Happy 4th of July,

you faithless fools

Belief in the big lie

is how you will die

A country gone bad,

a government gone mad

Americans are too stupid

to be ashamed of themselves


700 million will die from vaccines

By John Kaminski



Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

An idiot president trying to start World War 3. Doctors killing people for money. Newspapers cheering black thugs burning down American cities and robbing stores at random. Police putting white people in jail for demanding freedom and honesty.

Fixed elections. Supply lines deliberately sabotaged. Food processing plants being burned down. Crops and farm animals being purposely destroyed. Borders open and insecure and a government strategically distributing foreign strangers into vulnerable American communities.

The psychotic zombie state known as the United States of America celebrates the worst birthday in its entire history this coming week, as it careens toward oblivion unchecked by rational norms of human sanity while making war on the entire world, including its own loyal citizens.

America is a nation without honor which conspicuously doesn’t even keep its promises to its own people. It has displayed to the whole world it cannot be trusted in anything it says and now deliberately plans to start World War 3 at the behest of billionaire madmen who control the fate of humanity by their control of money, media and mind bending, child killing drugs.

This utter absence of human conscience and compassion has led America to break every treaty it ever made with anybody and this lack of character has produced the crippled entity this disintegrating country is today, sabotaged by individuals who have robbed it of its riches, fouled its reputation and murdered its own residents for the curdled profits of a despicable few, who rape children, dishonor the people who trusted them, and present a danger to the entire world with their never-ending  dishonesty.

A president who cannot complete a sentence without reading cue cards and has an attendant who conceals his untimely excretions from the public, who molests his own daughter and shares his criminal bribes with a twisted son who smokes crack in public and rapes underage girls is the inspirational leader of a country turned into a crazed cacophony of conspicuously sick criminality.

July 4, 2022 is the worst birthday in the history of the United States, a day of shame for all Americans, caused by warmongering lunatics who openly declared war on not only the entire world on September 11, 2001, but also on its own people, when a rancid band of criminal billionaires by a false flag deception consolidated its savage intent to plunder the entire world.

Since then — and long before as well — it has been one aggressive war after another, each based on contrived pretenses — slaughtering the world’s population for the profits of kosher economists who justify the carnage with the now-infamous phrase collateral damage.

All Americans who call themselves patriots have become psychotic accessories to a constant eruption of mass murder for supporting all this cynical rampage against humanity. They now reap their karmic reward as they watch their country being destroyed by a comically senseless government which has plundered the world for two centuries and now has refocused its disgusting homicidal mania on its own citizens, first by a rigged election, followed by criminal lockdowns triggered by a phony illness and topped off by poison vaccines that have already killed millions.

Dr. David Martin’s latest estimate, mentioned above, is that 700 million people will die worldwide from the effects of the poison vaccines that the government said was safe and ordered people to take. https://usawatchdog.com/up-to-700-million-worldwide-will-die-from-cv19-vax-by-2028-dr-david-martin/

Parents murdered their own children; doctors murdered their own patients; politicians murdered their own families by the lies that made them rich.

And the worst of it is that we are even afraid to acknowledge who has committed all of these horrible crimes, which are the Jews, the eternal strangers in every country who have no allegiance to any nation except their own satanic outlaw gang, a cabal of crippled demons cursed by every God on Earth.

You can almost match the stages of decomposition of a corpse murdered by the New World Order with the decaying history of the Jewish-controlled, disease infested United States as it wearily stumbles toward oblivion.

Like an army of ants streaming toward an abandoned picnic, the many thousands of surprisingly well-dressed refugees now flooding across the Southern border of our country are appearing out of nowhere consuming the already bloated USA cadaver infested by political maggots from within, the reckless refugees reap bonus benefits denied to loyal American citizens who helped it survive for 246 years in an astonishing gesture of contempt to all those heroes who willingly and so often pledged their sacred honor to protect it.

So celebrate your fake democracy riddled by corruption and curdled propaganda while you can. As you watch your fireworks, salve your sorry egos by imagining all those bleeding peasants torn apart by American bombs in faraway places proving your superiority by the wretched rubble of American democracy. 

Shoot off those fireworks to remind you of your immediate future, when the last of your possessions will be given to immigrants you have never met, and your life will be mercilessly cut short by your trusted doctor who is well paid for his mission to kill you with treatments that were never intended to work.

Remember, those who support honest government get put in jail now, while those who burn down towns while raging about fake issues get praised to the skies by Jewish owned newspapers intent on turning everyone into docile slaves confused by wondering which of several genders they actually are.

And to you confused veterans:  Those orders you followed didn’t benefit your relatives for whom you were told you were fighting. You really went to war to benefit the Jewish bankers who have been fleecing you for 246 years, pocketing the money you made them and trundling off to Israel or Switzerland or some sweet enclave in the Caribbean where they hide their swindled loot in secret bank accounts they hide from the the governments they run. Just ask any president who has recently bought his own tropical island, hiding in fear from the citizens he had sworn to protect.

At the bottom of all this travesty of democracy is Jewish influence which has polluted the American republic since Alexander Hamilton brought the influence of the Bank of England to the colonies in the late 1700s. 

Now you look the other way as a clinically feeble president manipulated by crafty psychopaths utters creepy commands all designed to demolish America and murder the citizens who built it who are now being replaced by mindless zombies who take their temporary payments and unearned assets until they too will be ground beneath the gruesome gears of technotyranny

So you call yourself a patriot, do you? All ready to celebrate your brave nation’s 246 birthday with your fond recollections vaporizing thousands at Hiroshima, incinerating hundreds of thousands more at Dresden and Fallujah, and that crowing achievement of martial madness, bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan.

Congratulations, tough guy! That makes you a criminal, committing crimes against nature, against your neighbors, against your own family, and against everyone you know or even don’t know. 

But above all, by obeying the criminal manipulators who make up wars to get you to leave your brains behind and give up your lives for nothing, you betray yourself.

Why? Because you’ve bought into the big lie, the lie that keeps you a slave, the lie that keeps on killing, the lie that you will never be free as long as you believe that fake belief they’ve put into your head that you have to kill the people they say you have to kill.

Chances are you don’t even know why. You’re just following orders. In most of your brains it never occurs to you that you were barking up the wrong tree.

The karmic consequence of rooting for the unjust deaths of others equates to cheering for your own destruction, and you have long since achieved your objective.

Let the Independence Day celebration begin as you put the finishing touches on your own enslavement, infirmity and death. Poison your sons and daughters with your patriotic prattle because your lives mean nothing now.

This is not to demean either the character of sacrifice in combat. Nor is it to denigrate the bravery in battle it takes to risk everything to protect your fellows. But to obey the senseless commands of your maniac leaders, especially when you usually know their motives are not pure, is to go up against God and the sacredness of life, especially when you throw your own life away for reasons that never made sense, reasons above your pay grade that you have failed to display the power or the common sense to refute and refuse.

That’s because your conscience was infected by ignorance and your will was warped by propaganda which convinced you the mission you accepted was really a crime against life resulting in your own spirit’s death.

So by some miracle of chance you came through it and reaped the accolades of victory which enabled you to ignore the pain of remembering all those innocents you left for dead.

You should be able to see clearly now that Joe Biden was hired to destroy the country. How could anyone with a scintilla of self-respect 

throws its weapons away by the side of the road, $82 billion dollars worth of America’s sweat and tears, just another squandered bribe by the pervert presidents who have destroyed the country.

Worship the parasitic monsters now in charge of the war machine leading you yourself toward that final moment when you will breathe your last prematurely and realize forever that that country that you thought was free never really was.

Happy birthday, America. It’s a funeral tune we’re singing now, one last day of shame on the road to eternal damnation. Enjoy yourselves. You deserve it. You richly deserve it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.












  1. The end will be righteous and deserved. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t collapse soon because this is just cruel. Western civilization will eventually collapse, and it will be the west responsible for collapsing it.

    I wonder if their Brown, Black, and Mongrel slaves will fight their wars? They have develop and produce biological weapons, sinister evil weapons, difficult to trace blame. They don’t need large invasion or occupying forces anymore. People don’t care, it doesn’t matter, it’s not worth trying anymore, humanity isn’t worth trying to save sorry to say. My heart is cold now.

    The earth definitely requires a cleansing. I won’t be fighting anyone for anyone just going to ride it out until the end. I’m not even worried about dying. People that want to live forever are selfish and self-centered. The world is unlivable anyway. What a horrible hateful degenerate existence.

    We failed the adults have failed the children, still failing, it’s beyond acceptable limits already, they call it progress. Suffering will wake people up more than anything but even then I don’t believe people would believe anything they don’t want to believe not even the truth could set us free. The truth is the one thing we will never get from any of them.

    My only satisfaction at this point is saying I told you so. Pathetic people celebrating the 4th of Jew Lie as if there is anything to celebrate. I don’t even care anymore about the people were killed when they attacked America on 9/11/2001. Why should I care? People don’t care. People don’t care about nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. People are supporting yet another manufactured war will be fought for our rulers.

    America was never a real nation, and it will never be a real nation, it deserves to be destroyed, flushed down history’s toilet. America isn’t that old, they used it and sacrificed it, it existed during a critical time in earth history the industrial revolution and everything we see and are experiencing now is what the military was fight for the hero status they’re given is undeserved.

  2. Seems that NATO is stumbling over itself to deny its hand in that missile attack on Belgorod. Wonder how long it would take before Putin bitch smacks Europe by taking out Brussels and Berlin.

    • Something I have noticed that those that follow Hitler became Nazis, I suspect that new organization to have been over run by Jews.

      The Jew became the Nazi.

      Why? Because a threat.

      Who was Adolph Hitler?

      Questions like that are always directed to my Hitler pal.

    • Here is what my Hitler pal says.

      Be Jew wise as the source of the lie was from the beginning.

      Said this as he was a murderer from the beginning

      Said you and your father are devils.

  3. Um, a little adjustments to the screens and here we go.

    Adjusting to the Jewish keyboard. Starting to make sense to me.

    We shall take your screens with out a shot fired.

    This Jewish computer is wired to the internet and has blue tooth capabilities as it has automatic wifif conectivity. It is connected with one of the finest multi media players called vlc.

    you can find these in a dumpster. Installed with windows 10. And remember, that this is the finest Jewish computer?

    Jewish power?

    you mean like my favorite biike shop in America? Which is run by Jews who only wish to serve the cycling community?

    That power?

    My Jews are local. Leave them be.

    • Get rid of that 10 bullshit an install win XP pro. Concerning dat keyboard, switch to a Dvorak layout. The choice of the intelligent. Of course,you can always use Linux.

    • Speaking of XP, my former employer ran XP and big time. Like 5 millions of boxes? And an annual fee to Microsoft on five million plus boxes?


      Said no to that bs and brought in their own IT .

      Networked five millions plus boxes together to crunch data.

      However, needed guys in the field.

      What I did.

    • If we hack an IPhone could we run XP on it?

      I have an old IPhone 5.

      If I were a joo with a bit of money I would buy any functioning IPHONE 5.


    • Anon, what I love about Linux is that I tell the computer what to do.
      Not a piece of software telling the computer what to do.

      I removed its joo.


    • Just tinking. Server on the android then run a dual OS. BSD, Linux,etc. 'Bout time for a "burner". First thing ,make sure you got a full 528M of memory;-0.

  4. S orry about the gramatical errors. My new box has a Jewish keyboard.

    the money sucking devices have of course been disabled however, jews are welcome to run these prograin

    ms and for a few scheckels will probably make them run a lot better. LOL

    this particular win 10 jewish box loves to malfunction as I have it hooked up to goyim life support as the wires are all over the floor trying to bring our dear goy back to life.

    stay tuned as ole nine gets this box dejewed.

    this particular w

  5. My dearest Hitler pal goes over this with me every time we talk. one has to be jew wise as they are like a poisonous snake or a poison put in a well.

    As he says its their world now and a Jew can do whatever it wants whenever it wants to its vaxxed and poisoned pets.

    The goyem? The new golem.

    Seriously, you have to admire this Jewish achievement.

    Like my new computer Jack? Typing on a very old win 10 box updated with a pirates software, as I deleted that bloated win 10 bs. LOL

    kaminske? fucking home run knocked out of the park.
    works pretty good. gots a bunch of wires hanging off of it like a cancer patient in a jewish hospital stripping the assests of a fine working family.

    Thats medicare for all. LOLn

    Kaminski? fucki

  6. Robert

    The CFR/ Bilderbergers are Primers for the readers here.

    If you would like a "crash course;" read "Financial Tyranny," by David Wilcock; a good introduction to the Cabal
    Michele Baillie

  7. No mention of the CFR/Bilderbergers in this, which is curious. A guy this astute and angry should have put them in somewhere. Donald Trump is the only President since CFR's inception to not be a member, and we all saw the sh#tstorm erupted from that. Things got done in the positive for America for once in an alarmingly fast timeframe (3 years for our best economy and lowest unemployment ever, our enemies frozen in place, updated military w/ new branch, etc.) It is back to normal now with Uncle J'Obama, a butler at the CFR meetings (A'Yessah! Right now, Sah!"). The USSC dealt them severe blows this week, but they don't care what "The Law" says. They do what they want anyway. Who will stop them? Us? We're too fixated on R Kelly and Johnny Depp. If the CFR were rendered socially and politically impotent, all our problems would disappear. I don't know how Kaminsky didn't mention it.

    • Donald Trump was serving our rulers too the Trump Whitehouse was the Netanyahu Whitehouse. He was in bed with the Saudi monarchy, working with Turkey doing nothing good, stealing oil, fighting beside terrorists, serving the same purpose in Syria they’re all serving, he didn’t pull out of anywhere in four years, and he put a target on the back of the military in Iraq.

      Donald Trump delivered nothing set in stone, he didn’t drain anything, his administration mostly Bush cronies and bankers bailed him out in the past. He had people in his administration were involved in Iran-Contra.

      Trump delivered for Israel and the Military Industrial Complex exists to fight our rulers wars they start for their wealth, power, and control, he knew what they were doing in Ukraine. America surrendered its independence long ago, they sacrificed America to help create Israel, they’ve been using it and sacrificing it ever since.

      They took total and complete control on 9/11/2001 was also their excuse needed to build their behemoth surveillance police state not to protect us to be used against all of us. 9/11 was the final nail in America’s coffin.

      It’s a dystopian reality now only the results are real. 9/11 was an inside job, same perpetrators responsible for COVID-9/11. It’s the United States, Britain, and NATO partners losing economic, geopolitical, and military power, and they can’t rule the world if they can’t rule Russia isn’t the Soviet Union anymore. Russia has embraced their Orthodox past. Russia isn’t woke and gay that’s why they’re trying make Vladimir Putin into the next Adolf Hitler in the eyes of a brainwashed population will believe it, and will be willing to fight for all things woke, gay, and transgender if that’s what they believe they’re fighting for because it’s what they were told they’re fighting for, and it is who they are, and it is America’s military today.

      People are supporting yet another manufactured war will be fought for our rulers so they can maintain their wealth, power, and control. They don’t care about you. Donald Trump doesn’t care about you. Joe Biden doesn’t care about you, and he didn’t pick Kamala Harris. They’re grooming Pete Buttplug to be the first openly gay President his husband the first First Gentleman assuming Kamala Harris isn’t installed as President before 2024.

      We’re living in the Twilight Zone, it’s a strange dystopian reality. I’ve come to terms with it for the most part. I don’t expect to die a natural death from old age. They will never relinquish power willingly, and they would take everyone with them if they thought they were about to lose power. We’re not going to vote our way out of our circumstances.

  8. So, the question asked, often from a position of agony is, "what should I do?"
    This is sparked from the embers of seeing everything sink into irretrievably dysfunctional conditions, a slow burn that has not yet become fire.
    Those held by this grasp tend to believe that such a state is a negative one, simply because it is unpleasant.
    Think back, and reflect upon your life. Is it not true that some of the greatest leaps towards becoming more aware, deeper, and more established occur through times of trial?
    It is true that the good times, the bright times are best for cementing our gains, yet it would not be complete if there is no instigation to develop further.
    The darkness is an intimate part of the light. In truth they are not two, yet for us, here, they seem so real.
    You can find in the darkness the anchor you seek, but to do so requires you to fully live, fully observe what you are. Nobody here is going to tell you this is fun. It isn't about enjoyment. It's not entertainment. It's actually the rather painful unfolding of consciousness, if you take this moment for the gift that it is.
    Watch the self, observe the self. Note all those things you want to hide, then ask yourself who am I?
    This time will not last forever. Change is already in the air. Take the gift of the Dark Goddess, where despite the failure, the weakness and the imprisonment, nay, because of it, you can find depths to yourself you did not know we're alive within you.

  9. I've warned Veterans Today about this for years; the perpetrators and their intent due to their outlook- mentioned numerous examples in history.
    The response: "We at VT don't like racism."
    Michele Baillie

    • Veterans Today in 2014 could have led a revolution in America, that's how much influence they had, and Gordon Duff could have made a legitimate run at the presidency. They squandered that opportunity, rest assured we will never hitch our wagon to anybody's horse but our own ever again. I am not for sale, nor can I be blackmailed. That has been established in the last eight years in nothing else, let's move forward from there…

    • VT was always on my periphery back then but they were always too wishy washy so I stopped paying them any attention after a couple years. I like those who stand on their true feet through thick and thin and can start off meek and humble but grow their own strength with age. They seemed to start strong as most do and then shriek back which is understandable given the weight of the world. Nobody envies Atlas.

      I would've paid more attention if I knew you were posting these masterpieces but my sources constantly linking to theirs never made it to my eyes likely because the content was far too difficult for those independent alternative readers.

      I happened to stumble on your name in a famous quote in The Final Battalion. Was your hand in that cookie jar or just by sheer coincidence? I worried finding a man named Jack [of] Hearts but it already seemed like you were a big man by 2016 on the internets.

  10. Yea guys don't get us deplatformed, today we will break a million views
    All Time



    This Month

    Last Month

    • Congratulations! This is good news that people may finally wake up to our shared reality. That's what needs to happen.

  11. It seems obvious to me that at least the commenters (hopefully all of the readers too) know what the problems are. John's article provides a good summary. We could all pile on with more examples, etc., but for the sake of argument let’s just go with what we have here. So the question I have is this: what is/are the solution(s)?

    I happen to occupy a physical body at this time and nature is telling me to preserve it to the best of my ability with the goal of occupying it for as long as possible. It is also very clear to me that others are working to cut my life and those of our fellow citizens short. This is clearly unacceptable. So again, what is the solution?

    For spiritual reasons I am very hesitant to advocate or engage in violence, but I am no longer of the opinion that that option should be off the table. We are under attack and we have the right to defend ourselves and sitting idly by and doing nothing is not the solution.

    I believe Mike Kay has provided many words of wisdom regarding the spiritual realm and the human experience within this realm. Conflict seems to be a part of our experience right now. Perhaps our current test is to figure out what to do. I don’t know and I won’t pretend to be at Mike’ level here.

    My point is this: can we set aside the complaining for awhile and open a discussion regarding what to do about it? That is without getting Jack deplatformed? Given the current levels of censorship we are seeing, we can’t be blind to that possibility.

    Just a thought.


    • We are aware Mark and so are you. We speak on on a multitude of different levels accompanied by our personal experiences and yet we can spot one another from a mile away in how they convey their thoughts and present themselves.

      I've said this before as others before me here alluded to the same sentiment I felt. We are all in a holding pattern. For reasons unknown and for myself the agony has been for decades. There is a purpose but I, like you, cannot reason it anymore that the doubt creeps in should I act or should I have acted long ago or are the unsettled nerves intended.

      I will only now openly say I've seen this all play out long ago, but try explaining to the 90's era how tranny's would be inflated to rule over us in the greatest humiliation ritual ever while it'll be open hunting season on Whites. It seems so predictable now but back then our kind were 1 in 100,000 it seemed as the glow of the era was had even the nihilist by the balls. However, I'll also be the first to tell you openly, honestly, and sincerely I have no idea myself what to do anymore.

      When I first started I first started this journey I went from, "Get me the hell out of here I can't do what you're asking me to do its too much!" to "Okay, no problem *rub hands* lets get to work." At the close of the 90's I felt the chance to do something was closing but held on as 9/11 hit, 2008, Obama, Trump, Biden and all the minor plays in-between, but I'd be lying if the hope and sting of failure isn't taunting me. The same taunting when I was alone in the darkness and refused to kneel to whoever the fuck wanted my attention. I tried at that moment, but I couldn't move my body and here I am again locked into that indecisive state at a 3-way intersection that's really 4. I've turned to stone as Serrano would say and it couldn't have happened at the most crucial goddamn time it seems.

      I've turned into a one-trick pony these days, but so too have our opponents. Perhaps we'll slug ourselves retarded trying to knock the retarded out of the other. I have to say I'm impressed the other side hasn't depleted their energy and can still manage the crowds the way they do. I'm running on fumes, but then again it's not about me so it doesn't really matter.

  12. Aww Mark I stand with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on this one. People are smart! They know how to work the obstacle course inside a movie after someone mistakes burning toast for a fire and tries to warn others. Only problem is I'm not having a stroke and happened to yell fire. My alibi is solid and don't mind the sinister smile as I take the opportunity to find the best seat in the house that's also apart of the act as strokes tend to cause strange facial expressions.

  13. 9/11 was the final nail in America’s coffin, they used and sacrificed America. Not much we can do other than ride it out until the end. America is dead already a rotting corpse probably should be buried because it stinks.

    9/11 and now COVID-9/11, they’re all involved in the crime or the coverup, they’re all involved with the perpetrators. They all know the United States is developing bioweapons. People don’t care.

    Nuclear and biological weapons are the only reason America hasn’t been nuked. The whole world hates America, it’s a justified hatred.

    At least I won’t die a fool or a willing slave.

  14. Speaking of funny, I'm staring at the piece on the 2nd amendment, simply realizing that it really belongs to a time that no longer exists. We are now in Clarence Thomas time, a time when those who recognize where we are, do the best they can to make the tools of the struggle available to those who need them.
    This time isn't about legal declarations and the structure of society. Such facets of human life always regenerate when the conditions are appropriate. It's really about steering through increasingly disintegrating collosi, where the pieces are crashing down all around, and attempting to avoid being buried in the detritus.
    We are watching the mouthpieces for a curious type of death pronounce their conclusions upon the giant screens in the city squares as the foundations for the towers flood, and the hungry waves gather.

  15. I think you're probably correct inasmuch as there are a lot of gentile Predators and parasites out there benefiting from the death of America. And I'm pretty sure that (probably) Jewish MD that treated my daughter in the ER a couple of years ago wasn't out to get me. But that doesn't mean the Rothschild bankers aren't behind a lot of this shit. So it can be seen both ways. Does anyone recommend a single book or author that proves it's the Joos?

  16. The two Coen brothers who wrote the Hollywood script for NO COUNTRY should stand before a mirror and repeat that line because this is not Hollywood bullshit anymore.

  17. Mark: With all respect concerning your comment, … "those of Jewish faith …", the Jews are a race, first and foremost. Or, as Master Serrano coined them, the anti-race or the race that's not a race. Regarding the global, satanic Cryptocracy, they are the shot callers, being the Demiurge's kids. "The Jews are a race. Since when does religion make your nose grow long?" – George Lincoln Rockwell.

    • Geppetto carved his golems to embody his essence from below. If only American's studied their Pinocchio.

  18. Thanks Jack. I was concerned that I planted a lightening rod. Hopefully your response will reduce the number of strikes it takes as some mindsets just can’t be changed.

    Some guy named Church, huh? Looks like I have some more research to do.


  19. While I'm at it I suspect he threw Dr. Charles Lieber under the bus too, but I can't prove that one.

  20. Mark, my man! As I keep telling them, behind every greedy psychopathic Schlomo there is a cold carefully calculating blueblood who long ago forgot the meaning of the word human empathy. At the head of the nano mafia seated on his throne on the Harvard medical board you will find a guy named Church, Same guy who got rid of Mr. and Mrs. Schlomo, I mean the Epstein's, to cover his slug like trail.

  21. A message to all con-artist-servative pay-triots on 4th of Jew-Lie. Wipe your asses with your red, white and blue Masonic dish rag while you celebrate the birthday of the world's largest open air lunatic asylum, the Freemason's fun-house, the Kosher Cryptocracy, the Jewnited States of Soviet Scumerica. "I spit upon your stripes and stars, used by swine to sell used cars."

  22. "You can't stop what's com'n and it ain't be wait'n on you." That's how it ends in "No Country for Old Men." What happens when all earth N-word hell breaks loose and there is no more 911?

    • That's what I love about you Stan, we have the same sense of humor, Mike doesn't approve on my jokes…

    • There is a crow. This crow knows many songs. They are not only varied but of fine quality.. Many have said this makes him more attractive to the female bird. Much the same way the she lizard under the sea performs her mighty dance for THOR..

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