“Away from his arms

In the open field,

A man should fare not one stride

For never he knows

When the need for a spear

Shall arise on the distant road.”



Arms, both competency and possession has for thousands of years been the badge, the blazing emblem of the free man. Those who could not wield arms, or who refused to develop competency with them, were infirm, insane, or lowly serfs. Such a condition was not a credit to their status.

In Aryan society, there was a specific warrior class, membership determined by birth, yet competency at arms was never solely reserved for the warrior class. Warriors led in battle, and in the rule of the society. To this day, anyone who wishes to understand politics must also understand war. The two are closely related. The ancients knew this and structured their society accordingly.

Thus, we can immediately recognize that western society has completely veered off the path that brought it to worldly success. Arms, and competency with them, are currently demonized in the west. Martial and political power is irrevocably separated. Far from being an extension of the warrior class, politics is now largely represented by a unique class of weaklings, specifically liars, grifters, sell outs, and degenerates.

The history of the rise of the western world is largely misrepresented today, in an effort to assign copious amounts of guilt and blame. In order to arrive at this point, the realities of war and politics as hand in glove are ignored. Perhaps most treasonous, however, is the destruction of the tradition of the armed man, his greatest power, which was fealty freely given, and his mystical tradition of initiation, which has been subverted and stolen by the very forces that profit from the enslavement of the world today.

The right to keep and bear arms, as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, is far more than the means to provide a “well regulated militia” for the defense of the Republic. It is far more than a constant reminder to the halls of power that the people have teeth. The right to keep and bear arms is in actuality a statement by which the very condition of the free man, going back into ancient pre-christian times, is affirmed into the future as that force with which society is ruled and defended.

Here, it must be said that any system, any society does not truly exist on paper. It only lives in the hearts and minds of those who make up its populace. What makes society a worthwhile affair, is the degree of truth and honour that flourishes in those hearts and minds. This is central to the point, because the west as an entity of political, economic, and cultural forces, no longer exists.

Thus, it is all well and good to discuss what the 2nd means, what it was supposed to mean, and how it should function, yet in each of these cases it is generally forgotten that the guiding light for the model of American society as crafted by those 18thcentury documents was an unspoken tradition, that heralds back to pre-Christian times. For example, it’s a well known secret that Washington DC is layed out according to old Masonic plans, and that just about all the founders were themselves Masons. Masonry is today the kind of a topic that inspires all manner of knee jerk reactions, most of them negative. I’m not truly interested in such discussions.

Masonry in the 18th century was a far different animal than any surviving modern examples, and while it would require exhaustive forensic work to fully detail, the Masonry of which we speak is thoroughly pre-Christian in source and function. It should be noted that after the murder and theft of the heritage of the Knights Templar, they continued as a force, primarily in Portugal and Scotland. Their treasure was largely relocated to places such as Oak Island in the New World, and various Templars joined the indigenous tribes of the Americas, who have preserved many of their stories.

Columbus claimed there was no Northern passage, but does anyone seriously believe that the masters would share their knowledge with him, a slaver and humorless profiteer? History bears out that the Northern passage was well known, used at least from the Bronze Age if not before. The Norsemen employed it to good effect for thousands of years, and the inheritance of the north was passed on via Masonry. The documentation is beyond the scope of this piece, to establish the Norse roots to Masonry. Suffice it to say this is not simply an empty claim.

Perhaps the best friends the surviving Templars had were the Masons. Certainly, both found correspondence in their pagan roots, their spiritual tradition, and their allegiance to knowledge. Yet time was not kind to the Templars, and as they faded into the greater milieu, it was the Masons who remembered their long-lost friends.

The question has oft been raised, who actually funded the American Revolution? It certainly wasn’t the bankers, nor despite claims, could it have been the French. Revolutions are expensive endeavors, and as for who actually funded this one, it was the Templars themselves.

Masons and Templars pooled resources and moved the last of the Templar treasure to the New World. We know the Templars were here, for they left us the Newport Tower constructed upon the ancient cubit system of measurement and constructed for astronomical observation according to the 14th century. Like the many Rune stones still attacked by academia as fake, and the Ogham that archaeologists dismiss as chicken scratches, the evidence will never exist for the willfully blind.

However, it is entirely in keeping that the Masons would remember Templar treasure. Further, it was the Templars who moved it here to build their new magic land, away from the clutches of their oppressors. To those Masons, it would have been a fitting use to deploy this treasure as a down payment upon the New Nation they were struggling to build in an increasingly hostile world.

Masonry, and the ancient pre-Christian roots it preserved, was hardly a pastime to the founders. That such informed the state of mankind, and instilled a code and an understanding of the value of right action, right thought, and right belief was hardly a new idea. We have the perfect example of Rosicrucianism, an attempt, coming out of Germany, to establish the characteristics of the great man. Similarly, every true mystical tradition has always borne with it a code of behavior that provided a framework and a comparison for noble action. The founders did not live in a vacuum, they knew, understood, and participated in this tradition.

What exactly, is the tradition? And where do we find it to trace it to the minds of those who crafted this new America? For this, we can turn to one of the greatest philosophers of the 20thcentury. His greatest achievement, in this writers’ mind was combing through the ancient Pali texts to divine out the existence of the initiatory tradition in Buddhism. We are of course, referring to Julius Evola.

I am not going to dignify the howlings of lesser minds by repeating their often vapid and intellectually bankrupt “criticisms” of the life and legacy of Evola. I am going to state, unequivocally, that Evola’s work into Pali has no western complement, and similarly, his analysis of the western warrior tradition, its intrinsic symbiosis with freedom and empowerment, has no equal. Evola states that there were two essential paths to knowledge in the west. The first, he refers to as contemplation. This is the realm of mystics, of sages, of seekers after the divine. However, there was also a second, now completely overlooked tradition, which he referred to as the tradition of initiation. In the tradition of initiation, the candidate advanced in knowledge and ability through successfully completing various trials, some of which involve life or death, make it or break it events by which certain qualities were bestowed upon the initiate. This was not a path of study, but a path of action, whereby the very physical nature of the man was presented to forces that would either make themselves available to him or shun him forever.

The tradition of the free armed man is one whose origin is traced directly to the Arctic, and that place of origin from the very stars, the ancient Aryans. While this characteristic could and probably should be traced in detail through the various ages, for the sake of brevity we will begin our examination in historical times, with the advent of Chivalry.

Chivalry is defined as a land-owning warrior class. Such a statement should be familiar to Americans, for in the 18thcentury, it was the landowners who had the rights within society proper. This was little more than a continuation of mediaeval social organization, which was at its peak through the lens of chivalry. Land ownership was conveyed with title, and thus the Knight was both a warrior and a stakeholder in the greater society.

For the modern mind, the greatest legacy of Chivalry is in the literature itself, with the Grail as the centerpiece of this heritage. Chivalric literature spans the scope of alchemy, the essence of fealty, of magic and mystery. Clearly deriving from an ancient Celtic and Nordic tradition, chivalric literature is unabashedly non-Christian. Chivalric students often found themselves at odds with the oppressive political structure of the murderous church, yet despite numerous successes at genocide and democide by that church, this literary treasure has indeed survived.

In the Chivalric literature is support and evidence, not simply for a code of honourable conduct, but for the path of initiation. Thus, the Fisher King must be asked the pivotal question, and the recalling, presenting, and asking are the key to the healing of King and land. This is experiential initiation at its most sublime.

Masonry, in the young America, was very much committed to rites and initiatory events. Thus, the bill of rights in general, and the second amendment in particular, must be seen in this light to be truly understood.

The separation of church and state takes on added significance, with the advent of this information, since all religion was Christian, and Christianity had long before this time eradicated entire chapters of the human condition in its perpetual genocides and war upon its own spirituality, as explained in previous pieces.

Thus, the keeping and bearing of arms was nothing less that the act to bring to the 18th century world a then modern interpretation of the path of the mystic warrior, and to reintroduce him to the very innermost workings of the nascent state.

There is no state without the means to defend it, and such a defense has always rested upon a group who are competent at arms. Such men have, from ancient times, followed their own spiritual path. It is the path of initiation, where death itself is the arbiter of who advances, and who’s journey is done. The soldier is but a poor imitation of the warrior, a slave fed religion rather than spirituality. The soldier is the weapon of power, disposable, forgotten, or even worshiped when the empire they serve needs them. It is only the warrior who can be escorted through the gates to Valhalla. The soldier gets his harp or his pitchfork, as the condition demands, but the warrior drinks from the golden horn with the greatest of his fellows, and devours the sacred feast that heals all wounds, before his burning spirit takes him into battle, with fealty freely given, once again.


  1. Our next piece is going to focus upon the Ukraine. We will enter into the mix a bit of history, a bit of ideology, and the cherry on top of nationalism all of course from our own unique perspective.

  2. The Sun and the Moon were stolen long ago, by the pervayers of partial truth. To those descended from this condition, there is no awareness, no heritage, no connexion, only fairy tales and rare moments of wonder.
    Yet they cross the sky, and they shape our lives.
    What is real exists, despite the Julian Assange syndrome we are all forced into.
    The rise of great evil is the truest sign that awakening has occurred.

  3. '….and those whose lives haven't been ruined deserve the opportunity to live them out.' Clinging on to a thread of hope when I read this. Thank you.

  4. People can read it or ignore it as they wish, Jack. This is mostly personal anecdotal testimony, probably of little consequence.
    Because some lives remain relatively intact despite the destructive power of the evil that now rules this land, I will not write more about my personal life, not because I see myself as important, but because, any more that I might say could bring the retribution to the living by triggering the psychotic devastation complex. I might have said too much already.
    As bizarre as this is going to sound, I love life, and those whose lives haven't been ruined deserve the opportunity to live them out.

  5. Wow Mike as your editor I must tell you you are wasting some of your best stuff in a comment section of a post that's days old and growing cold. You too Heretic. For Christs sake do a post man do a post.

  6. Exactly,
    This is why I rail against empire. The warrior defends his home, his people, his place, but empire needs its soldiers to enforce its demands.
    During the height of the British Empire, the regulars were drawn from the poorest and most desperate of places. They were led to believe that they had a stake in that empire, that their lot was actually pretty good, and standing muzzle to muzzle against those the empire had decided to subjugate was somehow good and proper.
    I do not doubt, nor question their bravery and willingness to sacrifice, but I most certainly do question the purposes of those who squandered them on the battlefield.
    Once the USA entered world war one at the behest of the banking clan and its henchmen, the USA was on a collision course to suffer exactly the same fate.
    Gone was the ability of the USA to use its neutrality to broker equitable peace agreements. Gone was the sovereignty of the people, to find their own destiny as a people. Gone was the ability of a humble person to live simply and essentially upon the land.
    It was the soldier who made all this possible, and still makes all this possible, a giant step backwards in the development of consciousness.

  7. All so true, Mike. In his memoirs on the savage war in the Pacific against Japan, Eugene Sledge, a U.S. Marine, remarked on how sanitized the photos of the war were that the public was allowed to see. They would not show combatants with limbs and heads blown off, faces splattered beyond all recognition, the grotesque contortion of the mangled bloody bodies. The American public, particularly the women, would have totally freaked out. Nothing glorious about war. Like a buddy of mine, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran said. War isn't about sharp parades and immaculate uniforms. War is an 18 year old boy with his cock and balls blown off, screaming for his mother as he bleeds out.

  8. That is the issue, HD.
    I never got the statement that the military was a career or lifestyle choice, because really, there is only one point to the military, and that is neutralizing the enemy by whatever means is available to do so.
    I remember one Nam vet who said, simply but truly, that soldiering was about death.
    How exactly this equates to sex change operations, relationship potential, or anything else is the simple fact that people just can't handle the truth that the military option is the option of death.
    People watch movies like Saving Private Ryan, and they think its all some great drama to close the book on once its read. they think they got a little glimpse into things while munching popcorn and farting in the theater.
    There is a real cost to empire, and it isn't paid by empires beneficiaries-yet.
    My hat is off to the lady who stood up to her superiors and demanded answers, but honestly she learned a most desperate and painful lesson about what the military really is, and it ain't saving private anyone.
    Stories are coming out of the Ukraine, not bullshit videos commented on by clueless narrators, about the level of intensity of the fighting. The Ukies are now sending their women into battle, much applauded by the armchair generals online.
    This is a great idea, if you honestly want to wipe out the next generation.

  9. On a lighter note, when I was in, "The Suck" (U.S.Navy) so many years ago, the Lifers used to say; "A woman joins the military for one of two reasons. She's either looking for a man, or she's looking for a woman."

  10. I think a special forces veteran said it best when he said women in the military are a great distraction.

  11. Feminism does destroy the family, because it is the psychology of blame for conditions of life that are far more fundamental than feminists can , or will understand.
    Because feminists cannot understand the nature of what they rail against, they fixate on language, politics, society as the target of their ire. Ultimately, this cultivates an entirely disempowered, conflicted, and deeply unhappy individual, which I am convinced was the aim of the Jewish male university professors who started feminism decades ago, and the largely Jewish females who keep it going. I really have to wonder at people who are attracted to misery.
    At some point people are going to have to graduate from the infantile concepts that bind them, if they want to live lives of deep connexion and significance.

  12. This whole feminism thing stinks to high heaven, and I'm female–not only that but a tom boy growing up if there ever was one–just a girl, an athlete and a good one at that. Believe one of its designs of so called feminism was to begin the long road of the destruction of families, and to neuter the male primal force. What bullshit. The dance of the male/female spirit is something that needs to be handed down in the family line and nurtured, explored and taught. I cringe when I read of some women I know that proudly post on their social media of how their woman power rules the roost….blah blah blah. I'm for sentient humans being treated equally and all that however the mystical has been lost. An older woman that I know in all her wisdom says that the best relationships she sees are the ones where the wife absolutely adores her husband no matter what…maybe a simple way to explain what has been lost.

  13. Thanks for the update on cliff. A go to site in the beginning. The internet is being systematically cleared ,by hook or crook, of sites with useful info.

  14. A unique brand of evil it most assuredly is. Thus far, it appears to be succeeding in its aim. I know what you are saying is truth, Mike. My heart goes out to that brave and tragic Air Force girl who was assaulted. Another reason among countless others why females should not be in the military.

  15. HD,
    I'm not ready to say anymore than this; the spraying is directly related to the rise of a unique brand of evil that seeks to break away from spirit, nature, and reality. It actually is aimed at cutting off life and planet from the higher cosmos. This is the truth.

  16. Thanks, Mike. It seems as if the earth is being terraformed or transmuted into a habitation suitable for Devils or the Archons of the Demiurge. If you are willing and able, I look forward to your conveyance of the, "way, way more … " Thanks again.

  17. Cliff Carnicom is no longer involved in science, for a while he was pretty tight with a certain herbalist, and when she died of cancer he bought a rig and went out to live the mobile lifestyle.
    He discovered all kinds of ELF and VLF that he couldn't pinpoint the origins for with his equipment. There is too much to cover in comments. Maybe too much to cover in a piece. Once they started shooting at me, I hit them back on a different level, and they scattered. It probably didn't have anything to do with me, but word was the military changed its strategy after that, and a change in the spraying was visible and demonstrable. So, the spraying effort has changed several times over the 2+ decades the spraying has been active.
    The thing is, HD, is how tightly woven the spraying has been with insect pandemics, soil changes, and general genetic modification attempts.
    I once listened to one gov't type or other tell me they couldn't be spraying pathogens from the stratosphere because they wouldn't survive. He then went on about how the pathogens would require a polymer casing, which involved nanotechnology, to enable them to aerosolize, which just by sheer, amazing coincidence is what British bioweapons labs just happened to be working on, and don't notice that some of the spray planes were British.
    I was tempted to ask him how dumb he thought this red neck he was talking to was.
    This is just some of it.
    Female Air force supply technician, asking too many questions about toxic barrels of stuff persistently requisitioned, high cancer rates amongst the civvies who worked on base, gang raped and left without medical attention.
    Think they wanted her to shut up?
    There is way, way more HD. It is not simply about engineering climate.

  18. Hi Mike; If you would, I'm very interested in you elaborating on what the real facts and issues are regarding geoengineering that transcend climate and its destruction by such. Also, do you have any idea who the 3rd party is that is running geoengineering watch? Thank you.

  19. Frankly, I don't think that geoengineering watch, which last I heard was run by a 3rd party, and not Dane, is prepared for the truth. Some of the science they report on is good, but they are fixated on climate matters, and the high altitude spraying is not simply a climate issue.
    I understand the terror of the tinfoil hat, and the desire to be sober and well regarded, but you're not going to be there if you attempt to educate the public about the spraying anyway, so why not just tell the truth?
    Those who have lived on the land, as I have see and know a wider parameter to the spraying, and this doesn't even include the personal testimony of veterans, which goes way beyond climate issues.
    At this point we need to graduate from global warming kindergarten, and start to face cold hard facts.

  20. The "Coup de Grace" actually occurred much more recently, with the vicious and criminal destruction of naturopathy, but yes, the witch trials did attack the keepers of herbal wisdom.
    It's actually even more than this, even more sweeping, and even more complete. The lever pullers oft align themselves with the destructive energy, the disassembling energy, that is part of any new arrival of great spiritual force. Through this those who make the rules believe it is they who are the powerful. Once the spiritual force wanes, they wane with it.
    The waning and the waxing is like a dance of the gods. It is the slow doe see doe of Sun and Moon.
    This alignment with the natural aspect of disassembly is seen directly in their medicine, or what passes for it, since it is currently leading the attack upon mankind.
    Plant based medicine is simply no longer available as it once was, since the government has intentionally destroyed the ecosystems with fire and high altitude spraying, followed by lockouts and lockdowns "for our own good".
    However, it still persists, in whatever form it can, because it is truly medicinal.

  21. As always,an ounce of prevention.The black, pharmacopeia medical doctors/witches initiated a holocaust against those keepers of the herbal wisdoms. With the murder of those ladies, thousands of years of herbal medicine, irreplaceabley lost. However, there may be remedy in the big three, Gnostic, Hindu, Nazarim. Not sure about the first,but, the last two might have a remedy. It will require personal responsibility and dedicated effort. No free rides.

  22. Our modern concept of humanity is that it begins with birth. However, in the more ancient European way, humanity was something achieved, a state that was aspired to, rather than simply a condition that was granted.
    The injections certainly alter that path, or perhaps more accurately, interfere with that path, since the origins of the genetic material and synthetic biology introduced via injection is not human, and is done to hijack the standard command-control system of the person.
    There is some debate as to whether this interference can be defeated. I can say it is simply much better to never roll up the sleeve.

  23. And,also, according to that 325 CE narrative, it destroys your humanity. This then puts you in the camp of the enemy and their fate is yours.

  24. I have to be very careful with my comments, since most never post, but I will add that the dynamic of reincarnation is as mangled as every other spiritual concept in the west.
    Suffice it to say that reincarnation is directly tied into the genetic and gender heritage of the individual. Experience of males as females in previous lives has much to do with the soul beginning its journey as female. Yes, we do have quite a few first timers who have appeared in human form currently, and yes this does explain quite a lot.
    It is for the reason of strong genetic ties to reincarnation that the injections, which do alter the genetic code, are so destructive to the individual.

  25. Very true, Mike. It was Julius Evola who said that you are a man in spirit before you are a man in the flesh and the same holds fast for women. The Yid inspired "New Age" ("Jew Age") imbeciles bray like jackasses in a pepper patch that sometimes you reincarnate as a woman, sometimes as a man. What errant nonsense.

  26. Nine, in the spirituality is itself gender. This may sound politically incorrect, but the truth is that the path of the warrior, and the way of initiation is a male spirituality.
    This doesn't mean women can't be competent with some arms, or that they don't contribute, because women play a central role in male spirituality.
    It was the Lady of the Lake who took Excalibur back from the material world.
    Feminism, as launched by frauds like Abe Maslow, was always designed to elevate shock, outrage, and destruction amongst the female. Like most Jewish social engineers, such Alinsky, the corruption and degeneracy came with the action itself. Nothing here for the spiritual person.
    Women also have their own spirituality, according to gender. Rather than initiation, theirs focuses upon the inherent energies of the female life cycle.
    The mystery of gender is indeed beyond the current corrupting influences, and the interaction of gender, currently weaponized, also has a purity currently obscured.

  27. For an example of the difference between a soldier and a warrior , check out Jorge Otero Barreto , on wickipedia , also known as ' the puerto rican rambo ' , a misnomer if there ever was one , as i spent 1970 with him on his 5th and last tour in Nam . We spent many hours in discussion about the military , and life in general . He was a basketball coach and biologist , but a truly fierce warrior .
    As the most decorated soldier in the VietNam War , ' rock ' had 90 ' boys ' die in
    his arms and claimed to me he stayed for 5 years to save American lives , while in truth he was also the most amazing fighting machine , calm , cool , and relentless . Otero went on to establish centers for homeless vets , fighting for
    their rights . He was featured in a vid called Dark lords , about Puerto Rican soldiers . And , yes , he saved my life .

  28. God is upon Fizers side Jack.

    saw a boomer out on the road as who let's these people drive?

    And they refuse those shots ?

    Found one unvaxxed and allowed to drive.

    Rethinking my anti-va9xx stance!!

    Now encourage all boomers to get their shots.

    To keep the roads safe for cyclists

  29. Only speaking metaphorical for Jack, as he simply tolerates my poetry.

    I ask , what gender is Spirit?

    I will simply expedite the mater up that fine chain of command.

    We are in short supply of Spirit

    More Spirit less money

    Impossible to love both


  30. Spirit is on my side

    Trust in her

    Depended on her

    Will see my people through

    Gospel I see

    Only willing are her recruits

    Said follow me

  31. I want a show of hands who served an9where for our American Federal Family?

    Just like our local Jews as their my Jews only I get to criticize them.

    Unless you served perhaps you have no clue and of course no power.

    Out of an American basement a leader will arise

    My enemies better watch out

    Gospel I see

  32. The peace of Fatima, nine, is the peace of the void. Elsewhere there is no peace. We have yet to see the energy return, the reaction to action, but it is on its way.
    The ones who unleashed biological weapons upon their own people believe that they can hide from the response, through their black magic on the mind.
    Yet the Dark Goddess laughs at their pathetic efforts, and she sees.

  33. Well Jack, I did write in my piece that the injections were genetically modifying the recipients, when it was quite unfashionable to do so. Currently, this fact seems to be slowly seeping into consciousness. Further, it was Trump who signed the order to deploy this injection against the American people. He says he loves America. We don't need that kind of love.

  34. The Georgia Guidestones were sound advice from the Rosicrucian's who knew this was coming. Ignorant Christians who right now are getting their comeuppance for their murderous ways may be rejoicing at their destruction but like I said they are ignorant. Their best option has just been taken off the table, And as far as Trump being a superhero maybe he is, seems he's managed to kill all them without them even noticing. Let's see Batman do that…

  35. Well, the orange Jesus is back in the news along with the "Georgia Stonehenge". You just can't make this BS up.

  36. Returning to the topic at hand, the American Empire, which was always a dream of some became a reality once and for all with the end of WW2. It was a long road of preparation, from replacing the independence and sovereignty of America via private central banks to a corporate ascendancy that expanded oligarchy, and it's control.
    During this process, the militia was shrunk and put under the command of the oligarchy, where rather than insuring a free country, it assisted in stamping down disputes, and transforming citizens into subjects.
    Some of the last acts of the militia included shooting people who objected to being slaves.
    The failure of the militia, was the success of the soldier, the automaton.
    Conspicuously absent during such events was any notion of a spiritual aspect to existence.
    All the people, during this time it appears, were born with blinders on.
    What should be a lesson is hardly noticed.
    Religion and Spirituality are very different things.

  37. Snowden? Not a word about our dearest 51st State?

    That is a direct quote from Gordon Duff and backed up by Bresinski. The big “Z” Big….

  38. The NSA? They manage our human computers. You know the super smart yet they produced a guy like Snowden?

    Could not figure out the fact that he swore an oath to uphold that constitution?

    Gave over highly classified information about our military and its strengths and its movements, yet claimed he was a champion of the little American guy whom he claims that they spy upon?

    Where is Duff to explain this to the to stupid to live?

    It’s a faction in our dear America!

    The NSA? They will step up I believe.


  39. What do I see

    Peace in my local area

    No need of firearms where I live

    Available of course

    Question I ask in my community

    Why do you need one

    Many say because I might need one someday

    Sad once live by the sword and die by it

    America at peace locally

    At peace locally at war abroad

    What I control

    Local I see


  40. One has to love Tip O’Neil that famous Irish politician that once quipped “all politics is local” I will have a Nine translation of this for you.

    Come. I await you.

    Take it from me.

    Either I will die or you.

    Gambling man are you? I will kill you dead if you try to harm me and mine.

    However, we seek peace not war but live in peace yet prepare for the unthinkable.

  41. Thanx Jack,
    I pretty much quit VT because I got real tired of the clickjacking and spam dumping after every attempted sign in. I also got tired of fighting Christian morons, low I.Q. trolls, and writers who hated me. I knew it was over when after all this, I couldn't even post.
    Honestly don't know if I even have an account any more.
    My time is pretty limited, so I dunno.
    We'll see.

  42. Thanks, Jack. Much appreciated. That MI6 "Nancy Boy" Ian (She-an) Greenhalgh used to censor me all of the time.

  43. Truer words were never spoken, Mike. No National Socialist is a Nazi and no Nazi is a National Socialist. The term Nazi was created by the Yids. Neither Adolph Hitler nor any National Socialist, from the top echelon to the party's rank and file, ever used the word Nazi nor even heard of it until it sprang forth from "Kosher Valley" a.k.a. Hollywood. As I've said before, I find it more than amusing and ironic that in the 70s and 80s, because of their brutal genocide against the Palestinians, European leaders were calling the Israelis, "Jewish Nazis."

  44. Indeed, HD, let the army fail.
    Without the army, there is no force capable of affecting geopolitical events in favor of perverts and nincompoops. With the fail of the army, there is no force, not even the Navy, to sustain empire.
    The window will open, to see America once more without the corrupting influence of empire.
    There seems to be quite a debate these days, over the role and level of control the Talmudic crowd actually possesses. Equally, there is quite apparently an endless effort to equate National Socialism with Nazis.
    I see them as the same issue. Jews have always been Nazis. Jewish leaders love Nazism. Going back to the 1950s, before history was appropriated and railroaded into a political tool, American historians were fond of calling WW2 a Jewish civil war.
    Nazis are not National Socialists, and National Socialists are not Nazis. The two terms are mutually exclusive.
    Evola was caught up in the political fallout of the profiteering slave empire that calls itself freedom, in a hilarious misappropriation. Despite this, even his detractors, in rare moments of candor, admit that his work occupies a place of its own.

  45. It doesn't matter, Mike, it was never "our" military anyway. Further, it is so woke, degenerate, and pussified that the basic training I went through in the Navy in the early 70s was much more physically and mentally demanding than Army training is now. Like I've said before, they have radically softened it to accommodate girls and queers. The Marine Corps, the last branch to hold out, is like this as well now. Let those pussies who serve the Yids and the banksters get their asses handed to them by a military of real men. By the way, I have always been a great admirer of Julius Evola. Those nothings who yip and yap at his heels are not worthy of licking his boots clean with their mendacious wagging tongues. Evola's, "The Metaphysics of Sex: Eros and the Mysteries of Romance" is in my opinion the best tome ever penned on the subject.

  46. Forms in triplicate, bills in the mail, do what you're told, it's all about the money. Go shopping if you want to save America, said the hero of Wal-Mart who was so terrified of you that they dusted off 1,000 pages of boa constrictor patriot act bullshit to step on your neck.
    The Army is choosing suicide, punishing and bouncing out those who won't submit to the genocide jab. It is as I wrote, the soldier is the slave.
    Russians still believe it was Napoleon and his infected slaves who brought lice to their country.
    Just look at the west, HD, a demented anthology of preprogrammed slaves whose spirit was neutralized long ago. Does anyone really believe that existing as a corporate cog with matching uniforms, fearful of retribution, surveilled and currently being genocided is in any way an improvement of the human condition?
    Does anyone seriously believe this is a gift to mankind?
    This is the world we all get when pear shaped billionaires call the shots, a world of cowardice, perversion, and sickening antics.
    Humanity may well make the grade through this rite of passage, but many of its supposed leaders most definitely will not.

  47. Absolutely brilliant, Mike. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the founder and leader of the Rumanian Iron Guard, said that the fall of Rome was not due to the lack of the right social or political program. It fell because of a severe lack of real men. The same thing is happening with breakneck speed in the U.S. and all western nations. The Talmudic catalyst for this is self evident.