I have an extensive network of sources of the highest caliber from China to America, paralleling the readership of this blog. Recently I received an email from one of my most trusted ones which included an excerpt from God only knows where outlining the true intention of the “vaccine.” This sounds about right: 

  .…”The entire premise of the mRNA “vaccine” protocol, as it has been promoted, is in error. There needs to be some other alterations in the chemical mixture injected that will mitigate the bad or more worrisome effects. This mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is an injection that is designed to alter the population / society control by the governments that use this methodology. The concept is that this injection will require as-needed boosters to act as a shield to all manner of foreign substances, germs and viruses. This is not only attractive from that point of view, but that it will also become a predominant revenue stream to the producers of that injection formula. 

The governments that promote and use this injection scheme do so with no intention of vaccinating anyone. What they want is a platform to easily control, and defend the population with, when they create dangerous viral weapons to launch against the rest of the world. The nations favor this methodology as they can include other chemicals and substances at will that would be useful for them to maintaining crowd control, and to manipulate the population. Already there has been developed systems that resonate with the injected mRNA resultant mutations that create harmonics that allow the government to change the actions and thoughts of the injected populations. They can thus calm, anger, upset, or create any kind of emotional reactions in the population that they control simply by having the population so injected, and then pulsing frequencies at them through social media. This system is fraught with difficulties, and none of these were addressed during the rollout phase. And today some of the side effects are being noticed. This includes the biggest culprit with is known as the “spike protein”, but others that alter the cell structures in a negative vector downward trend. The enthalpic result is early organ failures, particularly of the critical priority organs such as liver, heart, kidneys and lungs. The damage is being noticed with alarm throughout the nations using this type of injection. However, they have mandated that there shouldn’t be any reporting of the danger, and the damages and deaths that have resulted so far. 
Unless there is a direct change in the policy positions of the various governments involved, then you can expect an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. None of which will be recorded as due to the mRNA injection, but rather to other causes. Due to the number of people so injected, there should be an increase in deaths directly attributed to the mRNA alterations through 2022, into 2023. By late 2023, the deaths should be obvious to all, and catastrophic emergency steps would most likely take place by the governments involved, with peak damage manifesting in the 2024 time period. This forecast can be changed and vectored to other outcomes provided that a different world-line anchoring program is in planning and in process of being implemented. Unfortunately, [redacted] is not operating such a program.
There is another option, where immediate rectification injections occur and take place that would minimize the adverse effects of the spike protein alterations. There is action in this regard, but we have no information whether it will be implemented by the government so involved. Our supposition is that the results will be tabled and not acted upon for political concerns. Prior histories suggest that a “black market” for these modification mRNA injections open up, and would be able to be procured by individuals with the proper currency of value at that time.But whether that will happen in this case is unknown. The specific answer to the question is that deaths as a result of the mRNA injections are taking place presently. They will increase in scope and magnitude.
By late 2023 it will be obvious that there is a major problem, and that at that time the actions of an increasingly unstable government leadership is difficult to predict.
Is it just the mRNA vaccines that are affected or all Western vaccines?
Only the mRNA injections are so compromised. The problem associated with the increase in causality figures have to do with an unanticipated side effect related to spike protein utility. This is only associated with the mRNA injections. Alteration of the spike protein though methodology not associated with mRNA changes should not be a concern. The problem is intentional mRNA alterations. Not the spike protein itself. With the other injections operate in other ways, and all have their own issues, as do the “dead host” vaccines, the primary worry and concern is with the mRNA injections that alter DNA. If anyone has taken the mRNA injection, the best thing to do is to maintain good health and healthy behaviors. This become more critical as this will help mitigate any potential problems created by the spike protein. Further, exercise, always needed, should become a priority. Not just for good health but to enrich cell wall maintenance with fine oxidization. The problem with this side effect is that people continue to indulge in unhealthy behavior when they should start eating better, performing a minimum of exercise and controlling their thoughts.
Exercise with fresh air is best. This would be a walk in the woods or forests, a bicycle ride along a river or a lake, or even an icy swim (Russian style) in frozen water. If you have taken an mRNA injection you will seriously need to change your diet. Processed foods will need to be eliminated from your diet. Both exercise and diet will not, alone, prevent the catastrophic side effects of an errant mRNA initiated spike protein, but they will allow your body to heal if and when the consequences of a errant spike protein becomes apparent….”

And in deference to the holidays, we’ve also got a Christmas salutation from John Kaminski: 

Cracking up

for Christmas

in the wreckage of a world

dying from fear of death



Senseless enforcement violence attempts

to protect people from a plague 

that doesn’t exist with a poison that does

By John Kaminski



Two long freight trains on parallel tracks, going in opposite directions at warp speed. 

Tearing the world apart. 

Lives, jobs and businesses splintered by the collision. 

The wreckage is everywhere. 

Stunned survivors wander the ravaged landscape in desperate confusion. 

Our future looms as a dark uncertainty as our survival has suddenly been thrown into terrifying doubt.

Speeding toward each other and then well past each other, the crash of the two conflicting narratives has already occurred, leaving the debris of its psychic tornado spread around the world in families and nations split by tectonic emotional shocks, small businesses closed forever, people banned from their own jobs for merely trying to be safe, and innocent victims following their doctors’ orders dying violent convulsive deaths at far too young an age.

The more that is revealed about the fake COVID epidemic, the harder governments crack down on those who see through the lies. Lockdowns, arrests, passports and jabs continue despite the rigorous detective work that has revealed the entire caper as a fraud to deprive humanity of its individual freedom using the universal fear of a contrived disease for its totalitarian takeover.

More lately, senseless enforcement violence attempts to protect people from a plague that doesn’t exist with a poison that does. Foolhardy restrictions perpetuate the myth, exacerbate the misery and needlessly murder vibrantly healthy athletes. How many children who never suspected their adult role models were lying to them have wound up in the morgue, or crippled for the duration of their soon to be decimated lives?

The more people know about the hypocrisy of the event and the fakery of the details, the more they are persecuted by those who created this behavioral monstrosity and made billions of dollars doing it. The more people who have taken the shot, the more both the perpetrators and their buffaloed victims savagely vilify those who try to tell them what they’ve done to themselves.

This needless rupture in human evolution is a collision destined to (1) destroy the world, or (2) save the world.

The factor that determines the outcome just might be you.

There is only one certainty. Somebody did this deliberately. It was no accident.

Smarting from accusations

I’ve been excoriating my family in recent months for being low life losers, malignant narcissists and in some cases, two faced drunks. If this seems a little harsh it is because they’ve almost all been jabbed with the poison inoculations masquerading as a health benefit, since there is no disease that has been properly identified as anything but a cynically constructed bioweapon whose variants are now being unleashed to turn the world into a permanently poisoned prison.

Like most people, they all considered themselves to be decent people, like the rest of us, mostly concerned with their own survival and comfort, and rather indifferent to those things over which they insisted they had no control. 

And this was the basic flaw in their attitude that has left the whole world teetering on the edge of total destruction at the hands of men who took advantage of all those not paying attention to the larger picture, who failed to notice that a small coterie of clever masterminds had managed to take control of all the money in the world, which caused them to decide they could have a much more comfortable life by eliminating seven eighths of the world’s population.

This is how and why the collision was arranged. It was fifty or a hundred years in the making. So now the future of most of humanity seems to face a lesser span of life than that.

Holiday shopping guide for the suicidal

So what’s an appropriate Christmas gift for those who’ve lost their jobs, can’t pay their rent, and have stupidly taken a shot that as we speak is slowly eating holes in their capillaries and about to cause myocarditis leading to a stroke or heart attack that will end their formerly placid lives.

About all we can give them is our compassion and forgiveness for squandering their lives in such an uninformed way. We should seek to console their surviving relatives, and especially their hopefully uninfected children, with a rigorous education about the real rules of America which have wreaked this havoc by showing them the plentiful evidence that the real rulers of the world have never been the presidents and kings, but actually are the sick bankers and hereditary billionaires who rule everyone from behind the deliberately manipulated scenes.

But for the creators and executors of the COVID deception, we should consider some uniquely thoughtful Christmas gifts.

I think a bottle of hemlock mixed with AZT extract and eau de bat guano would be appropriate for Dr. Anthony Fauci for producing this monstrous epidemic that has injured humanity so profoundly. For his buddy Bill Gates, who has done so much to the reduce the population of the world with his clever concoctions, I think a sulfuric acid bath would be more to his liking so he can lie twitching in agony like so many of his victims in India have experienced when they were forced to take his ill-advised vaccines before they croaked.

The date Bill Gates croaks should become a national holiday.

And don’t forget Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla as well as all the other demonic Jews who plague the vampire vaccine companies as well as the trannies in the CDC and FDA, plus the homos in the White House and CNN. They all deserve multiple Christmas injections of all the vaccines they have forced on people over the past two years.

For the many malicious politicians and doctors who have participated in this satanic scam over the past few decades, nooses would always be an appropriate gift so they could ‘off’ themselves before the righteous citizenry has a chance to do it for them.

One thing that everyone in the world is certain about today is that no one who now holds any public office of any type should remain in office once the falsity of the 2020 COVID deception is publicly and forensically exposed and proven — no exceptions. Most should be prosecuted as well, and of course many of those, considering the death toll they have produced with their cynical behavior, should be executed.

Poison pens that will really kill them might be good gifts for those local mayors and provincial prime ministers who took such pleasure in ordering lockdowns and mask mandates to their citizens who never needed either under any circumstances. 

And doctors and nurses who refused to take the poison jabs should be the only ones who will be allowed to work in reconstituted hospitals once these death traps are purged of the curdled executives who committed many murders for much government money. 

For all those cops and security guys who participated in the attacks on people who protested being poisoned by homicidal perverts, I think a course in carbon monoxide therapy would be a proper way for them to end their corrupt careers and rid us of their felonious abuse that has injured so many innocent citizens.

Lastly, instead of participating in any kind of campaign that aims at exterminating COVID I think it best to join in a worldwide campaign to exterminate all the politicians and doctors and other kinds of bureaucrats who created COVID. This would be the surest way of assuring a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all.

And in toasting in the New Year, save one for the wisdom of Dr. Robert O. Young, who notes that there is no COVID virus because there is no such thing as a virus at all. The toast goes like this . . .

There is no evidence of the existence for any virus isolated by anyone anywhere in the world.

Now the truth from their own mouths documented from their own written words of admission that they have no evidence.


End of story, beginning of a new healthy future. So we hope and pray . . . should we suddenly develop the courage to insist upon the truth.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.









  1. Next piece is almost done, focusing primarily on our current crossroads as a question, is religion in mankind's corner?
    We ask this due to the grand failure of every other institution, to wit, including the new idea of installing a brain dead president via massive relentless voter fraud, and yes I'm paraphrasing him.
    I thought of writing a fiction piece where a series of brain implants and neural interfaces control certain politicians, but oops, it's been done and it's real.
    I keep having visions of gates & co running for their lives in front of pitchforks and torches…or are they dreams?
    New Piece will be delivered shortly.

  2. I believe we personalized murder. Murder between individuals is always about power.

    think of it this way as we murder our way out of our delemas. LOL

  3. So as Bach instructs me we shall talk about "the cycling peloton" as try riding in one upon a busy American road.

    You know those crazy people in those gay looking costumes? Perhaps you have seen them upon the road in America?

    Where is the Green beret when one needs them!!

    So, I live approximately 24 miles South West of the Waukesha Wisconsin truck massacre. So just like that a bunch of white kids got mowed down because some in the black community thought it was alright to do so?

    Back to cycling, as many pontificate about killing cyclists on public roads, as I see nothing came of that either yet many thousands of cyclists are mowed down in cold blood every year as of course just a statistic.

    So, online is it acceptable to promote the death of another you disagree with?

    As we are discussing cycling Pelotons I would say this that every American Peloton needs an armed guard. Just saying…

  4. Speaking of sports teams my fav intel team would be Mossad as I would wear one of their cycling jerseys "by deception we wage war" as that would be the nature of the cycling Peloton.

  5. Next question, why are most Americans barred from having the same treatments that Aaron Rogers has? Perhaps VT editors could advise me?

  6. Robert Sepher has posted some good vids on Giants in America – possibly from Cathage. They engaged in cannibalism, human sacrifice. I still don't understand all the factions. Are these the ones that worship the male demonic god, whereas the templars that worship the female God are at war with them? Are both factions into human sacrifice, cannibalism?

    • Zen I love you and all that, but you are in Luger's steakhouse talkin Big Macs, I wrote about the red-haired giants of the Southwest ten years ago. Ancient Aliens plagiarized it and created a whole show on it. As far as the email is concerned you have my word that this did not come from an impotent internet doctor, you want Robert Malone go see my cousin whom by the way loves this email. The gods are blood drinkers Zen, that's how they are summoned now and that's how they have always been summoned. You really want the truth, you will have to either join Patreon or wait till publish our next book, its fiction, I can tell the truth

  7. English Translation
    Seven Hundred and Eighty-sixth Contact
    Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 7:23 hrs

    This, in addition to the complete failure of the rulers, who have always done the wrong thing since time immemorial, because the incompetent rulers are not clever enough, but only have a big mouth, many more earthlings will perish in the far future, not only through further epidemics that will inevitably come as a result of the ever more rampant overpopulation, but also the wars that are triggered by the incompetent and power-hungry rulers…. This is in addition to the uncertainty about what the foreigners* will do, whom the Pentagon in the USA again wants to get under their skin through a new ‘task force’, as Ptaah recently told me. The ‘Bluebook’ was only the beginning of the whole thing, in which Mr. Weaver, Waever or Wever, I don’t remember his name exactly, was also involved, whom I met together with Semjase, who also told us that he had to say exactly the opposite of what really corresponded to reality and truth. He was forbidden to speak and was not allowed to say what the real truth was.
    *foreigners: Refers to the so-called “earth-foreigners”, extraterrestrials whose aircraft/UFOs have long been seen and sometimes videoed, photographed by civilians and military alike.
    Is a false flag or a provocation being planned to start a fight?

    Second line, the German word Pelz translates to English as "fur."
    "Skin' is used in the statement translation. I think "hair' would also work.

    Dies nebst dem, dass die Unsicherheit besteht, was die Fremden tun werden, denen das Pentagon in den USA neuerlich auf den Pelz rücken will durch eine neue ‹Task force›, wie mir kürzlich Ptaah gesagt hat. Das ‹Bluebook› war ja nur der Anfang des Ganzen, bei dem auch Mr. Weaver, Waever oder Wever, genau weiss ich seinen Namen nicht mehr, mitgeschmischelt hat, den ich zusammen mit Semjase kennenlernte, der uns dann auch sagte, dass er genau das Gegenteil von dem sagen müsste, was wirklich der Wirklichkeit und Wahrheit entsprach. Er habe Sprechverbot und

    778th Contact Monday, September 20, 2021, 00.09 hrs.

    " When it will be time for the reality-thinking ones, who can go the way of the understanding and the reason and not the usual course, then we resp. our descendants will come here and take away the concerning ones. There is nothing more to be said about this." Have you been naughty or nice?

  8. The email is no good, imo. See twitter of Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) for more accurate description of problems with vaccine. I think the email is just trying to set up selling a "cure" to the mRNA vaccines. Mind control using EMR does not require implants. DARPA appears to be already infecting people with self replicating nano technology sprayed from airplanes (see Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, cover story is to reduce global warming).

  9. Gothe Yule all.
    I found the email pretty accurate, but it didn't mention those pesky nanobots growing in people's-the injectees, blood. A shame.
    Mr. K. continues in rage mode as only he can, wow.
    All I can say, is people, please be aware that that which opposes you is also there to spur you on. Humanity is not going to be allowed to be a self satisfied parasite upon this vantage point. Either develop some awareness, which is a spiritual muscle, a presence, hone that perception, or those nanobots are going to rip through mankind like a tornado. Remember, backup has arrived, but you better do some work if you want it to actualize in your defense.
    Sheesh, talk about vengeance!
    Merry Christmas

  10. This is how I feel about vaccination as its an invasion of the body as an enemy invades a bunker however, Spirit loves his enemy and invites them in.

  11. My Hitler pal believes Hitler died in his bunker. That is one point he can not be swayed from. Matter of fact he built a bunker better than Hitlers as I helped him build it and will help him to finish it. To build the Narrative is to build a bunker. A bunker? A temple to the Spirit of finishing a war.

  12. Well Jack, one day according to the Bible a man pissed off the authorities and they tried him for Capitol murder as during his "trial" he answered all their questions as he asked his. What is truth? Then the trial was over and they murdered him however, during his murder he said I shall send my Spirit as how could that be? Of course Spirit incarnated as a human being. From a military perspective was this not stupid of our dear enemy? How is a story told? As he holds the Narrative.

  13. Merry Christmas Jack!

    Great report and many thanks to your contact for providing reliable information. The internet is totally locked down and full of shills and grifters! As usual Kaminski delivered a fine article and a merry Christmas to him also.

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