First the Pole Shift,

then the Stone Age!



By John Kaminski

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 

let me hide myself in thee. 

So I started out trying to understand the concept of the dragon, an animal that never existed yet which nevertheless dominates the archives of ancient mythology. My understanding eventually evolved to the interpretation that the dragon is a representation of the great comet that wracked the Earth around 12,000 BC which had a stupendous impact on the future of humanity. 

I am not alone in this opinion of the comet, but perhaps I am alone in its artistic expression as the dragon. I’m still working on that theory — as are many others — but in the process of exploring ancient cosmologies and catastrophes, I came to suspect that the human species did not evolve solely out of Africa. I am now convinced that the white race originated in the area of the North Pole, and serious scholarship buttresses my claim, notably Tilak’s Arctic Home in the Vedas.

How is that possible you ask? What can survive at the North Pole except walruses and whales? The answer is that the region we now know as the North Pole was not always cold. In fact it was not even the North Pole.

Unbelievably, empirical evidence of somewhat congenial conditions around the North Pole does exist in the studies of the climatologists Ewing and Donne in which the poles crept from previous positions in the North Atlantic and South Pacific to their present locations, just as the magnetic poles are mysteriously on the move today.

The Hyperborean Origin of Indo-European culture

[Pole shift] occurs through a drifting of the earth’s crust upon the molten layers below: a movement which is now quite plausibly explained by currents in the semi-liquid magma upon which the crust itself is floating. There is evidence of such movements in the shifting of the earth’s magnetic field, as shown by sedimentary rocks which retain traces of the direction of the magnetic field of the earth at the time they were originally laid down. 

It seems from this evidence alone, that the North and South Poles must have been located very differently prior to the Ice Ages from what they are now. 

To prove my point, I will investigate more of this in a future story, but for now, let’s focus on the consequences of what a strange, little known science posits about our dicey past as well as our scary future.

What would you say if we tried to combine the topics of geologic crustal displacement and Adam and Eve? Well, you can sum it up by reading one of the better reviews of the author of this strange concoction at 

Once there you will find a sterling list of all the great comet hunters of history, from William Whiston, Ignatius Donnelly and Comyns Beaumont right down to Immanuel Velikovsky, Charles Hapgood, and our hero, Chan Thomas. Refer to 

CIA censoring prehistory? 

An online urban legend gained a great deal of popularity in the early 1960s when The Adam and Eve Story was published and soon after seized by the Central Intelligence Agency with all evidence of its existence being scrubbed from history for the next 50 years.  

Of the supposed 284 pages in the original text a mere 55 were released in June 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act.  The pages revealed a perplexing mix of topics focused around the central theme of global cataclysm.  

The extracts included biblical interpretation and retranslation, comparative mythology from Sumerian to South American legends, excerpts from Plato’s Timaeus dialogue, and grim descriptions of the effects that earth crust displacement and pole-shifts have had on our planet. 

Who was Chan Thomas? Why was his book censored so heavily? What information could the missing portion of the text possibly feature? 

The Adam and Eve Story:

The History of Cataclysms

Chauncey ‘Chan’ Powers Thomas (1920-1998) was an American electrical engineer and self proclaimed psychic who authored a hypothesis of global cataclysms involving radical shifts in Earth’s electromagnetic fields that increase the viscosity of the crust, causing rapid continental drift. During the 1950s, Thomas was a project engineer on Bell Aircraft’s RASCAL missile guidance system and Douglas Aircraft’s A4D Skyhawk program, and was later employed in the late 1960s by McDonnell Douglas to work with Robert Wood’s “Advanced Concepts” R&D team, which worked on UFO and other fringe science related projects.

Well connected to many politicians and scientists, Thomas wrote The Adam and Eve Story and Aftermath of The Adam and Eve Story over a period of decades, but the most remarkable aspect of this esoteric cult classic was that it was supposedly suppressed for five decades by the CIA.

The reason for secrecy appears to have been its discussion of MHD, an obscure science known as magnetohydrodynamics, references to which were supposedly removed from the CIA’s “sanitized” version of The Adam and Eve Story, yet the entire argument about this suspicious subject remains intact in the version widely available today on the Internet (perhaps indicating the debatable legitimacy of the science).

Whether this strategy was an actual embargo or merely a ruse to increase sales remains unknown.

In any case, it was a discipline that explained what Thomas attributed to a repetitive series of world shaking, civilization killing cataclysms dating back to 29,000 BC.

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD, also called magneto-fluid dynamics or hydro­magnetics) is the study of the magnetic properties and behavior of electrically conducting fluids. Examples of such magneto­fluids include plasmasliquid metalssalt water and electrolytes. The word “magneto­hydro­dynamics” is derived from magneto- meaning magnetic fieldhydro- meaning water, and dynamics meaning movement. The field of MHD was initiated by Hannes Alfvén, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970.

A solar null zone 

For someone on the surface, there is no difference between an Earth crustal displacement and an axial tilt except that the latter requires an enormous force (such as the Comet Venus passing by Earth at a close distance during the time of the Hebrew Scriptures) and tends to more or less immediately fully recover whereas the former—an Earth crustal displacement—takes much longer, perhaps hundreds and thousands of years, to fully recover. 

One possible explanation for the electromagnetic disturbances in the Solar System is that it is entering into an area of space that for whatever reason ultimately causes the outer core and outer mantle to become liquid enough to account for the missing force of Einstein and our planet experiences what has become popularly known as an Earth crustal displacement

To be sure the Russian scientists who are analyzing the data streams from the two Voyager “Space probes” or “spacecraft” (both NASA terms) are reporting that the Solar System is headed into a highly unusual area of the galaxy at an estimated “230 km/s (828,000 km/h) or 143 mi/s (514,000 mph)” –Wikipedia, Galactic year.

Ophiuchus: The Real 13th Tribe

Was Voyager 2 the progeny of Jove hedging their bet or showing their hand? See also Mounting evidence of an electromagnetic disturbance in the Solar System on page № 29. Number 13, Ophiuchus, the Galactic Center, active Seyfert galaxies, and Galactic Superwaves. Be sure and read this link about the immediate future of Earth: 

This would be the starting point of a possible sequel to the present story.

Timothy Windsor wrote: “Let us just pray Dr. Thomas was wrong about the ‘thousand mile-per-hour wind.’ If he is not, our chances of surviving on the surface are slim to nil. 

So enough about Chan Thomas, who dedicated his book to several generals, including Curtis Lemay, who ordered the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and later ran for vice president. Let’s hear what Chan Thomas actually had to say and why the CIA allegedly suppressed his 1965 book well into the 1990s.

Five times before

Thomas’s theory is that pole shifts have happened five times before, dating back to 29,000 years ago.

He spent years analyzing the Book of Genesis, chapters 1, 2 and 3.

Adam’s wife was his daughter, who told him they should leave the land of their birth, the Garden of Eden, because it was destined to be destroyed. So they moved to a more harsh land, where they had to wear clothes, and bore children. The Garden of Eden was subjected to a cataclysm of earthquake and fire, and the motherland lost its foundations and sank beneath the sea. [3.24]

Thomas pins the key source of his cataclysmic evidence to an archeological site known as Shanidar Cave in Iraq. Carbon 14 datings showed the boundaries laid down by successive civilizations to match the dates of cataclysms of 7,000, 11,500, 18,500 and 29,000 years ago; plus the incredible fact that no Carbon-14 was deposited in the cave during the Caspian Sea North Polar Era from 29,000 to 18,500 years ago.

Thomas not only billed himself as the world’s foremost cataclysmologist, but also as a serious Bible scholar. He noted that the three cataclysms mentioned in the book of Genesis were Noah’s inundation 7,000 years ago, Adam and Eve’s at 11,500, and a third at 18,500

In 1849 Austen Henry Layard excavated the mound of Kuyunjik on the banks of the Tigris River, discovered the fabulous city of Nineveh, previously known only from the Old Testament. He discovered the palace of Sennacherib. His grandson Ashurbanipal added a library to the palace, made some 30,000 copies which Layard found. 

Among the tablets were twelve comprising the epic of Gilgamesh, legendary king of the first dynasty at Erech following the deluge, who sought eternal life following the death of his friend Enkidu. He found Utnapishtim, the original Noah, who had been granted eternal life. The cuneiform tablets read:

“O son of Shuruppak, son of Ubar-Tutu

Abandon wealth, scorn possessions, save thyself;

Tear down thy house and build a ship

Let is be well-measured

After eight shakedown cruises and sealed with bitumen, Utnapishtim held a feast, loaded the ship, heard the thunder and watched the sky darken at midday. After six days and nights, all mankind was buried in mud. When the ark bumped into a mountain, three birds were released and they brought back a leaf.

Famed archeologist Leonard Woolley found Utnapishtim’s rooftop high layer of mud in the 1920s nine feet thick beneath which a civilization was buried that was totally different from any found above it.

Null zone triggers liquid layer

Thomas noted that for a 4,500 year period before 7,000 years ago here is no written history from anywhere in the world. 4,500 plus 7,000 equals 11,500. Do the math. It takes more than 4,000 years for civilization to recover from a pole shift, the author concluded. That’s when we reach the Stone Age. What follows are his descriptions of the process of experiencing a pole shift, which likely few ever survive.

Molten layers inside the Earth act as if they were plastic, or near solid. The shell of the Earth is not dynamically balanced. A huge torque tends to rotate the shell about the Earth’s interior.

Greenland and Antarctica could move toward the equator in less than a half day were the shell free to make the shift. As long as the inner MHD energy remains strong enough to make the molten layers act as near solids, the shell will not shift its position around the Earth’s interior.

However, at the time of a cataclysm the entire Solar System passes through a magnetic null zone in the Milky Way galaxy. These null zones are sometimes called “reversal zones” and so they are, for the magnetic fields on either side of the galactic null zones are in opposite directions. Some physicists think we are heading into another null zone.

Earth’s magnetic field strength is now 35 percent less than 300 years ago and decreasing faster and faster; we are indeed approaching a null zone in which our planet’s inner MHD structure is diminished to the extent that the outer shallow molten layer, 60 miles thick, is allowed to act as a free liquid. No longer does it bind the shale of the Earth to interior and the plates begin to slip in the direction of the torque imbalance seeking its new balance.

It takes more than 5,000 years for man to stagger back to his feet through the forced ignorance of a Stone Age. It takes another 1,000 years to learn to travel intelligently, and begin to overcome superstitions, establish functional communications and acquire medical knowledge.

It appears previous civilizations had more time between cataclysms than we might have. that would explain the myths of previous civilizations with longer lapses between catastrophes and their seemingly more advanced technology.

The ancient Indian scribe Valmiki wroteof flying vehicles called vimanas that were celestial chariots, or the Brahma weapon and Indra’s Dart as sci-fi weapons and other stunning developments that date to the Caspian Sea era, according to Thomas.

Moreover, I have seen the world arise and vanish, arise and vanish again, like a tortoise’s shell coming out of Infinite Ocean and sinking back. I was present at the dawn and twilight of the Cycles, past counting in their numbers, nor could I could all the Indras and Visvakarmans, even the Viscus and Brahmas, following one another without end.

— Brahmavaivarta Purana

and Krishnajanma Khanda

“O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are but children. There is no old doctrine handed down among you by ancient tradition nor any science which is hoary with age, and I will tell the reason behind this. There have been and will be again many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes, the greatest having been  brought about by earth fire and inundation.”

— Plato: Timaeus (spoken by a priest of Egypt)

And the land and the water will fly apart, destroying everything in its path. The way Thomas tells it . . .

With the force of a thousand armies the wind attacks, ripping shredding everything in its supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of Pacific seawater follows the wind eastward, burying Los Angeles and San Francisco as if they were but grains of sand.

Across the continent the thousand mile-per-hour wreaks its hell  . . . every living thing is ripped to shreds . . . in many places the Earth’s molten sublayer breaks through and spreads a sea of white hot liquid fire  . . . within three hours the fantastic wall of seawater moves across the continent, burying the wind ravaged land under two miles of seething water . . .

South America finds the Andes not high enough to stop the cataclysmic violence pounded out by nature in her berserk rage . . . the entire continent is burned by molten earth fire, buried under cubic miles of catastrophically violent seas, then turned into a frozen hell. Man, beast, planet and mud are all rock hard less than four hours.

Western Africa and the sands of the Sahara vanish in nature’s wrath . . . the area bounded by Zaire, South Africa and Kenya suffers only severe earthquakes and winds — little inundation. Survivors there marvel at the Sun, standing still in the sky for nearly half a day. (Hmm, just like the 2012 movie.)

Eastern Siberia and the Orient suffer a strange fate indeed — as though a giant subterranean scythe sweeps away the Earth’s foundations . . . and then are buried under avalanches of seawater and mud. Then comes an instantly paralyzing drop of 180 degrees F. No man nor beast is left unfrozen.

On the seventh day the rampage is over. The Arctic Ice Age is ended — and a new Stone age begins.

The Bay of Bengal basin, just east of India, is now at the North Pole. The Pacific Ocean, just west of Peru, is now at the South Pole. Greenland and Antarctica, now rotating equatorially find their ice caps dissolving madly in the tropical heat. . .  in less than two hundred years the ice caps are gone and the oceans around the world rise 200 feet.

The greatest population regulator of all does once more for man what he refuses to do for himself and the planet on which he lives, and drives the pitiful few who survive into a new Stone Age.

Yes, this is a fractured fairy tale, hyped with hoopla and sensationalized suspicions. So is our current government, which is now destroying our country and the world we live in, and persistently insisting something like this could never happen.

Roll it all over in your mind and say to yourself, “This could never happen here.”

While I draw this fleeting breath, 

when mine eyes shall close in death, 

when I soar to worlds unknown, 

see thee on thy judgment throne, 

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 

let me hide myself in thee. 

— United Methodist Hymnal, 1989 

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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  1. Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD, also called magneto-fluid dynamics or hydro­magnetics) is the study of the magnetic properties and behavior of electrically conducting fluids. Examples of such magneto­fluids include plasmas, liquid metals, salt water and electrolytes. The word "magneto­hydro­dynamics" is derived from magneto- meaning magnetic field, hydro- meaning water, and dynamics meaning movement. The field of MHD was initiated by Hannes Alfvén, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970.

    In other words, man is deeply tied to nature and the world he lives in and thus rightfully can see god in all of the natural world. An abomination of Judeo-Christian thinking where one side sees the world as a mud bucket that must constantly be slapped onto himself to maintain his Golem materialistic self whereas the other side sees only something other than whats in front of them higher than the present as a form of escapism. Not to mention you single handily destroy the anti-nature scientific industry which is more considered to seeing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop and when that doesn't work just be a child and smash particles together because somehow that's science and not throwing a tantrum in the respected scientific community. Although smashing two rocks can provide fire so I guess there's something to say about cave man science.

    Love your works and your podcast John. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm proud to be a member of the KGB.

  2. HD, I'll give you the benefit of the dought bro but I'm a vet I think ur old man might be telling U a few porkies bro..

  3. He flew missions for the CIA during the Vietnam war. Because of that he must have been exempted from military service.

  4. Like the late, great, test pilot John Lear said, it's time for a cleansing of the cosmic petrie dish.

  5. Cataclysmic events occupy genetic, racial, and karmic memories. Therefore, these type of events are largely unavailable to the incarnate memory of the person, even as they influence it.
    It's much like a hunch, or perhaps stumbling upon an old photo of a long dead relative, whose resemblance to a living family member is uncanny. It's beyond obvious that something significant occurred, yet much is beyond any meaningful explanation.
    Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of cataclysm is the fact that it lies so far beyond the ability of mankind to avoid it's grasp.
    However, from the spiritual perspective, cataclysm is neither mechanical or random. It is in fact the necessity of creation to wipe clean the cosmic chalkboard before scribbling upon it anew.
    There is a purifying, a cleansing to cataclysm that cannot easily be dismissed. If there is but one set of Lego bricks, taking apart any previous build makes the raw materials available for the next creation.
    In time, and with proper development, humanity will be able to better recall the previous disasters it underwent. Such understanding can transform the existential angst, and inform humanity on the depth of the conditions they faced, as well as how to better weather them.
    Thus the science of survival, and the realization of the ultimate home in the cosmos.

  6. Interesting. I’ve often thought about the earth tilting on its axis, and of course we’ve heard about magnetic pole shift. So much we don’t know. We know less than there is to be known that’s for sure. You would think the psychopaths hell bent on ruling the world and enslaving all of humanity would know many of the ancient secrets, and they would know if there was an unavoidable cataclysmic event will occur in the near future. I miss the innocence of when I was a young boy only cared about animals and art, you’re in tune with something you lose once you lose your innocence, when you’re no longer a child.

  7. Periodic cataclysms are self evident and irrefutable. (except to the masses that are asses, brain dead sheeple). The only question is when, not if. I could sense and discern this as a child. The earth, a living entity, will annihilate and shake off her destroyers like a dog shakes off its fleas.

    • Hear! Hear! Nothing like a little shake and bake to re-center the soul. Let the fires of the eternal burn my flesh and bones to dust so the holy waters can wash away the ashes and make me pristine once more. Let the brisk kiss of the air fill my lungs and animate my soul with life once more and bury me in the womb of the earth with all her possibilities.

  8. Thanks to this great website, I'm reading "Arctic Home of the Vedas" now. It is every bit as fascinating as forbidden to know about.

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