Plague of


When fear is

 a fatal disease

By John Kaminski

I keep coming back to this irresistible idea that simply won’t go away. It has draped its paranoid pall all over the entire world. Perhaps it is the smell of a rotting corpse of a species that has failed to believe in itself.

The people who took the poison jab and insanely ordered everyone else to get them too have the same kind of personality as those residents of Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600s nervously sweating with feverish excitement as they watched innocent women convicted of witchcraft dangling from the gallows after being found guilty by panic-stricken public hysteria.

This is the foul odor that has been hanging in the air ever since Bill Gates and his crooked cronies invented this modern plague called COVID-19 at a bureaucratic buffet known as Event 201 and foisted it on the world as the most dangerous plague of our times.

They didn’t quite get it right as what they created was the most dangerous cure of all time.

All those who have prematurely died from these toxic inoculations are victims of biomedical malfeasance deftly crafted by Frankenstein doctors, nightmare media and psychotic politicians pursuing unlimited profits at the expense of the health of the people they were supposed to protect.

It is this modern form of high tech witchcraft that has paralyzed world society with fear of a sinister plague whose covert goal aimed at eliminating individuality from the human species and seamlessly converting people into a gutless herd of contrite cowards utterly unable to stand up for their own independent interests.

The collective finger that humanity points at itself for believing in the undeniably psychotic concept known as “plague of the unvaccinated” is sufficient proof that the whole world has been tricked by its own propaganda into believing something that can’t possibly be true because it is literally terrified of its own shadow. And that would of course be our own fear of death.

Scared of our own shadow

Maybe this is not news, maybe this is what we have always done, maybe Ernest Becker was correct that killing others lessens our own fear of death. Though this might be a too brief and too concise explanation, when humanity turns on itself as it is doing now, it would explain much about our endlessly tragic history.

The rich ordering the certain deaths of the poor through the clandestine trickery of a poison vaccine? Surely you jest!

As we are so often apt to forget, humans are animals too. In our increasingly panicked confusion, we wonder if there is not some dark force intent on our extermination, as every public policy today seems aimed to herd our fickle species into a dark room and crush it as if it were just another obsolete product destined to rust in the anonymous landfill of human history.

Possibly the plan we cannot see is to reprocess humans as food for the soon-to-be starving multitudes. To listen to that abominable excuse for a human Bill Gates, this is no longer the farfetched fantasy that it used to be. 

Would you like a chinch bug soufflé with your tarantula tetrazzini?

Now that the evidence is clearer than a crystalline nanostructure hiding a toxic radio signal receptor inside our blood vessels, the question becomes . . . what do we do when we know humanity has indeed turned on itself, and find ourselves running out of time to save our own future.

Otherwise, how can we explain why the richest, most powerful people among us can advocate that billions of humans must be eliminated in order to improve the overall health of the human species? And then put that plan into action with the full, inflexible nightmare force of what they laughingly call the law?

When we reach that point, as we have now, we don’t need to explain how it happened. We just need to stop it. 

Meanwhile, the band plays on. Let’s start a war. 

Two faced psycho tyrant

Out of one side of his mouth, senile Joe Biden growls that we need to send troops to Ukraine to forestall a Russian invasion that no one believes will happen. And on the other side of his curséd forked tongue, he has been caught out secretly approving a program that distributes desperate Third World refugees who have invaded America from Mexico to all parts of our country in the middle of the night.

This clearly is not the behavior of a leader trying to protect his people. Instead he is of a new class of George Soros-funded leaders aiming to destabilize societies in order to regiment populations into a controllable, liberty-free mass of powerless protoplasm.

In the meantime this maniac senile robot parrots the orders of his billionaire handlers and mandates mandatory vaccines for the military, sabotaging America’s defenses with pilots likely to drop dead in the middle of combat flights among conscienceless soldiers more interested in buggering each other than in defending their country. Biden also demands that the children he so likes to fondle should get the poison jab, so he must get some unfathomable pleasure as he watches them drop dead on the spot moments after injection.

Biden’s intention to destroy the USA has been perfectly clear since he was first illegally installed in the White House by a criminal cabal of corporate criminals who pushed this pathetic automaton into our lives with the help of a totally corrupt media myth machine that stifles all voices which sensibly oppose these homicidal tactics Biden now mandates, all of them totally illegal under U.S. law as well as prohibited by court orders that the pervert dictator wantonly ignores.

The larger question of who rules America has always devolved to that one sacrosanct ethnic group that controls the money, the media, the politicians and the minds of most of the people through the deployment of their primary formula of exploitation, manipulation and coercion, more commonly recognized as bribery, blackmail and murder.

And like the lunatic logic of wearing a mask that will trigger bacterial pneumonia, accepting an untested inoculation that will tear up your blood vessels with spike proteins, and participating in lockdowns that will destroy all your businesses and turn all your children into permanently poisoned psychotic agoraphobes, the permanently shrunken brains of American citizens have gone along with this program that is now decimating their ranks with a rash of unexpectedly fatal illnesses attacking what was a previously healthy population.

As a response, governments all over the world close down their societies and command all their citizens to take a shot that will kill them despite the protests of millions who simply want to be left alone to live their lives. Austria, for instance, is now fining people 4000 euros if they don’t submit to the jab.

What kind of xenophobic zombies can support these pathological pronouncements and stumble willingly toward their own deaths? Try the mentally crippled majority of the American people, more interested in curdled conformity than in either common sense or self survival.

Pathological patriotism

Attention patriots. Let’s have a big cheer for your president, that sniveling senile sneak, releasing his illegal alien agents all over the country IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, further carrying out his well known policy of destroying the USA.

Now he’s inserted Blackwater mercenaries into Donetsk, Ukraine to slaughter Russian residents on cue to spark a war that quite likely will be a war to end all wars . . . and all people.

Yes, wave your flag, baby! Who can we bomb today? What suckers are currently eligible for obliteration? You guessed it. White Americans are now the favorite target of the chosen. All those black people in TV commercials are telling you whites are evil and blacks are the real heroes who will save the world.

Just like they saved Africa.

Yes, the folks who built our society, for better or worse, are now in the crosshairs of high tech targeted population control. Tear down those white statues of Robert E. Lee. The new world has gone dark. 

Flamboyant flag waving is not a sign of mental incapacity. What do you mean you don’t want to die defending Ukrainian sovereignty? Keep exterminating Palestinians. Hurry up and bomb Iran. Take out those offbeat Yemenis because they’re interfering with our shipping lanes. But above all, get rid of the whites because they’re interfering with the Jewish takeover of the world. They always have been.

If you’re an American patriot, you’re a pure fool. Supporting the American military is supporting the murder of the world. And woe to us, the rest of the world is figuring that out, and as you might have guessed, they are not amused.

Outlaws have taken over the United States, which are now run by two competing gangs of brigands who like all big corporations that have cornered the market are actually working together to fleece the customers and control the buying habits of the whole world. Their differences are really calculated comedy acts in service to the same goal — robbing the public, and when everybody’s broke, disposing of the brainless bodies as quickly and efficiently as possible, except for the parts that can be repurposed into Gates burgers.

When’s the last time we had an honest war? How about against the Barbary Pirates in 1804? Everything else since then has been a crime, bankers’ wars, as Uncle Smedley called them, smug Americans guided by European monarchs owned by Jewish moneylenders ripping off the world. 

Now these traitors have gotten around to killing their own citizens in the name of profit, and the deluded American people have largely gone along with the sick scam, even though they are dying by the same formula that has previously enabled their prosperity.

So this screed is devoted to all those pathetic patriots who sing the sick song “My country right or wrong.” This is the formula by which they have destroyed their own lives, and the lives of us all.

Take a look in the mirror, Beavis. Chances are excellent you will not be able to see yourself through all the murk that has accumulated in your brain. But don’t worry too much about that. At the rate we’re going, you won’t have to keep looking in the mirror much longer, if the pervert politicians who keep pounding our heads into the pavement continue to get their way. 

Your days are numbered, and that number gets smaller every day you keep your mouth shut about the country and the world your indifference and your inaction have destroyed.


to destruction

Believing those big lies

makes more dead babies



By John Kaminski

Everybody in charge of our health and welfare seems to be lying.

The president, the doctors, law enforcement and the media all seem to have combined to perpetrate a fatal fraud on the people of the world at the behest of the oligarchic ogres who own them, that is to say, the billionaires who have bought them and ordered them all to say what they are told to say if they want to keep their jobs and the millions of dollars in bribes they have received to continue to inflict this multifaceted homicidal fraud upon the world.

Build back better my ass. It’s all about kill people faster, or reduce the unwanted population, as Bill Gates likes to say. And like the European countries now resisting the lockdowns and refusing to go along with Bozo Biden’s embarrassing push to start a war with Russia, cracks of revolutionary light are now seeping through the neocon darkness that has blindfolded the world for most of the past three years, if not the past century.

The scam has become obvious

One need only witness Biden’s consistently bizarre behavior during his first tremulous year in office to realize every move he has made verifies the promises he made for the bribes he received to destroy America as fast as possible under the rancid rubric of his lurid lies. 

Closing the pipeline, opening the border, obstructing the supply lines and enforcing the use of disease causing masks, behaviorally damaging lockdowns and fatally toxic inoculations have not been productive maneuvers to improve the well being of the American people. Anything but. Instead we have seen the deliberate demolition of America’s prosperity in service to the totalitarian designs of tyrannical traitors.

Doctors have forfeited their reputations as moral beacons of the most important human occupation by calibrating their treatment plans to corporate profit strategies rather than sound medical advice. Their practice of withholding medical treatment until their invented diseases push patients past critical thresholds of safety are pathological deceptions matched only by their use of frighteningly expensive poisons while prohibiting inexpensive medicines to maximize both the unnecessary death toll and the obscene profits for the smelly spectrum of malicious medical parasites.

The new rule of safety for terrified American citizens is not to call the police in an emergency because they so often murder the victims in emergency situations and seldom apprehend the perpetrators. This formula applies to the larger crimes as well as local shoot ’em ups because law enforcement, particularly the FBI, seems more adept at facilitating false flag atrocities like school shootings and suspicious suicides rather than actually preventing threats to the citizens it pretends to protect. This is glaringly obvious in their fabricated prosecutions of politicians opposed to egregious FBI misbehavior against law-abiding citizens merely interested in their own personal ability to speak freely.

What America’s befuddled citizens most refuse to realize in their unwanted misery is how they have been guided into this devastating dilemma. There is only one all encompassing reason. They have believed what they have read in the newspaper, or heard on television. This is the primary path to the worldwide disaster of fabricated crises that everyone has followed like deluded children marching to a demented pied piper. And which too many have followed to their premature graves.

Glimmers of resistance

All opposition to New World Order tyranny is assiduously suppressed by both mainstream media and the principal pathways to Internet information which are dominated and shackled by Jewish controlled search engines that stifle honesty while they promote their pathological programming, their ‘woke’ distortions of common logic and empirically healthy realism.

Literally millions of people have gathered in the streets of cities throughout the world to express their outraged dismay at the political perversion that has inflicted these restrictive measures on the lives of everyone on the planet. 

Lately the abandonment of the totalitarian plan of lockdowns, masks and jabs by blithering British prime minister Boris Johnson, plus the heroic effort of Canadian truckers to clog up the capital with their big rigs are encouraging signs that the humane forces for freedom will end the Big Pharma tyranny once and for all.

What remains to be detoxified are the malevolent medical missteps that have caused millions of deaths, the loss of uncountable small businesses and the permanent distrust of a medical profession that has sold its soul to the trillion dollar profits of the one world psychos now rampaging uncontrolled through the government offices of every country on Earth.

Central to a solution restoring freedom to the lives of individuals and ending this universal siege of fear that keep people terrified of a phantom disease that has not, will not and cannot be authentically identified is solving the corruption dominant in all mass media which cannot be trusted to state trustworthy facts not polluted by these pathetic producers of poisoned profits.

Seeking victory for victims

No exaggeration — millions have died for nothing. Many millions more remain at risk. Literally — the fate of the world depends on ordinary people seeking solutions not provided by the master manipulators who seek to control our every thought and action through sophisticated schemes to deceive us and rob us of our individual autonomy.

As those who seek to control us and deprive us of our individual wills are easy to identify, those who claim to help us by fighting the corporate monsters who wish to suffocate our souls are not so easy to authenticate or verify or, primarily, to trust.

Such a slippery situation was staged recently with what advertised itself as a corrective conference in Washington, led by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson who gathered the supposedly leading medical examiners of the colossal hoax that has been played upon us by the leading criminals of the Big Pharma monstrosity.

But all is not what it seems sometimes as two of the pivotal questions now dominating our inability to trust our medical profession were studiously avoided.

The first huge question was does this pox that has made us afraid to step outside our homes and talk to other people without fear of contracting this debilitating mystery actually real or merely a fantasy of the pharmaceutical media hacks? 

And the second part of that first question involves some kind of malady that does exist and has made so many people sick. Does that exist, or is all this sickness, overhyped for sure but demonstrably real, merely caused by the very medicine that is meant to cure it?

The second question never properly addressed at this conference of well known medical luminaries was about the actual efficacy of treatments and treatment strategies that have been proven disasters causing the needless deaths of so many. 


• Stifling of dissent. (The electronic Jewish forces of evil could even ban a U.S. president from speaking while allowing foreign terrorists to continue their psychobabble.) 

• Discouraging early treatment. (Stay home and get really sick so hospitals can use ventilators that boost the kill rate to 90 percent.)

• Use of expensive medicines deemed lethal in previous studies while prohibiting efficacious cures known to work. ($3200 per pop for Remdesivir which doesn’t work; 2 cents for HCQ that does.)

Known crimes

• And foremost, the illegal blockade of human freedom mandating highly questionable experimental vaccines by now proven to be fatal to so many, and allowing no exceptions to these illegal orders resulting in social devastation across the board around the world. (RIP Australia, Canada, Austria, Germany et al.)

Crimes against humanity, ordered by all governments without proper authentication, generated by malevolent media hysteria totally lacking academic justification or even common sense.

And there is a third question that this conference did not, would not, and really could not ask nor answer. The big question that has afflicted us throughout our lives that we have been taught to avoid upon pain of social ostracism, legal torture and financial apocalypse.

Who controls us? And why are we not allowed to say the word?

It’s a blatant power grab by Big Pharma in service to the Jewish billionaires who aim to control every mind on the planet with secret nanotech receivers inside every body to be controlled by the central source of totalitarian insanity created by the same soulless psychos who control our money, our leaders, our teachers, our doctors, our cops, our preachers and in most cases even our well meaning friends.

Those labels are all false when it comes to those advocating we take improperly tested inoculations to protect us from a disease that either doesn’t exist at all or has been created by Dr. Frankenstein wannabes creating artificial humans they can utterly manipulate  with their clever but demonic technologies at the expense the greatest creation ever known to anyone. God’s precious and incomparable gift of life, to which all living things give thanks by simply by being honest.

Those who have suffered most are the children who now regard their playmates with unwarranted suspicion, foreshadowing a terrifying change in human behavior in a radically mutilated future. Adults have suffered too, mostly with a diminished hope for their own lives under the continuing onslaught of madmen unable to explain their own insanity except by lies.

This is your past, your present and your future as long as you continue to say there’s nothing you can do about it. Go ahead, say it again, and imagine you can see the devil smile when you do.

Babble on

and watch out for the crocodiles

a poem for our painful times

for Arthur Rimbaud

and Giuseppe Fallisi

Bug out bags and broken dreams

Dying children skew our schemes

The winter of our unpaid rent

complicates our discontent

Societal breakdown engineered

Every thought from logic steered

Our brains controlled from far away

by toxic high tech mind decay

A thousand years of phony facts

A hundred years of processed food

is how our sickness to the max

imprints belief in nothing good

Fomenko found a quilt of lies

wrapped around our sacred soul 

that warped our chance to analyze

the complex truth of what they stole

Tartaria’s timeworn ether tower

shut down by stolen crude oil ghouls

then hired perverts paid to glower

shoddy sellout songs for fools

Dubay’s earth turned turned flat and cold

his ice wall blocked our starry stare

fierce questions hide the story told

about the monsters living there

Admiral Byrd explained the same  

came back and told James Forrestal 

who blabbed to all about the game 

’til Uncle Sam arranged his fall

The mind of the people fell with him

splattered on pavement paved with gold

another verse in a familiar myth hymn

concealed by clever stories told

Who are those phantasms

they do their best to try to hide?

ET aliens with inbred spasms

or merely traitors we cannot abide?

Thus the heroes’ forced suicides reveal

brave men you knew who wouldn’t squeal

as distracted lemmings refused to hear

these fatal threats approaching near

the smug enclaves of buff buffoons

deluded by these preachy tunes

concocted by the Frankfurt school

sung by those we thought were cool

she loves you, yeah yeah yeah

Yes, those same dudes who killed jesus

revitalize their food supply with corpses

young and innocent prepped with pain

for those who crave the blood they drain

that keeps them high while they deny

that one day they are going to die

we know who they are

but we are not allowed to say

once you tell the truth

you no longer are allowed to play

if they let you live at all

say those who kiss that wailing wall

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. Interesting reference to Dubay and Antarctica. Carpenter's movie "The Thing" comes to mind and its connection with mycoplasmic bacteria. The earth is being terraformed by "The Thing"

  2. @Jack Heart. The original Jim Stone started out ok. Good coverage of the nuclear attack against Japan ( Then he "disappeared" and someone else started posting under his name. No reply to my emails. Strange,it is, that this nuclear incident didn't make the education series.

  3. Stone has gone on the record as highly sympathetic to Christian Science. We all should remember that C.S. derives directly from L. Ron Hubbard, and his Dianetics claims. Anyone who expresses a high opinion of this organization is either ill informed, or willfully ignorant.
    It never sits well for a supposed information source to recommend organizations fingered for kidnapping, extortion, and brainwashing.
    In any type of intelligence, the time of occurrence is often the most important feature, and often the hardest to verify. Interviews and disclosure pieces are routinely released post mortem, and video evidence is rarely provided with precise features establishing area and chronology.
    However, we do have some very solid support for the possibility that the madly vaxxed middle east nukers are at it again. First, we have the report that the Russian military recently stepped up their electronic jamming operations. This pissed off the nukers, and gives them grounds, in their boosted brains, for vengeance.
    Second, we have the continuing war on "antiquities", the primary reason why being to destroy the connexion between spirit and place, which has been at the apex of nuker strategy almost since they used Sherman tanks to flatten occupied Bedouin tents.
    Third, we have plenty of evidence for a systematic nuclear attack across the middle east, and as we saw recently in Lebanon, the nukers are especially fond of targets that can't shoot back.
    Far from starting a nuclear war, the vaxxed and boosted are simply continuing it.
    If this sounds suicidal, feel free to bask in the glory of stepping beyond entrainment.
    I probably shouldn't mention this, so I will keep it short, Syria is a place where violence and mysticism have danced around each other like yin and yang for millennia. The nukers own origins derive from here, and their dash to oblivion will not spark Armageddon.

    • Ron H. started out ok,so so. His big mistake was he was manufacturing & selling a medical device. Whether it worked or not,people were using it and restoring their health. The AMA was not amused. Research dead doctors. Project Avalon has more info.

    • The history of allopathic medicine is the history of a buisness model, that consciously and willfully was advanced by a criminal conspiracy to become the one stop shop for all things health related. I can prove this easily, and show this is still in effect. For example, what is referred to as tunnel vision regarding the injection coercion is revealed as a forced policy put in place at the highest levels of medical decision making. All other therapy, including the use of vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C to bolster the immune system is still actively suppressed. Simply put, this method of stacking up the bodies has been in use now for over a century.
      There have been numerous efforts over this time to improve health, and many of them have been more effective than the allopathic system, at least in some applications, which under the circumstances, is hardly surprising.
      I have written some about Naturopathy, which was an effective system, extant for millennia, destroyed by the criminally corrupt advance of allopathy.
      Christianity, a religion designed, according to Augustine, as one with great emotional appeal to the common man, has been particularly susceptible to mass insanity movements, bizarre cults, and hysterical politics. This is especially true today, where Covid and injections take on fervent religious overtones.
      Like it or not, Dianetics is a form of science fiction, and C.S. is right up there with it's brethren when it comes to mendacious and deranged activity.
      In conclusion, nothing I wrote here was in defense of the stack up the bodies allopathic system, nor should it be seen as fodder to promote the political process that enshrines it.

    • Mike where is my next piece? You had it over 800 per day but now for the first time in months it's dropped below 500.It's your watch Mike and now Phil, Orage and I have to create an entirely new pay wall, one that's under the jurisdiction of the Icelandic courts, to ensure these tin horn dictators never rip my paying patrons off again like they just did. Don't expect anything from us, I swear to God I will just let this blog die, million reads and all. Your play; Mike…

  4. Jack, you're one of my favorite writers. I'll stand by but I've already canceled Patreon. So tired of my country being abused by scuzzy tyrants. Get well soon man.

  5. I just got this from Kaminski who in turn got it from Jim "Stone," who I'm warning you all right now is a notorious purveyor of disinformation:

    UPDATE TO BELOW: When I first got this video, it was dated today but now the same source is backdated to Feb 1. Someone is messing with this as much as possible.

    NUKES WENT OFF. The video this image was captured from is censored worldwide and even when it comes from my own servers, some ISP's block it. Nukes have been set off. For what reason? I do not know. UPDATE: CANIDATE#1: ISRAELI NUKES IN SYRIA. Syria has tons of snow right now and all their live cams are offline.

    UPDATE: SYRIA HAS NO INTERNET TRAFFIC VIA ANY MONITORING SITE I CAN FIND. THEY ARE PROBABLY GONE. Check this internet map. Start with a sh*thole country like Botswana so you can see it works. Then put in Syria. There is no data. "Site not found" If it starts "working" I won't believe it is legit.

    If anyone has any info on this, send it. Why TF is this not in the news? Look at that mushroom cloud lit up by the second blast. It is twice as high as the clouds! Blasts are separated by miles. Cannot be explained away as a "fertilizer blast", that's two nuclear bombs.


    Trolls are saying this is fake, but it is NOT FAKE.


    That is not the sun providing full daylight, that is a nuclear blast. The second nuclear blast. It is lighting up the mushroom cloud from the first nuclear blast.
    I have confirmed the video below works in Windows and Linux, but one of the ISP's is blocking it. If it is just a blank screen below, click here. IF IT STILL DOES NOT PLAY, RIGHT CLICK THE LINK AND "SAVE VIDEO AS" AND IT WILL DEFINITELY WORK.

    UPDATE: Even secondary level sources such as forums and alt video sites are not permitting this. Even some ISP's are blocking it off my own servers. First time I have ever seen that, yes, the video below works but not if your ISP does not want it to!

    Jim Stone

  6. Postal money orders can be kept indefinitely and cashed as needed plus they are replaceable if lost or stolen.

    One could live without a bank account as the Post office will cash them.

    I highly recommend that one pay all taxes to avoid trouble with the Feds.

  7. I know all of you will laugh but there is always USPostal to fund Jack's writing.

    Convert cash to a postal money order and add a 59 cent stamp as this is blessed by the Federal Government. I also recommend that Jack get a USPostal PO box.

    • You all stand by Jeff; you'll be contacted by email and whatever explanation there is, which really there isn't, will be given on here. I am still very sick but luckily, I am not alone. This has been a well-orchestrated attack on their part. I'm guessing they figure if they take me out all their troubles will go away. As usual they are figuring wrong. I am just the messenger, and I will continue to do that job for as long as I am tethered to this body. You and all our other loyal supporters just stand by Jeff. We will have something for you in a few days. And as for Mike and nine, they both have a point. Money is not going to do anyone any good when this does finally reach its climax but in the meantime somethings gotta pay the bills or you will find yourself starving in the street, which apparently is their intentions for me.

  8. This isn't the time to build anything, it isn't the place, it isn't the ground. In times of great shift it is vital to become fluid, and free oneself from the entanglements that keep one unconscious and controlled.
    Governments have now proven, once and for all that they rule you, and you are nothing more than their stupid farm animals. Stop telling yourself the lies about how free you-you pretend to be. You have only one possible freedom left, and it is fast disappearing, this is the freedom to enter the silence and to know ultimately, who and what you are.
    Your wish for money is a wish for agency in this world, and it will be disappearing sooner than you might think, but the chains you so willingly adopted will not so quietly go their own way without you.
    It is done, they have won, and their victory only signifies a further erosion of the beautiful consciousness that makes mankind alive. Be alert, because within the blocked places, doors open for the aware. Hesitate not, as you pass through them, for shitstem has killed itself in a paroxysm of mass insanity and self induced terror.
    Mankind is separating, nor can your love for the bestial pull them free from the destiny they have so completely chosen. There is no protest that will carry the day for the beast, for the beast is owned and fed and packaged by its rulers.
    Remember yourself, this means, for those who grasp it, the boundless awareness that is you. and b ring band aids, and prepare for the fall.

  9. Any young man in America that can lay flooring can get bonded and insured and go over to retailers floor and decoure and they will give you more flooring work than you can handle. Same with many flooring retailers. The labor shortages are real and will get worse. Time is here for young laboring men. Never seen more opportunities to make an honest buck.

    • @KMB:Spot on! Upgrade your business model. Article 10 contract;learn to work with that. Lawful tender,an essential,research. Set up an account with a metal dealer that can handle credit cards(for your contractor). Get paid in legal tender. Legally,mark of the sovereign,same, paper/metal. You're allowed to make in the $8000 range tax free. Currently,number of vaccinated & the Deagle report,matching. Zombie land,here we come. Fahrenheit1400

    • I am not seeing that Anon however, many smarter people than me say it's coming but what I am seeing is that it's hard to find good men to do hard labor jobs like roofing and flooring and especially the skilled trades.

  10. Let's take for example where our Jack lives in Tennessee in his little town one could be a rural letter carrier and at level 7 maxed out today that is 70000 plus a year where houses can be had well under 200000 dollars. Add overtime and one could easily go over 10000 a year.

  11. @KMB:Politely, your financial ignorance is epic. Of course,so is the ninety & nine. In the '70's,union jobs,84 hour weeks. Myself an others,take home pay was the equivalent of 12 ounces +/- of gold. So what you really said was,after three years,you get to work all year to make a one month paycheck,'70's�� How generous.

  12. Hey VT Editors, the USPS just settled their contract and after 3 years base salary will jump to 82000 per year plus shift premiums this is a solid 6 figure job however, most of you couldn't do the work because you sit on your asses pontificating BS on the internet. Well you all are just what you all are.

  13. The invisible realm is populated with many beings, including those some would call Gods. The understanding of this reality requires both personal experience and study. It is impossible to address some issues without a pre-existing experience to refer to, however, the builder is closely related to the Platonic solids, the Demiurge, and the defined set.
    If you understand these ideas, then you have your answer.

  14. MK, what of that God Ptah from ancient Egypt? Jack says it goes back to it and it's followers and that is what crowley was all about. America is controlled by these creatures and is doomed in its current form. Just an observation.

  15. Almost all religion is inherited. Thus, it is never subject to any serious examination. All societies have their religious expression, to the extent that the religious impulse, as psychologists call it, is recognized as a feature of mankind.
    Religion could be, if it wasn't taken over by grinning cretins, a method by which to instruct and guide according to the omnipresent spiritual reality that surrounds and penetrates all that exists.
    Yet religion today, and most notably, the highly aggressive abrahamics, has jettisoned this opportunity every step of the way, finding it instead rather useful to engage in various depredations, and then ignore them, or blame them on someone else. The Jews for instance, murdered every non-Jew on the isle of Cyrus in one of the earliest examples of a holocaust, and the newly minted religious war meme. To this day they whine incessantly about their treasured victim status, without a single word regarding the mass murder they began.
    Yes, the Gnostics referred to this as Jerusalem for a reason.
    Because of this essential choice, to become archontic, and to do the work of the lower order, the spark, and the beauty she reveals is lost on them.
    It is certainly past time for religions that evince spiritual illiteracy, and even elevate this ignorance to hallowed levels, to stop pretending they are anything but social organizations. The lack of contribution of anything worthwhile to the human condition is so clear during this latest neo-Marxist transhuman power grab that it stands out as a massive failure.
    Locally here, the prominent minister is fully injected, and full of the false revival that is covidianity.
    Modern religion, as with all modern institution, has outlived its usefulness. It is within the scope of humanity to let it die, and to allow something organic and true replace its rotting corpse, but this can only happen if humanity embraces that genuine spark of life, with the courage to follow it as their star.

    • I am of course with Crowley. I shall do as I please. The whole point of any theology is control of will of the other.

      Don't all the theologians and philosophers say truth is within and one must rule their own heart.

      So above so below as within is without?

  16. At USPostal right now the mail is on sale

    .59 cents a pop

    more powerful than 223

    double dog dare you to send a letter to Jack. LOL

  17. Truth this as a pension is better than anything your mob could come up with.

    Free to speak my mind and no private emails. UsPostal raised their rates as one of their snail mails cost .59 cents….

  18. Deep shit CIA operative? Retired with full pension with 5 years senior.

    How could anyone do that type of work longer? An elite perhaps? LOL

  19. Here the CIA is hiring. Hear about a lot of bad press about them as would you let your children work there?

    So, how does someone spend 30 years there? Someone has to watch porn that long. LOL

  20. The truth? Jack should be getting millions for screenplays as others get the money for plagiarizing his work. Just an observation.

  21. MK, I am simply concerned for my friend who is sick and I want the best for him. He always gets the short end of the stick for being truthful.

    • KMB,
      Enough is enough already, concerning the error ridden dominance of this current theology. I'm rather tired of "authorities" blissfully free of spiritual understanding forcing their agenda upon those who neither request nor welcome such. Be creative, be truthful, and you will find a less intrusive method to help.
      Seriously, people seem to think that the history of Christianity has no bearing on it's present activity. Pardon my French, but how fucking stupid to you have to be to assume such?
      Christianity is not alone in this, but it is right there with this current mass murder theology.

    • Jack lays it out over on patreon. Nothing can stop it as Bush 41 always said that a new world order shall arise.

      As far as prayer goes I shall prey as I please.

  22. KMB,
    There are several reasons for why you don't pray for anyone who doesn't request it, however I will only mention one.
    It is the establishment of a field of expectation that is in search of a result.
    What does this mean?
    It means that most Americans are spiritual illiterates who swagger about convinced they know something spiritually. However, there is a difference between being too arrogant to learn anything, and actually knowing something.
    If someone requests prayers, say for a successful heart operation, you are fully and completely green lighted to pray for that outcome.
    If you are determined to pray for someone who never opened that door, expect that demand for outcomes to find different expressions and targets.
    This is why Christians have no buisness pretending to be spiritual. They should stick to social theory, which they at least have a chance to comprehend.

    • Year 0. Well, actually 325CE. The year the narrative was created and launched in Nicaea. The first of two weaponized religions, Christianity, was created and launched. People who identify as such are telling you they are idiots. Look it up and plan accordingly. Velakoski used their text book very effectively.
      Farenheit 1400

    • Religion, all religion, not only Christianity is focused upon a standard, everyday level of consciousness. It has to dwell here, because religion has to speak to the spiritually illiterate, those who do not posess the faculties necessary for deeper participation in the numinous.
      Where everything goes haywire, is upon the transformation of that state of consciousness into ideology. In the case of Christianity, this development was facilitated by persistent mass murder campaigns. We are still dealing with this mass murder theology today, however, it is finally changing due to the intervention, again, of the Healer.

  23. Well, I believe the Spirit sent prayer to comfort the other

    If you saw another in need would you comfort them

    The other is comforted when the other preys

    The Spirit directs the energy to where it should go

    Spirit tells me our Jack and those around him are sick.

    Any decent evangelical would organize a prayer team.

  24. Beware of the internet guru talking about covid and the related authoritarian policies coming from western governments being Nazis. John Kaminski really pointed that out to me that what we are seeing here is communism and that the covid lunatics are bulshevic's and need to be put down and put down hard!!

    • The amazing thing about the USA, is it's immense success in creating a society where almost no one has a voice or a choice, while convincing it's dis-empowered masses that the whole train wreck is their fault.
      It is actually pitiful to listen to reasonably intelligent people regurgitate verbatim the ridiculous concoctions they were forced to memorize in school. One could say that the sophisticated level of entrainment operating here has met with remarkable success.
      Perhaps the greatest achievement of the brainwashing lies in the participation achieved, and celebration secured, amongst the very populace, in the destruction of everything that once was their country.
      A people who simply hand over their power to serial liars, con artists, and criminals are indeed well conditioned, but they certainly are not free, nor are they in charge of their own lives. One could say, and it is valid, that the people were in no position to keep their autonomy, and the responsibility of the privileged to do their part was summarily rejected by all of them.
      The entire Covid conspiracy developed precisely because Americans are not free. Doubtless this fact never occurred to the millions that obediently lined up because Rachel Maddow, and all her fancy camera corner kind, lied to them. They mostly convinced themselves that they were doing their part to submit to something they knew nothing about, because some cretinous medical industry buffoons assumed the authority to herd the populace into an injection program.
      There is no freedom to strapping on a mask because some ladder climbers currying favor in the buisness community make it a rule. America is going down sleepwalking into suicide planned and orchestrated by the mass murderers who make up its story every day. It's impossible to not view this as a crucial nadir in human devolution. What comes out of this is a humanity separating on very fundamental levels.
      The one way out of the zombie suicide shuffle is to reclaim one's own spiritual integrity. Are there others? Perhaps, but by now the poisons ingested are not going to provide the luxury of time to find out.


  25. Well the comment section has exploded today! Remember that the US .gov performs like a whore to the highest bidder.

    Even Duff was uncomfortable with the role the US Military in regards to the covid deployment. Our own military did it working with traitors from the CDC like Fouci and Gates and Lieber to name a few. Its still the CCP which makes Southern racists seem tame by comparison that hates the west and let's not forget the sacrifice of the German people to keep the bulshevics out of Europe yet now we invite them in with covid. Crazy times!!

  26. Almost everything of significance is happening below the level of awareness. For example, Soros, the untouchable Jewish "Nazi", who has up to now got away with fraudulently declaring himself a democracy activist, attacked by a rabbi, and denounced.
    Could it be that there is sense of weakness, and the first attack dogs are let loose?
    Well, we did see the decisive end to yet another colour revolution, this one in Kazakhstan, a Soros specialty. After all, this is what installed the revolting Nuland Neocon-which actually should be neo commie-regime in the Ukraine, where the only winner appears to be the Russian mafia, which I'm told is 90% Jewish.
    Could it be that the Soros colour revolution playbook is a figment of a bygone world?
    Then there was the statement that Soros would be de-funding a number of his organizations. Final payments, and then gone, much to the chagrin of those fine upstanding woketards who staff his "democratic" departments.
    The global cabal is keeping this all nicely compartmentalized, but like with Schwab's disappearing parking place, the dots are never connected.
    Soros did manage a rather pathetic "rebuke" of Xi, which doubtless meant next to nothing to the Chinese.
    The commie globalist cabal has failed. No more 4th industrial revolution, no more fake colour revolutions to install their idiotic Muppets who declare their citizens unfit, and abuse them viciously. Gates is starting to look pretty isolated, as he buys up the last of the gaming companies in an effort to bilk the young out of whatever enjoyment they have left in this Shitstem.
    No, there will be no war with Russia. The zombie apocalypse is here.

    • All true Mike, the Beast is mortally wounded, and it's been fine sport, but every Hunter knows the most dangerous animal is a mortally wounded one and a good Hunter knows they are obligated to finish that beast off before it hurts an innocent bystander. I think Bangars take on the assessment of China and Russia's position is spot one:

      "Hold fast, the rats are scurrying toward their holes– but still dangerous times ahead. I just hope to God Russia-China don't lose patience and let rip. That'd be a lose-lose scenario for everybody and they know it. But they'll do it if they have to, too. What's the alternative? Gay anal rimjobs for kiddies in Taipei and Beijing as a REAL American humourist has been saying of late?

      I don't think Vlad and Xi are down with that shit, bro'. Nor are most of their family-centred populations." – B

    • I can't help but shake my head at the ideological nightmare that now dominates what used to be minds in the west. As I've alluded to in my last post, much of our experience in life has to do with our invisible, but very real mental condition, and in the west, this condition has now devolved to the point of self abuse.
      I'm not one to blame all of this on one single boogeyman, but it is odd, to say the least, that everywhere we look today, we find Marxism recycled.
      One might be tempted to believe that the landslide of devastation and loss so clearly associated with Marxism in all its forms would at least be a nudge in the direction to actually do something else, but nope, if it don't work, we gotta do it more!
      Then, if we attempt to comprehend exactly what is it about Marxism that has the properties of a genuine mind virus, we have to get to Marx himself, and his writing of a central Jewish concept into his social theory, and that would be the embrace of the good, and the evil to check that good. The almost too smoothe motion from a moral stance, to an absolute corruption of that stance, and an abject refusal to admit it. If you need an example, just check out the written phantasies of Ellie Wiesel. It doesn't matter that they are all concoctions, it reveals that easy motion from faking with the good, to dominate with the evil.
      Putin recently wrote a critique upon the Bolshevik revolution, which really was Judaeo-Bolshevism by any real measure. He essentially concluded, after insightful analysis, that the suffering of the Russian people wasn't worth it. For those who are wondering, other countries, like Russia, actually have intelligent leaders who can understand and present cogent perspectives on philosophy and history. Its pretty much only in the west, and especially in America where dumb ass incoherent crooks are installed as leaders. My God does the moron brigade here love them.
      I've said from the beginning that Russia plays a very large role in all this, unfolding in ways incomprehensible to the fiction soaked western mind.
      If you really think that the star wearing traitors of the woke revolution can hold a candle to their Russian counterpart, you are dreaming. Now, this doesn't mean we don't have such genius, because we do, its just that ideology, the king of western fractured thought, cannot allow such genius to surface.
      Afghanistan is all you need to know to realize what this vaudeville has been empire is capable of, or in this case, isn't.
      The US isn't going to attack anyone but itself, and guess what, it'll even lose that battle. Thing is, on that front, it will be a boon to the world.

  27. "Embrace the Suck." That triggers a memory. As the Marines called the Corps, "The Crotch", we squids called the Navy, "The Suck." With all respect, pardon my levity, Mike. Those uniformed pussies that inhabit Uncle Saul's red, white, & blue homo, lesbian, transgender freak, effete she-male, and mongrel armed forces better pray there is no war with Russia and that this is just posturing by the Cryptocracy. Otherwise, they will get their asses handed to them quickly.

    • LOL, have you seen pictures of Russia's fighting men and Americas …whatever? The only way Americas fighting a war with Russia is with nukes and biologicals. I think it's a little premature to say yet whether there will be a war, but the Jews seem to really want one so perhaps they should get one. I don't see Americans doing anything to fix their government so therefore they must take responsibility for the things it says and does. In short, Americans have it coming…

  28. I suppose that now is the time to stand alone in the snowstorm, and call out the war plan as another failed action from a dying empire.
    There will be no war against Russia. Any attempt at conflict will quickly collapse. The nukes will not deploy. The marines won't land.
    The great talkers that everyone tunes into every day for their conformity lessons have been exposed as the empty liars they are. No one seriously listens to them with a full ear any longer.
    The Ukraine is now the story of people. It is no longer the story of the corrupt lying fantasy complex. People who have to live with Chernobyl. People who have to struggle to exist, people who must reclaim who they are. Their heroes returned to their ancestral homeland despite the disaster, and their lesson is going to be ours.
    This rite of passage is intensely personal. It devastates your beliefs. It is forcing you to give up what doesn't work. It is giving you the choice to find your real and your authentic.
    "Embrace the Suck", they used to say. What stands against you is your greatest ally, because only it can bust you down to where you can't lose any more.
    It is the Arctic where the spiritual eye must cast its gaze, it is at the top of the world and beneath the ice. The land of the White Bear, and the world's last gasp of hydrocarbons.
    It is within the blast of obscuring snow that Thunder speaks, and Her voice is not silent.
    The Aeon in power wears his coat of ice, and the Lord's of error have already lost their grip. The war to come is the war within. The stakes are pulled up and everything is sliding into the perfect darkness.
    Look for your star.

  29. Jack posting Mike Kay's and John Kaminski's writings delivers devastating left hook, right cross knockout punches to the soul. (to those of us who possess them). As the Chozen Pipple have for centuries inbred with Aryans (primarily their "men" with Aryan females, limited in number under the authority of their rabbis)), I wonder what they have in mind when the Aryan race is wiped out via miscegenation, forced sterilization, promoted fagotry and lesbianism, etc. etc. all planned, financed and directed by them. As a hybrid species like the mule, without periodic infusions of Aryan blood and DNA, their anti-race will go sterile and die off. Perhaps they are so psychotic that they will, intentionally or not, destroy themselves and the earth with them, ultimately turning on their demiurgic daddy, Yahweh/Jehovah. That would be cosmic irony in extremis.

  30. Mr. K. illustrates the gritty experience of life in a world gone mad. In only a few words, he shows us the rudderless image is a contrived illusion, because there really is a method behind the madness, a very evil one.
    Yet this is all going to a very essential place. When the realization is inescapable to the people of this country, it brings with it a complete devastation and shock, a loss of all those assumptions of a childhood never outgrown.
    The spiritual nature here is pivotal, because it casts those upon a quest for truth, and that which truly matters in life.
    Yes, there can be a violent side, a vengeance side, in fact there will be, yet this moment of devastation is something to be on the lookout for, because it will signal a sea change, and it is on the way.

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