You have been taught a great lie. You have been trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to trust only what your five senses tell you. Discounting the fact that any magician worth the rabbit in his hat can deceive the five senses, the five senses are inherently flawed by the brains reticular activating system. The reticular activating system spans an extensive portion of the brainstem and one of its jobs during the waking state is to filter out all perception that is not related to the bestial needs of human existence, gratification and flight or fight. On a battle field filled with gods and devils you would not see them. You would sooner see a cheeseburger.

Philosophers with the most superficial of understanding like Baruch Spinoza and Thomas Hobbs have founded a new religion based on the deception of their own senses. Once called Materialism and Rationalism, it has metastasized to its logical conclusion in Marxism and Transhumanism. In order to debase the human race enough so they would except their fate of being robot slaves at best, nutrition being more likely, to a race of beings who are not hindered by their biological needs it was necessary to convince them that those beings did not exist. As the saying goes the devils greatest trick was convincing man he did not exist.

In the days of Sumer and Babylon these beings walked among men as kings and queens, demigods like Gilgamesh and devouring demons like Pazuzu. After the Promethean rebellion against them and the deluge that drowned Atlantis they became wiser. Outside the goddess, who as Ishtar swore vengeance against Enlil for the flood, they stopped showing themselves to what they consider their livestock. They concealed themselves in an endless succession of palace mayors posing as kings and queens and invented a reformed child sacrificing prophet on whose story they could found their false religions.

At Fatima the pope, who is the devil of Revelations that would hold sway over the human race for a thousand years, was told by the Goddess his time was up. He will not go quietly into the endless night that is his villainous fate and predictably war has followed, a century of warfare between humans and a century of warfare between gods.

I am intimately acquainted with these beings and those that know me know my credentials. Let me tell you about these so said gods. Reality around them can and is altered to better suit their needs and thereby they create yours. They have no existential need for man to worship them, they are independent of their human hosts. But their kind do require humans for sustenance. Most are contented to feed upon their emotions, love, hate, arousal, and fear. They sift it through the ether like a clam sifting water for nutrients. Others drain them like vampires.

They have farmed the human race since the days of Sumer and On, now called Heliopolis. They are the Council of Nine of J.J. Hurtak, Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff and MK Ultra proper. They were the Nine gods of Heliopolis in Egypt and the Nine Lords of the Night in Mesoamerica. The Australian aborigines called them Wandgina and southwest Native Americans Kachina. The Northmen knew they existed and called them Jötunn, Aser, and Vanir. Christianity has written them out of its carefully contrived reality for slaves, but Islam still knows them well as the Djinn.

It was they who wrote the Qur’an as evidenced by the narrators who frequently refer to themselves as We. In Surah 18, verse 7-8 the dictators of the Qur’an say: “Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed.” They then go on to promise “And indeed, We will make that which is upon it [into] a barren ground.” (1)

In what many Islamic scholars consider the oldest sura in the Qur’an, called An-Najm or the Star, the prophet implores the wealthy merchants of Mecca not forget the three goddesses whose intercession is the long-awaited salvation of man. Because they could not simply erase the revelations of the prophet the drooling monotheists that followed Mohammad like the ape that follows Thoth did what they could to deface the entire sura, even going so far as to change the name of the three verses dedicated to the goddesses from the Crane Verses to the Satanic Verses. In the closing lines of the sura the narrator of An-Najm then promises, as the Lord of Sirius, to raise the dead and bring about a Second Kingdom… (2)

The slaves do not know who they are, but the slaves human masters do and still make sacrifice to them. They are the sons and daughters of Asherah and Anu. The offspring of An which is what Anunnaki means. Just like Elohim in the bible means the sons and daughters of El.

The Ugaritic texts, which are by far the earliest and least tampered with of the Semitic texts, prove that beyond debate by any scholars who don’t have vested interests in saying otherwise. “The word Elohim is derived from l-h-m which is repeatedly found in the Ugaritic texts and is used to denote the entire pantheon of Canaanite gods descended from the mother Goddess and the father God.” (3)

According to Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning ‘God [Elohim]’ created the heavens and the earth…” God is El and nowhere in the Ugaritic texts is he called anything, but El. Elohim is also “not used for Aṯiratu or Elat, the Mother Goddess, also called Asherah in other Semitic texts where she is identified as the consort of the Sumerian god Anu by scholars.” (4)

The translation of Elohim into El is a misnomer at the very least. In light of the Ugaritic texts, stumbled upon by yet another lost shepherd boy in 1928, translating it as god singular is a blatant lie but then again why should not the original book of lies begin with a lie?

Dead Sea Scrolls hoax aside (5), they’ve been digging for over a hundred years now and have yet to find one shred of evidence that anything in the bible, called tanakh by the Jews, is true. The archeological evidence indicates that the bible or tanakh is a bastardization of Mesopotamian history, written no earlier than the early eleventh century, which is about as far back as the “old” testament can be dated through the Leningrad Codex.

Human history, as we know it, is not much more than a thousand years old. No less a scion of empire than Isaac Newton himself thought the dates for Greece and Rome should be moved up at least three centuries going so far as to say that the Egyptian Pharaoh Menes reckoned to reign three thousand years before the common era by the now completely discredited Scaliger- Pétau chronology, more likely reigned less than a thousand years before the common era.

Throw in the testimony of the eighteenth-century Jesuit Librarian Jean Hardouin, the work of Professor Anatoly Fomenko and the mathematics department at Moscow University, combined with the research of Edwin Johnson, Forster Arbuthnot, Heribert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn, Uwe Topper and a host of others not beholding to the academic trough and an irrefutable fact emerges. There were no dark ages. (6)

We are not that far out of Babylon and Sumer where she was worshiped as Ishtar and Inanna respectively, fifteen hundred years, maybe less and one catastrophic event. We just published the Hervarar Saga or How the West Was Really Won because unlike the Oera Linda, which also pays tribute to her as the founder of Western Civilization, the Hervarar Saga is unabashedly Pagan. There is no need to sanitize Freyja, as the Oera Linda surely does, and make her a mortal woman who lived two thousand years before a Jesus that she herself invented.

In the Hervarar Saga, Hervör is a Valkyrie, a supernatural woman who has the power to shapeshift into a man and it is her who founds the Holy Roman Empire with Tyrfing, the cursed sword of destiny which was the actual artifact so sought by Hitler. She is the mother of King Heithrek whom Christianity has sanitized to Henry the Fowlerthe progenitor of the Ottonian dynasty.

Count Liudolf appeared right before the dawn of the tenth century and married Oda, a member of the Frankish House of Billung. She supposedly lived to be a hundred and seven years old. Their combined estates would be the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire. Among their children were Bruno, said to have been killed in battle against the Vikings, and Otto the Illustrious.

Otto’s son Henry the Fowler would first defeat the Magyar at the Battle of Riade, halting the invasion of the eastern hordes into western Europe. In the Hervarar Saga King Heithrek first defeats the Huns when he puts King Humli to flight and wins the hand of Sifka, princess of the Hun. Henry’s son Otto I or Otto the Great, first in the Ottonian dynasty to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor, would defeat the Magyars for good at the Battle of Lechfeld, recorded in the Hervarar Saga as Heithrek’s son Angantyr’s resounding defeat of the Hun. Otto would be followed as Holy Roman Emperor by Otto II and Otto III.

Henry’s other son Bruno, Otto the Great’s younger brother would become Bruno the Great, the Archbishop of Cologne, a euphemism for the pope, the very first one. At the prodding of Bruno’s successor Archbishop Poppo a monk from Cologne named Ruotger meticulously set forth in writing the events in Bruno’s incarnation as Bruno the Great. In The Life of Archbishop Bruno of Cologne Ruotger writes: “Threatening that kingdom [France] was the savage destruction of the Northmen. There is no one more knowledgeable when it comes to piracy. The people, which was already to a great degree devastated by them, was used to dissension and disaster. They had consumed what remained to them through civil war. Our leader’s [Bruno’s] prudent arrangements were active: he arranged that all could flee to him, as to the calmest port, since he understood himself to be a human, thus thinking nothing human being foreign to him. He mitigated the immense and intolerable wildness of those barbarians…”

Ruotger deems it necessary to assure his readers that Bruno understood himself to be a human, indicating there were legitimate reasons not consider Bruno human. The civil war Ruotger is talking about is the Stellinga or Stellingabund, a movement of the lower two of the three Saxon non-slave castes. Its aim was to recover those rights the two castes had possessed before their conversion from Germanic paganism. The Northmen were the byproduct of this Goth civil war…

Bruno would supposedly die and a few years later Bruno of Querfurt emerged in the court of Otto III. The shiny new Bruno was rumored in the court to be Otto’s relative, and at fifteen years old Otto made the twenty-one-year-old Bruno his court chaplain. Bruno “of Querfurt” would be dispatched as a missionary by Otto and would end up in in Kiev under the auspices of none other than Duke Vladmir I, (Valdemar) the man who would convert the Northmen and thus all of vast Russia and Scandinavia to Christianity.

Varangian trade routes

Vladmir in turn then dispatched Bruno, ostensibly to make Christian converts among the Pechenegs. Bruno would end up with all of thirty converts but what he was really doing, among other things, was working out the details of the Old Testament or Tanakh with the Pecheneg sages, the high priests of Tengrism who would later come to be known as Rabbis. (7)

The Pechenegs were a savage and unconquerable tribe of nomads, nominally Khazarian, living between the Danube and the Don river and although Vladimir’s father Sviatoslav I Igorevich had subdued and indeed obliterated the Khazarian Empire the Pechenegs would still end up using his skull for a drinking cup.

Perhaps even more importantly than forging the Wests new holy books from accounts poisoned with rabbinical ressentiment of what happened in Babylon and Sumer, Bruno was acting as an emissary for Otto. They were following the recommendations of Emperor Constantine Prophyrogenitus in De Adminisrando Imperio. Constantine whose name Prophyrogenitus means born to the purple is no doubt the Constantine for which Constantinople was really named.

In De Adminisrando Imperio Constantine cites the Pechenegs fearsome reputation: “The Pechenegs are neighbours to and march with the Russians also, and often, when the two are not at peace with one another, raid Russia, and do her considerable harm and outrage.”  No one was immune to Pecheneg depredations. “The tribe of the Turks, too, trembles greatly at and fears the said Pechenegs, because they have often been defeated by them and brought to the verge of complete annihilation. Therefore, the Turks always look on the Pechenegs with dread, and are held in check by them…” (8)

Constantine goes on to elucidate all the damage Pecheneg raids do to floating Viking caravans going down the Dnieper and Volga rivers bound for Constantinople and the Black Sea. He implores his audience, supposedly his son who would be his successor, to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement with them. (9)

Some say Bruno miraculously survived his stay with the Pechenegs only to be martyred by the Prussians. “Peter Damian, one of the inner circle of cardinals of Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085), even claimed that Bruno died among the Pechenegs.” (10)

Vladmir would convert to Christianity and the Varangians Slavic slaves would have Christianity beaten into them, just as the Vikings had done to each other. Otto III would march a ragtag army up an Italian Peninsula and occupy some old ruins of a long-forgotten civilization that had once flourished around the Mediterranean and Saxon scribes were set to work in Cologne manufacturing a glorious past for Otto’s fake Rome.

It must be remembered when trying to remember; there never was a Rome; there was Köln, what is now known as Cologne. The scriptorium where the Saxons converted their tales of yore into “Roman” and “Greek” lore have recently been discovered underneath Köln. Unfortunately, the inventory has long since been removed and all that is left is niches in the “cupboards built to house an ancient library’s roughly 20,000 Scrolls.” No such library has ever been found on the Italian Peninsula or the Greek Archipelago, only in Ephesus, Turkey…(11)

The Onoğur, the ten war like tribes called Scythians by Herodotus that dominated the Russian steppes, would become the ten northern tribes of Israel in the “good book” of Bruno and the Pecheneg priests. The Pechenegs themselves since they were nomads would of course become the Tribe of Levi, who had no land allocation, and were a tribe of priests.

The proverbial wandering Jews would reinvent themselves as god’s chosen people and through what the foggy memory of history recalls as the Radhanites, would control the West’s overland trade routes. The Saxons and Frisians would control the West and the “Kievan Rus” or the Vikings would control Russia and the sea routes from the Baltic to the Black Sea. There would be peace among the Saxons, Vikings and Pechenegs. They would share Constantinople and all of the lies that went with it.

The supposedly martyred Bruno of Querfurt would be superseded by Saint Bruno of Cologne, an extreme ascetic who liked to play with human skulls. He would found the Carthusian Order. The third edition of Bruno is one of the most revered of the Catholic saints although never formally canonized. He was a celebrated teacher at Reims and an influential advisor of his former pupil, Pope Urban II, better known as Odo of Châtillon or Otho de Lagery. This Otto was the head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal states at the dawn of the eleventh century. It was he who would initiate the Crusades.

And what of the three merciful Goddesses of the Star Sura, the three Norn of the Yggdrasil, and the three Goddesses of the Eleusinian Mysteries? They were the three Matilda’s who would compose the synoptic gospels in an attempt to mitigate the evil spell of Bruno and his ilk…

The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray…” By Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

The Hervarar Saga or How the West Was Really Won… by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

Matilda, the Devils Mommy (Devils and Gods Among Us II) by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (


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  1. The current state of the world is radical. The entire sphere has been contaminated with heavy applications of synthetic rogue agents. One of these agents, is so virulent that it creates its own mal-adaptations. Other agents intentionally unbalance the elemental harmony, and further, the condition of immense ignorance leads to a huge rift in awareness, where manipulations intended for specific results become active in ways that are unstoppable.
    There are so many of these examples at work today, that the inherent balance has been occluded. It goes without saying that the campaign of annihilation against the natural world, has also become a war against humanity itself.
    Into this milieu, we currently have new catalyst which will combine in unique ways with the radical state. Thus we can expect the efforts towards using various forms of force in ways that explore the destiny of wreckage.
    The world is the abode where the force and flow of life and eternity find their expression. However, there was great wisdom in reserving this flow and force to that beyond humanity.
    Humanity plays quite a bit with the aspect they can manifest, that of interference and manipulation and destruction. It appears that very few humans even recognize this fact.
    Once destiny is engaged, the flow both impells and engages. This is why Odin asks if you know how to give, because every engagement of eternity has its price.

  2. The first obvious problems I see with this procedure is that the FBI can respond to complaints of online threats, even though the act of harm is never physically received. The person creating a black magic attack video would be assumed as a sociopathic psychotic danger. The attack video has to watched by 100 viewers/participants in order to amplify the pulsing generated carrier wave all in alignment, which is enforced and backed up individual willpower of serious intent or it will not work. I think that if 100 humans who have attained the "Grail State," that level of connection to Earth Energy/Logos, it will work.

  3. I remember the term 'sleeper' being thrown around by the street racers when I worked nights for peanuts and grey hairs. It meant a car that to all appearances was capable of nothing, but would blow the doors off the competition in any race. Interesting analogy.

  4. Stan, you always impress me with your syncretic esotericism. I'm probably the only guy in this modern world who doesn't look to movies for my dose of reality, so the acting, the music, and the camera angles strike me as requiring a certain level of participation in order for them to have any significance.
    For those who would indulge in such, I would simply say that just a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing for themselves.
    Also, those who know don't need any more than a refresher now and then…


  5. Upon reviewing the latest activities of the democracy soaked Bidenistas, one can clearly comprehend the meaning behind the statement that the U.S. military has an expanded role.
    The pure genius behind insulting the people who make up more than half world's population to the point of effectively paralyzing diplomacy has yet to be revealed, as obviously the intent behind such acts by those magnificent brains is a military engagement that will once and for all finish the pesky constitution waving state.
    I stand in awe of the remarkable move towards honesty, transparency, and democracy the USA's own best media has told us is here, a world bravely led by the best of the best…sexual perverts, transhumanists, identity politicians, green new deal activists whose virulent racism is their message of justice.
    Yes, the Bidenistas are the end of history, a shining beacon on the hill, or is it a mushroom cloud?


  6. No manner of political systems can account for the devious and subversive. Christmas Eve, 1913 saw the surreptitious reinstatement of the private central bank, the assumption of two amendments…assumption because there is no evidence that the 16th, and quite possibly the 17th amendments were legally ratified.
    Congress churlishly abdicated its constitutional responsibility to regulate the money supply, without any legal basis for this retreat.
    Those who claim that the USA has the reserve currency of global trade are duped into thinking the private central bank is somehow American. The purpose of the bank has been largely achieved, an invasive parasite designed to rob the people of wealth, and turn them into landless serfs in their own country.
    No system survives, without the courage and determination to maintain it, in the face of naked treachery and treason.
    No system can guarantee its own solvency, without the support of courage and character.
    No system continues to offer the conditions promoting human advancement, without the grace and protection of the more advanced.

  7. So, you think maybe, politics are some way back to a more reasonable state?
    You actually believe that your politicians are yours?
    Because your high school graded you on how you answered that question, which you unquestioningly believe?
    Did they tell you that those who signed the founding documents warned strongly against political parties?
    Haven't you yet gotten fed up with the stupid good cop bad cop circus of psychosis?
    Apparently not.
    Here's another comforting question. Since the current revolting soap opera of politics got us here, how could it possibly be capable of solving the dilemma it delivered?


  8. Republitards have passed the globalist torch to the donkeys.
    Traditionally, it was the elephants that aren't who sold out America to those with the cash. Traditionally, it was the antielephants who attacked the rights and freedoms of Americans, but they have relinquished their grip.
    The party that demands that you pay for their party has been outflanked, and routed. Their old policies of dementia induced punishment for their base has been taken to new lows by their evil twin. Their clever betrayals, posed as intelligent compromises to the credulous, have created a class so fat on ill begotten gains, that they can kick those who got them there.
    The elephant is a noble and intelligent being, often abused and worked to death by greedy and barbaric humanoids. The elephant that isn't is out to pasture now, remembering with fondness all the trust they so willingly trampled to get us, and themselves, where we are now.
    Thanks, Phants.


  9. I watch as the suicide globalists secure their hold on the willing retards, the donkeys. A few years ago, the donkeys signaled their readiness to sell out their principles and whore themselves out to the billionaires they helped create.
    The dark side of willingness.
    So, even the staunch supporters of donkeyism are being hung out to dry by those they shamelessly performed various cheerleading duties for. The message is clear. The globalist donkeys don't need your fawning loyalty. They will trash your cheerleading stupidity, and laugh at you for your brain dead wannabe cheerleading.
    Uh uh uhh. Keep your hands off that billionaire cash.
    The cheerleading for donkeys has brought to us the final death throes of the republic. The donkeys will trample and shit all over the last of our resolve to be unique expressions of life.
    Cheerleading the demise of independence, rationality, participation, the donkeys will bay loudly how they are restoring democracy to a republic that never had it. Because in their eagerness, insanity, and hate, their democracy is your prison.
    Thanks, donks.


  10. There is consciousness, and there is willingness.
    If one has the development of consciousness to be aware of existence beyond this one, noted most strongly for its relentless becoming, then one must face the question. The question is answered by deeds, not words, by bent of character, not by any eternal truth.
    The question is, what will one do with this glimpse of higher reality?
    Will one have the willingness to plunge into an ocean where the certainty of existence is subject to unknown rules?
    Will one confront the mystery with a brave face, allowing the kaleidoscope of forces to etch their presence with their own hands?
    This faculty, never prominent in this modern world, is under attack like never before. Those who perform their deception are working to rob you of this jewel, the incision they make with black magic, the weight of empire, and the manipulation of fear.
    Buried deep, and boxed away neatly by so many they have forgotten about it, this view of a higher order. The attack is to make this condition permanent.
    It's easy to surrender that which is not understood. It's hard to work to understand what it is the slavers wish to take away. Does humanity have the willingness to take their glimpse, and their journey?
    Do you?


  11. The divine masculine is as much of a reality as the divine feminine. Neither is truly complete without the other, as they form that metaphorical chain from the place where gender dissolves.
    Balance can only occur when both are allowed to reach to the stars.

  12. When the word divinity is used, it means that which is the highest state for that being, the highest plane reached, whilst maintaining a recognizable character. If any particular aspect or expression is capable of attaining higher states, and participating in the realm of divinity, then we have an aspect of the divinity as the essence, and that character becomes a ladder via which return to the divine source is possible.

  13. Destiny, the concept that certain circumstances cannot be avoided, is not fully sealed in this, the age of iron. Such has been articulated by me in previous posts, concerning the rite of passage humanity is currently navigating with the aplomb of beached whales.
    Is the war lost?
    That depends upon your perspective, and your determination of what the true battlefield encompasses.
    If you're focused upon the political and economic anchors that form the basis of a constitutional republic, it's impossible to make the case that the USA resembles even marginally, the nation of stakeholders who steer their own government.
    Most spend their intellectual lives in avoidance of this reality.
    The rite of passage for humanity encompasses the entire sphere of human activity and experience. This includes the viability of the human animal itself.
    We can debate whether or not the fate of humanity is central to this sphere, yet we would be stupid to ignore the import of the current condition.
    Essentially, your world leaders are engaged in planetary species suicide.
    I have covered this in detail. Humanity must deal with this, or perish.
    There is an uncompromising spiritual dimension to this time. I have already covered this in detail.
    You can ignore what I see, you can reject it, dismiss it, whatever. I don't care. I'm compelled to write what I write. Jack and Orage, for whatever reason, find my posts worthwhile enough to have them here.
    If you care, I will tell you one more important item concerning this time, it is about Baldur, and the divine masculine principle.

  14. Well Jack I saw that your critic has got the delete button as I was just going to comment upon your defense.

    Cowards always second guess on how a man should care for his women as at least you had and have women around you that direct your life as you are indeed blessed.

    With that all said I believe as all Evangelicals believe that Spirit whom is the creator chooses whom it shall serve. Some get the nod and others are rejected as my observations are that women are magical creatures and as such have been abused by our western societies.

    And to our dearest MK the war has not been lost since it has only begun as one must look deep into their own heart and see that this is indeed so.

    America? Has much to account for My friends.

  15. Yes, Stan, the interpreters of these events provide reports with a high degree of accuracy, yes?
    It was Reagan in the USA who opened the doors for the Criminal Global Cabal. He was paid well for his treachery. This is not to say they weren't present before him, just that they couldn't command the kind of manipulative control across the board until he gave them the keys.
    Incrementalism met the centers of exoteric political power.
    From this time onward, Americans have fought an increasingly rear guard action to keep their country. Yet he who only fights a defensive war has already lost, and thus the rear guard has finally collapsed, shattered into smaller units that will form the core of the guerrilla war which is already here.
    You will know when this goes hot, because you will witness events the corporate media will attempt to label as something altogether different, thus exposing their complete betrayal to the principles that media must embody to be worthy of their place. When the guerilla media arises, this will be a sign that the war against the global crime lords is ready for its spiritual guidance.
    Until then, it is important to note that no plan for control of the biosphere can succeed as long as humanity remembers itself, its source, and its spirit.

  16. Story at-a-glance

    The globalist technocracy is using the COVID-19 pandemic to bypass democratic accountability, override opposition, accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the public against our will

    The Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance. You'll be tied to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life

    The Great Reset is about getting rid of capitalism and free enterprise, and replacing them with technocracy, publicly referred to as "sustainable development" and "stakeholder capitalism"

    There's not a single area of life that is left out of this Great Reset plan. The planned reform will affect everything from government, energy and finance to food, medicine, real estate, policing and even how we interact with our fellow human beings in general

    Privacy protections are a major hurdle in this plan, which is why every effort is made to get people to loosen their views on the right for privacy. In the U.S., we also have the Constitution that stands in the way, which is why efforts to undermine, circumvent, ignore or nullify it are increasing

    The Grand Plan

    In her blog post "The Great Reset for Dummies," Tessa Lena summarizes the purpose behind the call for a global "reset": 3

    "The mathematical reason for the Great Reset is that thanks to technology, the planet has gotten small, and the infinite expansion economic model is bust – but obviously, the super wealthy want to continue staying super wealthy, and so they need a miracle, another bubble, plus a surgically precise system for managing what they perceive as 'their limited resources.'

    Thus, they desperately want a bubble providing new growth out of thin air – literally – while simultaneously they seek to tighten the peasants' belts, an effort that starts with 'behavioral modification,' a.k.a. resetting the western peasants' sense of entitlement to high life standards and liberties (see awful 'privilege').

    The psychological reason for the Great Reset is the fear of losing control of property:

    the planet…

    I suppose, if you own billions and move trillions, your perception of reality gets funky, and everything down below looks like an ant hill that exists for you.

    Just ants and numbers, your assets…

    Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world's economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions:

    One, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the allegedly benevolent state, which, in turn, is owned by several suddenly benevolent wealthy people, via technology).

    And two, that all inventory needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID'ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest 'science.'

    The goal is to count and then efficiently manage and control all resources, including people, on an unprecedented scale, with unprecedented digital… precision – all while the masters keep indulging, enjoying vast patches of conserved nature, free of unnecessary sovereign peasants and their unpredictability."

  17. The darkness of the black sickness waxes. We all now have to navigate it. Americans, your country no longer exists. It is a memory, akin to that Christmas where you vaguely recall your family getting along.
    There are those who cheer this moment. They want to interpret it as another step towards a one world government. The entities they serve, whom they are food for, promise them much. The hatred and loathing that feeds their predatory instinct, marks degeneration as advancement.
    The dystopian nightmare of dead president land has arrived as promised. Your Jewish overlords who you are taught to worship, are that much closer to occupying your White House.
    The first step towards the genetic engineering of humanity moves along quickly, breaking things along the way, just the way they like it. To some, the vision is now unavoidable of collapse, where phantasie and fiction replace reason and requirement.
    Failure, the sting of embarrassment, defeat, pain. All teach the stoic endurance.

  18. It is worth noting that the worldwide globalist criminal cabal has quite apparently determined, by design or accident, that their control tool, religion is no longer necessary for the advancement of their plans.
    This is an error of strategic dimensions, it comes from completely misreading the text of human interaction, and severely overestimating their own sense of agency.
    However, this little piece of observable activity is understandable when one considers the entities served, and the transformation that service conducts within those who serve. The seeds of defeat are sewn within their own actions of destruction and abrogation, and by the time they grasp the Cosmic joke they have played their parts in, the joke will be on them.
    Religion, in its genuine sense, is merely an exoteric expression of the spiritual. Thus, for religion to be more than a political social club, it must defend and protect the spiritual in incarnation.
    The vaccine that isn't is designed, as Rudolf Steiner instructs us, to sever the holy unity of the Daemon and Eidolon. I doubt that organized religion has the balls to stand up to this latest offensive. Thus it is incumbent upon spiritual men and women everywhere to disempower this offensive in their own lives, with their own energy.

  19. There are a couple people who write books, who are trying to convince themselves and others that the abrahamic dominance of the world is a necessary phenomenon.
    This is actually quite a remarkable change, since for hundreds of years previous, we were told that religion by murder, from the Kent sacrifice club of the 1400s, to the reformation and beyond, was a good and holy thing.
    Going from good to necessary suggests that our ancestors were co-creators in the unigod March to dominion, which is both interesting and somewhat pagan in scope. Do we detect a perceived element of, gasp, destiny at work here?
    After all, destiny has none of the candy ass moralizing associated with good. Destiny is a thoroughly pre-Christian comprehension of the forces at work in shaping the events of life.
    We have to appreciate the irony here, that Christianity is justified using concepts it attempted to erase via mass murder.
    I'll be laughing for the rest of today.

  20. I saw the priest in cuffs being led out by the cops cuz of his lust for money and kids. He said, don't you be me my judge, I'm the preacher of the word, and I know all about your sin.
    Ain't no dreams for the wicked that are any good.
    Ain't no sin they committing, that makes em blush as they should.
    I was walking down the path look in up at Ymirs' skull, wondering about that glorious Boar. Then Odd and Lokk and Honn wandered back into my mind and said you can't split up this trine.
    Ain't no sleep for the visited, no matter if help it could.
    Ain't no sleep for those who keep their word, even if they should.

  21. Dylan said it best "enemy I see wears a cloak of decency"

    Why Jack you always asked where Dylan went? Back to reality I see.

    He will Live on like Jefferson in this plain

    money for nothing and chicks for free…LOL

  22. The music I am listening to right now? Had to put it on pause to respond to you as I here brilliance. Bach played by a Goddess and then played by a god as her version was better….

    What is an Evangelical?

    Live by the Spirit

    Gospel I see

    of course must invite you to my Church however, as I am embarrassed of them as they mask up however, I have heard of no Heretic thrown out or crucified yet…LOL

    The most proper invitation I can muster for a heretic so horrible. LOL

    Just Like our Jack does I shall put their address right Here..LOL

  23. The complexities are real. They have been obscured through ignorance and villainy, the thrill of getting one over on those who are hated.
    The Healer thus is now a cosmic truth, whilst the pocket version can offer nothing, be nothing but falsehood. The exhaustion of cosmic truth cannot negate it, but it does cut off the lower from the higher, a schism which is being advanced and exploited as I write this.
    This is the true meaning behind the anger of the Gods.

  24. Thus, the form that became Jesus was set long before Christianity emerged from the cynical politics of Rome. We find this template filled again and again by figures who have been largely erased from history, only their footsteps remain.
    Therefore, we find that the Christian Jesus is a result of politicizing the role of healer and teacher, the higher consciousness that has no place in the spheres of enslaving others.
    It is for this reason that Christianity has molded their Jesus into myriad forms to suit the political needs of their time. They abuse the outer form, whilst abandoning the inner. Thus they only have the dimmest of memory, of what once was a key to the mystery of identity.

  25. Jack, the genuine subject of Jesus would require an entire book. However, some points can be briefly noted. If you look, you will discover, during the florescence of the mystery schools a change in the fabric of consciousness. Years ago, when I wrote you about the Ziggurat as the Cosmic Mountain, I was noting that the consciousness which fashioned them was different than what we work with today. This change in consciousness was actioned through the incarnation of a advanced spirit in human form. This incarnation, as Gurdjieff instructs us, changed conditions. The Christians are correct when they see Jesus reflected all around them, but they lack the depth to recognize that their Jesus is a reflection as well.

  26. Why of course he did Mike that is why we gave them this before beginning
    Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge:
    Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge II:
    Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood & the Fury of Hell… pt1:
    Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood & the Fury of Hell… pt2
    It was never about Odin Mike. Before Christianity our ancestors worshiped Her and Loki. Ask Tacitus. But Loki had to be restrained in order to put Christianity over, bound in three places by the entrails of his own son, the three nails of Christ the Jewish sissy on the cross. But they believed their own lies and forgot Loki is no Jewish sissy and when he slips those bonds, as he did at the end of 2019 when things got Grim, then shall the fury of Hell be unleashed on humans and gods alike. And remember She did this. As Jim Morrison once pointed out “it’s the only solution, isn’t it amazing…”

  27. The failure of modern society, in addressing the genuine issues of this existence, will come increasingly clear as our current sea-change continues to unfold.
    The eagerness to embrace worn out patterns stems both from their comforting conformity with simplistic world views, and the paradigm shift into a space where deception is so easy to accommodate.
    The issue will of course relate most strongly with those who have a sense of destiny. For the majority, their experience will most likely leave them bewildered, as they grasp for a certainty they will never find.
    The development of this moment has been truly masterful. Just as humanity is rediscovering its terror of energy shortages, losing all faith in its guiding institutions, and suffering through that sinking feeling of making very poor choices, along comes the medical attack to sever one from the Source.
    In Lokasenna, Loki berates all the Gods and Goddesses, enjoying tremendously the ancient custom of delivering insults. If he didn't have a hand in these times, then one very much like him certainly has.

  28. The abrahamic arrival featured the pact with their new god. We are told that a product of this pact was securing tarmac in exchange for worship. Worship, history informs us, which came at the cost of any spirituality.
    The best the abrahamics can do is ape spirituality through assimilation. This has left us with a blank sheet of paper, when it comes to the spirit. This is so because the abrahamics destroyed spirituality wherever they went, and to this day the attempt to refute the spirit, or ignore it all together.
    Thus it is that almost no one understands spirituality today.
    The words have been twisted, the deeds defiled, and definitions misapplied. Pelagius was one story of dozens who attempted to educate the abrahamics, in this case the Christians, about spirituality. I don't think it's at all a stretch to recognize that the direction of the abrahamics was understood by all such men.
    Spirituality is not something from the marketplace, it is in its truest sense a total education. Thus it is far less about what we want, and far more about what we can achieve.


  29. The new political religion is covid 19 and its symbol is the mask and I am already an in believer.

    The next holy sacrament is the vaccine as obedience to the new god of covid is the sacrifice.

    Look around at the sheep!!

  30. Anyone who reads Jack Heart will get thrown out of the church however, the creator is Spirit I believe and so what? In America one can do as he pleases in regards to spirituality!

  31. I don't think we're talking about the same man, KMB. This is not the Darth Pelagius the Wise of Star Wars fame. The genuine Pelagius is labeled as a heretic, and was drummed out of the church, and Christianity, by the top dogs in it.
    Pelagius taught of the value of the natural world, yet all we have are plenty of examples of Christians, and the church treating the earth "with a heavy hand". There is no Christian tradition of finding the divine through nature.
    Pelagius was, if anything, an example from the Celtic church, which no longer exists. The Celtic church is gone because other Christians wiped it out, so claiming he is somehow alive and well in the church today is particularly bizarre.
    Non sequiturs aside, what we truly have in the example of Pelagius is a continuation of Druidism in the Christian world, an attempt to preserve the best of both, which was summarily rejected by those whose lust for political power was paramount.


  32. And I just love that so called alt media that worships at the feet of said insiders as if I had the power like David of Legion fame all of you would be delt with with the same violance and disrespect that you have dished out. Fuck all of you.

  33. Who is worse? "Q" anon or that mormon Bundy or the NSA as I suspect that they are one and the same and lets not forget ISIS or the Kurds whom are all trained and supplied by the Green Beret.

    Its a circus and the best one can do is to not join it.

  34. The Spirit of folks like Pelagius is alive and well in the Church just hidden as look at the morons of "Q" as that is a new evangelical christian religion much like the morons in Utah on that cattle ranch.

    Guns will be needed against them and soon however, our dear Government has already labeled them domestic enemies as I tend to agree.

  35. Thank you Stan you’re a real man. What the fuck are you even doing around these mutts? That’s their idea of hero; drug dealers and sneak thieves, just what they are; mutts. What kills them is the book is selling, slowly but surely in spite of their best efforts. Over two hundred paperbacks sold already, every one being a nail in their coffin. For the record I don’t complain about the book not selling. I complain about Amazon telling people that the hard copies which are printed on demand are out of stock or not available. I have screen shots from all over the world to prove it, anyone wants to see them just go to Amazon Treachery about three or four articles back, right here. I complain about little bitch moves like placing an anonymous one-star rating in the middle of thirteen five-star ratings, with accompanying written reviews, and somehow through some magic mathematical formula, no doubt the same one Jeff Bezos uses to fill out his taxes, plunging my ratings to 90%, now 89% because Just yesterday they removed a review from a guy who thought so much of me and that book that he devoted weeks of his life getting it into print. No one’s ever believed in them, especially not those that truly knew them. That’s why their children always end up as drug addicts and reprobates. But I digress, as the last fairy who tried to post a comment on here lisped. I have written reviews in England, Canada, France, and Australia that I know of, which don’t appear on my American Amazon sales page. Every time I write Amazon about them, again, I get a boiler plate response: “We currently share verified reviews from supported Amazon stores globally and surface the top 15 international reviews (where available) based on our ranking models.” They don’t, at least not for me. I only have American reviews on my American Amazon page, which are not used on my Amazon pages for Canada, Australia, Germany, France, or England. Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan is not TRANCE Formation of America or the memoirs of some piece of shit with eyes that sells dope to children. Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan is about how they brought about a Judgment on the whole human race, written by someone who didn’t even know what he was writing when he wrote it but he sure as Hell does now…

  36. The popular fiction of Christianity is that it was a grass roots religion. According to Christians, their earliest brethren were fed to the lions in Rome, a condition which steeled them to such a degree, that they converted the entire empire.
    If such were true, then the story of Pelagius could never have existed.
    We don't know his given name, Pelagius was what he came to be called in Rome, when he appeared in the late 300s.
    It took little time for Augustine and Jerome to target him, partially due to his appearance, which favored the long hair of the Druids of his native Ireland, but especially due to his mature and spiritual teachings. Pelagius taught women, which was strictly verboten, and he viewed wisdom as the key to a spiritual existence. Pelagius wrote that the only quality that gave Christians a discernible uniqueness, was their example of Jesus.
    Augustine, of course, was the perpetrator of original sin, a concept where humanity could only be redeemed by his church, one which isolated and trapped humanity into a cul de sac from which escape was impossible, much like the Covid plandemic of today.
    Of course Augie and Jerry carried the day, using the resources of the church to punish and torment Pelagius. Thus we find no remnant today, of a philosophy which honours the spirit in nature, and the sanctity of the wild earth. Christianity cannot speak of a spiritual life anywhere, due to their rejection of it being immanent everywhere, and Pelagius, like the Celtic church is for them little more than a case of indigestion, accrued through having devoured something too pure for them to enjoy.


  37. Compared to what, the world as CHIP TATUM experienced it? It's not even gossip anymore, because nobody cares. In the news last week 10+ tons of COCAINE was seized on the Pacific Coast, so what.

  38. Modern man loves the word evolution.
    It captures everything shallow and stupid, and wraps it in the cloth of significance.
    Evolution tells you that entire cities controlled by bestial gang bangers who can't think their way out of McDonald's parking lots are an advancement heralded by white anti-whites.
    Evolution provides a theme by which the dead end corruption of squandered opportunity meets the dystopian phantasie of the gates conspiracy to save you from a horror you bought into.
    While billionaire demonic plan the next step of your horrible demise, evolution promises a false trajectory into a future state only billionaires could love.
    Evolution masks the desperation of your situation, where your leaders hate you with all 13 of their rotting brain cells, and while they suffer from advanced cannibal disease.
    Evolution has you nodding and drooling while the ocean is paved in plastic.
    Evolution whispers that diminishing cranial capacity is an adaptation to a brave new world.
    Evolution is blind to extinction.
    Throw away the slavery memes.
    Don't let the door hit evolution in the ass as you send it away.
    There are bigger games afoot, and higher stakes for which to play.


  39. Dread, and a rebellion against the great forces is quite normal, in my view. As men, we are built to always strive, to never relent, yet the great forces at work today have much more to say than the simplicity of human nature.
    Despite so many thoughts to the contrary, we are far more the result of great forces, than we are their instigators. Our destiny, if we can achieve it, is quite unique, but our condition is subject to much beyond our control, or even comprehension.


  40. Greg, there is a reason for Zen to employ the koan. It is a riddle unsolvable by intellection. Of a similar nature is the Norwegian Rune Poem. We cannot grasp the nature of the koan, cannot recognize it's potency, with any standard facility.
    The koan arrives for us suddenly, unbelievably, often resulting in periods of deep laughter, for through the magic of the koan we see and hear what we never did before.
    This tells us that there is no pattern, no timeline, no prerequisite for a lightning strike of awakening enlightenment.
    It is terribly unfair, to be sentenced to have to strive in this paradigm for that which we can hardly imagine, via an existence so temporary as to leave hardly a memory upon passing.
    The punishment some of us must endure certainly seems to render us deliverable to agendas that only magnify the ignorance, and strengthen the bars of the black iron prison. Yet even facing the ultimate dissolution of death, it is that mystery behind the koan which is incorruptible, adamant, beyond commentary yet never beyond thirst.
    It is the bent of the human character to strive, the bent of every dark force in this world to mock it.
    We who are, are simply men.

  41. I've always been stressed out, full of anxiety, and managing hyper tension but the last year or two have been different. It's like that moment I dreamed one night and felt myself dying after watching my reality collapse into nothingness. Contrary to most assumptions the spiritual death is painlessly more painful than the physical.
    It feels as though I'm about to repeat what I already did for the first time 20 years ago for the actual first time that it really was. Currently I'm questioning whether I already lived this life early as a child and now am living it for real with minor details remembered. Thus squaring the circle of free will as I knew where this would go no matter how much I kicked and screamed trying to do the opposite to avoid the end. I already planned it and did exactly as was intended.
    I'm calmly watching the world lose their minds as I once did, but my nerves are a wreck not from fear. It's far worse. It's that same feeling of dread. Not even knowing can alleviate dread.

  42. I've felt the tornado of thoughts whirlwind around me dragging me into this illusion in horror puppeting my vessel into this subhuman conscious reality that's bound to the energy flows where to fight it would take all your living energy to resist the newfound "reality". To resist you'd never be able to move or do much of anything and so it begins to make sense I found myself then staring at myself standing in the middle of the room as I was by my bed peering inside this autonomous body seeing what it was seeing. It was a never-ending broken record reliving the same dead future that I've always felt I had no future in but doing so indefinitely. Through great focus and aggravation I finally whispered into that slumbering fool to pay attention to the pattern to break the hypnosis. An eternity must have passed for me but moments for him but finally it recognized my whispered words and begin to recognize more patterns rewinding the hypnosis. The hardest thing is always getting this body to RE-MEMBER as we're so accustomed to forgetfulness contrary to New Age live in the moment that's what we're doing because we quite literally can't remember the last. It slips from us so easily it might as well never happened, UNLESS YOU REMEMBER THE PATTERNS.
    The second time I returned and embraced the whirlwind of this reality with a shit eating smile and a finger over my mouth. I know something the guardians of this reality don't and they showed up in my room as a young pup wanting to know. But I did not know other than I know and can't remember what I know. The secret was for me and thus hidden, but it's eating them alive and nothing can change what I know that I don't know. I've always been a warrior internally even if never embodying the perfection that's typified and I've dreaded the patience and holding pattern I feel we're all stuck in, but I do believe it will pay off. It doesn't even matter when that much I've always been confident of. So lets play the stupid game as long as it lasts because their suffering can't be long enough and victory must be savored.

  43. Mae Brussell used to keep car parts in her home in memory of her daughter who was killed in a car "accident." Douglas Dietrich told her to get rid of them because Michael Aquino would focus on that memorabilia to spook her. D.D. says Aquino wrote a book that taught military officers how to invoke "demons" on the battlefield.

  44. And so, with so called invisible entities, everyone looks for some outside evidence of their existence, as if this actually would guarantee an independent existence.
    Lacking the subtlety of the natural world, the human expects full blown aliens to take them away, never realizing that what is invisible is simply hidden from their own consciousness.

  45. Consciousness grasps itself through projection.
    Thus, what is within is seen as outside, beyond the barriers of the one which perceives.
    Thoughts are particularly famous as examples for this. Everyone believes their thoughts are their own provenance, yet no one knows where thoughts come from, or where they go. Yet because one can become their thought, they believe it is themselves, but when they see another engaged in thought, they believe that belongs to the other. The thought itself is not understood, it is simply accepted.

  46. To paraphrase John Wayne Bravo if I have to hear from one more awakened Jew who is a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner I think I’ll buy him a Daniel Webster cigar. You know what Phillip Dick found out in 1973? He found out every word in The Man in the High Castle was true, he just had it backwards. This is the alternate reality created by the victorious Germans so we could run this little show here. The wetiko virus, well that’s just another word for the Black Goo, David Lynches Black Fire. Only in the deepest recesses of our pay per view site will you ever find out who it was who scorched the earth with it. Not because I care but because I’m bored and I want to get paid just like Phillip Dick did, for mega dosing on speed and getting the whole thing backward…

  47. Hey Jack and other lurkers and dwellers on the threshold. Really enjoying the book. Dont comment here very often but am frequently here in the shadows..reading and learning….the comments section is often as revealing as the articles themselves.

    An article about Wetiko and PKD came to mind…in which it talks about the dark forces within mankind and it/their ability to "occlude" itself so successfully.

    Here is the article…its a long one:

  48. The Seeress warned us that the doomed age would be visited by tremendous upheavals in the Earth. On a similar note, Wallace Black Elk went public some decades ago concerning the Earth changes.
    The signal is that the threshold of this time has been arrived at. It will not be a purely seismic event, although this will be part of it, with continents reshaped.
    If you are feeling a bit antsy, a bit melancholy, and a bit unsettled, you may well consider yourself aware of this threshold on very deep levels. The game is about to shift on many levels, quite dramatically, and the power structures themselves are going to be tested in ways they never imagined.

  49. I would definitely agree that some kids realize the whole thing is a sick slaughterhouse.
    It's funny, KMB, because the whole world is waiting for the time to be right. Meanwhile, the powers and principalities are scrambling to turn this inverted republic into a micromanaged mockery of lost magnificence.
    I'll give them a little clue, that during conditions such as these, the strong networks are those requiring the fewest inputs. However, in their minds, adding new layers of complexity and control is the answer. No, it isn't, and they will discover this once it is too late.


  50. MK, my college student daughter came home the other day with a huge mask that she has to wear at school and her shit job at Subway and she said "hey dad did you see my new mask? I look like creepy Joe" as we had a good laugh about the BS.

    Kids know its all BS but they simply play the game and BTW no one she knows will willingly take that frankenvax! College kids simply are shit upon the most on college campuses and on fast food jobs!

  51. In Revolt Against the Modern World Evola seen them coming almost a hundred years ago. If I had to name one man with the keenest intellect I have ever come across it would be Julius Evola. We paid homage to the great man in Return of the White Queen. Maybe we should make Revolt Against the Modern World required reading for this comment section. That would be one way to screen the mutts my would-be handlers let through…

  52. KMB, I have it on pretty good confidence that a significant amount of the guns confiscated by the so called authorities are recycled right back onto the street after the requisite funds change hands.
    Everyone thinks, because we're told so, that gunmaking is something only extremely opaque corporations can accomplish. When the Bidenistas destroy the visible gun industry, they will create a far more virulent invisible one.
    Why bother with a pocket pistol, when you can wield a canon?


  53. Ah, Evola, always with the long view.
    Yes, Macharian, I am reminded.
    I lost my practical demeanor through finding myself trudging through the metaphorical whirlwinds this world raises, together with all the refuse these winds use as projectiles. It certainly reduced me to a near homicidal rage.
    However, despite my poor choice in language, it is quite evident to me that there is no consistency, no reason, and very little awareness of what constitutes belief by greater humanity. Belief systems are largely assumed, adopted according to whatever fashion has precedence at the moment.
    This means that the issue is less about belief, than what is believed. The current beliefs are almost entirely from a dead world, one which isn't going to return, no matter how hard we might wish it.
    Apparently, the only new beliefs of any merit involve greater fictions than those previous. One thing that humanity had better realize, their leaders are not going to help them through this miasma. If they are going to get through it, it will be through their own efforts.


  54. Rough day at the office, eh MK? You could always just tune into the most popular form of sportball, I believe that is the best antidote to existential woe… well, that and heroin… 😉

    Ha, indeed, the modern world has morphed common humanity into a parody of consciousness, a shambolic mess of confused, directionless meat bags who seemingly exist only to heap eternal shame upon their own blood lines and ancestors.

    I find the opening lines of the Preface to Rene Guenon's magnum opus, 'The Crisis of the Modern World', to be quite striking in its simplistic yet holistic appraisal of the situation;

    "The past century has witnessed an erosion of earlier cultural values as well as a blurring of the distinctive characteristics of the world's traditional civilizations, giving rise to philosophic and moral relativism, multiculturalism, and dangerous fundamentalist reactions".

    Now of course, the roots to this modern calamity lie in the nature of the so called "traditional" religions themselves, and their inevitable road to decay that was earmarked from the start. Namely, the recipe for disaster that was the Christianization of European peoples, rang in the Dark Age before it even reached its' peak. Of course, such an observation was seemingly lost on Guenon, who ended up converting to the arguably even more 'alien' Semitic faith known as Islam, albeit the Sufi, esoteric variant. However, his observational depth, and his scathing appraisal of the spiritually bankrupt state of modernity, is nonetheless striking and informative.

    One can also look to the other great pillar of Traditionalist thought, that of course being Julius Evola, for a more virile insight.

    At the conclusion of his titanic work, 'Revolt Against the Modern World' he writes,

    "Before the vision of the Iron Age, Hesiod exclaimed 'May I have not been born in it'! But Hesiod, after all, was a Pelasgic spirit, unaware of a higher vocation. For other natures, there is a different truth; to them applies the teaching that was also known in the East: although the Kali Yuga is an age of great destructions, those who live during it and manage to remain standing may achieve fruits that were not easily achieved by men living in other ages".

    If one is paying attention, this should also bring to mind a quotation from a certain bearded Wizard featuring in a certain fantasy novel…

  55. The good news? There will be plenty of boomer estate sales of back ground check free guns as those asswipes vax up! Not one but two jabs as the third is being discussed!!

  56. Well MK, as the script gets rewritten perhaps anti Vax ers shall become the new boogie man? Why if we can just eliminate them prosperity will follow and how dare they refuse to mask up. LOL

  57. In terms of belief, most people today don't have the slightest fucking idea of what they believe. Their entire belief systems come arranged for them by liars, parasites, and shitbags who cook up 24 hour programming to tell you what to believe.
    In fact the real belief systems of the modern world aren't truly religious at all, they're actually ant-religious. This true whether or not you're referring to Judaism and all of its hideous offspring.
    Belief systems of today are largely based on FEAR AND DENIAL. There hasn't been a rational impulse to come out of any official belief system in decades.
    Take a look around, fucktards constantly beating you over the head with 150 different types of fear, promising you that if you just ban the other assholes freedom, you and your insipid existence will be guaranteed. It never actually gets to this point, because the jag offs in charge find it way too useful to beat you up with canned terror, and way too difficult to actually deliver anything worthwhile.
    Belief to day is indeed a toxic cesspool of self indulgent tripe that should make any thinking person head for the hills. The problem is the hills have all been cordoned off by ignorant retards on government payrolls.
    If anyone here really thinks this has a chance of ending well, I'd like to hear your rationale of exactly how this is going to occur.
    What we're facing is unprecedented, and the solution presented for you is slavery and death. It ain't just religious, boss.


  58. Stan,
    At issue here is not simply a force which manipulates through belief. Nor is it purely religious. The religious seems to be the focus. Why?
    The religious is the clearest expression of allowing hierarchy to define and dismiss the receptors of the higher energetics beyond the physical.
    There is a hefty price to become a cog in the collective.
    Christianity, even more than its parent, Judaism, demands a submission to a system that is already codified, without being codified. In essence this creates an open field for submission to an ignorant authority.
    Does this ever end well?
    There were no religious wars before the rise of the abrahamics.


  59. However it do appear that those heretofore unopposable manifested forces have gotten their first black eye right here Stan, some of us were just discussing that, now it starts getting good. Both fighters bleeding and deep in the rounds, Matilda will be the knockout punch…

  60. hatred, slander me and threaten me. In no way will I bow to these sectarian energies of faith, because I have an obligation to fulfill, and I will not be dissuaded from it under any circumstances. Therefore, despite the attacks, lies and slander as well as the hatred against me by all the malicious adversaries, I will not distance myself from my work, just as I will not distance myself from my work despite the malicious attacks and disturbances of these belief energies and their forces hindering my work. And what concerns all the antagonists who want to harm me, they harm themselves by their stupidity and make themselves impossible and hated all around the earth, as I get to read and hear again and again from all countries, where various antagonists, especially from Switzerland, make themselves hated by lying films, lying e-mails, hate and lying inter- views as well as stupid writings and so on. Many times I have to read and hear on the phone that these stupid elements will have their "necks broken" or otherwise very bad things will be done to them, if they would fall into the hands of certain people.

    From this now new inventions resulted, which let us recognize, which forces caused and still cause everything, without that we have found up to now a possibility to end the evil, which is annoying for you, because we have never dealt with this matter, did not know it and therefore also do not know how, where and after what we had to research. Consequently, we also didn’t have any knowledge in this respect, but could only now fathom by completely new sonaeric equipments of physical yoctoelectronic apparatural research means, what results around you and around your working apparatuses until today. Now, however, we could gain completely new knowledge, namely with regard to what I have already mentioned, namely that the delusion of faith of the whole believing mass of the earthly mankind is the cause of all evil occurrences in your working room and at your working apparatuses. Our findings show that undoubtedly the religious faith of the mass of mankind effectively corresponds to the authorship of all the evils. This religious delusion of faith of mankind creates enormous energetic forces, by the vibrations of which the faith-stricken people around the place are continuously influenced and bound to their faith. And this happens uninterruptedly day and night without interruption, whereby the forces affect the whole mankind and they are attacked uninterruptedly by the powerful belief-conditioned delusional force vibrations, without the people being able to defend themselves against it and moreover not having any idea about the whole thing. In this energy o

    YOCTO is a Drum Computer clone of Roland TR-808. This is an exact reproduction of the analog part of the TR – 808 (with the exception of the BA662 VCA Clap has been replaced by a BA6110) coupled with a MIDI sequencer. You can store up to 256 patterns organized into 16 banks of 16 patterns in a Non-volatile EEPROM. Various functions have been added such as the ability to mute every sound, to chain patterns as you want, copy, paste, clear patterns … (see YOCTO manual)

  61. World War II is said to have been a spiritual war, so then on that level also, it has never ended.

    765th Contact Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:57 p.m.

    Conversation between Ptaah and Zafenatpaneach of the Plejaren Federation and Yanarara of Sonara/Timar from the DAL universe and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM.

    (This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation and will definitely contain errors. It will be replaced with the official, auhtorized version once available.)
    Our findings show that undoubtedly the religious faith of the mass of mankind effectively corresponds to the authorship of all the evils. This religious delusion of faith of mankind creates enormous energetic forces, by the vibrations of which the faith-stricken people around the place are continuously influenced and bound to their faith. And this happens uninterruptedly day and night without interruption, whereby the forces affect the whole mankind and they are attacked uninterruptedly by the powerful belief-conditioned delusional force vibrations, without the people being able to defend themselves against it and moreover not having any idea about the whole thing. In this energy of belief all forms of belief and their energies of all religions and sects are united altogether, because their forms of energy of belief are all of the same kind and consequently unite with each other indiscriminately. In this way, these powerful energies span the earth, continuously transmitting the power of their energy vibrations to mankind and continuously infesting it. As a whole, the faith-energy forces form such a concentrated power as we cannot find any other on the earth as a whole, and nothing can be done to counteract it, so its power spreads and has an unrestrained effect over the whole earth. This means that the malignant of this belief energy is concentrated against everything defective and has a destructive effect against everything that is opposed to it. These religious and sectarian forces of faith have developed to independence (evolved into its own created entity?) and attack you maliciously, seek to destroy you and try to push you out of life. This on the one hand, while on the other hand they have also become capable in a degenerating way to have an obstructive and disturbing effect on your work, namely also with regard to solid matter, like technology, whereby I mention in this connection your computer apparatuses, on which these malignant faith energy forces act and make your work continuously largely impossible. The meaning of this malicious working of these degenerated religious belief energy forces is – so we see and judge it – that you shall be forced by these religious belief energy forces caused malignancies to finish and give up your work and mission.

    Billy … So that’s where the wind is blowing from. – But that won’t work, because as mean as everything is and as evil as it may seem against me and my work, I also have a hard head in this regard and I won’t give up. So I do equally as in the relationship that I simply ignore all stupid antagonists who call me names, call me liars and cheats, impute mendacious things to me out of h

  62. Amundi the Blind traveled to the Allthing.
    He went to gathering to acquire compensation for the killing of his father. He could not secure compensation. Through the depths of his will he roared out to the O'ss.
    'If I had the ability I would avenge my father right now!'
    Suddenly his sight returned.
    He killed the one who needed killing.
    Then blindness descended upon him once more.
    Yep, the Aesir are the Asura.
    The lever pullers, genome destroyers, and entity servants are on borrowed time.


  63. It's the old war, Macharian, that is constantly reignited.
    The powers and principalities are eager to sell their ersatz version of reality to any and all. For anyone paying attention, it's exactly what the Covid terror is.
    They always try to move as fast as they can, to avoid being seen. They keep going, taking everything they can, laughing to themselves until they hit the wall.
    We know all this, as we watch the soulless masses chortle about their dance with the vaccine, even as the bodies stack up.
    There is no vaccine for mass insanity.
    The old war is now our rite of passage. We will see, who can lay claim to that connexion to eternity, and who will be the howling maniacs rushing forth to throw themselves off the nearest cliff.

  64. Concessions to live in the world… now that is exactly right. Many of these brilliant characters who emerged in the buildup and aftermath of the wars of the last century, were clearly 'polluted' to an extent, by all the ideological and spiritual tumult. The prospect of honest spiritual inquiry, is much less desirable, when the price is being labeled a "fascist" or some other criminal term, by one's society. The promising spiritual developments and undercurrents which were forming during these time periods, and manifesting in the hearts of European men, were truly squandered. Myself, I get the impression that these same 'undercurrents' are still flowing, they are merely on a 'hiatus' or 'delay' of sorts, as the forces which triumphed last century are still arrogantly indulging in the spoils of war… Just a thought.

    Anyhow, just as Jung as well as to some extent Tolkien, and countless others, understandably yet unfortunately compromised with society, there were others who resisted. We only have Ezra Pound to look to for that glorious yet daunting example.

  65. Apologies for my demented device…it's Franz Bardon.
    Demented device changed this on me even after I corrected it…


  66. Vanaheim, home of the Wanes, arrives for us complete and intact, without any of the upheavals that describe our place. Middle Earth, and the home of the Gods are ground zero for every thing that is positive and negative. It is the proving ground.
    Franz Barron instructs us that the two primary forces in the universe are compliments, that one cannot exist without the other, but the Wanes do not participate in this.
    After the death and vengeance of the death of the Gods, Njord and Nerthus are reunited in Vanaheim. Vanaheim is part of that core force, that pure consciousness that is adamant. When the light vanishes completely, there is only consciousness that survives. It is for this reason that the Roman obsession with becoming a God doesn't erase the death mark, and the modern service of entities won't get anyone their hoped for afterlife.
    The only one who ever showed humanity the Wanes with any comprehension was Tolkien, and like Macharian instructs us, he wasn't in control.
    That is key.

  67. Yes M., Tolkien did live a double life from what I understand. Yet we should remember that his works that stand strongest all come from a period in his life when that window to eternity was open for him. Like Carl Jung and the Redbook, they were tremendous outflows of creativity. To me, this is the proof that one has the umbilical to the numinous.
    Yet Tolkien, like Jung had to make some pretty severe concessions to live in this world. That included adopting fictions about themselves and their direction in the world.
    I tend to believe your explanation, of something deeper than profane waking awareness, is exactly correct. There is more than one or two levels to consciousness, and the worlds beyond are only available to those which are finer.

  68. Tolkien "had the sight", yeah that truly is the correct phrase to describe him.
    But I wonder if J.R.R. Tolkien was truly conscious of his work's themes and 'hidden messages'. Reading some of his interviews and opinions, especially regarding certain political regimes of the 20th century… I feel this is not entirely the case, but I am certainly no Tolkien aficionado, outside of his works themselves. I suspect that, as so many, or perhaps even all other great men have been, he seems to have acted as a 'vehicle' for certain forces, perhaps beyond his conscious awareness. In Tolkien's case, these were of course the themes present within the primordial lore of Europe, which he so wonderfully categorized and retold, for all to see in the guise of fantasy novels.

  69. It certainly does Mike, individuals as in duality and for the record I have been wondering what happens to Freyja and Fólkvangr after Surtr slays her brother and burns down the Yggdrasil since this all began. To me it is the only thing that matters…

  70. To me that's a giant red flag hanging over everything Billy_Meier says after that, addicted to vengeance huh? Well let me tell you a little something about vengeance, its the only thing that keeps the perpetrator's of all the foul deeds against man and god currently occurring awake at night. I am reminded of Conans prayer to Crom: "grant me one request, grant me revenge and if you cannot give me that then to hell with you…"

  71. For the reader, both the Oera Linda and the Heimskringla are clear about a migration to the Northlands from the East.
    Jack, the moral ambivalence of the Aesir mirrors our own, yes?
    Asura today is a wholly negative term, yet previously it was more nuanced, in that it included other than purely subtractive entities…

  72. Wyrd, destiny, is not simply a series of events in time. If this were it's sum total, it would have little import. Destiny actually is about an inner nature, unmanifest, which that life has the promise to bring to fluorescence. In other words, a potential.
    The Aesir, and the Ioten follow a very closely entwined path, as it has been since early on. However, the Vanir appear independent of this drama. The establishment of Vanaheim is its own event, one which the cosmocrator Surt has no hand in.
    I personally see this as unique destiny. But there is more. Njord, one of the Vanir, is fated to return home after the twilight of the Gods. Odin himself wished to bring the valiant slain to his fold, but he had to allow the White Lady half of them.
    J.R.R.Tolkien gave us a glimpse of the Vanir with his depiction of the Elves. He even included features that very few know. No surprise since he was a lore master, and had the sight. That glimpse is accurate, as the destiny of the Elves is unique unto themselves.


  73. The time before, history beyond humans on Earth. The genetic manipulation of humans created by Sirians. Transplanted humans on Earth, Mars, Malona/Phaeton (the asteroid belt.)

    "Despite their departure from Earth and from the SOL system, these former good spirits (humans) who are addicted to vengeance still have certain contacts with Earth and occasionally come here, maliciously influencing earthlings with false messages and visions etc., (The historical Fatima experience) as was also done by the dark elements of the ancient Lyrians. But these are only occasional intrigues, which as a rule take place in cultic-religious-sectarian form and have no all too great significance, because they generally only take place in a Christian-cult manner and therefore not in all earthly religious areas. The two groups of the former and the still today well-meaning have already since their separation no more contacts to each other, and it is even very probable that such mutual contacts were strictly forbidden, whereby even the knowledge about the existence of the two groups among each other was extinguished, as Quetzal once assured me, according to secret clarifications from the Pleiadian side."
    "Since then, the genetically manipulated have become so established on Earth that they have become both rulers and destroyers of this planet, because most of them are still very much caught up in the effects of the genetic manipulation of the combative, the malignant, the barbaric, the bloodthirsty, the greedy, the addicted, the emotional and the inhuman, etc., which has prevailed as evil inheritance since time immemorial, which can actually also be called 'original sin', as misleadingly stated by the Christian religion with the fable and false doctrine of Adam and Eve and the Devil Serpent in the Garden of Eden. But this 'original sin', this genetic manipulation, which has been breaking through the combative and evil in man over and over again since time immemorial and makes him almost become evil himself, is really only a manipulation of a gene in the DNA chain, which can be reversed if it is only finally discovered by the genetic scientists."

  74. You finally managed to get a comment in D, funny our simian sideshow has no such problems. Jotunn basically means to despoil, to ravage. The Aesir of the Edda's are the Asura of their Sanskrit sister Vedas, demons. The Vanir are more nature spirits, the old gods. Freyja is Vanir. As far as the negative connotations inherent in the nomenclature the Sons of Muspelheim are Jotunn and three Norn that mitigate the haughtiness of the gods were raised among the Jotunn, indicating the Jotunn have higher moral standards. And as far as feeding is concerned I get the impression its not necessary, not the adrenochrome, none of it. They like it like drug addicts like their drugs.

  75. We do a great disservice to our lineage by reducing the primal forces to mere parasitic waifs. There is, and has been for some time now, a very active dark force upon this realm we live in. It is directly related to the dying of the light, which has been earlier detailed.
    The Vanir have a unique path in all of this. The Aesir, most closely related to humanity, are indeed genius loci for the primal forces, they both support and are an intrinsic part of this manifestation, which includes us.
    The Black Sickness, also previously detailed, is unstoppable. However, this does not require each and every one to dive into it. We should refrain from assuming that because this manifestation is facing its demise, that the Aesir, the Vanir, or even the Iotun are engaging in a human banquet, because it is their locus which spins and maintains the integrity of the energetic itself. The parasitism is more fundamental to the system of consciousness by which this manifestation measures and recognizes itself. This parasitism is in fact a kind of closed loop for the ten planes themselves.
    Whilst the Vanir have a unique destiny, the Aesir, and mankind are subject to the finality of death. Neither embody the parasitism as a natural course. Same is true for the Iotun.
    Rudolph Steiner saw that this entire manifestation was lorded over by a figure he called Ahriman, and the Ahriman consumed the energy of each life form upon its death. This view is consistent with the findings of the great ancestors, where Corpse-Devourer perches atop the World Tree, and moves the manifestation with the wind from his wings.

  76. Just a few post scripts as I read this a few times….btw thanks Jack and Orage. I always pay attention to idioms (even as a child) as sometimes there are some fantastic hidden truths. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' Lol. It sure as shit WAS built in a day!
    And unrelated topic– I pay more attention to the Vanir, Aesir and the Jotunn when you write about them–I tended to think that the Aesir were more malevolent but seems that they all have good and bad aspects to them. Also, since you mention they need to feast on human emotions on a range of scale from mild to extreme. It did strike me that do these gods and demons (is there a difference?) have a choice whether to feast or not feast on humankind or is a default that will never change?

  77. When Soviet anthropologist Lev Gumilyov called Khazaria the “Atlantis of the Steppes [stepnaja Atlantida],” he nailed it. The official narrative Manchurian is that a couple of million big blond dudes staggered down from a frozen and barren Jutland Peninsula, that mind you was mostly underwater at the time just like the so said kingdom of Charlemagne was during the ninth century, and fought the mighty Roman Republic to a draw in the height of its power in The Cimbrian or Cimbric War. Archeologically speaking these are phantom battlefields just like the one where Boudica supposedly made her noble last stand in England. Yet rubes with degrees insist we except this as facts. By my read the ten tribes or the Onoğur, that can be read as White People, wandered into western Europe via Siberia and the Russian steppes through a portal. This is memorized in the Germanic saga of King Guðmundr of Glæsisvellir “King Gudmund of the Glittering Plains.” It was kept alive in the maritime tales of Greater Hibernia or Hvítramannaland, White Mans land.

    Athanasius Kircher was writing about portals in the seventeenth century, but the stupidfication of the human race has continued unabated for three hundred and fifty years and is now made hopeless by the Black Goo situation which will eventually require mass euthanasia if this edition of the human race is to survive.

  78. Ah yes, the Khazars, the Pechenegs, the Bulgars. Their migratory appearance on the stage is almost as remarkable and strange as the so called Slavic migrations. Where the Iranian horsemen once rode, now ride the Turkic. There is a case to be made for the idea that the conception of "Slavs" as a singular, cohesive entity, is an invention of certain Russian imperials during the 18th century, to justify westwards expansion. A pan-Slavic ideology is a decent casus belli, after all. The transition from Scythian, to Hun, to Turkic and Slav, is an equally contrived, manipulated historical narrative, regarding the relevant regions. The Pontic Steppe, Central Asia, the Urals, these areas are as mysterious and antiquated as any myth of Atlantis, Greece or Rome.

    Now a days, ethnic Russians spread from Kaliningrad on the Baltic, to Vladivostok on the Pacific. Yet sprinkled in between, are certain ethnic remnants of bygone empires and peoples. The Tatars, the Bashkirs, are they remnants of the Mongolian Golden Horde, or perhaps the mixed descendants of far more antiquated populations and cultures?

  79. I owe much to my Dine teachers nine, they've left me now but I shall never forget them. One Dine shaman is worth the entire corpus of western theological literature. NASA doesn't have an arrangement with the pope, they have it with the Navajo, see Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog part 1. That is why our most astute commenters quote Carlos Castaneda. I'm hardly done here and I think I can say the same for Orage, we didn't want to go through this with them but like a drunk in the bar they have forced the issue, now they shall get just what the drunk got…

  80. The damage done to the European psyche by Christianity cannot be redirected by shedding light on the crimes committed by fellow abrahamics, in this case Muslims. Islam is hardly above reproach, yet is only secondary to the question.
    The fact remains that Christianity has no native mysticism, no breadth in awakening the potential for spiritual connection. It is very much a religion of the Caesars, which places emphasis on the political, the material, and the collective.
    It is past time to stop making excuses for deeply dysfunctional institutions, and blaming those under the heel of these institutions for the crimes therein.
    The truth remains that the ways of the ancestors functioned intrinsically with the flow and structure of the numinous Cosmos. Simply put, Christianity does not. Substituting for genuine connection is not connection, it is at best a false collective.
    In order to reawaken genuine connection, the primitive book from Samaels' slavery cult must be seen for what it really is, and the courage must be found to face that awful truth. This is happening, as I write this, and no amount of denial will change the course of this current.

  81. Unfortunately, according to bb, Christianity has stuck with European people.
    By what standard can this claim be made?
    Well, is anyone building new great cathedrals to celebrate their religion? Certainly not, since they don't have the ability to replace those lost.
    Doubtless then, we have a fresh face somewhere, a new great movement motivating the flock? Certainly not, if you bother to follow the perspective of the most prominent theologians.
    So, other than the dying embers of Chartes, it seems the best your Christianity can do today is dream impossible dreams. Hardly an example of being central in the psyche.
    Thus the argument, dragged out again and again, that it's the people's fault already is showing it's threadbare nature.
    Ignoring the political power, and the ability to commit mass murder, by any institution, especially those intrinsically supported by that society, is to fashion a false argument.
    The assumption that people had the ability to choose an alternative is one we are constantly demanded to take as fact. Yet the very structure of society has always been about forcing the young into predetermined conditions, this truth reveals the tired choice argument to be both facetious, and misleading.
    Further, it is Christianity that claims to be a moral authority. We are told repeatedly that this is so, thus the question remains valid, does the fact that some Christians develop consciousness mitigate the crimes committed by Christian rulers?

  82. Well Jack, on todays 3 hour hike as I do PT for armaghedan as I speak fluent "Q"…LOL

    I am going to have to leave America for awhile as my son is a Menominee

    I plan to cycle with him onto tribal lands

    to see what I see as the Spirit leads

  83. "as this author is keen to do (whilst also dismissing the validity of all Greco-Roman history as casually as common fact, I digress)…”

    Okay well let me digress now, one more ignorant comment like that will get you banned from this comment section for good. You are either a complete idiot or a plant which I am more inclined to believe judging by your lie about having purchased my book, your very presence in a comment section that is very exclusive, and your pathetic attempts at being profound. Apparently we’ve really struck a nerve. I got the “concealed one” spewing his hatred for females in the VT comment section backed up by Father Guido Sarducci defining bleating like a sheep as cultured and you over here pretending like Isaac Newton, Jean Hardouin, the work of Professor Anatoly Fomenko and the mathematics department at Moscow University, Edwin Johnson, Forster Arbuthnot, Heribert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn, Uwe Topper never happened. No one could be that ignorant and have miraculously appeared in this of all comment sections. which leads me to believe you are among the crowd who has been trying to shut me up for the last five years. Why don’t you just go write your own article rebutting me? Why, because you can’t, all you can do is throw your feces around in my comment section, like the monkey you are.

    For the many many people who have written me thanking us for publishing this, I promise you it gets even better next piece when we get to Matilda. These are just a few of the sources we are using here: Royal Frankish Annals, Annales Bertiniani, Annales Fuldenses, Annales Xantenses, and the Annals of Quedlinburg. This is a culmination of five years of research by Orage and I. As those of you whom have read me before Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog, you know I am a student of history myself, a good enough one to have been translated into at least a half a dozen languages. I would have liked nothing better than to reject Professor Anatoly Fomenko off hand, but I know the truth when I see it.

    I get half a dozen academic papers a week, very few are worth reading, unlike Orage and I’s articles they are faultily sourced, you use your professor whom you are beholding to for your Phd as a source you might as well use your mother. The Russians have already accepted that their primary sources were concocted by the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Chinese are teaching their college students that the West has concocted theirs because it’s so obvious.

  84. The Native American shamans in Wisconsin stopped a glacier as they accepted the fact that there were unseen gods yet they knew there own hearts and they had the great Spirit that was in everything and above them even controlling them as if one controls his own heart one controls the world around her. So,man has that spark from her I believe but that spiritual kingdom is within the self. Your religion MK is the materialist one that denigrates the work of the Spirit or the spark within. As you are the abrahamic and not me or Jack. LOL

  85. Well, anon, your view, of a condition of the psyche, is indeed a charming and hopeful world view. It is akin to the preferred stories of established historians, pundits, and socialites-all who have a direct vested interest in propagating this narrative.
    Unfortunately for your position, it is supported only by a desperate rear guard action, which attempts ignominiously, to fictionalize history.
    Christians can be wonderful people despite their tradition of slavery, ignorance, and worship of everything Jewish, but nothing here changes what happened at Dendara, at Alexandria, at Fatima, does it?
    Does the fact that some Christians are high functioning enough to exhibit a consciousness mitigate Charlemagne's endless wars on a people who posed him no threat?
    No anon, the factual record is clear. The native religion of Europe was targeted and destroyed by by Christianity, which always was a top down affair.
    Some of us are pretty fed up with patronising commands to paint it in pretty colours. Christianity never stuck with the greater European soul, and when the murders slowed down, so did the numbers flocking to it blood soaked pews.
    No Christian today has the slightest clue about the true faith of their ancestors. This all happened according to the plan.
    The collective is not the spiritual.

  86. So, there is no conflict, in a multidimensional Cosmos, between an ancestor race and its offspring meeting anywhere, anytime. The journey can be long, and the journey can be short. Gefjons' journey to acquire her Iotun husband was quite short.
    The real mystery is why humanity would be so willing to forsake their multidimensional inheritance for the dead bullshit of the bible. The answer is of course, they didn't.
    They were forced to by thugs who loved slavery.

  87. So, what about the fact that the ancestors referred oft to Iotenheim, what about the fact that the interplay between the Gods and the Iotun was such a centerpiece of the narratives?
    The previously mentioned multidimensional reality of the great ancestors makes Iotunheim directly available to any who have the wisdom to traverse to it. Like all of the worlds in the wood, they are immanent.
    Biblical thinking, if we can call it such, demands that there must be an actual locale to steer a ship. plane, or car to. They don't understand that the locale is directly and immediately available.
    The Iotun themselves are directly commingled with the Gods. In a multidimensional reality, all things are connected.

  88. It is impossible to comprehend the reality and the significance of the Iotun with this introduced confusion in effect. It is especially impossible to come to any meaningful conclusion about the Iotun if one is fixated upon a biblical perspective. The bible thumpers cannot encapsulate the Iotun, they can only misrepresent them.
    No where will one find the Iotnar portrayed as a parasitic species, feeding off of their slave race. Such an explanation, of invisible vampire,s does indeed have its own place, yet the Iotun are not this parasitic entity. I have written above about primal forces, and the Iotun are indeed a direct aspect of them. This is made clear in the lore.

  89. Giants, Iotun, thus became associated with the concept of a specific race, or class of beings. Later, this was reduced to psychological states, and children's stories. However, if one reviews the poem Beowulf, one discovers the addition of several non-English words, including the word for giant. This makes it all clear that the association, and idea of a certain race or species, came from outside the original world view of the ancestors.

  90. The association of Iotun, Jotunn, Ent, Thurs, Thorn, with Giants derives largely from a post Norman conquest version of English. As such, the idea borne through this abrupt change in language was mirrored in the social realities facing the English at that time.
    The Norman conquest forever changed the face of Christianity in the British Isles, and forever has made the center of religion someplace else besides the Isle of the Mighty. Further, it irrevocably altered the ancient lore from its clear and original perspective to its current muddied condition.

  91. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

    Let us open our bibles to Galatians chapter 5 verse 23 and 24. Well hidden here. LOL

  92. "They have farmed the human race since the days of Sumer and On, now called Heliopolis. They are the Council of Nine of J.J. Hurtak, Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff and MK Ultra proper. They were the Nine gods of Heliopolis in Egypt and the Nine Lords of the Night in Mesoamerica. The Australian aborigines called them Wandgina and southwest Native Americans Kachina. The Northmen knew they existed and called them Jötunn, Aser, and Vanir. Christianity has written them out of its carefully contrived reality for slaves, but Islam still knows them well as the Djinn."

    The Spirit is Nine in number as Paul wrote about it in Galatians as the Spirit is above any God or gods. Just what I see….

  93. Is it the womb , or is it the place where the gods struggle against one another? I think that my personal revelation from your book is that I want no part in either army. Whatever the reality that is to come, I think I'll just take Pete Townshend's advice and " move myself and my family aside/if we happen to be left half-alive." Thanks for giving us your story.

  94. I would say this about American Gods

    its about love for the other

    the Spirit is Nine in number

    taught where I go to Church

    Gospel seen there

  95. Well Jack I am married to the epitome of the finest woman I ever met

    when she preys

    needs met

    see her in action

    to care for the sick

    or feed the poor

    or stand up to the oppressor

    Jesus I see in her

    together in this

  96. My Favorite is the Horicon Marsh

    In wisconsin of course

    a swamp an earth mother could only love

    as an Evangelical it would be rude of me not to ask you to Church

    we have a fine community of unbelievers

    Gospel I see

  97. Music I am listening to right now? Frog of Earth by Mel Keane as its a bout the perspective of a frog and its existence…

    The Spirit is even there….

  98. the womb is a very dark place Jeff, as noted by Nietzsche the tree that strives the most ardently toward the light must have its roots anchored the most firmly in the darkness…

  99. Nothing lasts forever though. Sooner or later I got caught sleeping again and the powers put me back in my place (temporarily) by immediately choking me the minute I fell asleep and all other kinds of torture until again I reached that point of wanting to quit. It was actually when I was so incredibly weak from the lack of sleep and drained of all energy to fight back being choked out by this darkness I thought I got rid of where I asked for help and being a proud male even as a kid that was the hardest thing to do assuming it was pointless.

    Help I did receive though and whether it was the Goddess or lady I don't know, but it most certainly was feminine and she had a masculine force guarding the tail of my bed as a confused child waking from this dream of being choked all night. I couldn't see her but could feel her and hear her. Whether it was an angel, a demon, alien, whatever the hell doesn't matter and didn't in that moment. I asked for help and she arrived breaking my dream and waking me up and yet she was in my room I could feel her. All she said was lie down and turn in the direction that I did not facing her. Felt her sneak up on my bed energetically and hug me until I quickly fell back to sleep for the first time in what seemed like months.

    As a semi-conscious robot I can say I've never felt true love the way she showed me that night. More real than anything you can imagine from our 5 senses because I was still tapped into the others. Pure, divine, and motherly and I loved her for that and still do. It's a debt of gratitude I could never repay and it was never asked. When people rate their actions and deeds their entire life on a scale of measurement for accomplishment I say to them, "How can you measure one moment of kindness?" For myself there isn't even a scale to begin.

    You have only yourself to blame bringing this out in me brother. I love your work and it's absolutely some of the finest I've come across, personally, in my entire known existence.

  100. I've always had an affinity toward the Goddess more than the God and not simply because I'm a male. It goes back to the time as a child and not simply because the masculine God tends to be more fatherly and brutish and we even in our adulthood seem to find ourselves stuck in perpetual adolescence wanting that feminine teet. Prior to yourself Serrano was the closest I found that related this deep concept to paper the most authentically as it's extremely difficult to convey without falling into some of this New Age Divine Feminine Goddess worship that almost completely eliminates the Masculine God element. It's a fine balance that once more you have to feel within you, but she definitely has a part to play and being psychically disconnected from those early years it's getting harder to remember why, but we all feel it on some level.

    I'll just say as time went on from the previous I found no more solace with even my sleep. Was it psychic torture or an initiation of some sort I never knew it just simply was until I quite literally couldn't take it anymore. Then I found myself brought before darkness so intense I couldn't do or think much outside of shaking with dread. Telling me how it would all stop if I just kneeled and submitted. Anyone who tells you they didn't want to would be a liar when they find themselves between two foreign worlds both seeming like equal hells lost and confused. I couldn't say the words no matter how hard I tried. Worse I couldn't kneel in this dream more real than my waking life seemed.

    I became angry at my body not doing my bidding as I commanded. Worse yet these strange hot feeling in my chest was making me incredibly uncomfortable and agitated. That agitation then turned into more anger setting off a chain reaction at this asshole in darkness so dark yet an outline persisted moving like a smoke within it telling me to kneel to him and worship him. Who the fuck is this guy and who the fuck do you think you are I'm trying to figure things out and you're starting to piss me off! The fire kept growing the angerier I became until I realized that fire was beating, like a heart, and it was growing bigger the more resisted until saying NO and refusing to kneel seemed obvious. The fire kept growing until I became the Sun itself. So big and mighty I laughed at this idiot smaller than I was now like a titan standing over a whiny manchild lost in my own sense of being. I thought all my fears were gone that a planet could be thrown at me and be so irrelevant it wouldn't even phase who I was. Arms the size of the twin towers themselves radiating 5 times their radius searing with raw electricity. More power than I knew what to do with and an awareness as if there was no reason to use it strangely.

  101. "Human history, as we know it, is not much more than a thousand years old."

    Sometimes I feel you're the ghost that's haunted me since childhood, Jack. Hammering memories, dreams, realities, or moments of madness (who knows which?) back out of my sleeping conscious back into my waking one. One of my earliest moments of insanity, and to be fair existence in this thing called "reality" I have was someone sitting in a class room in kindergarten. I felt alone yet I saw these puppet bodies all around me, but I wasn't them. Down and out I went, into my body and out I suppose, having fun trying to understand what this madness was all about. There was this woman in front of all those puppets who were paying attention ever so closely to every word she said looking very serious despite her kind impression. As if she was wearing a double mask that nobody else could see but me standing there alone in this bubble.

    I went back down to listen for awhile and recall this thing she was teaching called history, colonial to be exact, and still not my favorite time period today. I knew nothing about this history but understood it was the history that came before we were alive, yet I couldn't grasp the importance of such a statement. I felt like I had always been alive as if I always existed, but if I existed then why can't I remember my own history? In that moment I had never been more frightened. Who am I? What am I and where did I come from? So I dropped down into that square box of reality shrouded by darkness outside of its existence to try and see if this woman knew teaching the puppets who some later became friends. I tried desperately to understand and make sense out of it but none of it did no matter how long she droned on. Suddenly I got this knowing that it wasn't correct without knowing why because I CANT FUCKING REMEMBER. Why can't I remember and yet know she was lying? What seemed like an honest error became a deliberately subtle lie and she didn't know it but at the same time she did know it because I saw both faces and the cognitive dissonance between the two.

    As if growing frustrated by my awareness she seemed to look at me and the other classmates seemed to not notice as she was clearly looking at them. Then that feeling of darkness, and yes it has a "feeling" which for males we underestimate with regards to our females and their intellect. I turned around to see a figure walk past and now realized I'm not alone. Was I seeing things or was this a security guard? Next thing I know I'm slammed back down into my body, by him or myself I don't know.

    And that's where it all started. I mean that in more ways than one. Waking and sleeping became living hells for along time thereafter, so now you can see why I choice laughter. I am a madman.

  102. Mike Kay – The key word to use here is expression. Humanity derives both from the primal Cosmos, and the Gods, as an expression of both, thus humanity carries with it the memory of the process of destiny itself. The Gods did not create humanity, they imparted qualities to the wood that became humanity. This distinction is crucial, because if the reader can grasp this, the reader will come to understand how humanity holds its own destiny, and does not serve as a mere slave race to infected abrahamic egos.
    Now, let it be said that the abrahamics are perfectly capable of entertaining their own world view. There is more than one world, and for certain expressions, it must serve them to find their ultimate status within the arms of damnation and extinction. Certainly, the identity they cling to is a flash in the pan. Yet it should be understood, directly and clearly, that the way of the great ancestors was and is not a stupid stepchild of the abrahamic ascendency. The Vanir are essence to existence that cannot be killed, they are anything but a parasitic entity, because it is the Vanir themselves who are revealed in the magic, as so poetically explained in the famous novel The Secret Garden. The Aesir will pass, but in passing they pass on, to their descendents the tokens that reveal the destiny. All the ancients knew about this, all the ancients educated their descendents about this. Sunthema, as Master Dionysus instructs us, were placed there for us to find our way. In the same fashion, the Gods leave their tokens for the next world of manifestation.
    The depths of comprehension regarding the ways, and the tokens, demands a lifetime’s experience. Destiny is not revealed all at once. Upon meeting the maidens who sew our paths, they are not filled with the abrahamic curse of vengeance and hate. The Swan moves equally at ease in the air and over the water. Thus, the destiny of one who follows the tokens is not the destiny of those who don’t. There is no reviling here, only simple observation. The doom of the abrahamics is their own. The joy of the Wanes is the constant collection after each annihilation, for the noose of the Bright one is also the circle that has no true beginning or end.
    As written, February 19, 2021, from my electronic pen.

  103. Mike Kay – Mike Kay – The two do not truly create, but arrange for the cosmos to achieve its expression. From this point, all the forces of the Cosmos will find their destiny, revealed within the matrix of manifestation. The Gods themselves derive from these primal forces, and an important quality to these derivations is that they are destroyed and collected anew in a series of energetic patterns. For example, before the Wolf can swallow the Sun, she bears a magnificent daughter who follows her mothers’ arc. This is repeated in the prophecy of the Seeress, who sings of the new gods finding the game pieces of the old. Like the ten worlds, Life and Longing for Life, the divine twins, are fed with the dew and housed within the wood. They are the seed for the new manifestation upon the glittering plane.
    Of the Vanir, the abrahamics say little, because they do not grasp that the Wanes were not from the same process as the Gods, even though this is clearly shown again and again. The wanes are not entities that eagerly devour your emotions, they are the second moiety to the Gods, and their sacred direction is to the opposite of the Gods. They are indestructible, because they cannot be grasped with the forces of war and annihilation. They are intrinsic, to the destiny of all manifestation.
    The Aesir are easier for the abrahamic mind to encapsulate, because they very much are a part of the human expression that even the abrahamics cannot fully deny. In his essay on Wotan, Carl Jung had to genuflect toward the abrahamics whilst revealing a little truth about the character of the gods and people. He correctly observed that the Gods never died, but they live on in ways that impel and direct. It was no mistake that the Runes, in an interesting expression, were returned to a place of prominence by the National Socialists. The Shutz Staffeln known simply as the SS, employed the double Sowelo Rune. Thus we see, that even for one who had to navigate the oppression of the abrahamic world, Carl Jung provides keen and valuable insight for us right here, right now.

  104. Mike Kay – The Wolf and the Swan
    Much continues to be written concerning the mighty ancestors, and their accomplishments. To the current view, the people of the North had no culture, no higher value, until their depredations brought them into contact with so called higher civilization. We are told that the North peoples were nothing more than a sorry spin off from all those wonderful cultures of the Levant. There is also a move to reduce the numinous power of the ancestors to a sub cult of the Middle Eastern death culture. None of this is correct.
    I will not be divulging the mystery of the Runes here, nor of attempting to become a junior von List, but to gain any comprehension of the mystery of the North one must have at least a cursory understanding of the Runes. To that end there are three aspects of the Runes that readers must know. First, there is no origin for the Runes, there is only discovery. Second, the Runes reveal the primal forces of the Cosmos. Third, the Runes work simultaneously in what is fashionably referred to today as multidimensional manifestation. Does all this sound like the expression from a folk who have no culture? If you assent to these significators, then read on.
    The Cosmos of the great ancestors was the home of immensely powerful forces that themselves are expressions of the ineffable. These expressions are both an identity, and a plane. As such they have reality through all time, and through all the worlds, this is why the Seeress sang of ten worlds in the wood. There is no concept of one world, one people, or any other commie talk from this system of comprehension, rather the multiplicity exists within the singularity, and vice versa.
    So, when the modern mind, trained to linear progression and abrahamic concepts of saviors and ownership, is met with the vision of this system, it cannot embrace it, it must encapsulate it. Thus we are told that the Aesir and the Vanir are some type of extra human critters, that Ragnarok is a Norse Armageddon, and that Odin and Baldur are imitations of Christ. However, when you understand the three previous principles, you will realize that what is being shown with the poetry is in fact, the expression of these primal forces, and not an imitation of anything abrahamic.

    We are not dealing with a branch of the middle east death culture, we are dealing with a very sophisticated expression of a multidimensional reality. In this multidimensional space, the primal forces flow, wax, and wane, but they do not follow a linear progression to eternal damnation. There is no eternal damnation in the multiverse of the great ancestors. Perhaps the best example of this is found in the wave itself. It was the wave, and the poison that birthed the Iotun. It was the wave that carried the primacy of life, and the wave that carried the potential of death, but the wave itself does not meet its destiny in some state of eternal extinction.
    The wax, wane, and flow of primal cosmic forces, which find themselves moving to manifestation, are personified by Surt and Sinmara, the two principles in manifestation, which asserts that all of manifestation derives from this primal fire.

  105. Another mind-bending pleasure to read. I also purchased and read your book. I would review it but I don't really know how. I guess I'm just one if those normies who can't quite see it. For some reason, by the end I was thinking of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. A neverending descent into a dark place that most of us don't even suspect is there.

  106. " 2/19/2021 10:02 AM
    Accepted history and time line is bull shit because they have tried to tie different dimensions together as one history.
    in the book History or Fiction, the writer who proclaims atheism identifies 9 persons in history, and their wars as the same being.
    He thought they faked history to hide things, using the same person or war, rewrite it change the facts a bit, the names.

    What he misses is this rock is a school.
    There is no time, time is something the sheep monkeys made up to try to make sense of their existence.
    Beings who can set a school up on this rock, have the ability to set up several classes going on at the same time with the same soul.
    Those who farm the sheep for perverse pleasure and profit have tried to make a one line time line, and it just will not work.
    a Roman fleet was found in 6,000 year old layers in a coal strip mining operation at a point where no rivers, dried up or not, explained their being there.
    Rome was going on 6,000 year ago, 2,000 years ago, and today.
    Rome is a class.
    new students move up.
    Rome is going on today, just in a parallel dimension.
    Dragons still exist, giants still exist, Rome still exist, just not in this class room.

    The number guys come up with some good research but as they do not believe in a higher power or a world of which they can not see, they misinterpret their own findings.

    Another atheist written book with good info which the writer can not see, not believing in anything he can not physically see."

  107. Some good comments via email by people who actually read the piece:

    "2/18/2021 11:39 PM
    Slavery is only legal if you agree to it.
    By free will, consent is given to be subject to the Vatican's Cestui Que Vie trusts, the wind in the sails of the private BAR association courts. These trusts claim all the land, all the walking real estate (animals and men) and your soul for good measure.

    A citizen consents to being a slave of the corporation, to which it pledges. Only has the rights given it by the Parent corporation.
    Is considered an illigitimate product of polyandry, by assumtion of the mother signing as the Informant at registration of birth.
    By assumption, the Birth Certificate is probated in common revokable form.
    Frank L Baum's, "merely, merely dead as opposed to really really dead."
    Unless the citizen corrects the Record upon reaching majority, it will always be considered an incapacitated minor at best, and at worst walking dead.
    (Only the incapacitated would fail to correct the Record)
    That's why judges wear mourning robes.
    "Let the dead bury the dead."

    Common stock shareholders in the corporation
    Herd immunity?

    Rules to the game.
    The remedy must be in plain sight.
    The players named.
    In Christianity's case, the occult remedy is in your face in thd NT. One of the final editors (Dee) was the court magician.
    Trust expression, Matt 16:19, Matt 18:18, Gal 4:1-7.
    Dissolve the CQV trust and implied easement on your higher spiritual estate.
    Its all spells and spelling. That's why lawyers have a different dictionary than us.

    Opposite team…Ephesians 6: 12…Djinn et al.

    I could go on.
    In dark terms, the willing fool makes the best sacrifice, hence the Christian Zionist, fundamentalist, corporate, 501c3 churches, which are designed to drive the cattle in the wrong direction, …to which they consent….poor sods.
    Their bibles are occult hanbooks that can redeem them or damn them.

    On the bright side, it took the parasites thousands of years to come up with this system.
    Young Frankenstein "Abby Normal" scene, with Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman ?

    Enjoyed your VT article.
    All the best, !@#$%.

    Agreed. Dead Sea scrolls a scam.
    Also, no Hebrew characters carved in stone or archetecture in Palestine.