Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones.

It was the 1990s, and a writer I knew planned a trip to northwestern Russia. He had been corresponding with a Russian mystic whom we will call Yuri. My writer friend was fascinated with the rituals and ceremonies Yuri led, in the rural community where he lived. He was quite convinced he had unearthed heretofore hidden elements of an indigenous Slavic shamanism, and was intellectually convinced he could write about his new discovery. Shamanism is of course a Siberian word, whose best interpreter was Mircea Eliade. In essence, shamanism is a spiritual path very much concerned with the health and well being of the community it served.

His time with Yuri lasted a month, which proved very eventful. During the course of that month he avoided a fight with a very unhappy ex-KGB agent in St. Petersburg, managed to get used to the simplicity of Russian food, developed an understanding of the depth of the love Russians have for Ballet, and participated in the most amazing ceremony of his life. 

All of it occurred just after the fall of the Soviet Union. The west was still ramping up its’ genocide machine, which at its peak, would remove about 200,000 Russians annually from life. Food was never abundant. Often, dinner was boiled turnips, or potatoes. The lucky ones might add eggs and cheese.

Yuri took the people of his community to the Great Tree. The Great Tree was interwoven with a small cave, and its enormous bare roots allowed just enough space for an adult to fit through. This sacred tree was deep in the forest, where the sounds of modern civilization were few, and less powerful than the songs of insects and birds. There, the people formed a procession that took them through the cave and the huge system of roots. The people were instructed to focus upon Gods’ love, the interrelationship of all things, and to pass through the darkness to be reborn. The ceremony was intended to please those great spiritual forces that could blight as easily as bless, to secure a strong relationship with the land, a good harvest, healthy and fecund livestock.

My writer friend never put together his Russian experience. He never wrote that book, or even an article. Over time it sat forgotten as he went off to live more or less permanently with the Maya of Mesoamerica, where he still resides today. As an American, he could easily place Indians comfortably into a natural sacred setting, but he just couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea that modern white people could just as easily participate with the sacred, outside of any modern religious milieu.

It wasn’t that he thought Yuri was anything but genuine. My friend described him as a giant of a man, with a shock of wild fair hair, composed of a childlike innocence that he simply couldn’t place. Yuri was simply as genuine as it gets. The real issue, of course, was not with Yuri at all. My friend, as a sophisticated and rather intellectual Euro-American, simply could not imagine that white people could find anything sacred outside of the church. In fact, what this really meant was that he had no concept for the sacred at all. It was all well and good to assign some sacred value to church services, like the ones where they pass the very large plate to be heaped up with Federal Reserve notes. Yet my friend had never experienced white people interacting directly with sacred aspects of the natural world. He had no format with which to interpret Yuri’s ceremony. It simply remained as something completely incongruous with everything he knew.

Western and especially American expectations have long been shaped by a theme in literature, education, and entertainment that they are inherently spiritually dead, evil people. The only people with any true spirituality come prepackaged with suitable amounts of spiritual knowledge, and these prepackaged saints are never white. Thus, the dominant western thought, both popularly and intellectually, allows ample room for evil, but forever seeks to sever any notion of the sacred from the Euro-American mind.

American history is rife with examples of wanton destruction, inhumanity, epic wars, reckless oligarchic expansion, and the enshrining of parasites, such as the private central bank that plays along with America some of the time. One can find great conspiracies, desperate attempts to maintain ethical standards, and barbaric criminal developments, yet nowhere, anywhere will anyone find the sacred playing even the slightest role, influencing even the smallest of events. It’s never seen as incongruous to Americans that they can participate in religious life only to return to the most spiritually dead society imaginable. It absolutely never occurs to them that they have no articulated vision of the sacred.

Modern life in America has morphed into a digital, screen specific experience. The pressure of the digistructure to force an adoption of a rigid set of ideas and opinions is thus hardly challenged by any force of nature, or natural reality. The digistructure operates intentionally upon a vicious reductionism, happily isolating the subject from the Earth, Sun, and Sky. The goal is an uncompromising drive to force human interaction into an artificial bubble of crass virtue signaling and collective groupthink. Ultimately, the result is a fictionalization of the digistructure, a vast space where information is as meaningless as it is plentiful. In this environment evil becomes transportable, a fluid assignment primarily designed to channel behavior and thought.

The digistructure assumes the relevance of god, and its activity in limiting and directing subjects, is thus without any requirement of explanation to those it abuses. Nowhere in this megaverse of noise can one find the sense, or even the symbolism of any level of purity, or comprehension of, or even recognition that there is a divine order, and that it can be participated in. The sacred is dismissed as a quaint concept for school children not yet destroyed by the woke agenda, that is, if the sacred is even imagined.

Here it should be said that a society that relegates its undeveloped notions of the sacred to a single, isolated aspect of life-the religious, is completely barren of the sacred. This is especially true since the west, and thus the American religious tradition that descends from it stems from institutions that brutally, recklessly, and irrevocably turned their back on their own spirituality. It is quite the picture, that the modern mind ensconces whatever primitive concept of the sacred it can scrape together, associating it with the very source institutions that rejected the sacred.

The sacred, as an experience, is far from a mere emotional reaction, or sports stadium level of collectivism. The sacred actually offers a level of experience which is not definable in any other language beyond its own. My writer friend had discovered that in post Soviet Russia, all the wars, the genocides, the deportations, the propaganda and the lies of the previous centuries had not moved Russians one step away from their natural ability to participate in the sacred. Yuri was as comfortable talking about his immersion into the divine as an American mechanic talking about cars.

The fact is that there is no parallel for the western mind to discover. Such an essential schism ignites a sense of being confronted with a threat, a danger to its unevolved regressive existence. Throughout history, the Christian west, when thusly confronted and exposed, exploded into paroxysms of mindless violence. The root cause to this barbaric, reactionary response lies first in the earliest developments of the Abrahamic pattern of behavior, yet also in the complete rejection of its own spirituality.

Historically, the first seven or eight centuries of Christianity were unique. The spiritual side of Christianity, vs. its political and traditional sides, was literally an importation of the brilliant theology referred to as Neo-Platonism. It was not unusual for early Christians to be Platonists. In fact there was no conflict, because Christianity has no native spirituality. Just as Judaism imported the Qabbala from Chaldea, Christianity imported Platonism from the Hellenes, who not coincidentally, were the single largest force behind the development and codification of the Bible.

It is an absolute truth that no Abrahamic religion today can lay claim to its own native mysticism and spirituality. In all cases this was borrowed, sometimes wholesale, and whilst over time came to be identified with Abrahamism, there is nothing in the Abrahamic tradition that truly was founded within any spiritual path. This came abundantly clear for Christianity, during the Renaissance. The rediscovery of classical civilization at this time, suddenly forced Christians to realize their religion was based upon concocted history, forged documents, and pre-Christian spirituality.

To say this shook the church to its very foundations would be a gross understatement. Christians, who have never understood the Tao, resolved that something had to be done. The intelligent option would have been to embrace what was, and accept the truth concerning their religion. This would have allowed them to continue to champion a rational system that revealed great spiritual truth, and offered the sacred to Christians to participate in the divine.

However, the intelligent option was not chosen. Instead, Christians found it much more worth their time to reject what they demeaned as Pagan, and develop dark fantasies of diabolical forces arrayed against them, fantasies that to this day left deep scars upon the Euro-American soul.

Unsurprisingly, the church fractured into ever more severe competing elements. Platonism, purged from Christianity, was not replaced by any spirituality, which left the religion as it is today, a hollow sham of an endless set of rules with an overt political agenda. The result has removed spirituality from western religious discourse, and thus, from the western mind.

Access to the sacred was replaced by a stilted emotionalism, where feelings of various flavours become intentionally conflated with genuine spiritual states. The anagogic direction of Platonism was forcibly exchanged for exactly the kind of contaminated collectivism that Platonists strictly avoided. At the end of this process of the less than intelligent option, the church had launched countless wars, genocides, book purges and fantasy terrors. It had spun off copycat faiths that erroneously concluded they followed a way more true than that of their origin. Science was launched, with Bacons directive, to rip the secrets from the very bosom of nature herself. The sacred was dead to the western mind, and the very guardians of the sacred were the murderers.

On the surface, of course, this was spun to lead the faithful to believe the dark cloud of superstition was being left behind. A new, rational existence was dawning, free from mumbo-jumbo and primitive beliefs. The spin doctors neglected to inform anyone the pre-Christian spirituality, left to the dustbin of history, was eminently rational.

Beset by a great desire to trample upon their new Pagan demon, they distorted Plato’s subtle understanding of the role of myth into the perversion of the Noble lie, entwined with the Sabbatean-Calvinist abandonment of consequences, which we have covered in a previous piece. This intellectual feature set the groundwork for future global devastation, including the profound failure that was two world wars, with the ever present threat of a third.

Yet through it all Russian visionary artists and poets would explore the magic and majesty of the sacred. They would bring, to the jaded western mind, the innocence and honesty required for participation in that which is the divine. They would understand love as something far deeper and more powerful than the simple longing for the opposite sex. They would explore, through music and dance and the visual and written arts what can only be described as a tonic for the pointless relativism of the west.

We observe this relativism, and its rejection of the sacred, in its own behavior. Those who lack this essence to rally around have proven themselves inordinately prone to violence, and degradation. It is as if the light of the spirit shines upon the Archontic hiding within, laying it bare, and demanding the use of force to obscure it once more. Within the sacred, there is no impetus to violence, no particular need to kill to preserve its dominance, no motion towards war except in extreme cases of self defense.

A key to the maintenance of one’s sense of the sacred is the spontaneous wonder at the manifestation that is the natural world. Yuri, our current example, expressed a great and genuine love for the natural world, and all the myriad forms of life that inhabit it. This love for the infinitely deep and intertwined natural world, that illuminates all the forces reflected in mankind, is understanding through participating in all the expressions of the divine, and thus in itself, is sacred. The sacred is not merely thing identified by characteristics; it is a relationship, a path, which steers the participant through life in a harmonious and mysterious way.

The western mind, incapable as it now is of comprehending that the spiritual is readily available, doesn’t mean that the sacred is truly dead in any ultimate sense. In actuality, it simply means that the sacred is invisible and unattainable only to itself.

The west is represented by a few serious writers, who have tried, yet can make no sense of the current anti-Russian stance. Some western writers have spent great effort uncovering the Jewish nature of the Ukraine’s neo-Nazism, which only confuses them. They attempt to explain the Russian military option as an existential problem for Russia, which ignores the fact that the Ukraine is the birthplace of the modern Russian state. Economically, they try to describe the Russian actions as a response to sanctions, which can’t take into account the stubborn refusal to renovate a currency that carries with it a strong sense of history and identity. Nowhere in any of this exploration is there any actual explanation for the current western strategy against Russia.

Yet, as we have already seen, the discovery in Christianity that there is no Christian spirituality resulted in a terminal meltdown that brought to the west a series of purges, pogroms, and mass insanity movements, all of which have direct parallels to modern examples, especially in the last several years. Russia, which has never forsaken love of land, and direct experience of the sacred, lays bare the spiritual impoverishment of the west.

From this spiritually illiterate morass, emerges the corrupt fantasy of transhumanism, a longing for a new totalitarianism, and the anti-human focus of woke. No person with even a modicum of spiritual understanding takes seriously the bizarre claim that humans and machines are evolving into a singularity. No individual, with the slightest spiritual spark welcomes an undeserved oppression by the midgets of society. No one who has observed the beauty and creative energy behind the division into gender can find the attempt to deny it as anything but deranged. Yet in each case, this urge towards empowered agendas focuses rage and hatred upon those who will not submit. That this is a war on the sacred is made clear by action, and by the very language the agenda deploys.

That the war against Russia is merely an extension of this war upon the sacred is a given, and that the agendas in play are intentionally destructive and murderous should already be amply clear. The sacred did not pass away in the west. It did not quietly move over for a materialist reductionist scientism to gain precedence. The sacred was intentionally murdered, and replaced with nothing. Every attempt has been made to discredit, debase, and destroy the sacred in the west. Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones.

The heart of the current depopulation schemes at play in the west, from the paralysis and compromise of the medical industry, the mandating of genetic engineering via “vaccines”, to the adoption of masks and blame of the blameless, to the current contrived food and supply chain crises, moving into economic and energy collapse, are all symptoms of a society steered by those who now believe they control the essential ways and means for life, and can distribute such according to their own godlike pronouncements from the shadows.

This is taken seriously by the populous, because of the complete rejection of, and subsequent estrangement to spirituality and the sacred. The inability of the west to allow itself any access to the sacred, except in diminished and highly circumspect ways, is spiritual illness of the first degree. Unless it is reversed, and at this point it seems there is no will to do so, the condition will become terminal.

There is no cure for this condition from any current institution, be it religious, scientific, or intellectual. In each case, it is these fields of endeavor that have failed the people in the west repeatedly. One cannot look at COVID as a success story, and the current contrived war against Russia is simply the latest in a long line of orchestrated conflicts, including the one people refuse to learn the truth about, WWII.

Destructive social engineering programs, denial of biological realities, and annihilation of the structures society uses to function will not, cannot bring the west to any condition of victory, even in the stilted WWII sense. Without a spiritual center with which to withstand the endless punishment western governments now dole out to their populace, there will be nothing but a sickening Stockholm syndrome across the land, echoing amidst shrinking populations, failed infrastructure, and roving foreign gangs imported by your leaders.

There is no true tonic to be directly issued for any of this. Any idea that something can be salvaged from a wrecked system is similar to the belief that a mangled corpse can be brought back to life. Manifestation works through cycles, periods, and states. There is but one avenue left for the spiritually alive, and that is to become the flow of existence, to remember likeness, and to strengthen the participation with the undying.


  1. The world appears to work in very specific ways. The halls of deceit and corruption provide certain clues, clues that those within them enjoy scattering about, watching as others dutifully pick them up.
    Most of these clues are meant to provide a false scent, a false promise, a dead end where those who pick up the clues are meant to wind up.
    The devastation intended is thus just as real as any other condition, and just as limiting.
    You don't have to be the one who picks up the clues that take you to that place of the prisoner.
    Right now great forces are all focusing on you to keep you from realizing this. Yet such forces cannot truly prevent you from seeing through them, if you can truly understand that you have life, and not just mind.

  2. Unconstitutional EO’s and laws banning BDS, and laws limiting free speech supported by Republican’s and Democrat’s. Soon it will be a criminal offense to criticize Judaism, Zionism, and Israel, and a criminal offense to question the historical record with regard to the holocaust the legislation written already same as the Patriot Act was written prior to 9/11. The Supreme Court will either refuse to hear a case challenges any unconstitutional law or they will rule it constitutional. It has bipartisan support, it’s supported by Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Congress the entire Congress, and there isn’t a lawyer, attorney or judge will say anything or challenge it the government won’t challenge it. It was the Trump administration, Trump State Department, expanded the definition of antisemitism to include any criticism of Zionism.

    Biden hires Michael Chertoff co-authored the Patriot Act. They’d probably have no problem killing everyone to protect what amounts to a handful of people compared to the population of the planet, and it involves Five Eyes, EU, NATO, Israel and their allies in the Middle East sold out their own people for profit (petrodollar) and protection, it’s a protection racket, it’s Organized Crime on a global scale, it’s much more than that.

    They want to suck the joy out of your life as they attempt to suck your soul from your body, they’re soul suckers. Once you wake up to it you never go back to sleep. Once you see it you can’t unsee it. They’re so sinister and evil. I can feel the evil. Can you feel it? Other people have told me they can feel the evil.

    We’ve been defeated already. America is a conquered nation. The axis of evil is what’s left of the British Empire, United States, Israel, EU, NATO, and others serving the same master, purpose, and agenda. They obviously own the WHO, UN, and International Criminal Court.

  3. Q PSYOP was projection and deflection, it will be used to discredit anyone asking questions should be asked, they’re all involved in similar crimes, they’re all corrupt and compromised, groomed for the job. 9/11 was planned years in advance before they installed George Bush because they need him to follow through with the plan, it’s not an endorsement of Al Gore, he’s a grifter too. They’ve all maintained their standard of living.

    Yes there are men and women, mostly men, will do anything for access to wealth, power, and immunity from prosecution, anything, anything no matter how traitorous or heinous the crime, many will do anything for access to their victims, especially pedophiles or anyone is motivated by their sexual deviancies or being a sadist.

    These people, if you want to refer to them as humans, are no different than a psychopathic mass murdering serial killer, they’re no different than someone like Charles Manson, and he didn’t kill anyone.

    How many world leaders have actually killed anyone themselves? How many propagandists in the media fomenting hatred and inciting violence have killed anyone themselves?

    These people sellout, they’re all groomed for the job, and the sinister evil psychopaths that make people wealthy own every billionaire serving their agenda, and they own governments because they own the politicians. We’re not going to vote our way out of our circumstances.

  4. Yes, as I've attempted to clarify with E-9, here in the comment section, the war that removes the sacred from its correct place, only does so for those who participate with that removal. It really is a case where the inner faculties decide one's course in the objective, physical world.
    This actually was the entire point behind the consecration of Fatima, it is the essential division. How in the world can such a state ever lead to peace? Because for those who have not abandoned the sacred, the only path left in the world gone mad is to establish, beyond doubt, that the place between the agony of the past and the terror of the future exists.
    It is beyond the ability, beyond the scope to alter the condition and the unfolding of this cosmic reality, it is only for us to choose which side to ally with-the impossible contradictions of the sacred, or the demented suicide mission of the anti-sacred.
    Since I seem to be writing so much about this in the comments, perhaps it might be a good topic for a more in depth examination, in a new piece?
    We shall see.

  5. Sorry Jack was just participating in the conversation. I’m aware of what’s happening, started questioning everything after the Iraq War based on a lie. I was brainwashed but I’m not stupid, graduated from high school, attended college, quit the first year to escape and supposedly serve my country, ended up serving our rulers, it’s the same story, it’s a rerun. I thought we learned from Vietnam. My mentors were Vietnam Veteran’s at the end of their military careers when I started mine. I grew up in the military. I chased a good time too. I’m no prude. I’m not a criminal although I did serve in their military. It’s a lot to deal with when you break free from your own indoctrination and brainwashing. I’m deprogrammed now. I don’t use alcohol or drugs, and I keep myself in shape, generation X. My father would not recognize America. My parent’s aren’t missing anything.

    It’s not going to get better, it never gets better, each year I’ve been alive worse than the year before. America is circling the drain. 9/11 and now a bioweapon attack they attempted to blame on China, and now starvation.

    They want a race war will result in a Civil War as they take us to war it’s mind boggling the power and control they have not only in their government, hundreds of millions of people.

    People are degenerate mind controlled zombies where I live, it includes the degenerates on the right in my state, they’re fucking retards, and it says more about them that the lunatics on the left always win. My state is controlled by hideous man hating women, lesbians, and others. They say nothing about the indigenous people in Palestine, and nothing about Israel’s ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity or the United States guilty of the same since before and after 9/11 the entire phony war on terror a war crime and crime against humanity, and now they‘ve attacked the world using bioweapons.

    This doesn’t end peacefully, we’ve been defeated already, we’re not fighting to prevent anything, we’re fighting to take it back unfortunately most people support their conquerors the right worships their conquerors and the left will do whatever as long as they’re allowed to be as degenerate as they want to be, they want your children, they want your children to be just like them.

    They won’t be creating a functioning society much less a civilization. We’re in uncharted territory although history is being repeated. Leon Trotsky may as well be in charge and in control. They will starve you out, they would probably have no problem raping and murdering, gutting people and hanging them from their intestines.

    It’s going to be a fight to the death sorry. It’s do or die time. We don’t have a media, they’re in on it, remember them.

  6. 5/18/22 ANALYSIS: "Skankowicz," lol. She quit today, just after the Elon's Twitter deal "fell through." I'm not too fond of that, as it means Elon won't own it, and it will remain a mouthpiece for the destroyers of the West. In Pennsylvania, the Republican nominee for Senate has gone down to the "Mail-In Ballots," which means the Bush Admin Swamp Candidate will best the America First one. The CFR/Bilderbergers are adapting and overcoming America's newly reborn Nationalism, even if Elon is now a Republican. The Democrats are hell-bent on promoting "post-birth abortions," to the point of halting baby formula production as part of Holodomor '22. In 2006, I read that a starve-off was coming, but it would be a thing of nature from overpopulation. I guess that didn't work well enough, and now they have to resort to making it happen by blowing up food processing facilities and "supply chain issues." Today, I watched Biden give his 2015 speech about how it would be a good thing for Euro-Americans to be a permanent minority through "an unending stream of immigration" and noticed the man sitting next to him during that speech was Sec. Mayorkas. This is the same guy who's invited millions upon millions of non-white people to this country illegally when Biden assumed control to "make up for lost time" (2016-2020), flying them all over the country in the dead of night and giving them everything they need to stay for the duration. Nine hundred were captured in Mariopul, as the steel plant with all the crazy tunnels finally fell, but Putin is pulling them all back to Donbas, anyway. We've seen or studied all of these occurrences play out in history before today, which is what I took away from Mr. Kay's piece. Therefore, we know the outcome already, and it sucks.

  7. Well, I'm not Jack, but the Title is as follows…
    "Ukraine Biolabs Gave Fake Money Infected With Tuberculosis To Village Children In Lugansk Peoples' Republic In 2020".
    This article probably should come with a warning, that it is not for those of delicate sensibilities.

  8. The link gets corrupted; Jack.
    Could you please put in the article title so I can search for it on the site? I know it is "a pain." Pretty Please with sugar on it?
    Michele Bailie

  9. Yes, I'm aware of this attack. If people aren't aware, then they should read that piece, very carefully, because it illustrates exactly the kind of modus operandi at work here. Sort of like the latest mass shooting, which is just like every other mass shooting, in which various state operatives murder large numbers of the citizenry, so it can be blamed on the lone nut who uses suitably politically incorrect manifestos and symbols to wow the public.
    Its all very clever, in a deeply evil way.

  10. Azovstal surrendered, so there will be some information coming out regarding the facility, it's purpose, and it's role in biological and ideological weaponry.
    For the record, it doesn't look as though the promised artillery from the west is going to play the pivotal role some predicted.
    I've stayed up late following this, due to my own personal interest in how the Runes, misused as they were, played a significant role in the events.
    It's still not completely over, and there is one area of particular interest to me that has yet to be resolved, but it will be.
    The west has taken it's great leap into it's lake of insanity, nor will it do more than destroy itself, and as many of it's populace as it can take down along the way.
    Perhaps Americans will finally have automatic weapons again, as they did before Ray gun took them away. Then they can put them to good use for the hunting times, which are well on the way.

  11. "Doubtless the fundamental stupidity of a ruling class destroying the host it parasites upon will be couched in glowing terms."

    I propose MK that in our daily lives we ignore our "rulers' on a permanent basis and make them make us obey.

    So, stand up comedian that I am on today's cycling group ride as they are so confused about gender so I said let us open our bible to Genesis Chapter 5 verse 2:

    “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

    Cycling? The sport is in absolute civil war over the transgender issue.

    The women, God bless them, are in a frenzy over males pretending to be females allowed to race in the Female gender category.

    See, in cycling your life is based upon the category you race in as its slang is the "cat" you are a "cat one" meaning fucking the Goddess of cycling.

    However, our dear Goddesses of cycling have been invaded by males with chemical castrations and literal surgical castrations and are now allowed to race with our dear Goddesses of cycling.

    The women of our local cycling group were outraged when one of our dear Goddesses posted on Strava using the username "the chick with a dick" mocking the whole shebang as she was kicked off of Strava for "hatred" issues. Hmm.

    Perhaps free speech is indeed the problem as lets let Strava and all social media put an end to such a pesky thing against the .gov narrative.

    Well, our dear "Goddess" with the handle of "chick with a dick" made my day and restored my faith in American women.

    Just todays observations of the absolute clown world that we live in.


  12. The agenda of oppression moves forward. The WHO, Buffalo, billions for grifters and oligarchs, the controlled demolition of digital currency, the raging "wildfires".
    In each case, the formula is the same. Powerful interests move in and create chaos. Real casualties are inflicted. The cure is promised through more centralization, more oppression, more totalitarianism.
    This process is a treadmill of a tired Leninist strategy…The best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition. It is Orwell, and his prescription for a dead society.
    Doubtless, this same worn out application of violence and the power grab response will simply march onwards, oblivious to all reality until it simply becomes it's own practical joke upon itself.
    Doubtless the fundamental stupidity of a ruling class destroying the host it parasites upon will be couched in glowing terms.
    The issue, however, for those who follow the higher power, is not so simple as that of the rulers, who are ever in search of the next thing to destroy. The issue, for those who follow the higher power, is beyond the dictates of even this current life. For the higher power has always revealed, in it's mystery, that things are not as they seem, and the responsibility of action carries with it the geas of awareness.
    It is during these times that the past, personal and seething, must be dethroned as the force that rules our minds, and the future, with all of it's immense uncertainty, and concomitant fear, must be relieved from duty at the helm.
    It is at this point where the quiet ease of life arises, quite independent of the schemes of the insane. Live in this space, and much comes clear.

  13. Turtle Island.
    The Iroquois are, I believe, responsible for this image; a great turtle, floating, with the Earth upon it's shell.

  14. Remember this that those evangelical zionists you refer to? Their alegence to Zionism is as a movement an inch deep and a mile long.

    We shall see. As we shall see how things play out.

    Spirit rules Turtle island.

    Best to hold fast and never give up.

    So, where you live right now you must occupy that space as you can do that one day at a time.


  15. Rage and pain are normal today, since the rulers have completely rejected their humanity. Why then, would one wish to follow their footsteps, and magnify their disease?
    A sense of meaninglessness, and betrayal will always work to rob life of it's significance. Why can we not see that this stems from belief?
    Do not presume that you can judge eternity from the glimpse of it's reflection. What is current now is forgotten tomorrow. Nothing here is permanent, when examined from the perspective of its manifest form.
    We are all trained, entrained. We believe all sorts of things. We think we know.
    Better to act from source, unimpeded, and marvel at the action than to enslave oneself with a million opinions.
    There is a war. There are conditions. There is life. There is the sacred. It all goes back to the decision, illustrated perfectly in the discussion between the warrior and his chariot driver in the ancient scripture, so long ago.

  16. Second paragraph wasn't meant for you anon, I was just telling you to get a grip on yourself. Civil War is my fondest desire, I've had to fight for everything I ever got. I want to see these motherfuckers fight now, just once…

  17. I’m not instigating anything. My father a Korean War Veteran. I’m retired military. I’m a combat veteran, multiple deployments, overseas and foreign service. I got nothing to prove. I was just participating in the conversation, it won’t happen again. My problem with the right is they’re fighting for Zionism, Israel, and Donald Trump. I’m not on the left. I despise woke gay transgenders and the lunatics on the left. I wouldn’t pledge allegiance to anything that flag truly represents. America, if that’s what you want to call it, deserves the future it’s going to get. I was a brainwashed fool like every other fool served our rulers in their military. I’m ready for the day the law no longer matters. Will Texas, Florida, and other states ever secede from Israel? California too, and most everywhere else, they own Hollywood too. I’m sorry. America is a nation of idiots. I’m not fighting anyone for anyone if they’re fighting for Zionism and Israel, and we should free ourselves from the British again.

  18. Get a grip on yourself anon, I keep hearing this bullshit about we can't give them civil war because that is exactly what they want so they can declare Marshall Law. How about this anon? We are calling them; you want Civil War? So do we. I am a street fighter by trade, my daddy was a golden gloves semifinalist and 101est airborne during the Korean war. One thing he taught me that I learned was rule number one right away in a fight was the first time you get hit the game plan goes out the window.

    So, dude, I see you instigating in Buffalo, no need, let's just do this. Unless you are just licensing Skankowitz the minister of truth, go for the guns, and let's see how your algorithms work when we throw the variables of blood and war at them…

  19. Anyone doesn’t support their woke gay transgender agenda is a Nazi, especially if they’re White, and the Evangelical Christian Zionist Cult serves the same master and purpose as the woke gay transgender cult, you can’t reach them either.

    We’re beyond rules of debate when people would concede when the facts, evidence, and results proved them wrong. Debate is over too, you can’t even have a debate anymore, brainwashed stubborn self-righteous fools claim to know everything. So many people are afraid of the truth and being wrong, they’d rather die than admit they were wrong, and many will, many have. I’m not the same person I was prior to 9/11. I’m retired military, retired in 2006. I don’t claim hero status, would never tell you I was fighting for freedom, yours or anyone else’s. I don’t know that guy anymore.

    Humans are changing, people are morphing into creatures, people won’t be human in another hundred years, they will be born in a laboratory or to a transgender incubator. It’s strange, many people don’t look the same, especially younger generations, they don’t have that same life in their eyes all of them, it’s as if there is nothing there. Maybe it’s just me? Strange world. I’ve deprogrammed from most everything will never vote again or participate in anything happening right now politically. People are zombies, it’s mind control, trauma based mind control. We’re in big trouble. There isn’t anyone coming to the rescue.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve depopulated most of the planet in less than a generation. People claiming diversity is a strength don’t really want a diverse world, they want to breed diversity out of existence, European’s are the target because people are brainwashed to believe what amounts to about 7% of the world’s population rules the world that’s not to say Colonialist’s and Anglo-Zionist occupiers haven’t caused a lot of harm the British, French, and other Colonialist’s subjigated, enslaved, and plundered the world. What’s happening in Palestine today is everything happened in the past, it’s an example of all of it, including Nazi Germany. Good and evil definitely exists but their Abrahamic religions are bullshit, there is a lot of proof now, archeological and other proof.

  20. Anon, the rural areas will be key. It is those that physically hold the land and not a military full of traitors and scum that use swarming tactics to overwhelm an enemy so, if one goes outside in america one will see how vast the place is.

    We have the advantage.

    You can have LA, Chicago and New York however, you have a very hostile heartland. That military will do something stupid and hatred of that federal monstrosity will spread faster than the rona.

  21. I would say since WW2 there isn’t too many historians, academics, influencers, or anyone involved in most any political movement, especially if it’s gay, isn’t involved with the CIA or British intelligence, and now Mossad, French too, and others, it includes the churches, catholic and other churches.

    It all shares the same evil roots, they want to control and plunder Russia is not only in their way, they want to kill every Russian. They want to kill you too if you don’t support them although they will use, exploit, and sacrifice anyone like a Trump supporter lured to the capital, serving the same master and purpose as a Saudi hijacker. The truth about Trump is like a cross to a vampire. Biden supporters are as delusional as a Trump supporter believed he was going to lock her up, and they are lunatics the entire woke gay transgender agenda is lunacy, they’re being used, exploited, and sacrificed too.

    There will be tens of thousands most likely millions more people die before the 2024 election assuming there is an election not that elections matter, they need people to vote to give them legitimacy.

    Donald Trump isn’t our savior and neither is Joe Biden. They’re all puppets. We’re not going to vote our way out of our circumstances. They want Civil War will be started by starting a race war will be their excuse to use their military will crackdown on all the Nazis in Soviet America.

  22. There is little doubt that the crushing move is in place. To all intents and purposes, it seems an oppositional force must rise to meet them, yet this view, as true as it might seem, requires the very structures that are already corrupted.
    This is because there is no longer anything within the realm of extant forms that is of itself worthwhile.
    Thus, the traumas inflicted by the betrayal of the purposes behind the structure seem doubly intense.
    Do you hear the rulers laughing?
    First key is to remember that life doesn't issue from them.
    Second is to understand that we walk within forces we have been kept from understanding. Such forces are real. You won't see them on T.V., you won't read about them in the news, yet you can know them.

  23. Anon, we have to come to the obvious conclusion that the American government has been defeated and war has been waged successfully against that government and that government has fallen into the hand of our enemy.

    We are witnessing a very successful demonstration of fifth generation warfare by our enemies as you have to respect and perhaps even admire what they have accomplished as he once said one must love his enemy.

    However, what shall be our response to this defeat upon this fifth generational battlefield?

  24. If there is one, just one recent action taken by the ruling class which has extinguished the integrity of the ruling class, it truly is the abomination of the injections.
    Yes, they are virulent, and yes, they can infect beyond the one who was injected.
    What Rudolf Steiner didn't tell anyone was that the rejection of the spirit is like a plague, and it changes the fundamental relationship with eternity. We are already beginning to see and understand what this means.

  25. Dearest anon, you describe the minions that work for the entity that is non human that runs the shit show. They are entrenched at every level of the American government from the county level up to the federal level and their language is corruption and compromise and blackmail followed by murder.
    It's the truth and best to know what we are dealing with .

  26. They’re all corrupt and compromised, they’re all sellouts and traitors, traitors to America and humanity the FBI knows.

    The CIA may as well be Mossad. It’s Zionist‘s, Five Eyes, Likud, still controlling everything. Benjamin Netanyahu is the Ashkenazi version of Adolf Hitler, there isn’t a Zionist isn’t a combination of Adolf Hitler and Leon Trotsky.

    Secret Service is no different than any hired gun protecting their crime bosses. FBI and Justice Department are enforcers for Organized Crime, Jewish Organized Crime. There are other elements of Organized Crime but the head of the Five Eyed snake is Zionist. The British royal family deserve the same fate the Russian royal family never deserved.

    Merrick Garland is involved, and so is Christopher Wray. Bill Barr was covering up and cleaning up for all of them the British involved in the Mossad blackmail operation, they’re trying to start WW3 with Russia, they’re all responsible for the bioweapons, same perpetrators were responsible for 9/11.

    FBI are traitors. They’re all sellouts and traitors. It’s best they continue doing what they’re doing, and hopefully it will get to the point the law no longer matters, people will finally wakeup, it’s beyond surreal, it’s dystopian.

    I watched live when the FBI Director was confirmed, he’s a puke, he’s an entitled above the law so-called deep state elitist puke like most of them, he’s a traitor. So-called deep state is Zionist, it’s the CFR, it’s PNAC, same sellouts and traitors responsible for the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001.

    They’re criminals and criminal traitors in positions of power and authority, they don’t have any moral or legal authority anymore, they never did not since 9/11, before that but definitely not since 9/11, and now the bioweapons. Don’t cooperate with any of them.

    Criminals and criminal traitors shouldn’t be allowed to decide our fate, we should be allowed to decide theirs.

    Criminals are still criminals if they haven’t been caught and held accountable.

    Murderers are still murderers if they haven’t been caught and held accountable.

    Traitors are still traitors if other traitors put in positions of power and authority by traitors gave them a job protect them by giving them immunity. It’s the forever corrupt Senate confirms every unelected criminal traitor protects them and every other criminal traitor serving our rulers.

    The entire phony war on terror the result of what was the most traitorous crime of the century at the time is a war crime and crime against humanity, and now they’ve attacked the world with a bioweapon. They’re all traitors. They’re all guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  27. The nazis have been promoted as I see that they have a new homeland in the Ukraine. Just like the Jewish homeland in Israel. Totally supported by America with first 32 billion and next another 40 billion.
    Did someone forget to pay off the Russians?

  28. This is America. The joos? Seriously? We have lying medical workers and lying media whores and soon they will blame the joos.
    Self preservation you see.
    The entity in charge has it all game theoried out.

  29. Next upon the pogram list that pretty media girl reading the teleprompter.

    Won't she look good on a gallows?

  30. If we are to have an American pogram I suggest we choose the pro vaxx medical worker.
    Turn to the nearest light pole next to you.

  31. MK, just an observation, the jab has taken a toll of everyone that has taken it around me as they are all sick so, tonights observation? An unvaxxed friend has the Rona however, he lives with a forced vaxxed hospital worker, his dearest wife, and to be blunt, I would kill on the spot those hospital managers that gasslighted her into accepring that vaxxine.
    The medical profession? Absolute fuck8ng scum of the earth as God please send me a Harry Vox routine to describe them.
    Medical workers? Worse than jews as we need a pogram….

  32. Mike, Jack Orage and friends, who is in charge that is the question. My evangelical Queen(she has been promoted) believes that God is in charge however, I am a retired Fed and tried my whole career to figure out who was in charge and gave up upon going up the chain of command that no real human could possibly be in charge of the shit show that I was forced to be a part of however, now retired and paid to observe the shit show I still can not figure out whom might be in charge as it certainly can not be a human being as no human I personally know could conduct themselves with such evil and lack of humanity. Therefore, the person in charge is not human as that is a given and those humans that do these evil actions work for that entity as that seems to me to be quite self evident going back to my basic premise that no human that I personally know behaves in such a manor.
    My Evangelical Queen says God is most certainly in charge since that God is the creator.

    "Show me someone that knows how to live it" as I quote Dylan from Slow Train as I see her living it right in front of me.

    Goddess in front of me living a perfect life demonstrating love every minute of every breath that she takes.

    Show me a transgendered person that can do that please.

    Spirit is Feminine in nature.

  33. Actually, just back from observing the lunar eclipse, and all the attendant phenomena, in the shadow of the government fires that have taken so much life away…

  34. Wonderfull and harrowing description of where the People find themselves , at last on the cliff edge , to die alone from some malign injection that isolates some from the Sacred of any type or a blast into molecules by the war mongers. Personally , my revenge is creating Gardens wherever i live , and now on my 3rd , and at this age , the last . Takes about 10 years , however it is the ultimate process thru the seasons of engendering natural beauty , hopefully compelling another gardener to take up the task .
    Having spent nearly my entire life outside in Nature , away from the crowds mostly , one can blend into the plantscape in a way that time does not touch.
    Thanks mr. K . for your profound comments and to all , please find the sacred inner garden in your life .

  35. The purveyors of this current agenda are moving as fast as they can. Obviously, the modus operandi here is to get everything they can in place before anyone can counteract their plans. The assumption here is that the conditions upon which this offensive is launched are, essentially fixed.
    Yet this a gambit developed upon appearances and opinions, it takes advantage of a cosmic situation to move ahead, never aware that it itself is a pawn for higher forces.
    I've already written that mankind is deep within a rite of passage, and all this entails.
    I've attempted to explain the dying of the light, and how this affects our lives.
    I will say this much more, the development of humanity very much depends on what opposes humanity, and how much agency it can muster.

  36. I don't disagree with what you are saying. The Archontic is less omnipotent and all powerful than insane and juvenile.

    But don't you see that everything that you wrote–the insanity, the destruction–while all true, is also physical evidence that what is beleaguering us is also destroying itself and its compadres.
    Soros, Schwab and company depend on those people currently destroying themselves to empower a Great Reset.

    Depend on them to be vaxxed, in a TV stupor, brainwashed, illiterate, absent the use of reason, in an emotional stupor ready to lay down their physical safety and survival for emotional safety. That's all Archontic. It destroys it doesn't give life, it doesn't create, it doesn't provide solutions or sustainability–all that LIFE related stuff. Their own inertia carried along in the tide of the Great Reset will finish them off eventually.

    The Archon cannot organize itself into an effective army for very long before it turns on itself, and its host, destroying it and leaving itself vulnerable.

    We're still here, in sound mind body and spirit keeping what is sacred in mind. We aren't in the fray. That's why we aren't the victims of some morbidly obese screaming hoofer with purple tinted hair. We aren't participating. We just have to ground ourselves in the sacred, the Rites to Life, Nature already instilled in us.

    Prepare but don't react. Winter is coming but it comes every damn year anyway.

    There's the Great Reset and then Nature's Reset which is a little more subtle than the Archontic which is having a hard time hiding itself these days. And it has to remain invisible for even base survival. It's insane. It needs a lot of energy, and attention but it also cannot draw attention to itself in order to survive: That's insanity. A weak position to be in let alone one that will effect a SUCCESSFUL Great Reset.

    Put your eyes on it but don't feed it or let it feed on you. If you can't use the choice remarks–call them incantations– that makes these people reveal what's hiding in them before it flips the fuck out and draws attention to itself –be the dispassionate observer and watch as numbnuts stampede killing each other. You won't have blood on your hands. That's the beauty of it all.

    The Great Reset is one thing and we see it happening but Nature's Reset is happening right in front of our eyes and has been for a while now. And that Bitch always wins. It' s subtle though. It's won't pretty, survival of Her fittest never is but She's going win. She already is. Put your attention there. In the winning not the losing.

    It's easy these days, not like it was 20 years ago. The Archontic is right at the surface now. You don't have to search for it. It's tap dancing across every aspect of life now as your remarks have clearly conveyed.

    Crazy times. But we were born for them.


  37. All true, so where do you place your energy?
    If you give your energy to this direction, then this direction gets a little more to drive it on, another mind to enslave, another heart to extinguish the resonance of love.
    Those who are human must remember to feel the flow of the cosmos. This can be as simple as opening oneself to the wonder of the sunlight shining upon one's face, the very mystery of breath, the songs of birds. Nothing here was brought by those who seek to rule you and stand on your neck. What they think is power is just their own emptiness and hollow lusts. the die is cast, and the war on the sacred is in full swing. those who survive will remember this science, that the cosmos is them, and they are the cosmos, and reality is far beyond the reach of deranged men in women's' clothing.

  38. Thanks, HD, and thanks for reading.
    The druids really gave it their all to help Christianity. Today we have only one letter from one of them, to a woman, if you can imagine, respecting her perspective, yet attempting to deepen her perception.
    All too advanced, for those obsessed with the cognitive chains of original sin.
    There is a great mystery in the human form, and its place of origin in the cosmos, but none of this can be discovered by those lost in the worship of their own image. When the way is completely forgotten, there is religion.

  39. Whenever I look upon man, I see a being that does not know themself. The anthropomorphic god of the Abrahamics, is, unfortunately , a mystery that lies beyond their ability to recognize, and thus becomes a source for hubris.
    Its almost like turning a screwdriver into a punch, because one doesn't understand the purpose to the design.
    The cosmos is not simply a collection of external things, it actually is, as Jack has pointed out with Bohms' explicate and implicate order, far more significant than that. Thus,the Anthropos of the ancient Gnostics actually derives from a much older condition, whereby the very activity of the cosmos is the human, and the human is it. This is the essence of Wyrd, and it is amazingly significant.

  40. Thank you for reading, nine.
    Yes, there is the attack upon humanity, and it is launched by those who are wannabe gods. But even their unholy elixir will not bestow upon them the godhood they wish to attain.
    The true survival of humanity will never lie in a jealous amassing of wealth or societal power. We will see this clearly, very soon.

  41. When the way is forgotten, the skies are full of filth. The plant world shrivels, and the forests die. When the way is forsaken, the animals are no longer fecund. Water turns putrid. Extinction comes into the world.
    The path back is the path of Dharma, of Wyrd, where the call to life is all about relationship, all about the right action, right thought, and right balance that comes from this.

  42. Thanks, Jack.
    Yes, this definitely where it all is going, and has been for some time. I feel the stirring happening, and humanity is called to either rally, or slide headfirst into the firmament.
    Most have already made their choice.
    The 10th Avatar sends echoes across manifestation.

  43. Where I live people care about their vices, sexual deviancies, and being entertained, sports is huge, major university with a popular team. I can feel the evil in the atmosphere, people are mind controlled slaves, they’re zombies. It’s unprecedented the violent crime, property crime, drugs, and homelessness. The lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum.

    I don’t shop anymore. I get supplies. I still say please, thank-you, and then I leave.

    Another shooting the shooter an antisemitic white supremacist, it’s similar to the New Zealand shooting minus the mosque. So many mass shootings the shooter known to authorities, they covered up the truth about the Vegas shooting, still no motive. This latest shooting checks all the required boxes to further the agenda the timing as suspicious as everything else, they will no doubt exploit it politically, and use it to further the agenda. They really don’t care about the victims.

    They’re creating extremists on both sides. They’re attempting to start a race war will result in Civil War will result in a crackdown using the military. We’re ruled by Benjamin Netanyahu in a skirt and high heels. 2024 might be Donna Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Caitlyn Hannity and her husband Sean will be debate moderators, moderating the debates will be televised on WWE Raw.

    We’re ruled by mass murdering serial killers hell bent on ruling the entire world, and enslaving all of humanity, what’s left of it. We’re ruled by pathological psychopaths leading the brainwashed masses over a cliff, we’re being led down a path of destruction.

    Our rulers have legalized their crimes, and given themselves immunity. It’s already dystopian, it’s beyond surreal. Never thought I’d live to witness and experience America fall as a nation, it’s worse than that, it’s the collapse of western civilization, civilization itself.

  44. What a wonderful way to begin one's day. Though temporarily ensconced in a small Northwoods town, in an apartment, no less, I look forward in the next day or so to traveling the few miles to the homestead. Greetings there will come from the hand-dug pond south of the tatterdemalion old house where my mother was born. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of frogs will share their choruses of rebirth of the cyclic year.
    Perched next to a spruce approaching the pond, rests an Elemental in its customary "disguise" to those unable to see with the inner eyes as a somewhat unusual rock which was rescued from a farmer's rock-heap. Lacking a sense of the Sacred, the semi-industrialized farmer, saw this subjected object as a mere annoyance to his field of grain. Industrialism and adherence to a desiccated imposed religion does that to the human spirit…No respect for the profound.
    Immersion in the natural world, even one slightly re-adjusted to basic human needs, is critically essential to recovery of both the soul and the spirit.
    Perhaps the Mayans grasped it back several hundred years ago where those folk abandoned their amazingly developed cities and returned to tribal villages, the only known successful medium in which to raise children who are enabled to retain their inherent connexion with life as it lives.

  45. A masterpiece, Mike, as powerfully profound as a blow to the solar plexus with a sledge hammer. Nothing conveys the anthropomorphic god scam better than the psychopathic, tribal tyrant of the Old Testament. A very fitting daddy for the chozen pipple. The ancient, Aryan Druids used to shake their heads in wonder at the imbecility of those who thought they worshipped oak trees. The oak was sacred to the Druids but they were not worshipping the oaks, they were worshipping with them, "that which watches". I greatly look forward to your expositions on the vital and concomitant topics you mentioned here.

  46. "Sensible spirituality is indeed a path to be followed.

    We need to get over regarding the deity as a human. It's anthropomorphic mind control folly that puts all other lifeforms in jeopardy." – John Kaminski

  47. Nonsense Mike, this may be your best piece yet, you've drawn the battle lines in what will be the mother of all wars. Anyone thinks this is going to end in Ukraine has been snorting to much Adrenochrome. As a Dionysian poet drafted by Appolo to do journalism, I love sentences that pack a punch: "Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones." I think you just split the heavy bag with that one. You're up on VT already.

  48. MK, great article, perhaps what I am observing is now after polluting the earth and its phisical domaines now they have moved inward with both an attack upon humanity via gender confusion combined with the genetic vaxxines to modify the human genome.
    Also, they are attacking food and energy supplies as it seems an all out war waged against humanity I see.
    Thanks for the clarity since those that can see and understand these things are humans as I also see this as a time of tremendous seperation. Not the world as one wants it but how one sees it for what it actually is.


  49. I appreciate anything you write MK. Seems to me regular folks can understand the idea of industrial pollution having the ability to destroy the sanctity of the earth because it is readily obvious in our material world. Apprehension rests at the level of if a stick is broken in half we all agree the stick has broken in half.
    On other levels if something can be tainted or destroyed some may take it as proof that what has been lost obviously wasn't sacred in the first place. It's like society keeps destroying in search of the sacred expecting to meet some godlike character out of a comic book.

  50. This could easily have been a much longer piece.
    In order to provide a certain degree of readability, much has been left out, or remains unexplored. For example, the role of the Archontic dimension, which is essential to grasping oppositional structures, cannot be ignored, yet could only be touched upon. Similarly, the role that the genetic modification inherent to the "vax", plays regarding rebirth, and the destiny of identity had to be left for another day.
    Both are central to the war on the sacred, and deserve time, yet to make a concise statement, the requisite discovery was simply too long for inclusion.
    Ultimately, I hope this piece lays out the day to day reality of the war on the sacred. If it at least comes close to introducing this condition into greater consciousness, it will have succeeded.