My whole censorship argument is based on the presupposition that Donald Trump by his very nature of being a coward, a windbag and an actor is responsible for where we are right now. Yes of course common sense alone should tell you the first amendment does not sanction using high-tech high-volume platforms such as television and social media to promote racial discord, social unrest, sexual perversion and economic destabilization to the point where the nation is so debilitated that you can blatantly steal its presidential election. Nevertheless, the orange pig man let all of this happen right under his nose without using his office to do a thing about it except call the perpetrators rude names, even as they banned him, the president of the United States of America, from social media. Now that they have installed an
incoherent sack of reeking fecal matter stuffed in a blue suit in the office they took from Trump and take it from him they did like a school yard bully slapping around a weakling and taking his lunch money, they will do what he should have done to them and silence all dissension. In a way I am happy that we now have a singing minister of truth. Maybe she will get rid of all the morons on social media still worshiping the guy who sold them out. It will do much for internet aesthetics. America and the European Union are going to war with Russia regardless of what brave journalists like Gonzalo Lira and John Kaminski have to say, and they will be crushed. My people, my readers, we will wait for the real anarchy that will ensue on the streets after Americas inevitable beating. Then we will do our talking… – Jack 




Attention citizens: 

Free speech has now been ruled a contagious form

of vernacular vertigo, a dangerous disease ruled

inimical to perpetual peace and holistic harmony

by your trusted fact checkers.

Best treated by masks and lockdowns,

plus permanent prison for protesters

and drug treatment for all citizens.

By John Kaminski

Good news! Our beloved, Jewish-controlled U.S. government has just created a new Disinformation Governance Board declaring it — and it alone — to be the only source of authentic information relating to the defense of our country and the safety of its citizens.

Contact tracers and government fact checkers will now be mobilized to assure the consistency of all content and the permanent pacification of the population. New restrictions on discussing the so-called Holocaust of Jews in Germany during WW2 are soon to be announced.

Right!!!! Our government which totally runs on deliberate disinformation is now going to protect us from disinformation by making it clear to us that what the government says is always true. Surely as good citizens you were hoping for such bureaucratic clarity.

You remember gender dysphoria, which the government told us was that sudden desire sweeping the country of people —particularly small children — who suddenly demonstrated a desire to be another gender than the one with which they were born, so the government recommended they head to Disney World for counseling.

Well, now the latest health discovery by the Washington wonder wonks is that the public suffers from disinformation dysphoria and the Department of Homeland Security is ready to step in and clear up things once and for all about all these nagging questions concerning the essential value of vaccine passports and the economic necessity of World War III .

So the quickest way demonstrate the efficacy of the latest Biden Brainstorm to Build Back Better the nation which his idiot edicts are destroying as fast as possible is simply to toss a few pertinent questions at this new board of nitwit neocons to see if the answers that come back are the least bit comprehensible. Hint: well, you already know the answers to this.

This could be called sarcasm if it weren’t completely true.

It is imperative we ask these slime encrusted bureaucrats in charge of this preposterous proposition with these urgent questions crucial to our own peace of mind  . . .

• Who decided to use the PCR test, which has been proven to never detect any disease under any circumstance, to determine that five million chickens needed to be killed immediately to stop the spread of the new bird flu epidemic, which, like COVID, has never been proven to exist?

And the followup question to that would be  . . .

• What government agency coordinated the crashing of airplanes into various food processing plants in order to accelerate the destruction of America’s food supply? And, were the pilots of these planes triple jabbed and suffering from myocarditis like all those military pilots supposedly defending our country have been?

The Disinformation Board responded with a quick answer, noting that starvation was the latest trend recommended by government health experts because it improved health by reducing dietary calorie intake and saved money by having less food for consumers to buy, thereby eliminating stress on their food budgets.

Other questions demonstrating the pertinacity of the new board could be . . . 

• Why give $33 billion to the nonexistent Ukrainian government when that money which could be used to help an unemployed and starving American population be better used to fatten the kickbacks of the U.S. politicians involved in resupplying the Ukrainian biolabs and assisting in the child smuggling operations coordinated by Israeli oligarchs as well as enabling the courageous Ukrainian president to purchase more opulent pleasure palaces in tropical paradises?

So the questions just keep on coming . . .

• Is opening the southern U.S. border to millions of unemployed migrants a comprehensive attempt to replace the millions of gullible Americans who have been exterminated by poison vaccines which have resulted in multinational corporations being unable to find sufficient numbers of workers to fill their unfilled low-wage positions?

Or . . . 

• Is foolishly spending money on reviewing past election procedures just another bureaucratic boondoggle sabotaging the already reliable recommendations put forth by our trusted fact checkers and contact tracers?

Or . . .

• Are investigating serious events of the past about which second-guessing decisions made in the best interests of the American people unduly undermining the faith of citizens in the integrity of their duly elected governments a hindrance to the peaceful and orderly dispensing of justice to an orderly American electorate? And should long term imprisonment of malcontents and rumor mongers include restricted diets and enforced medications to minimize disruptions to the tranquil administration of these altruistic reeducation camps?

And finally . . .

• Why should any effort at all be invested in investigating protests about government procedures when they only impede the establishment of a compassionate atmosphere that only facilitates  the widespread desire of domestic tranquillity and harmonious happiness that is better accomplished by prescribed remedies for the welfare of all rather than by free choices which only exacerbate conflict and disagreement among people who would like to think for themselves rather than upsetting those obedient citizens who only wish to further sedate themselves from the basic worries of life?

As a further note to the responsible recommendations of the Disinformation Governance Board, which are already posted on Google and soon to be the law of the land, any land, and all lands, in the interests of domestic harmony we should all remind ourselves of the recommendations to achieve a permanently enforced peace.

Google, speaking for the new world order, says . . .

Gender dysphoria: A concept designated in the DSM-5 as clinically significant distress or impairment related to a strong desire to be of another gender, which may include desire to change primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.

Treatments: Sex reassignment surgery (the only choice)

For further information see 

Other pressing questions Google answers include . . .

What are the 4 genders?

There are four different types of genders that apply to living and nonliving objects.

Masculine gender: denotes male subtype.

Feminine gender: denotes a female subtype.

Neuter gender: denotes nonliving things.

Common gender: denotes either male or female.

Non living things now have a gender.

To which we might add the following definitions.

Disinformation dysphoria: Disagreement with government definitions of human behavior.

Treatments: Chemical or physical surgery (lobotomies), long term confinement or medical modification by drug treatment plans deemed suitable by suspect authorities. Plus multiple enduring penalties to any individual who persists in believing or advocating facts and opinions that the government, through its eminently reliable fact checkers and contact tracers, has proved false.

This message has been brought to you by the irrepressible instinct for individual freedom, soon to be erased by those duplicitous demons who seek to turn humanity into a collective blob of barbaric but meaningless droids who will not interfere with their exploitation by those who wish to maximize the economic value of their victims to the moronic masses and the bestial bottom line.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. Jack now has my latest piece, not to crowd Mr. K. here, as his writing is the purest example of a rational mind caught in a maelstrom of insanity. I would like to make the observation that the sense mankind must use to navigate the world is easily, and thoroughly deceivable, and thus few things are truly as they seem.

    • Alright let's just run this for another day and considering the circumstances I will put yours up for a full week.

  2. “You are Starving? This is not famine yet, when your woman start eating their children then you may come and say we are starving”. Leon Trotsky

    They told you how it was going to end. You didn't believe them? Neither did the bourgeoisie Russians see their own demise as they cheered for the revolution that split their belly opened, nailed them to the tree of death, and hung them by their intestines. Now you cheer them too as they strap you to the table ready to learn a new experimental medicine on a living body to see how it reacts. After all Trotsky is the founding father of Neo-Conservatism, which is really just Conservatism in decay as I can't help but use a little Bolshevik humor.

  3. Jack, The internet? It produces the food for the creature as I hope they shut it off as notice all the "pundits" do nothing or tell us how to fix the problem since all sites like Zerohedge do is simply anger its readers into a frenzy of stupid comments with not one suggestion of how to fix the problem so the problem will continue. Shut them off and let us all go behind paywalls and wait till the fucking thing collapses under the weight of its fraud.


    • Makes me laugh when the internet clown show called the alternative media starts whining that they are going to take out the internet. Killing the entire media with one huge electromagnetic pulse would be the best thing that could happen for this world. But only She can do that

  4. Mr. Kaminski, as a long time cyclist and a homeschool father I wanted you to see what they are doing in the cycling community. The cycling industry has gone totally into the transgender movement from the bottom to the top of the sport as they have in my opinion simply destroyed it as perhaps as a friend of mine said all Christians of my elk need re-education. Here is a snipit of cycling's club for youth called NICA.

    "2022 Participation and League Requirements 35
    NOTE: The following provisions may be subject to applicable state
    laws as provided in 5.7.6.B.6, below.
    5.7.B.1 Philosophy of Gender-Identity Participation: NICA and its
    leagues believe that athletic participation is valuable to all students’
    physical, intellectual, social, and character development; accordingly,
    we value and prioritize inclusion. Guided by this value, we are
    committed to permitting all students to participate in athletic activities
    and competitions in a manner consistent with their gender identity.
    5.7.B.2 Policy
    5.7.B.2.1 All students have the opportunity to participate in NICA-
    sponsored athletic activity and competition in a manner consistent
    with their gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on a
    student’s records and without regard to their prior access to medical
    or mental health care.
    5.7.B.2.2 NICA prohibits discrimination based on a student-athlete’s
    actual or perceived sex and gender. Gender includes a person’s actual
    or perceived sex as well as his or her gender identity and expression."

    Appalling is an understatement. So, that gender confused cyclist with the faggy costume and silly plastic hat on please feel free to "greet" them on the open road with a loud beep of your horn as you pass them with the pedal to the floor.


    • In my late teens and early 20s I was quite good in road racing in men's racing. I'm sad that it isn't today because I think I could have been a world class female cyclist…I was cheated.

    • I am an old ultra racer and love the women riders as they listen and take advice to get better way better than men do since it's all ego. Cycling now? Its all transgender issues like that represents women in the sport? I will not wear a plastic helmet nor don the costume out of sheer protest to what has been done to cycling.
      Take Jay Petervery for example as a ultra endurance athlete sponsored by Salsa had his contract canceled because lesbien racers objected to some perceived slight sending the entire pro ranks into silence and fear of cancelation add covid and mandatory vaxxines? However, cyclists take banned drugs to get fast and I believe few pros put the vaxx into their bodies as payola to the team doctor fixes many problems.
      I feel for some great women riders having to deal with biological men allowed to compete in women's races. What horseshit as money is taken out of great riders purses. I am of course am labeled a transphobic for such unenlightened views that men are stronger and faster than women and that pro women riders should not have to compete with men pretending to be women. I am sorry to have such pre historic opinions.

    • "In my late teens and early 20s I was quite good in road racing in men's racing. I'm sad that it isn't today because I think I could have been a world class female cyclist…I was cheated."

      You were cheated as now we have technology to change your Gender but first we must confuse that gender or for that matter any sexual identity. Then the medical Mafia will give you drugs to block your natural transition via puberty. We shall block that with our poisons, I mean, medication. Then, doctor Vox will perform the gender reconstruction surgery and you can transition to the gender of your dreams. Minus of course your money and self respect for first chemically mutilating your body followed by actual mutilation of your body. Great Post.

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