never sleep

Klaus Schwab’s plan to abolish

every government in the world

put on hold by Ukraine invasion

By John Kaminski



The total weight of all the termites in the world exceeds the total weight of all the humans in the world. 

Termites don’t sleep. They just keep eating, and they do all their work in the dark. They avoid light at all costs. Ignore them and they’ll eat your house down.

What’s the best way to get rid of termites? Simple answer. Sunlight.


Great events in world history usually camouflage other great events which usually remain uncovered until the damage they intend to do is done.

Contemplate if you will what well might be the most important question in world history.

Did Vladimir Putin’s stunning decision to invade Ukraine to take out America’s lethal biological weapons labs actually save the world from the sudden stealth imposition of a one-world government?

Global Research writes:

In the shadow of the Ukraine war, the WHO is preparing – unnoticed by the public – an “international agreement on the prevention and control of pandemics” binding under international law.

The negotiations in Geneva have already begun. Originally, the “transfer of power” was planned for 1 May 2022, i. e. all 194 member states of the WHO would then be forced to implement the measures decided by the WHO, such as lockdowns or general compulsory vaccination.

Get clear about this. This is orders from the WHO taking precedence over orders from national governments.

However, a new memorandum from Concilium Europa, dated 3 March 2022, has delayed the process considerably.

Meanwhile, a working draft of this new WHO “World Government Agreement” is planned to be ready for further internal negotiations on 1 August 2022. See this.

“An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness

The power mad freaks who gave us the fake COVID epidemic which still festers in the oppressed backwaters of civilization with its lockdowns, masks and poison jabs have planned to take their totalitarian tyranny one giant step further. These wretched beasts have concocted an international agreement legally binding under international law to ensure permanent lockdowns in every country on Earth in the horrific plan called an international agreement on pandemics.

Now that their first plandemic has fizzled out because of millions of unnecessary deaths by treatments now exposed as techniques of medical poisoning for pharmaceutical profits producing 1,271 different diseases, ole Klaus and his well trained political flunkies deployed in many countries around the world plan on making this fake medical attack on the world PERMANENT.

And the only reason the world isn’t going to vote on it on May 1 is because Bad Vlad decided to round up the neocon criminals operating their bioweapon manufacturing labs and white slavery rings in Ukraine.

So as Zombie Joe and his misfit henchman strategize more fruitless insults to Russia and China while ruining the West’s economy at the same time, the Strangelovian saboteurs have been temporarily foiled in their attempt to usurp ultimate power from 194 countries on May 1.

Except for the psychopaths running the COVID scam and stealing people’s bank accounts, almost nobody saw this one coming.


Just imagine. The misanthropes who produced this two-year-long nightmare when they met during Event 201 in 2019 and concocted  the scamdemic that shut down the world, ruined millions of peoples’ livelihoods and killed and maimed millions of others, were just about to hold another round of psychotic get togethers to make this nightmare medical chokehold permanent, while simultaneously disempowering every national government on Earth.

Doesn’t that make you feel good about all those responsible leaders you’ve elected to positions of power who take such good care of your health and welfare?

So as the entire world has forgotten about the medical tyranny that has pretty much destroyed their health and their lives for the past two years, and are now bedazzled by the curious events that roughed up Ukraine and split the world apart into two nuclear armed camps all chomping at the bit to annihilate each other, our good diligent billionaire doctors are busy putting the final nails into the coffin of our individual freedom with a document that will take precedence over all the laws our governments have passed during the past several hundred years.

Get a grip on what these well-respected criminals have in mind.

Unelected council gives green light to start negotiations on international pandemic treaty. Read the government doublespeak if you like, but better would be to think about all the things they won’t be discussing, like . . . 

• How the COVID 19 “virus” was never isolated nor purified and because of that officials were never able to prove the disease in question ever actually existed.

• How medications for the unproven disease were never vetted for their previous failures, notably Remdesivir which was responsible for uncountable deaths owing to the damage it did to people’s kidneys, all neatly covered up by the medical establishment.

• How the terrain theory is more germane to human health than the germ theory, which has accounted for astronomical Big Pharma profits over the years and actually increased the overall spectrum of illnesses with the iatrogenic creations of new diseases such as autism.

• How the entire medical profession has been prostituted in service to Big Pharma, compelled to violate their Hippocratic oaths by having to follow Big Government edicts rather than common sense curing techniques overruled by pharmaceutical profit strategies. (I’m thinking of $3200 doses of Remdesivir as opposed to $6 for HCQ.)

• I think first and foremost of all the horrific aspects of the contrived COVID epidemic that need to be addressed are hospitals’ willingness to kill patients for profit which can be easily proven in millions of cases with honest legal investigations.

So as the world goes ga-ga with all the latest revelations about the circus in Ukraine, it would behoove everyone to stay focused on the medical sabotage of human health in the continuing-to-fester plan of human population reduction that continues to progress in secret and not only neutralize the power and authority of the remaining governmental structures that we still possess, but also continue the ongoing onslaught by billionaire medical scions to reduce the population of the world with programs meant to deceive and poison unenlightened populations.

Another important thing to remember — as if you could actually forget about it — is that this is only one minor subplot in a much larger drama that involves American leaders, because they have been bribed by billionaires both foreign and domestic, deliberately sabotaging their own country, shutting down supply lines, and debasing the currency so that widespread starvation and death as the inevitable future of millions becomes the unavoidable prognosis of the human future as we speak.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.










are the real 


U.S. serial killers

keep killing to try

to hide the truth

By John Kaminski



Nothing good will come out of the future as long as America tries to keep building on its ludicrous historical lies.

Slimeball politicians like Lindsey Graham and slithering journalists like Sean Hannity may gratuitously call for the assassination of Vladimir Putin for dramatically impeding the continuing U.S. stealth aggression against Russia, but this hollow patriotic virtue signaling by imperialist network shills fails to succeed in covering up the international crime nest that the United States government has created in Ukraine, with its biolabs and child sex rings, its arms smuggling and blatant political bribery, which the real monsters continue to try to conceal from the world.

This felonious fakery succeeds in the minds of those who rely on TV for their fictional facts. But it has been thoroughly demystified by those digging deep into cyberspace who aren’t fooled by Big Media’s neocon propaganda and who realize the cynical Twitter bans and Google mind control are all about their super rich co-conspirators trying to camouflage their lucrative criminal activity.

According to Washington spin mandates, all the media-generated hysteria coming out of the mouths of all the familiar boob tube mouthpieces suggest that Russia should be sanctioned, shunned and segregated from the rest of the world.

But this is just more disingenuous doublespeak that has dominated world conversation since the embarrassingly criminal U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by this clumsy aggression against humanity by Big Pharma that Big Media still struggle to cover up from the increasingly skeptical public, which has been severely decimated by poison medicines approved by corrupt government sociopaths and administered by doctors with no consciences.

How much longer the warped pharmaceutical weirdos who have infected the whole world with their caustic concoctions continue to deceive the world and turn people into genetically modified lunch meat with no say about their own health needs is anybody’s guess before the light dawns in the minds of everyone that these monstrous media moguls have mutilated everyone’s future with lurid lies disguised as sound medical advice?

Ditto the fabricated threats to American security interests, which are far more jeopardized by the disguised false flag capers of the FBI  and DNC than they are from any foreign subversives, not counting the alien invasion of well-dressed Third World refugees packing UN debit cards and getting free flights to designated destinations all over the Caucasian regions of the United States by Joe Biden’s secret terrorist travel agency.

Is there any portion of U.S. government information, mainstream media reporting, or major Internet service provider fact checking that is actually reliable anymore?

From catastrophic weather control to assassination by food additives, the answer must be absolutely not.

Take a look at what has happened to the world and realize that the lies you are being told have created this across-the-board destabilization of the condition of your life. While cloaked in patriotic invective, realize it has been nothing but diabolical.

We haven’t done this to ourselves, but we know who has. And it’s not Russia.

Our brains have been poisoned

I think I’ve proved beyond a reasonable doubt, even in my last two essays, the brains of all Americans have been permanently twisted into mistranslating popular falsehoods into irrefutable truths.

I’m talking about how the public perception reflexively repeats that America had to bomb Afghanistan for 17 years because Obama bin Laden destroyed the World Trade Center with his gang of Arab kamikaze pilots or, more recently, that everyone had to wear masks to prevent the deadly spread of a disease that was never proven to exist.

Ceaseless repetition by malicious media of these sinister fairy tales now has Americans screaming for war on Russia for trying to stamp out the obscene American corruption that has turned Ukraine into one of the smelliest crime hubs in the world, which is probably why so many U.S. senators not only support it, but get paid by it. Romney, Kerry and God knows who else.

It’s the same old story that has misled us since FDR set up the bombing of Pearl Harbor to convince us we had to annihilate Germany, or more recently, since the proven demolition of the Twin Towers provided the magic PNAC excuse for the U.S to make permanent war on the whole world.

Kute kosher kleptomania

It always sounds real impressive when Jaundiced Joe and Nitwit Nancy talk about how America’s allies have all banded together to support their vigilante vengeance against the vicious Russian Bear. But when you take a closer look at these vaunted allies, you don’t see powerful forces, you see pathetic shells of formerly robust nations looking more like cadavers of consumptive invalids (just the way the U.S. likes its allies), ready to commit more crimes in service to  American injustice, which is spreading faster than a Pfizer generated brain tumor rapidly leading fools who took the jab directly to the undertaker.

Perhaps the most shocking example is Germany.

There is no such thing as Germany


The German reunification of 1991 was nothing of the sort. It was a total takeover by the U.S. Today it is Washington’s State Department in Europe. Germans may not elect their own leaders.

“The entire BRD is a state security prison, with guards, sneaks and informants on every floor. Dissidents are immediately smeared as terrorists, communists, neonazis or antisemites.”

Zelenskyy: Servant of the people


“In July 2019, Zelenskyy tweeted a picture of himself with Justin Trudeau and credited the Canadian Prime Minister for inspiring him to get into politics. His credibility hit the gutter for me when I saw that. [. . .]

“He describes it as a program of 4,000 people, soldiers and sailors in Ukraine, one for each corner of Ukraine; one from Lviv, one from Kharkiv in the north, one from the Lugansk area and then one from the Odessa area, that were all given this hemorrhagic fever bioweapon.”

The final catastrophe looms into view

Rumors of massive blackouts, Bluebeam alien invasions direct from Jewish Hollywood and omnicidal inflation have depressingly darkened the future for everyone who needs a paycheck to survive, assuming their livelihoods have not already been demolished by the COVID caper.

With skyrocketing gas and food prices concealing the pain of the world being forced to accept the death jabs in order to go to the grocery store, the numbers on everybody’s empty-bank-account meters are spinning toward zero faster than most realize.

I am not immune from this depressing phenomenon. Whether I make my rent next month is always an exciting game show I play, daily consulting my dwindling bank account to forecast the fateful moment when it will actually run dry.

So I am constantly conscious, as I have been for most of the past 20 years, of how long this quixotic quest of mine to inform the world that most of the things they believe are wrong will continue.

If I suddenly disappear one day some of you will have realized that my activity since 2001 and first listening to Mike Ruppert say that Israel had nothing to do with it kindled in me an outraged rant that has not ceased to this very moment.

Each of these several thousand essays since have been sponsored by generous readers who saw in what I had to say something they could not find elsewhere. How many more essays like this I may write to vent my spleen (as they say) at the bilious billionaires with multiple mansions who get their cash from underlings like us who have begun surveying the vacancies at local homeless camps which now dominate American cities and are popping up in the forested suburbs around here where I live in the filled-in Florida swampland.

I surmise the number is not real high in the time I have left in this luxurious low income senior citizens apartment complex before the lights go out and the hammer comes down on everyone.

Food is not a problem because I’ve cleverly put on a lot of weight lately because my feet no longer work right and I can’t hike like I used to, so I can well afford to downscale my intake, especially because most of us will be practicing this together.

This is my apparent future in the greatest country on Earth and I thank you all for carrying me this far. What’s your future? I know I am unable to calculate mine beyond next week, but until then I’ll just keep on typing.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.








And I’ve got one here from the new king of intelligence Metalicman. I have to tell you I don’t really go along with his conclusion about the purpose of the vaccine. That may be what the animals at the top of the pyramidon are telling those below them to insure maximum cooperation but I know for a fact they could care less about any of you. If Putin and Xi kill everyone of you to paraphrase John Wayne the powers that rule the West would buy them both Daniel Webster cigars… – Jack 




Russia has found the smoking gun as to why Westerners are ordered to take mRNA injections by Metallicman

And it happened in Ukraine. Yeah. No shit.

Let me explain.

Americans and Westerners (The United States, the EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Korea = the collective “West”) have been mandated to take an mRNA “vaccination” to fight Coronavirus. This, most people know.

What they don’t know is this…

  • The mRNA is not a vaccination. It’s an injection of a content-secret chemical.
  • Russia, China, and the rest of the world use traditional “dead host” vaccines.
  • Both Russia and China accused the USA of unleashing Coronavirus on the world.
  • They claim that it is a bioweapon. One of 11 total. (8 against livestock, 3 against people.)


  1. Let me clear up any misconceptions. I love the Marine corps but hate the vaccine. Even the women where I live hate it like a passion.

    We love our Marines but rescue any of them that come home from anymore ill advised adventures.

    Like our next contrived war.

  2. A recent Marine corps vet who is a family member just told me that 17 of his friends were booted out of the Marine corps for not taking the covid vaxxines.

    They were first given the worst duty assignments followed by the most assigning disciplinary actions and then drummed out on OTO. Other than honorable discharge as this is all across the Corps.

    The best men have left in droves. I told my Marine that they were done a great favor in light of what is comming.

    • Fuck em if they don't want a front row seat nine, I really don't care anymore this is personal now. Besides five new subscribers in the last 24 hours we're doing okay I've made 20% of the annual from Patreon back already and I ain't even started with Z plan yet. Down the hallway footsteps were coming but this time they weren't for the Jack of Hearts

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AQJZys0cvI
      Baez changes “She did whatever she had to do” to “she had that certain something” and brings a stanza into that Bob Dylan leaves out in the iconic recording:
      “Lily had her arms around the man that she dearly loved to touch, She forgot all about the man she hated, who hounded her so much. I've missed you so, she said to him, and he felt she was sincere, But just beyond the door he felt jealousy and fear. Just another night in the life of the Jack of Hearts.”
      Is someone trying to humanize me nine? They shouldn’t bother I’ve already tried , really I’m not. I told them way back in the day on Veterans Today in the comment section of the fourth or fifth Black Sun Rising not to pick a fight with an entity that’s very name was synonymous with fear…

    • Joan Baez is one of the finest women as I have not listened to her in years! Women are creatures of magic and mystery as Baez even better than Dylon with his own song. I am blessed and surrounded with magical creatures Jack as I simply do my part as they run the show.

  3. Well I see the strutting and the denial hasn't changed much here, and of course, I am unsurprised.
    Metallic man might, possibly, believe he has answered the injection question. How has his "information" changed anything?
    I'm told that I'm off in la la land, yet when you readers of tea leaves were screaming and yelling that we were about to get into a shooting war, I am on the record as saying NO. Anyone here see the marines packing up for Odessa?
    But, as I'm told, my writing doesn't mean anything.
    So, with that in mind, let it be said that Mr. K. is an accomplished writer. He sums up much and places it into succinct and logical contexts. Metallic man is also a very good writer, yet like so many today his thirst for "the new" requires that he put a faster spin towards everything.
    I just write pretty stuff that doesn't mean anything, so I'm told, therefore you can take or leave any of it, but don't you dare say I didn't try to explain it, from Reality Shift to what is happening today with the perfection of prophecy.

    • No one said your articles don't mean anything Mike, in fact your spiritualism is sorely missed here. All I said was stay out of my personal business, there are things going on here that you cannot possibly fathom, I've tried a few times to explain them to you, but you don't want to hear it, which is fine, then just stay out of it and I promise I will keep it out of your posts. I'm still waiting for your next piece…

    • I'm still recovering from my own massive hit. Like yours, it was comprehensive and multipronged, although it probably covers unique specifics.
      I was hoping that your team would have their piece on politics and Jacques de Molay ready, because I just managed to recover, I think, the material that got clean slated, which included what I was in the process of writing.
      If you believe that I'm willingly ignorant of the forces that operate in our lives, then that is your belief. I'll mention here that everyone believes the first vision of Fatima was about Hell. Not to be a killjoy, but it was laying out our condition, right here.
      I wasn't butting in, like I said, it's your life, but your statement posted just at the time when I was, once again, forced to recognize this society's depraved appetites. I can't place this corruption, because I can't identify with it.
      Metallic man has in his latest piece, linked above, essentially destroyed his own credibility. This is how it always goes, the set up, and the take down. Every person who assumes a position of power will eventually come to the choice of selling poison, or selling truth. You now know how he chose.
      When I said it was going to be a while to get this next piece out, I wasn't kidding, yet perhaps there is another piece that might better fit the moment and the time.

    • These military intell guys and my cousin the Sage of Quay are all saying the same thing, I was microwaved, coming in coordination with my de platforming from Patreon I believe them and have taken what I deem to be the appropriate action. That's on me and has nothing to do with you or Her message. Don't worry about getting anything out fast I just whipped up a quick piece this morning and I got another by Kaminski, just waiting till six CST to post it because that's when the new day begins on the Google analytics. Hope you're feeling better Mike


  4. Greg in my family "greg" is the local drug dealer that got caught

    the very name brings blame

    in our family a family that blames ggreg together stays together

    who is worse as a kid a drug dealer or a lesbien?

    Anti vaxxers of course..LOL

    I am in charde of the antivaxxer brigade…

    seriously and please pay attention.

    the Spirit is the word

    guided by Spirit

    Many Americans believe that

  5. Jack what does your dear MM always pontificate? Be the Rufus.

    The laughable thing about all of this for America is that the unvaxxed might all Parrish and leave a country full of fat bloated retards.

    Death to me a hell of a lot more preferable than such a fate.

    • I can't help but think of Trailer Park Boys moment with Mr. Lahey, "Wouldn't that be nice". Whoever wishes to live in the world on its current trajectory that thus far has shown no will to live or resist is truly a mad man.

      The light is out and we're surrounded by darkness and those who've tried to maintain what light is left their candles are getting dimmer or further and further away. Who knows for certain.

    • Greg if we are to believe Google and the MSM we are surrounded by devils who will fight to the death for their god given right to wage biological warfare, something Hitler would never allow in the Third Reich, nor would any other sane government or people. Yes, if we are to believe what we hear from them then America must be wiped from the face of the earth as a pestilence that threatens every living thing. But I've told you believe nothing of what you hear, here in Crossville TN where practically every man old enough has served in the military and Veterans Day is treated like Christmas, I do not see one Ukrainian flag, bumper sticker or for that matter button or insignia, and I have yet to meet anybody who cares about the Ukraine when they can't afford a tank of gas. Just talked to my daughter in NYC, my son in law is a Ukrainian Jew who is very active in that community, they are happy Putin is cleaning out the Nazi's that have been oppressing them since 2014. The only ones who support the Ukraine are the demonic media and the devils in DC. If anything, Americans are guilty of being cowards for letting this go on this long. They have a second amendment obligation to put a stop to it that they have not lived up too, now they will suffer the consequences of cowardice, but hope certainly is not lost, in fact hope is coming from the East…

    • I would put that "z" on a cycling jersey Jack. Of course my 38 would back it up for the woke including a military nephue.

  6. Concomitant with that, Jack, I recall reading an account by an American lady some years ago when she was in Russia for business reasons at the behest of her corporation. She had to meet with top Russian government officials. At that time, Putin was high level but not the president. I think she needed some kind of security clearance from him to proceed. She had been in Russia before and dealt with many Russian officials and bureaucrats. She said that Vladimir Putin was the only one she ever met who could not be bribed and never asked for gifts or a favor from the Americans (or nationals of any other country) he dealt with. Totally strait laced.

    • I didn't know anything about those Z's till B brought them up, all the bells went off at once, but I said nothing. That picture nagged at me when I seen it on the site in 2014, and I remember asking Orage if they were trying to say he was part of Plan Z, Orage didn't know either but now that changes everything. Everything on that site aligns with what Serrano says…

    • Fine sport isn't it B? Just wait till the other half of that Z joins the fray, the Russians are already talking about free energy for all…

    • Should we talk about the Mahdi yet, Jack?
      That would really get the hystericals on the thread all het' up, y'alls.
      Maybe later~

    • We already are, on Substack. I can't afford to just give it away anymore B, I've been on the front lines for eight years now and I've literally gotten my head kicked in, I've done everything I could for God and Country, let them take from here, Orage and I will chronicle it, Phil will make sure it gets to the people that Understand this is not just entertainment but the end of the world as they knew it, Kaminski will play the fiddle and you will accompany him with your flute and we will watch the wicked empire burn…

    • If Kaminski hasn't accused him of being a Jew Heretic, and he hasn't, you can bet money he's not a Jew. Again, Putin is a master spy, he infiltrates and assesses his enemies. These guys are showing you pictures and giving you nothing else, read the Z plan part I we are giving you evidence that would stand up in a court of law…

  7. Looks like Noodles Nuland and Senator Rube are beginning to crack, this here is from my girl an, by the way also in Asia, I think I gotta stop going out of house for material. Obviously we got the best of the best right here.
    And here’s another from an, could you imagine Facebook actually took down Hail Vladmir Putin the True Leader of the Free World because their fact checkers said theirs no biolabs in the Ukraine. The Mark Zuckerburg robot, as Klaus Schwab calls it, needs to be disassembled and rebuilt as a sentient toaster oven.

    • but okay, okay– let's not fight like a coupla bitches– I take it back; and only get annoyed when folks don't seem to get it. Operative word: seem; and likely an oversight on my part.

      Anyhoos– watch out for the internet; that's not a hissy scratch; that's bonafaaaade.
      B xx

    • and I know I'm about as welcome on here to some minds as a panty-streaking, silent-but-deadly fart in an elevator. In summer. Stuck between the 33rd and 34th floors.

      And I'm also no Metallicman fanboy. He does however have access to top level intel and isn't afraid to post it. I mean, they laughed for two years about illegal, genetically targeted US biowarfare programmes all over the McKinder World Island– Psaki even saying it was fake news last week– and then, Noodleman let's it slip that actually yeah, we do have illegal bioweapons facilities in the Ukraine, and we wanna stop Ivan from getting his beastly hands on them. Like, yesterday.

      Why? Because they weren't researching mosquito droppings, that's why.
      The Russian even have evidence of drones equipped with aerosolized canisters being shipped from Turkey.
      That's just for spraying the wheat crop, you see.
      And let's not get started on what evidence Chinese and Russian biowarfare specialists– a brigade's worth of them– gathered in North Italy early 2020.
      All in the possession of the U.N. Copies only, of course, heh heh. They've most likely been 'misplaced' in NYC by now.

      Anyway, watch this space. Putin wants a meeting in D.C with Zombie to discuss the findings of their biowarfare specialists. And soon.

      Nothing short of a major kinetic escalation will stop that one from leaking out.

      And hey, any chance of fixing me up with your Asian gal?
      ….oh, wait!!

    • She's the bomb, half Dutch, half Asian, best of both worlds but unfortunately for you she recently became a mom. Metallicman is great, we all read him I just think he's being naive, but then again naive will keep you sane in this world. The ones at the top are devils incarnate and their motives are always malevolent…

    • Naive? Dude, he's retired MAJestic. He is the opposite of naive, but I get that most folks can't grasp that because the reality we inhabit is so far out there compared to what we're told, a fucking Marvel movie wouldn't even come close. Major paradigm shifts are usually only possible after, well, after a war. And a very destructive one at that.

      And if you read through his stuff you'll see that what's behind Putin isn't just Putin and a bunch of his gung-ho generals. It's something very, very different.
      Just get ready to rumble whatever you do.

      The ones at the top are indeed malevolent. Only thing is, there's more than just one top. And trust me, you're gonna find out soon who's zenithal.

      Here's a ground update for starved questioners stateside, out there. But be warned, this don't jive with CNN and Tucker Karlensohn, hommes.


    • God I feel so enlightened now that I read that. LOL, I will tell you who Putin is or at least everyone who has paid their 10$ admission fee to substack. You will no doubt hear about it, don't worry I expect it to be plagiarized and disseminated all through the internet like everything else we've ever written of importance, but this one, this ones the kicker, the conclusion of what we've been saying Black Sun Rising, part I is already written, Phil has it and he will do the mailout…

    • Well, now– I'll see you in there, big guy. But we've known it since about 2001. Let's see if it jives with your version. And we've known about Fr Ernetti for quite a long time before that. (Ever the trump card that one.) Hopefully, though, the chumps might get a wake up call before it's too late. Might. I wouldn't be holding my breath. But then again, it wasn't really ever about the chumps. Experience keeps an expensive school; but fools will learn in no other.

    • Curious minds and all should ole Nine run out to walmart before my 4 dollar tank of gas goes to 8 dollars to get my phizer mrna jab?

      Oh Baby whats that smell expensive perfume? No baby that's gasoline. LOL

    • You'd be better off scenting with the gas, Nine. By the end of this year and certainly by end 23 you'll know why. Everyone will. In the meantime get plenty of fresh air, avoid large gatherings of especially chumps at all costs, and eat well.
      Good luck to you.

    • My opine to "B".

      I'm waiting for the cycling retards to have swift rides for the Ukraraine.

      You know those evil Russians putting a halt to bio weapons labs on their boarders. LOL

      They would be better off having charity rides to aid the vaxx injured cept their all vaxxed up and retarded. I told my jooish cycling pal how the vaxxes don't work and even used MSNBC as a source as can you say dear inthe headlights? LOL

    • What does work is the mind control aspects of the inoculations, Nine. As we're witnessing now.
      Just keep your distance and lie low. It'll get even more entertaining soon enough. Probably a bit crazy, too.
      Enjoy. I will be.

  8. "If Putin and Xi kill everyone of you to paraphrase John Wayne the powers that rule the West would buy them both Daniel Webster cigars…"

    Jack, with statements like this it's clear that you continue to make the same fundamental cognitive error that everybody else in Eurangloland is making as they scramble to grasp current events. I've explained it to you a number of times and it still hasn't sunken in yet, unfortunately.

    The propaganda Firehose you've been sprayed with has soaked you to the skin. I get it. But until you shift your thinking 180 degrees you'll continue to grope in the dark while the rest of the world moves on.

    As I also mentioned before: this show is only getting started.

    despite what you and Kaminsky think, MRNA was only ever given to the 5 Eye nations and their puppets in order to protect them and program their immune systems for a range of biowarfare pathogens about to be released. And may well still be released. MRNA was rolled out nowhere else. The MRNA was not intended to kill anyone. This is one aspect of flawed thinking based on 100% censorship Americans have been cloaked with. And relying on fucking non entities like Tucker Carlson for their news. Informationally, you are in a hermetically sealed chamber controlled by a huge military empire and an utterly corrupted oligarchy above those faggots in uniform.

    You were told the vaxxes were kill shots to distract you and panic you into submission as cover for what really hapoened: a bioattack on china Russia and partners on the BRICS gone very horribly wrong. What we are witnessing now geopolitically is just the start of the blowback.

    Nothing gets in or out the US. And until you find a way to access the Dark Web and get exposure to what COVID is, what the vaxxes are about, and just how limited Kaminskys understanding of what the 'whole world' is, you'll never get it.

    The whole world has moved on, Jack. Americans think the whole world is the 5 eye nations and related muppets like Japan and Korea.

    The whole world now knows who the stooges in their governments trying to push the WHO agenda are.

    It's also about so much more than that, and now that the rest of the world understand that it was they, and not the 5 eye national populations, who were pencilled in for destruction, there's gonna be hell to pay.

    In fact, the only ones pencilled in now for destruction are Americans and their allied populations. Nobody else. So please, please– get prepared for how you're gonna deal with that. Coz it could happen any day now. The internet will go down stateside soon, and that'll be your warning that something's imminent.

    See you on the other side.

    • What a condescending comment, who do you think your talking too, Jim Dean, or one of the other cloistered decrepit old spies who post nonsense on VT and call it intelligence? My daddy told me believe nothing that I hear and half of what I see. Well I’ve seen enough to make a whole. Were they protecting me when they used the police and covert elements of the military to incite a Mau Mau rebellion? I was there, on the ground floor of Kalergi 2.0. Where were you and Metalicman? Attending mass in Seoul?
      I was there when they attempted to disarm Americans, a classical war strategy I guess in your eyes, so they could run this COVID scam a few months later from the safety of their gated communities and underground bunkers. Again I did not see you and I did not see Metalicman. I didn’t see Gordon Duff either the guy who sells assault rifles over the internet, but I saw a lot of other people Black, White, Yellow and Brown…
      Were they protecting me when they opened up the southern border to every drunk, drug addict and degenerate in the third world and the fentanyl they brought with them? How many of your old friends have died from fentanyl? I lost count at two of the Murphy brothers and Marlena, these were my brothers and sister. Were they protecting me when they used the COVID decrees to wreck small business and eliminate the middle class? Are they preparing for war using affirmative action as their corner stone and installing transvestites as generals and admirals? And their final master stroke of strategy, they must have been securing the country when they made the village idiot president.
      I’ve dealt with them for eight years and nobody, but nobody knows better than me that they have no honor, no loyalty and least of all empathy. The only thing they want to protect is their Bahamian bank accounts and their own status as top flies on the steaming pile of shit they have turned this world into.
      And last but not least you are quoting me out of context. I said it’s in all likelihood the cover story they used on recalcitrant underlings to scrap the constitution; I qualified that remark with that, but you conveniently left in out in order to preach to me like I’m some naïve school boy. Dude I’ve grown quite fond of you over the years but if you talked to me face to face the way you just did in this comment you would be spitting teeth for a week.

    • you lost me at…. MRNA was only ever given to the 5 Eye nations and their puppets in order to protect them and program their immune systems for a range of biowarfare pathogens about to be released.

      where from the govt and are here to help.. crystal meth rots your teeth

    • Who knows, Nine. Good intel, though. But watch what happens as the Russias put the squeeze on Zombie Joe and then sit back and watch as the failed military experiment known to most as "MRNA" starts to knock off large swathes of NPCs.
      By this time next year, what was formerly known as Eurangloland won't be in any condition to start fights with anybody. Let alone military alliance of China Russia.

      And jackasses like this guy above still be wondering what the fuck happened

      Now THAT'S how you control the muppets.

    • The only thing I'm wondering about, Banger (what kind of dumbass redneck handle is that?), is how you think anybody with a semblance of a mind is going to fall for your bullshit at this point in the game. You should go have a conjugal visit with your soul mate Jussie Smollett and stop bothering about me.

    • Oh, do embarrass me properly. You can't but I'll be amused by your attempt. But don't take too long. I know you have to be on the lookout for Q's next drop and Michael Salla's interpretation of it. Assclown.

  9. Yeah, no. The government is insisting that I get my DNA altered and it really is for my own good? No way.

    Is metallicman the new Q? That stuff sounded pretty suspect.

  10. I had a strange dream when I was younger and am fairly certain it has everything to do with whats been happening playing out. Besides seeing the blind lies and love for my country being turned into ashes wanting to see it all burn, I was bought in having recently discovered the sub-text in history books on WW2 and the American brainwashing of the 90's that the War with Russia is the final act.
    Much to my surprise guidance from above unveiled some things long since forgotten other than the impression I'm telling you now, that the final enemy was something different. Not to say Russia is a saint but there's a bigger unseen aspect as though watching the gods in the clouds at war and seeing its reflection from below. The octopus has many tentacles and its head is only beginning to emerge from behind. Finally as I was guided through my dreams, visions, or new realities in the unseen realms I had what appeared to be two Asian men standing in front of me and through silent communication the gist was "Are you a friend or foe" and at that time period I was struggling to take it all in and responded from a more material perspective that my enemy is the Jews. Don't get the nuance wrong I know that's a general statement that isn't one size fits all, in fact many of those I don't classify solely on blood anymore but mindset and spirit included numbering in the hundreds of millions at low and billions at most. That's just how it was 20 years ago.
    One thing that bugged me was they waited there for a moment long enough to be awkward as if knowing something I didn't and then disappeared. I can't make heads or tales of it but I feel I'll soon find out before its all over for better or worse. I offer you no false illusion. It's going to get worse before its going to get better the vision almost crushed my soul with misery. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Men's hearts are already failing them and now quite literally as our societal "ubermensch" athletes are showing.

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