The modern mind is fixated upon the phenomenal world, and the experience of it. Thus myth is dismissed as mere childish explanations, and uneducated speculation. In such a perspective, there is no understanding of the role myth plays in human life, or even a comprehension of what myth actually is. This perspective does not eliminate the activity of myth in human endeavor; it merely places the workings of myth out of the sphere of recognition and consciousness. Myth thus becomes a poorly understood aspect of human behavior, one which continues to function despite ignorance and denial.  

Myth is the means by which mankind provides meaning and a narrative to life.

Myth continues to function as the single most powerful galvanizing force in the psyche.

Society, and this includes modern society, organizes itself around a guiding myth. All societies develop and employ mythology, and it is the myth, far more than any actual event, which determines the veracity, reputation, and light in which the society is seen.

A clear example is the myth of the free man in American society. His freedom is, mythologically, superior to the forces which seek to control him. This freedom is the reason for jealousy and mimicry seen around the world, and it is what sets America apart from the myth that supports the rest of the world. As a guiding myth, this is the framework for Americans to make sense of their journey, and to understand their experience in the world. This myth is well received in America because it has been adopted by the majority of the people as a functional condition of their existence.

In the broadest sense, myth encompasses any endeavor that involves a meaningful purpose. Thus myth is crucial for the direction of a society, the establishment of shared goals, and the narrative through which to make them accessible. Plato understood this thousands of years ago, that the proper use of myth has a directive and unifying force within society, and that myth can be employed to both illustrate great truths, and to explain them.

Myth continues to function in politics, in the consciousness of the people, and the assumptions of a society. In a very real sense the first myth of a society is that which establishes itself as an entity in the wider world, nationalism. The nation as a group that communicates an identity and a purpose is indeed mythological. It was said, upon the political, economic, and military developments that finally unified Italy, that the next step was make the people Italians.

Nationhood is thus an assumed identity with a story and a meaningful experience, with perhaps the most critically-a destiny and at least an implied future. Thus, the founding of any nation must include its founding heroes, its own ideology, and its own unique identity. All of this is functional within the umbrella of myth.

Humanity, however, must live in this area of existence, and here, there is no light without dark. The forces that manifest in this world have their own direct complement. With each action comes an equal and opposite reaction. Just as there is a unifying and conflict diffusing element to myth, so there also is a corrosive and destructive side to it. Corrosive myth has long been used to subjugate certain groups, to force them to provide necessary wealth and treasure, to harvest the energy of a people and rob them of it, so that this energy can be used by others for purposes not necessarily in keeping with the needs of the harvested.

The destructive aspect of myth assumes its own propriety, and often mimics the appearances of wholesome myth. The two can easily be distinguished however, for while correct myth energizes and explains, dark myth bankrupts and blames. Dark myth is well represented in today’s world. Like the poison of a parasite that first immobilizes its prey, dark myth demonizes entire libraries of symbols, perverts meaning of ultimately genuine concepts, and denigrates the efforts of men to build society. No better example of dark myth exists today than the Nazi.

The Nazi myth today exists independent of any historical reality. It is indeed a myth, for it functions to both sanctify and identify its official victims as members of their own unique group, with a status above criticism and examination. This function of dark myth recently came clear as a certain Hollywood actress compared her condition to the condition of the sacred victim of Nazi myth. She was quickly punished for her transgression. The sacred victims of the Nazi myth are extremely jealous of their rarified status.

The Nazi myth is a historic largely due to the rejection of evidence and fact in its development. Nazi myth did not arrive out of whole cloth from the bowels of WW2; it was carefully crafted through the decades to include the themes of vengeance, punishment, and the sacred victim. Current Nazi myth did not fully arrive on the scene until decades after WW2, as the magnification of certain elements of the narrative weren’t fully in place until decades after the war.

That the Nazi myth functions as a control mechanism in modern society is beyond dispute. That it is the single most important factor to the construction of the sacred victim complex is also beyond dispute. The Nazi myth is a powerful justification for the brutal occupation of Palestine by a Caucasian people with no genuine historical roots to the area. Thus, more than any other recent myth, the Nazi myth continues to have gigantic and unprecedented ramifications in the world today. This alone would make the Nazi myth an object worthy of study, yet the manner in which the myth is used to link into nationalism, and the fictional creation of independent identity for political, organized crime, and military objectives clearly places the Nazi myth in a class of its own.

In order to better understand the modus operandi of Nazi myth, we need to have a closer look at a far older mythic construct, nationalism. Nationalism is a very old mythic construct, dating back thousands of years. Nationalism, in the mythic sense, is the story of a people with a similar path of descent from divine, or semi-divine origins, to the current condition. The purpose of nationalism is to create a unique identity, a unique experience, and the expectation of a unique future for the group that falls under the auspices of that myth. A natural example here is the myth of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

In recent years, the venerable myth of nationalism has been under direct, sustained attack in the west. Modern social engineers have sought to destroy it and supplant the themes of shared heritage with a globalist setting. These efforts, while effective against the very young, quickly become awkward and absurd when applied to a larger milieu. Globalism cannot command the mythic power of divine, or even semi-divine origin, because globalism features shadowy operators in behind-the-scenes criminal activity to achieve its hegemony. Due to its own very nature, globalism is a failure upon the mythic plane. Nationalism cannot be artificially scaled up to global proportions. This truth is obvious, even amongst the purveyors of sacred victimhood, as they themselves loudly proclaim their right to their own state, their own nation, regardless of the consequences to others.

Some might wonder if the current effort to promote gender confusion, self-mutilation, and rampant homosexuality has its own corresponding mythic base. After all, to the casual observer, several features of the mythic seem to be in place. One quickly observes the overt attempt to adopt a personalized version of sacred victimhood, identification as a group, and a violent mocking of the feminine principle as the in-your-face features of “woke”. Thus, identity as a unifying feature seems to be present, behavior that sets the group apart is definitely in place, and an ideology is featured, consistent throughout the group. Yet the so called woke agenda is missing an essential quality displayed everywhere myth is present, one which we heretofore have not discussed, mythic thought.

Perhaps the salient feature of mythic thought is memory. Memory is commonly understood as recall of events and responses one has witnessed or participated in. Yet as numerous studies have long since revealed, eyewitness testimony is indeed the most subjective of all recall, the most susceptible to wide variances, and the least reliable. The question here is whether it is memory that is functioning at all. However, the memory we speak of is not from the experience of this incarnation. We refer to the memory of origin itself, which lies beyond the confines of the mind, and personal experience. Memory of origin is the recall of the previous step to incarnation. It is the inexplicable wisdom that is not rooted in the personal experience of the person.

All true mythic structure derives from this memory. It is the echoe that makes the archetypal world intelligible, and it involves forces that are far beyond personality, preference, or predilection. It is this memory that carries with it the recognition, the harmony, the fit that one achieves with specific mythic traditions. It is the explanation for why Europeans are so moved by Norse mythology. It reveals the cascading waterfall of emanation science, which we have previously covered and recognized as a mathematical fact.

The “woke” and their agenda cannot harmonize with that echoe, simply because their origin and activity are not represented upon the archetypal plane. Their origin is of a lower order, and thus their reality only exists as a reflection in the material plane. In this, they share directly with the globalist transhumanist neo communist agenda they participate with. In more direct terms, the crude energetic they devour for their motivation is the realm of the parasite, and the parasite is a lower order manifestation alone.

Such a posture is absolutely intentional from this globalist cabal. There is no interest in attaining virtue through participation with higher forms. Their current agenda seeks to cut itself off from the greater cosmos, to go rogue from higher power, with the intent of becoming the gods of this material existence.

In this, the distortion, mockery, arrogance and addiction to terror that characterizes the modern west is merely emblematic of a perverse ambition built upon massive ignorance. Ignorance, like parasitism, is a by-product of manifestation.

As to the question of why this current phenomenon has such a grip upon people to the point that it obsesses the west, it has to do with adherence to the lower order of things, with the ignorance that gives shape to modern ambitions, and due to the rite of passage that mankind is currently travelling through. Certainly, the sacred power of choice fuels much here, from bio-weapon injections, to agitating for WW3, to the suicidal tendencies observed across the leadership panorama of the west.

Returning to the realm of the mythic and searching for an illustration of mythic action in the world, brings us directly to the primary zone of focus for all current events, the Ukraine. The Ukraine illustrates how the myth of nationalism is dependent upon a shared vision, in order to galvanize a people. The Ukraine also illustrates the activity of dark myth, where destruction and devastation become the inevitable by-products. Last, but not least, the Ukraine illustrates the activity of the latest manifestation of the Nazi myth, as it is cynically applied by the west and its operatives.

The Ukraine, in its current iteration, is most definitely a product of the west, and especially the USA. The various threads and influences trace back to the earliest post war years, where the newly minted CIA set up shop there and never left. However, the largest single event that turned the Ukraine into what it is today was the Neocon coup lavishly funded by the US taxpayer. It was after this event that Jewish leaders in the Ukraine began using the “Nazi salute”, and the elevation of Ukrainian dissident Bandera into a hero of nationalism began in earnest.

This promotion of mythic Nazism was at least partially due to the fact that Bandera was a German collaborator during WW2. The end of the conflict saw the Red Army pushing the forces of the 3rdReich out of the Ukraine via a series of bloody battles, whilst Bandera returned to the Ukraine to wage a guerilla war against the Soviets, which the NKVD eventually brought to an end. 

The symbolism and military strength of WW2 Germany maintained its’ own underground popularity in the Ukraine, even after the demise of Bandera’s war, as rag tag neo-Nazi groups across Ukraine trained with arms, attempted to revive a Slavic paganism that doubtless bore little similarity to the ancestral practices, and vocally dismissed communism.

Despite such social movements, which included music, philosophy, and an effort towards identity separate from Russia, the Ukraine was and is faced with the fact that it cannot lay claim to an identity devoid of Russia. The fictitious nationalist claim actually derives more from an accident of history, than any genuine unique identity.

Perhaps a useful analogy might be found in examining the claim for a separate nationalist destiny with the American state of Texas. Despite Texas’ brief flirtation with independence soon after its founding, Texas cannot claim a legitimate history independent of the Union to which it belongs. Like Texas, the destiny of the Ukraine is defined by the destiny of the larger society that it participates with. In this sense, a Texas, or Ukrainian history becomes a subset of a wider history.

Statehood for the Ukraine was never taken seriously during the heyday of the Soviet Union. It was in no way implied to supplant the authority of Moscow, and in fact it never did, until the fateful day of the collapse. Without the USSR, the junior partners that administered to the “republics” suddenly found themselves to be the highest forms of government left standing.

Thus, the “nation” of the Ukraine, its borders and its territory were not the result of the raw will of the people. They were not forged in the fire of conflict that ignited the struggle toward an ideology, or even an idea of what it meant to be Ukrainian. Rather, the Ukraine had nationhood dropped directly into its lap, a sort of default position that almost no one had anticipated would occur. This was exploited shamelessly by the orchestrators of the Maidan coup. Just as the reinvented myth of Nazism became prominent in the post-coup Ukraine, so too did a radical nationalism rise, nationalism which paradoxically, panders to the west even today.

That the Nazi myth is far away and different from historical truth is easily demonstrated. Yet what is rarely noticed, much less discussed, is the inescapable fact that the primary shapers and promoters of modern Nazi myth are Jewish. We can clearly discover this to be true, as Hollywood churns out an endless array of Nazi themes, as certain Jews have themselves observed that there is an entire holocaust industry, as Jewish leaders set up a system of payments to Israel, some might call them reparations, or aid packages, that are still shipping wealth out of their respective countries generations after the close of WW2.

The Nazi myth is of course, never ending. The further away in time the world travels from that point of origin, the more the lies and bombastic claims grow. How it can be even passing moral to force the descendants of a target group to continue to pay in blood and treasure for an event of incredibly dubious historic veracity is a case for study in itself. For our purposes here, it is enough to illustrate that the Nazi myth is in fact a Jewish one.

It is important to understand this, because if one realizes that it is Jews who have turned Nazism into a myth, one with more than a little resemblance to Barnum and Baileys’ enterprise, then it becomes simple to recognize why the Neocons, who were the primary orchestrators of the coup, and mostly Jewish, would find it a great opportunity to promote the Nazi myth in a post-coup Ukraine.  

In fact, one could say this fruit merely fell into their gaping mouths, for conveniently enough, the man crowned with the condition of Ukrainian independence, Stepan Bandera, and chosen as the de facto father of Ukrainian nationalism, is widely seen as a strong participant in that burgeoning business of modern Nazi myth.

All at once, we can now see that the so called “color revolution”, promoted throughout the west as a democracy initiative, is in fact something else entirely. We can also understand that a very important reason exists for a strident denial of the deployment of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, because the confluence of conditions whereby the Nazi myth was so convenient as a tool for control in the Ukraine, threatens its continued deployment across the west as a tool of political, social, and economic repression.

The activation of ultra-nationalist ideology in the Ukraine was imported by the same cynical forces that demand payment for a victimhood that no one in the modern world is guilty of forcing on them. Their own fantasy of victimhood delivers for themselves a sacred status beyond reproach, and one which is replayed with nauseating frequency. Concurrently, these imported myths of Nazism and nationhood have ignited a war by which countless thousands of innocents have already been killed or wounded, with many more casualties guaranteed. The Ukraine is being destroyed by this descent into the cynical manipulation of myth, and Russia herself will be forever changed by this conflict.

Myth is the single most powerful organizing force in the human psyche. By its very nature, it is mutable, capable of creating meaning wherever it appears. Yet when myth is manipulated for purposes that surpass mere cruelty and used as a force to paralyze and harvest the efforts of a people, then that use of myth is evil indeed.

Perhaps in a better world, the Neocons would throw their efforts into removing the poisons they inflicted upon a once proud people. If America was truly being led by Americans, they would do what they could to curtail the escalation of conflict, and instead of sending long range missiles, send a delegation ready to listen to both sides. There is no advantage to mankind for this war in the Ukraine to continue, as it in fact, threatens the survival of the entire human race.


  1. Mark,
    The practice was given expression in the writing of Master Dionysus, yet from far older origin, and it involves one aspect of Theurgy, whereby after time spent to develop focus and concentration, the mind is ready to discover it's limit.
    The preparatory work is essential, because without it, the significance is deflected, and the training of little import.
    From here, the mind is directed upwards towards the deepest held beliefs regarding the ineffable, and each one of these beliefs is fully examined regarding the divine, and honestly reviewed as to the ability of the mind to craft a workable description of the ineffable.
    Some call this the practice of negation, but negation is only an introduction. It is here, after ritual, preparation, and purification, that one discovers the very real limits to mind.
    The rest can only be arrived at, and this too has it's term, Divine Darkness.


  2. Mike, you continue to assemble the pieces that clarify how our experiences and perspectives fit into the grand scheme of things and I must add that HD's comment below is spot on. You mention that your response would be better addressed in a separate piece and I would very much welcome such a piece. In fact, I believe I can hear Jack now … please write it. In addition, within your response to HD below you mention a Platonic exercise. Would you mind expanding upon that as well? Thanks!


  3. Indeed HD, it is absolutely necessary for the ultimate to be everything and nothing, extant and non-extant. In fact, there is an ancient Platonic exercise, a training shall we say, whereby one begins to arrive at this apparent contradiction, so important is it to become aware of it.
    In terms of Druids and Dragons, such is far beyond the scope of this discussion, but the ancient Aryan root word for priest relates to dragon, or serpent.

  4. Thanks Mark, and thanks for reading.
    At issue here with the notion of gods, is that practically no one today understands the gods. The modern definition of god revolves around a rather stilted notion of an entity far more powerful than a incarnate man.
    To the standard operating mind, this equates to greater effectiveness and reach in this world.
    This notion is sort of like describing a sunset by looking at a rock on the ground. However, it is revealing in itself of the attitude and perspective of those who announce their goals.
    The obvious objective is to become an even more brutal and savage ruling class, with even less, if that is possible, of a moral or ethical basis for their behavior.
    It is the intention to seize total control over all of manifestation, and especially their fellow man, to build a dystopia where they rule forever from their machine bodies, over a nondescript slave race they genetically engineer to suit their every whim, no matter how perverse, disgusting, or backward such urges might be.
    This should probably be better explained in a piece, because it is too much for the comment section. To wrap this up, they truly are not planning to become gods at all, just a twisted archontic parasite that has no true activity of its own.
    This has nothing to do with the genuine Gods, who continue to serve as as points of unity in the immensity of the cosmos.

  5. Them druids, with the mark of the dragon. Talking about the Brahmin energy field. Little bit of soma to help see better. Everything was good until up popped a christian jinn with his murdering mercs.

  6. There are many gods, but the ineffable one, the entity that has no beginning and no end, the one the Druids said was beyond the beyonds, the one with no name that is everywhere and nowhere, must exist within us. That is what makes us ultimately impervious to the machinations of the Demiurge and his archons. Godhood is won by attaining immortality. It is an arduous, challenging task, most definitely not for everyone, particularly the featherless bipeds whose numbers always swell in a Kali Yuga. The slaves of Atlantis as Master Serrano termed them. They will be perpetually recycled into the base realms. Chow for the lesser god and his bevy of demons.

  7. The key tenet of Satanism is, “To be your own god.” And one doesn’t need to be even associated with Satanism at all to hold this core belief. In other words, these people believe in the service of oneself only. Decisions are made solely upon the criteria of “What’s in it for me?”

    Not everybody holds this belief to the extremes we seem to be observing from the globalist. Not only do they not care about the chaos they leave in the wake of obtaining more power and control, but intentionally create much chaos in their quest for greater control. Divide and conquer.

    So now we have a bunch of would-be gods vying for control. They may be operating cooperatively for the time being, but eventually they will turn on themselves. After all, with this kind of thinking and belief, in the end, there can only be one god.


    PS, You published another masterpiece Mike.

  8. Orage,
    I have actually read and heard the Transhumanists, the Globalists, the Davos crowd proclaim themselves to be gods-in-waiting. This isn't some made up metaphor, it is their belief.
    However, there is quite a difference between harnessing the power of destruction, and ascending to the level of the Gods. The Mayans of Central America held that their rulers could become one with the stars, if they survived the journey through Xibalba.
    For the leaders of the west, they just don't want to die. I wish them luck with that.

  9. There's only present, re-imagined from the past to shape the future to come. Imbues one with a certainty, specially when the material holds no more than celebration with comrades when it is all done. A feast, soon

  10. Stan,
    They never killed any gods. I don't care how many dumbass movies they waste their time fashioning, because their fantasy can only stain the outer garments, leaving the inner untouched.
    Where we can go, if we survive the forge, is so far beyond where we are that comparison is meaningless.

  11. Couldn't have poured my heart out better than you J O.
    I will not lie. I hated the lie when I realized it and learned to love its cold embrace all the same because it was all I knew when the blindness MK mentions settled in. The emotional rollercoaster was one for the books but it was all just masking a deep sadness.
    Still young believing in America and returning knowing it had to be destroyed in order for it to truly live broke my heart. Some see Loki or the trickster as the devil and it's easy to be mad, but the same force can be a great teacher as well. Perhaps one none of us asked for because it knows you better than you know yourself. Just like the military, you must break someone to remake them better and there's nothing wrong with being broken down or tricked. We don't like it but it often turns into a fit of tears followed by gleeful laughter.
    I cannot lie my disappointment in others is strong, but I remember how hard it truly was to overcome the mass delusion, and I had help, but only received help when my heart desired to know more. As much as we sometimes wish we could forget and sink back into the crowds and tap into that energy the heart will pull you in the same direction and nothing would really have changed. It's why our politics fail. Everyone always wants to go back to some former decade. There was no decade that was ever better the problem was always there. It's just another lie we tell ourselves to spin the web of nostalgia for a time that never really existed outside of books, videos, and photos. But damned if we don't like the idea of the lie and try to make it reality.

  12. Stan,
    This current phase of the rite of passage for mankind is, to all observations, utterly merciless.
    Yet we must remember that this moment is like a forge, that it offers an unprecedented leap into a new set of rules for those tempered by the fire, and not destroyed by the fire.

  13. So I wonder … did D's dog die because some kids in the neighborhood decided to tie an acetylene filled balloon to it then give chase as they tossed firecrackers at it?

    Yes, I sometimes (ok, often) have a sick sense of humor and it really has no place within such a solemn article and discussion thread, but I found I just couldn’t help but to press the submit button. Hopefully the readers will have read enough of Jack’s writings to understand the source of the joke.

    I have nothing constructive to add to Mike's keen perceptions, other than to say it's another masterpiece form which I continue to learn more about myself and the current environment in which we live. I just try to remain positive when everything around appears to be swirling the drain and often humor, even when in poor taste, helps to offset the chaos. No offense intended towards D, Jack, or anyone else.

  14. The indwelling Spirit of the Creation Energy can no longer transmit impulses into the vacuum of the Golem, there is no reciprocating communication, there are zero evolving developments, and now the little Spark seeks take off clearance so it can just fly away, like a white spirit dove heading back home. They are all contaminated by the Choronzonic Prions, and have now self transformed into the: Babblers of The Abyss.

  15. Grega Thunberg
    Grega Thunberg
    Blog Member
    July 27, 2022 6:25 am
    The new Thor movie “Love and Thunder” is blatantly anti-god, even though the protagonist, Thor, is a god himself.
    The main antagonist is a human man on an alien world who prays to a god, but the god ignores the suffering people and the desert planet. The man loses his young daughter to drought and famine. The man finds his god, who is gorging in a lush oasis. The man asks the god to save him but finds that the god is arrogant and completely self absorbed. The man finds a magic sword and kills this god. He then vows to slay all gods and begins to hunt them down.
    Meanwhile, Thor finds out about this and goes to the gathering place of the gods to ask for volunteers to help slay the antagonist. But Zeus does not care, and is only interested in pleasure and gluttony. Thor battles the god-slayer and they both end up “at the center of the universe” where the ultimate power (Creation energy) can resolve the problem.
    This movie had a striking anti-belief-in-god theme, and is another follow up to the “Thanos culling the human overpopulation in half” of the previous Guardians of the Galaxy / Avengers movies.

    Stan Del Carlo
    Stan Del Carlo
    Blog Member
    Reply to Grega Thunberg
    July 29, 2022 4:45 pm
    You trashed and killed our god with disgusting truth, so now we Tribals will make you pay for this, so pay back in burlesquing all yours is our revenge, because WE have the control and power of Hollywood scripted myth that will leave you absolutely void and bereft.

  16. Defensive warfare can lead to victory under certain conditions. These conditions are not present in the Ukraine. The key to successful defensive war involves neutralizing the initiative of the attacking force. The Ukrainian military, pride of NATO, is incapable of this feat.
    Without any ability to influence the battle, Ukrainian forces will be forever at least one step behind the alliance forces. The outcome, for the Ukraine, of such a war will be a complete defeat.
    Alliance forces met the Ukrainian military at their strongest point, and destroyed them. At the very least this should register to those who vacantly wave their blue and yellow colours that their best efforts have resulted in their best men being unceremoniously sent to the meat wagon.
    Only the ignorant or the media soaked could possibly state that ukie victory is at hand.
    The Ukraine is now a disaster zone in every measure. Leaders who engage to lengthen this war are either idiots who should be removed from office, or demented parasites who hate their fellow men.
    The west and their Ukraine have lost. They will either have to talk to the Kremlin, or be treated like a disease. If anyone thinks that the west will be left to continue games of this type into the foreseeable future, that person has a strong dose of reality heading their way.

  17. I think it was Robert E. Lee who said the ultimate outcome of purely defensive warfare is surrender.

  18. Ahhh… Harry Potter
    Guess gold really can be hidden in plain sight Nine.
    We sat on the breakwater and watched pairs of waterfowl headed West into the sunset tonight, young in tow.
    With eyes open wide the genders are easy to count
    No mysteries

  19. After Donbass, nothing but open fields and forest all the way to W. Ukie. After Russia has shown her professional skills, any attempt to fight in the aforementioned territory will be considered assisted suicide. Their choice. Intel Slava gives good coverage.

  20. RP,
    Nobility in its truest sense is not a term for an inherited social position, it is a term for a high level of behavior and aspiration. Re: Buddhism and the four noble truths.
    It is in this vein, nobility as highest achievement, that the word was employed.

  21. I don't accept "nobility!" Every traditional royal family in the old world is ferociously inbred, as are the Rothschilds and most prominent Ashkenazic families. There is a definite parallel there, and it explains a lot of nasty behavior by them over the centuries. A lot of crossed wires in the chromosomes have led them to do some terrible things and have personalities that reflect it. Zionism is 5200 years old. If a bunch of inbreeds didn't prosecute it, they would have succeeded a millennium ago. Instead, they keep stringing it along, probably because they can't agree on the color of shit behind closed doors. They start arguing and fighting for hours due to the personality ticks that inbreeding causes. Think of pit bulls, who were inbred back in the day and still carry that crazy gene. They can be fine, then BAM! The wrong nerve goes off, and a kid's head gets chewed through. The royals and Ashkenazim are just like that. It shouldn't be that tough to fight against Zionism when it is put into that perspective. It is run by a bunch of troll-like nasties who have brains but personalities that offset that intelligence.

  22. Was. She and Alice B. Toklas were lesbian lover-liberals in the early twentieth century, the last people you would expect to nominate Hitler for "peace prizes" if you believe everything you've been told. Hitler also warned that "not a hair on a Jew's head" was to be harmed when he first formed the SS. But don't listen to me.

  23. What most people think is the Russian military, is actually an alliance fighting against the western proxy state of the Ukraine. The alliance forces include the militia from Donbas, the Wagner PMC, and yes the Chechens, together with Russian special forces and standard military.
    The Ukrainian military has persistently attacked the civilian population in the Donbas. These attacks have no military objective, and have put pressure upon the Alliance to take direct action. Very recently, alliance forces have made significant headway in the Donbas, attacking and destroying the most heavily fortified areas of Ukrainian occupation, and inflicting irreplaceable casualties upon the Ukrainian armed forces.
    When a military force attacks the strongest and most fortified zones of enemy control, and defeats those enemy forces, the war is over for that enemy.
    This does not mean that the Ukrainian forces will simply surrender, although it would be the best course of action, but it does mean that the last form of warfare, defensive warfare, is not a viable option for the Ukrainian forces.
    At this point, the Ukraine will only suffer more severe and more humiliating defeats. If they continue, the Ukrainian army, and the entire generation it is drawn from, will face complete destruction.
    It should be noted that few militaries are capable of facing the most extensive fortifications of perhaps the most powerful army NATO could muster, and achieve major victory. The alliance forces are now moving with a patience and restraint that is symptomatic of a military operation designed to completely remove enemy presence from the map.
    Unfortunately for mankind, this obvious condition will be lost on the corrupt, genocidal leaders of the west. The strange belief is that the parasite class that continues to hold power in the west, will always hold power in the west. This belief is in error, as history attests. The only question is how much more damage has to be done before the parasites fall.

  24. Hahaha!
    The abrahamic frauds mock themselves.
    I have to say, that I certainly hope humanity learns one thing from all this mess, which reveals my own optimism that humanity will get through it, and that is to choose better leaders.
    A big part of the problem is the numb acceptance of parasites in lieu of actual nobility.

  25. J O,
    When some of us are very young, and our newly incarnate experience has not yet developed the weight and the brightness to obscure our own origin, we know in the only way we can about that Mystery.
    Yet in time the forces of the world move to blind us, and cause us to forget, and we are directed to be touched by the power of this manifestation.
    Yet as we know, when we remember, when we feel the echoes we cannot categorize, that all blindness is temporary.

  26. Frankly I doubt that the Spartans ever really existed outside the head of some drunken Benedictine monk, but as the Ukrainians are finding out the Chechens are very very real…

  27. Edwin told me that your dog died D, that's the problem with pets they invariably die before we do. I've never really gotten over Tookie dying but it taught me a lesson I needed to learn at a very late stage of the game. To assume flesh we make an unbreakable covenant with death and death will not be cheated, not by Magick, not by science and not by religion. The owl was her she was reminding you your dog will be waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge in a place death dares not tread. We will all see each other there…

  28. Personhood is the mystery, or more accurately, the approach to mystery. Similar in fashion to developing a response to unavoidable conditions. This world teaches us in great detail how we are to live in it. Yet there is a deeper truth, and truth it is, for it underpins everything. How we know this other side which has been the domain of the artist and the mystic ever since there was mankind is literally through our own recognition of awareness.

  29. Thanks for reading, in NZ.
    Much of myth is distorted today, and this is in accord with some ancient prophecies regarding time and the ages. Perhaps the largest issue regarding myth, and mythopoesis in this current age is actually recognizing that they exist, and they remain immensely powerful in the human psyche.
    Mythic thought, when properly understood, is capable of moving our attention away from concepts and into forms. This remarkable possibility of myth is completely missed yet it is there, beckoning.

  30. Well if I were I were in charge

    Would say

    Stones? Build back better

    Stones are local

    Will post my riding schedule

    Please make it quick

    Already old

  31. J O

    Perhaps that's why we 9have harry potter

    As a home skooled father

    Allowed the Potter myth into my house

    My youngest sent off to school

    University of Wisconsin

    All say she's brilliant

    Turned down a doctorate from Madison

    My home spun daughter

    Proud beyond words

    Time to relax

    No worries passing it on to her

    Retirement is like a bicycle

    Never will forget

  32. Personhood …is that the same as being human? Anyway, my dog passed away on Monday. The last 3 nights there has been an owl hooting above me on my normal walks that I used to do with my beloved dog. I've never heard an owl before as long as I've lived here. Simple comment that doesn't move the needle but …the wonder and mystery surrounding life and being human here can be extraordinary.

  33. When I was a child things couldn't have seemed more cohesive. Narrative kept me in place and time and I belonged. As I grew older the questions emerged and the narrrative was proven to be just enough of a veneer to keep things together and look good. Everything began to fall to pieces.
    This had to of been because the myths weren't my own. I like to imagine a little Adolph sitting there with a befuddled face when an elder walks up and puts their arm around him and proceeds to say "let me tell you a story of Habikikkuk and Jehoraiboam." In short there is some alien who is better than us to show us the way. You're not enough.
    A myth, a story, that could bring us home into adulthood has to be a sign of a golden age. Our own home, and each to their own home with all due respect.
    The fact that entire peoples connection to the past has been severed so completely that imposters and charismatics can sway entire peoples with false narratives is horrifying. These Ukrainians who for all intents and purposes have been led down a road to their own destruction despite so many of their positive qualities just because their story was no more than a fabrication of some others purpose is certainly sacrilege to part of the human spirit.
    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that each passing day as our myths are muddied and our archetypes are forced into dresses and high heels the urge to return home grows.
    That love held for family is more tender than that felt for neighbours is natural, not evil. The big scheme of things may bring nihilism or it may bring shelter. Here and now must always be deemed important. I know why we tore down and can't wait to rebuild even if not in my own lifetime.

  34. Hi Jack, Hi Mike, its the dragon (Anu) from the land of the long white cloud (NZ) I love your opening paragraph explaining how Myth is absorbed into society, usually for all the wrong reasons, when the truth behind many myths are are actually factual censored history. Downplayed of course. laughed at mostly by science, because it does not fit there current round of propaganda directives. I recently had a conversation in which I could not hold back my belief that almost all science, including science in medicine, is quack science. You can blow most of the science facts out the window if you read deep and long enough. The Electric Universe (forces of electrical discharge and the power in such as a diving force, right down to what is a Virus? and why are their no microscopic pictures of an actual virus, and why has covd 19 never been isolated and how can you have a vaccine for something that you have never seen or understand?) all that stuff. So Myth might be the real facts and the real truth, skipped over my modern science because they cannot explain it. I am doing a detailed study of the Myths in ancient culture and it fits with much censored history better than the quack history taught in schools of late. Sorry slightly off subject Mike, but Mythology is a really interesting subject. (for me at least)

  35. At the steel plant: in position, Chechens waiting for Nazis. A mother with her son made a run for freedom. Nazis shot her and her young son stood there looking, Chechens yelling/waving run. They shot him. The Chechens charged in and blasted those motherfuckers. One Chechen standing there among the carnage stated that he felt like he belonged there,his time an place to be.

  36. Splendid that means we will be getting great footage from Nikolia, you gotta really love those Chechens, till now I've never seen men who actually enjoy getting shot at…

  37. As yet,unconfirmed reports are saying, a whole damn potful of new Chechen soldiers left Chechnya. They have mil patches on their back saying, "to Kiev".

  38. Jack, look at Chicago whites, moved to the north suburbs, vote for progressive politicians and are into the vaxx and trans narratives big time. Black people have become so dependent upon handouts for generations now I see no hope for fixing the mess. For young white men? Leave cities like Chicago and their suburbs and move to white like minded areas and go into the building trades where there is a huge labor shortage where a good young man can tell that pink haired human resources bitch to fuck off if she doesn't see a mask on that young man or a vaxx cue code.
    That vaxx has done its work and how much longer can it be covered up? For the truly woke it might be forever.


  39. Perhaps humanity itself can shut down the very theater as Lil points out Jack?
    Close the theater starve the beast as it were? Perhaps we ourselves are the problem and maybe for the west at least doing nothing and letting the woke have it is best? And moving to a white like minded enclave to wait it out perhaps?
    My plan jack.

  40. It did help Mike. In fact, personhood seems to be something indefinable. Generally, lower concepts link it to the ego, but when you're trying to identify or localize the observer who is watching through your eyes, you won't find any. It's a holistic quagmire, not walkable but everywhere. Humanity is still stuck in this materialistic views, confusing the temple with the goddess. But the walls are crumbling.

  41. The Nazi myth is most definitely Jew spawned and it biggest promulgators are the imbecilic and hypocritical blowhards of the con-artist-servative blight wing.

  42. Stan,
    You have touched upon the very nature of the Jewish question itself, it's motivations, it's sphere of influence, and to what extent it is a force in this world.
    In this piece, I attempted to show how myth shapes both thought and identity, and to point out that modern myth is heavily contrived. The Nazi myth is perhaps the most powerful myth in operation in this modern world, and it is most definitely a Jewish myth.
    Through understanding comes greater awareness.

  43. Well Joe, as far as Lillith is concerned, she prefers a deterministic and oppressive model to understand the world, and then erroneously assigns it to my piece.
    She assumes that I am leading to conclusions she has already made, which demonstrates exactly what I've been writing about concerning the void as a mirror.
    Nothing she claims I said is actually what I said, but whatever. I realize the concepts and precepts in my pieces are difficult, and often elicit shall we say, unique responses.
    Your question Joe, is one that actually requires a definition of the self in order to answer, because it is impossible for karma to be a force in this world if it is not rooted to the person, and what do we mean when we say "the person"?
    However one views personhood, it simply cannot be defined according to modern sensibilities. Science has no insight on this matter, and religion, institutionalized as it is, cannot address it outside of their mania for control. I could offer a definition, but it would only be an explanation, to take the edge off the scope of it all.
    Therefore, personhood in the modern world is the ultimate mystery. So anything that can be said about personhood is at best a wild guess. In such an ignorant condition, assigning passivity or agency is arbitrary.
    However, the nature of existence can be seen to be largely defined according to choice.
    Does it matter, to the chooser, if the choice is rigged or not? No, it cannot matter because the choice itself is so real and powerful.
    Hope this helps,

  44. In the Winter of 2017, I linked a video from the site to this one. It featured a little dude wearing a Yakima speaking English with a Israeli accent. The whole thing might have been a Mossad counter intelligence cos-play theater directed at provoking white people, because the little kike always started each sentence with "Dear white people." It was always dear white people this, dear white people that. The final conclusion was : "Dear white people, WE did Germany, WE did 911, and if YOU don't want US to do YOU, all You have to do, is convert to a JEW."
    The Big Monkey Zionist @ revealed on the big monkey screen that the Russians and the Chinese are forming up in Nicaragua. On Sundays it is fundamentalist monkey worship religion day, on 7-24, there was an Israeli quest speaker whose life occupation is searching out any and all types of anti-Semitic activity. Monkey man made it absolutely clear that his sectarian sect loves Israel and all of Jehovah's Jews. The War and the Revolution will not be televised, but if things get to hot down here, it will be videoed from above, on board from a private TR3-B luxury liner serving De Rothschild French Champagne.

  45. I'm late here in this discussion Mike, so first of all thank you for this impressive piece. For me it was the perfect round up, touching many strings and showing connections to distinct points and deeper layes which should be explored:

    Very interesting in this context are the differences expressed by Lilith. While she claimed a passive quality of the human condition, you defined it being a sacred choice. I personally assume that passivity is an impossibility in a karmic world and is equivalent to victimization, that is ignorance. But I would like to hear more about how self determination and responsibility of ones own actions play into this sacred choice, how the divine and the human existence interact.


  46. It has always amused me, that in a time when I'm told to embrace globalism, and drop our borders, we all have to solemnly support a Jewish state.

  47. The best way to defeat a line of thought that brings ruin is simply to expose it for what it is. Thanks for reading.

  48. On a rope.
    Called it a Renaissance fair

    She openly hung on a rope

    Best jesus I ever did see

    Follow her


    Married to her

  49. I like Lil,

    Says we can shut down the auduiotoriam

    Said this can shut the whole thing down

    I saw a 40 year old woman with cats hanging

  50. Lillith,
    I appreciate your world weariness, and understand the claim of impossibility that you make, probably more than you know. However, what is easily lost in all of this is the true cause for the condition you rail against. There is a causality that powers events, and a destiny, but the agency of humanity has always been sacred choice.

  51. Thanks Julian.
    The tragedy of mankind is inseparable from the ignorance. I daresay almost all of us need to be pulled out of that hole, at one time or another.

  52. Thanks for reading, Bill.
    It's been a consistent observation of mine that what is categorized as "practical" is in fact a narrow phenomenological explanation. This piece was an attempt to bring a wider understanding of the issue.

  53. It was a risk that was taken the moment the blood started to become mixed. The golem has a 50/50 chance of being a golem or becoming more human and turning on its master. As Serrano said, time is limited for them and they know it perhaps better than anyone else and should they fail apparently Saturn is going to devour them or something like that.

    Nobody hates jews more than jews. When they are left alone they fight to the brutal death but when they perceive an outside threat they gel together as Hitler would reference and become this jello like substance impossible to catch and destroy. Perhaps that's why we all do nothing and are in an era of utter weakness. Sucking up our pride to allow the organism to see no threat and thus destroy itself. I'm not quite sure.

  54. The Celtic people were like all the Aryans, HD, arriving from the East. That's what all the commotion regarding the spirits of the land was forever about, the securing of the privilege to be of the land in its deepest, most sacred aspects.
    THUATHA DE DANU, literally the people of the goddess Danu…

  55. I do intend to answer comments, however, duties and obligations are currently in the way. If you have a question, please be patient, I will return when I am able.

  56. Amen to everything you've just said, Brother. Here it is again: "I spit upon your stripes and stars, used by swine to sell used cars." For the white race to live, the monster known as America must die.

  57. I honestly don’t care about America. I wouldn’t pledge allegiance to anything that fake and gay flag truly represents, and I know for a fact the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum right now and their supporters that support this degeneracy and dysfunctional lunacy won’t be creating a functioning society much less a civilization. I’d leave America if I could. I can’t stand to be around the LGBTQP NAMBLA community the end will be righteous and deserved, and I’m not particularly religious but I am done with all of it, and I’m done supporting Israel and anyone supports and defends Israel. There isn’t a woman, including a lesbian, can do anything as good as a man, including fighting. They can’t build anything, and they won’t be building a civilization, and I doubt their Black and Brown slaves will do it for them, and they definitely won’t defend them or fight their wars.

  58. Well Heretic, was at my Jewish pals bike shop and what did I see? A confused young man dressed as a woman as my Jewish pals push first the vaxxine and second the transgender narratives as I told them that the trans narratives are unacceptable to me and I have taken my bussiness elsewhere and they have a shop in an extremely conservative area as I am most certainly getting the word out but the entire cycling community has been over run with wokeism.
    So, look at road cyclists and their trans uniforms and small plastic hats?
    Plus as a demographic are most heavily vaxxed. When I see one in a kit I avoid them like the plague since their delusions are intolerable.
    Let us hope Mr. "S" is correct.

  59. Holy Crow! "even the county landfill is operated by a giant tattooed lesbian with a Mexican helper."

    Men about lesbian sex: " I wanna watch".

    Is that horrid vile disgusted Mexican helper also woman? What is the last name? I wonder if it one of my relatives! LMAO.

  60. Master Miguel Serrano predicted the Jews would ultimately turn on their Lord the Demiurge and in their unbridled psychosis destroy everything he created including themselves.

  61. Very interesting piece on many different levels. Your underlying premise of myth as the nidus for nation building and forces beyond plain sight gives food for thought.
    It is not necessary to use this type of comparison to motivate your sentiment and metaphorically justify the events seen today. But for the sake of being ludicrous, I’ll play along.
    Let’s begin with the construct of nationalism. This is heated ideology expressed by various groups who need an existential reason to justify their sense of superiority hence creating groups to blame for all that is wrong when it does not fit either their earthly or cosmic agenda.
    The “nations” we see in present time are random and at times “fortuitous” conquests of groups who have mastered the art of domination and exploitation. Humans, in all their primitiveness, are nothing more than the puppets of marionettes from other dimensions.
    If I were to accept your analogy of Texas independence and Ukrainian will for autonomy, then I would be erroneous in believing that these are equals. The “union” had no claim to the state at the time that “Texans” fought Santa Ana to acquire it and thus the myth that they (the immigrated white boys of Europe) had every right to annex it by default is flawed. Considering the same comparison, and if I agreed with your position, I must also prepare myself for the possibility that the indigenous people and Spain would have every right to invade and reclaim that land under what you refer to as Nazism. In addition, perhaps France should just come back and suffer the territory again as it was theirs before the American’s. I would also have to prepare myself for a Nordic land grab that was seen during the Viking Era and just as well wait for Russia to continue their “nationalist takeover” of the the entire Nordic region as they were here too.
    Let’s just lay it all out on the line, shall we? The poor little humans, stuck on this planet, are here due to the ethereal beings who thought it would be a fantastic idea to drag them here. Some realize it, other mere humans do not. Humanity is being played the fool and they fall in line for the beings whose agenda is being played out. If one takes issue of one group over another (minus gender-related bias) then call it out for what it is.
    Jews were sucked here by one of God’s most vile creatures who also decided to create his own religion usurping the creator so that an entire religion would spend millennia praying to him instead – five times a day. Although these poor suckers’ prayers haunt him until this day, their entire belief-system is not even divine. Let that one set in.
    It was not just the Jews who came, but many other “races” and the myth that we just happened to walk across the terrain and just by coincidence got a genetic mutation that made them tall, white and with blue eyes -baloney
    You infer about governments and their roles regarding what is and what isn’t (being done, not done) is true. But, the cosmic-stage game of cards is just an extension of other being’s interests in this stupid little planet. Those beings don't care about what is really happening here on this creation regarding “nationalist, Nazism, jew bashing, gay shaming” etc. and they are more like spectators in the gladiator coliseum waiting to see which of their kind is going to be left standing.
    So, yeah, who “really cares” that Russia is taking back their land and maybe it is because of the laboratories, the underground bases, blah…blah..blah? Yeah, maybe the Jews are to blame, maybe those sodomizing wealthy Jews, maybe the Americans, why the hell not the Russians…? They should have never lost that land in the first place. To think that Ukraine is their stopping point, guess again, wrong! They are just at the very beginning of their campaign.
    Americans, truly being Americans, pfff, let them eat yellow cake. They won’t wipe their collective ass unless there is something in it for them. And mankind….God save them because that is the only thing/being who has the power to crush the coliseum.

  62. Hmm, what came first the Nazi or the Jew? Jews know that Adolph Hitler was right and now more than ever I have co e to the conclusion that Jewish thought must be eliminated and how? As our dearest Jack has pointed out that the micro controlls the macro and the war is biological now with the Jewish liberal the purveyors of the current vaxx and transgender narratives.

    Never interfere with an enemy that is in the process of destroying himself.
    Great work Mike.


  63. I see it where I live the Governor and political establishment use and exploit minorities for political purposes the government is Antifa. They have an army of criminals in the streets are given free reign, their LGBTQP NAMBLA army is embedded everywhere in government, everywhere, even the county landfill is operated by a giant tattooed lesbian with a Mexican helper.

  64. In the early 1980s I read a review of a book titled, "The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel" by Jack Bernstein. He said the Sephardic Jews in Israel were subject to blatant discrimination and mistreatment by the Ashkenazi Jews who ruled Israel. The Sephardic Jews indigenous to the Middle East lived in peaceful co-existence with the Arabs for centuries. With the torrent of Ashkenazi Jews flooding Israel post World War Two, the hatred, violence, and genocide commenced. Bernstein was in a restaurant there with some Sephardim in the back section where they were confined to. Segregation against them was Israeli policy. An Israeli cop noticed Bernstein was not a Sephardic, went over to the table where he was seated with his Sephardic friends, and rapped his billy club on the table telling Bernstein, "Get away from these Kooshim." (Hebrew word for "Nigger") When Bernstein tried to ignore him, the cop slammed his stick hard on the table growling, "I said move!" Bernstein immediately complied know the next strike of the club would be on him if he didn't. In the U.S the Jews have always been at the forefront of the racial equality (anti-white/miscegenation) movement. However in Israel, it is a completely different story. The Hebraic purveyors of racial brotherhood and mixing are the most extreme racists themselves. Criminal, hypocritical, vermin.

  65. Still China is a real nation with an ancient culture, and they don’t want to play with multiculturalism, to them the NBA is the circus with circus animals get paid to do tricks, and they don’t want to live with violent twerking savages. The same people created Communist China destroyed America, including Black culture, they will never be civilized at this point, they’ll probably get rid of them when they’re no longer useful, same as they’re getting rid of Whites are a threat and no longer useful the wars have been fought, they successfully created Israel.

    I agree, and I know it was Jews helped create Communist China, and if they’re not involved, and if they don’t share responsibility with regard to COVID and everything as a result then they should prove it. They refuse to accept blame even accidental blame if they were working with the United States doing legitimate research, and we know it’s all a lie.

    Our rulers are pathological psychopaths people sellout to serve, people are given access to wealth, power, victims, and immunity from prosecution. The United States government is a Zionist gangster puppet regime with a military, they’re gangster thugs, gay gangster thugs. Pledge allegiance to the Israeli and rainbow flags.

    The United States is already a failed nation with a failed government, it’s a failing falling Imperial superpower not so super anymore, it can’t win a conventional war it starts. The United States couldn’t fight or sustain a one front conventional war against a well equipped determined military with the will to win because they have something worth fighting for. America is no longer worth fighting for, it’s over already, it will only get more over. They have to fight economically, asymmetrically, and unconventionally. They sanction, destabilize, create coups, and use biological and other special weapons, including chemical and nuclear. It’s the United States is losing economic, geopolitical, and military power.

    America will continue to degrade until it collapses, it will continue to Balkanize, people will align with their race for protection like they do in prison because America is going to become one big violent open air prison, and everyone, even the bestest Christian supports and loves Israel will know what it’s like to have a Zionist boot on their neck. .

    There will be no airlifts out of America. I wouldn’t allow an American or anything American in my country if I were the ruler of a nation.

    I could be wrong, and it could be avoided if someone wiped Israel off the map and started taking out everyone involved in the crime and the coverup, everyone was involved in the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001, it’s all related, everything happened before and since the people responsible are why we’re forced to endure this hell.

  66. Red China is the creation of communist Jews, much like the U.S. of today and the other nations of the West. The linchpin giveaway is the inundation of all Western, formerly white nations with millions of non-whites to breed the Aryans literally out of existence, a long term, openly stated Jewish goal that has been turbo-charged into high gear since the turn of this century.

  67. China is a good example of a real nation with an ancient culture a nation is its people. I believe China, Russia, and others know what will happen to their nation’s and people should the destroyer’s of nation’s win, they can’t be allowed to win.

    Israel exists now, and history is being repeated in Europe the same people involved and responsible, including the British, same geographical location, they can’t rule the Middle East and the world if Russia won’t let them plus they have an ancient grudge, it’s pathological, they’re psychopaths. I don’t believe Israel lasts a hundred years. I also believe western civilization will collapse within the next few years, millions more people will most likely die as a result of their bioweapon vaccines aren’t safe and effective, people’s lives cut short, many people their quality of life negatively impacted already due to the damage to their immune system, damage to their health.

    Anyway, I was researching and reading yesterday, wasting time, it took me to Antarctica, bacteria, and to human diseases, Z-DNA and Z-RNA, and I couldn’t help but think about Operation Z. I’m probably off base, probably wrong. Still I thought it was interesting.

  68. You framed the concept of myth magnificently in this piece Mike.
    My father once had a rather sensationalist illustrated book entitled 'Man, myth and magic' (sic). Ever since reading it as a child, I have been fascinated by myth, and actually last night was entertaining a schoolmate and his excellent young son and we discussed St. Brigid and the sacred Swastika."In the St Brigid's Day celebrations of Imbolc, the effigy of St Brigid was carried by the most beautiful and modest of all the girls." The Divine Feminine principle must not be disrespected, or dismissed.

    These nabobs are ridiculous, we know that.

    The contexts that you applied, you did so brilliantly. A work of historic, philosophical and esoteric craftsmanship sir. Not only that, but very useful to people trying to pull their loved ones out of the hole…

  69. My compliments on the concise description of myth in the development of society and culture. Your contribution to discussions concerning the nature of the spirit condition in humans is great. Tying in genetic history as a foundational programming of reality through the use of myth makes clear cultural divisions in the ethereal realms reflected in this moment. Well done.

  70. Little wonder the Europeans called the Israeli's, "Jewish Nazis". They used to anyway. In the late 70s when I got out of, "The Suck" (U.S. Navy), I played in a rock n' roll band in NYC that had a Jew lead guitarist. We became pretty good friends. My National Socialist proclivities didn't bother him a bit. In fact, he would write songs praising Hitler and calling for the extermination of Jews in the most gruesome manners imaginable. Of course these we never played at our gigs. Old Bavarian adage: "There is no one more anti-Semitic than a Semite." Actually the vast majority of Jews today are not Semites but you get the picture.

  71. Schlomo secretly admires the Nazi's, everyone who really knows Schlomo knows that. My uncle and I who grew up with Schlomo used to always laugh about it. Show me a Jew don't have a Mercedes, and I will show you a Jew with no money…

  72. Fascinating and profound, Mike, as per your standard. Ironic, your analogy of the Ukraine with Texas as geographically they are about the same size if I'm not mistaken. At a biotech lab where I used to work, I once spoke to a lady scientist from the Ukraine named Olga. She emigrated to America as an adult. I asked her if the ancient Celts traversed the Ukraine and she insisted that what is now the Ukraine was the Celtic ancestral homeland many centuries ago. I have not verified this but concede it is possible if not probable. Our genetic memory is that which is most important as it ties us to our true myths as a people. There is a huge market for Nazi (National Socialist) paraphernalia from the World War Two era. Uniforms, medals, badges, belt buckles, pistols, daggers etc. Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of buyers for these things are Jews. Oy Veh! You can't make this stuff up.