Other than what Orage, myself, Beau and Phil have written I have never fully endorsed any man’s writing. I’m endorsing this. Nobody ever did or will say it better than Bob Dylan in Tangled Up in Blue

“Then she opened up a book of poems

 and handed it to me 

Written by an Italian poet 

From the thirteenth century 

And every one of them words rang true

And glowed like burning coal

pouring off of every page 

Like it was written in my soul”

It’s your play Francis, Mike tells me you too were once a bouncer. Lifes funny, isn’t it? Or is it just her sense of humor? Go on Francis, let’s see how tough you are. Don’t let me down… – Jack 

Over the centuries, humanity has been terrorized by those of its’ ilk who would rule them. Hapless mankind has been repeatedly subject to genocide, slavery, and spiritual devastation. Humanity is derided as beasts of burden, farm animals, by misanthropic religions, so-called intellectuals, and the self-described important classes. Famously, the mouthpiece of the western world has recently announced to the people it despises, that you will return to serfdom. Like the dispossessed of old, you will have, and be nothing. This devastation is the old devastation rebranded, where an undeserving group of vicious psychopaths use their ability to inflict harm, as the energetic for their soulless search for significance and control.

Such is imprinted in the genuine history of the western world since the times of the implacable rise of Rome. Yet this is but part of the story.

There has always been a current in the world that is beyond the jaded evil of the oppressors. It never has visited the halls of power, in any vein other than to display its truth. It is never available to the depravity of the rulers, despite their wish fulfillment fantasies, and it never will. The genocides, smears, and murders launched to prop up the self-described important people have always been omitted from the attention of this current. Like a stream that winds its way through the most parched of places, it sparks an amazing greenery of life wherever it goes. Perhaps the most enduring of these streams, those which never fade from the memory of unforsaken dignity, are the times when the Goddess returns.

We know the Goddess manifests exactly at those times when the spiritual direction of the people has been so utterly devastated that few remember anything. She arrives as a being of Light, so magnificent that the humble are awed by her presence. The authorities, the powers, the principalities hate these times, and those who receive them, for it offers a view into the genuine reality, and directs a resurgence of genuine spirituality.

We remember that White Buffalo Calf woman came to the Lakota when they were starving and taught them the ways and means by which to keep their spiritual connexion alive, and thus themselves. They honour the memory of her visit to this day. We might recall that Guadalupe appeared, not before the priests and kings, but to the dispossessed, and with her light began a spiritually unifying river in a place torn by war, hopelessness, and rapid transformation. Here we recall our Lady of Fatima, with her own visions spelling out a path and purpose that can take humanity out of the repetitive doldrums its leadership and their followers have determined for us all.

In no case does the goddess bestow upon her people an ostentatious wealth. She does not grant them with a new found ability to conduct parlor tricks for the skeptical. Nor does she bestow upon her faithful any gift to provide for a better place in society. The visitation of the Goddess is for one purpose, and that purpose is to open the eyes of the faithful to that stream, that current, that flows through their lives. It is for these reasons that the power of the appearance is so easy to miss, and so simple to dismiss. It is for these reasons that her presence is so disconcerting and threatening to societal power structures, especially organized religions, for organized religions are nothing if not exhibitions of magnificent art, wealth, and pageantry.

The fact is that over the millennia the Goddess has appeared to myriad peoples. The Vanir delighted in her glowing form, and called her Lady.  The Egyptians called her Isis, and her sorrow was sewn across the land. The Gnostics called her Sophia, and her smile was the warmth of the setting sun. The Templars called her the Queen of Mercy. The Christians call her Mary. Poets have referred to her as the White Goddess, for white is the colour closest to pure light, and she is indeed luminosity. Russian novelists have described the moment they became aware of her, the ethereal glow emanating across the hills, and the forests, along the brooks and the lakes.

Today the religion of Hollywood defames her. The image of justice mocks her. The dream of the bankers is to ignore her. This is only to be expected, in a world that prides itself on recycling abuse, upon the elevation of defilement. Yet we do not follow the lead of the sophisticated dispossessors. We will answer their dismissal here, regarding the miracle of Fatima, and we will show that the words of the Goddess are not an ornament for the rulers, even as they are a guide for the lost.

We begin with the first question, one which is never asked; why was Portugal the place, where the Goddess appeared? For this, one must understand the Templars, the mystery of Baphomet, and the Gnostic path. Suffice it to say, that as a group, the Templars honoured the Goddess. They made for her a place of welcome that echoed beyond time, and joined with a much more ancient path. This was upheld, in a moment of astounding courage, by the King of Portugal. Portugal bears an extremely important ancient link to the numinous. Ice age characters here, inscribed in stone, are strongly antecedent to later Runic Futhark, including the script linked to the Cistercians. Remnants of the pre-Roman temples still stand in remote places, where dreams and visions occurred, as the means to divine communication. By all accounts the people here had a powerful connexion to the Goddess, and for those who understand manifestation as an overflowing into time, all this is the reason for her appearance at Fatima. In addition we remember that Portugal, after the Arab expulsion, remained a place of unity for different races, creeds, and beliefs. It is home to the largest examples of Templar survival, from facades to art, and it was home to Henry the Navigator, who, like Isis, wandered across the world.

Many studies have been done, by both good and excellent authors, documenting the ascendancy of Mary from Gnostic disciple to Christian Mother Goddess. Recent work, by particularly gifted scholars, brings to this the ancient religion of the Bear. The Bear Religion spans from Neanderthal times, linking directly with European man’s emergence in the East, in what is today Russia and the Ukraine. From Mother Bear to Mother Mary, the link, through Artio the Bear Goddess, is a line of transmission spanning vast measures of time. Fatima cannot be discussed without including Russia. Fatima cannot be understood without the historic context, and the spiritual primacy of place. The appearance of the Goddess as mother figure to three humble children cannot be understood without the knowledge that the power of the Mother Bear, the number three, and her ancient religion, lies in the oldest recesses of European memory.

Before we go further, and explore the depths of the mysteries, an important point must be made. European man did not originate in Africa. The hypothesis referred to as “out of Africa” is appealing to intellectuals who exist to rob you of your true heritage. All Europeans carry a percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Africans who come from uncrossed bloodlines have no Neanderthal DNA. No Neanderthal remains have ever been recovered from Africa, nor is there any evidence remotely suggesting that Neanderthal ancestry involves any other race of mankind. All the ancient lore, the stories of the Aryans, of the Indo-Europeans, of the Norse, the Celts, your ancestors, all agree on Eastern origins. The oldest known European ancestor is found in Russia, fully formed, from 40,000 years ago. If one might believe that the effort to pit the West against Russia and the east is a strategy to divide European man and set him against himself, one is left with the conclusion that such division is made with purpose in mind, and indeed it is so..

The lies are both great and many. To disenfranchise Europeans of their genuine lineage, and to provide a corrupted and limping ersatz history where they are the villains of their own story, is in every way the goal. Those who promote this changeling history hope Europeans never wake up enough to feel the fangs in their neck. They bombard their targets with hateful dystopian nightmares, and laugh as their victims stumble around inside them. They fashion themselves as somehow chosen for a better destiny, as they destroy their targets’ dreams. This is why our Lady appeared to those three humble children, to remind us all that spiritual tradition is genuine, and it lives.

The mysteries of Fatima occur in a sequence of three. Why three? The oldest swastika ever uncovered lives in the Ukraine, and is more than 20,000 years old. This swastika has three arms. The Goddess is triple aspected. Three is the number of points required to construct the first geometrical form. Three is the number of the realm of ideas, the profile of ultimate source, and the stages of any event; beginning-middle-passing. Three is the sacred number, and thus there were three children and three mysteries. Through knowledge, understanding arrives.

Three visions, in sequence, to denote to the faithful, dynamite and a promise all at once; today the belief is that their significance is past. Yet this dismissal ignores that the rosary is about sequence, memory, and time. It purports to put to rest, that which strikes fear into their hearts, and set it all as some manifest to their citadel of faith. Yet the visions of the Goddess are not affirmations for an institution that trades the mystic for the political, or knowledge for faith, and seeks to forget its bloody beginnings. The visions are about the reclamation of spiritual lineage, and the true reforming of a sense of the sacred, which has its root beyond any man’s wish for domain. Thus the visions of Fatima are extremely contemporary, and as yet to fulfilled.

In any vision involving the divine, there is a sacred duty involved, and that duty must be carried out by the visionary. Yet when the scope of that vision is beyond the ability of the visionary to enact, it falls upon those with the power to act, to fulfill the spiritual direction. Often, as we see with the vision of Black Elk, the participation of the entire community is a key to diffusing and making available the spiritual power of the event. In the case of Fatima, the children followed their direction, while the recipients of the spiritual direction most certainly did not. This means, in the spiritual sense, that the power of the message has never been diffused. We have seen this before, in the prophecies of Yogis, in the continuing potency of Templar events, from a very different origin, yet with a similar condition. Thus the hope and the wish that the vision is resolved cannot be the case. No ritual, no working that does not address the directive will have any effect upon it at all. Thus the substance of the message remains potent and strong, and we can see this clearly in the consciousness of the people. 

For here we discover a strange phenomenon of belief in the west, since the rise of materialism, and that is the idea that events, aside from those weaponized, have no power past a certain point in time. This is completely untrue, but it remains a perspective nonetheless. Thus the sacrifice of gentile children in Trent in the 1400s, by the Jewish community is bypassed because they say it is over. Yet the desire to gloss over events does not make it so. It seems even Christians have observed that events that were suppressed, tend to return in alarming ways, and with an alarming power. If one can’t believe that this is the case with Fatima, then one needs to explain why, despite organized and concerted effort by the grandest social organizations ever crafted, it retains an undying and irrepressible power in the psyche of Europeans today.

Here it would be useful to point out that attempting to carnivalize a spiritual event will only increase its’ mythic capacity. Fatima today is reduced to a personal revelation of the rosary by many devout Catholics, one where the mysteries have been explained as fulfilled.  The entire event is presented as a phenomenon which has already informed history, thus sequestering the revelation itself to the dim recesses of faith. Yet the inescapable fact remains that Russia was never consecrated. The Pope suffering a rather clumsy attack, which was easily foiled, hardly qualifies as the event predicted in the final vision.  In fact, it appears that the church has simply institutionalized Fatima, claimed a sort of ownership, rather than taking it as a direction. From the point of view of the spiritual, this qualifies as a dismissal, and so it is more than possible to conclude that the spiritual power of the event is very much alive today. The choice of the Vatican then, to perform the consecration ritual on the date of 3/25/22 thus will be extremely significant.

This ritual is already being mocked by hard bitten political observers and cultural commentators. They are claiming it to be a cheap political trick, an attempt at expansion of political influence, and if this was all it was about, they would be right. However, this date of the 25this hugely important due to its placement at the nexus of disparate streams of hope, desire, and effort all arriving at culmination together. In the orthodox tradition, this date is the Annunciation of the Theotokos, the establishment of the holy sanctuary, undefiled by the unclean. This marks the 25th as the holy day of the mother goddess. For any Catholic to be conducting a ritual on this important day is in itself a recognition of a spiritual event.

No one, it seems, is able to articulate the significance of Fatima, and of her directive to consecrate Russia. No Christian has come forward with any commentary that offers any insight. No one seems to have the slightest idea what spiritual events are, or how prophecy directs, and energizes the human being.  Possibly, a great deal of this has to do with the ongoing war on the human psyche, and the distortion of events, and the lack of soundness of mind.

The war, of course, began with the establishment of this dark abyss we call the universe, and its’ population with the divine spark. The spark has forever been overshadowed by the clouds of manifestation, even as it fills the universe with a multitude of itself. Thus arrives the first mystery into being, of the many and the one. This was the first vision granted, which the children were told to understand as Hell. Yet every great reveal requires a test to prove one worthy, and what the majority refer to as Hell, is merely the unvarnished truth about incarnate existence.

The war was also behind the theme of the second mystery, and the directive, to consecrate Russia. This second mystery is the pivotal point of consternation in the world today, yet what this involved, and what this called for, was no less than the cessation of the forever war that has raged before time. It is tempting, and perhaps unavoidable, to view the directive as a purely physical and temporal ritual. However, consecration is to recognize holiness, and no such recognition can ever be only political, or purely material. The peace that is promised is not simply a cessation of hostility. It involves the awakening to the distortions that are used to control and disempower, an arrival at an immovable place, and for this to occur, an honouring of one’s origins are in order, and of those who carry on at the emergence place. Thus, consecration is not, to the spiritually aware, an act of dominance or political will, it is instead a bright opening of the heart, where the light of being reflects across the distance to recognize itself, and be aware.

The war is all consuming in the final mystery. The blood of the martyrs is spilled, and the pontiff dies before the ancient symbol of the world. Thus it is that no political empire can ever be fueled by subjecting the spiritual to its own material ascendency. Forcing others to trade their genuine observations for conditioned ones can never bring the essence of humanity out of its’ obscured condition. The realities of any political system are unavoidable; that which is born in time, dies in time.

Fatima is a culmination, and a continuation of longstanding inheritance going back millennia. Fatima returns, because time is spiral, returning to similar places, yet from different points. The recognition of Mary, and her holy nature, provides a balance for the confused energetic of modern times, for it defines the divine role of the feminine. Much of the current crisis in humanity involves a loss of understanding of the power, the role, and the activity of the feminine. The modern mind simply assumes the point of the feminine is to out masculine the male, and the highest calling of the male is imitation of the feminine. The abandonment of the comprehension of complementary spheres of influence that is the male-female duality is not liberating, it merely brings about a stupefied incoherent sham of self-understanding. This loss of perspective has resulted in a great disempowerment amongst both women and men, and an actual walking back of any advancement in human awareness.

The Goddess is, in any true spiritual understanding, the soul of the world. Thus it is that the consecration, which is but one of many spiritual threads weaving together, is the opening to the understanding that destroys the fantasy of transhumanism, communism, and authoritarianism. The seed of Fatima is the demise of the church, a remembering of that immense power of generation that never fails.

Russia today is central to all events, spiritual and material. The heavy hand of Bolshevism failed, and the long road to regaining the spiritual life has been taken. Yet as Russia begins to regain a spiritual faculty, the west is only now becoming aware that it has lost its’ own. Consecration can harmonize both energies, through the reveal of where both the East and the West move in relation to each other. Alive in this promise is the power to finally recognize the narratives that bind and impede, and through this recognition, grasp the truth regarding the eternal war, that it has forever been the instrument to enslave mankind. The 25th will bring forth a new energetic from the tired remains of spiritual death, and it will move the energy of Fatima into manifestation.

She is already moving to define the world; her star is already shining in the lives of many. The current system falls to the ground. The ache of so many to define themselves with power will be superseded by the deeper knowledge of awakening. Old ways of explaining the world fall as refuse into a heap, and those who think they steer this society will steer it into the ground before they give up their positions, but give them up they will, as the core of the survivors are already forming their understanding, and it is they whom she will protect, for from every extinction of the light a new ray arrives, to settle upon the remnant that will rebuild from the ashes of disaster the next manifestation…Life, and longing for Life.


  1. Yes, deception…being led down the primaries path, having the wool pulled over one's eyes. We imagine a scenario, where this has less power, and we have more, but such is ridiculous, isn't it?
    Because the entire nature of this existence is founded upon opinion, and opinion is the slave of perspective. Because truth must be arrived at, it is never bestowed.
    Why does anyone believe they deserve the truth?
    It is in the nature of opinion.
    Here is some truth, a truth bomb for any who wish to read it. The physical, manifest existence is an order of a multitude of things.
    The spiritual, manifest template for it all I cannot be understood as things.
    No one in modern religion or philosophy can understand that the world of spirit is not an order of things.
    Do they deserve the truth?
    Apparently, they do not deserve the truth, for they ignore it in favour of an expedient lie, that the material incorporates the incorporeal.
    So is this deception, or simple ignorance?
    If we have done our homework, then we know.

  2. I don’t want to presume too much, but I’m under the impression that my previous comment may have spurred another article. And even if not, please allow me to get right down to the nitty gritty by hopefully providing some food for thought.

    How deep does the rabbit hole of deception go? Does the deceptive nature of our physical world end when our spirit separates from our physical body, or can/does the deception continue thereafter?

    Dr Michael Newton, a former atheist, relates some consistent descriptions of a light tunnel from patients who have near death experiences and during hypnotherapy sessions in his book Destiny of Souls. Many describe this light tunnel as an attractive force where feelings of love emanate. Yet during my lifetime I have experienced so much lying and deception that I must ask, is this light tunnel just another deceptive construct? Are we really trapped within a type of prison system where the light tunnel acts like a spiritual recycling machine … and like a moth drawn towards the flame … or perhaps more accurately, like the moth drawn towards the spider(s) awaiting in their webs. Again, just how deep does the rabbit hole of deception really go? How will one really know that they have encountered the true light of the spirit?

    I have read from a few sources – Metallicman for one – that we reside in a type of sentient nursery. Yet I can’t help but to ask, what kind of nursery would subject their (presumably) young souls to such an environment where lying, deception, murder, violence and acts of self serving depravity are the norm? I’m sorry, but my bullshit detectors have been activated regarding this perspective.

    Perhaps there is something to be gained from experiencing these negative conditions, with the argument being how could one know what is good without knowledge of what is evil, but do we really need a graduate level crash course to understand this concept? And hopefully this is graduate level and not kindergarten. Perhaps we as a soul group need a lesson regarding shirking one’s duties towards their fellow beings. After all, it has been said that one way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing to prevent it from happening and I hate to say it, but it sure seems like we have way too many people willing to turn a blind eye. You know, what we are now referring to as zombies.

    Anyways, that’s enough for now. I’m not expecting a definitive response, but some thoughts would be welcome.


  3. We are living in a time where what so apparently is, actually isn't. Christianity is the only method available to the west to even recognize the divine, and while it is at best a political construct, and thus pathetic, it still must follow ancient cosmic structure, which it very much attempts to do.
    The Goddess revealed herself, not to church but to people, and she demanded that they, the church, finally get it right.
    I'm not going to go into the explanation of this in the comment section. I'm simply going to tell you to observe the behavior of the human world.
    Things have already changed, changed significantly.

  4. Well, it looks like they've changed their commenting policy M, welcome aboard, the blessing is not meant to change anything the dye has already been cast and barring Her finest miracle nothing will stop this. It an admission to their lies about her for the last thousand years, it's a start…

  5. Note: I attempted to post this comment on March 24, but something was blocking me (user error, perhaps ?). I came across this while drafting a different comment, so here it goes …

    According to a news release from the Vatican (https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2022-03/pope-francis-to-consecrate-russia-and-ukraine-to-the-immaculate.html), “Pope Pius XII, on 31 October 1942, consecrated the whole world, and on 7 July 1952 he consecrated the peoples of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Apostolic Letter Sacro vergente anno: “Just as a few years ago we consecrated the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, so now, in a most special way, we consecrate all the peoples of Russia to the same Immaculate Heart”.”

    Continuing… “On 21 November 1964, Pope St Paul VI renewed the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart in the presence of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council.” Further, “Sister Lucia, in a letter of 1989, had personally confirmed that this solemn and universal act of consecration corresponded to what Our Lady wanted: "Yes, it was done," wrote the visionary, "just as Our Lady had asked, on 25 March 1984".”

    While this upcoming consecration is directed at Russia and Ukraine, with accompanying consecration at Fatima (can’t hurt) and the global conditions (primarily open warfare) appear to fulfill the second prophecy, I am not convinced this particular ceremony will change anything, especially when one considers how corrupt the source has become. So pardon me if I don’t hold my breath over this event.

    What is needed is a change in thinking and consciousness on a global scale and I don’t believe I need to explain to your readers what an uphill battle that seems to be. At any rate, I will not give up hope or curtail my efforts support the cause. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    By the way, Mike, another superb article. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. And for the record, your previous article regarding the Noble Lie is the only article I have told my children is required reading.


  6. Perhaps a more fitting conclusion to this piece is the reflection upon the nature of spiritual events. In any event instigated with our incarnate energy, the significance of such an event is always limited.
    Whilst it may travel through the world, weaving through and beyond the lives of many, the event itself is largely known, and thus smaller than the minds that perceive it. When this happens enough, people tend to label it as real.
    Yet a spiritual event follows nothing of this.
    Only the most self aware will even recognize that a spiritual event is possible. Those, who are the multitude, are too convinced of their individual existence as the primary reality to perceive anything else.
    Spiritual events are more powerful than all others because they bypass the obscuring cloud of limited consciousness.
    Thus spiritual events also take on myriad forms, as their energy washes through the vibrations of life with a vast wave.
    For a majority, spiritual events are also missed because the incarnate self seeks to mask them with the manifestation of low and heavy thoughts, emotions, memories. So the priests who attended Fatima became enraged.
    Spiritual events work through real time, grail time, their potency is not diminished by a lack of understanding.
    Those who sense spiritual events respect them as evidence of a much grander cosmos than one conceived by the incarnate imagination, or unsuccessfully measured by the mind. The heart of Beauty is found in the balance of awe and humility.

  7. I predict that the US postal service will survive in some form however, they are getting 4600 dollar raise this year alone. How much does CIA pay? Do an intra agency transfer and go to USPS.

    However, the only way I would go back to work there is with an open carry gun. You see we shoot supervisors for sport….LOL

  8. Well, KMB, that requires a coherent society to both fabricate the artificial problem, and offer the contrived solution.
    You might not be aware, that behind the scenes the evidence is being assembled, and causality determined, to hold the genocide industry accountable. Now you are. This is implacable, and unless they completely derail society, which is their plan, the resulting backlash will take down the entire power structure.
    It's almost time for popcorn, sodas, and comfy chairs.

  9. JS,
    There have been at least three major revisions of the Vedic time periods. They do not agree with each other. At least one revision was done to lengthen the existence of the ages. Depending upon your affiliation, you might see the Kali yuga from barely getting started, to almost complete. Three is no official or correct position on these revisions.
    If you choose the oldest understanding of the yugas, they are of the same duration, to fit into the great cycle that encompasses all four. Yet today, the Kali yuga is understood as the shortest and toughest.
    Thus, one cannot summarily decree any particular span of time, independent of where one places their loyalty. Nor can one decree a length of time for all.

  10. It's worse than what you have described MK as those that have taken the vaxx believe the worst lie of all that it's safe and effective and no matter how many examples of the lie being proven a lie the vaxxed will line up for number four. Then they will blame the unvaxxed as the disaster progresses and more lis are told to cover the previous lie and if you dare say it's all a lie by proving they lie you will be deomized. It says in the new testament that God will send a strong delusion and we see how my fellow Americans love the lie and now are incapable of even hearing the truth.

  11. Joe,
    It's sort of similar with the work of Kurt Goedel (anglicized sp.).
    When it became obvious that his proofs rendered the mechanistic closed loop world of Bertrand Russell and associates moot, the result was to simply ignore KG.
    Today, "atheists" still trumpet the closed axiomatic universe, the dead indifferent collection of matter and information, despite the fact that there is no such thing.
    We can call this intransigence.
    We can call this willful ignorance.
    We absolutely cannot call this knowledge.
    Everyone who is anyone today follows Russell. They are all compounding error upon error. They are responsible for reducing the knowledge of the world to an insane stupidity where anything claimed is a chimera at best, most often a blatant lie purported as truth.
    Since we have settled proof that emanation is indeed the proven condition, that there actually is a methodology to creation, simply rejecting it for the propagation of an inane fantasy universe is thus illustrative of the current societal condition.
    This condition reveals a desperate clinging to meaninglessness, a bizarre obsession with that which doesn't work. Suddenly, we can understand why the abject failure of Marxism ensures that it recycled perpetually. It now explains why a brain dead crook, war criminal, traitor, and resident dumb ass was installed as president. The deep plunge into utter blank grey dystopian "reality" provides no penalty for this current travesty. The only problem? It's WRONG.
    It certainly is the case that reality isn't wish fulfillment. This where the ancient science redeems humanity, and people like KG show us the way.

  12. “Unlike the gospel preached today, no cause is more powerful than its origin. Understand this, and we can understand how one has both a spiritual race/lineage and biological one."

    I’ll let that sink in. For a long time, I destroyed the narrative, or rather my personal storyline, with the means of marxism and nihilism. When I finally turned around to reconstruct the pieces, I found out they had never fit together the way I thought they would. The single biggest discovery of my lifetime.

  13. Did the current Pope not sanctify Russia and Ukraine to the sacred Heart of Mary? Is he not a member of the Society of Jesus and under that grand General of Church Militant?
    Brother Bognolo rants against all of this but it appears set in stone to me. We shall see as Militants Generals are not to be underestimated.

  14. I have the greatest respect for our dearest Church Militant as they are God ordained to rule evil. We shall see how things play out.

  15. I believe that MK is correct that the entire shebang is going to collapse and that a remnant will remain like many other times in earth history that is concealed. Look at the vaxxed around you and how Americans now are cultural Marxists and lovers of tyranny as nature cleanses what it wants to survive and your vaxxed neighbors want you to comply.jack, the rank and file will never accept Lucifer however, Revalations says that Jesus is the bright mourning star which is another name for Lucifer as the proper question to ask is who is Jesus.the Bible and its evil old testament God and the totally different new testament God and the Spirit. The Bible is a script ment to obfuscate for the control of men but that paridyme is over.

  16. The fall of the modern world is in full swing. The lies upon lies pile upon lies in stacks of garbage higher than the world trade towers brought down by a government attacking its own populous.
    The search for truth lies beyond the manifest. The effort to happiness relies on what is never born. The heart of love is never discerned through the eyes of this world.

  17. Well, it seems the blocking has relented, for now. Perhaps someone is interested in what I might say??
    Here it is;
    The sacrifice of the young in the Ukraine is performed to keep an aging elite in place. This will only succeed in the very short term. Resistance to the natural flow is the standard in this society, which is why it is failing so spectacularly.
    No religion is capable of leading a rapidly degenerating mankind through this next phase. The politics first approach of organized religion must relinquish any affinity for the spiritual, as the political realm deals in power and influence-never in truth. This means an end to religion in any practical sense.
    The crisis arriving is just as contrived as Covid, and just as cynical as the vax. Just like the fabrication mentioned, the one to come will be deadly and stupefying.
    There are huge forces in question here. You will not, cannot grasp them with the TV brain. The consecration offers peace in the personal sphere, if you can grasp what this entails. But in the objective sphere, the Tyger is a prowl.

  18. Maybe at the rank and file nine (That's the problem) but that is not what those who have access to the Vatican archives believe. The Jesuits named their observatory Lucifer, in 2014 the pope admitted Lucifer is God (now I wouldn't go that far myself, not the one true God, the infinite light, the source, but nevertheless Her rightful mate making him God to the rank and file and to these bitch ass nigger gods thought they were gonna get in his way). The Jesuits read me nine. What does that tell you?

  19. So, Jack would you agree that a Catholic believes that Catholic means to believe In Jesus Christ and him Crucified?

    We have a basic checklist before you can join.

    Please pay attention.

    The basic tenet of the follower of Jesus is that you must have great love for the other.

    proof of love is demonstrated

    by love will you know me

    Spirit you will see demonstrated right in front of you

    let us prey for our leaders to have knowledge of peace

    let Spirit work overtime to change their Heart

    the outside world was created to come into your world

    as you were created to go to that grand outside world.

    driven by love to make Peace

    the first and the third

    There are Nine fruits of Spirit, the first being love and the third being Peace. When you find the third their the Spirit of Joy will find you.

  20. Welcome to the new American Civil war. What has been divided already has been.

    War separates as peace unifies

    Peace as Paul taught that grand third

    Nine principles of Peace

    the principal being love demonstrated

    lets watch what Putin does…..

  21. Tell me this as I will answer Joe. Race and sexual biology as is it racist that a black man can out run any woman of any color upon this planet?

    You should join me at any cycling event in America as they are confused about gender. Men are evil geniuses as they have conquered the world without the help of one single woman. Many say white males were superb at the job but no more as we have canceled them. Well, bitch, good luck getting that roof re-roofed because your not good looking enough to put up with your bullshit. No amount of money could get me to work for you and fuck you if you try and make me. 223 is the new currency….

  22. Mike has been unable to answer you Joe because my self-appointed handlers on this blog don't like to talk about race, probably guilt for what they have done to their own people, but I digress here's Mikes answer which he has been unable to post:

    " Google, as usual, is playing games by erasing my posts before they publish. No, it's not a glitch, I pissed off the pink haired maggots by pointing out the white race exists. This is akin to telling Muslims there are other ways to God besides theirs. I have been attempting to answer Joe…

    If we are going to advance the concept of a racial integrity beyond biology, we move into a world view typified by the pre-Christian Norse, and the Aryans. This world view accounted for both direct and subtle transmission of vital force, power, and psychic integrity. Far from a simplistic reincarnation, this was incarnation via acts of will.
    Thus, there is a sophisticated perception of the cosmos that transcends any attempt to box it up in convenient certainties.

    This also means that there is such a reality as a spiritual existence, and that this spiritual existence cannot be defined according to trite concepts advanced by the spiritually illiterate modern mind. No university degree, no military advisor, no spook is going to have the slightest insight here.

    The fact of biological race is already proven. The condition of a spiritual antecedent to race is a given. The deranged psychos who want to kill you with GMO shots, tell you that men get pregnant, and who are busy destroying the last vestiges of western civilization do not want you to know this, because on a grunting, primitive level, they get that such understanding demolishes their narrative.

    I will mention one key, that is unconditional. Unlike the gospel preached today, no cause is more powerful than its origin. Understand this, and we can understand how one has both a spiritual race/lineage and biological one." – Mike Kay

  23. Mike, I think I get your point. You are arguing in favor of race and difference AGAINST the egalitarian discourse of the political correct. Not only do I absolutely agree o that, as it is not inherently discriminatory, I’m also grateful that you speak it out loud and clear. My viewpoint was rather ABOVE this topic. Not because of any kind of strange hubris, but because of a different environment. We absolutely have to accept what is. Vive la difference.

  24. Like it or not, the genetic heritage of biological groups organizes distinctly, and biological race is one such distinction, in mankind. There are many reasons why life follows this pattern, not the least of which is to test very specific adaptations to the challenges of life here. This should be evident. It should be passe', yet none of it has to do with the current brainwashing scams launched from high places, therefore such a perspective is marginalized today.
    There is nothing more ridiculous than biological life attempting to deny it's biology.
    I write about the spiritual side of existence, which actually is the great equalizer in the question of existence. What I haven't yet written about is the condition of radical acceptance. Radical acceptance is, at its core, a deep respect and honouring of the unvarnished condition of life. I bring this up now, because without the deep respect for what is, no amount of knowledge will lead one anywhere.
    Modern man is always grabbing, always forcing things out of shape, never for one moment observing the wonder of what is. Biology is a central part of life on this earth. Deal with it.

  25. From Websters:

    "Definition of catholic

    (Entry 1 of 2)
    1a capitalized : roman catholic Her son goes to a Catholic school.
    b often capitalized : of, relating to, or forming the church universal
    c often capitalized : of, relating to, or forming the ancient undivided Christian church or a church claiming historical continuity from it
    2 : comprehensive, universal especially : broad in sympathies, tastes, or interests a catholic taste in music"


    Catholic noun
    Cath·​o·​lic | ˈkath-lik
    , ˈka-thə-

    Definition of Catholic (Entry 2 of 2)
    1 : a member of a Catholic church especially : roman catholic
    2 : a person who belongs to the universal Christian church"

    What exactly is a Catholic? The revolution or the reformation as whats the difference? Was Spirit led.

  26. The key to America is the Evangelical Church. They are rebels of that Catholic Church however, both agree that Catholic means believers together in a Church. That very term Catholic means to believe In Jesus Christ and him Crucified. Sorry for the basic Sunday school lesson however, the key is the writings of Paul as he writes a lot about Church Governance issues. But his best work is about the fruits of Spirit. The Spirit is the key.

    There are Nine principals of Spirit with the first being love.

  27. Yet we cannot speak of physical traits as inherited?
    Certainly other racial groups are not so constrained. Again, if we discussing intellectual differences, say, the Cyrillic vs the Arabic alphabets, then it's ok, but to discuss Runes as an invention from white people, it's somehow cheap?
    I don't at all agree that biology is inconsequential, nor do I have a problem using a short hand expression, or expressions to denote difference.
    All races have their own vectors, and higher functioning is available to all.
    Vive le difference.

  28. I fully agree in respect to Anglo-Saxon societies. Even more, if the term race is replaced by ancestors. To define race as colour to me seems a cheap Hollywood scheme. It doesn’t make sense to go back to pure ethnicities, nor can we step deeper into everything goes multiculturalism without loosing the essence of the spiritual beings we are. We can only move between ancestors, that means their collective heritage, and individual destiny, being biological race just one point of orientation within this framework.

  29. Joe,
    What you are describing is a society. It's hard to imagine that a society can be organic, and share virtues, but it certainly can, as attested by pre-Christian Germanic society, as but one example.
    However, it is impossible to overlook the impact of biology upon this.
    Few would admit that issues of race continue to offer social engineers their opportunities, but it's evident, once one stops guzzling the PC juice. We wouldn't have these exploitable moments without biology. It attests to a reality more visceral, and thus more essential, than shared experience.

  30. Mike, race for me is a product of time and condition. It’s not a mere genetic term: this can vary, depending on geography and history. But it is always a result of an organic forward oriented socio cultural process – the contrary of everything goes kalgherianism. Therefore race, above all, is shared identity and destiny.

  31. If it didn't matter, concerning origins, then the official record would long ago have been corrected, Joe.
    It's actually sad to watch honest inquiry and evaluation distorted to fit the "liberal values" set.
    Unfortunately, this fabrication of phantasie history is extremely important to the agenda of control, slavery, and parasitism that invades every walk of life. Personally, I find the activity of truth suppression in modern history to be essentially endemic, to the point that any official source must be checked and cross referenced with established-read older-source material.
    No better example exists than the out of Africa religion, supported by cadres of drooling white race deniers.
    Question, is denying the existence of the white race "racism", or just escapist stupidity?
    Answer, Kalgheri.


  32. I should perhaps mention that nothing I wrote is an endorsement of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, or even Christianity as a whole.
    The essential reality is that with mankind, the multitude can only be reached through language they can understand.
    Modern religion, with very few exceptions, is not the best avenue for spiritual dissemination, but it is all mankind has got.

  33. Stan,
    In the vernacular of the common man, the word is trust.
    In the vernacular of the mystic, it is knowledge.

  34. If they toss in the keys to the Vatican archives and rescind the Bull of Discovery, it'd be a start. Like their counterparts, they've long forgotten the duties of princes. Provide a service to many, you can have some privilege.

  35. No way the priest cast will ever give up their privileges. Only gnostic experience can – and will – wipe them away. Great pice from Mike Kay anyway. Though I don't see any contradiction between an African and Indogermanic origin. Just a question of the timeframe you are picking (for example: Asian wisdom traveling up the Nile and spreading all over the continent – there's also an African lineage). I'm leaving to light a cande, she's waiting …

  36. Thing is just like Hunter Biden needs crack people need organized religion. If Francis is prepared to admit that Lucifer is the Savior, and the God of the Old Testament is Satan, to word it so the Christians can understand it, we may very well have to consider giving him a new contract, it will be a very different contract from their last one though…

  37. We have a saying: You keep them poor, we keep them dumb. Old feudal alliance of entitled and church, names have changed, system still in place. The groundswell of awakening core will wash that away, their contract is up.

  38. I really don't know the truth of Olga's claim, Jack, just throwing it out here as a relevant topic of interest. Though they possess some small kernels of truth and wisdom, all institutionalized, organized religions are rackets and components of the global control grid. Back in the day, I had an Italian buddy from New York City I played in bands with. Extremely talented, he became a successful radio Jock. His dad, born & raised in NYC as well, had nothing but contempt and derision for the R.C. Church, his wife, my buddy's mother, a devout Roman Catholic notwithstanding. He said, "They (the Catholic clergy) are just like the Wiseguys. They take advantage of stupid people."

  39. I neglected to mention, Olga, the Russian lady scientist I knew who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, told me that the Russian Orthodox Church is totally corrupt and is just an adjunct of the Russian Secret Police (NKVD to KGB to FSB-Federal Security Bureau) and has been since the Bolshevik Revolution, continuing to this day. She said she had a relative who was a high ranking clergy member in said church thus her source of inside knowledge on the subject.

  40. When we speak of a return, the word itself has more to do with a return to awareness, to a perception of a spiritual reality, rather than the more common idea of someone leaving, and coming back.
    It's people who, in this case expand their spiritual senses. Babies, who naturally learn how to taste, hear, see and touch.
    In case one might be wondering if this was recognized long ago, read the Gospel of Thomas.

  41. Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

    How does your garden grow?

    With silver bells, and cockle shells,

    And pretty maids all in a row
    “Sing cuckolds all in a row”.

    All eyes open & pulsing when moving up the primrose trail

  42. Is it as I have written here?
    How can anyone say there will be no nuclear war, when everyone seems bound and determined to bring it on??
    What evidence, what grasping for hope could there be when the worst lunatics in the world have the irony launch buttons???
    It is late. I am very tired.
    Just look into her eyes.

  43. We will soon discover, Stan, the mettle of those who support the middle east nukers. The strength they have so often weaponized for their own ends is no longer there.
    The return of the Goddess isn't great news for the abuse structure, but if you listen, it is the siren song. How will this play out?
    Aw, that would be telling…

  44. Contact Report 796

    Sunday, 20th March 2022, 15:51 hrs to 18:11 hrs
    Disseminated on 3-23-22

    If this American Nuclear Threat actually materializes, I wonder if it will be a secret/private communication to Putin, or will this threat of using nuclear weapons to fight the Russians will be communicated to the MSN, and if it is, how much of the "world population," will be chanting "Light Them Up And Vaporize Them, Like Disappearing Smoke In A Hot Desert Wind."

    Billy: Actually, I do have something, and that is because of the war in the Ukraine. Namely, the time has now come when things are becoming quite precarious, because, if I remember correctly what I have known since the times of Sfath, then another dangerous phase is now beginning. This will actually consist of America starting to agitate against Russia in such a way that this side would be able to use bio- and chemical weapons. This will in a deliberate way be a deceitful incitement to Russia that it will indeed do so. On the other hand, there will be an open threat from America that nuclear weapons are to be used against Russia.

    Comments from the Blog:

    Irene Clow
    Blog Member
    March 25, 2022 2:34 am
    From what Billy Meier says in this report, Nato involvement on this bioweapons pretext is a certainty.

    Biden just anounced that a bioweapons attack by Russia in Ukraine would solicit a Nato response.

    He cites a solution for a possible problem without discussing the verasity of the intelligence which allows for the probability of it occurring. Why?

    Thats called predictive programming.

    It’ll happen very soon and not one question from main stream media about why the US believes it will happen.

    Reply to
    Irene Clow
    March 25, 2022 2:52 am
    I have a blog about it ready for tomorrow.


  45. Great Comment from Veterans Today:

    Sweden March 25, 2022 at 9:56 am Edit
    Which leads us back to Arkaim and Ekaterinburg. It is no coincidence that the Romanovs where sacrificed on the land that birthed the Europeans.

    The Lady of the Light, The White Goddess, The Lady of the Woods, The Silver Maiden, to the Nothern tribes Freya… the spirit of the birch tree where the spirit of the bear roams freely. It is her branches that carried our family in her bosom during the great deluge and brought us to the distant shores of our ancestors. Our mother, the winter sun, who brings forth the sun’s warmth when there is no sun. She is calling her children to remember, her children blinded – knives at each other’s throat, to remember who it is that they are. Calling her children to once again sit beside each other by the fire as brothers and sisters. Can you not hear your mother’s call?

  46. The last piece, on the Noble Lie, had a comment which openly addressed Russia going from the horde to the last stand of civilized white men. The temptation, of course, is to deny this, to somehow advance distorted fantasies provided by the puppetmasters and the TV brain.
    Yet even before the consecration, this was evident. The last vestiges of the Union fell, not due to Reagan and his end runs around the constitution, but due to Russians themselves abandoning the legacy they were forced to feed. This gave Russia an enormous sense of power, as choosing one's focus always does.
    The west, living as it does in crippling self deception and arrogant ignorance, did everything it could to corrupt, disrupt, and destroy this focal point.
    Yet the reveal is in, rubbing our faces in it. 70 I.Q. "patriots" standing with the Jewish Nazis, the bioweapons, the human traffickers, the criminal GMO growers, the comedian.
    It's actually quite easy to see who stands for humanity, for life.
    Thus, there is no mystery, as to how all this came to be. History and truth are rarely what we want them to be, but when allowed to dwell together they have their own beauty.

  47. As each day passes the West redefines decadence, Cayce was right Russia is the last hope for Whites to avoid going native. His assessment was shared by no less a man than Russia's most implacable foe on the battlefield. This just in from our man in France:

    "This what Leon Degrelle wrote about Russia in "Why I believed in Hitler" :

    "Of course, we cannot rewrite history, but I believe that the record of the winners is not much better.

    The Soviet empire has acquired the first military power in the world and continues to crush the aspirations for freedom of the peoples of Eastern Europe and, more recently, of Afghanistan. Let us not speak of the holocausts in Asia caused by the victory of the Communists. In the West, the civilization of the only material profit disgusts more and more a youth that cannot accept the reduction to the level of digestive tubes that the consumer society proposes to him. Delinquency and drugs are the price of this situation. At a time when we are witnessing the awakening of Islam, when the American Way of Life leaves people dissatisfied, no hope is offered to the youth of Europe, left to itself and to its spiritual misery. Where is the solution?

    Well, I'm going to surprise you, at the risk of unleashing the wrath of new enemies against me : I expect a lot from the Russian people. They are still a healthy force, and they will not endure forever their regime of spoiled bureaucrats, which is a total failure in all in all fields.

    I hope that one day a young Bonaparte will come out of the Red Army as Tukhachevsky could have done in 1938, and that he will break with the stupid ideological jumble that is suffocating the greatest white nation nation that is still determined to act on history. Where Napoleon and Hitler failed, it is perhaps the son of one of our adversaries in the Caucasus and Cherkassy who will succeed by succeed in gathering around Russia, cured of the communist virus, all the European peoples to to lead the world in a new march forward."

    Interview collected by Jean Kapel and published in the review "Histoire magazine", N° 19,

    September 1981."

  48. No problem, Jack, I concur about the internet, an electronic sewer-pipe of the cognoscenti. You imparted some great information there. The West, thoroughly talmudized, is finished. The only survivors (if any) will be the remnant that makes it through Ragnarok. With even the gods rolling a 7, the odds don't look good.

  49. Sorry for my tone yesterday Heretic, but the internet is just getting worse and worse every day. The open internet is like an open cesspool but then again so is the West. Don't believe that ancient Chinese culture bullshit either. The Chinese were savages who were educated by sages from India and Afghanistan, this is now well known among academics in spite of what the Chinese rightfully say about we Europeans who are also savages with a manufactured past. Some great cataclysm put us all back into the stone age not that long ago. This is the way things work as "Plato" noted before his story about Atlantis. We are like a traumatized man with only scattered memories of how things used to be. The rest, outside the Veddas and Eddas, is lies…

  50. Thank you for that clarification, Jack. The Hyperboreans as hermaphrodites must be the source of the myth whereby when they revolted against the gods and lost, as punishment the gods divided them into male and female. Hence the unending sense of alienation and despair as one longs for their other half to become whole again. By the way, Robert Sepher is one of the Tribe.

  51. Fatima isn't about this strange theatre.
    Really, not about politics at all, nor dogma, nor even ritual.
    The Lady is at the essence, concerned with community, fecundity, and the deep mystery of generation. She is linked to earth, and to life, as all of mankind once was, and will be again.
    Today will be a most interesting day, yet the definition of life is never static, and the reveal of today is the baseline for tomorrow.

  52. It is passing strange, to observe Christianity today. In one of the greatest of thefts, the Gnostic avatar was fashioned into a founder of religion, and after all the bloodshed and force to cement this condition,the one thing that defines Christianity as Christian is cast aside. The new object of Christian worship is the Jew.
    Needless to say, I'm on the outside regarding this. For one thing, avatars aren't anything remotely similar to the Christian notion of their savior, so from that particular point of view, there has been this fundamental disconnect. Yet the self-sabotage here is breathtaking.
    It is amazing, to litter the pages of history with blood in order to achieve a world view, thence to simply abandon it.
    Of course, the irony here is even greater, for they abandon all to idolize the very people who killed their God. This is so far beyond Stockholm syndrome that it raises suspicion of just what is happening behind the scenes.

  53. àrya is a Sanskrit word it means noble, loyal to God. The Rig Veda refers to the Pakthas along with the Jadu, Kuru, Sivas, and Bhalanases, as the àrya tribes that fought unsuccessfully against King Sudàs in the Battle of the Ten Kings. I think you or whoever you've been reading are confusing Hyperboreans with the Anunnaki, the Hyperboreans were hermaphrodites they didn't copulate with anyone. I've written about all this stuff now I got Hacks like Robert Sepher plagiarizing my work and dissembling it, and my friends and family recommending it to me. This is why I will never write another essay for free…

  54. Not remotely defending Mitchel however, humanity has left that Devine path of the Goddess protector of life and the Sacred Heart of the planet.

    Now evil men have poluted the very genome with those horrid vaccines yet Mitchel can't see this? Spirit uses even the most stupid of beings to achieve her purpose as I have experienced such things. MK is I believe correct that she will guide the remnant. Look what's going on? I have no other answer.

  55. Heretic I wouldn't believe Joni Mitchell, unless you are for censoring everyone who has spoken out against the vaccine and throwing them off Spotify. I am very well aware of Michaels work with the Beatles, and I applaud it, but it is very easy to write catchy tunes, great poetry is another story entirely. Bob Dylan or Robert Zimmerman is responsible for arguably the best poetry the English language ever produced, only a poet can write that kind of poetry and a poet is not going to let a little Jewish boy he can't even sing or play an instrument take credit for what they wrote. Blood on the Tracks is an indictment of Free Masonry, for that he was poisoned by Allan Ginsberg and turned into the singing artichoke, you will find the precedent for it in Brother of the Third Degree, it's what they did to Nitzsche too. Joni Mitchell hated Dylan for not joining her flower child movement because by then he already knew where her and the rest of them were going with it, I wouldn't be surprised if she was in on it with Ginsberg, especially after her little outburst against Joe Rogan for daring to cast their transhuman shot in an unfavorable light.

  56. That is sheer transcendent eloquence, Mike. Yes, the Aryan race is the youngest on this planet. The most ancient Chinese term for Aryans means literally in their language, "The late comer" or "The new arriver."

  57. Yet it is always the manifest that obscures and clouds the divine. This is the first mystery, of the many and the one. The descent into manifestation is the first mixing of the lower and the higher, and it is the realization of the divine that transforms the manifest.
    The darker races emerged from the earth and the stone, they are truly indigenous. The last race to appear was the whites, the trees washed up on this shore from the eternal sea.
    Some of us long to be here, and so they seek to emulate and meld with the indigenous, as if somehow this will lift the burden of destiny, but it does not.
    Today, Aryan is a bad word, yet the first spiritual tradition is Aryan, still practiced today. Some might call it the language of the divine.
    The truth is that Russia will not stamp out this exploration into Aryan origins. Esoterically, this is the movement towards self understanding, and such a search has to do with uncovering the destiny that was forgotten whence the triple God made the insensate trees manifest.
    However, we are moving rapidly now, and the shape of things to come will include the soul of the world, and her return is essential to the preservation of the remnant which will bridge to the next world.

  58. You make excellent points Mike and they are well taken. If I have it right, in the mists of antiquity, the god-like Hyperborean Aryans couldn't resist copulating with the attractive earthbound human or humanoid females already here who were of a definitive lower order of being spiritually. Thus did the Hyperborean Aryans lose their divinity and ability to ascend at will to the higher realms from whence they originated. The quest for the Holy Grail is perhaps metaphor depicting the striving and trials an Aryan must go through to regain his former status, because the spark of godhood still and always has dwelled within him.

    From time immemorial
    destined on this earth to trod,
    the creature known as man
    half ape, half god.

  59. However, the spiritual lineage is unique unto itself, it is one which is influenced by the physical, but not determined by it. Much effort today is spent on destroying racial identity, whilst weaponizing it, which is oxymoronic, and thus much beloved by the rules makers, but nothing here is fully deterministic.
    Why is this so? It is because every racial identity has its higher aspect, and higher functioning.
    I might remind you about black Athena, where 50 black women fled Africa to escape arranged marriage, claiming they deserved the protection of Athens because they were Hellenes.
    The spiritual lineage is the prime mover.
    Portugal is currently experiencing a Goddess awakening, HD. I wrote in the comments for the last piece that this one requires a book, that threads of significance are making cameo appearances. Well, the spiritual inheritance of Portugal is one of those threads, and the recognition of the Goddess is another.
    You simply cannot bury this awakening. Others far more politically powerful have already tried and failed.
    I know more than a little bit about the spiritual lineage, and perhaps at some point I will cover it, yet even so the core of this piece should be evident enough for any with eyes to see. Thanks for reading.

  60. HD,
    Keep in mind there are two lineages, the physical and the spiritual. You make a valid point, that the mixing of the physical has not resulted in the world becoming a better place, yet let me ask, do you not see that mankind is moving towards fewer predominant races? The dilution of the gene pool adds two new races, to those that persist, which has to be ironic, no?
    Such a mixture can still preserve a valid inheritance, and has with the Vedas, for example. Before anyone gets bent about this, recent genetic study reveals the Aryan males married the local girls.
    Warfare across the centuries has regularly included genetic devastation, either with mass rape, or with mass murder, or both.
    Much of the mixing has been forced, and abuse piles on abuse until somehow the ride ends.
    This is our legacy. We can rail against it, attempt to learn from it, but it does not change the truth.

  61. Jack; Joni Mitchell, the Canadian recording artist and once close friend and confidante of Robert Zimmerman said, "Everything about Bob Dylan is fake." She and other music industry insiders maintained that Dylan's songs were ghost written for him, mostly by fellow tribesman Leonard Cohen, a Canadian like Mitchell. Your cousin Mike, Sage of Quay, will attest to this being a very common practice in the music/entertainment racket. Mike, again, beautifully written. Portugal at one time had Negroes transported from its African colonies to Portugal where they primarily worked as servants and field hands ultimately comprising approx. 10 % of the population.. There were absolutely no legal, social, or moral prohibitions against copulating with them which both the Portuguese men and women did freely, resulting in countless pregnancies. Eventually the blacks got totally absorbed into the Portuguese gene pool precipitating a dramatic decline in the nation from a world class power to a sinkhole of mediocrity at best. My last job was as a union maintenance man in a fast paced biotech lab. Many of the scientists were from foreign countries, many of them women. Ironically we had two named Olga, one Ukrainian and one Russian.I was talking to the Russian Olga one day. She grew up in St. Petersburg and moved here as an adult. We spoke of Russian history. She said that because of the Mongol conquests and occupations of Russia, with the resulting mass rapes and the majority of Russian females of child bearing age put into forced concubinage, "No Russian female is clean", meaning of course that the Russian populace is permeated with Asian genes to this day. That is why Miguel Serrano said that Russia is frightening because it is as Oriental as it is Occidental, or something to that effect. Hence the old adage, "Scratch a Russian and get a Tartar."

  62. "like a dove from above the Spirit flows down hill

    said this spark I created

    where is the next Dylan or Mitchel

    regretting things long past"

    Speaking of Mitchel what a great poet!

    "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,
    With a pink hotel, a boutique,
    And a swinging hot spot.
    Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got till it's gone?
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
    They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum.
    And they charged all the people
    A dollar and a half just to see 'em.
    Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got till it's gone?
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    Hey, farmer, farmer, put away that D.D.T., now!
    Give me spots on my apples
    But leave me the birds and the bees, please!
    Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got till it's gone?
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    Late last night I heard the screen door slam.
    And a big yellow taxi took away my old man.
    Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got till it's gone?
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

    Like our dearest Banger said. Boom!!

    Jack Heart and company is a rescue operation upon a sinking ship.

    That is the view of the Evangelicals I keep company with.

    Just an opinion however, great article…

  63. I should mention to any who might read this that events are not created by human beings, events are played out through us. Much of what people take credit for has already been decided by higher powers.
    Whenever we enter a time of great forces churning, such as now, our freedom lies less in decision, and more in reaction. The wise will choose a response, a reaction from the essential awareness they can bring to bear with this magnificent ocean of existence.