No invasion necessary 

as treason from within

has done the job well

By John Kaminski

My worst fear — our worst fear! — is coming true, just as I said it would almost a decade ago. 

That worry was — much like happened to Germany — the reputation of the United States would become so disgustingly disreputable that the community of nations could not help but arrive at a consensus conclusion that all the countries of the world had to gang up on the USA and put it out of its sack-of-shit lying misery before it could do any more damage to everyone else.

(Except Germany never deserved the bad reputation it was given by worldwide Jewish media, whereas the United States more than obviously does, given its never-ending string of invasions under phony pretenses during the last 200 years.)

(And Americans have become so comatose that they watch in stupefied incredulity as their lives are being destroyed by obvious lies they are simply too immobilized to contradict, never mind resist, and too stupid to even understand.) 

Somewhere between bogus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that fatal point of self-destructive no-return has now been passed. All the foolish histrionics about Ukraine are merely more dirt covering the coffin of the corpse of the USA. What still astonishes me is that the worldwide invasion and mercy killing of America has not already happened, given the level of demonic abuse and exploitation the U.S. has wreaked on every nation in the world for longer than any of us can remember.

Then I started thinking, especially given the rapid and chaotic destabilization the U.S. is now undergoing, maybe this final destruction already has happened, or is happening as we speak, and we simply haven’t realized it? I mean, the deliberate sabotage and erosion have been so clumsily obvious. 

Count the atrocities if you wish. Phony election, poison vaccines, deliberate destruction of the food supply, telling us we must eat bugs . . . the list is long.

A military that prioritizes buggery over national defense? The world laughs at this with an apoplectic hysteria. A president who needs a male nurse to wipe his ass on a moment’s notice and a wife ready to feed him drugs to keep him awake does not exactly look like the hero who will save us, does it?

But then a further epiphany revealed the more likely scenario. 

Why would all these countries bother to invade America when the perverted leaders of the United States, bought and paid for by the international bankers, are effectively conducting the tortuous task of destroying America from within. 

No foreign invasion necessary, thank you, for a decaying country that has been sold out by the psychopaths pretending to defend it, wouldn’t you say?

Most Americans with eyelids that still lift would conclude that is exactly what’s happening. America is being deliberately disintegrated by obvious treason from within.

Only thing is, it’s not happening just to America; this nightmare formula is being implemented in every country in the world.

The same sick scenario is perhaps most visible in China, where thousands of people disappear at the same time, frustrated residents imprisoned in their own apartments leap from their high-rise windows to their terrifying deaths, and tens of thousands of betrayed Chinese take to the streets violently to protest the outright theft of their life savings by banks that suddenly close without warning.

It can’t happen here, you say? By now you surely know it IS happening here.

Like repetitive shots of novocaine continuously jabbed into our brains, our ability to think has been slowly been put permanently to sleep by events triggering terminal cases of cognitive dissonance that make us totally unable to act in our own best interests.

I’m talking about blacks burning down American cities and nobody arrested for the crimes versus patriots going to Washington to protest an obviously fixed election being thrown into solitary confinement and given long prison sentences by judges who conceal the political corruption that gave them their jobs in the first place.

I’m talking about young men taught to kill people they have never met for reasons they never understood returning home and being consumed by the images seared into their brains and choosing to kill themselves rather than continuing to endure the unbearable memory of what they’ve done.  

I’m talking about large and loving families destroyed by the knowledge of what they believed which everyone they trusted told them that getting the jabs and all those booster shots was the right thing to do . . . as they bury their children.

This is all serious anesthesia, the exactly right formula for producing the zombie apocalypse.

It’s tough to talk to the American people right now because they’ve been ordered to believe things that are not true as well as do things to themselves that will harm themselves and might even kill themselves. Like the Eloi ordered into the Morlocks’ cave in H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine — when the hypnotic horn sounded, they marched in a trance toward their own deaths, unable to resist the myths they have been taught to obey and free themselves from sure destruction they have been programmed to inflict upon themselves.

How about another booster shot?

Like trying to tell someone who has poisoned themselves with an inoculation they have been ordered to take has likely killed themselves, they resist the idea with all their might rather than admit they have made a mistake which is something their own ego will not allow them to face.

Think of it this way. You’re in an airplane that is plummeting toward the ground whose engines have just failed and nobody’s coming to fix them. You are very close to the final moments of your life so you should put your head between your legs, say a prayer and kiss your ass goodbye.

If you can think of a better idea now would be a propitious time to come up with it.

The plane will not crash, you tell yourself, and it’s the last thought you ever have.

Even in death we were afraid to ask, when we knew our leaders were insane, why did we choose to follow them? Is this not the history of the human race that we are watching play out this very day?

How will you feel when you realize that you will never go home again and remember all the things you might have done that could have prevented all these things from happening?

Do you think there’s still time to do anything about it? The alternative is to lay down and die, and judging by your actions, it looks like you’ve already made your choice.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. Trolls can ruin a comment section, but they can also be an asset to the whole post when they are as well informed as nine, Vt's trolls, outside of David O'Dell are a blight and I for one will not tolerate them

  2. Residents of Chicago's North Suburbs are THE dumbest most brainwashed people on planet earth.
    The good news? Their all current on their shots. And obediently wear two masks.
    They sit in little plastic iglos outside of restaurants. No kidding, safe from the mokeypox.

  3. All due respect, folks, but there won't be any easy way out of this. There are some people who are waiting for it to fall apart, so they can set up their next thug states, like they did in Syria, but all those plans are going to go so far out the window, no one is going to get a handle on it.
    The next step here, is the war for the mind.
    This war won't be about simple allegiance to any principle, sick or healthy, its going to be about your very relationship with yourself. Its already started.
    A good example is the war on food.
    Following the official narrative is already largely exposing the insanity, and in this case, insanity is a breach with your true self.
    Your mental functioning is an aspect belonging to your spirit. The spiritual war is on.

  4. The north suburbs? Why every home could sponsor a Chinese soldier that is on duty on the South side of chicago. The north subs has some nice digs and fine restaurants for R and R for the soldiers.
    Only the best for good men performing a service for America!
    Nope won't happen and the ugly is coming…

    • LOL, not only does Jack Heart field the best writers in the West but the best trolls too, our nine are the best there ever was…

    • Jack, I am just absolutely sick of the shit show called America! All I can do is offer comedy.
      It's a comic opera and I mean the entire production.
      You yourself said the Chinese would rule the place better.
      Then add the moron factor with the masks and vaxxines as the denizens watch world class athletes drop dead on TV right in front of them and no questions asked?


  5. Perhaps a Chinese invasion of America is comming as I propose they start with the South side of Chicago.

    If the Chinese can conquer the ferrel armed negros there the rest of America will surrender post haste and then perhaps New York city could be next.

    They can start with the joos.

    Perhaps a go fund me for the Chinese military to clean up our major cities?

    Logistically Fed Ex could fly them in with their huge fleet of airplanes, land at O'Hare, put them up in the local hotels and send them to secure the Loop.
    Then onto that glorious south side.

  6. You should comment on Substack too, and I would say VT but not until they take care of their troll infestation. My daughter coined the phrase Jewish Nazi when she called her principle that twenty years ago, they hate it Mark like a slug hates the light

  7. Excuse me but I am a local American.

    The insuran8ce company says my roof will fail eminently

    Was up upon it and no holes in it yet "they say" must be replaced.

    As a retired postal worker this is a major expense

    Well, The "service" gave me nuclear weapons

    Called "thrift" savings

    AM ALL IN on the G fund

    Plan to go down with the ship

    Who's in? With me?

    Shoot the wad on our dearest "G"

    Loved his writing on Vietnam

    The Thrift and the G fund?

    Would be a pleasure to sink with you

  8. Thanks Jack. Gordon’s motorcycle accident explains a lot. My takeaways from this video:
    1. Veterans Today encountered a censorship wall which enveloped the senior editor (doesn’t get much deeper than that). Basically, VT's publisher was easily intimated by government officials. From my perspective, this censorship wall appeared when the Covid crisis arose. While many accused Duff of selling out (or similar phrasings), I am of the opinion that Duff made it obvious that VT had been compromised with his stand endorsing the vaccine. As a result …
    2. When healthy, Gordon Duff will not return to Veterans Today.
    3. America has been thoroughly infiltrated and compromised, from the White House down to all police departments, the media and all major tech companies. Of course, we all have known that.
    4. The Russians penetrated the US deeper and earlier than most people would imagine.
    5. “No one that we see and no one we can name runs the US.” I believe we all have known that as well.
    6. “Racism is the purist form of evil.” No argument here.
    7. “There’s no such thing as Republicans or Democrats, there’s only people in power.”
    8. Aside: Kevin Barrett used the phrase, “Jewish Nazis". Although it’s been awhile since I’ve read anything by Kevin Barrett (sorry, I’ve been wading through Metallicman's material lately) I don’t recall him using that particular phrase before. Considering the source, it carried considerable weight, at least for me.


  9. There are family economics taking place all across America.

    Just got an email from the insurance provider, says must replace my roof or have my insurance dropped and my house foreclosed.

    When you come better bring swat

    Better to die here now than in a pissed soaked bed with a Phillipino nurse.

    Just a Gordon Duff sentiment.

    Me thinks a Duff article upon his Vietnam experience should be published on VT?

    Perhaps now?

    What do i know?

  10. Well those vaxxed oldsters are way faster than me Jack, however, I am an ultra cyclist. In an ultra the bottom line is how long can you sit on a bic9y9cle.

    I can ride 6 hours day after day till I ambored with bicyc9e.

  11. Banned talk Mr Mac.
    There will be no talk of elite cyclists with breathing difficulties.

    Does this mean you want me to attend another group ride?

    Well, that vaxx seems to make them faster as past 65 I prefer a much slower pace.

    Talking about the glory days

    Perhaps glory never came your way

    Course I will attend an other glory ride

    That church has wheels M Mc

  12. Like numerous other species, human beings are herd animals. For example, if krill didn’t gather together at the first sign of danger then most species of baleen whale probably wouldn’t be here. The thinking is that there is safety in numbers and/or that it is the ones who stand out that will be targeted. While those who stand out are often targeted, this process takes too long and consumes too many resources to be considered efficient. Not this time.

    Many other strategies are being employed to keep us divided, but I believe that by the time the effects of the jabs have run its course those who remain will come together as an offensive unit with some clear goals. This will be so different from gathering together for defensive reasons. Unite to fight as opposed to unite for flight (running scared).

    Like Nine said, be patient and be prepared. Our day will arrive.


  13. In case you hadn’t heard already, a number of cyclists dropped out of the Tour de France after experiencing breathing difficulties. According to one of the articles referenced below, “Nearly all professional French athletes have been vaccinated against Covid, and most of the elite cycling teams in this year’s Tour de France have close to 100% vaccine compliance.

    Part of me feels sorry for these people. After all they are our fellow human beings and like all of us we have family and friends who are vaxed. But another part of me sees some light in the tunnel knowing that the feeble minded are going to be culled from the population in a couple/few years leaving a population of citizens who know how to think for themselves.



    Tour de France Cyclist: 'Many People are Suffering from Breathing Problems'

    Tour de France Cyclist Says Many Riders Are ‘Suffering With Mysterious Breathing Problems’

    • You revolt like it tells you too in the second amendment, that's how America was founded, you do know that don't you?

    • Jack, let it collaspe, get out of the cities and prepare the best you can. Start local small businesses that serve the community. Buy guns , amo and store some food and most importantly have a local network of like minded friends.
      Also, a list of local enemies for when that time comes.
      Like those that mandated those jabs.


    • Nobody does anything because people no longer know their neighbors. They spent too much time giving up beautiful cities rather than stand and fight right then and there because the "good times" post-WW2 made it easier and pulled America deeper into its material obsession. Now in the suburbs they're sacrificing their children to moloch to the cities and his demonic sub-human hordes that live in these castles our ancestors built for the sake of continuing on their degenerate mediocre existence in peace by cutting their kids dicks and tits off.

      The obsession with, "I must be doing something wrong so I cannot speak plainly or openly" led to this cryptographic code words we've now lived under for 75 years. The big lies don't piss me off anymore, it's the goddamn small lies we tell ourselves daily as a people that are rage inducing at this point. The Feds have done their job making you fearful to organize or do something because among 3 Soviet conspirators two of them are KGB agents. One reporting on the conspirator and the other reporting on the reporter of the conspirator.

      Without the ability to network and speak plainly and damn the costs you are chickens with your heads cut off. Without organization you are going to be divided and conquered, but by all means lets all just invent more complex conspiracies than do something about it. It's the American way. La la la LAAAAAAAA.

  14. Great writing, John, well put. The Jewnited States of Scumerica, the world's largest open air lunatic asylum, is toast. Actually, Pas Yisroel Kosher toast.

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