The whole world should be attacking this network. Yet some of you are actually listening as your criminally insane government and their hired mutts in the media would have you believe Putin is the bad guy. Apparently, Edgar Cayce was right. The mighty Russian Bear stands alone against the most diabolical criminals the world has ever seen and it is Vladmir Putin that is seizing the hour to carve his name into the very face of the Beast and go down in history as the Man who finally stopped this madness. – Jack Heart 

Can Russia

save the 




Will Vladimir Putin

fulfill the prophecy of

psychic Edgar Cayce?

Join John Kaminski

on RBN Friday, 2/25/22

to discuss the matter



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By John Kaminski

Well known for going to sleep and prescribing cures for people suffering from various illnesses, the famous “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce (1875-1946), is probably best known for his controversial prediction that one day the nation of Russia would save the world.

Cayce wrote that there would be a world revolution, and that Russia would be the force that will change humanity’s vision of the world, a revelation that would affect the policies of all countries and compel society to shift its focus from military dominance to personal freedom.

The famous clairvoyant’s popular predications about Russia concerned its victory over the United States in terms of world domination. While predicting massive geological disasters and changes in the Earth’s axis would complicate our future, Cayce singled out Russia and the central part of the Eurasian landmass as the safest place to be during these apocalyptic shocks, preserving favorable conditions for the subsequent restoration of the entire planet.

In his “readings” the “Sleeping Prophet” also specified that freedom would come from Russia. It will not be communism or socialism, but a new just order in which people will not live for themselves, but for others.

Tune in the for for rest of the story and a spirited discussion at 6 p.m. EST Friday, 2/25/22 on the new National Intel Report.

And to listeners

This is message to some friends upon whose input I depend . . .

What is heavily on my mind at this moment is that the Canadian parliament has, when it had a chance to begin the rescue of the world from madmen intent on turning us all into compliant robots, voted for tyranny rather than democracy, for prison rather than freedom, and for obeying depraved leaders rather than trusting our own consciences . . .

Canada used to be a respected nation, previously peace loving, but now something else, tipping the balance of human thought toward something scary, something we have never seen before, something diabolically evil . . . mandating following government orders over and above the dictates of our individual thoughts, conclusions and desires.

Canada’s callous rulers have defaced a major emotional outburst that captured the hearts of the entire world for its audacious courage and sincere conviction of innocent patriotic truckers and turned it into a crime against a government no longer interested in the welfare of the people but only in the restoration of order, obedience and compliance, without a fleeting thought for the hearts and minds of their citizens’ families, their children, or their pets.

Is this the new pattern for the whole world? Is this the Great Reset invented by rich criminals and psychotic perverts? It’s not a question of IF it’s coming to America, the question is when.

Something major in our history is about to be lost, maybe it’s in the process of already being lost, maybe, because so few us really pay attention, it’s already lost . . . Our leaders seem eager to lose it, and we’re not sure why.

This is a dire development in the history of humanity. 

Australia has already gone down to destruction. They’re all jabbed and awaiting the final ramifications of substances producing expanding nanometal gridwork inside their bodies from injections they were ordered to take by their gruesome government, grillwork that will make them controllable targets by new technology from a central source that aims to make them compliant and obedient citizens, but ineffably less than they used to be, conclusively less than . . . human.

And there’s another part of this that’s almost too scary to contemplate, but casts a dark shadow on our futures as we go to sleep at night. 

Some people who have visited hospitals, not specifically to get the government-ordered jab but to have a hip replaced or have their tonsils out, report that they came out differently than they were when they went in. 

Nothing certain about their reports, but stories about losing one’s sense of spirituality linger in the chatrooms, compelling us wonder what we might have lost, or had taken away from us, in the secret silence of our anesthesia, and what kind of world would that make with a people who are suddenly different, as we watch all these wars percolate, all these politicians get incredibly rich, and all these strange Zulu wannabes wandering aimlessly in the shadows of white neighborhoods unused to nameless strangers.

So here’s the deal. They want to give me a radio show, like the one I did last week, and will do another one with Ingri Cassel this Friday night, 6 p.m., U.S. Eastern Standard Time. Thereafter I’m going solo so will need a lot more help from you, the ones I work for.

They’re not going to give our freedom back unless we take it back. Let’s do it. 

If we don’t do it, who will? That’s how America got lost in the first place.

Top topics:

• Canada has lost its freedom, Australia is reportedly now gassing those courageous unjabbed individuals in COVID internment camps. Is America on the robotization schedule of Big Pharma criminals?

• Russia is trying to save its people from the world money monsters, Biden’s perverted USA is trying save the corrupt slums where it launders its money, manufactures adrenochrome, conducts white slavery and makes millions from bribes.

• America is being run by insane doctors who don’t care who they kill, or how many. Suddenly all peoples of the world are being regarded as less than human. Where do you stand?



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War by media


The false flag fandango (2/20/2022)

Lusitania, Pearl Harbor,

Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11/01

and now the Ukraine:

West aims to trap Russia

into World War 3

and enslave or destroy

most of the world’s people

By John Kaminski

At the same time senile U.S. president Joe Biden has been warning the world through corrupt Western press reports that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, the U.S.-backed Ukraine government itself, augmented by squads of Western terrorist mercenaries, has been bombing the breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk and forcing thousands of Russian-speaking residents to flee their homes.

A steady stream of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine’s embattled eastern provinces have hastily evacuated their homes as Ukraine artillery continues to batter with terror rockets the region’s urban areas whose occupants try to escape with at least their lives across the border into Russia where they are warmly welcomed as kindred refugees.

This is clearly the fulfillment of Russia’s greatest fear ever since American neocons triggered the 2014 Maidan revolution that brought CIA control to the Ukrainian capital in Kiev. Ever since then, the warmongering NATO countries have put pressure on Russia, whose capital Moscow lies only 300 miles northeast from the Ukrainian border.

Malicious media manipulation

Thus far, every single headline in the corrupt Western press reads the same way. The Russians are getting ready to invade Ukraine, they say. The actual situation on the ground is exactly the opposite, as the Ukraine is bombing the hell out of its own territory, driving thousands of refugees across the border into Russia for safety. 

Even as Russia pulls its troops away from the troublesome border where they have every right to be, and then observe American mercenaries killing Russian residents of million-plus city of Donetsk, the warped Western press still accuses the Russians of trying to start a war which has already been started by American pressure on the bought-and-paid-for Ukrainian puppet government.

This brutal blather has gone on for weeks trying to take the world’s focus off the failed COVID plandemic which aims to impose Communism on the world, as well as divert attention from the manic fiasco in Canada where police punks continue to rough up patriotic protesters and deprive the rights of citizens protesting the grotesque COVID restrictions that have ruined both the economy of the country and the health of its citizens.

The complex charade now focused on the Western occupied pseudo nation of Ukraine most famous for bribing the drug-addled son of the American president to get access to his corrupt father resembles that typical American boogeyman used as an excuse to plunder another victim country of corporate lunacy, which has been the American way of doing business longer than anyone can remember and has resulted in the destruction of a whole string of Third World nations that would still be healthy if not these barbaric Israeli-American interventions.

There are two ways for the public to resist this new series of obviously false public relations hoaxes, which are the oldest political formula in the books — replacing one false flag crisis with another to divert the public’s fading attention with an endless succession of confusing false narratives.

The first is to thoroughly debunk the failed COVID pandemic, from beginning to end a callous plot by the very rich to destroy the world’s commerce and commandeer the money supply by which Jewish billionaires plan to control the behavior of every person on Earth. This is what the Canadian citizens tried to oppose with their naive trucker caravans which ultimately resulted in the oppressive government decision to rescind their Constitutional rights and freeze the bank accounts of thousands of Trucker Convoy supporters.

When the COVID gambit began to fail, because most of the people being murdered by deliberately injurious medical procedures compelled intelligent people to reject the untested, experimental injections altogether, the powers that be triggered a rebellion in the form of independence minded Canadian truckers, whose sincere desire for freedom diverted attention away from the criminal behavior of the world’s doctors and politicians and onto tyrannical politicians stifling people’s freedom of choice in the most disgusting ways, including fatally trampling old people with police horses.

And when the trucker strike backfired on the Canadian government, and it was forced to use heavy handed violence to crush the protests, world attention was focused on this new tyranny and away from the catastrophic implications of the phony mRNA “vaccines”.

Now the fabricated Ukraine crisis has taken the world’s focus off both the failed pharmaceutical epidemic which has deliberately killed and maimed millions around the world, and away from Fidel Trudeau’s homicidal response to the patriotic outburst of the failed Canadian trucker protest, which has resulted in the loss of all Canadians’ Constitutional rights, including for many the loss of both their livelihoods and their bank accounts.

Therefore, as with the fake disease and its enforced toxic solutions of multiple jabs that have turned out to be useless and ruined the economies of all countries, the citizen protests in Australia, Canada and other countries have resulted in the loss of individual rights and the conversion of former democracies into totalitarian systems in which people have lost their freedom.

As the great COVID panic originated from a 2019 planning session called Operation 201 which theorized a dry run of the worldwide emergency that followed and was trumpeted by mainstream media owned by the same investors as the pharmaceutical giants and medical corporations committing these lucrative crimes against the people, so the contrived disaster from Canada and Australia resulted from restrictive mandates enforced by corrupt governments controlled by the same corporate forces which shut down societies and suspended individual rights of formerly free peoples.

Now because of these ruses are slowly being realized by a larger percentage of the population as cynical plans to inveigle the populations into one gigantic totalitarian Jewish Communist superstate in which individuals may not protest the dictates of their new corporate commissars, the Jewish-controlled United States is crying once again as it did after the Lusitania sinking, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11 that war is necessary, and this time it’s war on the rights of all the people in the world and their conversion into totally controllable puppets totally subservient to the new and nihilistic New World Order.

In the meantime, millions continue to die from the poison vaccines, Canadians freeze and die as their government now prevents them from feeding themselves, and fearful Russians flee their Ukrainian homes as the New World Order’s military monsters close in on them while blaming the befuddled Russians as the cause of the problem.

If this sounds like the blaming of the Taliban for the destruction of the World Trade Center, the accusation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction it wanted to use on the U.S., the charge that Muammar Qaddafi was being mean to his own people and needed to be bombed to smithereens, well, that is because it is exactly the same story that the U.S., guided by the monstrous motivations of its Jewish financiers that turn American political and corporate forces into mentally ill monsters wreaking havoc throughout the world, is using once again to turn everyone into either mindless slaves never questioning the orders of their insane leaders, or inert ingredients Bill Gates intends to put into the hamburgers of the future he will use to poison the entire world, a project he has started that is well under way.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. And to those who really did take down B's comments, what's a matter? Nervous already? How's the cloning of the queen coming along? You knew years ago you come for me they will come for you, and honestly, I can't stop them, or maybe I can but I won't. Either way you lose, everything you ever dreamed and hoped for…

    • Thanks, Nine– and sorry to hear about your brother and what happened before you ever got to meet him. But you will again. Count on it.

      We're done here because somebody is deleting out contributions in favour of racist tropes and fear of the unknown.

      Best of luck to you~

    • I have never deleted your comments B, how many times do i have to tell you and everybody else Orage and I ultimately have no control over this comment section, I don't even see any comments on the master board, like I can saw Gregs when they were deleted. There are those who know who you are and I guess they're just not going to let you make certain things public, it be's that way sometimes bro. Send emails I'm fascinated with your take on this and don't blame Orage he is the most inoffensive person I know, he has never deleted anyone's comment from this board without me asking him and that was before I got control of the master board, now I can delete them myself but I rarely do. I would never delete one of yours, you should know that…

    • "B" Thanks for the kind words as of course those of us not connected are just trying to figure out what is going on as that seems to be a hopeless task.

  2. "The uncomfortable truth, as always, is that the war has not just begun. It's been going on for generations. And it's not a war of nation against nation, or even valiant "anti-globalist crusaders" like WEF-connected, biosecurity-promoting, false flag-perpetrating, political opponent-assassinating Vladimir Putin against the global control structure. It is a global war against you. To the extent that wars are being waged between the elitists, they are only being waged to determine which group of elitists get to rule over you and in what way." – Faces change, names change, it is the few over the many. It is the fight for "dominion", what is deemed real, the "hearts and minds". No one can do the fight for you, no external savior, just a drummer that gives better frequency. And if you change your dream, we all change, and have a different dream of the rainbow. AND THE GODS will bow to that new dream

    • Banger, past and future determine the present. Time has no meaning. So I'll dream on, cause I'm a man of reason. Hah!

    • Orage,
      I've written about the war, the real war never having ended for some time. The war is always about the essential inner decision, to acquiesce, to fold, to take the money that hides the filth within, and in doing so to become like the many who surrender their essence to the parasitic network-OR-to refuse the stamp, the mark, the order, and walk beneath the light of higher power.

  3. A minority report, best from Corbit in years. "You've no doubt heard the story of the crisis in Ukraine by now. But, as we've been told all our lives, there are two sides to every story. So, which side of the story have you heard?

    There's the MSM/establishment/dinosaur media side of the story. Let's call it the "Team NATO" narrative. In this version of events, the bloodthirsty insane psychopathic literally Hitler leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, woke up a few weeks ago and suddenly decided to invade the free, peaceful nation of Ukraine for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER!

    And then there's the "alternative" media side of the story. Let's call it the "Team BRICS" narrative. In this version of the story, the valiant defender of human liberty, Vladimir Putin, is fighting to protect the free peoples of the world from the globalists and their sinister machinations.

    As I say, you've doubtless heard one or another of these stories by now. Or, if you're really paying attention, you might have heard both. But I'm here to tell you today that you've been lied to your whole life. There aren't two sides to every story. There are at least three, maybe more."

  4. Hi Jack and Orage,
    In this period of conflict and mind control, I wanted to introduce a French thinker who anticipated the falseness that was going to coat reality more and more rapidly until the point of saturation that we are experiencing today.

    Jean Baudrillard published a major work in 1981 called "Simulacra and Simulation "*.
    He opens his study with the concept of "precession of simulacra" and an epigraph paraphrasing Ecclesiastes, which gives a first definition of the simulacrum: "The simulacrum is never what hides the truth – it is the truth that hides that there is none. The simulacrum is true."

    Using the metaphor of the map, borrowed from a story by Jorge Luis Borges in which the cartographers of the Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up covering the territory very exactly, Baudrillard delineates the problem of the simulacrum:
    "The territory no longer precedes the map nor does it survive it. It is now the map that precedes the territory – precession of simulacra -, it is the map that engenders the territory and, if we had to repeat the fable, it is now the territory whose shreds are slowly rotting on the map's surface. It is the real, and not the map, whose vestiges remain here and there, in the deserts that are no longer those of the Empire, but ours. The desert of reality itself.

    He had identified in a fascinating way the way in which reality is deliberately manufactured and the ultimate desire to virtualize the entire human experience and society.
    And while we are left to wander aimlessly in this "desert of reality", bastards are writing programs – it's all in that word – that are actually their plan for actualizing reality.
    The map is superimposed on the territory…
    When you determine how reality should be perceived, you don't need a matrix or zuckie glasses; just a simple story.

    The only thing I don't understand is why so many people like such crappy stories…

    PS: The funny thing about puppets like Zelensky,Macron, Trudeau & Co, apart from the fact that they are not even good actors, is that they are sometimes asked to play roles that "predict" their future function…
    A coincidence, isn't it? It must be fun to constantly simulate your life in a mise en abyme.
    There is even humor in it, if you are a tad cynical.

    Here is another excerpt from Beaudrillard:
    "Everything is metamorphosed into its opposite to perpetuate itself in its expurgated form. All the powers, all the institutions speak of themselves through denial, in order to attempt, by simulating death, to escape their real death throes. Power can stage its own murder to rediscover a glimmer of existence and legitimacy. Such was the case with some American presidents: the Kennedys were murdered because they still had a political dimension. The others, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, only had the right to phantom attempts, to simulated murders. But this aura of an artificial menace was still necessary to conceal that they were no longer anything but the mannequins of power. Formerly, the king (also the god) had to die, therein lay his power. Today, he is miserably forced to feign death, in order to preserve the blessing of power. But it is lost.
    To seek new blood in its own death, to renew the cycle through the mirror of crisis, negativity, and antipower: this is the only solution – alibi of every power, of every institution attempting to break the vicious circle of its irresponsibility and of its fundamental nonexistence, of its already seen and of its already dead.


    • My goal right now, as is Orages, is to move to the south of France where people regularly have conversations about such things. But alas I am but a lowly American and as soon as you mention a book, outside of the ones I've had to read, and Nitzsche and the Stranger you lose me. One thing I've learned with certainty over the last eight or nine years there is no fucking ultimate truth it's all just a story, an etiological myth to fill in between the beginning and the end. The French are the intellectual standard bearers for all Europeans, the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, the intellectual acumen of Albert Camus, the perception of Rene Descartes, the mathematics of the marquis de Laplace, who am I to argue with Jean Baudrillard? Yet I must. In the words of Americas only real poet worthy of note with the French ones Jimmy Carroll, Morrison and Dylan were prophets they don't count as poets, nothing is true.
      Everyone needs a system the smarter they are the more complicated their system is, the Asians are the worst with their mandalas, but the French will drive you even more crazy with their reasoning skills. I once found a great ally in the Qabalah but then I learned the secret of chaos Magick that all seems like coloring books to me now when you can kill the queen on a whim and start WW III without ever leaving your house. The blackness is there, stare into and when the abyss stares back leap into it and swim. That's the most candid I'm ever going to be outside a paywall…

    • I understand that this question was not addressed to me, and thus, if this reply is unwanted, simply ignore it, however, I would like to respond because I find a fundamental error in this line of thought.
      Firstly, if everything was simply itself, meaning that if there was no larger, or more encompassing state, than the idea that nothing truly is would be true, and all things would merely be continuum from one position to their ultimate negation. However, this position, and the error that arrives with it, is mistaking a transient state for a permanent one.
      The transient is only real within a certain context. It has no quality, or ability to be more. It doesn't matter what we are addressing here, be they thoughts, people, or rocks, the essential issue remains the same. It also is revealed in B.'s position that the things themselves cannot explain themselves. Well, this has been understood by some for millennia, and it is the support and the explanation for Emanation Science.
      One need not have the ability to describe higher states to understand the nature of existence demands that these higher states exist. We can prove this to ourselves via the process of analogy, and through direct personal experience.
      The concept that everything is a kind of hologram, simulation, or projection is very popular today, but it simply does not explain itself, and this is its fatal flaw.
      Materialism, moral relativity, and the abandonment of spirituality all have a common thread in western society. We can see very clearly that the development of various political and social movements derive from this world view, and the fact that they all collapse into gibbering insanity is because they erroneously assume there are no higher principles to which they must answer.
      This fad in the west of the Hyllic elevation of vapid ignorance to theological levels is going to go very badly for those who propagate it, as the time of ascendancy for this mania is passing quite quickly. The simulacrum the west invents is no more reality than a lit match in a snowstorm, and some people are going to be very surprised as they discover this fact.

  5. Not to go totally Duff on you

    You have to remember that he served in Vietnam as last covid year we buried a dear friend who died of agent orange.

    Death by vaxxine is a computer geeks triumph…

  6. Thanks for the link Jack. So much for the Russians being the savior destroying the German people aligned with the US and England how could a Tiger change its stripes like I said Mossad being my fav intel agency as at least they tell you that they plan to deceive you.

  7. Just for the record the Drudge Report has published: The NWO Globalist Stooge Zelensky & His Epic Betrayal of Ukraine, an awful article written with a crayon that very little research went into and avoids the point. It could never get published on this site but never the less it making the rounds on the internet to my amazement at even the sentients lack of credulity.

    I wouldn’t waste my time shooting it down, but John Kaminski did:

    John Kaminski – “Much as I like, #$%, this depiction is not quite right. The website itself is pro-Christian without realizing the serious inroads Jews have made into the inner workings and attitudes of christian churches. Second, those called Nazis in Ukraine work for a Jewish president with subterranean Israeli connections. Remember the Ukrainian president is a former soft core porn comedian who now has million dollar properties in Miami and Italy. These so-called Ukrainian Nazis may be more properly called Jewish Nazis, no matter the oxymoronic sense of the term. They are agents of the Jewish-U.S. superstate meant to cause continuous conflict and sabotage Russian security with weapons provided by the U.S. and other Western countries controlled by their Jewish money interests. Since Russia is also governed by this same group, this invasion caper can only be seen as a destabilization ruse against all European countries meant to prevent Germany from bonding to Russia and present a serious challenge to American hegemony in Europe. It's a fixed game that was meant to blot out attention to the now decaying COVID fiasco and the only people who will suffer are the innocent and deceived citizens of all the countries — Russia, Ukraine, all European countries, and the USA — because their energy costs will skyrocket and the only people who will profit are the goons who created all these problems in the first place. If true peace is our objective, there is no substitute for replacing all these governments which are owned by the Jews running Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Oil and the Deep State because it is a single organization orchestrating all these crises to eliminate national governments of all countries.”

    Best wishes,
    John Kaminski

  8. Jack, a report from flyover land in rural Illinois.

    Every year except for '21 cyclists meet in Pecitonica Illinois for a cycling event on gravel roads. In February of '20 over 500 people showed up, many older boomer types on expensive carbon fiber bicycles however, this year there were about 30 people with few old boomers actually none except for me.

    The young 30 somethings were slow and addled except for two 30 something guys who were active bike racers.

    At the social gathering after the ride I talked to one of the slow addled guys and of course on cue he brought the conversation to Covid and his vaxxination status and proudly proclaimed his three jab status. I looked at him with steely eyes and fucking ignored him as this is an agglutination our dear Jack speaks of. These creatures are disgusting but he did no wrong to me nor did he ask my "status" as I believe he knew I might beat him to death upon the spot. What else can I say? The world I see.

    • KMB,
      The attempt to genetically modify people results in what surgeons used to call "rejection". Its the intended alteration not being taken in by the system. The attempt to create a genetically modified human controlled by neural implants and graphene based chips does fall into the novelty sphere the bored and spoiled are so fascinated with. However, it doesn't mean that any of it is going to work.
      As I've already said, there are numerous ways to reduce the human population besides an immediate kill off. We already know that the shots target the reproductive organs, liver and heart. Some of this damage won't be immediately apparent, it will take time to manifest.
      There is every reason to assume that all shots are not created equal, and that the vectors for them coordinate according to region and batch.
      It would be interesting to get a perspective on the kind of time frame were looking at here, but I don't think the monsters that concoct this stuff even have an idea. There seems to be a threshold here, and that is the third injection, but the bodies defenses to archontic intrusion are formidable, and their plan, championed by fake populist Muskrat, to make you subject to their wireless web, is going to fail.
      Apparently this abortion is going full term, and yes I say this will full awareness of the apparent contradiction. There is a penalty for playing with certain things, and those who unleash this stuff will pay up.
      In the meantime, follow whatever health regimen you find works for you.

    • Vox is Latin, yes the ancient official language of Rome, Catholicism, and Science. Vox =Voice.
      Think Harry doesn't know this?
      Now you do too.

    • Jack, that Vox piece was about how Joos control the narrative with the use of think tanks and university endowments to rope in the intellectual class and to control them.

      You know yesterday I witnessed the aftermath of the vaxx boomer massacre as I was one of the few left. That bike ride is where the elite of cycling gather. The young racers had a separate ride with pro level athletes and they seem unaffected so far by the vaxx. The boomers and the 50 somethings? Saw few of them. I was shocked and surprised.

    • Tragic also- the loss of a knowledge base and critical thinking skills embedded in the older generations…..because they got fooled by a psy-op titel CV-19.

    • correction: "titled CV-19"……must have got someone's attention for the text to get corrupted like that….

  9. A perfect example, one which directly illustrates the medias role as agenda spokesperson whilst setting the pretense of providing information, is with the top down vax campaign. How is this illustrated?
    First, the media created a climate of fear, actual psychological terrorism, against the populace. Every possible attempt to turn Covid into the newest super disease was taken, including fictionalizing deaths and cases. This is important to take note of, because in any role focused on reporting facts, the media would have cast a rational eye upon the event from the perspective of getting to the bottom of it. The media didn't do this, instead they rolled out their hype machine to terrorize and convince the public that they were all about to die horribly.
    Second, the media actively attacked and defamed proven medications with a track record of actually helping people. The sickening display of "horse dewormer" diatribes, launched to promote the injection campaign, should have immediately exposed the media as simply promoting an agenda, which is a very different purpose beyond reporting facts. The facts are that Ivermectin works, it has been proven to work, and the media attack should be all the proof necessary to convince anyone that the media is not there to inform you of events occurring in the world, yet there is more.
    The coup de grace to any media legitimacy occurred, and is occurs in regards to deaths and injuries directly resultant from injection. The fact that media is actively involved in suppressing any information on the damage the injections are inflicting, despite this being THE story of the day, completely destroys the media as any kind of useful institution upon which to rely.
    Now, this is not to say that certain outlets, such as the Expose' UK, 21st century Wire, and various independent journalists aren't doing what they can to bring you accurate information, because they are. What this means is that official, sanctioned, billionaire owned media outlets aren't worth toilet paper in terms of practical utility.

  10. It can be instructive to watch the media, which has abandoned all dedication to truth and honesty, in the sense that their manipulation of images and lies follows a pattern.
    It is clear that the intent is to deflect the issue of Jewish neonazis by focusing only upon "antisemitism". Taking such an approach forces the issue into an easily dismissed side track that actually serves to obscure the genuine issue. War by deception. Quite clever, and of course, thoroughly corrupt.
    By now it should be apparent that the media is simply weaponized against constructive human understanding. It has been reduced to a primitive tool intended to induce a state of mental compliance with an agenda that sees the truth as an enemy. Be advised.

    • My definition of national socialism: A moral dedicated elite followed by an equally dedicated moral working class working together to build a Nation.

      That is what they fear MK.

    • KMB,
      What I find is a personal affront, is their use of a rather obscure and late rune upon their banners. They obviously don't understand this rune, except in the most exoteric of ways.
      Egil Skallagrimsson remarked that those who don't understand the runes shouldn't inscribe them, but the Hyllic one's are nothing if not arrogant.

  11. Thank you for that Gonzalo, my son in-law, is Ukrainian. I certainly mean no disrespect for the Ukrainian people, keep these reports coming, we will be concentrating on the Ukraine here until further notice.

  12. The following is a status report of what appears to be happening at this time (2022. 02. 27 at 12:00 noon Kiev time) in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    I am trying to be as realistic as possible. I mean no disrespect or animus to either the Ukrainian side or the Russian side. I am not in any sense questioning the bravery of the soldiers of any nation, nor do I mean to give any offense. I live permanently in Ukraine, I love the Ukrainian people, and my children are Ukrainian citizens. In what I am about to say, I am trying to give a realistic, sober assessment of the current state of play.

    The Russians have entered the center of Kharkiv, I know this from eyewitness accounts of people that I know there. There is small arms fighting, but generally light resistance. In the south, Kherson has fallen and the Russian army seems to have captured Zaporozhia. It seems clear that Dnipro will be reached within 3 to 5 days. At this time, Kiev is being surrounded by Russian tanks. There is sporadic small arms fire outside the city, but no big battles.

    The Russian strategy seems to be to encircle the cities, while destroying military installations. The vast majority of civilian infrastructure in the areas under attack have been untouched and are functioning normally. It also seems very clear that the Russians have used their older equipment and less experienced soldiers in this initial assault. Very few of the high-tech modern weaponry that the Russians possess are being used in this first push. This would lead one to believe that the Russians want to probe and exhaust Ukrainian defenses before bringing out top-tier men and materiel.

    The Russians are being incredibly disciplined insofar as their information management is concerned. The only information coming out of the Russians comes directly from the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their information so far has been 100% accurate, which I think is a deliberate strategy. There has been a great deal of Ukrainian propaganda that turned out to be complete fantasy, but even after these stories have been proven to be false, people cling to them.

    At the current pace of operations, the Russians will completely capture Ukraine within 7 to 14 days. They are winning, and winning decisively. Maps comparing the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to this current mechanized invasion show that the Russians are outpacing the Americans by a substantial margin. And as I said, they are using their second-tier men and weapons, and they did not use air power to soften Ukraine for several weeks, as the Americans did in 2003. Any claims that the Ukrainians are winning or holding back the Russians is complete fantasy.

    This is the current state of play as I perceive it at this time.

    Gonzalo Lira
    Kiev, Ukraine

  13. There is a photo in one of Miguel Serrano's books of several hundred German soldiers on the eastern front at night. They are gathered in a circle around an enormous bonfire, obviously engaging in some ancient Teutonic ritual. Master Serrano wrote: (quote/paraphrase) "Pagan warriors prepare for battle with the hordes of the Demiurge." No truer description of that cataclysm was ever penned.

    • Didn't do them much good, though, did it. They were slaughtered in the millions. Real politics and raw strength of will versus mumbo jumbo. Loin cloths replaced by shiny swords and faggy leather boots.
      Go figure.
      Nice try, though.

    • Whenever we perceive Gnostic events, we must understand that the levels affected are numerous and not always visible. I have written that time is not as the modern mind believes, nor is the human spirit. Part of the justification for the Hyllic one's efforts to turn this world into a sarcophagus, is their choice of ignorance, and their elevation of that ignorance as their description of reality.
      A great arrogance surrounds the promotion of ignorance to didactic authority, as the belief is that power is achieved, and freedom from responsibility kills off any moral imperative.
      Westerners, certainly those who steer the careening ship of state, bank on this apparent condition. The Great Power does not work according to the whims of ignorance, only deploys Mistress Error as his teacher, and our thirst.
      There are actions of such intense bravery and selfless dedication that they carry across generations and across time despite every effort of Hyllic terror to stamp them out. No, the immediate result of those pagan warriors was not to save themselves, it was to carry that fire of homage into the hearts of their enemies, where it now burns despite all the wind. It was to offer the power to humanity in the dark times, a knowledge that the preachers of ignorance are mere sellers of a poison oil, the only edifice to their shriveled cowardice and demented hate.
      Do not presume to asses the cosmic design according to the gibbering of acolytes of Abraham. Those who hack down the sacred groves to honour their Asura know nothing of Her mind, and they never will.

    • I'd like to reply to your nostalgic ruminations, MK. But since aomw faggot has been deleting my posts– probably Orange– I'll leave you with this, instead:
      The past is mere prologue. And the present is all you've got.
      Which in your beloved Teutinix Race's case is Olaf Frikking Scholz.
      Viel gluck with that, knights of old.
      Enjoy your curcle jerk while trying to figure out Vlad's next move.

    • Really, no wonder they are deleted. Cant spell, unidentifiable anonymous acronyms except to the performer. Banger.. Perfect.

    • Actually, Banger, that anon. comment wasn't from me, even if it is accurate.
      If you cannot see that there has been a transmission of quality from the Teutonic to the Slavic, then you don't see it. The world is filled with untold numbers of people who never truly see anything.
      If you are going to disparage acts that quite provably have a power beyond the temporal moment, then you have quite a bit to reconcile with any religious view, other than perhaps Judaism.
      If you are going to adopt a narrow framework for the evaluation of history, you will never see it's allegory, or understand how it makes current events visible.
      Of course, it's all your choice, just comprehend the fact that such a choice is not definitive, only indicative.

    • Oka ok, sorry– I thought it was you. My bad. Although petty you are not. It was probably Dave Odell, heh heh.
      Anyway, you have your way of seeing things, we have ours, but one thing is for sure, it's all up for grabs now. This is going to get interesting and looking forward to your take, as always.

  14. Very true, Jack. Russia was founded by Scandinavian Vikings, the Rus or Ros. I neglected to mention that along with the German forces were the Waffen SS. Consisting of volunteers from every nation in Europe, the first Pan European army, drawn together to keep Red Asia out of Europe as stated by the immortal General Leon Degrelle, their greatest combat commander. The Waffen SS also had a Muslim division. These Islamic warriors fought heroically and died in the frozen Hell of the eastern front because they regarded Adolph Hitler as a prophet on par with Muhammad and considered Berlin to be the Mecca of the West.

    • I belive it was an epic, heroic death struggle on both sides, as people responded to Stalin's call for the Great Patriotic war much differently than to die for Bolshevism, driven by rear kommissars. You can see echoes in current Donbass volunteers, calling on their ancestors, invoking their grand and Greatgrandfathers. On the other side, look at the virtually unknow desperate defense of Budapest, Stalingrad in reverse. Germans, people of Europe and Slavs slaughtering each other between 1905 and 1948, including both world wars, while Empire and the banking clans sat back, pushed triggers and laughed. Bolshevism here, Nazi there, even the Old gods should have been pleased. The wounds are still there, propaganda still poisons. Stalingrad survivors on both sides met over the years, in great mutual respect, before Maidan. No one would pay any heeds to yapping part-time humanists nor Russian Intelligensia Anti-War protests getting so much play in western media. No, the 68 year old Russian Donbass guy solemnly just suited up to do what must be done.

  15. John Kaminski – "I've had the impression for a long time, maybe as long as eight or ten years, that the U.S. is being set up for destruction, not only to bring it down to the level of the rest of the world, but to bring it down far below the rest of the world. Our internal sabotage is certainly helping that process, but the list of U.S. atrocities since WW2 which I've frequently compiled is now being noticed by the rest of the world, and my suspicion is that there is plenty of evidence the entire rest of the world is being prepared (by Israel of course) to gang up on the U.S. and destroy it for good. We see it clearly in the presence of so-called a COVID deaths by which the white countries are being depopulated. as well as by the formidable list of evil machinations that the U.S. has engineered all over the world to destabilize countries for purposes of stealing their assets, notably oil but also minerals. Foremost at the moment is U.S. responsibility for triggering the so-called conflict in Ukraine, the primary cause of which is the U.S. backing of the 2014 neocon revolution. With Russia riding in to resolve the unjust situation, it's only a small step from there to rally the rest of the world to put a stop to this U.S. crime wave that has negatively affected nearly every country on Earth.

    So a 'wag the dog' war in Ukraine staged for the edification of the rest of the world is added to the stealing of people's bank accounts in Canada in the suppression of genuine patriotism and the persecution of innocent people in Australia with toxic treatments for a fake disease and all of these disingenuous plots generated by the U.S. and then unfairly blaming it on China gives the rest of the world ample evidence that America is a mad dog that needs to be put down. The deliberately incompetent Biden administration plus the U.S. track record of invasions all over the world based on false pretenses merely prove the point.

    The saddest part is that the vigilantes riding to the rescue of the world from U.S. tyranny will pretty much take over the market for corruption that the U.S. will lose so that nothing will really change and individual freedom will be farther away than ever because America failed to fulfill the purpose it pretended to promote but never did, which was liberty and justice for all."

    • Yeah, I had those thoughts with a pivot to Asia with Singapore as the new Venice/City of London. Fits the city state bill of the banking clans. Also, when the Spanish Armada vanished in that freak storm, Dutch and British filled the vacuum. A bully with a conceited elite one can always find, the Anglosaxons were without peers. But, and that's a big but, a multi-polar world is much preferable, less one-sided inane dominance and blackmail. These thoughts rummage in the "What-If" corner of my mind, like was Gehlen a good guy starting the Cold War with MAD, selling the imminent invasion by Stalin to the allies? It did put an end to the killing of vogelfreie German civilians. It's 5th dimension thinking. Dunno

    • The U.S. does, in many people's belief systems, represent the human impulse towards freedom and self determination. Such beliefs rest in various principles enshrined in American politics and culture, and as such, they form a basis to an American self perception.
      This belief in freedom has been one of the primary targets of attack in academia, politics, and buisness, but not in what I will call the deep psyche of America.
      This is one of the most glaring reasons why the criminal political class works tirelessly to flood this country with inarticulate apes they demand we worship. It is a pogrom, a genocide on the deep constructs of freedom Americans hold truly sacred.
      That this is a plan and an attack is clear due to the ideological, psychological, and educational efforts to bolster the intended damage.
      Whatever most chip munching TV soaked Americans think, their wannabe overlords are terrified of their belief in freedom. It's unfortunate that almost no one in this country is capable of realizing this fact.

    • True, Mike, there are many songs from the 1848 German bourgeois revolution days calling to go to America, to be free of church and degenerate, oppressive gentry. My fight has always been with lies, ignorance and empire, not the people, who I often found warm-hearted, compassionate, seeking for inner truth.

    • Such is but one reason, Orage, why the great power always creates Gnostics, always in the least likely places, always in the least likely times. The fight of the Gnostic has never been against people. The struggle has always been against the powers and principalities dedicated to keeping us enslaved.

  16. By the time the Red Army of the USSR entered Europe during World War Two, most of the ethnic Russian troops had been killed or maimed during previous years fighting with the Germans. What remained were Asiatic mongols from the steppes of Siberia. It was these sub-human animals who perpetrated the vast majority of the mass rapes, murders, looting, and unnecessary destruction. Analogous to the Americans fighting the Japanese, it was a race war, the most vicious of conflicts. However unlike the Pacific war, in Europe helpless civilians bore the brunt of it, particularly females.

    • Exactly Heretic and it also should be noted that in my vast studies of WW II I have read accounts that the regular Russian troops, who of course always went in first, warned and even tried to the protect the Germans from these Mongol hordes which they knew were bringing up their rear. These are Kievan Rus fighting for the "mother of Russia." They are hereditary Norwegians, Swedes and Danes, Scandanavian. Do the Scandinavians, Count Kalergi's diversity aside, look like savages?

  17. Putin is indeed working with a wider strategy than simply neutralizing the duplicitous West in the Ukraine. However, suggesting that his aim is to rebuild the USSR and conquer the world is merely a play into old fears from a past world. If, instead, we look at his record, it is clear that Putin intends to place Russia in a strong international position in a new, multipolar world envisioned by Asian interests.
    If anything, it should be understood that Russia actually believes that treaties and agreements mean something, which is a stunning concept to co-opted criminals and spineless sycophants, which happen to be the rank and file of the American political class. I'm really not exaggerating here. Biden et al have had a lot of help hiding their criminal dealings, especially those in the Ukraine.
    Spiritually, America is thoroughly Jewish. The veneer of Christianity is operative in partnership, but only in a junior role. Christians understand their spirituality as nothing deeper than emotion and social theory. They are continually outmanoevered and out thought by a sophisticated Jewish enslavement strategy, which they gleefully adopt whilst grinning like idiots, convinced of their righteousness, set up for the slaughter.
    It's actually rather amazing to me that Americans never get it. Like stupid hungry mutts, they always head back to their masters to get kicked. If you think those labs were benign, that Putin levelled, you need to go find your brain.
    The western world has not given up on it's mission to inject every one of its subjects with the synthetic bug shots. Like all things in a Jewish world, there is a visible pretense, which belies the actual objective. Yep, it's only been put behind curtains to make you think you can be free.
    Behind all the clamour, the buisness world is working to isolate itself from the mounting vax death pogrom, even as the agenda solidifies. As far as anyone who still thinks can make out, America has essentially destroyed it's military, economic, and cultural capacity. However, the epic self destruction that is symbolized by a brain dead zombie in chief isn't over yet. Clueless Americans, like stupid mutts crawling back to their deranged master to get another kick, will lick it up.

  18. Again, just an honest opinion based upon observation and not ideology or a particular nationalism but on what I see happening. Our MK had an excellent discussion about the term Nazi and where it came from and how no one can even discuss National Socialism as if spiritual binders are put upon the very mention of the subject.

  19. I heard the stories from my dad about the Russians and what he saw them do to Germany. Hitler I believe was correct about them because they seem like the Chinese to be insect like and hive minded.

  20. What I am observing is a world where all the world powers work for the same bosses against the people. Biden just oked a digital passport scheme similar to the Chinese social credit score tied to compliance. I see little to get excited or hopeful about with our newest war as it seems things are moving right along at someone's pre determined pace.

    • I worry about that too. The coming emulation of China's social credit system was evident before anyone had heard of Covid-19. They will have us on it unless they are pushed back against and it will take more than a trucker convoy most likely.

      As far as every elite being on the same page, it certainly seems possible. Maybe I pay too much attention to Know More News because Green has talked a lot about both Trump/Kushner and Putin connections to Chabad. And of course we here the Gog and Magog references now. I wonder if Putin has been designated King of the North for purposes of manufacturing fulfilled prophecy? Israel seems to be great at that, along with their mastery of cybercrime.

    • If the long term consequences of that jab are as bad as they say, I will happily avoid travel and entertainment venues until the disaster manifests. At that point the passports might be irrelevant.

    • JT,
      There has been very little coverage, even by genuine journalists, and yes we still have some, concerning corroboration with my piece regarding the vaccines that aren't. However, I've gone on the record stating that the industrial synthetic material graphene is in the shots, and I have yet to hear any reputable denial. I've also stated that the material self organizes in the blood into what I refer to as synthetic bugs. I'm not recanting any of this.
      One might get a saline shot out of this, but no one is getting any protection from disease through these shots.
      Everyone focuses on the spike protein. They need to get away from the misdirection. These are not vaccines. What they are is an invasive effort to genetically engineer humanity. This is a hideous malevolent and evil plan that should be exposed with very thorough and exhaustive investigation, before the perpetrators are dragged out by the ear, and hung by the neck until dead.

    • I've heard so many things over the past 2 years that I've decided to stick to what I generally know. They didn't properly safety test that crap. It's not a vaccine, whatever else it may be. It has caused more death and injuries than all the actual vaccines, combined. There is graphene in it, whatever the reason, and it can't be good. All of that adds up to me keeping myself and my family away from it. Far away.

      But, if the vaxxed are now shedding that garbage on the rest of us, maybe it doesn't matter.

  21. Jack brother Bugnolo does not believe Putin to be good at all as he quotes prophesy about a restored Soviet Union. He also says that the west will be defeated as Putin is a globalist working for a world wide marxsist dictatorship.

    You will have to check out his latest video. Kind of like Carlin said. "It's a big club and you aren't in it"

    Time will tell but I am no fan of the Russians.

    • Yea, well the Vatican would be saying that wouldn't they? Don't you notice who's conspicuously absent from this thread when this is really their field of expertise? I know you're no fan of the Russians nine, but as old Bob said "times they are a changing…"

    • Absent, Jack? You guys are blowing it outta the water so what can we add? Other than The Ukraine is a fulcrum being pivoted to set up the Eastern caucasian race's destruction of the western caucasian race. Or should that be the other way around? Just check out Amanpour for confirmation of that if you can stomach it. And the clapping mutts in the EU parliament are even more confirmation after the hero gave his speech today. What a fucking joker.

      Only thing is though: it's not gonna pan out according to their plans. And if you think what's going on now is interesting, wait until the tag team gets stuck into Taiwan and the Western Pacific Basin. You ain't seen nothing yet, ladies and trannymen. It's gonna be quite the show. Because Schlomo is about to get his.

      Dont believe me?
      Well, watch this space.

      As for Bugnano, Nine? He's a fundamentalist lunatic. Listen to him at your peril. Sure, didn't he say about 5 billion people should've been dead of the vaxx kill shot, by now?

      Yeah. Bugnano.

      Reliable source you got there, amigo. Just as well any cretin who takes that goofball seriously has a very, verrry short memory.

      Might as well invite Dave Interesting Odell around for coffee and a jabberwocky burger. You might even learn something in that case.

      A little something though. Notta lot. We are talking Dave hete, after all. Bless his myocardic little heart, heh heh.

    • No, I've been waiting to hear from you B, send me the Metallica man take, you've both been calling this for just about a year now. Honored to have your comments, I'm sure Schlomos reading too, better intelligence than he gets…

  22. Empire has long used the ambitions and dreams of minorities for self rule over a contested land for their own designs, getting highly motivated cannon fodder for cheap promises never fulfilled. Eastern Europe and the balkans are full of examples, easy to find and understand. Or, you can stick with sweet Pop knowledge, aka propaganda, and hate your neighbors for centuries and generations to come. It is less filling.

  23. So, perhaps you can see the hodgepodge, German, Polish, Jewish, Uki each making up the traditional population and West-Ukraine Lemberg vs. East-Ukraine Russian Donbass with Kiev in the middle claimed by both. As Putin pointed out, Ukraine was formed by Lenin, then "gifted" Crimea by Khrushchev as a thank you for murdering Stalin and putting him in power so he could use his shoe to hammer home potato communism. It was never a homogenous nation, liken it to another Versailles artificial state, Czechoslovakia, famed British aircraft carrier that only survived the dissolution of the eastern block for 18 month. They split into Czech Republic and Slovakia, now stable, and the old Sudetendeutschen long driven out. Ethnic cleansing was invented around here, reversing centuries of settling east and mingling, encouraged by the monarchs of the day.

    • They were 90% completed, awaiting final inspection before going operational this month after a delay by seven months. According to Southfront and other sources.

    • Reading Jon Rappoport anon? Now that he got caught by his own readers plagiarizing the Bormann Faction III, I guess he's a military strategist now. That article was sent to me yesterday by a very close friend of mine and one of the most important writers out there. Of course, I didn't read it and I told my friend why Jon is on my pay no mind list but if you insist, I have to tell you many of those labs are only three hundred miles from the Kremlin, do you think the Russian generals are idiot political appointees like the NATO generals? As Orage just told you they took them out before they were fully functional, that should tell you they knew exactly what was in them and how to terminate it, it does me…

    • This is An.
      Didnt know they where not operational
      yet, thats very interesting.
      Orage do you have any links to read into that?

      I read Jon yes, very dissappointing he had to plagiarize., I thought he had some pretty solid info on the virus hoax since long.

    • Found the article on southfront. Is that a recommended source to keep track of?
      Not much out there anymore to follow these days since Duff went bonkers.

    • An, back in 2014/15 Southfront was very good on all things Donbass. Lot's of frontline reporting from regular guys disgusted by the onesided reporting and later on the silence of traditional media. I heard some rumblings later that things had changed to less reliable and now we're in fog of war. Keep an eye put, if nothing else you have the latest twitter videos in one place. "SF: The Russian military special operation in Ukraine coincided with the planned launch of U.S. military biolaboratories in Kiev and Odessa. On February 26, the US Embassy in Ukraine rushed to delete all documents about 11 Pentagon-funded bio-laboratories in Ukraine from its website. All these documents (now deleted by the Embassy), you can read HERE.

      In October 2021, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the U.S. Department of Defense published on the U.S. government procurement website an additional agreement on “combating highly dangerous pathogens. The document concerns the final stage of work on the launch of two bio-laboratories in Ukraine: in Kiev and Odessa.

      The additional agreement covers the equipping and training of personnel and commissioning of the facilities. The cost of the work is 3.6 million dollars, but some figures in the document are hidden for reasons of secrecy. According to the document, the laboratories were more than 90 per cent ready. However, the projects’ completion was delayed up to seven months from the date of signing the document (July 2021), thus to the end of February 2022:" VT has a letter from DTRA reproduced, so it looks legit.

    • Well, if I had to write out my honest assessment of what's going on here, I could just cut and paste yours B. I've been waiting for you to take a bow, standing ovation please. Yea Taiwan and the sinking of Schlomos entire fleet is next to bad America and Great Britain have supplied the crews. Those men and woman will be mourned but they can't say they weren't warned. Last place in the world I'd want to be is on a naval vessel right now, flying the Jewish colors with their euphemistic NATO flags. Putin is not an ordinary politician, during the early eighties and into the nineties he commanded a million-man army occupying East Germany. Oh, yea he attended Claus Schwab's school for young globalists, of course he did. He is a professional spy, born to it, that's what spies do they infiltrate and access. Whether by design by some unseen hand or through sheer stupidity, avarice or haughtiness the globalists have weakened themselves to what looks to be an irreparable state. Putin has been planning this for years and like a shark that smells blood he has struck, do not expect him to stop at the Ukraine, Taiwan is in all likelihood next and Xi will join the fray. Welcome to your Nightmare Schlomo, see you in the mop up operation…

  24. A few tdbits: The de facto capital of this clepto failed state, Ukraine, krai ina, border land, is a city that changed flags seven times last century. It is not Kiev, with its Kievan Rus cradle of Mother Russia. The former provincial capital of Galicia, of Hapsburg K&K double monarchy, formerly know as Lemberg, now called something for my tongue unpronounceable, Lwiw. "Lwiw, deutsch Lemberg (ukrainisch Львів?/i Lwiw [lʲʋiu̯], polnisch Lwów [lvuf], jiddisch לעמבערג [lɜmbɜrk], armenisch Լվով, russisch Львов Lwow [lʲvov])" That it has a name in all those languages should make you wonder. It was one of the hotbeds of early Zionism, when Zionism was the tiny minority view to answer the jewish question. Martin Buber, heir to Herzl lived and worked there. Look for Bruno Kreisky's, former Chancelor of Austria and Bund-Jewish, opinion on infamous self-proclaimed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal operaping in Lemberg as a spitzel. Echos of Soros. It has a university dating back to the 13th. century. It had a railway line traversing the Carpartian mountains to the city of the goddess, Vienna, the other hotbed.

    Also hailing from Lemberg was Stephan Bandera, who cultivated German military circles favorable to Ukrainian independence, and organized OUN expeditionary groups. When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, he prepared the 30 June 1941 Proclamation of Ukrainian statehood in Lviv, pledging to work with Nazi Germany.[4][5] For his refusal to rescind the decree, Bandera was arrested by the Gestapo, which put him under house arrest on 5 July 1941,[6] and later between 1942 and 1943[7] sent him to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.[8] In 1944, with Germany rapidly losing ground in the war in the face of the advancing Allied armies, Bandera was released in the hope that he would be instrumental in deterring the advancing Soviet forces. He set up the headquarters of the re-established Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council, which worked underground. He settled with his family in West Germany where he remained the leader of the OUN-B and worked with several anti-communist organizations such as the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations[9][10] as well as with the British intelligence agencies.[9] Fourteen years after the end of the war, Bandera was assassinated in 1959 by KGB agents in Munich. Bandera remains a highly controversial figure in Ukraine,[22][23][24] with some Ukrainians hailing him as a liberator who fought against the Soviet, Polish and Nazi states while trying to establish an independent Ukraine, while other Ukrainians as well as Poland and Russia condemn him as a fascist[25] and a war criminal[26] who was, together with his followers, largely responsible for the massacres of Polish civilians[27] and partially for the Holocaust in Ukraine. -Wiki

    • Maybe we should have you write the next Ukraine article Orage, you just coughed up more useful information than the entire western media combined. Is everybody paying attention this is how old school Jack Heart articles were written, guys an encyclopedia, I just have to put his "information dumps" into a coherent narrative…

  25. Ironically, I remember back in the 1970s, the Europeans called the Israelis, "Jewish Nazis" because of their murderous, genocidal treatment of the Palestinians. I never for one moment believed the Ukrainian so-called "Nazis" were in any way, shape, or form true National Socialists continuing the legacy of the Ultimate Avatar.

    • Whew I must've pissed someone off again so I think I'll give it a rest lol. I'll end with Savitri Devi and that we should just burn it all down.

    • "I still can't make heads or tails of the term "Nazi" and its fucking meaning if I'm being quite honest. For two decades it always pissed me off. The Germans hated that term. It was literally invented by Jewish Bolsheviks as a slur against the NSDAP and the Jews we perceive in power these days are not the Sephardic of old, but the Ash-Ken-Nazi's. The only thing that makes sense is that it was some black magic inversion projection, much of which we see daily as common place, whereas the aggressors paint their enemy as themselves and can somehow manipulate the minds of others into an illusion whereas they feel the righteous in fighting said enemy. When I say this is a big boys and girls game that's where you head has to be and possibly even higher and yet it still baffles me wondering if I'm just chasing my own tail or if there's more to it that I'm missing. It even goes further breaking down terms like Ash, Ken/Kin, Nazi. Sometimes even I just have to throw my hands up, but it does leave you angry and yet somewhat apathetic when you see everyone calling each other Nazi's. On one hand they're right they do run the world, on the other hand the projected image they're thinking is absolutely incorrect and downright enraging." Greg

    • Ash,K-Nazi is a Jew ploy like Hitler was a Rothschild and there were no Sherpadic Jews, the Jews are the Pechynegs, Russian, somebody very knowledgeable is screening your comments Greg, like Zen you ain't in their club and like Zen I'm overruling them, they better fucking learn who's got boots on the ground here and who is getting their face kicked n to get this done…

    • Greg,
      Like most things in common use today regarding information and classification, the word Nazi is at best duplicitous. This has to do with an intentional attack on language, and the English language in particular. Attacks on language aren't new, and we have symbology that goes along with it. A good example here is the destruction of the word gay, and criminal appropriation of the rainbow symbol. The result is a general impoverishment of the ability of a people to communicate. For a more graphic example, read The Fall of the House of Usher by Poe, and then pick up any current novella and compare the language.
      National Socialism today is described by most hysterical shemales as fascism. No, it wasn't fascism at all, but try making any headway with anything rational today. This doesn't mean that hysteria wins, it simply means there is no recourse other than recognizing hysteria, and refusing to personally legitimize it.
      Madness is a normal part of all mass casualty events, as it is in fact the operative method to achieving mass casualties.
      What is important here is to realize the manner in which language is weaponized for the purposes of division and disempowerment. Nazi today has no association with the historic record, nor is it intended to. Nazi is a banal, emotional, knee jerk symbol used to steer perception, and disguise the real criminals. Don't fall for it.

    • Well Jack, I imagine you know what its like to be found out early but knowing the eyes are always on you and thus needing to constantly play coy and throw out diversions whenever possible to protect yourself and from spilling the beans of what they want. We all feel tired but it wont stop us from breaking out or die trying and its hardly amusing after awhile to play by these subtle rule sets when both sides know that each other knows. I've traded my craft of subtleties and fine craftsmanship of a hammer and chisel for just the fucking sledge hammer in recent times.

      Very well put MK and as always inciteful and a healthy reminder. Sometimes we sit in the madness for too long and easily find ourselves chasing our tails or in my case not seeing the forest through the trees. I'll live up to my words and step back, for now, and check out this Edgar Allen Poe figure. He seems like a hoot.

    • (Na)tional Socialist + (zi)onist jew
      There was a discussion online about this. Who really knows at this point in time.

    • You know Farenheit1400 there's an ancient legend about the Roman legionaries having to stuff their ears with wax before they fought the Scythians which you can read as Pechyneg, Khazar or Jew. Their lies were so potent that if this precaution was not taken the Jews could turn legionnaire against legionnaire.

  26. Anyhow, I will do my level best to bring the next piece along, but this one might take a while. This is, despite my previous lampooning, deadly serious. How can it be any other way, when the Black Madonna rides the Spiderweb.

  27. Zelensky says stand firm, according to the NEW(s).
    NEW(s) quite apparently lacks any sense of irony, for after decades of relentless campaigning against citizen firearms ownership, and squawking that firearms are useless, evil, scary, wrong in human hands, they report that Kyiv is handing out machine guns and ammo to citizens for defense.
    Uh, which way is it, NEW(s)? Gee, seems to depend on which way the wind blows today.
    So, it turns out that firearms are central to defense. It turns out that all those Hollywood Nazis really were Jews all along, and it turns out that the injections really do turn you into a howling blood before you melt into a black pool of goo.
    Man, I sure am glad for the NEW(s)!

  28. Over the news and in what passes for the mind of modern mankind, the events of the world are made to appear as new. I've actually been attacked for not providing anything new, like I need to fabricate some cardboard fantasy for the bored and spoiled who need their dementia placate.
    If anyone needs any proof that the neonazis are all Jewish, you'll get all you need by checking with the official whine machine haaretz, which attacks Putin for targeting them.
    Y'know that there are ways too many figments of awareness in human form right now when the world's victims start defending neonazis.
    I got the message that I will write about this, but seriously, this is the best dark comedy ever aired.

    • According to our Jewish media those Nazi's don't exist Mike. As figments of awareness, many "Americans" are unable to see the military insignias, flags and banners, therefore we the sentient are supposed to accept that they aren't there too, the Asch Paradigm. It's not working I see Jewish Nazis, Kosher Nazis despoiling the sacred swastika ad the legacy of the SS too by supporting their Bolshevik globalist masters. Putin has now sent in the Chechens to deal with them in the way Chechens do. They will kill them, their families and their pets. Rumor from Kaminski has it that NATO is sending in "elite" troops, a euphemism of course for the IDF, who got their heads handed to them in five days in South Ossetia, with every Israeli "advisor," including generals captured by the Russians.

    • Agreed , the best dark comedy lit in a surreal chiaroscuro by the light of 7 rays split from the One to compel humans over the evolutionary waterfall , whining ,spitting vehemently on one another , never realizing we are in free fall now , the world on speed wobble , fires stoked white hot , things slouching towards the Human soul , iridescent black goo that stains plasma into the 5th dimensional realms , the crescendo of the Mad Hatters ploy , still, there is the indivisible Truth at the core , if ye can navigate there .

    • It must be me, but my spell check, which apparently cannot be disabled, is going nuts like a fat girl in a chocolate factory.
      PC freaks just refuse to let me write. Homosexual fact checkers lisping all the way to the pavement from the 21st story.
      It's AK, for Avtomat Kalashnikov, and it makes corpses dance.

  29. Great, "No More Talk" Conan video, Jack. When Jerusalem was under Roman authority, the Jews rioted, killed the Roman magistrates, and took control of the city. Rome sent a legion under the command of Titus, a brilliant, no nonsense, hard assed general to retake control. When they got to the outskirts of Jerusalem, Titus convened a battle council with his top officers. They asked him if he wanted them to negotiate a surrender with the Yid rebel leaders. Titus said absolutely not. He believed that talking with Jews was a waste of time and immediately led them and his legionaries into the city wherein they slaughtered the Jews and burnt their temple down. Rome was back in the driver's seat. This lesson holds: It is a waste of time to try and reason with Jews or their goyim sycophants. Just dispatch them into the void where they belong.

  30. The banking cartel that always needs another war by funding both sides and reaping the rewards afterwards are in an awkward and interesting position. Russia booted the cartel from within its borders. Now the cartel is threatening to cut Russia off from access to the international banking cartel that Russia already ousted from within its borders. That's good for a laugh at least.

    And yeah the old Casey prophecy has been weighing on my mind lately as Russia's actions seem to be averting the WW3 and a globally catastrophic nuclear exchange that the Western oligarchy are desperately panting for rather than provoking it.

    Where's this put the globalist reset now?


  31. I agree it's the wrong time to ask

    From your perspective please write a brief history of brighton beach
    the turning of the tide on "the 5 families" also thanks for metioning
    michael franzese being full of it
    midwood certainly had a big change

    • One day I'd love to give you all an inside opinion on all that shit but as you already noted now is not the time. I did write Cafe Royale circa 1999:
      On VT it's got 3600 reads, on here it never even busted a thousand, which is the opposite of the way reads usually go, you get more on here. This audience wants the occult (which they will have to get from Substack for now on), politics and philosophy. The mafia and even local politics is not their thing. I was never a member of the mafia, a made guy, but I knew them very well. For instance the gas station guy Michaels always talking about was Marty Myers my mother's boyfriend, Jewish mafia with close ties to the highest echelons of the intelligence community, JJ Hurtak, NASA and the NSA's guru, for instance was Marty's BFF. They only brought the Italians in for their capacity for violence to hold the Russian mob at bay. After the gas scan the FBI, the Jewish mafias partner, locked up every Italian with a swinging dick, to prevent Schlomo from ending up in his trunk, except Michael. He got a TV show out of it and God bless him for it. I've never said he was full of shit, in fact at the beginning of my book I give an account where he had my back in a brawl with a Hispanic street gang, Micael was a standup guy…

    • Jack, in wisconsin, Indian guys buy up all the gas stations and rape our small towns. My Hitler pal notes that these Indian guys are tighter with a buck than any joo. We want were at the local gas station and my pal asked him if he took lessons from the joos and congratulated him for surpassing them! LOL

  32. What is particularly beautiful about all of this, is how it is beyond the fingers of anyone in positions of power to change. Their hands are all forced. And they say Fatima was a UFOs.

    • Take the ball and run Mike, here's some videos from my peanut gallery:

      This ones from a very irate and articulate Ukranian
      This ones from Q no doubt but the information is good, long as you realize every time, he says Trump he means General Michael Flyn:
      And this ones in German, I wish Orage would have a look at it, it's from a solid source:

    • I've seen 30 minutes of the German documentary so far and it matches mostly what I felt and thought at the time. Not in all nuances, but very worthwhile to watch and remember. Every man has the choice not to participate and believe the propaganda, when the drums of war call, when the Chaos merchants are cutting loose words and actions that fly against humanity. Pitting neighbors against neighbors, appealing to base instincts, here a cow or a house coveted. I remember that in the early days of the so-called Anti-Terror action against their own citizens in Donbas they had a hard time getting the Uki Army to follow orders, giving up their arms, deserting, going home or going abroad. Why are you here, was the question from the people of the Donbas. More and more irregulars showed up, Uki Jewish Oligarchs had their private armies of hooligans, like robber-barons that they were. A strange marriage, when seen from the outside. Then came Odessa. It was like any varnish of humanity disappeared on that day. I have a hard time re-watching and reliving the images from the live streams.

  33. Meanwhile, we have the most incompetent Germany politicians, ever. A Foreign minister Baerbock, that gives up all room to maneuver from the get go, a think tank poddy who's heroine is Hillary "We came, we acted, he died. Hahaha" Clinton. As one former US attache put it, a crusader looking for a crusade. A Chancellor Scholz that gives certain "Energy investors" their wet dream in the opening minutes of this superball, cutting of his nose. Pod people. So much for Berlin-Moskva-Bejing

    • Which is why after having been stationed there fully aware of history in the early oughts I couldn't help but try and claw at that greatness the world once saw only to be disappointed and realize its no longer there. Like the memory fades to dust and little else has remained. Fantastic people still full of potential but much like Serrano they are not the same anymore. Too much time has moved on and why I mentioned above they seem more like a regional ethnic group of the U.S. than Germans at this point.

      The Germans are still wise though they are fully aware even back a couple decades ago that the CIA fully tells every pretender "politician" what to say and do like they're nothing more than puppets, which is what they are serving an occupying force regardless of any long term strategy might be it is what it is.

      Where the game moves from here as big moves are being made is anyones guess. A special place is held for Germany as I've never felt more peaceful and at home than when I was there. Despite missing the luxuries of American consumerism that wasn't nearly quite there, yet, it really had me questioning returning to the nerve racking energetics of home about our current empire and whether it was or has ever done any good at home or abroad. Now I see why they wish to keep Americans confined for fear they experience elsewhere and realize what coming back really means at least before they can whitewash the planet with the nothingness of the America's until all the nations become a ethnic strip mall.

    • Greg, the Germany of my childhood doesn't exist anymore. I left again just before the wall came down, spending the next 22 years in Denmark and the US. When I returned to Germany in 2011 I was astounded that former anti-imperial peace activist were now cheerleading for that very same empire, R2P Libya into stone age. The social cohesion is gone, 3rd generation confused, parenting children without themselves ever having any guidance or functioning parent. Every resistance is now denounced as right-wing esoteric, (Oh no, Rudolf Steiner!) enforced by "normal" pod people I former would have considered "kindred". I may just have to leave my country for a third time, it is getting difficult to breathe and this soldier is tired, but cannot rest. 22/11 years, funny yeah. The preferred solution to the Jewish question of the 19th. century seem to be that we all become Jewish, "culturally", importing American University insanities wholesale and unreflected.

    • Part-time humanists, Lenin's Useful idiots, draped in diversity rainbow flags, running around canceling others of different persuasion, while being sponsored by Benneton and Adidas. Inane, and an insult to me.

    • Sorry to hear that Orage. When my bunch came out of 'Nam,did we ever get a reality check concerning "we the people".

  34. Don't expect this to be surgical or clean. It's been brutal for 8 years, and it is not going to stop now. Speed is of the essence, as breakdowns in civil society are rapidly accelerating, judging from this night's videos. You can laugh at the silly bag men, but those are determined men fighting, for what they believe/been told. Only seen the enlisting commentary from the Donbas, some 68 year old. Old ghosts too, as Ukraine was a mess in WW II, with whoever ruled temporarily took it out on other people of different persuasion

  35. Umm, just an observation, as I believe our dear NSA has given us a smaller community.

    A novel way of making many problems vanish?

    most problems go away once the biological problems are dealt with and then we tell a story about that as its the narrative I see.

  36. Looks to me like Gregs comment did not post, we don't play that here or so help me i will pull the plug on the whole site, you understand me, I just don't care anymore?

    "I don't trust Putin or his plans for Russia or the future, but what I do trust is the divine force using him for some purpose that's just amplifying the confusion for everyone else whose become too hyperfocused on one outcome, or the other, largely because they've planted a stake in the outcome for themselves. To see these things you have to relax the mind and look beyond what you personally want to see versus what has to be. The war continues, the battlefield has shifted, and the situation has gotten more desperate just as it was for Germany before it perished into just another regional peoples of America. Outmanned, outgunned, and fighting the world for the world. What else is new. For many of us in this fight on all planes of conscious existence it seems we're nothing more than ants stabbing the god damned beast with miniature swiss army knives our whole lives day in, day out, so anyone willingly to stab the empire deeper friend or enemy alike has my nod. I wonder how many people ever notice when the divine plays those tricks of sewing its own confusion getting its right hand to swing at you while its left stabs itself? It always brings a smile to my face when its picked up on. This is a big boys and big girls game." – Greg

    • Ah thank you Jack I was wondering if I pissed off the ghost in the machine or not. One time I chalk up to a glitch and stay quiet, but a second time well that's just a confirmation. I embrace the happy warrior mentality especially when the outcome is already written. I know it, they know that I know it, and the last time they tried getting it out of me all they got was laughter.

      You're fucked and your tantrums mean nothing to me.

    • Greg, agreed that Putin's role is not to save us from Empires' ongoing insanity. He answers to the Russian people, first and foremost, as it should be. In taking this fight, the Russians help move along the pieces to end island piracy. I expect the Navy to go down in ceremony, hopefully a single carrier group will suffice. Sorry to the seaman, but you shouldn't be on those coffins to begin with.

      Second, Putin was right to call out the Odessa massacre as a turning point, and an atrocity that will go down infamy. That massacre in 2014 with the strangled pregnant woman in the union building, all streamed live, was a gut punch for me.

      I had two post on the Nuland coup in 2014

  37. No one is going to mention the U.S. biolabs for the same reason that no one is going to mention the white slavery and human trafficking that is centered in the Ukraine. No one is going to examine who is really organizing and deploying "Neo-Nazis". Absolutely no one is going to link Jewish organised crime to any of this, or the U.S. political, scientific, university, and real estate empires, especially on the east coast.
    In fact, the mind control of the media will do everything it can to misdirect and lie about everything, when none of this was a surprise.
    Buried behind all of this are the mounting vax casualties, and Davos loosing control of the false narratives they spin.
    No one is going to talk about any of this, because it is the truth.

    • Jack,
      I'm not sure I can. For one, this whole thing goes back to a development I have previously written about, which you had a visceral objection to, which is the dovetail between Calvinism and Sabbateansism.
      This duality is an essential energetic to the current condition.
      Finally, all of this, everything right now is informed by Fatima.
      Mankind is being forced to get beyond the bestial. Mankind is going to be forced to see, to own, and to work through the insane mess he made of things.
      I have reason to conclude that Spirit of the Grandmaster is returning, and bringing light.
      We are living in remarkable times.

    • What the fuck? I had a visceral objection? Who cares what I had? I don't. I didn't trust Putin either. This is fluid field; you should know that. It's changed on the fly, that's why these mutts with their puny sixth generation computers can't keep up. You do what you gotta do Mike, you got carte blanch here. My concern is Substack which I spent 15 hours on yesterday. If you start advocating mandatory vaccination and write articles praising Bidens intellectual prowess I will pull the plug, otherwise go for it.

    • A lot of questions surround Putin. Is there a common denominator in all the players? Kabuki theater? That 2015 mecca stampede that wasn't a stampede. What a circus that was. Three major religions + Russia/Putin involved. Andi why the push into the artic? Any connections to those Bavarians on the other end? Jack & KB,doing real good articles here. Keep it up.

    • If I do write about this, I will attempt to show how these conditions lead to where we are now.
      I'm not automatically against Russia, nor am I immediately convinced that Putin is rebuilding the USSR. I think he has much older motivations. Note how he views Christianity. Anyone has to be amazed at the way the three main, and one junior branch of the abrahamics are playing out this spectacle.
      Orthodoxy as the target of Jewish Nazis alone is enough to make a mockery of all the conventional thought that struggles to understand this and fails.
      In my view, what is unfolding now is going to bring an end to all conventional explanations, and is most likely the fulcrum to rip the doors off this world.
      All this and more.

    • Farenheit1400: Although Putin is given the nod on the Causa Nostra web site and seems to be the embodiment of Edgar Cayce's prophecy at the present moment, I have never endorsed him and I'm catching flak in emails for doing it now. Putin has acted, and he's acted on behalf of the entire human race, we must give him credit for that. If this was Kabuki theater the media wouldn't be using "war footage" that looks like it belongs on the Simpsons, they would have been ready to go. Putin surprised these bitches' ad all they can do now is whine. What are they gonna do about it? Send in an elite unit of homosexuals and lesbians from Google's private fruit army to fight the Chechens? LOL, I'd love to seeit.

    • Sorry, did not mean to imply that you endorsed Putin. One helluva chess move here that blindsided everyone. That artifact they dug up in Mecca went straight to Anartica, that Bavarian hangout. There is a very deep game going on here for sure.

    • No need to be sorry Farenheit1400 I'm catching flak from long time readers and an old romantic interest in emails. I've always maintained that they were all in it together, Xi, Bidens handlers, and Putin. But I am endorsing him now, by taking out those biolabs and the Kosher Nazis he has struck a blow for the entire world…

    • Thank you for that rumble. Good info to think about. Back in '96 we would refer to this as faction 3 is kicking ass.

  38. If someone blatantly announces his unwavering intention to murder you, and you know he is quite capable of doing so and possesses the means, how should you respond? Should you hold up a sign in protest, pleading with the murderer to not "cap" you? Or, should you take the motherfucker out, posthaste with extreme prejudice? Extrapolate this example on a gargantuan scale. The masses that participate in these protests, pleading with sub-human sock puppets who don't give a flying fuck about them or their illusory "rights" are wasting time, energy, money, and their lives, not to mention being borderline insane. These amoral scum-buckets, who are agents of the Cryptocracy, would sell their mothers, daughters, and sisters into the horrors of sexual slavery for crumbs from their master's table. The abused and downtrodden should try to reason with and negotiate with satanic slime like this? The Vietminh didn't get the French and later the Americans out of their nation by pleading and holding up signs. They kept killing them until they got the message. Nothing less than that will work in Canada, the U.S., or anywhere else.

  39. It is too much of a burden, and a shirking of responsibility, to place the liberation of one's own upon the shoulders of another. This is illustrated via the actions of the Savior in the Gnostic gospels, where the saving is the teaching, but the act itself must be realized by the devout.
    We should support the actions of others, where they are rational in the ancient sense of that word, acts which carry moral authority that is evident. We should demand this activity of those who think they rule us, but mostly, we should live this principle ourselves.

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