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Here’s a taste of what is there….Phil

“It’s time you were fully briefed in, I’ll write another truth about Jack Heart too. You are entitled to know everything, and you will, just let me finish Z plan, and I am obligated to tell you.” – Jack


  1. I've often wondered exactly why Gnosticism remains a valid path, millennia after its nullification and extermination under the murderous hands of Christendom. In my darkest moments, it is simply because the Gnostic mythos offers an explanation for how corrupting and warping forces operate both within and without, all the while offering a solution.
    Yet true Gnosticism, in contrast to the university driven pop culture kind, only works when coupled with an uncompromising mysticism of honesty and surrender.. Few are capable of this today.
    For the rest, perhaps it would be enough to begin with your wild love, your deepest motivation and your deepest truth.
    Getting through this requires everything we truly are, and the revival of true science.

    • Jesus Christ if I had a comment section that illiterate, I would shut it down, the article sucks too, Kaminski will show you what a professional can do. I look at the rise of Zerohedge as another bonus for MI 6 destroying Veterans Today, Tylar dud doesn't even write as well as you nine when you want too, and I'm fucking serious as a heart attack…

    • Jack, look at all the remnants of destroyed civilizations all over the planet. Its the creature as I see it. It's main venom is the poisoned lie.

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