor but she too would die young at thirty-one, much to Adelaide’s approval who as the boy’s grandmother took over as regent. By the dawn of the eleventh century Otto III came of age and carried on with the family tradition of invading Italy and installing a pope. This time the pope they would install was German; Pope Gregory V born Bruno of Carinthia…

Otto III would then conveniently die at age twenty-one and the Ottonian dynasty would fade into the very history it would for now on write. Köln would become Rome and a thousand years of darkness would take care of the rest.

In the twenty-third riddle of the Hervarar Saga Odin asks King Heithrek: “Who are those women, who go all together to the curiosity of their father? They are seldom gentle with the host of men, and have to wake in the wind.” And Heithrek correctly answers him: “That’s Ægir’s daughters; they go three together when the wind wakes them.”

Adelaide and Matilda would both supposedly die in 999 but the Quedlinburg Abby would continue as the true womb of Christianity. There the Annals of Quedlinburg would be written by what scholars concur was a woman. It’s a safe bet to conclude that woman was Matilda, whom cloistered amongst the white frocked daughters of Ægir atop the castle hill of the Abby would also write the synoptic gospels. She would write them in the Latin that would so impress Jean Hardouin centuries later. It was a language that should have been long dead but then again so should have Matilda.

In the eighteenth riddle Odin asks King Heithrek “Who are those women on the mighty mountain, woman begets with woman? Maid with maid begets a son, and those women do not have husbands.” And he asks him again in the twenty-first: “Who are those ladies, who go sorrowing, to the curiosity of their father? They have pale hair, the white-hooded ones, and those women do not have husbands…”

According to Tacitus, a fraud by the revelations of Hardouin, the Germanic people whom he called Suebi worshiped Loki whom he called Mercury. Tacitus was adhering to his scripted role of being an ancient Roman historian when he invented names for the German people and their gods. According to the testimony of Hardouin, who as the Jesuit Librarian would know better than anyone, Tacitus was a Benedictine monk writing a century or two before he did.

Tacitus further attempts to obfuscate the past by pedantically adding Suebi tribes. With a theatrical flourish he names them: “the Langobard, Ruedigni, Aviones, Anglii, Varini, Eudoses, Suarines, and Huitones…” He said they worshiped Nerthus a goddess indigenous to their lakes and rivers.

Of course there is no archeological evidence for Nerthus and because The Old Norse name of the god Njord is what the Proto-Germanic name Nerthus would look like if it were rendered in Old Norse, academics connect her to Njord. But there are problems with this. Njord is a god, a Vanir or nature god. He is the father of Freyr and Freyrs female counterpart Freyja.

After the Æsir–Vanir war Njord, Freyr and Freyja came to live amongst the Æsir as royal hostages and co-rulers to ensure lasting peace between the Vanir and the Æsir. The Norse celebrated Freyr in much the same way as Tacitus claims the Suebi celebrated Nerthus but again the problem is Freyr is a god and Nerthus a goddess.

In the Hervarar Saga Hervör is able become Hervarth, a man. She uses this ability to shape shift into a man to persuade the Vikings to take her to Samsø to acquire the magic sword Tyrfing and then to insinuate herself into the enchanted kingdom of Guðmund of Glæsisvellir. Hervör, who in the Pagan Hervarar Saga founds western civilization, is metaphorical to Freyja, who in the Christian Orea Linda is credited with the same. Freyja and Freyr are synonymous with Hervör and Hervarth. Tacitus, a monk from Köln not Rome, confused by the Norse custom of kenning or name substitution was talking about Freyja.

There is a Nordic tradition of worshiping the goddess and her sylphs and nymphs by flowing water. Balkh the capital of Bactra in ancient Afghanistan, one of the oldest of human civilizations, is known to have been a sanctuary dedicated to Anahita the Zarathustrian Goddess of water and fertility. Some scholars believe Zarathustrianism is over eight thousand years old.

In Arcadia, a region in the central Peloponnese of Greece, long geographically isolated and consequently able to retain the Eleusinian mysteries in their purest form, Poseidon is the river spirit of the underworld and he appears as a horse. In northern European folklore it was typical for gods to be horses. Poseidon mates with the mare, Demeter and from their union she bears the horse god, Arion, and an enigmatic daughter who originally also had the shape of a mare.

This nameless, shape shifting, horse goddess “is perhaps the first Celtic deity, which has a long history with several gods and goddesses of the Celtic people. Particularly, there seems to be a measured provocative intent in the strategic development of religious iconography of the equine goddess. In Gallo-Roman religion, the fertility goddess Epona worshiped as ‘The Divine Horse’ and ‘The Great Mare’ is protector of horses, riders and travelers.

Epona from Gannat (Allier, Auvergne, France) [Reinach 1898 #2a; Magnen & Thévenot #79 and plate 21]

An altarpiece from continental Europe depicts the goddess seated side saddle on a mare in the usual pose. Nevertheless her nimbus veil is an attribute of Venus Celeste, while a rudder in her right hand is an aspect of Isis-Nemesis (0.1). In fact, the drapery swirling around her head adorned with the stars covers the cosmos. By elevating Epona to the sky, the horse deity becomes one with Punic Tanit, Roman Venus and Egyptian goddess Isis worshiped as the ‘Star of the Sea’.” (24)

Along with Mercury Tacitus said the Suebi worshiped Jupiter and Hercules, dutifully assigning “Roman” names to “ancient” Odin and Thor respectively. But Tacitus may have been slipping out of character when he mentioned the Suebi also venerated “Isis.”

As a learned monk Tacitus no doubt would have known the great dome of St. Gereon’s Basilica in Köln had been built to cover over a temple of Isis that once overlooked the Rhine. Constr›uction for St. Gereon’s had begun a half century after pope Urban II under the sublime guidance of Bruno of Köln finished slaughtering the indigenous inhabitants of Jerusalem, clearing the way to fabricate the new “Holy Land…”

St. Gereon is one of the twelve great churches that grace Köln; it was finally finished in the early thirteenth century, inexplicably taking over seventy-five years to complete. It now stands a few blocks from the Rhine but before it was a Christian church it likely commanded the view of the river.

Like every other important archeological site in Germany it was damaged by American and British bombs in WW II. Armin von Gerkan, a seminal figure in ancient architectural history who’s “Griechische Stadtanlagen” (1924) is still consulted today as the basic text for ancient city planning, was given the job to go in and fix it. After excavating in forty-nine and fifty in 1951 he reported finding “an Isis altar, probably of the 2nd century, with” an inscription… (25)

Isis oh Isis you’re a mystical child
What drives me to you is what drives me insane
I still can remember the way that you smiled
On the fifth day of May in the drizzling rain – Bob Dylan, Isis

In the Hervarar Saga Höfund and Hervör have two sons. Heithrek, who takes after his mother Hervör, kills Angantyr who takes after his father Höfund. Count Liudolf, the progenitor of the Ottonian dynasty had two sons with the hundred and seven year old Oda whose dowry included much of what is present day northern France. Bruno was killed in battle and Otto the Illustrious went on to marry his son Henry off to Saint Matilda.

Young King Heithrek is not a natural child. His mother is a Valkyrie, a Swan Maiden; “those women on the mighty mountain, woman begets with woman? Maid with maid begets a son…” After killing his son, Heithrek rejects Höfund outright as his father resolving always to do exactly the opposite of what Höfund would do. Heithrek has no real father his mother is one of “those women do not have husbands.” It is mentioned in the saga that Heithrek’s “foster-father was called Gizur.” In fact it would be Gizur who at the council many many years later would tell the Hun prince Hlöth, Heithrek’s son,  that his mother Sifka was naught but a bondswoman, provoking war between the Goth and the Hun. (26)

Something ugly was born back there in the tenth century; something that still walks the earth today as the lies believed by every Christian, Muslim and Jew. It starts with religion, the evil spell of amnesia, and the books they have written. We have no memories but the ones the church has given us. The Crusades would be fought to purge the human race of its past and now Isis is just a song and a name that is given to men who chop off heads.

It’s the same old story. The goddess attempts to procreate without her male consort and she gives birth to an abomination who thinks he’s the one true god. He makes her his whore and the whole world his slave. Sages told it before the empire and they will tell it long after the empire is gone. It is the Implicate order manifesting in the explicate, the sacred in the profane, and it’s as certain as death to happen in the dream.

Matilda knew what she had done almost from the day she did it. All her praying, the very praying that had bent Barbarian kings to Ottonian rule, could not stop him, nor could her nun eyed Jesus mitigate his evil. There is an old story of how Mary Magdalene brought Christianity to the South of France. If she did it was at the beginning of this millennium and it was not his brand of Christianity. His brand had been transplanted to Rome by the time Bruno of Carinthia had been installed there as pope.

Back then the South of France was called the Midi and it was radically different from the rest of the world. They were Cathars, enlightened beings. Women were treated as equals and nobody cared whether you were a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. It was as close to utopia as Europe ever got but he came. He came with his pointed hat and his mercenary hordes and by the time the Albigensian Crusades were over there was no one left to remember what they had ever believed…

As legend has it she appeared to a group of Knights Templar as Isais near the ancient city of Nineveh during the crusades. After the fall of the Cathar stronghold at Montsegur she would appear to them again and again back in Germany on the Untersberg Mountain. Besides The Revelation of Isais (27) she gave them some artifacts, among them a black stone said to have escaped the pope at Montsegur.

They were told the stone would play a crucial role in the final battle between darkness and light. It was back there somewhere in the thirteenth century when she consecrated an elite order from the Knights Templar to guard it till then. This order, shrouded in shadows even to other Knights Templar, was to be known as Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein or the Lords of the Black Stone, SS being the abbreviation for the German acronym.

She would surface in sixteenth century Venice as Julietta Montefeltro the high priestess of the Ordo Bucintoro, an order that traced its pedigree back to Geoffroy de Saint-Omer one of the nine founding members of the Knights Templar. The Ordo Bucintoro was named after a bejeweled boat used by the fabulously wealthy Venetians in an annual celebration of the marriage of the goddess, Venus or Venice, to Poseidon, god of the sea from where their riches came.

Montefeltro’s beauty was legendary in the courts of kings and queens throughout Europe and it was said she did not age. She could be in Rome and Madrid on the same day she was seen being carried on a litter, escorted by two armed men, through the Piazza San Marco.

The order possessed secrets that allowed them to ‘walk through the times’ to the past, present or future. They were dedicated to the fruition of a “Roman-German Empire” that would sweep away the unbalanced patriarchy and insane avarice of the pope and replace it with a utopian world based on spiritualism and equality between the sexes.

After Fatima she resurfaced again as Sigrun a medium for the Vril Society, an occult group that would end up collaborating with the Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein or the SS in an attempt to travel to Aldebaran; a giant red star in the Taurus constellation. Sigrún is a Valkyrie immortalized in the Poetic Eddas.

The Vril Society was comprised entirely of stunningly beautiful women. Most wore their hair as long as possible, believing a woman’s hair acted as a psychic antenna, but the one who served as a priestess of Isais wore her hair short like a boy. The tradition stems from the story of how Isais managed to steal the black stone from the god of this world who is the devil by cutting her hair short like a boy so she could gain access to it.

The Vril girls were able to make contact with a praetor human intelligence that relayed plans for a vehicle that could transverse the ether. The plans were recorded through the girl’s automatic writing of Sumerian cuneiform. Thule Society scholars were able to translate the writing and by as early as 1924 Winfried Otto Schumann used them to build a Jenseitsflugmachine or “Afterlife Flying Machine.” When the war ended Schumann would spend two years at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in America as the guest of Operation Paperclip. In 1952 he would be credited with discovering the Schumann Resonance, the resonant frequencies of the earth’s ionosphere, a discovery for which he is still known today.

The dazzling women of the Vril Society all disappeared without a trace after the war, said to have went to Aldebaran with elements of the SS. In March of 1945, right before their disappearance they predicted that they would return in 1992/93 or 2004/05. Their agenda upon their return would be to promote the impeding final battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

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The Hervarar Saga or How the West Was Really Won… by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (jackheartblog.org)

Devils and Gods Among Us by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (jackheartblog.org)


* This may not be the proper translation. The original sentences were cut and pasted from a Yale site that was taken down immediately after we published Of Freyja and Lilith, Goddesses and Demons & the Lie of Judeo-Christianity I. They read: “there is a tribe among the Este that knows how to cause cold, and this is why the dead men there lie so long and do not rot, because they keep them cold. If two containers are put out full of beer or water, they can cause one of the two to be frozen over whether it is summer or winter…”

Defunct site: (https://classesv2.yale.edu/access/content/user/haw6/Vikings/voyagers.html )

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  2. Skipping down the conversation to 177, this 70th contact on January 6, 1977, should read on The Future Of Mankind website in its entirety.

    177. But then came the Great Aryans, who moved between the Caspian Sea and Ararat, and took possession of the clay-brick towns of the mixed folks, which had reached a good level of prosperity as a result of the earlier invading Aryans and the returning descendants of the Sumerians.
    178. Their work consisted mainly of trade and agriculture, which was well mastered by the Sumerian descendants.
    179. So, the appearance of the human beings and all their buildings was very orderly, and a strict discipline ruled, indeed even a certain submissiveness towards the highly developed Sumerian descendants, who were superior to the native people in consciousness-based development and worldliness.
    180. And exactly this world was attacked and forced into bondage and transformed and pressed into a new state structure by the Aryans, who, deprived of all technology, had been wandering for long years, coming from the far north.
    181. Deprived of all technology by Jehav's myrmidons, the Aryans settled down in the distant lands, but in time became stunted and mixed with the natives, so, soon all knowledge and ability of a higher level and of their origin disappeared into the darkness of forgetfulness.

  3. 40. It was especially the scientists who searched space for ever new worlds and solar systems, and it was no problem for them, because their ships were equipped with all technical possibilities, which made them absolute rulers.
    41. Their weapons were of immense force and power, so battles with whole peoples of foreign worlds were only very short and one-sided, in favour of the conquerors.
    42. In particular, the scientists recognised, in the course of time, the unlimited possibilities of their consciousness-based powers, so they pushed and expanded them by immense accumulations of knowledge until they became a matter of course for them and they swung themselves even higher up, whereby they soon became absolutely dominant over their peoples.
    43. According to their great knowledge, they were called Jschwisch (JHWH), which is synonymous with the name God, which is familiar to you and which means King of Wisdom.[1]
    44. The Jschwish, far superior to all people in terms of knowledge and ability, subjugated all life-forms, cast a spell over them and ruled them in a dictatorial form.
    45. For several centuries, exactly after 864 years of today's terrestrial era, the peoples rose up in a revolution that at first smouldered underground, but this led to the Jschwishs taking violent measures and trying to nip everything in the bud, which did not succeed completely.
    46. The domineers killed innumerable human beings or simply eliminated them completely with their terrible weapons, so that not a single speck of dust remained.
    47. This, however, increased the anger of the people, and underground they were secretly prepared for battle.
    48. Preparations took four long centuries in secret form to break out in one sudden blow into a far-reaching and open war of liberation, which spread and dragged on over many other dimensioned worlds of the Lyra and Vega systems.
    49. More than sixty per cent of all cultural values were destroyed and totally destroyed.
    50. Some races were completely wiped out, while others were only able to survive with extreme hardship.
    51. Three worlds of the Lyra systems were simply completely eliminated and dissolved into energy by a novel process that is now also under development on the Earth in its very beginnings.
    52. Earth human beings already call this insane weapon after its deadly value, namely Over-Kill.
    53. Still as a fantasy product of a perfect technology this weapon of total elimination, which is in research and construction by scientists, has already found entrance into various books and films describing this cruellest of all weapons in futuristic novels to save Earth human beings from the last madness.
    54. According to the terrestrial calendar, the event of the outbreak of the war of liberation in the Lyra and Wega systems dates back some 230,000 years.
    55. The commander-in-chief of the terrorising forces was a Jschwisch called ASAEL, who, after realising the hopelessness of the struggle, escaped the vengeful and victorious peoples by a quick escape into the space-time structure of this level of the universe.
    56. Secretly, he managed to seize a powerful fleet of 183 large ships and 250 space reconnaissance ships with a total crew of 360,000 human beings and to escape under the most severe combat actions.
    57. They quickly left the home systems, only to wander through the again shifted space-time structures for many restless years, before one day they found a large star system, which offered them the necessary possibilities for life, far away from their original home systems.
    58. The new star system encompassed 3,000 light-years and 254 partly still young and therefore blue shining suns, which partly however already had their own planetary systems with only a few habitable planets.
    59. The whole star system was named after the leader of the escape fleet, namely according to your word value Asael's system.

  4. Once upon a time, older than old, more ancient than ancient, 190,000 years ago

    Seventieth Contact

    You may be right. But now the other thing, where we are also interested in the history of the Aryans, if you know anything about it?

    19. Sure – at which events should I start?

    Start where the earliest ancestors were still in their original home. Name the time when they first came to Earth, etc.

    20. As you wish.
    21. So:
    22. At the beginning of our contacts I have already mentioned in detail the history of the destruction and reconstruction of the original home worlds, the…

    Excuse me, you mean the destruction of worlds, etc. by the Destroyer? Where was that actually?

    23. Sure, that is what I am talking about.
    24. The later original home worlds were planets in the constellation known to you as Lyra and near Vega, in a different space-time structure, which is shifted from yours by a fraction of a second.
    25. Few of the worlds there are still inhabited today by different races, all belonging to our wide alliance.
    26. Our early ancestors had mastered space travel for more than 22 million years, carried out expeditions and exploratory flights reaching far into space and came to Earth for the first time.
    27. However, this was still deep in the late primeval development and was therefore still left to time to develop.
    28. Nonetheless, Earth was often revisited to release delinquent elements that were bad on the home worlds.
    29. Only a few millennia, however, did this last, and then, for reasons unknown to us, they left the Earth and left this world alone for many millions of years, during which life of all kinds, already developed on Earth, could continue to develop in a natural sense, except that at later times the abandoned life-forms mixed with human-like life-forms already on Earth, which happened for the first time a few million years ago.
    30. Millions of years went by, as the primeval races spread far into space, also developed themselves in a consciousness -based manner and acquired great powers.
    31. But not yet mastering control of these, they were used to doing evil things and became evil for many worlds.
    32. During the primeval catastrophes caused by the Destroyer, two thirds of humankind were destroyed on the very early original home worlds in another level of the universe.
    33. Through hardship and privation, however, they soon found a new beginning, so they were able to build a new civilisation and culture in less than nine centuries.
    34. By working and researching together they created a very great technology, which reached further than anything they had ever seen before.
    35. At the same time they also developed their consciousness, the powers of which they were not yet able to control.
    36. So the time came when they built themselves flying ships, with which they could also leave their space-time structure and could rush through the free and wide space of the levels of the universe.
    37. These were flying apparatuses of disk-like form and with beam-drives.
    38. With these devices they flew out into the vastness of the universe, to other solar systems and planets, which they had expeditions to and colonised, either peacefully or through murderous wars.
    39. Often with evil violence, they created new life possibilities and new living space for themselves, because they needed it, due to the proliferation of the human beings of their peoples.

  5. Between Morozov and Fomenko they’ve calculated the West’s recorded solar and lunar eclipses all the way up to the thirteenth century and they have found nothing but problems with what has been recorded. Fomenko maintains that “one almost always finds traces of the fact that these eclipses have been calculated a posteriori, that is, affixed to a certain point in the past by the mediaeval chronologers of the XVI-XVII centuries in order to confirm Scaliger’s chronology, whose naissance occurred around that time. Having calculated the dates for certain lunar eclipses of the past, the Scaligerite chronologers included them in the “ancient” chronicles that they were creating in order to give “solid proof” to the false chronology.”

    Comets are no different. “The appearances of certain comets may have been calculated into the past. Late mediaeval scientists starting with Tycho Brahe and Kepler were already able to calculate their recurrence periods based on trustworthy observations. The Galley comet may serve as an example. Then the alleged dates of comet appearances were calculated by extending several recurrence periods into the past. After that the erroneous “Petavius textbook” was used for reference, and the edited chronicles would be altered to contain such phrases as “in the nth year of reign of emperor such and-such a comet with a fuzzy tail adorned the sky.”

    In Germany Heribert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn and Uwe Topper have all raised serious questions about conventional history and its chronology, particularly the Carolingian Dynasty. Albert Delahaye, a Dutch archivist who lived during the twentieth century has pointed out that from the third to the ninth century the shore of Western Europe was flooded for long periods and many of the medieval events reputed to have taken place in the Netherlands were not possible.

    Now consider this as my last word in the comment sections on the validity of what is being called the New Timeline. Fomenko asks us to look at the tenth century for the beginning of time as we know it, well I looked and this is what I found…

  6. Erosion, the academic equivalent of the squids ink cloud, is dependent on dozens of variable conditions, among them “temperature, humidity, rainfall and sunshine.” Soil submersion is no different, while a few inches of dirt every thousand years may cover the Atacama Desert, a thousand miles north or south of it a village is being buried in a mudslide every year. Carbon dating is notoriously inaccurate, particularly with objects less than a few thousand years old. Radiocarbon dating labs almost invariably will only accept samples with an age estimate suggested by the submitting historians or archaeologists.

    Fomenko has fun with living mollusks that have been carbon dated to be twenty-three hundred years old and seven hundred year old castles dated to be seven thousand years old. He sums up the practice of carbon dating objects from recorded history by citing German authors Christian Blöss and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz 1997 book C-14 Crash. “They have collected a great body of modern material demonstrating rather convincingly the fact that the radiocarbon method in its current form cannot serve as a valid reason for absolute datings of historical artefacts.”

    Dendrochronology, where timbers are said to be precisely dated through measurement and analysis of the trees' ring, is inherently flawed. Charts drawn up by Cornell University, the West’s cutting edge in botany, from 1994 going back nine thousand years for Aegean Oak, Box, Cedar, Pine, Juniper and indeed all conifers in the Aegean area “have a very obvious gap around 1000 a.d. Thus, none of them can be continued without intervals further back in time than the X century a.d.”

    Observations of eclipses going back to Greece and Rome are irrelevant, just like Greece and Rome they existed primarily in the fevered minds of celibate Benedictine monks and are skewered at the very least. Fomenko liberally cites the famous American astronomer Robert Russell Newton who in his 1977 landmark book; The Crime of Claudius Ptolemy charged that they were not observed at all but calculated and deliberately falsified. Newton graphed a drastic drop in the value of the lunar acceleration parameter “D” beginning in 700 C.E. and continuing till 1300 C. E. where it levels off and remains constant all the way to the present, to a skilled mathematician like Fomenko, a sure sign of tampering.

  7. “we actually have good dating methods established”
    As I’ve stated in the essay the pseudo science of paleography is used to date manuscripts, a “science” invented at exactly the same time they were being accused of falsifying history by the very perpetrators who were being accused. Evidence like that would not be admissible in a court of law. In fact it is equivalent to the cashier being reliant on the counterfeiter to tell them which bills are counterfeit. As stated by Fomenko and verified by myself there are big problems with dating anything into the first millennium of the Common Era, and I would urge my readers to do their own research on that. I look at least a half a dozen academic papers a week. But as an example we can take the Seven Books of History Against the Pagans, a standard early Christian propaganda piece. Almost two hundred and fifty copies of the manuscript are known to have been made. What is interesting is academia dares not date any of the Latin versions, even fragments they can actually produce, as older than the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
    (check for yourself: http://www.tertullian.org/rpearse/manuscripts/orosius_history.htm )
    And for the record calling Anatoly Fomenko a statistician is like calling Jon von Neumann a computer programmer. Dr. Fomenko is the author of numerous papers on the Variation Principles in Topology and the Multidimensional Minimal Surface Theory. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a full member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences and a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. His professional titles also include; Professor, Head of the Moscow State University Section of Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics…
    While the list of Russian scientists who back Fomenko is long and distinguished and intellectuals of the caliber of Garry Kasparov aggressively endorse him the squeals of “pseudoscience” are deafening from the West’s academic trough. But serious scientific attempts to debunk the Russians are at best tautological and at worst dependant on their own lies to verify themselves…

  8. The pre-Christian history of Europe is actually quite fascinating, especially since it escapes statisticians like Fomenko. The archaeological record is, in places, far more extensive than preserved knowledge.
    Thus, once the church was established, and began to transform into the keeper of knowledge, it was inevitable that all such knowledge would be seen through the filter of the church.
    Similarly, science and history today is filtered through the lenses of globalist agenda and philosophy. This doesn't of necessity declare that everything done is fake, rather it creates interpretations that the science and history are demanded to adhere to.
    Data is just data, it requires a perspective to put it into meaningful concepts. However, the more data we have, the more sophisticated the picture we can construct. Ultimately, all history is reconstructed. Where we get into trouble is when we delete key factors, or ignore the evidence we might find inhospitable.
    Today, we actually have good dating methods established, which doesn't mean there isn't more work to do, but does address the essential sequence of events.

  9. Zen,
    The story of Christianity and history can be seen in distinct stages. At inception, and until the Catholic conquest of most of Europe, Christianity was threatened by the wiser, stronger, and more established old ways. Yet by the time of the conquest, circa the 11th century, it was the church that became the center and haven for the intellectual life of Europe. From this time, until the reformation, all scholarly work was done under the auspices of the church. Just about every document we have concerning the history of conquered lands was thus preserved by the church. In some cases, the archaeological record corroborates this history, in others, such as the Mabinogian, it's clear that much of this was distilled from a far more extensive oral tradition.

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    Stanley "The Mouse That Roared" Del Carlo

    That which is white and shiny absorbs nothing, and that which is black absorbs everything, therefore my Darling Nuit, Thou art Black.

  11. Aleister Crowley said let me be black, black as Nubian slave boy, so that I may absorb more of the light of god. I think that’s the theory behind the black garb for Magi Greg. As far as the masks are concerned you’d probably find the reason for them by looking into Doggone mask culture in Africa, although I have not bothered myself…

  12. The masks is a multiple entendre metaphoric magik if ever I saw it and I'm not particularly knowledgeable on the subject. Reminds me of the black robes vs the white robs and how some proclaim even that is inverted given white tends to symbolize purity and divinity. When looking at the world through a lens of inversion it dawned on me after trying to see why good magicians may wear black and bad wear white that it's a cloaking technique much higher than our observable sensations.

    For instance if you are in simplistic terms "divine" or "good" to put things in such laymen terms, you'd shine very very brightly and be easily visible in the unseen world by things perhaps you wish didn't see you so easily. To shroud that light you'd want to cancel it out wearing black which absorbs all light. Vice versa if you're dark. You'd want to focus whatever light you have into the physical observable appearance using white as some sort of a reflector to amplify what isn't there and also allow what light does exist to reflect back to the individual gazing at you. It's just a hypothesis from my known experiences for whatever that's worth these last few decades perhaps to put myself at ease for loving dark attire and having a strange draw to the SS since childhood that most others have for various reasons seem magnetized to.

    I imagine the masks work similarly for different purposes very much how those esoteric authors write so brilliantly using entendre upon entendre upon entendre where all are simultaneously true and none of them are and it's only purpose is to determine where someone is consciously in their awareness based on how they're reading and understanding the thought presented. So on one level it's definitely symbolic of showing who is a slave/cattle and willingly to kneel and be a good little boy and girl to whoever is in-charge (remember the majority don't want a Leader/Fuhrer, they want a ruler) while at the same time it could be symbolic as to who is willing to show themselves truly and be real to the world and who still wishes to play the game of lies and deception in this clown show barbie dollhouse world. Alternatively it could be used on the higher planes for those who've only begun to see to symbolize how what a person looks like isn't what they truly look like and what they truly look like still isn't what they really are, but rather a projection of what you want to see or what they want you to see.

    It never ends. We live in a mad house and I consider myself sane and the rest of you are fucking crazy lol, sometimes.

  13. Well, just like the US funded ISIS destroying artifacts that could not be stolen they either destroy or steel to control the narrative.

    All the world's a stage? Perhaps so as now we need to wear a mask for something unseen and take injections not knowing what they contain and we see their narrative changing by the day and its curious how no one notices just like the movie Dark City.

  14. My first conscious awareness that I can remember was literally waking up once as a child and saying aloud, "Oh shit" along with other pillow stuffing curse words like goddamn it not again for fear of repercussions with such coarse language, but entirely appropriate and necessary. You see in those early years those are the ones that give you the most truth before this world solidifies into our "accepted reality" and before it slips away you realize something was, is, and intends to continue to be fucked up so long as you're trapped in this caveman consciousness of your newly accepted reality just by circumstance.

    It was only when I was younger that I felt the time loops, I felt the brainwash, heard and felt the pull of the voices in my head trying to tell me who I was or should be, remembered what I could no longer remember, saw the things the agents running the show didn't want me too and saw who they really were outside the meatsuit they appear to our two lying eyes to be. Despite the other annoying things like the torture whether real, false memories, or physical/non-physical, the worst was that feeling like you were not just born but that you just magically placed here in a sliver of time with people who you call family that out of reality accepting "love" and "duty" you treat as if they are who they aren't. Feeling as if you were neither born nor dead just plopped from one loop to another is the hardest truth to accept personally.

    The only thing that keeps me going is remembering that sooner or later Zeus escapes Krono's and all hell breaks loose when it does, and Krono's knows its inevitable yet cannot do anything other than suppress Zeus. But they rarely talk about Zeus's ascent thanks to Gaia. It's always a woman and I don't know why but I imagine someday we're all going to find out and if my vision I was ever shown is to go by it'll shock everyone to their core of cores including myself in this malaise of cultural subduction.

  15. Outside or Twin Peaks Dark City is the best occult movie ever made, nosing out Polanski’s Ninth Gate at the finish line. Learn to Tune my friends because that is what this is really all about…

  16. I think dinosaurs is fake but it's weird to think why bother. I guess the reason why Jews are so comfortable with the holocaust lie never being exposed or 911 etc. is because so much of it is fake. In the film Dark City, aliens fabricate everyone's personal histories nightly. A weird experiment they're running in that film. Control the past control the present, I guess. Or they're trying to make real history unbelievable, like aliens and atlantis. Maybe there's a simple way to "phone home" and they want to prevent us from trying it.

  17. Correction, I didn’t speak with Gerry West, he wrote from Esopus Island where he is still waiting for Aleister Crowley, I spoke with Gerry Cannon who wanted me to go to Egypt with him…

  18. It’s called giving yourself a pedigree that you just don’t have Zen, you see it all the time when people write resumes, they exaggerate everything and make up what they can. It’s human nature and as the case with gods and devils the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Hitler told Himmler and the Ahnenerbe not to dig around too much or you will find our ancestors were wearing fur pelts and eating each other. What we have here is the Flintstones masquerading as the Jetsons. I’m not going to be arguing with people who can’t give up on Cecil B Demille and Charlton Heston. First of all I made my bones writing about the pyramids and Sphinx, my mother had an affair with JJ Hurtak, I spoke on the phone extensively with Gerry West and Collette Dowell, who made me sign a non disclosure. You have no idea, not you Zen just speaking collectively, the extent of what they’ve faked. I do…

  19. What a weird thing to fake history. I get why the Jews faked the holocaust but the monks faking history is hard to understand. What are the psychological impacts of the fake history? Are they just trying to normalise beurocracy/empire etc.

  20. So, the arrival and dominance through murder of Christianity is interpreted by Christians that they won because they were stronger, better.
    This is simply not true.
    Christianity, like Judaism, and Islam, and Scientism to follow move in with the agenda of destruction. Off the record, Jews candidly admit their destructive status, but Christianity must engage in bizarre justifications and supports, thus illuminating the fact that worshipping the Jewish God doesn't bestow the moral relativity of his first followers.
    Any decent mechanic will tell you it's far easier to destroy a machine than to build and maintain one, a fact learned from hard experience. Thus, the wave of destruction rode by the abrahamics succeeded due to the ease with which destruction is wrought, not by some absurd rendition of third grade logic, and certainly not due to some divine provenance. Wars are won by those willing to do anything to win them, any deception, any betrayal, any rejection of basic decency. This is why war sucks, because it's won by excuses for humanity, not by great beacons of light.
    So the destroyers arrived in the tradition of Caesars, and the result we see all around, everywhere today.

  21. Moderners who seek to define the old lore according to extant documents need to keep some significant points close by, at ready access, so to speak.
    First, and most important is that the ritual and sacred aspects of life were firmly rooted in oral tradition. While the literary record provides many clues, in no case does it provide definitive records of this part of life. Thus, the modern mind can glimpse, not reconstruct. This fact is very important regarding any attempt to paint the Gods and Goddesses in certain lights. The literary record cannot be held as absolute, where so many gaps in knowledge exist. Rather, it functions as a directing and advising source.
    Second, the modern view of death is not present anywhere with the ancestors. Death in the modern view does not even begin to approach the significance it once held. To the untrained modern mind, the ancient view of death is quite impossible to comprehend. Thus, the assumptions and beliefs the modern mind adheres to form very real barriers to effective comprehension. This too, means that another very important aspect of the lore is all but missing to the modern mind.
    The third critical element to keep close is the fact that the literary record largely omits several Gods and Goddesses who were of great significance. Doubtless, this was due to the oral nature of the poetic lore, which during early Christian times was suppressed, ensuring that the poems and songs would not be passed on.
    It is easy for the analytically obsessed modern concrete mind to dismiss these real limitations as peripheral, but in doing so it loses a necessary humility, one required when navigating the unknown.

  22. This obscured condition is reflected in much of the lore. In Beowulf, for instance, one can trace the insertion of Christian distortion quite clearly.
    Saxo, and Snorri were both from this condition. We know that concepts and ideas from them were inserted, because like Beowulf, we can follow these insertions.
    We know when we have a gem of genuine lore, because that lore operates on different levels simultaneously. It recognizes and informs the cosmic dynamic. Volsungasaga includes such moments. The Ing Rune, the cosmic ancestor, is another.
    The current transhumanist globalist communist manifestation, in a very real sense, is simply moving in a return to achieve what the abrahamics achieved in an earlier cycle. The dominion of the antispirit in existence, to secure the genetically modified cyborg slaves, while upon their demise, corpse-devourer will consume their essence, and use it to power the wings which create the wind that arouses all things.
    There is another vision, but the aforementioned are doing everything they can to separate you from that wonder.

  23. What is considered God in abrahamic persuasion, is essentially the Daemon. All manner of significance is assigned to the relationship, with absolutely none of it making any sense. However, the nature of that relationship is somewhat maintained.
    Nothing in Hellenic-Egyptian theology provides for a terminal lack of vision. The structure itself is prone to fatal misunderstandings when approached by the profane. This would be fine, except in the abrahamic murder time, the profane have assigned to themselves the position of leader and interpreter.
    Nothing here suggests a reflection of cosmic truth, simply a gross inability to recognize it.
    The wave of monotheism, carried across the world by murder and oppression has at the very least coincided with a thickening and hardening of human consciousness. This has meant a net loss of the quality of perception, a fracturing of awareness, a self recognition in a dead world, for those with any capacity.

  24. The one God concept, the salient "advancement" of the abrahamics, derived from fatal inability, not from an enlightened state. Monotheism is a degenerate mis-apprehension, which is directly derived from the philosophy of Emanation, and the Egyptian-Hellenic cosmic vision. All this can be supported through fact.
    Monotheism can perhaps best be described as someone who witnesses an awesome event, and who must write about it with the vocabulary of an average toddler.
    Of course toddlers don't have the wherewithal to launch wars to enforce their dominance, but they would if they could.

  25. Exactly Orage it ties right in with Otto (hey another Otto) Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court and our Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood and the Fury of Hell. Maybe people think we plan it this way but nobody is that smart, be real. In fact I’ve been told sixth generation computers can’t do this stuff, its being channeled, no doubt about that but unlike the channeled information of your standard new age charlatans this is all backed by irrefutable facts, and that’s the way I write them up., “the facts mame, just the facts…” The facts speak for themselves.

  26. All about that magical union and the sanctioned offspring, this time. Othalla has the blueprint, the double helix, of this fusion of god and goddess that brings forth the third. No more faking it, going it alone of female fantasy, the distortion of transgender agenda using scalpels, the pushing of androgyny by plastic surgery. This article is the forensics of who, how and why; reference our earlier pieces on Rosarium Philosophorum, how Jung had the truncated version tried here, woman without husbands beget offspring and the complete, sanctioned ritual wich very much includes the male counterpart.

  27. Where some of the genuine history returns is through artifacts, artwork, and the Runic experience. Runes on one level paint a very clear picture of life, as does Ogham. Because Christians don't understand either, both serve as bridges.
    We should, then be less content with the garbled explanations taken as literary depiction, and more involved in the practical. For example, Nerthus in the old language is rendered as Jord, and her character is complemented by Njord, who returns to her after the twilight of the Gods. Those who can grasp the elemental nature of this reunion, realize that we are following a path towards a new manifestation.
    Christianity wrote of Gods and Goddesses the way we write of our relatives and sports heroes. Whilst this works on a very childish level, it almost entirely misses the point. Such is why no one alive today with any clout realizes who the Vanir actually are, or grasps the dynamic of the Aesir.
    Christianity, and in fact all of the abrahamics, is ready made for shallow one or two dimensional thinking. The tree of the Qabbala is easily rendered on paper with pencil. The same is true of the primitive geometrics of the Rosacrucians. The old ways are not so simply portrayed, nor so simply understood.

  28. We have to be careful with any literary depiction of the ancient ways, because more often than not, the spiritual tourism practiced by Christian scribes involved excerpts and anthologies, rather than revealing any comprehension.
    For example, Pistis Sophia is obviously a great example of this, where radically different books are melded together. The first, a Gnostic visionary, and the second, a tired old testament rule book. Doubtless, the reason for the existence of this anthology at all was because of the mind numbing stupidity of the rule book.

  29. That history is inseparable from the church is beyond dispute.
    That there is a very good reason for this situation is also beyond dispute.
    Christianity, throughout it existence, has consistently destroyed any records that they did not concoct.
    Thus, Christian history is literally plagued with heavy handed bubblegum morality episodes, cheap "edits", which is a buzz word for rewriting entire documents, incoherent dribbling that most likely arose from fatal misunderstandings, and what should be called shallow literary tourism.
    I'm not ready to throw out the Mediterranean origin for Hypatia's murderers, because so much evidence is cemented into this origin. That said, there certainly was a unique form of Christianity which existed side by side with the old ways long before the current Christian record arose from the ashes of everyone else's burnt books.
    We have the figure of Pelagius, and the remnant documents from the Cathars and the Celtic Church, to attest to this truth. That they were steamrolled by those Christians who found them there is another indisputable fact.
    Crusade, anyone?


  30. No one posted yet!

    I was the organizing principal where I used to work

    I see stan talking about killing the elite but they do need killing however,not how the world is but how it should be

    reminds me of the Lord's prayer

    Said this:

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy Name,
    thy kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those
    who trespass against us.

    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.

    For thine is the kingdom,
    and the power, and the glory,
    for ever and ever. Amen.

    Spirit already sent

    Gospel I see