Regardless of what you think about COVID, whether you like it or not it has now supplanted racism as the most divisive issue facing America. The not so United States is a nation whose populace is armed to the teeth and heavily laced with trained soldiers already on the brink of a second Civil War due to the former issue, the cause of the first one. Depending on whose statistics you want to believe, there is no COVID, so says the right, or its going to kill us all if we don’t do exactly what the government tells us, so says the left, who not surprisingly are in power right now.

As a man who was illegally evicted from his beach house in Long Beach New York in May of 2020 and wandered practically every state East of the Mississippi since then, including three different epicenters for the alleged virus; New York City, South Texas and Tennessee, I think I am in a better position than anyone else in the media to tell my readers that there is definitely something out there, something that kills, but not always. I’ve seen relatively healthy people die in a day or two after being diagnosed with COVID and I’ve seen people diagnosed with it repair a tractor in a hundred-degree heat while being under quarantine.

The real statistics, if you can call them that, are all over the place. I’ve had two different people who would know; one a well-known professional spy, the other a career military man on location, tell me that sarin gas is being used to skewer them even more.

I’ve heard the story, from a religious order legendary for their political acumen, that America first attacked China with a weaponized strain hoping to follow it up with the massive fleet sent into the South China Sea last summer and simultaneously in preparation for Chinas inevitable counterattack released a milder strain in America to build up “herd immunity.” I’ve also heard the Trumpian version. Who hasn’t? ‘It was China’s negligence that is the cause of the COVID pandemic.’ I am satisfied with neither. I am only certain that COVID is a biological weapon.

That COVID originated naturally from bats is nothing but a cover story by a group of deluded lackeys of the defense industry hell-bent on continuing their insane practice of taking naturally occurring viruses and enhancing them in a lab supposedly so they can back engineer their Frankensteinian pets and find cures for the natural virus. The first piece of propaganda blaming the dreaded mystery bat for unleashing COVID was published in the Lancet on February 19, 2020, far too early to reach a scientific conclusion. Yet it was eagerly accepted as gospel by the current crop of corporate media clowns pawning themselves off as journalists, probably because it used their favorite words, Conspiracy Theory.

“It later turned out that the Lancet letter had been organized and drafted by Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance of New York. Daszak’s organization funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. If the SARS2 virus had indeed escaped from research he funded, Daszak would be potentially culpable.” (39)

Less than a month later and still too early for conclusions: “A second statement that had enormous influence in shaping public attitudes was a letter (in other words an opinion piece, not a scientific article) published on 17 March 2020 in the journal Nature Medicine. It too claimed the virus was naturally occurring and it too was “full of absurdly large holes…” (40)

That the virus accidentally escaped from a lab is another science fiction story. Assassins masquerading as doctors like Peter Daszak know the second one of their pets gets loose playtime is over. There will be no more government grants in their future and possibly a much-needed long stay in a mental institution. Security at these labs is stringent, nothings getting out of them by accident.

COVID was used as a weapon just the way it was always intended to be used by the people who funded its development. As to the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question of who would use such a weapon it would be prudent to use the first principle of detective work; follow the money. – Jack Heart

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) reckons Transhumanism will be an integral part of “The Great Reset.” The shriveled old German globalist has said the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

Schwab’s book, Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which should be read as Shaping the Future of the Fourth Reich, is “particularly popular in China, South Korea and Japan, with the South Korean military alone purchasing 16,000 copies.” In the book, Schwab gleefully explains how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.” (41)

The Director of Engineering at Google; Ray Kurzweil, yet another genetically defected Jew from New York City, who has inexplicably risen to the pinnacle of money and power, predicts: “In the 2030s we are going to send nanorobots into the brain that will provide full immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system and will connect our neocortex to the cloud. Just like how we can wirelessly expand the power of our smartphones 10,000-fold in the cloud today, we’ll be able to expand our neocortex.” (42)

Kurzweil whose vague predictions of the future are lauded by the Jewish media as prophecy reminds one more of a dime store psychic. He is seventy-three years old and has been kept alive since he was thirty-five only through constant medical attention and literally hundreds of pills a day…

Norbert Wiener

But before there was a Kurzweil there was Norbert Wiener. Wiener, a prodigy and direct descendent of Maimonides, was in college when he was twelve. He had a PhD from Harvard by the time he was nineteen. But in spite of his prodigious academic achievements he was barred from the Harvard staff due to the efforts of the great American mathematician George David Birkhoff, who also saw to it that Einstein never taught at Harvard. Of course for this Birkhoff is accused of Anti-Semitism, ignoring the fact that Birkhoff’s protégé and favorite student Stanisław Ulam was a Polish Jew.

After collaborating with the seemingly omniscient Jon von Neumann on the mapping of neurons Wiener would pen Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine in 1948, now considered the bible of Transhumanism.

A year later in 1949 von Neumann: “using only a pencil and graph paper designed a self-reproducing computer. Von Neumann’s rigorous mathematical analysis of the structure of self-replication anticipated with uncanny accuracy the structure of DNA; discovered a couple of years later…” (43)

In acknowledgement of von Neumann’s genius the next year Weiner would publish The Human Use of Human Beings as an addendum to Cybernetics and Transhumanism was off and running. By the time José Delgado, often cited as one of the leading scientists in MK Ultra (44) and an outspoken proponent of mind control, published Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilised Society in 1969 Transhumanism was an out of control mad dog howling in the street and needed to be put down appropriately. It never was…

Both von Neumann and Wiener attended the University of Göttingen in Germany to study at the feet of legendary German mathematician David Hilbert. Von Neumann attended on a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation even though his father was a filthy rich Hungarian aristocrat. By the end of 1927 his Habilitation, a qualification required in many European countries to teach at universities and obtain professorship, was complete. He became the youngest PhD ever to teach at the University of Berlin and for two and a half years he wrote approximately a ground breaking paper a month, an astounding rate. In October of 1929 he received a better offer to teach at Princeton University in New Jersey.

Jon von Neumann

Once there, von Neumann would almost singlehandedly turn America into a technological powerhouse. Von Neumann was a gregarious man who owned the largest house in Princeton which he used to entertain and throw parties. He delighted in telling jokes in Yiddish to his Jewish friends, the closest of which were Stanisław Ulam and Theodore von Kármán his fellow Jewish aristocrat from Hungry. Von Kármán immigrated to America almost simultaneously with von Neumann. He would co-find Jet Propulsions Laboratory, the progenitor of NASA, with Jack Parsons… (45)

But it was very clear to everybody who knew von Neumann that he was also a fanatical Nazi. He had a pathological hatred for Einstein and when they had adjoining offices at Yale delighted in playing Prussian marching music full blast on his Victrola to harass him. It’s said that famed movie director Stanley Kubrick’s iconic Nazi character Dr. Strangelove was modeled after him when he was stricken with cancer and wheelchair bound yet still running the Atomic Energy Commission.

There can be little doubt that von Neumann was in America at the behest of the Rockefellers and by then the Rockefellers Standard Oil was IG Farben and IG Farben was Standard Oil…

Under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 the Rockefellers original trust; Standard Oil Company of New Jersey was dissolved in 1911 creating many smaller regional companies. Among them were Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon), Standard Oil of New York (Mobil), Standard Oil of California (Chevron), Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio), Standard Oil of Indiana (Amoco), Continental Oil (Conoco), and Atlantic Oil (ARCO). But like any good parasite that has not been thoroughly eradicated the Rockefellers rebounded nicely after being treated for and reinfected their host with a vengeance.

By 1941 Standard Oil of New Jersey was the largest oil company in the world, controlling 84 percent of the U.S. petroleum market. It was surreptitiously joined at the hip like a Siamese twin to the largest chemical consortium to ever exist; I.G. Farbenindustrie, the economic engine that drove the Third Reich.

IG Farben was founded in December 1925 as a merger of six German companies: BASF, already a chemical colossus then and currently the largest producer of chemicals in the world, owned 27.4 percent of the equity capital. Bayer, whom need no introduction also owned 27.4 percent as did Hoechst, another chemical giant already replete with pharmaceutical subsidiaries; Cassalla and Chemische Fabrik Kalle. Agfa, the cutting edge in photographical development, owned 9 percent. Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron owned 6.9 percent and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Weiler Ter Meer owned 1.9 percent.  Farben’s supervisory board members became widely known as, and were said to call themselves, ostensibly in jest, the “Council of Gods [Rat der Götter]”… (46)

It was no coincidence that the coalition of Germany’s chemical giants coincided with the rise of Hitler and National Socialism. Down the hallway footsteps were coming for Germany’s capitalists and they heard them loudly and clearly. In order to understand the two immutable forces that were being set in motion against each other in Germany it’s necessary to provide a brief history of economics.

Western history, the part that’s indisputable, begins when marauding Conquistadors aligned themselves with the papacy and overran what we now call the “New World,” slaughtering the native inhabitants by the millions. Tons of plundered gold and silver would flood Spain and within less than fifty years collapse its economy like a wet taco. Its people faced famine. You cannot eat gold and silver and when all is said and done their just another commodity, the more you have, the less their worth. Spain’s economy proved unable to sustain the infusion of all that gold and silver and “Spanish kings were continuously in debt and forced to declare bankruptcy in 1560, 1575, 1596, 1607, 1627, 1647 and 1653.” (47)

Europe learned a basic law of economics the hard way. A strong economy is insured when you maximize your exports while minimizing your imports. Adam Smith would later dub this practice mercantilism.

Sweden would be ruined in its war with Russia and using this system the French and British, along with the Dutch whose populace was vastly outnumbered by the other two competing nations and only won their independence from Spain in 1581 but compensated for these handicaps with “a strong work ethic, a restraint from conspicuous consumption, and a vigorous trade regiment,” would become the preeminent economic powers of Europe. The first one to set down the rules for the as of yet unnamed practice of mercantilism was Englishman Sir Thomas Mun, whose evaluation of the Dutch was just quoted.

Mun was the Director of the East India Company. He would promulgate the doctrines and practices that would give rise to the most powerful company the world had ever known. He wrote two books A Discourse of Trade from England Unto the East Indies in 1621 and England’s Treasure by Foreign Trade in 1628 where he chastised his countryman for not being as thrifty as the Dutch. Mun laid out a list of policies which he urged England to follow.

In his book, England’s Treasure by Foreign Trade Mun urged the British to ban all imports that can be produced within England. To convince English people they wanted English luxury goods. Mun advised the monarchy to lower taxes and tariffs on businesses producing goods for export and charge more money on goods for which England had a monopoly on the production. Mun advised England to cultivate her unused real estate to avoid having to import goods and increase her own production, along with this he wanted all imports to be completed by British shipping.(3)

Mun would die in 1641and ten years later Thomas Hobbs would justify every atrocity that was ever committed in the name of British imperialism when he wrote the dehumanizing bible; Leviathan. In France Jean-Baptiste Colbert under the auspices of the Jesuits would rise to the pinnacle of power in the court of the Sun King Louis XIV. While Colbert’s benefactor Cardinal Mazarin “became the richest man in the world” and Louie amused himself fighting war upon war, otherwise immersing himself in the dark scandal that was “L’affaire des poisons,” (48) Colbert ran France.

As Louie’s Comptroller-General of Finances Colbert would work tirelessly for over twenty years to increase the states hold on the economy until finally expiring in 1683. Colbert’s basic premise was to maintain a ‘favorable balance of trade’ in which products were exported for gold and to guard against an ‘unfavorable balance of trade’ where gold would flow out by using the power of government to strictly regulate French trade.

Colbert tried to undermine the Dutch wherever possible and stressed higher quality for French products, levying fines on those that produced shoddy merchandise. He closely regulated the manufacture of every conceivable product and built a strong merchant fleet to carry those products to the rest of the world. To the dismay of independent entrepreneurs he encouraged trade coalitions and cartels, organized under his own central bureaucracy, to which he extended monopoly privileges.

Although Colbert built France into an economic powerhouse eventually his system, dubbed Colbertism by economists, would leave France stranded in the seventeenth century. France was unable to keep up with the nimbler freer enterprise systems of the English and Dutch and its people, now starving in the streets, would overthrow the monarchy in the late eighteenth century. Astoundingly enough around the same time the French were beheading King Louis XVI for it Alexander Hamilton with his Report on the Subject of Manufactures was making a case for Colbertism in the fledgling American republic.

France would reinstitute a form Colbertism after WW II called Dirigisme from the French word diriger, meaning to direct. For thirty years the French economy was the envy of the world but by 1975 France was once again lagging behind her competitors in technology. China currently practices a form of Dirigisme, as do Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

By the latter part of the seventeenth century England was being overwhelmed by the seemingly endless industriousness of the Dutch. This quickly led to a war in 1653 where the English won several major naval battles in their home waters but led to the larger Dutch fleet blockading the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. The stalemate, detrimental to both empires, was broken when England passed the Treaty of Westminster which would evolve intoa series of laws known as the Navigation Acts. The acts, regulating trade for England and her colonies, largely turned the precepts laid out by Sir Thomas Mun a quarter century earlier into law.

The British Empire prospered under the tighter regulations but by the eighteenth century the acts were being modified by subsequent amendments, changes, and additional enforcement mechanisms and staff with an eye towards generating colonial revenue. Although its estimated that at most the changes cost colonial traders about 4% four percent of the net is a lot of money. It would lead to the American Revolution and it would also become the economic foundation of the National Socialist one.  

The Wealth of Nations would be published in 1776 the same year Americas founding fathers declared King George a tyrant and passed The Resolution for Independence in the Second Continental Congress giving birth to the United States. The author of The Wealth of Nations; Adam Smith, a prodigy at fourteen, was by then recognized as the smartest man in the British Empire, if not the world.

Adam Smith

Smith, a man of such intense intellect that he once walked eighteen miles immersed in his thoughts only to be made aware of where he was by a towns church bell, figured out what every great mind before him had missed. A countries wealth was not in bullion, which is essentially just another bought and sold commodity, but in the labor that country can generate. Productivity is the true wealth of nations. Innovation and invention with the elbow grease to set them in motion were the true measure of a nation’s economic power.

Smith’s disciple David Ricardo would follow up Smiths revelation by coining the term rent-seeking to be used as a label for the economic parasites currently murdering the world.

Rent-seeking is when one seeks to increase their share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. American Robert J. Shiller, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for economics, gives the classic example of rent seeking as; a feudal lord who installs a chain across a river that flows through his domain then hires a collector to charge passing boats a fee to lower the chain. There is no improvement to the river nor the boatmen’s journey. Nothing has been produced except ill begotten wealth for the lord. In an article titled The Best, Brightest, and Least Productive Shiller lamented that “7.4% of total compensation of employees in 2012 went to people working in the finance and insurance industries.”

In 1848 German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels would publish Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei (The Communist Manifesto) loosely based on Smith’s ideas and the whole world would be set ablaze with fires that still rage today. Marx and Engels reasoned, without considering the innovation and invention part of The Wealth of Nations seven hundred plus pages let alone Ricardo’s freeloader defining concept of rent-seeking, that all the upper classes were exploiting the workers and were useless baggage that were no longer needed, if they ever were. They called for the abolition of private property and the ruthless suppression of those that owned it which they labeled the bourgeoisie.

By the early twentieth century the communists had already burnt the existing social structure in Russia to the ground and were making it very clear Germany was next. Into the maelstrom stepped Germanys own economic genius Gottfried Feder. The German State on a national and socialist foundation is Feder’s unabridged manifesto. It was first published into the turmoil that was 1923 Germany.

It was in that same year Count Coudenhove-Kalergi would bare the venomous fangs of the German aristocracy with the publication of Pan Europa. Recruitment for the Pan-Europa movement from the ranks of wealthy German Industrialists like the ones that would become IG Farben in two years was begun immediately from the highest pedigrees of free masonry. The year would culminate with Adolf Hitler’s infamous BeerHall Putsch.

Gottfried Feder

Feder reasoned that the entire international monetary system was a rent seeker that Germany could no longer afford. The whole world said Germany was broke but using the basic premise established by Smith that labor is wealth Feder pointed out that “Every nation is as rich as it is able to organize work.” (50) In fact Germany was filthy rich, regardless of whatever the self proclaimed financial centers of Wall Street, London, Paris, and their paid hyenas in the press had to say. Feder stated boldly that “the interest slavery of the nations means the rule of the bank and stock-exchange” and breaking that “interest slavery is by far the greatest task of National Socialism.”(51)

One of the examples Feder gives demonstrating the burden acquired by the state through the burrowing of money with interest is the construction of the German Railway System. Feder calculates the total cost of construction: “amounted to around 25 billion gold marks up to 1914. The interest payments for this amount, with an average interest of 31/2 – 4%, amounted to around 800-900 million gold marks.” This consumed almost in its entirety the net revenue of the railway which after deducting labor and material “amounted to around 800- 1100 million marks.” Feder laments: “the gigantic army of German railway workers up to the highest positions with a head count of 782,731 persons has received for its work only exactly as much income as the completely inactive hand of loan Capital has pocketed.” He sighs: “The entire amount for our entire army amounted in 1913 – thus in the last full year of peace, to 775,385,300 marks…” (52)

Citing the work of Oskar Pöbing a Bavarian mechanical engineer who worked in the Technical University in Munich and published two in-depth studies on the cost Feder points out that in the two decade development of the “enormous hydro-energy existing in the mountain rivers, in combination with the large mountain lakes” of Bavaria the interest on the loans increased the final production cost for a kilowatt hour to the Bavarian people 500%. Feder asks why if the Bavarian state is solvent enough to guarantee the loan and the interest to its creditors on the “800 million for the Walchensee hydro-energy and the Middle Isar” it “cannot use its financial sovereignty and finance these works through its own authority.” (53)

The state could have issued “this cash in a way vouchers on the basis of its credit. Why should anybody have less regard for the credit of the state than for the credit of any banks, especially when the state is producing useful works for the welfare of the community?” Feder pointed out that vouchers could be backed by electrical credits upon completion of the project. He scornfully writes: “indeed Bavarian engineers, Bavarian workers, Bavarian foremen and entrepreneurs; Bavarian factories supply most of the machines and equipment – and for that which is not produced in Bavaria itself Bavarian grain or cattle must be given, thus Bavarian work must once again be given in exchange” for a globalist loan that involved for the bank no more than the signing of a check. (54)

Feder howls: “Is this not madness? Is this not an economic crime? of the people who have done nothing but at one time set their pen in motion and written out a cheque or directed their banker to sign the Bavarian hydro-electric loan, these receive for that, year after year, interests paid by the Bavarian people.” (55)

The money the state earned through running its own infrastructure without cutting in foreign banks would be more than enough to finance a utopian society. Feder emphasizes that when he writes: “the main goal of the National Socialist state is: the state without taxes.” He concludes that: “One who raises himself above the degradations and surveys from an elevated standpoint the Connections described: interest Obligation of the state – tax – ‘Inflation, one who has recognised the interest Obligation of all nations of the Western cultural circle as the fact dominating everything, one who has recognised that we live in an age of a complete reversal of the healthy and reasonable conditions between work and wealth, one who can no longer avoid the pressing logic that especially the state, by virtue of its financial sovereignty, is not completely bound to the loan route but that it can creatively finance through its own right all large public state tasks, for him it is only the last Step into a financial political New World to demand a state in which the state financial administration does not consider it as its first task to extract as much tax as possible from the state citizens but, on the contrary, to remove every burdensome tax pressure and to fertilise the national economy.” (56)

Feder was everything Karl Marx wasn’t, a wizard with numbers and facts who clearly states before his proposal to invent a financial and political New World: “National Socialism fundamentally recognises private property and places it under government protection.” (57) As opposed to the ongoing Soviet practice of murdering Ukrainian farmers  and stripping them of their land  Feder promises German farmers: “National Socialism will support and promote agriculturists through all means as the foundation of a powerful nation and of the nourishment of the population.” (58)

But he does not mince words with Germany’s generationally wealthy landgraves or their Jewish bankers in Berlin whom he promises a particularly hard time under National Socialism, mentioning Rothschild by name. Wealth accrued through rent seeking which he defined as those who were getting wealthy yet not producing anything would be confiscated, stockbrokers and moneychangers beware. He also stipulates: “It will however be the task of the legislation to draw the limits with regard to the hoarding of immoderate wealth in the hands of individuals at the expense of the whole…” (59)

There was nothing to stop Feder’s plan for using Germany’s labor as money from financially burying the rest of the world. It was a lightning stroke of pure genius and indeed a decade later Hitler would use it to build the bankrupt Weimar Republic into the National Socialist economic powerhouse that was the envy of the world in five years. But not before as the price of assuming power in 1933 he replaced Gottfried Feder with Free Mason and professional weasel Hjalmar Schacht.

Schacht was a German whose hobby was studying Qabalistic Hebrew a dead giveaway that he was a gift from Count Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Masonic lodge, including the Rothschild’s and Warburg’s. Hitler shrewd as he was could not have not known this but by then IG Farben along with the Rothschild’s and Warburg’s were his sponsors. The battle lines had been drawn in 1923 and the seeds of treachery sewn a decade later in 1933. It was these events that set the world on a course for a hundred year odyssey that would end here and now balanced on the periphery of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s transhuman abyss.

The Bormann Faction, part I by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (

The Borman Faction III, Rat der Götter by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (


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    And sorry for going off on one, but c'mon, if I hear another word about Nine's pussy-assed nephew, Duff being an asshole or mask wearers who should all be machine-gunned to death, I'll scream.
    And who the fuck are you to judge somebody else's behaviour, Nine? You come across as rather the big bully, to be honest.
    Good luck this winter, you're gonna need it.
    And give us something original in an age of insanity, man!

  17. Thank you Doctor Bramhall, I know we should but right now we need to keep hitting them over the head with the Saxons and Frisians, at least so they can stop saying Anglo-Saxons and sounding like rubes. I’m honored by your comment, not only as one of my oldest friends and comrades amongst the dissident literati, but as the direct descendent of Bishop John Bramhall, the first man to openly stand against the devil himself; Thomas Hobbs. Read it and weep B…

  18. Bukowski? Dumb ass quit to write before collecting a pension. LOL

    Slept with skanks and whores working the great machine like a slave below deck rowing the galley for his masters. LOL

    Same as any priest or military man.

  19. By the latter part of the seventeenth century England was being overwhelmed by the seemingly endless industriousness of the Dutch. This quickly led to a war in 1653 where the English won several major naval battles in their home waters but led to the larger Dutch fleet blockading the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. The stalemate, detrimental to both empires, was broken when England passed the Treaty of Westminster which would evolve into a series of laws known as the Navigation Acts. The acts, regulating trade for England and her colonies, largely turned the precepts laid out by Sir Thomas Mun a quarter century earlier into law."

    I do so wish you and Orage would write something about the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. This was when the Dutch usurper Williams of Orange (who took over the British throne) gave over control of British currency to the BOE by allowing them to create more bank notes than they could cover with the gold they held. Since that time, money creation everywhere except China has been totally under the control of private banks. Until money creation comes under public control again, I don't believe any enduring political reform is possible.

  20. Psychic Attacks – How To Recognize and Survive – VITAL INFORMATION
    2,303 views•Jun 5, 2021

    Psychic attacks? Its just about as normal as every day life and will result in more trouble for the NPC perpetrator in comparison to getting in trouble with criminal assault and battery. After watching this video, where it describes the physical appearance of a pathetic human hate projectionist, I very unfortunately recognize that description, but I will not gossip about that.
    In comparison to the Black Magician who does NOT self transform into a twisted and warped figure, is because of the Service they perform for Creation, by removing humans who purposely conspire and create all manner of timeline simulation detours and barriers to trap other humans on a planetary scale. It is said that when the Black Magician dissolves the trapper, they will proceed to initiate greater alignment with Source.

    u ass in bigtime trouble now Stanley

  21. Banger, this place The Human has never been about material rewards, so contribute away. Sustenance aside, too much is in control of the grocery clerks anyway. So many great insights to our posts, from very different backgrounds, no AI can match. Orage

  22. I've deleted less than ten comments that weren't obvious spam over the last seven years. I believe in grown-up unmoderated conversations. Plenty of places where wanna be Trotzkist with Addidas sponsors shout people down. Obsessive virtue signaling gets tiresome Nine,we've been over this before. Orage

  23. And I doubt that fat p.o.s. is MI6, Jack. He just doesn't have the smell about him. Other smells, fo' sho. But not that smell.
    He's just another 'historian' who doesn't know shit about history.
    Churchill wescued uzz fwom the Naaaaahzees,
    That alone should tell you all you need to know about that particular Hobbit. I expect it's taking all his energies just to delete stuff from the comments section, these days. He deleted about 10 of mine– that's why I never go to VT, anymore. I just don't rate them as a source and they are DEFINITELY censoring current geopolitical stories– Big Stories– despite all the yadee yadee yaa about bringing us the troof.. (Apart from the occasional Duff contribution, of course, always worth a gander.)

  24. Jack– you know us by now; we couldn't give a shit about masked up Green Berets (pussies, anyway, ass whooped by goatherders in dresses with 1980s Russian tech) or stories about cycling around the boonies screaming at masked up joggers.
    We get it already: Duff's a zioshill; Nine hates Normies; and the world has gone to shit.
    No shit?
    Charles Bukowski our mate here isn't– so less of the ramblings and more of the info, if yee please. Or we might just have to roll our sleeves up again and get contributing; thing is, I remember Nine got a liddle bit upset with us laaaahst time we did. Boo Hoo.
    Oh, and carry on scoffing at the Normies, dude. Because in a few months time biowarfare 2.0 is coming to a leafy care home near you. And this time you won't be shouting at nobody from your bike. (Men in lycra tights with a blade saddle up their arseholes. Go figure.)
    I can guarantee you that, amigo.
    Tshussle, Schatzy,
    p.s. Jack, we bought 5 copies of the book. But that doesn't give us a right to post shit. And at times racially offensive shit, at that. The Great White Avatar MAGA Hope is gone, man. He was just a fucking WWF actor, anyway.

  25. In nines defense B he has been a loyal supporter for years and when that fat little man from MI 6 systematically destroyed our comment sections on VT it was nine who was the most vocal objector. Having said that I can understand how his current comments about the Green Beret and the military upsets my other readers. That whole thing started when Phil Hunters best friend, a green beret who served in four different wars, died of COVID in two days last fall. If it was up to me I would just ask all of you to just respect each other, but its not only up to me, in fact this is Orages blog and I’ve only recently been given administrative status on this thing, along with Phil, who can’t be too happy about nines comments either, but Phil is to stoic to say so. I said it before when you and Mike went at it, I can’t be a referee on here, you guys want more don’t you? 1200 words yesterday, you can’t do that with distractions.

  26. Make it your last one and STFU you silly old fool. We're about as interested in you late night alcho-rants as we are in your extended families COVID habits. Yield the floor to people with something useful to add.
    B & Friends.

  27. What is the definition of "scum of the earth"?

    Those in command of the US Military and those that run the old agency I am retired from.

    They pick the worst possible people to promote as like a septic system the biggest pieces of shit float to the top of the tank.

    To much truth for you?

  28. West Point is now training some fine young folks to be officers in the rebel American army.

    Vaxxes are mandatory. The unvaxxed are down to less than 100 from 700 jack!

    The unvaxxed are in solitary confinement and given the worst duty and must wear a mask 24/7 as my Green beret nephew is all for such policies of course we are enemies as that side of the family is fucked up. The vaxx just adds spice to the recipe!

    In a real war one will suffer a lot worse than what West Pont can dish out as in wait till that vaxx really kicks in!

  29. Duffy Jackson equals pussy and please take the suicide jab so our dear enemies can invade America at warp speed just like "the donald" wants! LOL

  30. Cleaning my Henry Duffy. No one I associate takes the vaxx as the US Military is a fucking joke.

    Just burried another Vietnam pal from work as he was 73 as agent orange got him. Now West point is forcing cadets to take the jab.

    Fuck West point as the US military is an enemy of the American people.

    We are waiting for all you vaxxed zombies to come and get us however, I suggest you invade and conquer the north side of Milwaukee.

    But wait the US Military is only good at losing wars.

  31. Nine has been called a lot worse things in the Veterans Today comment sections, he likes it. As I already said his comments in no way reflect our policy for Jack Heart. All of us, outside of me, at least that I know of, are Veterans, Phil Hunter on active duty till very recently. My writing has been geared toward fighting men since day one and we wouldn’t be here without the donations we get from military people.

  32. Not exactly magnanimous but i appreciate the sentiment. "panning your book" is a bit of an exaggeration. I quite enjoyed reading your book George, but I believe less than half of it and the rest was so self serving and so god damn cringey, that's why i offered you editing and publishing advice (and a reccomendation to stick to history). I don't like apologizing but i will say my comments after that were below the belt. As for nine, he can get fucked. I don't comment on here enough to bother putting up with his garbage, but if he's going to insult veterans or serving personal then as far as im concerned it's open season on fat boy postal workers.

  33. Nine I love you, but you must stop bringing your friends around here. Jackson Duffy was on here yesterday gunning for you. Now there’s a guy I really don’t understand. He comes on here panning my book, criticizing my parental skills, and questioning my honesty in a book where I had to force myself to write things no human being should ever have to admit about themselves, not mention questioning my martial skills when there are still thousands left alive, at least a dozen or so on my Facebook wall, who will attest that every word in that fucking book is true. Duh, that’s why I used real names. Anyway, after I have to delete a dozen or so of his comments and whining about the fact that he’s “perma banned” he comes at me with: “No wonder MK vacated from this this place. It’s no longer spiritual at all.” I’ve said it a thousand times and I will say it a thousand times more I’m nobodies fucking guru, most people don’t need to be enlightened they need to be stomped. Now having said that, I am not someone who holds a grudge, never have been. His comments are welcome on here as long as he keeps a civil tongue, which he wasn’t doing, again, yesterday. Even MK is welcome back on here long as he sticks to the facts and doesn’t try to use his considerable skills as a writer to try and discredit what we have wrote.

  34. My my you are the brilliant one aren’t you Mothman. This reads like it was written by one of those 300 IQ’s I’ve been hearing about from some out-of-town friends of mine. Of course, you are correct in just about every word you wrote but you forgot one thing. What about Schlomo’s almost seven billion sycophants? Will it not require an apocalyptic war to neutralize them? And who will wage it in this world, if a country as powerful as Germany already tried and failed? I could ask you who empowered Schlomo in the first place by creating the Radhanites and allowing them to fleece the West for almost a thousand years before finally cutting another deal with them that would kill the dream that was National Socialism, but it would be a rhetorical question. Orage and I have and are currently answering it. No, I feel that you and maybe even the great Miguel Serrano miss the point, one must clean up their own mess. Anyone whose ever had children knows that no matter how well behaved they are you can’t ask them to clean the whole house and expect them to do it right…

  35. Jack, with respect have to disagree with you on faith in weapons of war as I place my faith in the Spirit.

    Evangelicals have a saying "No weapon formed against me shall prosper".

  36. Mr HermitMay 28, 2021 at 11:31 PM

    Eugenics is a totally different idea to rulership based on lineage, eugenics concerns the improvement of the genome of the entire collective. Politically motivated negative fake implications invented by Jewish propaganda with some idea of 'Nazis' creating a slave race is actually a Jewish projection, as it is the Zohar that says all Gentiles will be slaves to the Jews, and was the Bolshevik Jews who said they would turn Russia into a land of white Negros, and reduce Russian intellectuals to the level of idiocy, also saying that they would reduce all Russians to the level of animal existence, that is not eugenics, or any improvement, but rather an entirely negative process, a dysgenic or malgenic one totally intended on the progressive degradation of the genome of the Gentiles.

    Individual effort to remedy DU, Fukushima, synthetic mRNA in fake foods and medicines becomes irrelevant when the voting system is so corrupt.

    I remember watching Biden live on video, he literally said thesee words as far as I can remember; "I don't need you to vote for me, we have the best vote-fixing software there is, I just need you to support me when I am elected" (not if, that is how cheeky Biden is, like he said to US troops before the elections; "And I am not a Jew!… Cheer, you dumb bastards" which I also saw him do live on video.

    I do agree though that man having turned away from true spiritual knowledge is the ultimate cause of all this, but understand that it is being made to happen and that is being made to happen by the Noahide Law policy of destroying all other religions through infiltration, subversion and ultimately intended total destruction (A Jewish-controlled CIA policy – the Jews would counter that Operation Paperclip (front men patsies) they put in the CIA are responsible entirely).

    Jews do not listen to words, they laugh at those, Gentiles have to physically march them out of government office, or be literally killed by the Jews with their COVID weapons and intended nuclear wars, it is that simple, and the solution is no more complex than that, then natural Godly Gentile genius can arise and flourish freely again, but not until that happens, imagine the Rife technology and anti-gravity technology and free energy technology all being released almost overnight for starters with the Jews out of office, with dozens of more life-changing ideas like that to follow, no more cancer or pathogenic disease at all in the world…

  37. Regular Army? Fuckin vaxx the lot of them or force the ones out that won't take the vaxx…

    There is your army. Produced by our very enemy no cost to us the American people. Basic intelligence test I see.

    As our founders say that there always were problems with standing armies. Look at the American one right at this moment? LOL

  38. Better yet Jack I will purchase a Ticket to see the brewers for any Green Beret or former Green Beret that is not vaccinated to wear a mask that says Not Vaxxed.

    I am all for the mask Jack in that regard.

  39. Apparently Jack in Milwaukee one can go to a Brewers game and not wear a mask if one is vaccinated. Now, it is not the policy of the Milwaukee Brewers to ask for proof of vaccination via vaccine passport such as the state of New York has.

    It appears we have a don't ask don't tell policy like our dear Military has with Gay folk in regards to vaccines.

    Personally of course the Milwaukee Brewers can go fuck themselves as I would not spend one red nickle to see them. A vaccine to shed the mask? Fuck off!!! LOL

  40. “Put your faith in nothing except your weapons of war.”
    That was my advice to all of you from the very beginning, its right at the bottom of the first part of the Behind the Bush series. When I started writing for Veterans today back there in 2013 I had no illusions. As Janelle Monet says so eloquently in our Many Moons addendum “your freedoms in bind…” You all need to take a good look at those around you. Then gut check yourselves and ask “am I strong enough to do what is necessary here?” Because if you are not, the battle is lost for you right then and there and you will be among the dammed. I watch some of my Facebook friends still cavorting with what they believe to be their friends and family, “trying to wake them up.” For their efforts they are heckled 24/7 by these brainless monstrosities who glibly type CNN talking points devoid of even the slightest hint of human sentience in rebuttal to facts. How one can sit across a dinner table without bludgeoning the offending automaton into the scrap heap they really are is beyond me, but then that’s just me. Sixty one years in this place has taught me that the final solution to all conflict is violence. That is why the military exists in the first place. Our writings from day one have been addressed to the military and I have been told by those that know that the government has firewalls in all their installations to keep Jack Heart out. We are supported by the military and it is their five, ten and even hundred dollar checks that come in every month from ex soldiers and cops just like you two that keep us going. All that’s required here is for one billionaire with some semblance of a conscience, maybe the Jesuits, maybe even Schlomo, to open up their check book and I will bring this war home, that’s a promise…

  41. Well, what I see is a National Security problem for America

    Does the Green Beret have training on poison by injection?

    My Green Beret took the jab

    So Proud…….

    The Hitler pal says Jews always hide and create an enemy

    says its Genetic….LOL

  42. "Why the next war they get America into America will lose that war and big time and her people will suffer however, I have known for a long time that the war has come home so maybe its time for our enemy to bring it home to us. We are ready for you."

    Perhaps, that was the plan all along and only know you're starting to hear those in the metaphysical field (thinking Dark Journalist) say from the very founding America was esoterically designed for this 300 year time frame to be the "Great Sacrifice" and why post WW2 the yids couldn't keep their lids on to their excitement that destroying America will be their greatest Act of all time.

    As far as our Special Forces go unless they have some leadership in the know they will be the ones they most certainly want axed as they're the only real fighting unit we have left. Believe me I left the service in 2007 because the standards had fallen so far in the 5 years I was in it was appalling and made sure to tell everyone to arm themselves because our military is incapable and morale was through the floor of hades that they couldn't protect you anymore. We were finished militarily in 07 and its that simple. The SF section of the military isn't in their size or expertise even, as you might know, it's that their real mission is to train guerillas so that each member of that unit can turn 100 men into common soldiers quickly. Besides fanboying, even your average infantryman would be very attentive and more than willing to give them command in such bottomed out scenarios their prestige is that well earned.

    Apparently Israel got Pfizer which happens to be the most disastrous despite the propaganda about J&J, but the hell with all of them. They're going for scorched earth and wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe the Israeli's are loaded with sugar water or maybe they're loaded with ticking time bombs and the maestro holds the trigger. Maybe it's another trick knowing the whole world subconsciously or consciously follows the Jews and this time they're going to go down with them thinking it was the safe shot. The most unproductive peoples in world history really want a planet to themselves even if it leads to cannibalizing themselves to the last man standing, and history shows they have no qualms sacrificing their own people much like the other tribes, races, and ethnicities elites have no qualms sacrificing theirs.

    It's a blood pact to the very end so it seems.

  43. Well, curious minds want to know Jack as to which vaxx the IDF boys and the rest of Israel got? Saline solution I bet. How about American Special forces such as the Green Beret? Saline for them? My Nephew Green Beret would be aghast as he believes in the Marxsist take over of America and the efficacy of that Covid vaccine!

    Well,if my nephew is the new norm for our American Military I would say they lowered the standards however, I would suggest that our dear Military police our dear American cities that have descended into war zones. Why our dear Covid came from a North Carolina lab and blamed upon the Chinese. LOL

    Why the next war they get America into America will lose that war and big time and her people will suffer however, I have known for a long time that the war has come home so maybe its time for our enemy to bring it home to us. We are ready for you.

    Turtle Island is ruled by that Spirit. As our dear American natives did not kill the white Europeans upon their arrival is because their Spiritual leaders were against such primitive actions as they were drawn in. 500 years later and our dear leaders are so arrogant as my dear people the Evangelicals have a saying "No weapon formed against us shall prosper" as we believe life is lived by that Spirit.

  44. The statement made of the occult elite having an obsession with eugenics is simply an entitlement philosophy of rule over humanity based on lineage.

    What is happening to the genetic material of all earthly species including ourselves is solely “our own fault”, not the elites. We collectively as humans are financing and allowing the destruction of everything around us to occur by our acquiescence of using Corporate and Big Pharma poisons, GMO’s , contamination……etc.

    Humans in general are disconnected from sovereign thinking and personal responsibility. The world around us is simply a reflection of the collective inner mind, and it’s obvious the collective inner mind is not healthy only because of our free will choosing.

    While it’s important to recognize external tyrants and their activities, ultimately it’s our individual ethical choices in life which will be the only savior back to balance.

  45. @ Mr Hermit May 26, 2021 at 12:50 AM

    Actually, they are not obsessed with eugenics at all when we look at what is actually happening from a different perspective. It is actually the case that they try to give eugenics a bad name whilst they destroy the genetic material of all earthly species, and what they do is not to improve the genetic material of any species, but only to destroy, thus, the term eugenic is not only a misnomer, as the actual process they are employing is an entirely harmful one, a dysgenic or malgenic one, but by deliberately creating mis-association they are trying to make everyone have a knee-jerk reflex reaction against the word eugenics so as to make everyone automatically hate and oppose the very idea of eugenics, when eugenics alone would actually save the genetic material of all the Gentiles and the other creatures that the Deuteronomy 20:16 universal exterminationist policy of the Rabbi Laitman-type Chabad Lubavitcher self-identified extra-dimensional invading and conquering parasite soul entity in the form of the Jews seeks to inflict against all life in this dimension. What the crypto-Jewish Gates and Fauci and the Jewish inventors of the synthetic mRNA COVID bioweapons are initiating is actually precisely the opposite of eugenics, the wholesale destruction of the genetic material of all species of life indigenous to this planet in the air, the oceans, the rivers and on land by Fukushima, DU, synthetic mRNA genetic weapon fake crop foods and glyphosate which are the forerunners of the mutating mRNA weapon COVID death shots, their cobalt nuclear planet killer bombs that Jew inventor Leo Szilard stated in 1950 will destroy all forms of life on this entire plant if just 400 are detonated (he also invented and patented the atom bomb in London in 1934, then he patented the cobalt nuclear bomb in 1950, other invading parasite Jew soul species members (Jews themselves say they are a different, and higher species of soul than all others, the only spiritually living soul type they say) invented and patented the original nuclear bomb and neutron bombs.

  46. I will tell you what the mask is

    When I fist smash your face the mask shall keep your teeth in

    Jack understands the concept

  47. Greg, let me tell you Greg, as I have a nephew named greg as he lives in my sister in laws basement. Has a girl friend that lives with him and a job at the local factory.

    You missed the point of the Duff article.

    My point? Greg lives way better than you. LOL

  48. I believe Hitler could only do so much and as brilliant as he was also was bound by invisible forces even at the top of his game. Perhaps the only thing that even allowed him to continue with great dismay to the Generals and Aristocratic faction was his unwavering popularity by his people. He realized early on Palestine wasn't an option and thus nixed it contrary to what the retards out there believe using that as an excuse for Judeo-Nazism as being their scapegoat for intellectual ignorance bordering on dishonesty. He wrote as much in his book and knew anywhere they went without a permanent blockade preventing their escape was going to be fruitless as it would be the center for world wide criminality exactly as it is now.

    I guess you could call it "Freedom", but not the typical variant the average zombie can relate to or thinks they know what that word means, itself having the language and understanding dumbed down like everything else. For them the proper term would be extended time to unfuck themselves for one thing he absolutely did even if it's perceived as "failure" is by the world more goddamn time knowing himself that the timing was off and possibly too late but someone had to step up to the plate, and boy did he and the Germans step up if I might say. Call me entranced in Serrano's beautiful poetry but on quieter days like this one I can't help but find the beauty in the failure even as misery is all around me. I love Hallmark Happy Endings, but my secret love is the Greek Tragedy and without failure how would you really, truly, know the world that awaits in failure? Seeing that world just reaffirms the first. Perhaps it was best it failed when it did. Imagine 75 years of subhuman zombie waves working tirelessly to destroy something beautiful, a babe in its crib in a world that wasn't even deserving of something so pure.

  49. Good to know the Pentagon has officially dropped its balls having dropped the ball for 75 years to finally admit the JIDF is their little side project. Hardly a surprise when you trace back the original subversives who fed the FBI its intelligence for the last 100 years also happen to be the same parasites Napoleon dealt with that leading to King Rothschild assuming the throne of Empire.

    What does surprise me, constantly, is seeing the pathetic shabbos goys who earn that right groveling and so willing to bend the knee and kiss the boot to preserve his life even if it means losing their honor and dignity. I may be a peasant but at least I have twice what they have.

  50. Jack Heart: The Bormann Faction Part II
    By Jack Heart -May 23, 2021

    StanDelCarloDC May 25, 2021 at 7:22 pm
    Posting drivel is counter intelligence for joking around with the surveillance shill agents who have to read it and report it everyday to their employer.


    Russian Source: Pentagon Creates Rogue Army of Secret Combat Units for Domestic War By VT Editors -May 27, 2021

    "The newest and fastest growing group in this army is online and never leaves its keyboards. These are cutting-edge cyber fighters and intelligence collectors who assume false personas online, employing “non-attribution” and “misattribution” techniques."

  51. Von Newman is gone so they are fucked Jack. Still running upon his Genius? Fitting obituary I see.

    Listening to Bach right now still running his Church on pure Genius. Why the human Heart controls art as let the android create it. LOL

  52. The Spirit rules Turtle Island as the Native Indians invited us in to their destruction and why not have killed all the white people? Their Shamans and seers obeyed their ruler the Spirit.

    Will our dear vaccine kill millions? Perhaps. What if a loved one took it is all hope lost as I believe not. The dear American Evangelicals believe that no weapon formed against us will prosper. Is this the case? Perhaps for some it will be the case!

  53. Orage, it is the nature of Spirit or that voice from within as I believe its the nature of creation as even Von Newmen told us through mathematics the nature of Spirit as I believe it is the wave function. Why he graphed it out and here we all are however, Spirit I believe rules even our dear Von Newmen and our dear enemies.

  54. Unfortunately No Michele,

    The Klaus Shwab's, Ray Kurzweil's, Elon Musk's, Bill Gates, and the rest of the cyborgs have contempt for nature.

    They mechanical minds are very clever, but they are not wise.

  55. Communication with nature is possible- one need onlyvhow to listen and know what language to speak. Tell him Jack.

  56. Good or bad is perspective, or if you will, politics. A hook that gets you to do things against your true nature. Right or wrong, a voice from inside whispers, or yells, a better yardstick. In this arena though, it's hard to tell the ultimate outcome of a single player action, it is still dynamic, but with certainty status quo will not hold.

  57. Thanks Jack, I know you've said to not at look at this as good vs bad and I really try and retrain my brain to not think that way. We've all been indoctrinated since we were little with good/evil so it can be hard to break out of that conditioning….anyway, thank you Jack.

  58. I wonder the same thing anon but it really is unimportant, forget about good guys and bad guys here, this is a program, a simulation. In order to create this situation historical precedents had to be set, von Neumann and all his inventions is one of those precedents…

  59. Was Von Neumann used by the masters or was he full blooded member of the bormann faction of the nazi's? I want to like him because his intellect is something that is hard to wrap my head around and thus I have much respect but seems like he is responsible for many things we are currently living in.

  60. King Baldwin IV: A king may move a man, a father may claim a son, but that man can also move himself, and only then does that man truly begin his own game. Remember that howsoever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.

    Last one i promise…

  61. PORTUGAL PORT TU GAL, PORT – Latin means 'carry. 'TU- This form of "you" GAL Means "wave" in Hebrew.
    Many people in Europe are choosing Portugal to go off-grid so I may add a reason why…
    The Schrödinger equation is a linear partial differential equation that describes the wave function or state function of a quantum-mechanical system. … The concept of a wave function is a fundamental postulate of quantum mechanics; the wave function defines the state of the system at each spatial position and time
    Everything that you receive is carried by the wave what is wave frequency, vibration sound equals Energy. Our Voice is the wave it is a Wave of FREE ENERGY.
    So Real Power lies in your INNER VOICE the REAL you.
    IF many VOICES are speaking the same language(FREQUENCY) we will collapse the current wave function.
    Energy-sound ,vibration,frequency. Words, thoughts, consciousness
    Words create sound, thoughts -vibration consciousness-uses frequency all together give ENERGY.
    if you are looking for FREE ENERGY it is closer than you think.

    I am from Croatia sorry if I misspelled something i just want to talk to like-minded people.

  62. One must factor in the obsession with eugenics amongst the occult elite. Their continuous search to reconnect to a past state of god like divinity. This is currently disconnected in themselves and most present day humans.

    Their Frankenstein trans-human and cloning breeding experiments continue unabated, producing the carefully preselected influencers and script writers of mankind’s present day and future narrative.

    Their lineage is recognizable by the lack of creativity, empathy, and ability to improvise. It is the historic compromise between never locating the godly spark of life formula, and utilizing only a select genetic pool to work with.

    If only communication with nature was possible, instead of trying to dominate it. Their inability to understand this will never recreate the divinity they obsess over.

  63. The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek fictional universe. The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called "the Collective"

    Population 9 Billion – All Borg Quote from the Movie Star Trek: First Contact 1996

    Sounds very familiar to me.

  64. “This Messiah, or King of the Jews, could constitute itself as a collective entity with thousands of arms and thousands of heads, the Hydra or Polyp of International Judaism, distributed world wide on the institutions they control everywhere, Marxism, the Soviets, capitalism, the multinationals, the Vatican, the other church's, the centers of occultism, Free Masonry, the United Nations, etc. Nor should the possibility of an individual messiah be discounted who, as has been said, has been preparing since time immemorial in the synagogues and lodges, a species of monstrous Golem, a species without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, trans-infinite. Perhaps he even could have an electronic brain, a robot, which they can manipulate. Nor can we exclude the installation of a Jewish pope in Rome. Everything is still possible at these heights of the fulfillment of the millennial plan.” – Serrano, Miguel. 'Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar part 1 (Abridged Version),' p63.

  65. All the main scientists behind the development of all the main company COVID bioweapon so-called vaccines are Jewish, no 'Nazis' there at all, not one. The evidence has already been collated and documented online.

  66. I read the study a few months ago how you can topple the gov and there was again 3% of the active people who will rather die than be enslaved but now we probably have 20/30 % and there is this thing with AGe of Aquarius translation they can't stop the sky cloak, it is simply not possible. They had their 26700 years to rule now this is done thing, the more they are pushing the more people will be enlightened A wake(AWAKE-funeral wrong term ).trust me all will be fine and yes my soul is mine and is real treasure Money (MOONING) is something that's is not even worth talking about all material is going away this is the big reason why parasites are forcing the wax, they are literally out of time. I know it is not looking like we are winning right now but it is a done thing, time to get out of the Cube.

    Vision from the man I know was strange it was in 2017 and the message was whatever you do stay in your body at any cost I could not sleep for 2 days today I understand what it was …don't take the freaking poison in your body no matter the cost…

  67. Big pharma is doomed as the Spirit shall overcome even the most demented of vaccines. As I and my family stand witness to that fact.

  68. Muflon, in your link the song was about the heart of an android and does one even have a spirit? I believe not Muflon as we as humans are created beings as we are infused with the creator and have a Spirit as that creator is Spirit or non corporeal in nature. An android is a machine made to look like a human being and to act like one like in the great work of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

  69. Okay the sound of the jump gun will go silent, but another target is closing in fast :

    Could advances in magnetic hydrogel

    explain the COVID vax magnet phenomenon,

    especially since studies admit it could be

    magnetically activated and remotely controlled

    via the Smart Grid?


    With the eerie COVID vax magnet phenomenon in full swing, we must look deeper to discover what could be causing magnets to stick to people's arms at the injection site.

    Is magnetic hydrogel the cause, given the recent studies showing it, can be magnetically activated and remotely controlled via the Smart Grid? Or are there other explanations involving metallic nanoparticles?


    Death to the world, man's necronomicon
    Depopulation, Quetzalcoatls return
    Sorrow and famine, afterbirth of sixth age
    Facing the dawn of a seven year atrocious plague
    Death to the world, no religion can save
    Mankind from falling into bottomless graves
    Chernobyl horror, oh the great burning light
    Behold catastrophes as heaven and hell collide
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Reincarnate the gods that died to reign on Earth
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Embodiment of all demise, the whole human race shall die
    Death to the world, oceans darker than black
    Slaughtering creatures with no sense of regret
    Their simulacrums and their temples of lust
    Kings and peasants, by nature's hand they're crushed
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Reincarnate the gods that died to reign on Earth
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Embodiment of all demise, the whole human race shall die
    Mother Earth, what have we done to you?
    Mother Earth, why have we forsaken you?
    Mother Earth, the paradise you gave
    Mother Earth, all your beauty
    We have raped
    And if those who find shelter
    Can only survive
    Out of atoms and emptiness
    From such foulness of root giving
    Birth to the world
    Gods to the world
    Hate to the world
    Wars to the world
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Reincarnate the gods that died to reign on Earth
    Death to the world, death to the world
    Embodiment of all demise, the whole human race shall die

    Another German Band ,Video from 2013 Reincarnate the gods that died to reign on Earth,Sorry if this is too much ,you can always delete my comments,cheers.

  71. Inferno Lyrics:

    We gotta burn it down!
    We gotta burn it down!

    They got their world-view engineered
    Exposed for quite some time
    Where the truth is changed at will
    Just the lies will shine
    They took a stance, chose one extreme
    I'm afraid it is too late
    You'll see they'll build a new regime
    And construct their world of hate

    We gotta burn it down!

    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead
    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead

    An indoctrinated attitude
    Wrong in every way
    Wipes out sober reasoning
    Heralds the end of days
    It is the plague of this millennium
    The star in the downfall compendium
    The only cure for this society
    Is to burn its slaves in their anxiety

    We're gotta burn it down!

    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead
    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead

    (Burn it down (burn)…)

    It is the plague of this millennium
    The star in the downfall compendium
    The only cure for this society
    Is to burn its slaves in their anxiety

    We're gotta burn it down!

    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead
    Burn it down (burn) we are the inferno
    Burn down the world in a blaze of red
    Burn it down (burn) together infernal
    Burn down the bridges and rise from the dead
    You got to burn down the bridges and rise from the dead

  72. I see none of the vaxxed zombies over on VT comment on your article. Hitler gave us 70 years of relative freedom but now all bets are off with our dear bulshevic's and this world tyranny called Covid 19. My opinion is that Israel is simply an arm of Bulshivism as they are run by them. What else could Hitler do with them as they had such an economic strain on the country but move them all to Palestine. Now we have the totalitarian vaccines and the great symbol of that which is the masking. Just look at New York city as these sub humans deserve what is comming when that vaxx will kill thousands. It is truly us or them.

  73. China will be covered; our Jesuit readers wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s in the notes, getting to it. You do most of your thinking, what they call common sense, in your soul Greg. I wrote about it in Return of the Titans, unconsciously synapses connect thousands of times faster in the brain, intuition, precognition , and even pattern recognition are performed by the soul. I once read a paper by Hal Puthoff, citing a man who was clinically brain dead consistently scoring over a hundred twenty three on an IQ test. Karl Pribram could not find the source of memory in the human brain. The creatures that are in charge here are machines of machines and because they are soulless sometimes appear silly and clownish. They lack common sense but just like Shavers Deros in I Remember Lemuria they none the less deadly.

  74. Well Stan Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier is now saying all those who received the vaccine will die from “antibody dependent enhancement.” Don’t jump the gun on me here again Stan, I can only write so fast, you want high quality work don’t you? We’re getting to 5G, Dr. Charles Lieber and injectable neural networks. We’ll get to all, all is on schedule…

  75. None of this historical mass mind manipulation would work unless the majority of humans continuously gave up their sovereignty and conceded to a tyrant wanting to control their life narrative.

    One of the greatest occult spells cast upon the world was “rent-seeking”, the equivalent of an energy vampire feeding off of its productive cattle.

    Technology has now replaced the requirement for the subservient slaves. The implemented worldwide singularity plan and its primary goal is not only about control, but preferably eliminating the human excess.

    For the existing warriors among you, the choice is simple, We must regain our sovereignty by recreating independent self sufficient communities with a code of good conduct and personal responsibility in balance with nature and organic living, or alternatively relinquish our spirit and soul to this technological genetically modified synthetic death cult.

  76. It does seem like like humanity devolved to the point were the film Idiocracy is actually current. I wouldn't put it past the princes who seem to have forgotten more than just their duties. I sometimes joke that we're the unofficial historians of synarcy and that they need us to remember the plans that their forerunners put in place. Certainly not impressed with the niveau of our self-called elites. You'd think multi-generational families and organizations would have a leg up on such a turf.

  77. One would think since it's their game they'd have stockpiled enough resources to pull off their big magic trick long before the time came do. The peasants suffer through piss poor planning and JIT issues, but the pretenders at the top do not think in short-term make it up as you go mindsets. Who knows for sure though the dumbing down of their slave class surely is affecting them as well it's blatantly obvious they don't even have half the talent as those in the pre/during/after WW2 generation had which could be a boon to us all they're barely able themselves to form a coherent sentence throwing around esoteric gang signs acting as if they're on that previous generation or two's level.

    It does remind me though of two things said. One by Hitler himself and the other by Francis Parker Yockey's closest friend and SD agent H. Keith Thompson. The former saying that without it's techno-magic America would nothing. The latter in his reference to what he thought of America and that was that America was in due need of a Chinese Communist Generals boot to teach it a lesson and wise up. So it does seem rather humorous in retrospect China is doing its best to corner the precious resource market after America (with enormous theft and perhaps willful participation) built up America into this techno-nightmare we now live in that'll only get progressively worse. Whoever corners our techno-magic dependent civilization owns America. Even all the Israeli backdoors won't matter at that point.

    So the real question is. Who controls America?

  78. Worth noting also is the computer chip "shortage," are the Rare Earth Elements/ metals used in the computer chips being used for the nanotech in the "covid-19" injections instead?

    Michele Baillie

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  79. Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

    Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles. These methods represent an important advance – they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice – but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.

    The new technique builds on this earlier work, and is based on a protein called TRPV4, which is sensitive to both temperature and stretching forces. These stimuli open its central pore, allowing electrical current to flow through the cell membrane; this evokes nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain.

    Güler and his colleagues reasoned that magnetic torque (or rotating) forces might activate TRPV4 by tugging open its central pore, and so they used geneticengineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane and insert them into it.

    Next, the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.

    ‘Magnetogenetics’ is therefore an important addition to neuroscientists’ tool box, which will undoubtedly be developed further, and provide researchers with new ways of studying brain development and function.

    Human Subjects who have received the Jab are reporting that a magnet will hold on to the area of the Jab.