Lucrezia Borgia goes to War 

On the eighth of March at a news
conference in Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked Washington to
release “relevant details as soon as possible” regarding alleged US biological
laboratories in Ukraine. “According to the data released by the US itself, the
US has 26 biological laboratories and other related facilities in Ukraine which
has indeed attracted great attention,” A similar claim was made on the sixth by
the Russian Defense Ministry saying there was “evidence of a US-financed
military biological program developed in Ukraine.” Moscow said the lab was
“revealed during Russia’s special operation in that country.” Elaborating on
what they know their Russian allies found Zhao went on to say, “All dangerous
viruses in Ukraine must be stored in these laboratories. All research
activities are led by the US. No information is allowed to be disclosed without
the permission of the US side,” Zhao claimed the Pentagon “has absolute control.”

Over two weeks ago Facebook removed Hail
Vladmir Putin the True Leader of the Free World
The piece was
a factual summary of
Russia’s attack on the sinister forces
of NATO and their viscous Nazi
dog, the Ukrainian gangster state. Central to
the plot were, the at least 11 biological warfare facilities America had piled
up on the Ukrainian Russian border. I knew about the biolabs, seemingly before
anyone else, because I have links to the intelligence community where it is an
open secret. In
fact, I wrote for Veterans Today when it was a self-described
limited hang out for spies, and they ran a series of well documented exposes of
the biolabs. 

Nevertheless, Facebook justified removing my timely and all-important
piece, far
timelier and more important than anything you’re ever going to get out
of Tucker Carlson or Glen Greenwald, because their fact checkers, failed journalists
and semi-literate miscreants, claimed there are no American biological warfare
labs in the Ukraine. Well of course now that the Russians have captured the
labs and China is rattling its saber; 
 Jewish gangster and founding mother of the Ukrainian gangster
state; Victoria Noodles Nuland under
questioning by Senator Marco
Rubio admitted to existence of the labs in public, much to the chagrin of the
semi-retarded Rubio. Tucker Carlson who does his best to be a real journalist without
jeopardizing the fat checks his network, Fox, gets to disseminate globalist
propaganda, jumped on it immediately:

Sage of Quay™ Blog: Ukraine Bio-Labs Exposed

Not to be outdone by who he knows to be the only
other mainstream journalist worth listening too
Glen Greenwald
entered the fray with a vengeance making an appearance on renegade comedian
Jimmy Dore’s show:    

Sage of Quay™ Blog: Yes, Ukraine DOES Have Biolabs –
Admits US Government w/Glenn Greenwald (

At this point the damage
these supposedly privately owned social media platforms like Facebook and
Twitter have done to Americas First Amendment is incalculable, not to mention
what they have done to real journalists’ ability to make a living. The mainstream
media was lost long ago when Republican icon Ronald Reagan loosened restrictions
under the FCC and allowed them all to merge into a few corporations now owned
by Blackrock and Vanguard. These are parasitical hedge funds that produce only
grief and exist, contrary to the laws of any sane government, because Reagan’s
successor Democratic icon Bill Clinton rescinded the Glass-Steagall Act. This
was the one two combination that staggered the First Amendment. The knockout
punch came with the advent of Google.

another mind control product of Stanford University and Menlo Park, was
incorporated in the fall of ninety-eight. Not surprisingly all Google services
except for Chinese Google Maps are blocked from access within mainland China by
what has been dubbed The Great Firewall of China, a combination of
legislative actions and technologies designed to keep Google out of
the People’s Republic of China. Google, the very epitome of a monopoly as
envisioned by America’s antitrust laws, has grown with the internet and become
a corporate giant the likes of which the world has never before had to contend

In testimony given in
June to the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution;
Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for
Behavioral Research and Technology called Google “a serious threat to democracy
and human autonomy” given its “power to suppress content – the censorship
problem, if you will – as well as on the massive surveillance the company
conducts, and also on the company’s unprecedented ability to manipulate the
thoughts and behavior of more than 2.5 billion people worldwide.” (2)

Google through a
company they created, ironically called “The Trust Project,” and finance, with
help from certain Silicon Valley tech billionaires, Israeli operatives, Jesuit
think tanks and shot callers for America’s war machine, routinely use
“HTML-embedded codes in news articles to promote their content at the expense
of independent alternatives.”(3) They have been doing this at least since early
2017 when The Trust Project’s director; Sally Lehrman boasted of sending
“machine-readable signals to Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter and other
technology platforms…” (4)

Google has been all
about control from their very inception. They were not even incorporated for
three years when they applied for a patent to “manipulate the nervous system of
a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set…”

By the end of the last decade any even remotely efficient authority had only two options to deal with Google; one was to nationalize it and the other was to initiate a no holds barred anti-trust suit against it, as was done with Bell Telephone in 1974, which finally resulted in the Bell System Divestiture in 1984. Instead with Operation PRISM, the NSA made it a partner. In 2015 it was reconfigured under the banner of its brand-new parent company; Alphabet Inc. a thinly veiled allusion to its new partnership with the NSA, CIA, FBI and ilk…

In the past seven years Google has delivered the slave race the Anglo-American intelligence agencies have been questing for since the inception of MK Ultra following WW II. Orage and I warned the world back in 2015 with MK Ultra – Cybernetic Mutation,
Remote Controlled Slaves, Dragon Soldiers and a Zombie Empire; Paint it Blue
and Blood
of Christ: Paint It Blue Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone
an expose that should have got us
Pulitzer Prizes but instead got us back paged
and purged from a Google search. 

MK Ultra was originally called Project Artichoke. It’s easy to see why as westerners’ line up, children in tow, to be injected with an unknown concoction that in all likelihood will maim or kill them. Stolen elections, rampant sexual perversion, pointless points of view, mindless movies and rhythmless music have all become the norm in the West. A civilization without a culture is a ship without a rudder and predictably westerners can no longer be expected to respond to any external threat, zombies and three-hundred-pound fat men make very poor soldiers. Field
Marshal Ferdinand Foch
 once wrote “The most powerful weapon on earth is the
human soul on fire.” But what do you do when there is no soul to

The powers that be in the West have compensated by
going wholesale into biological warfare. In what they see as the fine tradition
of Lucrezia Borgia they are poisoners and now pose a danger to not only themselves whom they have already destroyed
but to the entire world with their Transhuman babble and Malthusian agenda. Like a mad dog they must be put down before they spread their sickness any further and Vladmir Putin appears to be the one who has been anointed to do so. I was never a big fan of Edgar Cayce or of the Free Masons that he belonged too. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. The fate of the human race now rides on the broad shoulders of the Russian bear… 

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1 – ul Khaliq, Riyaz. “China
demands answers from US for ‘26 biolabs in Ukraine’.” Anadolu Agency . 8
Mar 2022. Web. <>. 

2 – Epstein, Ph.D, Robert. “Why Google Poses a
Serious Threat to Democracy, and How to End That Threat.” AIBRTAmerican
Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. 16 Jun 2019. Web.

3 – Webb, Whitney. “The Trust Project: Big Media and
Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent.” MPN News. 7 Jun 2019.

4 – Lehrman, Sally. “What People Really Want From
News Organizations.” Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. 25 May 2017. Web.

5 – Loo, Hendricus G. “Nervous system manipulation by
electromagnetic fields from monitors.” Google Patents. 2001. Web.



What you choose to

believe can kill you

The most important thing in the world is the individual.

Anybody who tells you differently is a criminal psychopath.



By John Kaminski

When you pretend to know something you don’t really know, you put yourself at incredible risk for something bad happening to you. It plays out something like this.

You base all your decisions on what you have previously learned. If what you have previously learned is incorrect, all your subsequent decisions will be wrong. This is what has largely happened to the American population throughout the 20th century. Not to mention the rest of the world following along directly toward their doom.

As a casual watcher of TV news, my sister was opposed to many of my heated assertions that the Jews own America, conducted the 9/11 false flag operation, started both World Wars, control all major presidential candidates, and promote homosexuality as a way to destroy the nuclear family so individuals will be more likely to make the government their Big Brother and therefore facilitate the conversion of the entire world into a system of totalitarian Jewish communism (the last three words being redundant by all meaning exactly the same thing).

So when I instantly yelled “HOAX!” at the very beginning of this dastardly COVID caper in the spring of 2020, my sister, well conditioned to distrust my so-called anti-semitic comments, naturally assumed that I was wrong and the clever commentators on CNN were sincere and correct, and went out and got herself two injections of some kind of so-called vaccine.

Four days after the second jab she called my other sister early in the morning, claiming she couldn’t move her arms and neck, and pleaded for both help and answers. My other sister transported her to the local emergency room and an ambulance soon shipped her up to the main hospital in Sarasota, where after multiple examinations and CAT scans, these doctors whom she so fawningly admires pronounced that she obviously was suffering from a statin allergy, which was causing some kind of cardiac irregularity.RM

Far be it for me to defend the use of statins, which are supposed to ameliorate these so called bad cholesterol numbers. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used statins has eventually abandoned them for any number of various bad reactions. I myself had the same history with this bogus nostrum, which most doctors continue to prescribe with regularity as if they were some kind of harmless but necessary Tootsie Rolls.

So the doctors she trusts prescribed the over the counter heart medicine CoQ10 and sent her home. She appears to have had no adverse conditions since. Yet.

Now I’m only talking about second hand reports from my other sister, but I heard nothing mentioned in her treatment about the COVID shots received prior to this episode. You know, the shots that are now killing far more people than this so-called dreaded disease itself.

Shortly after her visit to the hospital, the news broke that teenagers and assorted young people were having heart trouble after receiving certain COVID vaccines. Myocarditis is the magic word of the day. I don’t recall which vaccines were under study, but the numbers seemed to me to be significant, and the reported symptoms strikingly similar to my sister’s.

And it became obvious to me that this was another case of doctors betraying their own Hippocratic oath by, first, not inquiring and learning that she had been jabbed, voluntarily, and second, not testing for the possibility that her shots had something to do with her distress.

And then this popped up in the newspaper.


Covid vaccines worsen disease upon exposure;

trial participants are not being warned by doctors

Patients who participated in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” clinical trials were not told that the injections could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating viruses, a new study has found.

Researchers from New York University (NYU) and Tulane University looked at available published literature to see whether or not the risks associated with Chinese Virus injection were properly disclosed to patients. They were not, it turns out, and many patients ended up learning the hard way through serious illness or death. [ . . . ]

Wuhan Flu shots, we now know, were designed in such a way as to elicit neutralizing antibodies that end up sensitizing vaccine recipients to more severe disease. In other words, getting injected actually worsens one’s risk of developing a serious infection later on down the road.

The report goes on to say . . .

. . . viral-based vaccines simply do not work. These in particular contain fundamental flaws in their mechanistic design that, as previously mentioned, cause the human body to become more prone to illness. This is why we keep saying that this whole thing is one big experiment on human health, the long-term implications of which are yet to unfold.

Covid vaccines are the real pandemic spreading disease, the report concludes.

Now that the Northern Hemisphere is about to break into summer, vitamin D levels will be up and many vaccinated people will probably do okay for the time being. Once fall rolls around, however, there is no telling what might happen next.

Getting it straight

The most important thing in the world is the individual. Anybody who tells you anything different is a criminal psychopath.

So, how are we supposed to trust doctors ever again? Not to mention politicians, if we ever had the naivete to believe them in the first place? And how are we supposed to trust our media, upon whom we have relied to stay alive all our lives?

That’s the thing that really gets you — ALL OUR LIVES. All our lives they have been lying to us. All of a sudden the ground caves in, there is no basis for reality, nothing to tell our children to keep them from harm.

In the final analysis we are afloat in the universe with no one to guide us, no one to trust, no law enforcement to protect us. The cops only work for the bankers, they only protect their properties. Our rights are something to be ignored once they come up against what the bankers say is important.

That’s what Dr. David Martin said, too. Forget about the Rothschilds; it’s our own insurance companies that really run things, and our doctors follow along and do whatever they say or they lose their licenses to practice medicine.

How come nobody ever went after Dr. Anthony Fauci for all the hundreds of thousands of luckless patients murdered by his AZT confection now that it has been proved that AIDS never really existed? Or after Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jonas Salk when it was proven that the SV-40 he put in his polio vaccine gave people cancer 20 years down the line? 

As a journalist now going on 5o years of pecking out stories on a keyboard (actually it’s 65 starting from that one page broadsheet I penciled out in the fifth grade when I was 9 years old), I have come to learn that no authority can be trusted unless he has the footnotes to prove what he says, and even then you can’t be certain.

Further complicating this conundrum is the systematic mind rape of the public by authorities who insist math is racist and the concept of America, which was once the top, most revered ideals pursued by the whole world, was based on the systematic oppression of people of color. What garbage! it was based on hope, which is the grounding principle of all religions and the raising of all children.

The beauty of life is obvious right before our eyes. Why must governments say that it is not true?

And this leads to an even greater uncertainty that there is no one — no authority anywhere who can be trusted — given the outrageous state of organized religion today with a pope who says you can be a Christian without believing in Jesus, the dastardly record of priests who molest little boys in the name of the Lord, and the rabbis who bite the tips off babies’ penises and call it a religious ritual.

In terms of how we can perceive the reality we face today, as real people trust their doctors and take shots that kill them to prevent a disease that doesn’t, 

The emotional algebra of public perception is based upon the facts we have previously learned guiding our judgment when we confront new unexpected facts. Considering how the government and media have both lied to us consistently throughout our lives, there is no reasonable expectation that either government or media should suddenly and surprisingly start telling us the truth. This shows that no publicized government calculation, from decisions about medicine or decisions about war, has ever really added up.

And today, many if not most of us are all at risk from a profit motive that guarantees we will not survive the lies we are told.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


the Pale

The Pale of Settlement:

Historical nucleus

of Jewish terror




By John Kaminski

If there were a center of the vortex of combustible evil in the world, it would have to be in the exact spot where the future of humanity now hangs precariously in the balance. The fickle finger of freedom’s fate ominously points at Ukraine, which today bubbles like a poison broth emanating an unsettling whiff of the imminent end of the world.

The Pale of Settlement was the name for this same broad swath of fertile territory in Western Russia inside which Jews were confined for more than a century in an attempt to isolate them because of their innate proclivity to swindle gullible residents and capture the wealth of any area in which they lived in great numbers, a talent demonstrated uncountable times over the centuries.

As they have done throughout their soiled history, they milked the addictions and compulsions of innocent peasants by first selling them alcohol and then lending credit at interest rates no borrower could ever repay until all the land belonged to Jews, everything was kosher and everybody else was dead, which is today what makes what is happening in Ukraine an uncanny and unsettling déjà vu foreboding of the ominous expectations of terrified humans today. 

Hysterical media describe the current scene as the match about to light World War 3. Cooler heads see it as part of a fiendish plot to enmesh the world in an all-encompassing Communist system by first disposing of most of the world’s population and then bankrupting the remainder to usurp complete control of everyone’s lives.

Some twelve hundred years ago, the Pale of Settlement — or at least an area slightly to the east — was known as the Khazar Empire, a notorious refuge for the ancestors of today’s Israelis, according to the chilling historical description in Hungarian novelist Arthur Koestler’s masterwork, The Thirteenth Tribe, which chronicles the nasty legends of these brutal outcasts of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The war ravaged Republic of Ukraine now remains trapped between the fatal embrace of two cutthroat Jewish power structures in which no one can predict the outcome except the Jewish billionaires writing the script and employing the actors to distract everyone from their efficient plundering of the world’s economies as apprehensive observers watch spellbound by the twists and turns of this evolving story.

Trapped on one side by ruthless Russians who only a few short decades ago starved to death 9 million Ukrainians in a story The New York Times refused to report, and sweet talked from the West by ruthless Capitalist whores bearing cookies and cash while interested only in using them as senseless cannon fodder in their game of international exploitation, Ukraine is boobytrapped by the bioweapons of corrupt capitalist interests rampaging throughout the world and fleecing hapless nations of their resources while virtue signaling to fearful victims that they are rescuing these poor countries from anonymous terrorists who can never be conclusively identified by supposedly objective media analysts.

Beleaguered citizens seeking safety from bombs and poison, the gigantic military forces arrayed and ready to obliterate civilization, the froth mouthed media eager to exacerbate the conflict, and the many nations whose future depends upon the outcome, are all controlled by a single, central, diabolical source.

Overseeing this whole grisly game are the no-nonsense puppetmasters of Israel, for whom everyone else’s misery is only a Talmudic parlor game, as Jews believe everyone in the world are only contemptible farm animals while they are their G-d’s chosen people. Which they are. They are clearly the chosen of Satan, who in their disgusting abominations like biting the tips off babies’ penises revel in their repulsive rituals while the rest of the world bleeds out around them. 

This has been going on for centuries, but camouflaged by Jewish bankers and historians turning glib comedians into artificially puffed up statesmen — as they have done in Ukraine — their satanic kosher plot still spreads like a sadistic stain around the world.

Adolf Hitler once called Israel “a university for budding crooks.” 

Well, these master manipulators are now humanity’s professors, teaching the world to knuckle under to their twisted tyranny, depriving everyone of their freedom and regimenting the world into their rancid version of peace on Earth, a world without love or justice but only Orwell’s boot planted firmly on your face, assuming you are one of the “lucky” ones allowed to live with the mRNA hydra deployed throughout your body by vaccines electronically connected to the great rabbi in your ear who gently tells you how to live your life in an obedient and productive fashion.



Snippits and Snappits:

Assassination Monopoly 


The lurid tales of pogroms against the poor Jews of Russia in the late 1800s were amplified by the assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881 by constantly agitating Jewish radicals. While the backlash was severe, the accounts of it in British newspapers were wildly exaggerated. This was the beginning of Jewish propaganda in the West served as the justification for the flood of Jewish immigrants from Russia into England and the U.S. before and after the turn of the century.

The consequence of this intensified influx of kleptomaniac kosher killers led to the creation of the Federal Reserve and World War I, and the dominance of 20th century life in the Western World by ruthless Jewish millionaires.

Poverty in the Pale

The Pale of Settlement extended roughly from the Baltic to the Black Sea mostly squeezed in between Prussia and Russia. It included most of modern day Belarus and Ukraine. Its major cities were Kyiv and Lublin (Lviv). Most Jews were excluded from residency in Russia as well as in a number of cities within the Pale. The archaic English term pale meant an extended fenced-in area.

Originally formed in 1791 by Russia’s Catherine II, the Pale of Settlement was a region designated for Jews. Because of their ingrained talent for swindling those around them out of everything they owned, very few Jews were allowed to live elsewhere. At the end of the 19th century, close to 95 percent of the 5.3 million Jews in the Russian Empire lived in the Pale of Settlement. In early 1917, the Pale of Settlement was abolished, permitting Jews to live where they wished in the former Russian Empire. 

Life in the Pale for many was economically bleak and the main reason for this was the situation that has evolved in the rest of the known world, where Jewish swindlers have cornered the market on cash everywhere by addicting the population to substances and practices that made Jews a ton of money and left the rest of the world on welfare.

With gas prices through the roof and also small business long ago closed by the maniac mandates of today prostituted politicians, the situation today increasingly resembles the desperate poverty of rural Russians ruined by their oligarchic Jewish overlords.

Rubbed out by Genghis Khan

Koestler’s Thirteenth Tribe recounts that somewhere between 700 and 1000 AD, the ancient Khazar Empire converted to Judaism to avoid becoming entangled that region’s struggle between Islam and Christianity. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates they escaped to the Pale and Poland to form the cradle of Western Jewry. It was a propitious position for them when they joined up with Marrano refugees from Catholic Spain to eventually capture all the capitals of Europe by triggering revolutions and through bribery insinuating themselves into all the palaces on the continent.

Yiddish refugees from that Pale of Settlement managed by their trademark methods managed to worm their way into not only Buckingham Palace but also into the United States where they quickly took control of the banks and the politicians and within a short period of time were able to send a dastardly contingent of Jewish Trotskyites from Brooklyn into Moscow, brutally murder the czar’s whole family and set up what some critics have described as the only country in world history to accomplish nothing of value — and murdering 100 million white Christians in the process. That was the Soviet Union, now dead and gone but not forgotten.

A half century after that, after two World Wars and numerous worldwide economic collapses, the cancerous kosher cabal set up their sadistic shop in the Middle East trying to convince everyone they were Semites when they were really — and definitely still are — Asian nomads with no conscience and an unquenchably murderous bent.

After the Jewish Soviet Union collapsed of its own incestuous inertia and Eastern Europe was freed from its bloody domination, of course you could guess it was the Jewish oligarchs who escaped with most of the assets and left bare the cupboards of the people.

One of those criminal oligarchs didn’t stray too far from the scene of the crime and in fact set up shop next door in Ukraine for the next installment of the Jewish rape of the people.

Billionaire Israeli Cypriot oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who owns the One Plus One TV network, presented a show titled Servant of the People in which an actor named Zelinskyy played the president. Then, presto, enter Victoria Nuland $5 billion U.S. dollars and Zelinskyky was suddenly the real president and is now a billionaire and good friends with Hunter Biden, son of the American president, both bankrolled by the same guy, both drug addicts. 

Washington terrified the truth will come out. 

As ace reporter Wayne Madsen wrote back in 2014, 

One of the main reasons why Ukrainian Jewish billionaire tycoon Igor Kolomoisky, the governor of Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk province and citizen of Ukraine, Israel and Cyprus, is spending tens of millions of dollars on the recruitment of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis from other parts of Europe to fight against the Russian-speaking majority in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, is a fear that plans to turn Ukraine into a second Israel will be derailed. Russia’s protective measures for the Donbass, as well as its incorporation by referendum of Crimea, the latter prized by the resurgent Khazarian Jewish nationalists, threaten the transformation of Ukraine into a second homeland for Ashkenazi Jews who are finding their hold on Israel prime tenuous, at best. 

The Times of Israel’s explosive story about the Khazarian roots of the Ashkenazis also revealed that Israel, knowing that a Palestinian state is inevitable considering the increasing pressure for it from Europe, is preparing to resettle Ashkenazi settlers in the West Bank to Ukraine. Israel’s advanced research in genetics resulted in a direct DNA line being established between Israel’s Ashkenazis and the Khazars who were dispersed across eastern and central Europe after Russia conquered the Khazarian Empire in the 11th century. [ . . . ]

Turning Jews into Nazis

In Ukraine, the so-called “second Israel,” Kolomoisky and Kiev have enlisted a number of ex-Israel Defense Force members in their volunteer battalions, including the Azov Battalion, One of the Israeli units is known as the “Blue Helmets of Maidan” and is commanded by an Israeli using the pseudonym “Delta”. If Israel did not have a vested interest in expanding its influence in Ukraine it could easily prevent these units from going to Ukraine.

There are also Sephardic Jewish settlers in the West Bank who are descended from the Jewish Marranos of Moorish-ruled Spain who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula during the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions of the 15th century who have no ties to Ashkenazis or Khazaria. 

Misplaced concern

Concern for the embattled victims of war, especially between two corrupt empires, is never misplaced. But the righteous restrictions on Russia and the endorsement of the corrupt regime in Ukraine actually are perceptual errors exacerbated by corrupt media totally controlled by the same evil entity controlling both of the factions in this contrived and long expected conflict.

All over the capitalist world, penalties have been exacted against Russia which don’t take into account that this whole confrontation was started by the United States and their cynical manipulation back in 2014 of the Ukrainian election cycle. The world remembers Victoria Nuland bragging that the U.S. spent $5 billion to achieve its desired result of a fixed election featuring Jewish Nazi secret snipers who willing murdered participants on both sides of the prearranged struggle.

The key argument is that the U.S. would not stand for Russia placing missiles next door in Mexico so why should Russia abide U.S. missiles perched 300 miles from its own capital? Media trying to ratchet up hatred for Russia continue to ignore that question, and forfeited their role as impartial journalist observers of the fabricated crisis that risks the lives of millions.

Also ignored by reasonable watchers of a wind-up war is that real victims of these bizarre reactions to what should be seen as a straightforward situation are the Western world and in particular the United States, whose demented and inadequate leaders have taken actions to increase the risks of war, rather than devise strategies for winding it down.

This willing ineptitude can now be seen as a deliberate effort by Joe Biden and his supportive Congressional boobs as actions to deliberately sabotage the welfare of American citizens, for which they should be removed immediately and tried for treason.

The purpose of this war now stands revealed — to victimize the world for profit and end the freedom for which millions of brave people on all sides have fought to preserve. Its is up to the people outside of government to rise up and stop this war from the outside, because irresponsible government representatives on the inside have deliberately failed to do so, and are still taking steps to make matters worse rather than better.

To support corrupt Ukraine it its cynical pose of victim when it actually has been a U.S. forward base for the invasion of Russia is as morally wrong as all the other criminal wars imposed on an irresponsible American electorate as wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and all the other cultures we have destroyed.

The only reason America is supporting Ukraine against Russia is to cover up the serious crimes it has committed in our names, and as with the false COVID epidemic, these are serious capital crimes for which the perpetrators of these atrocities should face maximum penalties.

The death of conscience

Because it has no place on a computerized Communist funny farm, the ironic aspect about the impending death of conscience is that it will take the complete destruction of human society to save it. Only then will the few of us left with profound regret have the perspective to see what the empirically efficient effort at regimentation of everything will have cost us.

As it stands now those who have no conscience will not miss its existence or they would not have tried so hard to eliminate it in the first place. It has always been a burden on their bottom line, as were the higher values it would have required to maintain its existence.

Sorry, there is no deduction for conscience on your tax return.

We have traded our best qualities for glittering gimmicks and titillating toys, thinking they would save us where rational reason could not. Thinking was too difficult so we rationalized our lives away. 

Superficial people always say, “There’s nothing we can do about it so why worry?”

Now to most people who have taken the jab and don’t read or watch the news, this story is far over the edge from their crumpled consciousness. Maybe even beyond the pale of things they thought would keep them alive.

You can be sure about one thing about the clever Jewish tacticians who invented this great game of exterminate the gentiles. When they kill you, they won’t feel guilty about it. Because after all you’re just an animal.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. MK

    as you write I prey that that goddess within will guide you

    said about her will send Spirit

    to be a guide to you

    as I express things primitively

    Gospel I see

  2. Well, on second thought,let's send our bloated and vaxxed retards to Ukraine along with that brainwashed vaxxed and bloated Marine corps. There those Russians can put these rabid dogs down just like the Vietnamese people did 60 years ago. That was tough on Americans but kept them war weary yet now Isee the vaxxed mind controlled retards at the taverans callingfor war. Even the so called liberals will be all in.

    • I don't think that'll escalate, Nine. Most likely the Russians will occupy the whole place by force, destroy the military infrastructure completely, and then absorb Eastern Ukraine into the Motherland leaving the much poorer west for the EU to pay for. It'll be a nice geographical buffer, too, and verrry easy to keep an eye on. Expect the Baltic "states" to feel the squeeze next after geopolitical behemoths Rimania, Bulgaria and Slovakia are bitch-slapped down.

      Keep watching. Things are getting interesting and the vaxx deaths are mounting and getting harder to conceal. A senior UN representative this morning and many others just this past week.
      Sad. But inevitable and the price they'll pay for handing over bodily sovereignty to a big glass of juice and a mental retard pretending to occupy high office.
      Sheeva will reap her harvest. And then some.
      But we did try and warn em, right?

    • Only here where we are playing for all the marbles. You guys are getting away with saying things nobody else gets away with saying anymore in public, including John Kaminski, and I ain't even getting started yet. They should have read my book more carefully, this is a high to me, better than any drug, let Hyde go and now I have. Let's see what happens but I can only tell you it's been one great trip already…

      They should have listened to the song which I played for them before they even tried me

    • Yea Orage and I just had this conversation on Substack, if this is their best attempt to spin it then they will have to cover it up as they're doing. If it wasn't for you B I might not have ever caught it and consequently been susceptible to government spin artists like VT and Saker, or maybe even went for the war is a hoax nonsense and Putin is a Jew nonsense that is being plastered all over Bitchute. Our friendship has already paid dividends, thank you…

    • I see VT ha brought out Ian greenhog to denigrate the very memory of Adolph Hitler saying that Germany was a jooish oligarchy. SOTN posted this on their

    • "B" that Russian that talked about the MOD is from VT as I asked those morons directly to explaine that Z on that Russian armor.
      They at least left the post up. Ian though? Should have his teeth knocked out.

    • In a just world many VT editors would be jailed and forced to watch the greatest story never told set on loop 24/7.

    • Hitler was absolutely correct upon invading Russia as proof of that is lisping Ian Greenhog free to post his horse shit.
      MI6 squandered what Hitler did for the west!

    • The absolutely most hated people upon planet earth are the German people. I am a purebred German and to this day have little trust of those Russians. However, under Putin they seem to have regained their senses. Time will tell…

    • Nine please don't post any links to VT articles on our site, particularly ones written by that dreadful fat little homosexual, people are still reading this let him entertain all the soon to be dead idiots VT talked into injecting themselves with poison, we don't want to be directing anyone over there, they are criminals and hopefully one day justice will be served to them, personally lock me in a room for every punk that writes for them and I will deliver justice myself…

    • I know how you feel nine, they tried to kill us, they tried to kill their own friends, something only the sleaziest Guiny would ever try in my world. But this is still getting hundreds of reads a day we don't want to feed them there, why so Dean can sell them a vaccine that's gonna kill them?

    • "B" , old Odell is a sick old man in a nursing home with a fine internet connection. As a Christian ministry myself and the Evangelical Queen go to local nursing homes as she sings like an angel of God from Heaven to those miserable prisoners as did he not say if you love me one must visit the prisoner? The last Nursing home we visited was right where the black man in Waukesha Wisconsin ran over a bunch of people having a Christmas parade as many of the old from that home were on the street when that demented soul drove that car through the crowd. That particular nursing home houses some of our richest folks in Wisconsin as only staff wear masks. None of the residents since it "upsets" them however, I wear Mr. Carbon, a ceremonial covid mask I bought from a cycling seat manufacturer as I thought that covid was real and that masks might protect. LOL

      So, I wear this carbon mask to mock the morons like our dear Mr. Odell. But, my evangelical queen will still sing for him like an angel from heaven to comfort in his final moments on this plain of existence…

    • Well, I will just give you an honest opinion about Gordon Duff and VT. Mr. Duff a few years back casually mentioned in various posts that he has received FBI "attentions".

      FBI is one of our newest Federal Family members and must be excused for some ignorance in regards to VT. They simply don't want to deal with them so real VT has moved on with our dear Mr. Duff's passing.

      If you think the FBI is bad wait to you get a load of Homeland Security our newest member of the Family. Harry Vox could do a complete stand up routine on those people. Then we can get Kaminski to write an expose on Federal agency crime.

      Jack, just looking at what you got.

      I interviewed with Homeland a year after the agency was established. That's classified as I don't want to embarrass them for staying at USpostal. LOL

    • But CNN's military expert Bagdad Bob told me the Russians have run out of bullets and neo nazi, I mean Ukranian, counter attacks are routing them…

    • I'm working on transcribing Putin's speech right now but I gotta tell you Americas thoroughly infiltrated right wing is countering pro Putin sentiment among the sentient by trying to link him with Agenda 21, appealing to huge yellow streak going down Americans backs that allowed a handful of people to thoroughly subvert their constitution and install an unelected executive branch. I don't know if they'll go for it yet but I'm ready to block Kaminski he sends me one more piece in that vein. Gordon Duff was right "too stupid to live…"

    • Jack and Banger, infiltration is the right word since the local bubbas all think that Putin is bad as that very internet they read is a weapon against used against them.
      America is doomed and perhaps rightfully so?
      We shall see how it plays out. I expect the cycling community to have a ride for the Ukraine, vaxxed only of course!LOL

    • Just an observation, the local Boys at the local right wing taverns are all in on the Putin bad hype and isn't it rich that the vaxxed up bidenistas and the red knecks all agree war is needed on Russia? Whoda thunk it? The internet? LOL

    • We need a go fund me to pay Putin for a bunker buster hypersonic missile to clean out that rats nest in DC. Duff nailed it. To stupid to live.

    • Glad to see you caught yourself B on saying the vaccine don't work on the contrary I works beyond all expectations:
      Maybe it's just their time to die B, the Russians are fighting for God and as the head of MI 6 just said we will be fighting for sword swallowers and carpet munchers. It's happened before, read the Bhagavad Gita. That's why Khrisna (God) tells the reluctant Arjuna he must fight against his perverted friends who have defiled womanhood and the womb of man. What he is asking Arjuna to do is be his instrument, to be the Destroyer of Worlds…

    • "B" and Jack, I am watching this play out right in front of me as the brainwashing is that huge. That Twitter link is the truth! The vaxx is wildly successful and as "B" says I will chill and watch the circus.

    • You got a front row seat nine, and you've earned it, you've been on this bus almost since the very beginning, now you can watch us drive it right over the cliff, but rest assured when it lands you will be coming with us…

    • Banger, does not the Church always teach that one has an appointment with death perhaps our dear Mr. Duff needs to be reminded of that fact. And Jack, something has to be done so lets crash the party. Remember that our dear Duff has the FBI breathing down his back and trust me these Feds have unlimited power to make your life miserable.

    • yea one of mine got deleted too, I'm thinking along the same lines although i doubt Mr. Duff is a sword swallower

    • Or it's some algorithm picking up on certain words and terms. Easy to circumvent but a pain in the arse, and they are getting quite sophisticated.

      But with an ego like Duff has, it's a sure thing he'll be checking out your blog, Jack. That's in between his consultancies in everything from Nigerian politics to "defemce" to alien spaceships to fried fucking chicken or whateverrrr.

      And gaawd do I hate foodies.

    • You know it could be those Feds, you know how they dig "back doors" right?
      We had a whore at USpostal who transfered over to FBI to be an "Analist" as she slept with all the bosses and was a snitch as we felt FBI was the perfect place for her.

    • The women of USpostal? Sows, cows and whores as no decent man would allow any woman he knows to work there. With affirmative action that drove the quality of management down even lower if possible and this is all over the Federal service. White men are the absolute enemy of our Federal Government however, on the job I was the best they had so I set my own terms with them. The current trajectory of the federal service including the military is collaspe and its best to stay out of their way and watch the circus.

    • I assure you as I mock them that I love our dear Federal family. Everyone knows that insane people have been put in charge of our top agencies as what to do? Good men need to slow it down at their agency if is put in your power to do so.

  3. Jack, yesterday I was at the credit union and a meal team six guy was there asking for donations to send men to fight in the Ukraine. He says all the local taverns have Ukrainian fund raisers.
    When he asked me to donate I told him that I heard that those Russians were tough real men with superior weapons and your men you send will probably die there. Nothing but silence, yet the level of brain washing was astounding.

  4. I have Mike Kays new piece, but I haven't even got to read it yet let alone post it and do the mailout. I'm helping Phil build a landing to a new room he's added to his house. I should be today, and I will either post it tonight if I'm not too tired or in the morning.

    In the meantime, while we are on the discussion of biolabs An has sent me this about the one in Tbilisi and the brave efforts of one woman to expose it. When I see people like her at work I wonder why the pieces of shit with eyes that fill western screens are allowed to take one more breath of our air while people like me and her fight a war to the death in the trenches for what should be common human decency. But I have my answer Americans have metastasized from merely apathetic into a deadly cancer that threatens to afflict the whole world. When we finance building deadly mosquitos and killing four year old girls with gain of function diseases, build labs all over the world to accomplish the dreams of homicidal psychopaths and allow our government to pay them handsome salaries we have crossed the line that God has drawn in the sand for what is and what should never be. Every American that is not fighting against this with everything they have deserves to die horribly. God and his angels fight at the side of the Russians and mark my words, you will die horribly…

    • The next piece will probably upset a few applecarts, because it explores the origin and establishment of the thought that launches events such as the unprecedented voter fraud campaign to install a traitor and crook into the nation's highest office.
      For the record, this is not a backward endorsement for Trump, it is a statement supported by clear evidence.
      I didn't really want to write about this, but it is hyperessential for those who aren't dying of the jab, and who still have principles, to have some tools to deal with this disaster, of which the network of biolabs is an intrinsic part. You will soon enough see another example of how much the cabal in power hates you, as they manoeuvre for a financial crisis that will greatly enrich the parasite of Israel, whilst sacrificing 3,000 troops in Syria.
      This plan has been in the works for decades.
      It isn't a happy read, but it's important.

  5. So, perhaps correct me if I am wrong. "how to talk to a human resources female" as now, I am funding an education by such people.

    Critical race theory? Give me a list of whites that have personally harmed you.

    as many say a theory of war yet none of the experts study peace

    said peace a fruit of I am

    Gospel I see

  6. Did you know that my monthly Social Security Check just cashed?

    Pays for nothing. I have to ride a bicycle around for entertainment.

    Jack, we need an armorer the likes of Duff to build a fire arm to carry on any American road upon a bicycle.

  7. An observation, so, we have what? Half the human populations holding increadable video recording machines in their hands and no videos of the current war?

    Hmm, consider me suspicious…

  8. I am currently completing a piece that explores the core conceptual dynamic to modern western thought. Hopefully, I will have it ready soon. I have not forgotten the piece concerning prophecy, yet it is important to clarify how the west approaches this life.
    The Ukrainian military is surrendering en masse. This is a very positive development, yet expect the tv brain to treat it as atrocity. Anyone who finds value in human life will find relief that the worst part of this military action will soon end.
    Really, the standard media should be viewed as a demented distant acquaintance who cannot function without copious amounts of lithium.

    • Take your time Mike, since I wrote the introduction, I'm gonna leave this one up at least five days, as I pointed out from the start these biolabs are what started it, the Russians had no choice but to take them out. Now that he has seen NATO's military response:
      This should get interesting; he can liberate most of Europe with the same ease and go down in post Schlomo history as the greatest statesman since Adolf Hitler himself..

    • Billy:
      That's something. My second question concerns Hitler: Can you give me more details about his background?

      19. You think of the leader of the former German Reich, Adolf Hitler?


      20. I am only allowed to give you a few details about that, but they will be very interesting for you:
      21. Adolf Hitler was a genius in many respects.
      22. His knowledge ranged from various fields of art and technology to various sciences and the use of the powers of suggestion.
      23. In his inner form he was an incarnated life-form of very good values.
      24. However, he was not a human being with a highly developed spirit, but rather a human being with values of intellect and rationality, destined to lead the entire earthly politics and economy as well as all states in a certain positive direction so as to create a peaceful united world and Earth humankind.
      25. For this purpose he was trained and incarnated at his place.
      26. He was intended to give the Earth a new appearance and to initiate new forms of development through positive gewaltsame Gewaltsamkeit [powerful actions using logic and rationality].
      27. This was strictly monitored and overseen.
      28. But ultimately all efforts were in vain and he was not able to fulfil his task in the form in which it was envisaged.
      29. Via the then leaders of the Thule Society and their clairvoyant Hanussen I, the Giza intelligences managed to take possession of the being of Adolf Hitler and to abuse him for their dark and malicious purposes, without him resisting it, because a delusional greed for power had flared up in him himself.
      30. In addition to this undertaking, innumerable forces in the form of human beings of Earth who had fallen prey to the Giza intelligences were regarding their consciousness manipulated and placed in his closest vicinity, whose influence he was also unable to withstand.
      31. So he was soon forced to act against his own destiny and to do things that did not correspond to his destiny.

      I imagined something similar. For I could never come to terms with the fact that Hitler was supposed to have been simply a completely normal and not a power-addicted ruler. All his doings and actions, his trains of thought known to me from newspapers and radio speeches, which I followed with interest and often with Sfath's help during the war, cannot be reconciled with the image that was generally made of him during the war. This was also made clear to me by Sfath.

      32. Sure, it is as you say.
      33. Adolf Hitler had succumbed to a delusion of power and was also maliciously abused by the Giza intelligences, with the old Thule Society playing a not inconsiderable part in this, which, however, cannot be transferred to the society of the same name of the new form.

      In 1978, the Plejaren Federation invaded the underground rooms beneath the Giza Plateau, arrested everyone there, and had them removed off Earth permanently.

  9. Well Jack as the American Feds fund me to observe, I am seeing my Jooish pals having nasty long term reactions to the vaxx that the Rabbi told them all to take. I told them using MSNBC as source that Israel is on the fourth jab and that obviously the vaxxines do t work and that Israeli scientists are researching vitamin D and cannibis to boost the immune system. I explained to my young jooish pal that the vaxx is a huge national security issue for the Israeli military.

    Dear in the headlights Jack. LOL

    • I doubt the Israelis were dumb enough to jab the majority of their military, Nine; most likely a saline solution and a few test batches to monitor the effects and efficacy of the Mind Kontrolle +++ aspects of the inoculations given out to the chumps (that'd be the redacted 'military ingredients' available in the contents lists on

      It's interesting that maggot from Pfizer has now shown up again calling for a 4th shot– 2nd booster– and that 'new variants' are incoming. He knows that because he is a scientist. And has a crystal ball.

      In other words, we're probably about to suffer another bioattack as forecasted by the other well known scientist, Bill Gates. And unless these monsters can be stopped in their tracks, they'll scorch Earth rather than let a bunch of Slavic Christians show them up.

      Get ready to duck– avoid large crowds, and keep those spidey senses well fucking tuned in to the NPC topography. (Not that hard to do, let's be honest, heh heh.) They're your canary in the cage and will tell you much.

      As for the 'side effects' becoming visible? Believe me, you'll know when that happens. Everybody will. And the last thing on the US 'administration's' mind will be picking a fight with anybody. Let alone saving their own skins.
      Good luck~

    • Thanks B can't get anything authentic on the Ukraine in this corpse of a country anymore, anything from the inside is appreciated.

    • Jack, if they showed images or video of a real war situation– i.e. unimaginably horrific to a purple haired faggot– the cretins back West might not be calling out for a 'no fly zone' over Ukraine that'd lead to a REAL war. Here's why there is most definitely a no-no fly zone, heh heh:

      Hear the US gimps cringing in terror? This is the real strike on the training facility/arms store sent from Poland–I wonder who these Americans are:

      And finally– be warned– REAL war, and not just at the fucking pump– and what really was an attack on a city in Ukraine by, go figure, Ukrainian nationalists– the only maggots attacking cities with crude Soviet era tech (NSFW warning):'un-missile-Tochka-U-de-l'arm%C3%A9e-ukrainienne:5

      All the above checked out as genuine. Not much in Normie Land, I know. Stay safe out there, B.

    • aaannnnnd, looky here. For anybody with their head still up their shtanky asshole, Mr Romanoff, here– no hysterical hyberbolic by any stretch of the imagination– has just come up with something very, very interesting.
      Wonder who he's been speaking to?

      Meanwhile, some of Jack's other readers still be like: hey, I wonder what Tucker Karlensohn has to say about this?

      Newsflash: He has Jack Shit to say about this.

      Must be about time for the Chinese invasion via the White House and all the ports and all the secret honey trap agents sucking off Hunter Biden and all the Chinese agents paying off congress and the evil CCP planning to take over the world because they're evil and the Russians really want to take over the world too because they're evil too and, and, and…..annnnndddd…

      Ever get the feeling y'all've been had?

      That's enough dextrous diarrhoea from me– I do tend to unleash in spurts!

    • Thanx "B" as I told my militia pal that PT starts today. 40 mile bike ride followed by a 6 mile hike in horrible hills. LOL

      He thinks we should go to Ukraine to fight Putin. One of these idiots looks like Jabba the Hut. His name is Bob so I called him "bobba the Hut". LOL

    • Well Jack, I see the purple haired faggots didn't like my assessment if the F35s chances against the S550 system, eh?
      Good jib moving away from these maggots with your writings, it'd druce me cwazy having these ass lickers delete my stuff.
      See you in Substack.

    • It all begins now. The signs make it clear. The last Grandmaster, his curse has been put to rest, and now the spiral time calls for the return of the Goddess.
      "It's the fire, the fire
      That's burning down everything.
      It's the fire, the fire!
      Only the birds have their wings".
      -Bob Marley and the Wailers
      This is the real deal, the perfection of prophecy. The leaders hands are forced. Only, none of this is going like they think, because her hand is both terrible and true.

    • MK, whats the name of that Marley song? As our dearest "B" has documented that the Church has consecrated Russia to the sacred heart of Mary. What will brother Bugnolo have to say about that?

    • " Dready got a job to do

      And he's got to fulfill that mission

      To see his hurt is their

      Greatest ambition

      But we will survive

      In this world of competition

      'Cause no matter what they do

      Natty keep on coming thru

      And no matter what they say

      Natty de deh every day

      Natty dread rides again

      Thru the mystics of tomorrow

      Natty dread rides again

      Having no fear, having no sorrow

      All and all you can see a gwan

      Is to fight against the Rastaman

      So they build their world

      In great confusion

      To force us in the devil's illusion

      But the stone that the builder refuse

      Shall be the head cornerstone

      And no matter what games they play

      There is something they could

      Never take away

      Something they could never take away

      And it's the fire, it's the fire, fire

      Burning down everything

      Feel the fire, fire, the fire, the fire

      Only the birds have wings

      No time to be deceived

      You should know and not believe

      Jah says this judgment

      Could never be with water

      So no water could put out this fire

      This this fire, this this fire

      This this fire Ride Natty Ride

      Go deh Dready, go deh Dready, go deh

      Now the fire is burning

      Out of control panic in the city

      Wicked weeping for their gold

      Everywhere the fire is burning

      Destroying and melting their gold

      Destroying and wasting their souls

      Ride Natty Ride

      Go deh Dready, go deh Dready

      Go deh Dready, go deh

      Now the people gather on the beach

      And the leader try to make a speech

      But dread again tell them it's too late

      Fire is burning

      Man pull your own weight

      Fire is burning

      Man pull your own weight

      Natty dread rides again

      Go deh Dready, go deh Dready go deh

      Oh Ride Natty Ride

      Natty dread rides again

      Go deh Dready, go deh, go deh Dready go deh

      Riding thru the storm

      And we're riding thru the calm

      Go deh, go deh

      We riding thru the thick

      We riding thru the thin

      Ride Natty, Ride Natty"

      Bob Marley

    • MK, did you know that they have extended the race day to over Two Hundred Miles in the cycling professional racing circuit.

      What does this mean exactly? It means cycling has declared war upon itself. Meaning we used to behave considerate to the weaker cyclist like the Old and Women and children.

      A fine Gravel cycling race for example, forced to change its name or be canceled. Called the "Dirty Kanza" of course in Kansas on their deserted gravel roads.

      Dirity Kanza or "DK" slang for the event has been changed to "unbound gravel" and moved on however, places like this are where "real" bicycle racing is happening. Just saying….

      Put up a few bucks and hold a race. No fucking rules.

      As does mossesawd have a cycling team?

      My team would say "by deception we wage war".

      There. I stole the name but like Jazz each musician loves the other and always give credit for what one takes.

      "Mossad" for telling the truth about war.

    • Spirit has addressed this to you:

      "And it's the fire, it's the fire, fire

      Burning down everything

      Feel the fire, fire, the fire, the fire

      Only the birds have wings"

      Bob Marley

    • For nigh 200 years now, KMB, the move amidst the intellectuals and the self-described shapers of society has focused on the ways and means to rob you of your life, while making you celebrate and participate in this travesty. It's become a Pavlovian response now, to herd the public into unworkable conditions.
      Leaders are only useful when they lead, but in America leadership is pretty hard to find.
      The time of prophecy is now, and that means higher forces are at work.
      BTW, researchers that aren't bought off by the cabal are seeing an alarming rise in conditions related to immune system destruction amongst the jabbed, so it might be time to turn off the tv brain, and decide what is to be done whilst a little life and cognitive capacity is left. I personally recommend a little enjoyment…

  10. Over two years ago Harry Vox nails it on the biolabs, at 6:20 he gets to Google. At eighteen minutes he’s back to real time and he explains how Schlomo thought he was going to develop a virus in the Ukraine biolabs that killed only Caucasians and left himself untouched. Unfortunately, as usual Schlomo did not think out his plan, and Putin is now slapping the shit out of him just like you should be doing to any useful idiot you meet still spewing Schlomo’s talking points while the Russians are holding aloft the smoking gun Schlomo intended to use to kill you:

  11. Really hard to live on a Continent of people who don't realize this…or want to even face up to the possibility of what you describe; isn't it?

    "You can be sure about one thing about the clever Jewish tacticians who invented this great game of exterminate the gentiles. When they kill you, they won’t feel guilty about it. Because after all you’re just an animal."

    • They've never seen behind the veil. They fear it so they allow themselves to be puppeteered by forces beyond their two eyes. If not witnessing it I would never believe it. Pity and anger is usually the response as the grownups speak self-aware in true form from above.

      That in which we are at war with is smart. Foolish men and women mock our leaders today. They know exactly what they're doing and if not their puppet master does and they willfully consent to playing the role you perceive them to be playing. They don't give a fuck about pride do you think Charles Schwab cares about walking like a freak on a beach looking like an asshole? Or Gee Dubya Bush playing dumb? Most aren't paying attention. The darkness is showing you something and all you see is a freak ruling over you, and that's the point.

      And when the game is all said and done beyond tricking a good soul into darkness striping them of their power the other side of the equation is to corrupt you and take you down with them. It's why my philosophy in life for 20 years has always been to push myself to the position that in everything I do including death I will triumph.

  12. Meal team six and team Harkonan seems to sum up what America has become as Duff documented the 9000 calorie diets on American military bases. Perhaps our bloated military will make for big targets?

  13. Heinrich Mueller; the former head of the Gestapo said; to his CIA debriefer; James Kronthal; "The Borgias; remember everything and learn nothing."

    It seems that the Khazarian Banksters have this in common.

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