Destroying your country,

your mind and your life

Senile idiot traitor scumbag president 

sacrifices American lives for no reason

Looks at his watch while families cry

over the bodies of their dead children.

Joe Biden, latest in a long line of selected sociopaths who betray their own people.

By John Kaminski

John Kaminski is one of Americas greatest dissident writers. In fact during the early part of the twenty-first century he was the very best. Now, because he picked a fight with the vile Jews who have, admittedly by me, been instrumental in destroying all that was good about America he has been practically hounded from existence by them. I do not endorse everything John says about Jews, in fact my own grandson is Jewish, and I will defend him with my life. But I do endorse every single word John says here about these sissified pirates who have hijacked America. The Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Carnegie’s and the Mellons, all of them, should have been hunted down in the streets and put down like the mad dogs they were and still are. Every foul penny in their possession was swindled through their manipulation of Americas infrastructure. We have reached a point now where 54% of Americans hard earned tax dollars go toward a military industrial complex that’s only purpose is to be the strong right arm of business, regardless of the detrimental effect those businesses have on the quality of life in America. The power play by the pharmaceutical company’s taking place right now and euphemistically being called COVID is the culmination of allowing these money-grubbing whores to go unchecked since the days of Andrew Jackson. The time has come for a reckoning. If we Americans do not act, and act now in accordance with the obligations set forth to us in the second amendment of our constitution the reckoning will be on us. There is nothing lower than a coward, not even them, and Nature will see to it herself that the cowards among us are exterminated, even if she has to use money-grubbing whores to do it. – Jack  

“Nothing remains of the practices and principles upon which the United States of America were founded.

Traitor president Joe Biden willingly leaves Americans to die in a foreign country. He has turned our military into a pathetic collection of politically correct pussies. Biden leaves our sworn enemy billions of dollars worth of weapons and armaments in yet another embarrassing departure from a foreign country insanely ravaged by the USA.

Biden imports terrorists instead of the Americans he left behind. When the bodies of murdered Americans come home, the moronic leader of America keeps checking his watch, and heartsick parents don’t want to talk to him because his behavior is so disgusting, so demented.

Surely he must know his days are numbered and his clock is ticking.  But wait. That’s wrong. It’s our days that are numbered and our clocks that are ticking. Unless we emerge from our coma and react in a firm and appropriate manner.

Our elected representatives at all levels go along with the scam. They wouldn’t want to offend their masters, the malicious media who praise them or the bloated billionaires who bribe them to facilitate the mass murder of their own population.

Where is the proper law enforcement apparatus which would immediately arrest Joe Biden for obvious and profound dereliction of duty?

Devoid of conscience, the swishy news readers deliver the lies as people die, now more than million, from the vaccine. The alleged coronavirus killed not a fraction of that many.

Perhaps the Africans with cash in their pockets are here to replace the white Americans murdered by the phony vaccines, which have been proven to be bioweapons now ravaging the population of the entire world.

Traitor president

You can’t blame the Muslims, they’re just defending their own chaotic countries. But why would you then import them to America? You’re already bringing machete wielding Africans across the Rio Grande, and then deliberately distributing them all over the USA. For what purpose? Rape, robbery and murder? For more Democratic votes so they can get free stuff that most Americans cannot get? This is the sick sabotage of the Jewish liberals. It has been going on for more than a hundred years.

This is the level of contempt the image makers have gifted to the American people — Joe Biden, a totally inept completely heartless sociopathic dolt as America’s leader presiding over the deliberate destruction of the dying republic by a corrupt political pile of parasites sacrificing its gullible and comatose citizenry to Moloch, the Jews’ god of money and blood.

Coward Congress

Everyone in Congress has known for years that 9/11 was an inside job engineered by the Jewish braintrust on Wall Street, in the City of London and at the Bank of International Settlements, all controlled by the twisted kosher hierarchy of the Sanhedrin and its billionaire enabler kingpins of the gambling, drug and sex industries.

But everyone in Congress depends on these Jewish psychopaths for their tainted cash derived from all these twisted pursuits. From the sale of alcohol to addicted Russian and Polish peasants in the 19th century, Jews have always gotten rich off the sale of forbidden substances to pathetic goyim addicts and now control all the politicians of the world by maintaining their addictions and cultivating their compulsions through the lurid trading of the young bodies of kidnapped children and more lately by the harvesting of blood from these hapless and terrified victims.

Ah yes, the two party system of democracy.

Democrats promote foreign invasion of America while Republicans count cash as people die. Together with their demented Dr. Strangelove medical cretins they create a test that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist, and mandate injections that kill those who mindlessly obey their evil orders.

The worst is yet to come as our children sicken and die, unnecessarily, from a vaccine they don’t need to take. Future generations have been sabotaged by masks, lockdowns and lessons teaching them to be scared of each other and not to talk to their neighbors.

Toxic masks incubate cancer in everyone, and deluded Americans wear them with pride. They watch in silent distress as the world is locked in their homes and passports are now needed to buy groceries.

This can no longer be called freedom, when it’s clearly a fabricated and fatal fraud.

Scripted terror

Bottom line: governments devise these crises for purposes of social control.

They constantly have to convince the people it is essential to their safety to ensure the survival of their grisly gravy train. Government is forever concocting threats that only it can thwart and thereby protect its endangered citizenry. By controlling the media it prevents the public from realizing, as with such contrived disasters as Oklahoma City and Sandy Hook, that it is manufacturing the atrocities which it convinces the public it is trying to solve and repair.

Imaginary perpetrators 

Consider the embarrassing matter of the 9/11 hijackers. It took one day for the government to definitively name 19 Muslims who it insisted hijacked four difficult-to-fly jetliners and aimed them at four freighted targets destined to trigger maximum fear among stultified observers.

In the 20 years since, the government has managed to ostentatiously convict three irrelevant patsies of nebulous crimes who happened to shoot off their delusional mouths at the wrong time which enabled the government to frame them as facilitators of a terror plot that had actually been invented by the government itself. This is a typical pattern of fraud that the government terror agencies like the FBI have used for years to convince the oblivious they are being protected by diligent defenders of democracy.

How grotesquely tenuous was the American decision to invade Afghanistan, the U.S.’s longest war, resulting in 20 years of needless tragedy and carnage?

Osama bin Laden, the designated boogeyman, supposedly designed this fiendish plan to bomb American skyscrapers from a cave deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Osama bin Laden, who as clean shaven Tim Osman was photographed at Offutt Air Base in Nebraska back when he was a CIA intern and the Al Qaeda project was still being devised in the planning stages. And Osama’s brother, Salem, was shortly thereafter electrocuted and killed when the ultralight aircraft he was flying on the Bush ranch in Texas snagged some power lines.

These were the main motivations for America’s longest war, taking their place in infamy with the Gulf of Tonkin non event that started the Vietnam war, the setup raid on Pearl Harbor for which the president kept the Navy in the dark, which started WW2, and the Lusitania sinking by German subs that never needed to happen kindling WW1. All these terrible and cynical fabrications created by the sociopaths in Washington were directed by Jewish swindlers strategically situated in various banks around the world.

This is your real American history, and its not only ugly, it’s totally and verifiably insane.

The pattern remains the same and the zombified suckers keep falling for it. Invent the threat, hypnotize the public with fear, and institute draconian measures to solve the problem, each time evaporating a little bit more of the freedom we have taken for granted, until one day — like today — all of it has completely disappeared.

Even today, wide-eyed zombies glued to their TVs are allowed outside for only one hour per day, listen intently for blood clots forming in their veins from the devil’s concoction injected into their arms, as the fate of the future goes up in smoke with the dreams of their children declared a contagious disease by their disgusting doctors who are afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing their worthless jobs.

Thus the fate of humanity is determined by feckless cowards in every home, afraid to defend even their own lives.” – John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. Q: Will the government ever disclose information about MAJestic?
    A: No, the government will not. Nor will any active members either. This disclosure is all that you are ever going to get, and this disclosure is not for the “mainstream” reader. It is designed for a select and limited group of individuals only. The content, while I supposedly author it, is actually directed and controlled by our extraterrestrial benefactors.
    Q: What is the profile of a person who this disclosure is directed towards?
    A: Honestly, I don’t really know. Our extraterrestrial benefactors really think differently than we do. Apparently humans minds process thoughts differently from each other. How it is processed results in variances in our realities. Certain individuals can process information in unique ways, and this information when read by these certain individuals will result in some positive outcomes. At least positive towards the objectives of our extraterrestrial benefactors.
    ALIENS there were 4 types of aliens mentioned in the papers. [1] A large nosed grey with whom we have the treaty, the [2] Grey (extraterrestrial) reported in abductee cases that works for the large nosed grey, [3] a blond human like type described as the NORDIC, (and) a red haired human like type called the ORANGE. The home of the aliens were described as being a star in the Constellation of Orion, Barnards star, and Zeta Riticuli 1&2. I cannot remember even under hypnosis which alien belongs to which star.

  2. Q: What is the purpose of this disclosure?
    A: It only benefits a very tiny proportion of the population. As such it will benefit only a small number of people and will help them personally. It will not result in any great changes to how the current manifestation of the organization will work, and it will not create any great changes in anything other than what would be experienced by a given individual.

    This disclosure is written for a mere handful of individuals. That is all. Once these individuals have been introduced to the concepts laid bare, then this website / blog can be shut down. This task, and this particular function will have been accomplished.

    Remember, it is only one person that can alter the course of the planet. They can be famous like Michael Jackson, and affect the cultural aspects of society. They can be unknown like Srinivasa Ramanujan and greatly advance our understanding of mathematics. Our extraterrestrial benefactors are only looking for a handful of people that would be influenced by this information. Their thoughts would influence others. The funny thing about this is that these people don’t yet realize how important they are. They don’t realize that their brain works specially and that their thoughts and actions can influence other thoughts in the quantum sphere.

  3. The Drums of War

    There’s a silhouette in the pale Moonlight
    A trickle of blood runs down the Goddesses thigh
    There is sorrow tinged with delight
    And in swirling violence there is the hurricanes eye

    Out beyond the threshold there’s a dyeing king
    His daughter wears scarlet; intoxicated with pleasure
    In swift streams of thought choirs of angels sing
    And the demons scurry to conceal the treasure

    There’s an uneasy truce between the left and the right
    And in the last world a Fool has been born
    Shielded from sinning within a cradle of light
    The high priest smiles mockingly at the oath he has sworn

    There’s a crucifixion in infinite space
    A terrified scorpion stings itself to death
    Signs of awakening in the most ancient race
    Exhaled in the vapor of the dying kings breath

    In wanton surrender to the god of the mountain
    Whose gaze finally tumbled the citadel to earth
    The lady frolics in a bubbling fountain
    And dreams of her lover who has suffered his birth

    The king casts his last rattling breath to the east
    Where the successor awaits at infinity’s door
    Amidst thronging angels enters the holy beast
    Distant drums echo from shrouded shores

    It is in these hours the angels have gathered
    Anxious to settle their eternal score
    When the boundaries of reality have shattered

    Mortals shall witness the angels War

    – Jack Heart

  4. Pieces of a fractile. A glint fractile- to a purpose only. They are not Nature in its Entirety; and that is Here; let alone the frequency of existence- the geometry of this what one perceives with ones limited Senses….Planar Perception sees a "sun" by it polar auroras; yet this is not even close to All that Is.

    Waves, Frequency, Dynamics, cycles- yet through all of this does The Creator, Tao, God; call it what you will- knows, "sees," Understands and Loves.

  5. Sitting on the desert floor, one hand holds
    The scorpion, the other makes the sign of
    The unicorn,that pierces the eye and heart of
    The lion, whose grip, heralded on the sound of 88’s,
    Pulls down the dragons fire, in the Spring of the 33’rd lunar year.

    Through knowledge shall the earth be saved and The Great Ones walk the earth as of old. Watch the trail of the Scorpion as he falls through the air (where he first becomes visible for what he is) into the sea which becomes blood. When the Scorpion is in the earth he is there the Father Principle within the Mother. See thou tell it not. Therefore the tree brings forth, the sap rises, the leaves start, the blossom comes and the fruit follows. So the plant its bloom. So the animal, being yet of the earth brings forth its young.
    But the Scorpion shall rise out of the earth, out of the Sea, through the air, carrying with it its starry crown, the redemption of humanity.

    Fragments From The Masters And The Afflatus of The Illuminati
    Ninth Degree Confidential Discourse R+C AMORC
    There are very few references to scorpions in mythology or modern symbolism books. I have no good theories on why this would be the case, but many of my searches for information on the scorpion have been in vain. In response to this lack of information, I’m going to post my thoughts and personal symbols for the scorpion as well as the little information I’ve found.

    In every case that I’ve found, the scorpion has represented the death that comes unsuspecting. It does not attack with ferociousness like a tiger or bear, but instead dances around its enemy, drawing their attention to its pincers while it slowly draws near enough for the fatal strike from its tail. This teaches us the value of the never letting your enemy know the true danger until it is too late.

    On the other hand, there is no cruelty in the scorpion. It is simple, emotionless, and deadly at the same time. Cold-blooded simplicity at its finest. The scorpion will fight, kill, and then devour any rival scorpions and even their mates. They teach us that we are alone in the world, and that it is often best to rid the world of competitors. Unlike people though, this is not done through hate or distrust, simply the cold knowing that all competitors can turn around and

    destroy you if you do not destroy them first.

    Strangely, they are one of the only “bugs” that cares for its young. As soon as the eggs hatch, the baby scorpions climb up on the mother’s back and completely cover her. She then protects them until their first molting. This cold-blooded killer knows that it must protect her young from the world until they are ready to fight their own battles. She knows that in this world, there is no mercy to be had, even for the young.

    "The scorpion represents death in its most simple sense. It represents the world in its harshest most destructive nature, and yet with a very protective nature. Crowley integrated the scorpion into his Death card in the Thoth Tarot, along with the serpent and eagle, the other two pieces of Scorpio.

    In the Ritual of the Portal, an initiatory ritual of the Golden Dawn, it is said that

    “The Scorpion is the emblem of ruthless destruction; the Snake is the mixed and deceptive nature, serving alike for good and evil; the Eagle is the higher and Divine Nature, yet to be found herein, the Alchemical Eagle of distillation, the Renewer of life. As it is said:–’Thy youth shall be renewed like the Eagles.’”

    There are many parts of the Golden Dawn that I disagree with, but on this series of transformations I agree. It is necessary to learn the destructive nature of the scorpion before you can learn the trans-formative nature of the snake who can travel between the upper and lower world".

  6. If you play with Sigil Magick, the entities you communicated with will eventually possess you.

    This is the explanation for the current unfolding worldwide narrative.

  7. Steven coll has an Execllent bio on the Bin Laden family, Salem, the Oldest of what? 52 siblings, was a prankster who thought it was great fun to convince a bunch of hippies to board his daddys yacht and take them to some nice little island in the Aegean then sail off into the sunset…
    he was actually flying an ultralight plane at Kittyhawk field in Selma Tx outside of San Antonio when he flew or was blown into some high voltage power lines. Bin Laden group did own a substantial percentage of Hobby Field in Houston and were serious investors in the Carlisle Group, that savvy group of investors who bought into as many cutting edge defence contractors in the late 90's as they could.

  8. Seems everyone these days is tired, myself included. The real question is are we ready to go to sleep or have we been asleep for too long. Reality can be tricky that way. I'm fairly certain we're in an insane asylum and at one point I'm confident that I'm sane, but the prognosis has worsened since then. If I make it the decade I may become a full retard.

  9. Yes Stan our friends in Asia have already weighed in on that they sent me an hilarious picture with commentary:

    “There are more but I'm sure you get the picture. See? No windshield wipers and a black painted on docking portal below the copilots window. It's a rubber mockup complete with CGI rag heads. Watch old Joe fuck up Afghanistan, while they're moving the pieces in the South China Sea. We did tell you. Get ready to duck if you're near a big city, amigo. Later,”- B.

    "And note the fuselage I.D. number. Just a coincidence."

    Which I posted all over our Facebook page: