Below are John Kaminski’s two latest essays
and an information dump that just came in this morning from him. Numbers are
starting to come from diverse sources, most notably Jim Stone, Dr. Stuart Bramhall and my cousin The Sage of Quay, that indicate the West may have
lost as much, according to too Stone, as 10.7% of its population since the
beginning of 2020. Military people and athletes are dropping like flies. If you
are expecting the mainstream media and those in the alternative media who have
been compromised by either the FBI or Homeland Security to tell you about it,
you will be dead and in hell before that ever occurs. Luckily for you Jack
Heart doesn’t make compromises, we will continue to report what comes in and
not what is sanctioned by those who have murdered you and your children with
their little mRNA experiment, which like everything else they have touched
recently has gone horribly wrong for them.  – Jack Heart




On March 31, the chief of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, Igor Kirillov, gave a news briefing about documents that had been seized by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, including correspondences between Hunter Biden and figures involved in biological research in Ukraine, who were financed by his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca. 

These findings match documents and correspondence found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell.

The documents revealed an intent to create a “Central Depository of Especially Dangerous Microorganisms in Kyiv,” according to Russian MoD spokesperson Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, as well as ways to distribute biological agents via drone.



March 31, 2022

The Russian Defense Ministry has made public a list of persons involved in creating components of biological weapons in Ukraine.

The chief of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, Igor Kirillov, told a news briefing that one of the key figures was Robert Pope, the Director of the US Defense Department’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (also known as the Nunn-Lugar program – TASS).


“Pope authored the idea of creating a central depository of high-threat pathogens in Kiev,” Kirillov said.

He pointed out that “in his letter to Health Minister Ulana Suprun (a US citizen – TASS) Pope spoke highly of her activities. “In particular he emphasized her role in providing US specialists with access to Ukrainian biological facilities and the beginning of efforts to form a depository of microorganisms.”

“Let me remind you what this kind of activity led to: according to the available evidence all pathogenic biomaterials were removed from the depository at the beginning of February 2022 and taken by a US military transport plane to the United States via Odessa,” Kirillov said.


Kirillov said that Joanna Wintrol, the head of the DTRA office in Ukraine, was responsible for coordination of military biological projects in the country and for personnel selection.

“Under her guidance several projects (UP-4, UP-6 and UP-8) were implemented. They envisaged research into deadly pathogens, such as anthrax, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and leptospirosis,” he said.

Kirillov drew attention to the Ukrainian branch of the Black & Veatch company and its chief Lance Lippencott, the main contact person for Ukraine’s defense and health ministry officials. “The company has worked for the Pentagon since 2008 under projects for studying potentially hazardous bioagents, including project UP-1 for studying rickettsia and tick-borne encephalitis virus in arthropods in northwestern Ukraine. For the purpose of global control of the biological situation in the course of the UP-2 project the company introduced a system of remote monitoring of tularemia and anthrax at Ukrainian bio-facilities,” Kirillov said.


He stressed that “Black and Veatch activities aroused many questions even from Ukrainian special services.”

In particular, the Kherson office of the Ukrainian security service SBU back in 2017 noted growing potential risks of a worsening in the epidemiological situation due to the DTRA’s intention to use the Black and Veatch company to establish control of Ukrainian laboratories studying the pathogens of particularly dangerous infections.

The supervisor of biomonitoring and information transfer, David Mustra, acted in close coordination with Metabiota – another contractor working for the Pentagon.

“Earlier, Mustra coordinated military-biological projects in Ukraine & Eastern Europe under the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program,” Kirillov said.


He stressed that Metabiota was well-known for its research into forecasting outbreaks of infectious diseases. Also, the Pentagon used its services for modeling the epidemiological situation in the post-Soviet space.

“Metabiota’s representative in Ukraine was Mary Gutierrez – its vice-president and Hunter Biden’s confidant, which is confirmed by their correspondence,” Kirillov said.

Lastly, Scott Thornton was responsible for the laboratories’ upgrade.


Russia’s MoD releases info on US involvement in Ukraine’s bioweapons research. © Photo : Russian Ministry of Defense.


“Also, he (Thornton) provided advice to local personnel regarding the handling of high-threat pathogens under the DTRA’s Ukrainian projects.

The obtained evidence indicates the direct involvement of the US Department of Defense and of its contractors in planning and implementing the Pentagon’s projects in Ukraine.

We believe that the aforesaid executives are obliged to answer questions concerning the real purpose of these works,” Kirillov said.


The incoming materials make it possible to trace the interaction pattern between US government agencies and Ukrainian biological objects.

It’s remarkable that structures close to the current US leadership, in particular the investment fund, Rosemont Seneca, headed by Hunter Biden are involved in the financing of these activities.

The fund has significant financial resources in the amount of $2.4 billion.

At the same time, the fund is closely connected to the main contractors of the US Department of Defense, including Metabiota, which, along with Black & Veatch is the main supplier of equipment for Pentagon biological laboratories around the world.

The scale of the program is impressive. In addition to the DoD, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the George Soros Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are directly involved in its implementation.

Scientific supervision is carried out by leading research organizations, including the US National Laboratory in Los Alamos, which develops nuclear weapons as part of the Manhattan Project.

All this activity is carried out under the full control of the Pentagon.

What if


never comes?

Extinction of humankind

no longer just a fantasy




By John Kaminski

What if tomorrow never comes? What will you do? Will there be anything TO do.

Disturbing news arrives in a hollow silence resonating down an empty hallway, blotting out all other sounds at its moment of impact. Our peaceful past, stretching out behind us as a warm and misty memory, may no longer exist past the jarring moment which at some time soon — perhaps tomorrow morning! — will arrive with a finality that may not be appealed, rejected or nullified.

It is difficult to believe apocalyptic hyperbole when first presented. Even as empirical evidence piles up creating an impenetrable barrier to our smug comfort, we still can’t quite believe it when the news we have so long expected finally arrives.

Memories of these moments are indelibly etched on the sudden flash of a tombstone in your mind. It’s impossible to overstate the case or anesthetize the impact. Read the headlines, without getting too upset just yet. There will be time for that, a little of it, at least.

Global emergency: 

Extinction of mankind under way 

The mind recoils. Initially it cannot process the thought. More information is needed to either declare it a National Enquirer headline or something to which to pay more attention than you have ever paid to anything. That information will follow shortly below, but first, more tectonic shocks and the brittle sound of thunder grumbling in the distance.

The Vax Genocide Has

Likely Killed a Billion People 

Disabled rights advocate lawyer Todd Callender says a billion people likely have already died from these mandatory vaccines. The Vax genocide has likely killed a billion people. No matter how many times you repeat the sentence, it remains difficult to integrate into your pulsating thought process.

Mr. Callender is as frank and honest as any guest we have had. He stated that there is no doubt that Americans and people around the world are experiencing the ongoing application of a well-planned genocide meant to kill billions — a billion people are likely already dead — and destroy national sovereignty in favor of a world government staffed by homicidal maniacs. After all, in this case the science being followed at the moment is the science of how to commit genocide. 

Humanity itself is under attack. Not just depopulation but command, control and ultimately elimination of sovereignty. All of the test animals for this vaccine died. I just couldn’t stand by, said Callender, a lawyer appearing frequently on all the talk shows lately. The facts he presents are jarring. They continue below.

Todd Callender: The Role of Hospitals,

Covid Injections And 5G In Genocide 4/1/22 

Disabled Rights Advocates 

Todd Callender


Todd Callender has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context. Todd currently serves as an executive board member of many multinational companies and was responsible for the completion of the FDA’s registration process for a new medical device in the mass vaccination industry. 

He currently serves as lead plaintiff’s counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory Covid vaccination of members in the US Armed Services.  See: Robert v. Austin (21 CV 02228) in the Colorado Federal District Court. Areas of Practice: International Law, Health and Disability, Insurance, International Tax, Cross Border Transactions.

Todd told the Corona Investigative Committee:

“The short answer to this whole thing is that everybody that got the [Covid injections] was given some form or level of AIDS, autoimmune deficiency syndrome.

“The ones that got the one shot, it seems that they have about 30% of their natural immunity destroyed. By the time they get three shots, all their natural immunity is completely gone. And we’re seeing that with our doctors, experts who are testifying, in their practices.

“The real epidemic is, now … based on what it is we are seeing the rates right now: excess mortality, 84%; excess, every kind of disease at 1,100%. We are expecting a 5,000 or so percent increase in excess mortality for this year. An enormous number.

5G is like a butcher knife

“Almost worse than that … experts have figured out that there’s an electromagnetic connection to all of this … 5G is like a butcher knife. It’s a dual use item. You can use it to communicate, but at the same time, you can use it to kill … a lot of the tests that we looked at in the scientific world focussed on the 18 GHz signal and this interplays with the lipid nanoparticle [in the Covid injection].

“The pathogens inside of the lipid nanoparticles, the ones that were created and are inside of the nanoparticles, inside of vaccinated people right now, are also chimeric. In some cases, they are Marburg mixed with E. Coli. They are Ebola mixed with staphylococcus. 

When those lipid nanoparticles are exposed to an 18 GHz signal, they swell and become porous, which means that they will literally pour out those illegal nucleotides, the proteins, that cause people’s bodies to produce these pathogens. 

After They Modify You, They Will Own You 

— Attorney Todd Callender (SGT Report podcast) 

Our servicemen are already being injected with gene modification agents. . . . page 6 in particular, it specifically states that if mRNA is used to modify a genome, then the new synthetic genome belongs to the patent holders . . . can’t necessarily call them humans because they’ve been genetically modified . . . if they’re not humans for purposes of the law then what are they? . . . they are the chattel property of whoever owns the patents  . . .


Now, to return to the narrative, not quite in the same order as above.

Vax genocide: 1 billion dead 

Todd Callender speaks with the no nonsense efficiency of a globe hopping, helicopter piloting disabled rights advocate lawyer with thousands of contacts, clients and expert witnesses. He spits out facts like nails in the coffins of our lying leaders.

• If you utilize mRNA to effectuate genetic modification of a genome, synthetic genome created by the patent holder belongs to the patenters. This is law.

(Recipients of the jabs will no longer be human and will be the property of the vaccine companies.)

• Pfizer’s list of serious adverse events deletion of P136 gene, related to God gene, symptomology of this destroys the thinking part of brain, facial tics, biting, purposely deleted this gene, absolutely Luciferian.

(Your sense of spirituality will be killed. You will no longer have a soul.)

The dialogue in this interview ran through some of Callender’s recommendations.

• We have to use the system we have and get rid of the people running them.

• If the globalists win they’ll do it by eliminating sovereignty

• It (the resistance) started with America’s Frontline Doctors, but it’s up to the people now.

• People can file criminal complaints and overwhelm the system.

• If your law enforcement isn’t doing their job, invalidate them.

Phase 2 of the COVID fraud is now beginning and new legislation involves the Marburg virus and funding for FEMA camps. Hospitals are already killing people, Callender explains.

“All the tools we need already exist in U.S. law. So go out and do your job and arrest these people. Start with Fauci.”

Global emergency:

Extinction of mankind under way  

Callender’s interview with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich recapped the whole situation and contemplated an even darker future.

The Marburg virus is the next shoe to drop, with martial law, FEMA camps and quarantine centers, using the same formula that has murdered so many victims over the past few years.

And here is your final nightmare scenario.

These are hospital homicides: someone will go to the hospital with a broken arm, they arrive with ICD-10 code, mandatorily given for hospital protocols because they accept federal funding given a COVID test. If the test comes back negative they are given another COVID test with a higher cycle rate, and they invariably come back positive. At that moment they are then moved to a COVID ward. They are given in IV bag with Midazolam (That’s the one they use for lethal injections) and what that does is it tranquilizes the lungs and it lowers the oxygen absorption rate to about 70 percent. That is then used as the pretext to move them into the ICU. Then they add Remdesivir into that IV bag, and invariably they end up on a ventilator. Ventilators are operating and broadcasting on the 60 Ghz signal — the same one that separates oxygen from nitrogen. It’s only a function of time then for when they die.

Efforts to protect victims are constantly frustrated by a system intent on killing people.

Trying to get people out of hospitals, thwarted at every turn. Police refused to investigate it, or now what happens is that the police show up and ticket the loved ones who try to be with her, and then they drag them away. This is where I came to understand where hospitals are part of the law enforcement apparatus.The judiciary has combined with health services and law enforcement. What we were seeing were canned pleading that has nothing to do with our cases.

When we would sue in local courts, hospitals would send in lawyers to tell the judge he was trying to practice medicine, the two went away and our client was killed. And so on up the line.

Master plan extraordinarily well coordinated, Agenda 21, 1. Eliminate private property rights 2. eliminate all borders to eliminate sovereignty, and 3. they call it sustainable development but it’s really mass depopulation. We’re in all three of those phases right now.

Hospital homicide. Roll out the Marburg or Ebola, doesn’t matter, open the quarantine camps.

Supreme court case, 2013, page 6 use of mRNA creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genome that they create.

Those who have the spike proteins are now the chattel property of those who hold the patents.

Spike proteins producing hybrid humans owned and operated by the patent holders

This is about the end of humanity.

If they are no longer human do they enjoy human rights?

My sense is no, they don’t.

They all have AIDS.


Greg Reese: A vaccine delivered AIDS epidemic 

The final destruction of the U.S. military from within.




And then you ask yourselves the question:

Was it the jab that took away our soul?


Is that a corpse by the side of the road?

By John Kaminski

As our car accelerates away from its place on the curb where it has been parked for so long, the diminishing image in the rear view mirror is quite disturbing when we come to realize we are leaving ourselves behind, never to be seen again.

It is very much like that time so very long ago when we left someone we loved for the very last time, a pain we still seek out for the irreplaceable significance of its memory, yet one which we still resist owing to the unfathomable pain of an unwanted outcome that can never be undone.

Suddenly one ponders the microscopic distance between an infinite future and a vaporized present, a sudden nothingness, a bleak and answerless silence, the yawning chasm that remains between who we used to be and what we have become, and the chilling notion that who we are now is someone we’d never thought we’d be. Whether we like it or not, who we are now is someone we never wanted to be as we are unwillingly swept away in a modern maelstrom of uncontrollable events.

The question of how we got this way becomes only an incidental afterthought to the stunning realization that somehow today we are suddenly different from the people we thought we were. Are we still able to recognize ourselves enmeshed in these new psychotic parameters that have been illicitly imposed upon our lives?

This queer question suddenly arrives and never leaves, like a gigantic zit erupting on our foreheads that threatens to engulf everything in our brains in a devastating tsunami of self recrimination: “How the hell did I get to be this way?” echoes down the brittle hallway of time which contains the entire library of our personal dreams and memories.

Only then do we aggravate our debilitating discomfort by beginning to analyze how it happened, how that person we hoped to be, worked to make perfect and struggled to achieve would never be blossoming on schedule, in fact never arriving at all. Was it the chances that we missed, the lessons we never fully understood or the choices we made that took us down the wrong road to this toxic cul de sac in which we now find ourselves?

Or was it merely the jab that took away our soul?

Here is the evidence.

Divine Image Destroyed

A prophetic poet in South Africa, Christine Beadsworth, author of among other unfathomable titles Daily Beauty Treatments for the Bride and The Book of End Time Light, has articulated a theory that injections invented to cure the alleged disease known as COVID-19 actually extinguish the divine spark of life that is written in your body’s cells. See . . .

How the Jab of the Beast 

Destroys the Name of God 

Transcribed Upon Your DNA 

Using the Book of Esther 3:8 (the only book in the Bible that does not mention the name of God) as her metaphor, Beadsworth speaks of our human cell nucleus as a walled palace into which a very destructive device has been smuggled, changing the nature of our DNA.

Every single strand of human DNA is marked with the name of God, Beadsworth writes. In the intervals between specific strands, she insists, are inscribed the letters of God’s name, YHVH. The name of God written into the sulfide bond arrangement is being erased, she concludes, and replaced with orders to start manufacturing enemy spike proteins, which are weapons of death that will kill not only you but people around you.

The kings of the world have aligned themselves against God, she theorizes, which is not a bad description of the moral degradation that has hijacked the world’s mind today and buried it in destructive delusions. The goal of these evil kings, she asserts, is to destroy God’s name and turn the human body into a computerized entity which can be controlled from without.

Satan’s ambition, Beadsworth says, is to insert himself into the human body that has been, all this time, occupied by God. The Third Temple is really the body, she explains, and the objective of the jab is to erase God’s name from human DNA.

The American philosopher Sofia Smallstorm concludes that whether you’re religious or not, this is an accurate synopsis of what is being engineered, that sinister forces are creating an unnatural mechanism which, if not outright fatal, predisposes the body to accept instructions from without via high technology devices in the hands of evil men.

Vaccines to kill the soul 

Mrs. Beadsworth was preceded in this valuable vocation of trying to preserve the human spirit and soul more recently by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and writer Kevin Boyle, who both focused on a legendary practitioner of white magic from a time before we were born 

Boyle wrote in 2021. “Are sinister esoteric groups using the Covid vaccine for their own dark purposes? Nearly a century ago Christian esoteric researcher Rudolf Steiner warned that “criminal” esoteric groups would implement plans to paralyse humanities’ capacity for spiritual growth. They would do this, Steiner warned, through “inoculations”. 

Boyle quotes a post repeated by Jim Stone (whose website was missing for several days but is now back online: ). The writer reports:

“I don’t know how else to put this. I had my second dose of Pfizer two weeks ago and I’ve become convinced there is something in these vaccines that cuts people off from spirit.

“It’s like my consciousness has been leashed and life has turned the volume down real low. I had an intense spiritual awakening about 2 years ago triggered by psychs and it’s like all the connection I gained has been erased. I think this is some kind of evil alien tech. I’m not even joking. Like Law of One Orion type shit, to stop us ascending whatever that means. I can’t describe the change in my awareness, I struggle to believe it myself.”

The writer insists she lost empathy, heartfelt emotion, and intuition, nor could she any longer feel passionately about music, art or food.

Dark Journalist Liszt in a long video noted that in 1923, the German mystic Steiner wrote, 

“The main concern of the spirits of darkness … is to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young.”

“The soul will be made nonexistent with the aid of a drug,”

Evil forces will make us believe . . . 

“Whatever is of the spirit is nonsense.”

“People will invent a vaccine to kill the organism as early as possible, preferably as  as soon as they are born, so that the human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit,” Liszt noted.

Erasing the soul

“In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit. To materialistic doctors will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.

Then there was this nugget that flashed across the Internet a few days ago.

”Those who have received three or more vaccine doses supported establishing a No Fly Zone in Ukraine by a margin of +38. People who received only two doses opposed establishing a No Fly Zone by a margin of -12%.”

And shortly thereafter appeared this nugget.

Self assembling death jab 

Researcher Zandre Botha has been investigating the Pfizer vaccine, and claims that when vials of the vaccine are heated up, they explode into “self-assembling circuitry.” What exactly is self-assembling circuitry and what would that mean?

I know it’s hard to believe but there are still retards out there who believe the COVID scamdemic was an authentic medical emergency. A quick scan of this link, presumably not yet eliminated from Dr. Mercola’s contraband info stash, will demolish further illusions.

It consists of:

• How the Pandemic was fabricated.

• CDC Removes More Than 72,000 COVID Deaths

• CDC Has Been Turned Into a Propaganda Agency

• Health Officials End Reporting COVID-19 Deaths

• Changing Definitions Justify the COVID Narrative

• Results From At-Home Tests Aren’t Reported

• CDC Hides Data

• COVID Has Served a Purely Political Agenda

So, given this bewildering array of data, how do you propose to begin to talk to all those newly created zombies who are still listening to mainstream media believing that Vladimir Putin should be assassinated by Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden should stay in Poland and maybe never come back to Washington?

I mean, U.S. media are now advocating that Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedic television actor now playing the role of president of Ukraine, should be nominated for the Nobel Prize. Actor Sean Penn just vowed to smelt down his Oscar statuettes if the deposed Ukrainian chief executive was not allowed to speak at the Oscar ceremony (which thankfully was not televised owing to the utterly woked irrelevance Hollywood movies have finally achieved).

Did you ever imagine your future would come to all this, where you are to be forgiven for not recognizing that you don’t even recognize who you are or exactly where you are standing thanks to a nonstop media IV drip of artificial reality producing media psychosis that will not soon be cured without a sudden and necessary recognition of who it is that has actually put you in this position.

I have explained this all to you many times before and it is not my fault that you and the rest of your fellow citizens have not paid attention to the information I have provided. As a result now you must pay a price that you never contemplated, which is only the proper cost of letting yourself be maneuvered into the desperate position of not really knowing who you are and what you have become.

And in closing, let me just say, bon voyage!

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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  1. To whatever extent "Jew-hovah" is real or just a tribal tulpa of the Yids, I take him no more seriously than I would a deity worshipped by a herd of aboriginal savages.

    • Yes, and your point is essential.
      The God of the bible stated that to worship him, placed him before all other gods. From here, the Christians and Muslims somehow decided that he was the only God.
      Any assertion that all of existence is the result of this little twerp and his Napoleon complex is utterly laughable. I've pretty much had my fill of abrahamics branding and declaring ownership of everything.
      Abrahamic religion is determined to define physical reality according to its borrowed principles, which then provides license for other institutions to invade the religious sphere, turning everything into inconsequential insignificance.
      Hence Transhumanism.
      This is why we now get to observe the religion of woke rise to prominence in the west.
      There is a spiritual reality, but there is no one left in society to recognize it.

  2. Hi Mike; Regarding your statement that there is no ultimate Abrahamic prohibition against genetic modification, let me throw this in. In the Ten Commandments, there is one against adultery. Etymologically words change their meaning over time. For example, "girl" used to mean a prepubescent child of either sex before it evolved to mean just females. That original commandment is, "Thou shall not adulterate" which means make impure by admixture or hybridizing, plants, animals, or people. I believe it is primarily a prohibition against miscegenation. It has nothing to do with marital infidelity. There was already a commandment against coveting your neighbor's wife (but you could buy her in those polygamous tribes, that however is another story) It is highly unlikely that even a flawed and depraved entity such as the Demiurge (or his henchman) would engage in such puerile redundancy. Ergo it appears there is or was an Abrahamic prohibition against genetic modification.

    • I see that my statement concerning the God of ol' Abe is not understood.
      We are not singing songs of surfaces, in anything I write. The God of the bible took the remembrance of the Eternal, the thought and gave it form. The power of creation lies not in it's result, only in the force which animates it.
      This could be illustrated with a crude analogy.
      Steve Jobs was given the iPhone technology, and he figured out how to brand and market it. To the typical view, he was another great God of modern industry, and people everywhere were praising him on his death bed for "inventing" the very device he refused to give to his kids.
      Thus, Jobs filled the role, in an extremely limited sense, of an electronic device Jehovah. Jobs didn't prevent anyone from turning his device into a roadside bomb trigger, a signal receiver for microwave experiments, an electronic violation of the constitution. There was nothing about selling mobile communications that actually prohibited doing these things, but there was an entire system of legal fetters to prevent the one who purchased it from doing anything with it.
      Did our abrahamic iPhone God publicly or privately move to stop the blowing up American servicemen? No, he didn't even raise the issue.

  3. So, my postal pal Bob, whom I called today, as we laughed about several African American mail handlers whom shall not be named pulled off a hiest from US postal.

  4. And speaking of Jefferson, did he not have two very special women in his life, one a free woman and one a slave, perhaps the reason he took a razor knife to a bible.

    Well, my father left me a library full of books about Jefferson, as he will live on.

    Did you ever think that there was design a differnce between men and women?

  5. Anonymous of course you must read Paul, from the Bible. A well written script perhaps you could do better? Not defending them at all.

    Let us open our Bibles. Romans Chapter two verse twenty nine:

    “But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.”

    Even our greatest founding father Thomas Jefferson, whom many black athletes are named after, cut much out of the script. What was left was how to build a functioning .gov.

    God is Spirit. Directed our dearest founder Thomas Jefferson.

    That is the Gospel I see.

  6. Our DNA is what makes us human.

    Willfully altering it means opting out of the Abrahamic covenant, and of all the covenants and divine promises and acts that followed, be they by Moses, Jesus, Mohammed or Smith. The jabbies are not covered by God's mercy any longer. The closest beings to them are the Nephilim, part-human hybrids, which were destroyed in the Flood.

    Voiding the Abrahamic covenant is a very serious act, hence the need for it to be accompanied by ritually hiding your face from God (the masks), and signing a contract in blood, multiple times if possible.

    That is why the lies were so transparent. That is why the "leaders" were either clowns or cartoonishly evil enemies of freedom. Only those who really wanted that way took it.

    You have to give it to Satan: Finding a way to get billions of people out of the Abrahamic covenant is quite an achievement.

    Please spread this message, so even a few may have the chance to repent. God is the most merciful.

    • Certainly, the conclusion in the text.
      However, such a conclusion is not corroborated with the standing of either the abrahamic God, or of the supporting evidence.
      The God of the bible is clearly a cosmic organizer. He does not create, he separates and defines. Further, he acts in concert with a plurality of other gods, elohim.
      As such, he is not responsible for the act of creation. Thus, he cannot set ultimate boundaries to creation, only may he work within them.
      The generative, populating principle was merely usurped through the command to hack down the trees and destroy the shrines sacred to the goddess, the one who set creation in place.
      Thus, there is no ultimate abrahamic prohibition against genetic modification, since the sanctity of all life was sacrificed through the destruction of the trees.
      If one is going to find prohibition against genetic engineering, one would have to look beyond the abrahamics to the Hellenes, the Gnostics, and the Druids.

    • I don't think their human anymore either anon, but your Abrahamic covenants mean nothing to the players in this game there is only the Karmic covenant, and you are 100% correct when you say by willfully allowing the alteration of their DNA that covenant has been broken and it is now open hunting season on the unnatural creatures they have become. They do not belong here, and they will be removed regardless of the intentions of those that sponsored the "vaccine…"
      You are watching it happen, JJ Hurtak and NASA with their Keys of Enoch have only succeeded in opening the doorway to oblivion for the West. Yahwehs people, the Judeo-Christian Anglo American empire has been turned into a collective zombie it now remains only for the hero of our story to kill it…

    • Jack,
      Not to be argumentative, but YHVH is not written in everyone's DNA.
      This oderous statement of ownership is typical of abrahamics.

    • You guys, meaning you and B need to listen more clearly to what I'm saying, I did not say that Mike JJ Hurtak did, you really should read the Keys of Enoch, NASA's plans for the human race are laid out succinctly right there in the early seventies, succinctly for idiots it was never going to happen that's why I was there, they didn't get my message, good I would have been deprived of the great sport I am having now. B is another one keeps saying I'm endorsing the genocide theory about the vaccine, no, no and fucking no again. The vaccine was intended to do just what they told you they were going to do in the Keys of Enoch, not only am I unable to deviate from that diagnosis it’s the whole fucking reason I'm here, Jesus, Mary and Joseph as the nuns used to say…

    • Jack, the abrahamics have already given it their best shot, and their Achilles heel lies in their eagerness to believe in their own significance.
      Jehovah was never more than a puny Asura in a large universe.
      Again, Jews, especially those in the USA, always think their great plans and great computers tap into some awesome level of reality. Well to a worm, sunrise is a life altering event.
      No offense meant to anyone who wants to link DNA with God, and claim some divine order protects the double helix, but making the provocative and unsupported leap that this brings in the God of the bible is simply put, kindergarten level understanding.
      I wasn't going to go here, until I got preached to by an unsigned poster, but I absolutely will not stand for acolytes of the banking clan lecturing me about things they don't understand.

    • "those in the USA, always think their great plans and great computers tap into some awesome level of reality. Well to a worm, sunrise is a life altering event."
      Don't sell yourself short Mike the Chief of Security himself has admitted to me they have sixth generation computers that can't do what we do here, only the elite and those with a proper bloodline read here, but read they do, how much they hear is up to you now. I am now an enemy combatant, and I am only writing for those who have supported me throughout the years, the only obligation I have now to Her and myself is to annihilate them, and I don't have to punch a keyboard to do that. Maybe they want to listen, the dog can be called off anytime, but I don't see not one reason why it should be. Keep plugging Mike, I think Putin and Alexander Dugan may hear us. Anyway I need an email address from you so I may register you with substack, I, me myself, won't say another fucking word in public outside our "fictional" book Century of the Magicians

  7. There is something very odd about the western mind. It has a penchant to find and exploit rifts in the psyche of everyone, including itself. It loves punishing narratives dripping with horror and guilt-yes, lots and lots of guilt. Guilt is such a big deal to the western mind that simply by being born in the west, you are horribly, irrevocably, endlessly guilty. Unless you're Jewish, or Indian, or Black, or Asian, or Mexican, or some combination that looks like one of them. In that case you have the moral duty to hate, and your hate is righteous. Add to this now the LGBQRSwhatever, who are now righteously demanding to indoctrinate and rape children, aping the actions of their guilt dispensing teachers.
    With all the official abuse now mainstreamed, the actual abuse, that which provides for holidays to exotic places by the dispensers of guilt, is just dismissed.
    This is why the west cannot but make the Ukraine worse.

    • So, there is some despair, regarding the word Nazi. After all, to the western guilt conditioned mind, the word is designed as a Pavlovian response, a force multiplier, a total information awareness, whereby the respondent is encouraged to squeal and squirm in various politically correct ways, intended to signal their adoption of Jewish supremacy as their compass.
      Nazi, as in AshkeNAZI, is however slightly more complex in the Ukraine, than demented "journalists" given the billionaire stamp of approval might wish to admit, and certainly more significant than their reports claim.
      The story begins with Judea-Bolshevism and a quip from Stalin, that a single death is a tragedy, but tens of thousands of deaths are a footnote in history.
      Following his own advice, Stalin thusly deported, dispossessed, and murdered untold millions of Ukrainians. The modern press, panties a fluster to cow tow to Jewish supremacists, of course blames it all on Germany, so few have ever learned about this.
      However, Ukrainians are not as given to bullshit narratives regarding their own history.
      The west, which treats history with all the respect given to disposable napkins, cannot comprehend this fact. To the tv soaked western brain Nazis are bad people who beat up on other white people that are a lot uglier and pretend to be Arabs. We all know these uglier white people are Semites because they fill the airwaves with these statements. No factual corroboration required.
      Therefore, in the Ukraine, we learn about Nazis from Jews in tel Aviv, who defend them, and claim they don't exist.
      Needless to say, this line from the self described chosen one's only makes understanding impossible, which evidently is the point.
      The real story here is yet another Trotskyist hijack of a people struggling to find their own destiny. The world's greatest victims, known for debt slavery, fiat currency, bullshit history, betraying allies, and single handedly advancing the Arabic conquest of the Iberian peninsula through betraying the people who befriended them, and sucking up to the real Semites.
      They're at it again, this time in the Ukraine.
      If it sounds disgusting to richly capitalize upon the suffering of others, in this case the Ukrainians, who unlike the chosen one's, actually have been on the receiving end of genocide, perhaps it is because it is. Ukrainians don't own the world's banks. They don't churn out bullshit movies most functional people despise. They don't practice sedition via secretive corporate control, and they haven't secured their own country on the basis of lies and deceit.
      The Ukraine is a true tragedy, in the genuine sense of the word, and the west, with all its corporate posturing and criminal ascendancy, is responsible for most of it.
      We need to remember the genius of the west, like Umberto Baudo, and his vortex magnetism, like Victor Schauberger, with his fluid dynamics, like Kurt Goedel, proving Emanation. This what we are capable of, what we can achieve. With our brothers and sisters in Russia and the Ukraine we can do unimaginable good. Step beyond the Judeo-Bolshevik death grip, heal and achieve.

  8. Find the Jew. The new contest by Harry Vox. Its really fun as you should play.

    Said the Harvest is full, send the workers.

  9. So, Milwaukee and Dane counties? The covid mandates will be back so get ready to lose your jobs for failure to vaxxinate and please put that mask upon that new born baby in daycare.

    The main union of the Postal service is run by a Jew. How much you wanna bet he caves on the vaxxination issue for condition of employment?

  10. Dearest MK, white Americans are the new Indians.

    I watched on TV tonight as my home town of Milwaukee Wisconsin elected its first Black Mayor. Not a single white person on his staff nor on the podium when he gave his speach. The message? Whites will pay. Well, I have news for these primitives as all the real money is out of Milwaukee and Dane counties and you are absolutely surrounded by armed white guys that will not put up with black crime. Come, come and try to take our weapons. The prototype big blue city Black mayor is Lori Lightfoot of Chicago. Get out of any blue controlled city ASAP.

  11. KMB,
    A military doctor has testified that the U.S. military ordered her to bury information regarding the vaccine injuries she observed. How much of a career do you think she has left?
    My next piece takes us to the arctic, because it is time to explain why I've been so focused upon this place. No one here has ever asked me directly why I'm thusly focused, but the question is in the air. It will address this issue of not exactly being of this world.
    Today I was working on plumbing when a piece I had previously installed developed a terminal case of the heebejeebees. After exposing the piece, it completely disappeared. Poof. Gone. This does happen to me. Fortunately, the Houdini act took the case of the heebees with it, and all seems well for now.
    Nothing is ever as it seems, KMB, and America is the new magic land.

  12. And our leaders poisoned their own Military? Think about how fucked up that is and it's a Jewish jab and maybe the survivors should take everything they have and kill all of them for what has been done to America.

  13. Jack, unfortunately I am in agreement with Mike Kay on the ramifications of what has happened to us as all Evangelicals believe that our true home is not on this earth and that the Church is a rescue opperation to rescue the lost and to bring them ultimately to a new land as the proper way to view life is that we are strangers In a hostile world. Current events show us America is a sinking ship and no where to go. Russia? What did Vlad tell us about 9/11? However, perhaps he will slow down the bio war but if hundreds of millions of Americans die America will be invaded and the survivors will be killed and perhaps deserved? How could Xi and Vlad trust such a people?

  14. And for all my French readers, love you guys especially how you kick ass on Claus Schwab's storm troopers and tell Macron where he can shove their "vaccine." Frankly I don't really support right wing politics, I am a union man by birth, but if you want to stay out if a war that has nothing to do with you you better vote this woman in…

  15. That's why we're here Mike, start thinking about another piece, I got my post to go next then I'm out of bullets

  16. No advocating of any vax here, ever. You can go back to VT if you wish, you can go here, to my emails, I have never advocated any vax, especially not these. You still might have my piece up where I discussed the issues with vax and blood. Anyway, I don't expect anyone to pay attention to anything I say, but I say it for the record, which proves the veracity of spiritual knowledge, and spiritual truth.
    My point is, that the black sickness is not limited to the vax. This gets easier to understand, when you understand the spirit as fire, and manifestation as the world of things that derives from it. Yes, this certainly implies a spiritual aspect to the black sickness. Treat this with all seriousness.
    I can't speak for anyone else, nor would I try, but the idea that a manipulation of DNA results in immunity to other manipulations presupposes a level of actionable insight that hasn't been seen in any area, and is not at all apparent in the one being discussed.
    However, this type of thinking, whereby a particular group or authority is granted a savior status, has long been deployed as a weapon against the dispossessed. Recently, we saw this exact phenomenon with Covid.
    Ultimately, there is no reason for the western empire to save it's own people, and every reason for it to attempt to transform its populace into a slavery state. This is the goal of transhumanism.
    Look, no one wants to wake up and wonder what the monsters are up to today, but the assigning of beneficence to actions bereft of them is, well, insanity.
    Anyhow, for the record, again, I will reiterate that there will be a remnant who will go through this to the other side.

  17. I am a paid observer as I get a handsome living from OPM as I am not seeing my cycling pals dropping like Flys since they are all vaccinated. Cyclists? Dumb as fuck as even the UCI mandates the vaxx to compete. What I am observing is the mind control aspects of the vaxx and now the demonization of Putin as I see how the media 24/7 is almost ignoring the covid narrative and now pushing the narrative that something needs to be done with that evil Vlad. Notice how the lemmings are gathering up items to send to Ukraine? On cue! If a hundred million of these American lemmings pass it would fix America!

    • Right, the ones that are dropping dead are somehow incompatible mRNA, as I've said before it works like a charm. The Guardian says 61% of Americans are perfectly happy paying twice as much for gas and food as long as it hurts the evil Vlad, for ruining master's plans to kill everybody who did not take his poison with biological weapons. That makes more like 200 million zombies nine and Putin or us hopefully with his help are going to have to kill every one of them.

    • Speaking of athletes, who buys high end 10000 dollar and up pro cycling equipment? Why boomers with money do. What demographic is the most heavily vaxxed? Why boomers of course. I know many folks in the cycling idndustry and the most curious was Jeff Martin a goyboy racer that won lots of high end cycling gear and founded Pros Closet to sell him and his racer pals boots. It now has 300 employees and numerous warehouses and its now owned by this guy:

      Why would this rat faced joo buy a cycling company? Foreknowledge of the genocide to come and why not make a few bucks?

    • Well Jack, what of that Deagle report that says America by 2025 will be down to 100 million from 325 million? Think they didn't know about covid and the vaxx ahead of time? And if this happens the survivors are going to be really mean and nasty and joos better look out. However, all but one of my joo pals are vaxxinated.

    • Read John Titor for what's going to reduce the numbers A LOT more than a failed biowarfare inoculation experiment, Nine. That's just in the ha'penny place, numbers wise.
      Titor's as bona faade as Ernetti. Only difference is Titor had the technicians that made an actual physical ride possible.
      And how the demons in human disguise causing the current geopolitical catastrophe incoming intend to escape with all their loot, too. They've no intention of getting caught.

  18. Gordon Duff said long ago that the sentient oil or black sickness as you and Lynch call it, only effects the impure, that is exactly what I am seeing now even though I scoffed at it then as unscientific. Ironic that I now have to keep trying to explain to our friend B that this is as much a malaise of the soul as it is of the body. Nevertheless, I would not recommend letting them mainline it into you with their "Vaccine…"

  19. According to one article here, the name YHVH or Yahweh is embedded on our very cells. Yahweh of course is either the Demiurge or as Miguel Serrano states, his top henchman. He is the anthropomorphic, psychopathic, murderous, vindictive demon god of the Old Testament, the daddy of the chozen pipple. If that contention is true, it proves Gnostic philosophy correct, in that our flawed, flesh bodies along with the rest of the material, inferior realm was created by this cosmic cocksucker. Our spirits spawned from the unknowable one who has no beginning and no end.

  20. Vlad and Xi are in the process of discounting the whole transhumanist agenda, amigo. And then some. The reason Spartacus, et al, are being deplatformed with extreme prejudice is so that everybody can say: Look! All the sites talking about global genocide– shreek! shreek!– are being deplatformed!!

    So it MUSSSSST be a global genocide.

    (Even though MRNA has only been given to Eurangloland.)

    Cointel 101. It's horseshit, amigo.

    Get back to me in 6 months, and we won't be saying I told you so. As the rest of the world and the BRICS partners are all very much alive.

    • "Vlad and Xi are in the process of discounting the whole transhumanist agenda," which is exactly why I'm getting so aggravated with these simpletons who are dismissing the Ukraine as a distraction for the great reset. You fucking cowards they don't need a distraction! If they knocked on your door and demanded to sodomize your wife you would fetch them a jar of mayonnaise!!! What are you gonna do drive trucks around in a a circle? As for you B I don't know why you are being so myopic, your not seeing beyond what is right in front of you, but at least your not a coward and are not afraid to stand with Putin.

    • That is the only place you are wrong, our dead here in the West have no need for burial, they continue to walk around, yesterday they applauded woke transvestites fondling their children in schools, today they wave around little blue and yellow flags and curse those evil Russians for destroying masters biolabs, tomorrow they will go to war for the privilege of being masters' slave. They do whatever they are told because as John notes in his second essay, they have no soul, hence they are already dead. That's what you don't see or you refuse to see because understandably like most of the survivors you don't want to have to admit to yourself that everything you knew and loved is already dead, that's all B. The rest is going behind the paywall, those who have the courage to see it know I'm right…

    • Well, i know about 3 people who are not jabberoonied, Jack. And I know a lotta people. And one of the 3 has a medical exemption but would get jabberoonied if they got the ok.
      Meantime, I have to deal with individual mask wearing Muppets avoiding me 1000m up on a hiking trail at 7am in the morning.
      I have the courage, alright. What I'm lacking is the empathy.
      And in my line of work that's not a good thing.

  21. Your argument discounts the whole transhumanist agenda therefore it is not an argument at all, but an opinion based on only half the facts, if that. The link above is to the Spartacus site where you will find all the facts not just the ones you want to cherry pick. And as far as US military psyops released on the population courtesy of Obama, you better talk to VT about that. If I was running their psy-ops for them, and yes I agree with you most of these internet pundits like that hollowed out scarecrow Egan I mentioned above are doing just that, I wouldn't of got my Patreon site taken down at the cost of thousands of dollars to me. Want to know whose running the psy-ops then just look at whose allowed to seemingly talk freely…

  22. I don't like your tone once again; you keep trying to slip this bullshit line in about an mRNA vaccine designed to turn people into robots being put out for their protection against a bio war, when it is only America that is using biological weapons.

    I think it is you that needs the education you can start here or keep cheering on the pedophiles, crackheads and demonically possessed oligarchs whose intention it is to live forever as Borg and enslave everyone and anything that has an entertainment value to them while killing the rest. The evidence is now overwhelming that that is the case.

  23. Jack, if you don't get what MRNA is all about by now you never will. It's a military grade biowarfare inoculation with super advanced elements to tweak the mood of the population so injected.
    As written about by us on numerous occasions.
    If you can't accept that there's nothing more I can do for you.
    As for Putin being WEF? That's about as ridiculous a statement as the vaxxes being an intentional population kill off.
    And if your military contacts haven't told you what the MRNA is about by now? I'd get new military contacts.
    Plain as.
    And what else have we been wrong about this year? Not much. And if you think Duff is on board with a mass genocide, I have a bridge to sell you.
    Stay safe, out there. And avoid large crowds whatever you do.

  24. I'm not saying there are a billion dead, yet. They are, I'm saying people are dropping like flies, and as far as the Empire preparing their citizens for war with the mRNA vaccine, that is just about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. This has been put up at a great deal of trouble to me this morning, simply for the evidence of what has been going on with these biolabs and Americas completely corrupt and compromised government. That is a fact everything else is conjecture. As for those of you jumping on the Putin is working for the WEF bandwagon being promoted by cowardly old scarecrows like Max Egan, you truly disgust me, any excuse will do to continue sitting on the fence and hoping Google don't take your shitty ass blogs out…

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