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September 12, 2021


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This video is a must see.

Anybody reading this that has read my work in my book, in Veterans Today, in Nexus Magazine or just on our blog, which is now closing in on a million views, knows I am a writer not a journalist. I’m only doing this newsletter because apparently, it’s the same old story, no one else can. Journalism is a job not an art, the journalist’s job is to give you the facts. Writers, real ones, teach you to know what the facts are. They teach you how to see and they are never so crass as to actually draw conclusions for you. When they are done you should be able to arrive at a conclusion yourself.
So I have to admit to you all right now from the start I am at loath to do this. It’s kind of like Michelangelo would feel about painting a house, or Axel Rose singing in a choir. I will begin with what comes natural, my own personal observations. I’ve just returned from a trip to New York. I suspect I’ve been infected with COVID by a plumber on my cousin’s construction site. The plumber was fully vaccinated, yet he was hospitalized with COVID the day after I visited the site. Two weeks later he’s still in quarantine. I’ve never been off my feet; in fact I just drove eight hundred miles back to Tennessee.
(As of September 9, three weeks after infection, my cousin reports the plumber; Gretar Liefsson of Gretar’s Plumbing to be still deathly ill. I’m fine…)
After exposure to Gretar my cousin’s son exhibited symptoms even before my cousin found out Gretar was in the hospital. I started feeling really tired with a constant headache and stomach ache a few days later as did my cousin. My cousin and his son shook it right off, his wife and daughter never caught anything even though they were in close proximity to us.
My cousin’s whole family have never been vaccinated and have already all had COVID, at least all of them that attended a Thanksgiving dinner under a heated tent last year, particularly her side, all masketeers since the very beginning. They insisted on holding this dinner, usually held in my cousin’s sprawling house, in the tent. I think it was thirty out of thirty-two of them that ended up catching COVID including my cousin, his wife, son, and daughter. Of course as charter members of Anthony Fauci’s Masketeers her family all had themselves duly vaccinated as soon as vaccinations were made available. As I left New York at least a half dozen of them had again come down with serious cases of COVID.
Israel with the highest vaccination rate in the world, which they were boasting was 78%, now has one of the highest infection rates in the world with well over half of their critically ill patients fully vaccinated. Israel recently came out with a new study, not yet peer reviewed as if that means anything. Most of their peers are proven imbeciles. “This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.” (

The Lancet study
, done far too early to take into account the vaccines effectiveness on the Delta strain, is frequently cited by COVIDIAN zealots as proof of the vaccines effectiveness because it has been peer reviewed. Not even taking into account that the Lancet is an institution of the British government, a government that delights in importing knife wielding Muslim fanatics to chase its people down the street, this Lancet paper is nothing but a hodgepodge of doublespeak.
They bring in so many variables that the paper is inscrutable to all but the doctors who waste their patient’s time, and perhaps even lives, reading it. This is coming from the guy who wrote
MK Ultra, Remote Controlled Slaves and a Zombie Empire, Paint it Blue… and The Blood of Christ – Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone BeZerk, Paint It Blue predicting five years ago exactly what we are seeing today. I know a little bit about microbiology, and I dare say I’m a lot smarter than the doctors waving that paper around.
They should have been able to see through the compartmentalization of their science and write The Blood of Christ, or something like it warning the world what their science was being used for. Instead I had to take a six-month crash course in microbiology to write the Paint it Blue pieces, the definitive word on MK Ultra. The former of which was read by millions and translated into multiple languages, mostly through the somewhat heroic Duncan Roads and his iconic Nexus Magazine. The Blood of Christ was sandboxed, and now every sentient being on this planet can see why…
The Lancet study is useless ancient history. The Delta variant is a whole new ballgame and my own observations coupled with common sense tell me the vaccine is worthless against it. I heard a lot of other stories in New York about the vaccinated coming down with COVID, but those I cannot verify. The famed rock group Kiss had to cancel at least four concerts at the end of August when two of the fully vaccinated members of the band; Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, came down with it.
Iconic New England Patriot coach Bill Belichick has just publicly stated that “quite a high number of players throughout the league have had the virus and been vaccinated.” Belichick went on to assess the media claims that vaccination is a solution as “unsubstantiated by what is occurring in football training camps this year.” (
Belichick is not the only big-time football coach to notice that the media is lying, and the vaccine does not work. “With Georgia  set to host its first home game against UAB  at Sanford Stadium on Saturday, coach Kirby Smart [Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs] said three or four of his players are sidelined with COVID-19. Smart declined to identify the players during a teleconference with reporters on Monday. It is unknown whether they will be available to play against the Blazers on Saturday (3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2).
“I’ll be honest with you, I’m as concerned as I’ve ever been, because we have three or four guys out with COVID and we have a couple staff members that have been out with COVID here recently,” Smart said. “For us, we’re at our highest spike. And people are talking about vaccinations, well these are people that are vaccinated.” (
But the bought off media are doing their maleficent best to obfuscate the vaccines ineffectiveness and anecdotes whenever possible are eliminated. Apparently that goes for heads of states too. “When the president of Tanzania received the WHO PCR kits and their PCR machine, because of his background, he was a chemist and knew a lot about biology, he told the WHO staff “well okay give me some swabs.” He went and swabbed a fruit, a papaya. He swabbed a bird called the African Kware. He swabbed various life forms that aren’t human beings, even automobile oil. He gave the samples first and last names, some from a thirty-year-old female, some were under the name of a forty-five-year-old male. He took those swabs to the WHO staff, telling them they were ready for analysis.

They ran the samples through the machine and they came back positive. Remarking to them about how weird their results were he told them to please leave the country and take the PCR kits with them. After expelling the WHO he posted a video which went viral all over the world. This was last year a few months into the pandemic. Well the president of Tanzania died very strangely and we still don’t know how he died. All we know is it wasn’t Walt Disney, no.
Two more presidents from Africa that did not want to comply with the WHO also died. The president of Haiti was killed a month ago because he didn’t want Haitians vaccinated. The president of Madagascar said publicly twenty days ago that the WHO had offered him seventy million dollars to vaccinate Madagascar. An attack was made on him ten days later that nearly cost him his life. The president of Belarus, another head of state weary of the WHO, was also attacked and almost killed.” (4)  
On Thursday August 26 Japan’s Health ministry announced: “that contaminants were found in some unused doses of Moderna Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine and the use of around 1.63 million doses from the same production line has been suspended as a precaution.
At least 180,000 potentially contaminated shots have already been administered in 19 of the country’s 47 prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka, according to a Kyodo News tally based on local government reports.” (
“The foreign substances have been confirmed since Aug. 16 at eight vaccination sites in five prefectures — Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Gifu and Aichi. They were found in a total of 39 vials.
Takeda [Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is in charge of the sale and distribution of the vaccine in Japan] reported them to the ministry on Wednesday.
The composition of the foreign matter, a few millimeters in size, has not been determined.
The “small black materials” reported to the ministry could be metallic fragments, one of its senior officials said.
Takeda has requested an emergency probe by Moderna, while urging medical institutions and other entities not to administer any vaccine showing abnormalities, even doses not subject to the suspension.” (6)
Just four days later: “Two Japanese prefectures temporarily suspended their rollouts of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday after “foreign substances” were discovered in more batches” (
“An earlier version of this story cited a Reuters report which suggested that Japanese authorities have suspended an additional 1 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. But a corrected version of the article noted that only two regions decided to put a temporary hold on their shots.” (8)
Inexplicably on Friday September 3 after just one year in office “Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced plans to resign” only weeks before Japan’s critical general election. It gets even better. “Vaccine czar Taro Kono — a 58-year-old former foreign minister — plans to seek the LDP presidency…” (
9) The Liberal Democratic Party is Japan’s dominant party and their candidate will be the odds on favorite to become the new Prime Minister.
Many ignorant Americans can simply shrug off what’s coming out of Tanzania and Haiti, but Japan and Israel are two of the most scientifically developed nations in the world. Western journalists who ignore and even cover up recent events occurring in these country’s raising questions about this so said vaccine, while clamoring for twelve-year-old children to get it, are not only blatantly derelict of duty but knowingly participating in a deadly worldwide conspiracy.
Yes I said it, conspiracy, a conspiracy that has killed a million and counting. I cannot even think of a penalty suitable enough to compensate their crimes. Those that pay them any credence are unwittingly participating in the murder of you and your children as well as their own. It is they that need to be put into camps, for their own good and for the good of the human race.   
I heard story after story about adverse reactions from that vaccine while I was in New York, all firsthand experiences from people I’ve known for years. One of my cousin’s sons friends, who I’ve known since he was five had to get one for college. He told me he started convulsing three hours after they injected him. He had to be rushed to the hospital and was still feeling jittery a week later.
One explanation for the damage the vaccine is doing to its victims stands out as particularly plausible. The vaccine works by being spread through the body by the lymphatic system. The tiny capillaries that comprise the system are damaged by the spiked proteins the vaccine is designed to induce and blockages are formed from the resulting miniature blood clots when the immune system attempts to repair them. In order to prove this a D Dimer test specific to detecting only recently formed blood clots must be performed within four to seven days after the victim is assaulted with the vaccine. Upon his administration of the D Dimer test Dr Charles Hoffe of British Columbia found that “62% of his own patients injected with an mRNA shot are positive.” (
He is adamant: “The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc. The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test…
“The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.”
The result, says Dr Hoffe, is that these patients have what is termed Reduced Effort Tolerance (RET) which means they get out of breath much easily than they used to. It is because the blood vessels in their lungs are now blocked up. In turn, this causes the heart to need to work harder to try to keep up against a much greater resistance trying to get the blood through your lungs.
This is called pulmonary artery hypertension – high blood pressure in the lungs because the blood simply cannot get through effectively. People with this condition usually die of heart failure within a few short years.
Dr Hoffe warns sadly, “These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.” (11)
Tucker Carlson and Glen Greeenwald aside, the talking heads in the main stream media need to be dragged from their pulpits and clubbed to death like the Norwegians used to do baby seals. No sense wasting bullets meant for the assassins who serve their overlords. With the exception of Duncan Roads and Nexus Magazine much of the bigtime alternative media has also been co-opted. Those that have not been; too often are either incompetent, undisciplined or both. A few have even been inserted to sew confusion into the resistance. Stew Peters comes to mind. As a very astute French patron of mine pointed out; “say his name a few times and you get Stupider…”
As another patron said; “Anyone the controllers let have a national audience is suspect.” Having cut my teeth writing for Veterans Today, a “limited hangout” as described by its senior editor Gordon Duff, I think I know as much about the deliberate spread of disinformation, what the professionals call a psy-op, as anyone in the world. A good psy-op contains as much truth as is deemed safe by the progenitor. It’s an artform. It’s just like baiting a hook, a good fisherman can feed a village, a good propagandist a nation.
Stupider set the hook back at the end of July with this headline: EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! (
Kingston’s documentation supposedly proved unequivocally that there is Graphene oxide in the vaccine. Because we need graphene to be in that vaccine to link it to doctor Charles Lieber and his injectable neural networks, whose arrest for running the Wuhan Lab back in late January of 2020 while he was on the payroll of the DoD started the COVID era, because we need graphene or an equivalent to link the COVID era to the rise of 5G, the Jack Heart team bought into it, for a day. One of my Dutch researchers, who has been working tirelessly since early 2020 with a team of Dutch scientists to put an end to the COVID era,
shot Ms. Kingston’s story so full of holes, that it should have not only killed Kingston but Stupider too.
Unfortunately it didn’t and most recently Stupider introduced Dr. Paul E. Alexander into the simmering COVID fray. Alexander is a Canadian health researcher and a former Trump Administration official at the United States Department of Health and Human Services during the COVID fiasco. Alexander is certain that his former master Donald Trump was misled by his own “task force.” Acting as an apologist for Trump and looking much like Gunga Din, Alexander sounds just like Dr Charles Hoffe explaining that due to Myocarditis the children getting the vaccines should not expect to live more than twenty to twenty-five years. He goes on to say: “the vaccines are a problem; they are a big, big problem and we are seeing it with the adverse events now occurring…” (
“The spike protein that is actually the business end of the virus that causes the damage in you. And it is really a vascular illness, it damages the vascularity of the arterial system. That spike is what we inject into you. We are injecting genetic material in this lipid nano particle asking yourself to build this spiked protein that your immune system will now respond to and develop an immunity. We are injecting you with the actual business end of the virus that causes the pathology. And now we are seeing that the vaccines have failed. You are seeing that in the Delta variant, you are seeing it in Israel where almost all double vaccinated people are now infected, you are seeing it in Britain, you are seeing it now in the United States. So the vaccines are not working and to even propose a booster shot when you can’t even get the second shot sorted out and we have all these breakthrough infections is a catastrophic failure. And the FDA did a disservice to the public because they have just issued an approval for a vaccine that is unavailable but extended emergency use for an available unapproved vaccine. This is the most wrong sided upside-down thing. I think the FDA tried a trick on the American public here…” (14)
Stupider then asks Alexander one of his much lauded, by him, probing and insightful questions: “the vaccine that’s available, the emergency authorization, or use authorization was extended, that vaccine is not FDA approved? The FDA approval is for a vaccine that is not yet available?” Alexander’s answer is definitive: “Right, so it’s a trick, it was so CNN, and the media could 24/7 broadcast the vaccine is now approved by the FDA. That was a lie!” (15)  
Stupider never even misses a beat during his interview with Trumps top gun at the Department of Health and Human Services. Nor does he come close to apologizing to his seemingly instant national audience. Two days before he had again rolled out Pfizer’s professional disinformation dispenser Karen Kingston. This after we and even Zuckerberg’s Chinese “fact checkers” from Wuhan Lab, showed her to be a lair last month. This time Kingston was out to okey-dokey the FDA’s approval of her for now covert employer; Pfizer’s vaccine. “Unequivocally,” she said Pfizer’s vaccine was now approved, producing her usual bogus documentation. But on a happier note Stupider and his less than credulous audience had reason to rejoice. According to Kingston the FDA’s ruling would make Pfizer liable in a court of law for their poison poke. It’s “checkmate for big Pharma.” (
Much like the illegitimate Biden Administration this is complete Malarkey. The FDA has betrayed the American people and pulled a bait and switch for their true sponsor; Pfizer. The biopharmaceutical industry provides seventy five percent of the FDA’s funding. Under the FDA ruling “Pfizer has absolutely zero liability!” The quote is from my other cousin; well-known alternative media activist the Sage of Quay who demolished Kingston the very next day after Dr. Alexander did. The Sage goes into great detail. Please listen to his commentary as you watch the video at:



Long the bane of herbalists and traditional medicine that has proven its value over centuries, the FDA has now crossed the line and committed high treason. Every member of that organization has now made themselves, and the authority vested in them by the American people, an instrument of global genocide. They’ve just had their trial right here and summary execution awaits each and every one of them. If America can execute Mabeline for smoking to much methamphetamine and unwittingly shooting granny dead it sure as hell better execute these vilest of creatures.

These fiends fully intend on murdering your children and like the biblical days of yore, you their parents will commend them to Moloch when you bring them in to get “vaccinated.” Some of the smarter ones are already bailing out: “Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review and 32-year veteran of the agency, will leave at the end of October, and OVRR deputy director Phil Krause, who’s been at FDA for more than a decade, will leave in November. The news, first reported by BioCentury, is a massive blow to confidence in the agency’s ability to regulate vaccines.
The bombshell announcement comes at a particularly crucial moment, as boosters and children’s shots are being weighed by the regulator. The departures also come as the administration has recently jumped ahead of the FDA’s reviews of booster shots, announcing that they might be available by the week of Sept. 20…” (17)

Every sentient being knows that vaccine is killing and maiming people, the stories on which they base their conclusion are not from the internet, they are first-hand information, just like my own anecdotes. Dr. Alexander is not from the internet either. He is one of the top guns on the subject of COVID for the rightful occupant of the White House; Donald Trump.

For the military to stand idly by and let this usurper just assume dictatorial powers is the greatest betrayal of a people by their own army in all of recorded history. Now the senile malignancy that crawls on his knees to other heads of state when it suits him, looks at his watch at ceremonies for the families of marines who died carrying out his orders and forgets what he’s saying half the time when he’s talking wants to inject children with a concoction that will eventually kill them. Still they have done nothing?

Although there is a preponderance of evidence that there is no one has yet proven definitively that there is Graphene oxide in that vaccine. Scanning electron microscopes have picked up foreign material, as have the Japanese but no doubt it will take a lab like the one they got in Los Alamos to positively identify it. These are not amateurs that have launched this attack against the human race. They have made sure all their ducks were aligned before they did. They bought up all the scheming scoundrels in government and every media outlet they could, along with a medical community that has always been given far more respect than they deserve. Truth be told, the human race was healthier without them.

“This photo shows a Trypanosoma Parasite approximately 50 microns in length found in the so-called Pfizer “vaccine”. It is composed of carbon, oxygen chromium, sulfur, aluminum, chloride, and nitrogen.” (18)

There has been a parasite positively identified in Pfizer’s vaccine. Parasites are the cutting edge of mind control:

‘Pathogens have been known to hijack their host’s body through the molecular manipulation of chemicals. In a most extreme case the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis sometimes referred to as the Zombie fungus turns its host, an ant, into a zombie that lives only to serve the life cycle of its parasite. The ant leaves its life with its colony in the tree to live in the dank dark places of the rainforest floor as if it were a fungus. Finally it crawls up and out on a branch, clasps its mandibles to a leaf and dies as the fungus bursts through its head and spores.
In the case of the parasitic worms Spinochordodes tellinii and Paragordius tricuspidatus, they force their cricket or grasshopper host to leap into a body of water and drown. The worm then emerges from the insects floating corpse to swim away and find a mate. Studies of P. tricuspidatus have shown that it produces effector molecules that manipulate the cricket’s central nervous system. S. tellinii reproduces proteins used in the insects signaling pathways. These chemical signals by which the parasite hijacks the body of its host are called mimetic molecules. (68)
Scientific studies have shown mosquitoes carrying Plasmodium falciparum, the parasitic protozoa that causes malaria, not only exhibit heightened predatory senses, but are three times as likely to be attracted to human odors. (69)
Toxoplasma gondii is the parasitic protozoon that causes toxoplasmosis; a disease found all over the world. Estimates suggest that over 30% of the world’s human population is infected. T gondii has been shown to alter behavior in infected rodents, its intermediate host which it uses as a vector, in order to increase the rodents’ chances of being eaten by a cat, its target host and the only animal in which it can sexually reproduce. Infected rodents lose all fear of cats, their greatest natural predator.
In humans, infection by T gondii is held in check by the immune system and Toxoplasmosis is usually asymptomatic. But studies have shown a strong correlation between schizophrenia and the disease. Some studies have shown that women with toxoplasmosis are more likely to cheat on their husbands, men more likely to be aggressive, with slower reaction times for both sexes. (70)
Bacteria may be even more subtle in the manipulation of its host. Subtilis in Latin means to be finely spun, to be exact; to be minutely thorough, strict and precise. Bacteriologists now suspect that the microbiota in people’s stomachs may actually dictate behavior patterns in their human hosts that will more likely result in the bacteria getting their required nutrients. (71)
68 – Biron, D. G, and others. “
Behavioural manipulation in a grasshopper harbouring hairworm: a proteomics approach.” The Royal Society. . (Published 22 October 2005): . Web.
69 – Senthilingam, Meera . “
Malaria bug may give mosquitoes a super sense of smell.” New Scientist . . (15 May 2013): . Web.
70 –
“Toxoplasma Gondii.” Parasites In Humans; Find The Nastiest Parasites In Humans. 2010. Web.
71 – Norris, Vic, and others. “
Hypothesis: Bacteria Control Host Appetites.” Journal for bacteriology (American society for microbiology). (2013): Web.’ (19) 

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Something has gone horribly wrong with people, particularly here in America where they cavalierly speak of locking the unvaccinated in concentration camps and depriving them of food, and a means of making a living. They are worse than Hollywood Nazis and nobody says a thing about it. In fact institutions that were founded particularly to guard against this type of authoritarian nightmare now throw their support behind it. Iconic journalists like Glen Greenwald are perplexed:   

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics
In a New York Times op-ed this week, the group completely reversed its views, arguing vaccine mandates help civil liberties and bodily autonomy “is not absolute.”

Glenn Greenwald

Sep 7

Protest for medical freedom and health choice in Minnesota, Stop the mandates, Minnesota citizens demand informed consent and transparency in matters of health choice and medical freedom without coercion. (Photo by: Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) surprised even many of its harshest critics this week when they strongly defended coercive programs and other mandates from the state in the name of fighting COVID. “Far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties,” its Twitter account announced, adding that “vaccine requirements also safeguard those whose work involves regular exposure to the public.”

If you were surprised to see the ACLU heralding the civil liberties imperatives of “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine requirements” — whereby the government coerces adults to inject medicine into their own bodies that they do not want — the New York Times op-ed which the group promoted, written by two of its senior lawyers, was even more extreme. The article begins with this rhetorical question: “Do vaccine mandates violate civil liberties?” Noting that “some who have refused vaccination claim as much,” the ACLU lawyers say: “we disagree.” The op-ed then examines various civil liberties objections to mandates and state coercion — little things like, you know, bodily autonomy and freedom to choose — and the ACLU officials then invoke one authoritarian cliché after the next (“these rights are not absolute”) to sweep aside such civil liberties concerns:
[W]hen it comes to Covid-19, all considerations point in the same direction. . . . In fact, far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. . . . .

[Many claim that] vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity. That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions. But these rights are not absolute. They do not include the right to inflict harm on others. . . . While vaccine mandates are not always permissible, they rarely run afoul of civil liberties when they involve highly infectious and devastating diseases like Covid-19. . . .

While limited exceptions are necessary, most people can be required to be vaccinated. . . . . Where a vaccine is not medically contraindicated, however, avoiding a deadly threat to the public health typically outweighs personal autonomy and individual freedom.
The op-ed sounds like it was written by an NSA official justifying the need for mass surveillance (yes, fine, your privacy is important but it is not absolute; your privacy rights are outweighed by public safety; we are spying on you for your own good). And the op-ed appropriately ends with this perfect Orwellian flourish: “We care deeply about civil liberties and civil rights for all — which is precisely why we support vaccine mandates.”

What makes the ACLU’s position so remarkable — besides the inherent shock of a civil liberties organization championing state mandates overriding individual choice — is that, very recently, the same group warned of the grave dangers of the very mindset it is now pushing. In 2008, the ACLU published a comprehensive report on pandemics which had one primary purpose: to denounce as dangerous and unnecessary attempts by the state to mandate, coerce, and control in the name of protecting the public from pandemics.
The title of the ACLU report, 
resurfaced by David Shane, reveals its primary point: “Pandemic Preparedness: The Need for a Public Health – Not a Law Enforcement/National Security – Approach.” To read this report is to feel that one is reading the anti-ACLU — or at least the actual ACLU prior to its Trump-era transformation. From start to finish, it reads as a warning of the perils of precisely the mindset which today’s ACLU is now advocating for COVID.
In 2008, the group explained its purpose this way: “the following report examines the relationship between civil liberties and public health in contemporary U.S. pandemic planning and makes a series of recommendations for developing a more effective, civil liberties-friendly approach. Its key warning: “Not all public health interventions have been benign or beneficial, however. Too often, fears aroused by disease and epidemics have encouraged abuses of state power. Atrocities, large and small, have been committed in the name of protecting the public’s health.”

2008 report of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The immediate impetus for the ACLU’s 2008 report was two-fold: 1) the 2008 emergence of the avian bird flu pandemic, which produced highly alarmist and ultimately false headlines around the world about millions dying; and 2) new pandemic legislation and regulatory frameworks, enacted in the wake of 9/11, premised on the view, as the ACLU put it, “that every outbreak of disease could be the beginning of some horrific epidemic, requiring the suspension of civil liberties.”
The ACLU issued its 2008 report to warn that the worst possible way to respond to a deadly pandemic was through coercion and mandates. Instead, the group argued — as one would expect from a civil liberties organization — persuasion and voluntary compliance were both more effective and less likely to erode core liberties. As they put it:

The lessons from history should be kept in mind whenever we are told by government officials that “tough,” liberty-limiting actions are needed to protect us from dangerous diseases. Specifically: coercion and brute force are rarely necessary. In fact they are generally counterproductive—they gratuitously breed public distrust and encourage the people who are most in need of care to evade public health authorities. On the other hand, effective, preventive strategies that rely on voluntary participation do work.

The key dichotomy emphasized by the 2008 version of the ACLU was the difference between constructive and persuasive messaging regarding public health versus the use of law enforcement and forced mandates. Starting with the report’s title (“The Need for a Public Health – Not a Law Enforcement/National Security – Approach”) through every section, the ACLU urges that mandates and coercion be dispensed with in favor of voluntary compliance and educational messages:

Government agencies have an essential role to play in helping to prevent and mitigate epidemics. Unfortunately, in recent years, our government’s approach to preparing the nation for a possible influenza pandemic has been highly misguided. Too often, policymakers are resorting to law enforcement and national security-oriented measures that not only suppress individual rights unnecessarily, but have proven to be ineffective in stopping the spread of disease and saving lives . . . .

This law enforcement/national security strategy shifts the focus of preparedness from preventing and mitigating an emergency to punishing people who fail to follow orders and stay healthy.

Much of the report is devoted to an examination of how the U.S. government has historically treated pandemics. As it reviews each pandemic — including horrifically lethal ones such as the plague and smallpox — the ACLU concludes over and over that American health authorities excessively relied on coercion rather than education and persuasion, fueled by media-aided fear porn and alarmist narratives:
Lessons from History: American history contains vivid reminders that grafting the values of law enforcement and national security onto public health is both ineffective and dangerous. Too often, fears aroused by disease and epidemics have justified abuses of state power. Highly discriminatory and forcible vaccination and quarantine measures adopted in response to outbreaks of the plague and smallpox over the past century have consistently accelerated rather than slowed the spread of disease, while fomenting public distrust and, in some cases, riots.
Amazingly, the model that the ACLU identifies as the one that must be avoided is precisely the one that it is now urging be used for COVID. Compare, for instance, the ACLU’s defense of coercive mandates in its New York Times op-ed this week (vaccine mandates “rarely run afoul of civil liberties”) with this ringing endorsement of the need to preserve freedom of choice in its 2008 report:

This model assumes that we must “trade liberty for security.” As a result, instead of helping individuals and communities through education and provision of health care, today’s pandemic prevention focuses on taking aggressive, coercive actions against those who are sick. People, rather than the disease, become the enemy.

What most worried the 2008 version of the ACLU was that authoritarian power vested in the hands of public health officials in the form of mandates and coercion will become permanent given that we will always live with such threats and endless pandemics. That was why, urged that iteration of the ACLU, we must opt for an approach that relies on education programs and voluntary compliance rather than state mandates.

“The law enforcement approach to public health offers a rationale for the endless suspension of civil liberties,” they explained. Using post-9/11 expansions of state power as its framework, the group explained that “the ‘Global War on Terror may go on for a generation, but the war on disease will continue until the end of the human race. There will always be a new disease, always the threat of a new pandemic. If that fear justifies the suspension of liberties and the institution of an emergency state, then freedom and the rule of law will be permanently suspended.

The ACLU’s New York Times op-ed this week repeatedly stressed that coercive mandates are justified whenever “the disease is highly transmissible, serious and lethal.” But its 2008 report argued exactly the opposite. The report was critical of forced vaccinations and other mandates in prior outbreaks of smallpox — certainly a highly contagious and lethal disease — but then argued that when the disease reappeared in the late 1940s, New York City handled it much better by offering voluntary vaccines and education programs rather than coercive measures:

In contrast, New York City relied on a different approach in 1947, one that viewed the public as the client rather than the enemy of public health. When smallpox reappeared in the city after a long absence, the city educated the public about the problem and instituted a massive voluntary vaccination campaign. Not surprisingly, no coercion was needed. Provided with information about the need for and benefits of vaccination, and reassurance that the city was helping rather than attacking them, the citizens of the New York turned out en masse for one of the world’s largest voluntary vaccination campaigns. The campaign was successful, and the epidemic was quashed before it had a chance to spread broadly in the city or beyond.

In the scheme of repressive measures that worried the 2008 ACLU, “compulsory isolation and quarantine are among the most coercive non-pharmaceutical interventions that may be employed during a pandemic.” They minced no words about such policies: “civil liberties concerns arise when these interventions are imposed by law.”
The ACLU did not merely warn with words of the dangers of excessive pandemic coercion. They also legally represented at least one client who they viewed as the victim of public health hysteria and tyranny. In 2006, “a 27-year-old tuberculosis patient named Robert Daniels was involuntarily quarantined in Phoenix, Arizona for disobeying an order by Maricopa County health officials to wear a face mask in public at all times.” Even once Daniels was released and it turned out he had a less severe case of TB than originally assumed, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio publicly threatened him with prosecution for the pre-quarantine events.”

The ACLU’s lesson from that case, and similar ones it had handled, was clear: these cases “are cautionary tales that illustrate the counterproductive nature of a punitive, law enforcement approach to preventing the spread of disease.” Most important of all, said the civil liberties group, coercive steps — such as mandates and quarantines — not only endanger civil liberties but are less effective in improving the public health, because they convert the public from cooperative allies into enemies that must be controlled and punished:
These efforts require working with rather than against communities, providing communities with as healthy an environment as possible, health care if they need it, and the means to help themselves and their neighbors. Most importantly, to protect public health, public health policies must aim to help, rather than to suppress, the public.

A separate ACLU report from 2015, issued during the ebola epidemic, contained a similar message. It warned “against politically motivated and scientifically unwarranted quarantines, which the report found violated individuals’ rights and hampered efforts to end the outbreak.” Hysteria over ebola became so intense that the ACLU “found that people were illegally deprived of their right to due process under the 14th Amendment because the quarantines and movement restrictions were not scientifically justified.”

While both reports acknowledge that more restrictive measures can be justified under extreme circumstances, the crux of each is that voluntary compliance is better than coercion, that state mandates typically fail, and that the far greater danger is vesting too much power in the hands of the state, which it will never relinquish given the permanence of pandemics.

How the ACLU fell from those traditional and vital civil liberties positions to urging this week in The New York Times that “far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties,” is anyone’s guess. But what is beyond doubt is that it is a far fall indeed. And most of all, hearing the ACLU invoke the standard rationale of authoritarians — we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions, but these rights are not absolute — is nothing short of jarring.”



Glen may be perplexed but I’m not. These people have been infected and they are sick, obey them at your own risk. They are the zombies of Hollywood movies, and they mean you and everyone else who is not a zombie the gravest of harm. You will become one of them, a creature without a soul, without empathy, without God, or you will die. That’s the way they see things, in black and white, there is nothing grey about it. Nothing you can say will stop them and the only solution is the proverbial bullet in the brain, Hollywood style. That’s the way I see things. In black and white, there is nothing grey about it.
I have already heard my own cousin tell her once beloved niece: “I hope they lock up all you anti-vaxers.” These things are no longer your friends and family. Every minute you allow them to exist they grow stronger as they infect others. The unspeakable truth becomes clearer and clearer to me every day. They must be exterminated, purged from the very planet they will not allow to exist in peace with a global Civil War that will be the mother of all Civil Wars…
Dr. Michael McDowell may be the smartest man in this whole COVID fray, I can only hope I’m not. Outside Veterans Today he is the only one I’m aware of that has connected this biological weapon to the North Carolina lab on Chapel Hill from which it came. Outside of me he is the only man to point to the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, which facilitated the whole COVID “pandemic,” as the most insidious thing about all this. Lieber is the father of nano technology, an experimental scientist of the highest caliber ever born. He is the guy who figured out how to grow microscopic machines in an inexpensive solution, making nano-technology even feasible. He was working on injectable neural networks when he was arrested back in late January of 2020 for running the Wuhan Lab while he was working for the DoD.
Dr. McDowell is a good Christian. In his encyclopedic medical opinion: “When you put a virus under pressure from a mass vaccination program the vaccine induced anti-bodies will stand up against the COVID 19 virus and fight it, so the virus is on the run. Once a virus is on the run, remember this is a virus that has gain of function properties, it feels under pressure it changes, it shifts. It changes its cloak it looks different. I becomes a variant. The variant cannot be stopped by the vaccine induced antibodies. Vaccine induced antibodies also shut down your innate immune system.”
He continues, punctuating his points with devout Amens. “Recombination means that the vaccinated can be infected by more than one variant at the same time. Oh big deal the Delta variant is in Trinadad [McDowell hails from Trinadad]. Dr. Peter McCullough says they don’t have enough letters in the Greek alphabet to name all the variants. In fact there already are over a hundred variants floating around the globe. Some put it at one hundred and eighty-five. If a vaccinated host is coinfected by more that one variant, the variants when they get inside they mix and they change DNA, recombinant DNA technology takes place, and it produces a super variant. Once the super variants are produced nothing can stop them and already they are saying that the latest variant to come out is vaccine resistant. Well this is just the beginning. Geert Vanden Bossche warns “if we do not immediately stop mass vaccination campaigns all around the world the world will experience an international catastrophe of mass mortality.” I didn’t say that he did. The vaccinated are a threat to us all. However, Amen, we must treat the vaccinated kindly, Amen, with great empathy, with prayer, Amen, and with humanity and love. No discrimination against the vaccinated… (


Another must see video!

Dr. Michael McDowell: “The Genetic Bioweapon, The Vaccine, And COVID-19” (


How could I not love this man? In fact if there must be a new world order he’s got my vote to lead it. But I strongly disagree with him on this point. I’ve done my best to warn you that we are dealing with biological machines, automatons. They will not stop until they have assimilated the entire human race or they themselves are terminated. This bill was recently reintroduced in New York. It is an anachronism from the Ebola scare, which Dr. McDowell and the Jack Heart team well know was produced by the sick fucks who brought you COVID lurking at Fort Detrick and Porton Down. Ebola was a dry run to introduce legislation like this, recently brought to the floor in New York:
 2021-2022 Regular Sessions
 January 6, 2021
 Introduced by M. of A. PERRY — read once and referred to the Committee
 on Health
 AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the removal of
 cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are poten-
 tially dangerous to the public health
 The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
 bly, do enact as follows:
 1 Section 1. The public health law is amended by adding a new section
 2 2120-a to read as follows:
 3 § 2120-a. Removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who
 4 are or may be a danger to public health; other orders. 1. The provisions
 5 of this section shall be utilized in the event that the governor
 6 declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communi-
 7 cable disease.
 8 2. Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence that the health
 9 of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or
 10 suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease that, in the
 11 opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner, may
 12 pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting
 13 in severe morbidity or high mortality, the governor or his or her dele-
 14 gee, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of
 15 local health departments, may order the removal and/or detention of such
 16 a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order, iden-
 17 tifying such persons either by name or by a reasonably specific
 18 description of the individuals or group being detained. Such person or
 19 group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appro-
 20 priate facility or premises designated by the governor or his or her
 21 delegee and complying with subdivision five of this section.
 22 3. A person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or
 23 his or her delegee pursuant to subdivision two of this section shall be
 EXPLANATION–Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
 [ ] is old law to be omitted.
 A. 416 2
 1 detained for such period and in such manner as the department may direct
 2 in accordance with this section.
 3 4. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of this section:
 4 (a) A confirmed case or a carrier who is detained pursuant to subdivi-
 5 sion two of this section shall not continue to be detained after the
 6 department determines that such person is no longer contagious.
 7 (b) A suspected case or suspected carrier who is detained pursuant to
 8 subdivision two of this section shall not continue to be detained after
 9 the department determines, with the exercise of due diligence, that such
 10 person is not infected with or has not been exposed to such a disease,
 11 or if infected with or exposed to such a disease, no longer is or will
 12 become contagious.
 13 (c) A person who is detained pursuant to subdivision two of this
 14 section as a contact of a confirmed case or a carrier shall not continue
 15 to be detained after the department determines that the person is not
 16 infected with the disease or that such contact no longer presents a
 17 potential danger to the health of others.
 18 (d) A person who is detained pursuant to subdivision two of this
 19 section as a contact of a suspected case shall not continue to be
 20 detained:
 21 (i) after the department determines, with the exercise of due dili-
 22 gence, that the suspected case was not infected with such a disease, or
 23 was not contagious at the time the contact was exposed to such individ-
 24 ual; or
 25 (ii) after the department determines that the contact no longer
 26 presents a potential danger to the health of others.
 27 5. A person who is detained pursuant to subdivision two of this
 28 section shall, as is appropriate to the circumstances:
 29 (a) have his or her medical condition and needs assessed and addressed
 30 on a regular basis, and
 31 (b) be detained in a manner that is consistent with recognized
 32 isolation and infection control principles in order to minimize the
 33 likelihood of transmission of infection to such person and to others.
 34 6. When a person or group is ordered to be detained pursuant to subdi-
 35 vision two of this section for a period not exceeding three business
 36 days, such person or member of such group shall, upon request, be
 37 afforded an opportunity to be heard. If a person or group detained
 38 pursuant to subdivision two of this section needs to be detained beyond
 39 three business days, they shall be provided with an additional commis-
 40 sioner’s order pursuant to subdivisions two and eight of this section.
 41 7. When a person or group is ordered to be detained pursuant to subdi-
 42 vision two of this section for a period exceeding three business days,
 43 and such person or member of such group requests release, the governor
 44 or his or her delegee shall make an application for a court order
 45 authorizing such detention within three business days after such request
 46 by the end of the first business day following such Saturday, Sunday, or
 47 legal holiday, which application shall include a request for an expe-
 48 dited hearing. After any such request for release, detention shall not
 49 continue for more than five business days in the absence of a court
 50 order authorizing detention. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions,
 51 in no event shall any person be detained for more than sixty days with-
 52 out a court order authorizing such detention. The governor or his or her
 53 delegee shall seek further court review of such detention within ninety
 54 days following the initial court order authorizing detention and there-
 55 after within ninety days of each subsequent court review. In any court
 56 proceeding to enforce an order of the governor or his or her delegee for
 A. 416 3
 1 the removal or detention of a person or group issued pursuant to this
 2 subdivision or for review of the continued detention of a person or
 3 group, the governor or his or her delegee shall prove the particularized
 4 circumstances constituting the necessity for such detention by clear and
 5 convincing evidence.
 6 8. (a) A copy of any detention order of the governor or his or her
 7 delegee issued pursuant to subdivision two of this section shall be
 8 given to each detained individual; however, if the order applies to a
 9 group of individuals and it is impractical to provide individual copies,
 10 it may be posted in a conspicuous place in the detention premises. Any
 11 detention order of the commissioner issued pursuant to subdivision two
 12 of this section shall set forth:
 13 (i) the purpose of the detention and the legal authority under which
 14 the order is issued, including the particular sections of this article
 15 or other law or regulation;
 16 (ii) a description of the circumstances and/or behavior of the
 17 detained person or group constituting the basis for the issuance of the
 18 order;
 19 (iii) the less restrictive alternatives that were attempted and were
 20 unsuccessful and/or the less restrictive alternatives that were consid-
 21 ered and rejected, and the reasons such alternatives were rejected;
 22 (iv) a notice advising the person or group being detained that they
 23 have a right to request release from detention, and including
 24 instructions on how such request shall be made;
 25 (v) a notice advising the person or group being detained that they
 26 have a right to be represented by legal counsel and that upon request of
 27 such person or group access to counsel will be facilitated to the extent
 28 feasible under the circumstances; and
 29 (vi) a notice advising the person or group being detained that they
 30 may supply the addresses and/or telephone numbers of friends and/or
 31 relatives to receive notification of the person’s detention, and that
 32 the department shall, at the detained person’s request and to the extent
 33 feasible, provide notice to a reasonable number of such people that the
 34 person is being detained.
 35 (b) In addition, an order issued pursuant to subdivisions two and
 36 seven of this section, requiring the detention of a person or group for
 37 a period exceeding three business days, shall:
 38 (i) advise the person or group being detained that the detention shall
 39 not continue for more than five business days after a request for
 40 release has been made in the absence of a court order authorizing such
 41 detention;
 42 (ii) advise the person or group being detained that, whether or not
 43 they request release from detention, the governor or his or her delegee
 44 must obtain a court order authorizing detention within sixty days
 45 following the commencement of detention and thereafter must further seek
 46 court review of the detention within ninety days of such court order and
 47 within ninety days of each subsequent court review; and
 48 (iii) advise the person or group being detained that they have the
 49 right to request that legal counsel be provided, that upon such request
 50 counsel shall be provided if and to the extent possible under the
 51 circumstances, and that if counsel is so provided, that such counsel
 52 will be notified that the person or group has requested legal represen-
 53 tation.
 54 9. A person who is detained in a medical facility, or other appropri-
 55 ate facility or premises, shall not conduct himself or herself in a
 A. 416 4
 1 disorderly manner, and shall not leave or attempt to leave such facility
 2 or premises until he or she is discharged pursuant to this section.
 3 10. Where necessary and feasible under the circumstances, language
 4 interpreters and persons skilled in communicating with vision and hear-
 5 ing impaired individuals shall be provided.
 6 11. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the issuance of
 7 orders pursuant to § 11.21 of the New York City Health Code.
 8 12. In addition to the removal or detention orders referred to in
 9 subdivision two of this section, and without affecting or limiting any
 10 other authority that the commissioner may otherwise have, the governor
 11 or his or her delegee may, in his or her discretion, issue and seek
 12 enforcement of any other orders that he or she determines are necessary
 13 or appropriate to prevent dissemination or transmission of contagious
 14 diseases or other illnesses that may pose a threat to the public health
 15 including, but not limited to, orders requiring any person or persons
 16 who are not in the custody of the department to be excluded; to remain
 17 isolated or quarantined at home or at a premises of such person’s choice
 18 that is acceptable to the department and under such conditions and for
 19 such period as will prevent transmission of the contagious disease or
 20 other illness; to require the testing or medical examination of persons
 21 who may have been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease or who
 22 may have been exposed to or contaminated with dangerous amounts of
 23 radioactive materials or toxic chemicals; to require an individual who
 24 has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an
 25 appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or
 26 vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease
 27 and follow infection control provisions for the disease; or to require
 28 an individual who has been contaminated with dangerous amounts of radio-
 29 active materials or toxic chemicals such that said individual may pres-
 30 ent a danger to others, to undergo decontamination procedures deemed
 31 necessary by the department. Such person or persons shall, upon
 32 request, be afforded an opportunity to be heard, but the provisions of
 33 subdivisions two through eleven of this section shall not otherwise
 34 apply.
 35 13. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to permit or
 36 require the forcible administration of any medication without a prior
 37 court order.
 38 § 2. This act shall take effect on the thirtieth day after it shall
 39 have become a law. Effective immediately the addition, amendment and/or
 40 repeal of any rule or regulation necessary for the implementation of
 41 this act on its effective date are authorized to be made and completed
 42 on or before such date.
This has not passed yet, but it will. The ACLU flipping in the New York Times is part of the preparations that have been made for it. There is no other answer to this by any man with a working penis except war to the death with anything that even remotely appears to accept or endorse it. May god, whatever one you worship, be with you. I know I will…
The good news for Americans is that they finally get to really be John Wayne. America literally scares the living daylights out of them. Americans have never been disarmed, and judging from what I saw in Richmond Virginia on Martin Luthur King Day in 2020, they never will be. 


I will leave you with this short piece by notorious dissident and practicing anti-Semite John Kaminski. Let the carnage begin, or you will all die like urinating dogs cowering in a corner, wiped out by an army of the living dead…      

 “Oblivious Aussies
tricked into prison
By John Kaminski
Once upon a time, well-meaning Australians gave away their guns, and just look at what’s happened to them now.
Totally set upon by deranged civil servants, today Aussies are imprisoned, defenseless, and being seriously abused by the worldwide Big Pharma tyranny, which is the brainchild of pathological power billionaires who for ten years were waited to spring on defenseless people a tyranny that uses bogus tests, a fake disease, and illegal incarceration enforced by conscienceless dupes drunk with power and powered by bribes and authority to rule over helpless people and never have to face the consequences of their sadistic cruelty because they have the law on their side, a law in fact that has always given everything to the rich and less than nothing to the poor.
A few very rich men have figured out this was a foolproof way to conquer the world. First requirement? Forget that it is real people whose lives you will ruin, and treat them like the gullible cattle they show themselves to be.
This is a common technique used many times in world history, this locking up the population in slavery on a story that later historical analyses always reveal as our putrescence. And it is also a common tactic of that single satanic group whose perfidy stretches far back into the cobwebs of history as we examine the long list of nations which have been destroyed by smooth talking swindlers these well-meaning farmers and ranchers living relatively innocent lives never should have trusted.
They keep doing it because it seems to work every time they try it.
And that’s what’s happened to Australia ever since bleeding heart progressives appealed to the consciences of decent people even though the people doing the appealing turned out to have no consciences themselves, only a bad case of airport security syndrome and a hidden desire to empty the pockets of everybody within reach.
It goes as far back as 1500 BC in an African desert kingdom when these two shysters, Abraham and Joseph, showed up and quickly figured out a way to swindle god fearing Egyptians out of everything they owned, and it stretches right up to the present day when the well-healed sons of Rothschild — Schwab, Gates and Fauci, by name — along with their greedy sycophants collared all the money in the world and then hired some conscienceless doctors to tell everybody in the world they were sick, and only these certain clever doctors had the medicine which could cure this dread disease. 
Then they added a new caveat that you had to keep taking this medicine forever, over and over, and pay them through the nose each time you did.
Ah, the lessons of corporate capitalism in the grip of crony communism. Such a wonderful way humanity has evolved — a small group of people learn the ultimate shell game and put the rest of the population to sleep permanently while they plunder the piggybanks of those they have sedated. Yes, you can blame the media for this.
But here’s the thing to remember. 
In the interest of permanent peace, the Aussies were convinced to give up their guns, just as pharaoh persuaded the pigeons to give up their possessions to get a little food because they were starving because Abe and Joey had deep sixed the food supply and caused famine to threaten the oblivious population. Any resemblance to today’s situation in which farmers are paid NOT to grow food, supply lines are deliberately cut by bad weather, and crops are poisoned to diminish the alertness of sickened consumers, is definitely not coincidental. It is as much of an ancient, tried and true tradition as Three-Card Monte on a summer afternoon at the circus.
This is the both the oldest trick in the book and the newest trend in fashionable population reduction, in which present day medical remedies have been turned into suicidal systems of self sacrifice by injecting yourself with a fatal poison to cure yourself of a lethal disease that they say you have but which doesn’t really exist. Now that’s what I call a really slick sales scheme, and that it has been believed by most of the rest of the world tells you two things.
The sociopaths will do anything to steal your money even if they have to take your life with it, and that people will believe anything once they decide to trust someone who is not worth trusting. And prominently featured today in this latter category are our leaders and our doctors.
Unfortunately, the main remedy for this situation in the case of Australia would have been the guns they decided to give away some years in the past. 
Conversely, in the case of the rest of the countries of the world, learning from the blunder the Australians made that has cost them their freedom is a mistake no other country in the world should ever decide to make, no matter how hard the slimy spokespeople on the flashy broadcasts of today’s high tech media say you should trust them try to convince you that you should.
In today’s topsy turvy world, guns are not so much a prevention against those who are trying to harm you as they are a safeguard against those creeps who insist they are trying to protect you. And you all know who I mean — the ones who say they are taking away your freedom to protect you from a threat that doesn’t really exist accept in their own sick, sadistic minds.
Don’t be afraid to kill them if they get too pushy, because they’re already killing us for far less reason than we would need to kill them in legitimate self-defense. Frankly, they passed that point a long time ago. Just compare the relatively small number of people who died from this disease they can’t prove exists with the skyrocketing number of people who have died from a so-called vaccine that absolutely nobody ever needed to take in the first place.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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Link to American’s response to Joe Baden.

From those who refuse to do vaccination!   

Please, watch this video. It shows who and where the blue masks are coming from.  You that are wearing blue masks to protect yourself from microbes!! Good Luck!! 

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  1. 57. This was sufficient for the populations of all the planets to fall away from all malignant violence and become in a peaceful mood within the time during which the spherical flying machine circled the worlds, but nevertheless they retained their free will and, above all, without external verbal influences from the state leaders and their unpeaceful propaganda, etc., they became more and more inclined to rationality and intellect, and began to think, consider, decide and act independently.
    58. The calming swinging-wave influences, which acted only on certain areas of the brain and in these only on special areas, were neither aggressive nor compelling, for there were only vibratory impulses through which understanding and reason were stimulated and led to the populations discarding their collective world of thought within a few days, because they became free from all the unpeaceful suggestive collective thinking controlled by the governments and religions and were able to form their own independent thoughts and opinions.
    59. By very quickly discarding their collective thinking controlled by governments and religions, and also very quickly learning and using their own individual thoughts, the human beings of the Plejaren planets learned and grasped their personal self-knowledge and formed their own and ever-increasing self-determination, through which they attained personal mental strength.
    60. In a special way, the dropping and abandonment of all religious belief factors and thus the perception and realisation of the natural-creational laws, which are universally oriented towards peacefulness, freedom and self-reliance, had an effect.
    61. When this was recognised by all Plejaren populations of all our worlds and every religious belief was discarded and frowned upon, manifold realisations were formed and from them the result of personal attitudes and far-reaching thought processes and certainties, which led to all human beings of all peoples setting themselves independently challenging goals and sticking to them even under difficulties, learning to cope with failures better and well, working out a higher motivation and achieving their set self-realisation goals.
    62. It was also found that within only eleven days they were less and less distracted by the opinions of other persons and above all also no longer allowed themselves to be distracted by the suggestive, unpeaceful whispers of the government, nor allowed themselves to fall back into unpeacefulness.

  2. The Flying Sphere, The Orb,

    What the earth world humans could use now?

    44. These, Eduard, my dear friend, are the facts from my father's infinite records of his annals, of which I have only become aware in the last few days and can now also tell you.

    … Fabulous, I too knew nothing of all these things and happenings, but had only the little information Sfath was necessarily obliged to give me, so that I knew where I stood and what I had to do.

    45. That was indeed how my father was, because he only ever explained as much as was necessary.
    46. But we shouldn't talk about that now, but about what concerns us Plejaren.
    47. I must begin by addressing what occurred on Erra and our other Plejaren planets some 52,000 years ago.
    48. At that time, swinging waves were emitted from the flying sphere, which circled around Erra and also around the other Plejaren planets for 32 days each, which took control of a certain brain region and a precisely defined area in all planet inhabitants, against which there was no possibility of defence, as could be fathomed by our scientists at that time.
    49. Our directives do not allow me to explain what the processes were and which areas of the brain and exact regions of the brain were involved, because more precise information for the Earth human beings or their brain researchers could lead to findings which they would then – as is usual with Earth scientists when they gain new findings – convert into new useful weapons for wars and secret services and then misuse them for murder, destruction, torture and for warlike purposes.
    50. On the one hand, this would come about via the neuroscientists, who would use everything in such a wise as to manipulate the structure and functioning of the nervous systems of Earth human beings in such a manner that they would be destroyed and rendered non-functional.
    51. Whole peoples would be exterminated or simply made to suffer and become ill, e.g. through the widespread dissemination and radiation of swinging waves causing illness among the Earth human beings concerned, who are to be exterminated or harassed.
    52. Polyneuropathy and migraine, as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, auto-immunological diseases such as multiple sclerosis could also be caused, as well as craniocerebral trauma, strokes, cerebral haemorrhages, epilepsy, brain tumours and meningitis, etc., against all of which there would no longer be any treatment possibilities and therapy alternatives.
    53. Further, diseases of consciousness such as insanity, idiocy and feeble-mindedness, etc. would also be considered in this respect, as well as incurable depression and psychic disorders etc.
    That would be more than inhumane. But it would be appropriate to explain what happened to you Plejaren more than 52,000 years ago, respectively how and by what means your peoples of all Plejaren planets achieved peace and freedom.

    54. But this could indeed ausarten [to get very badly out of control of the good human nature] in the manner you said, which is why I must not consider any further details and explanations and explain anything in more detail.
    55. However, I may explain, which I will do only briefly and without elaboration, what happened to our ancestors 52,000 years ago, but I really do not intend to go into detail.
    56. It turned out that the swinging-wave impulses emitted by the aforementioned spherical flying machine very effectively influenced certain areas of the brain of all the planet's inhabitants and had such an effect on special areas that all impulses of violence and degeneracy were appeased, but not extinguished, only put into a softened state and made peaceful.

  3. Yes but before that they will fight three apocalyptic battles where Horus loses an eye; the battles of course take place in heaven but the damage they do is reflected here in WW I, WW II and now this. The non Catholic Christians are not going to survive this because Set, the god of the bible goes down for the count with the last one and they will go with him. Catholics know this in their upper echelons of the church, IHS, Isis Horus and Set the real trinity, not to mention the Jesuits named their observatory Lucifer. You see it now before you with their scumbag pastors consigning them all to hell by pushing this vaccine on them…

  4. I think Elon Musk is playing with himself Stan, that is if robots can play with themselves, perhaps they are really only for murdering children like Mark Zuckerbergs robot, as Claus Schwab calls it. The fact that that thing is allowed to move freely in public is an indictment in itself of all these compliant creatures now being euthanized, they getting just what they have coming Stan, as you've already said in the last post this page is only for the sentient right? I hate to disagree with Billy Meir but no satellites required they've already got enough towers, they will just adjust the frequency on the 5 G whenever they feel the need to roast some lamb or fleece it in the market place. Just for you Stan because you've been my loyal commenter for years and you always made more sense than MK to me, I'm gonna release some private stock from Patreon, telling you what I really think of all this for the last couple of years, events have only born it out too:

  5. Exploring the possibility that Billy Meier’s 1958 prophecy could be dangerously close to fulfilling

    While many people may be led to believe that Elon Musk’s mega-satellite extravaganza is intended to be some boon to online-hungry human beings, Billy Meier was told that something else, a bit more unpleasant, if not nefarious, may actually be in the works.

    In 1958, Meier published 162 specific, mainly dire, warnings in his Warning to All the Governments of Europe/Prophecies and Predictions.

    Of particular interest is number 40., which in part says:

    “the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a ‘biometric identification system‘ that would be overseen and controlled through a ‘central data bank’ whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter. “

    Nano Na-Nu?

    Recently, a friend of mine from the aerospace industry gave me some interesting information. Referring to what was recently published by Meier about nanoparticles in vaccines, he said he was introduced to similar ultrafine, nano-like chips to track specialized equipment – and people – in around 2001. This process, which was used for security purposes and for equipment that was unlawfully removed from a designated location – and which could also identify the perpetrator – is now…old technology from 20 years ago.

    The chip-particles, he was introduced to were not in an injectable serum or vaccine form but were ultra-fine, like dust, and required a special instrument to detect them. They were made of a material that would adhere to most materials without an adhesive, not so much as what science calls physisorption, but more like a van der Waals force that we all have experienced, like an electrostatic attractive force commonly called Coulomb’s law.
    These dust-chips were not like the visible stain detection powder applied to objects that were likely to be stolen or tampered with. Some of them also had a slight radioactive signature and also had extremely small cyphers on them.
    My friend pointed out that it was first back in 1985 that electron beam lithography was used by Thomas Newman at Stanford University to reproduce the first page of A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, on a microscopic scale. The accomplishment won him the Feynman Prize, a challenge set in 1959 to produce written text at 1/25,000 scale.
    Knowing how unlimited the dark and delusional urge to do harm, rather than good, is among the aggressively-minded, perhaps the agenda and outcome warned about by Meier and the Plejaren could be what is suggested above: The use of the satellites, in conjunction with nanoparticles in vaccines to effect the bio-chipping and control of the masses.
    Should this not be the case, don’t worry that we’ve given anyone a new idea. More than likely it was long ago considered and dismissed because they came up with something even more deadly to life, love, peace, freedom and harmony.
    Of course, to the fans of the anti-human transhumanism persuasion, this might sound like a really great idea, a way to skip the bothersome process of actually becoming a true, self-responsible human being.
    They may even welcome being permanently online, wired for sound and video, and getting endless entertainment-on-demand…or perhaps becoming the endless entrainment for those who can pull their electronic strings. New Agers could bypass going into 5D and simply merge with 5G.
    Think of the endless possibilities.
    Should it really be the case, I guess we could consider Elon Musk as the parent apparent of transhumanism. Who knew there’d be yet another good reason to avoid the vaccines?
    See also:
    India Saltwater Vaccinations, Mao and Our Future Survival
    Facts about the Corona Vaccinations
    People Continue to Die Because Billy Meier COVID Information Suppressed

  6. The precessional celestial revolution for the Aeon of Horus completes when the sun and sky god Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Harpocrates, or Horus the Younger becomes the warrior-slayer of Seth (Set) or Typhon.

  7. FIGU-ZEITZEICHEN, No. 157, September 2021 3 Little hope on the horizon for the inmates of the 'prison island'. Australian health director Dr. Kerry Chant says COVID will be with us 'forever' and people will have to 'get used' to endless booster vaccinations. The New South Wales chief of health made a very alarming statement at a recent press conference. "We have to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines in the future … I can't see that COVID won't be with us forever," Chant said at a press conference last week. Dr. Chant: "We need to get used to being vaccinated with covid vaccines for the future"
    Given that Australians were previously told the authorities would 'not hesitate' to go door-to-door to do COVID tests, what should keep them from doing the same for vaccines? As we pointed out earlier, the notoriously strict chant warned Australians not to even speak to their own friends and neighbors, even if they are wearing a mask. "While it's human nature to talk to others and be friendly, this is unfortunately not the time," said Chant. “Even if you meet your neighbor in the mall, don't start a conversation. Now is the time to minimize contact with others and even if you wear a mask you shouldn't think that it offers complete protection, ”she added. Australia continues to pursue a disastrous 'zero COVID' policy enforced through endless lockdowns that has turned the country into a 'prison island' with no escape. Anyone who challenges these policies through protests can face fines of up to $ 11,000, and police have made home visits to people who only support anti-lockdown demonstrations through social media. SOURCE: DR. CHANT: COVID WILL BE WITH US “FOREVER,” PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO “GET USED TO” END LESS BOOSTER VACCINES Source: https:
    27 more untranslated pages in German:

  8. Jack Heart…so glad to hear you snapped at VT. I agree they have been taken over by the lying deep state forces. I can't believe the shit they post these days. I'm just grateful I found you and your excellentely researched articles on their website.You nail it on every subject you've ever written about. Bravo guy. I honor and salute you.

  9. If you read my first answer anon I apologize for being curt, I was in the middle of having it out with them when you made yours. Not because they didn't publish this I didn't expect them too, Steel who was a circus show as pointed out by B and they themselves to me yesterday, wrote anti-vax stuff for them and he wound up dead under very mysterious circumstances, Dr Barret also did and he lost his Patreon platform. I don't write for them and haven't for a very long time. My name is not on their masthead and this site alone is closing in on a million reads, I don't need them. In fact with the garbage they publish now they need me. There is something very wrong with them there and that's what I tried to point out here, its almost like they are possessed and need to destroy themselves and everyone else with them. Someone from there purporting to be Gordon attempted to lecture me on my politics and I snapped, bottom line…

  10. Jack Heart….As a writer for Veterans Today, I'm wondering if you have been reading the articles on their website touting the need to get the jab and attributing all the deaths in the overfilled hospitals to the unvaccinated on the loose. Do you think they'll let you post the above article on their website? I think Not.

  11. p.s. Anybody now taking Veterans Today seriously after reading what they say about ordinary people refusing consent to a pharmaceutical product being tested on them deserves everything that's coming.

    (But I'm not a doctor and that isn't medical advice, LOL)

  12. Steel? RD Steel? He of the 'children are being kidnapped and sent as sex prisoners to Mars on a 20 year ride…' angle.

    Made even more ridiculous by the fact that anybody going to Mars– and there are quite a few– uses a dimensional portal to get there. Standard US Navy tech and perfected since at least the early 1980s.

    Yeah, RD Steel.

    Begs the question, though, what are the Chinese fiddling around with– Tikk Takk 'aircraft' aren't even the half of it. And there's also the question of the billion dollar missing submarine off of Taiwan. (Hint: she isn't– or, most likely, wasn't– Chinese.)

    Flash Gordon, it ain't.

    Maybe Veterans Today will tell us about that one, sometime. But I wouldn't be holding my breath.

    I'll post anything new if I 'come across' it, Jack. Anything that'll get folks asking the right questions, and not spending hours researching how masks don't really stop a virus.

    (No, but they DO reduce a viral load which statistically reduces one's chance of picking up a dose at less than 15 minutes exposure.)

    Oh wait, viruses don't exist, right? Doh!!! Silly Banger.

  13. "And no, Trump is not gonna save you this time, QTards– he initiated the whole escalation to begin with." LOL, I love it. I say we give the fat orange bastard one more chance to man up and admit he started it under the direction of these crazed homos in the CIA. But not to strongly, I might be wrong here, I want to give the innocent a fighting chance very badly and maybe I'm not being objective. Yea Stan's on the narrative, I told you Stan's are Man in God only knows where… I had it out with VT today. What a demonstration of a complete disregard for integrity they have demonstrated by not publishing this. As for that Steel guy or whatever yea people are asking questions as to how he died, powerful people, no doubt under the direction of even more powerful people. I don't know nothing and even if I did I wouldn't say nothing, we never do. But as far as that victory parade, can it, mine will be in heaven but anyone who takes these fucks down deserves one here on earth…

  14. …and anyone with the Wuhan Lab freaking angle? Lemme tell you how biowarfare research is done: not in the middle of major population conurbations, okay?

    Do I need to explain why? Try the middle of a fucking desert.

  15. And for those who want to listen outside the echo chamber? Here you go– and I won't be saying anything more about this again.

    Christ, and folks think our ol' buddy MK was confusing?
    Except this media confusion is intentional– and has for the most part been very, very effective…

    COVID doesn't exiisssst! Yeah, right. Dream on. You've just been had, except there ain't no camera and TV goon lurking with a mic. Because this shit is real. As Jack has been warning you all about for years.

    What? You believed Tom Cowan? And the others who are telling you viruses don't exist?

    (pssssssssst! Billion Dollar Cover Up. Okay?)

  16. they still won't believe it's real, Jack– all aspects of it, including China angle. It's a) too much for those growing up in the 'freedom and democracy' matrix to comprehend, and b) they've been cognitively entrained by tech most tech-buffs on 'this level' couldn't get their heads around in a million years no matter how hard they tried. (It's actually older than that, but that's another story.) Decades in the planning, and a billion dollar cover up initiated once the initial attack on China failed Feb/March 2020.

    Hence: The 'scamdemic'; 'COVID doesn't exist'; etc. etc. Need I go on?
    COVID exists, alright– and you ain't seen nothing yet. Tell 'em what the MRNA is probably for, too. Neutrino radiation a bit too much for the newbies now, d'ya think?
    Yeah. Probably.

    It's called multi-spectrum warfare. And full control over the media narrative is an essential element to pulling THAT kind of shit off.

    Here's a bit of background for those slowly pulling their heads outta the sand. If they can't or won't grasp it now it's more than too late.
    And how about this for control of the narrative boys and girls. CNN never told ya about this one, right? Riiiight?

    Newsmax, neither, mmmm-hhhmmmmm?

    But we did hear about the captain fired for not putting his crew in harm's way. That one they couldn't keep a lid on.

    I'm hearing October for an escalation of events. Not confirmed.
    The article below, however, is 99% confirmed.
    Don't say you weren't warned.

    And no, Trump is not gonna save you this time, QTards– he initiated the whole escalation to begin with. That's how 100% control of the narrative works, ya see. And you've been had.

    Read it. Read it all– and don't attempt to give me any shit until you've read it in its entirety– and thought carefully about the events of the past year. Very carefully…..

    …..things starting to make sense? More sense than what you've been spoon-fed for 18 months if you're being honest with yourselves, right?

    Prepare to have your illusions shattered– preserving freedom and democracy, LOLLL; fighting the aggressive commie expansion in the Pacific, LOLLLLL.

    If this is fighting– there's gonna be a whole lotta reality check coming to a city near you. And soon. THAT will be fighting– and over before you know it unless somebody reigns in these lunatics. Is Global number #1 really worth this much??

    p.s. I noticed our Stan is keen for a bit of Metallicman, of late. But do us a favour, Stan– lay off the frikking Bah material (or whatever), you're starting to sound like David fucking Willycock. And then some.

    Later, Scallywags.

  17. In J's defense B its hard to imagine this is real for anyone whose never had or had their loved ones get COVID, whatever the fuck it may be. With me I've had it, my whole families had it, and I've watched a Green Beret who fought in four wars die in three days from it, its fucking real people, take my word on that…

  18. Sorry B this ones long enough, the next one will be about the inevitable upcoming war with China that to you and yours credit, ya have been warning about for the last year. Some may ask how they will still be able to cover it up when children start keeling over from the poison their insane parents have allowed to be pumped into them? My answer is; simple, a nice nuclear holocaust, that's how. One good exchange, 100 million American dead and a half a billion Chinese and they will forget all about Junior dropping dead of a heart attack as he bounces off the school bus…

  19. I believe we sent this info to you in a mail a few months ago. Used to boost numbers when and where required. As for your delusional friend above who opines COVID doesn't exist? Such is the power of the delusion– this will be a necessary part of the incoming 'operation'. The hook has been baited, but in this case the morons will be sunk afterward.
    Take care, out there. Strange days on the way. But as you and I well know when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Get ready for your standing ovation, amigo. And the some. You and me both.

  20. Greeting from New Orleans,

    My name is Sam and I figure it might be worthy of bringing you up to speed on the following. I'm not questioning your articles or beliefs. I'm just enlightening certain folks as to what was witnessed. So here we go… Back in March the shit really hit the fan around here. At the time I had multiple neighborhood mammals all coexisting outside my residence. These included possums, coons, cats, squirrels, rats, etc. For unknown reasons they all suddenly started dying off within a period of a few weeks. Which caused me to have to jump into burial action. My wife, our dog, and I managed to survive. But I did take a light hit of sorts. Which presented as sudden heart drama, headaches, etc. At the time I immediately suspected GB. And after a few days luckily I managed to get an eye full of the delivery device. At the time a friend had dropped by who smokes. So we were outside so he could indulge as darkness fell. We were hashing out connecting all the dots and developing a timeline on this recent trail of death. And were discussing how the possums who lived under my raised bedroom were the first affected. As I quickly learned GB sinks and rapidly turns to gas at the same rate as water. Nevertheless as we were discussing the windows, damnned if a small drone didn't swoop my bedroom window. I got a good glimpse of it and my friend did not. It was slightly longer than my open hand. And had a short sharp beek. Which looked to be for spitting. A few days later I had a artist friend draw what I witnessed. If your interested your welcome to it. Just ask..

    So keep your eyes peeled as you just might notice some interesting devices sneaking around. Oddly existing data on micro GB exposure is hard to locate. No doubt the military services have studied this and are well schooled in such. What little data I've found sure seems to mimic this current covid. Plus it appears that any university lab can easily produce the crud. And the real kicker is that it quickly breaks down leaving little evidence of existence. Even internally inside victims, all of which makes it the perfect compound to cause exactly what we have going down now.. So I suspect you may already be aware of all of this but if not you are now.
    Jack – Passed through Slidell right outside of New Orleans in June Sam, what is GB?

    Sam – Military lingo for sarin nerve gas. Luckily I had just renovated the interior 6 months prior and sealed the old wood windows shut. Otherwise I'd be 6 feet under as well. I've yet to determine who did this. But I have my suspects. So far at least there haven't been any revisits that I'm aware of. Unfortunately it seems detectors are not available in the States outside of the government. Meanwhile apparently there is a growing market worldwide for such. And the Chinese have developed a special interested circuit specifically for this purpose. But I've only found reference to it's development in a trade article. Hopefully it will be optional in cell phones in the near future.

  21. I don’t know J but given six months more studying microbiology I’m sure I could figure it out, no one’s ever really ever proved that a virus, outside of a bacteriophage, is really not just L form bacteria or mutated mycoplasma. They really just starting seeing these things after the “Nazis” invented the electron microscope right before WW II. Under an electron microscope a bacteriophage looks artificial, but then again this whole timeline is artificial. Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion for that reason. Of course two different military people, including one we both know, have told me they are supplementing the kill ratio with sarin gas which explains why everyone who successfully speaks out about this suddenly dies of COVID quite nicely. Of course the faggots are using drones. I got other things to do now my friend I’ve stood out here in no man’s land in a hail of bullets long enough, the other faggots on our side won’t even get out of their foxholes. I really feel like the last man standing on planet earth. Some emails I dug of for you J, hope all is well:

  22. With all respect, Jack, I don't know what is getting these people sick but it isn't Covid/Sars 2 or Sars/Covid 2 or whatever else the lying, scumbag assholes are currently calling it because it simply does not exist. It has never been isolated, purified, and designated as a new virus in accordance with Koch's postulates in any lab on earth. These procedures are mandatory for the designation of any so-called virus. The non-existence of Covid/Sars has been definitively proven in court. (See Patrick King, Alberta, Canada). Naturally the Kosher mass media's merry band of mendacious whores have obfuscated this and all truths about this monstrously, evil criminal hoax.

  23. Normally I would just stay out of this Mr. Hermit most of the useless riff raff they are pumping that "vaccine" into are getting just they have coming, and that goes for their children too who carry their cattle genes. Fuck it kill em all and let god sought them out, not their phony gods who will die with them but the real ones. The slaughter house is just where they should be. But when they infringe on our living space like they our by making the shot mandatory I'm forced to put something together like this. They got a fight coming to them from the red states and I'm predicting maybe a month before the confederate battle flag is flying over the ruble of the UN building in NYC…

  24. Quote from Jack Heart “A good psy-op contains as much truth as is deemed safe by the progenitor. It’s an artform. It’s just like baiting a hook, a good fisherman can feed a village, a good propagandist a nation.”

    Moderna’s Website describing mRNA platform

    Our Operating System

    Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the "program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.