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Is Putin plotting to purge the pill peddlers? If so, we have some suggestions

Is Vladimir Putin preparing to cleanse Russia of Big Pharma shills (his entire cabinet)? Some seem to think so and there is certainly evidence that some kind of anti-shill crackdown is coming. Let’s explore this intriguing news item together.

Take the wheel, TASS:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized foreign drug companies for pushing their products through local medical institutions and via doctors in Russia using their deep-pocketed resources.

“Unfortunately, foreign pharmaceutical companies attracted some heads of our medical institutions, and medical workers in 30 regions. And they pushed their medicines [on to the Russian market], paying quite a lot of money for it. We saw that under just one scheme they doled out 500 million [rubles],” he said at a meeting with Yury Chikhanchin, Head of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service.

Putin noted that such practice also exists in the EU and worldwide.

“They do it everywhere. They do it in Europe and overseas too. This is how they operate,” he said.

Chikhanchin responded by saying his agency was working the FSB to root out gratuitous Big Pharma grifting.

First of all: At the very least Putin deserves a golf clap for saying rude things about Big Pharma. No one loses points for doing that. So we salute you, Vladimir Putin. Keep it up.

At the same time: talk is cheap. If you’re going to launch a Novichok rocket at Big Pharma for “pushing their products through local medical institutions” (as TASS summarized) in 30 regions… this doesn’t exactly sound like the cleansing enema that Russia so desperately needs.

If Putin is sincere about expelling degenerate pill pushers from Russia, how far is he willing to go? Because in order to have a meaningful impact he’ll have to go pretty far. All the way, actually.

You need to cut the head off the snake. And the snake lives in Moscow. The snake has wrapped its slimly reptile-bod around various federal ministries. The snake is suffocating Russia at the highest levels of government.

That’s just a fact.

Maybe it’s time for a “performance review” at the Ministry of Health? (source)

If tomorrow the FSB announces it bagged the deputy director of a village clinic in Potato-Patch, Yakutia, this will not qualify as a successful crackdown on Big Pharma’s nefarious influence in Russia. It will qualify as a massive fail.

So which Big Pharma Strumpets should be Gitmo’d by the FSB? We’re so glad you asked.

All of the Important Russians who partied with Tedros and Big Pharma at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum — straight to the gulag for some desperately needed rehabilitation.

And of course, no Big Pharma smackdown would be complete without frog-marching Madame Arbidol to the most remote Siberian penal colony. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

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Russia’s largest pharmaceutical firms also need to be put in the crosshairs. As we saw with Sputnik V, Russian drug companies enthusiastically collaborate with western pharmaceuticals to create horrific poisons for the masses. And the Russian government is invested in this gross cooperation — which is slightly discouraging?

Furthermore, the worst medicine-related grifting involves government contracts. And also: a lot of the pill peddling and unethical contracting is done legally.

As Tsargrad explained in an article unpacking Putin’s comments:

Putin demanded action against Western pharmaceutical companies that bribe our doctors. Tsargrad examined the problem and found out that this bribery is most often completely legal. To change the situation, you need to change the laws. […]

The peculiarity of Russia lies in the active participation of the state in the market of medical services. It is more profitable to get a big contract and relax than to work painstakingly with doctors, although this is not neglected either. Therefore, our “favorite” form of illegal cooperation of pharmaceutical companies with the heads of institutions and officials is to ensure victory in the auction.

So, for example, at the end of 2019, the head doctor of the republican oncological dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania was caught red-handed while receiving a bribe on an especially large scale. A few days before that, the head physician of the Penza Regional Oncology Center (and soon the director of the pharmaceutical company who gave him a bribe) received five years of a real term. There are other precedents, many of them. […]

Of course, the problem raised by Chikhanchin and Putin concerns not only Western companies — the domestic pharmaceutical industry has adopted the worst habits of its “big brothers” and interacts with medical personnel no less successfully.

That sums up the situation pretty well, we think.

We welcome any and all efforts to make Russian healthcare less scammy and more healthy.

But let’s not forget that after two years of “public health measures” — two years of non-stop grifting and murderous lies — Russia now finds itself in a very, very deep hole — a hole dug by the Russian government. Go figure.

A population decline of more than 1 million people in 2021. The largest decline in decades. (source)

We should add that there are rumors on the Russian interwebz that several high ranking officials are under investigation as part of this alleged Big Pharma crackdown. We haven’t found anything substantial to support this claim but… fingers crossed?

Let’s see what the FSB cooks up. It’s 2022. Anything is possible.

Even atonement.

“I want to wish you success not only in the Russian market, but also in global markets, and express the hope that the new year will be favorable for your company and for solving the problems that we are now talking about,” Putin addressed the head of AstraZeneca.(source)
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  1. Exactly anon, luckily the guy who runs the NSA told me I was a Jew, no doubt he himself was Ashkenazi, all bluebloods are as Dr. Merritt states, are Ashkenazi bloodline, even the Nordic ones. Now I don't think those vaccines do anybody any good, not because they weren't intended too, at least by everybody, but Merck who bought the vaccine ingredient supply company' Sigma-Aldritch in 2014. No telling what they were wrapping in those lipids, or what those nanoparticles they were shipping by the truck load were intended for. If you read us, you should know MK-Ultra is a byproduct of Merck's, at least eighty-year-old biological weapons program in America…

  2. My thinking on this Bioweapon virus/vaccine is that you will get the spike protein if you contract the virus and the vast majority will get COVID-19, or if you take the jab. Not getting the vax will not keep you from being exposed to the manufactured 'virus'. I am inclined to believe the vax works to some extent as a vaccine is designed to do. That is to build some immunity and lessen the severity of symptoms. That being said it is looking like the vax and the virus are mutual toxins.

  3. I'm just wondering Stan if all those third worlders who came flooding into Europe and America when they thought the West was some kind of game show giveaway will still be so enthusiastic about their new homelands when their sons are fed into the maw of the Anglo-American Empires war machine.

  4. Scripture says pride before a fall

    Said proud American

    When any American football game is decided

    Quarter back takes a knee

    Why continue the war

    When the outcome is sure

    Rise again to play again

    We shall lose our dear newest war


  5. We have around 100000 pieces of Cannon fodder in Europe rat now. They want to bump it up to 300000 for a start. The limit of course is the sky. Standby for the press gangs.Six hundred thousand, oh talk about music to there ears. An excellent site to watch this rollout:

  6. Perhaps if America looses 100000 to the Russian military America will wake up? Send the vaxxed since they are already dead.
    Putin would be doing us a favor.


  7. If the bio-lab folks figure they can do whatever they want and worse case scenario have a leak, drop a vaccine that works or not that earns themselves billions all the while making themselves out to be Saints and Saviours then folks gonna get pissed. Folks who matter.
    Russia must have contemplated how to proceed with the Easts divorce from the West since the beginning of the Donbass/Crimea conflicts. Many long years. These things take time. Winning the children without becoming an indentured slave is a delicate process. It's do or die and no one wants to be seen as an aggressor.
    Timing is everything, and if the time comes when Putin can say goddamn the bio-baters to gain support or inflict dissent within the enemy, I trust him to do it.

  8. Sorry but I’m a little angry. I think anyone isn’t angry, considering our circumstances, is probably mentally ill. Anyone is happy about our circumstances is still brainwashed, they probably believe they’re winning because the Supreme Court gave them a win may be the right ruling but it’s for all the wrong reasons the Supreme Court serves our rulers same as the rest of their government.

    Does the so-called deep state believe they’re winning? Israel doesn’t last a hundred years. America’s history was over a long time ago, they used and sacrificed America. They’re also destroying the indigenous people in Western Europe and the United Kingdom in addition it their Zionist colonies. Anywhere the United States is present, anywhere it occupies, turns into a shithole, including America.

    We’re being taken for a ride, it’s a dog and pony show to keep people focused on everything but the bioweapon and vaccines are also bioweapons.

    COVID-9/11 and the vaccines planned years in advance same as 9/11. They’re all involved in the crime or the coverup same as 9/11.

    Donald Trump owns COVID-9/11 same as George Bush owns 9/11 same perpetrators responsible.

    President Warp Speed won’t be saving anything, and neither will the other corrupt compromised bumbling old fool trying to take us to war a war they started a long time ago.

    It’s do or die time, and many more people are going to die, and there isn’t anything they can do about it. Better to die fighting, people are waking up. They can’t hide it anymore, it’s going to get exponentially worse. Do not give up your guns although you can get a gun anywhere when the law no longer matters.

    Don’t count on the government, their media or that sold out Doctor won’t listen, will attempt to blame it on something else. Millions of people know they were fine until they got vaccinated, they’re going to die, years have been taken off their lives.

    Millions will most likely die from the vaccines within the next few years the corrupt unethical healthcare industry and the media won’t be able to hide it. Not that it matters the world probably won’t be a place anyone would want to live sorry to say not that I want to die. I won’t be missing anything, we’re all going to die.

    These lunatics in power serving psychopaths deserve to die. I hope people wake up. These traitors to humanity shouldn’t feel safe. Anyone willingly serves and protects them at this point is a worthless piece of human shit.

    Sorry, not a troll. You can delete my comments if you want to. I just want these psychopaths to know there are people aware of what’s happening. We may not know everything but we’re not stupid or brainwashed anymore.

  9. I’ve lost respect for a lot of people I trusted are right about so many things. I think I know why we don’t hear from some people anymore, people were calling anyone questioning the vaccines an ignorant rube and worse because they hate those Trump supporters are as brainwashed as anyone when it comes to our rulers you’re not allowed to boycott or criticize. There are people have disappeared with nothing to say about the Democrat Party they supported, Barack Obama was their Messiah same as Donald Trump is a Trump supporters Messiah. Blame the people brainwashed people.

    Soon the law won’t matter to the law abiding, and even the brainwashed lunatics will start to wakeup to the fact they’re being lied to, used, exploited, and sacrificed same as everyone else.

    They use Black people like attack dogs, they‘re doing what their masters have trained them to do then they’re rewarded, it’s like giving a dog a treat as a reward when it performs the trick correctly.

    The brainwashed will slowly wake up as they realize the damage, people having vaccine regrets, they can’t talk about it, there is no recourse, their sold out Doctor won’t listen yet they know they were fine until they got vaccinated.

    Millions of people are going to want to kill these motherfuckers the FBI and others serve and protect. You’re an anti-government extremists if you don’t support a government is obviously corrupt and out-of-control a threat to all of us and the world.

    Stop supporting their military and their war. The military doesn’t deserve the hero status they’re given. Don’t give the FBI or any of them respect they don’t deserve, they’re protecting and serving psychopaths, mass murdering psychopaths believe they’re entitled to rule, the laws they create don’t apply to them.

    There are people now with nothing to lose, their lives destroyed by the government is a rogue lawless out-of-control criminal regime, warmongering mass murdering serial killers. Anyone isn’t a mentally ill brainwashed lunatic can see it, and only a lunatic would support these lunatics.

    WTF are you doing FBI? The FBI Director is an above the law elitist puke, he’s no different than the rest of them. I watched his confirmation, he’s punchable, someone you want to punch right in the fucking mouth. And Comey? Really? What a fucking weirdo, it’s so many of them. These people aren’t real but they are serving our rulers, and they are controlled. They’re not independent, honest, ethical, or moral. There so something seriously wrong with people in positions of power and authority in government from the top down.

    So many of these lunatic traitors deserve to be taken down hard. I’m not a threat to anyone just saying what needs to be said. That said I’m not rolling over. I will not allow lunatics and tyrants to rule over me or do anything to me. Fuck these people, they’re out-of-control.

  10. There is way more to this than meets the eye. We all talk about big pharma, but what is big pharma? Where does pharma end and policy begin? How tied in is pharma with the medical industry, which is the single greatest cause of death in the USA?
    Take a look around, and understand that Rockefeller medicine, which destroyed Naturopathy through a combination of reported arson and other crimes, which included the forced introduction of bogus vaxxed seen therapies and petroleum based products, is now the major component behind the western death spiral into madness, suicide, and depravity…in other words, New totalitarianism.
    The Army has one more day to accept defeat or cease to exist as a viable force. How many here think they will go for that pistol on the desk?
    Yep, that little thing of cutting off the connexion of body and soul is working out just fine.

  11. Only skimmed it, Jack. One look at at the photo of the 400lbs hoodie wearing baby huey Christian mystic said it all.

  12. Ugh, I cannot believe my spell check…multi-dimensional war . No not 3 dimensional, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL
    Whoever suggested A I is becoming sentient must be chomping down way too much bad science fiction, GMOs and pharmaceuticals.

  13. Readers must understand that Putin is fighting this war as some of us are, on all kinds of different levels. If there ever was such an animal as an three-dimensional war wrapped up with your most intimate realization of identity, this is it folks.

  14. Is that even Putin at the helm or is it a clone or body double? His ex wife wrote about being bored with living with a body double and divorced him , strange they banned everything from entering Russia bar medicine maybe Iran should moan about that embargo

  15. There is only one remaining death cult on this world whose long dead god Satan Jehovah is still worshiped with human blood sacrifice. If these tribals with their deep latent death wish can not own and control this Earth, nobody can.