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Episode 016:  John Kaminski with special guest Jack Heart of Veterans Today & Listener Call-in Show


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  1. Anon. Did you take the jab?

    If so why so?

    if not why not?

    basic questions to be answered to join the NSA.

    course I predict the future.

    So, I as an unvaxed retired postal worker will end up more valueble than you?

    Vaxxine status?

    It helps me profile you.

  2. A pretty wide ranging conversation. At one point Mr K observed that the tensions in eastern Europe are all between Slavs, and what exactly is up with this?
    I couldn't help smiling to myself.
    It was the Slavic tribes who sent their emissaries to request Rurik return to them, and rule over them, for their infighting had become so bitter that they could stand it no more. Thus was his dynasty the first of the Rus, and a nation was born.
    The rule of law, when just, reserved, and evenly applied, is a salve to men.

  3. Jack, I rode across the county for 70 miles

    Not one fucking mask

    This is All dane county wisconsin

    Badger homeland?

  4. None of my cycling g pals will ride with me

    Think I'm crazy

    Their all vaxxed but for two

    Only ride with unvaxxed

    Sorry to discriminate

    I am pureblood

  5. I loved what you were talking about however, I had to turn Our dearest john down and you way up, to here what you had to say.

    So let's talk about American casualties

    I propose we go for a ride on an American bicycle trail

    Did that today and what did I see?

    Not one mask.


    At all in Dane county Wisconsin

    Quite remarkable really

    This county produced Frank Olson the guy that went flying

    Out of a building

    From UW Madison?

    Not one mask anywhere


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