Jimmy Dore gets to the heart of the matter in the above video. I just can’t stand it anymore, this left right paradigm inflicted by the corporate media that keeps everyone at each other’s throats, as the World Economic Forum openly plots their demise and billionaires continue to loot naturel resources even as they tax the infrastructures of the respective nations afflicted by their existence. Granted there is no talking to those stupid enough to dismiss Karl Marx as a dirty Jew or queer enough to openly advocate transgenderism, but these are not the majority in either camp. It is the medias job to make it seem that way. If you’d take off your Make America Great Again (which it never was) peasant cap and put down your rainbow faggot flag (that fag only wants to rape your kids) and try talking to those you’ve been inculcated to believe are your adversaries, you’d find you both have the same problem, billionaires. They may have all the money but if you marshal your forces, you will find out with a quickness that lead cancels out any advantage gold seemingly has permanently. – Jack 

      Death of the future

Deranged dementia of demons

destroys paradise we polluted


By John Kaminski



Our leaders have failed us. The result is the needless deaths of millions, easily the greatest crime in the history of the world.

Their lies have covered up the monstrous fact that our doctors have deliberately poisoned us. These unnecessary injections have killed our children and ruined generations to come in the name of criminal profits that have destroyed the economic health of our society, and likely permanently disfigured the future of our species and all life on this planet with its perverted plague of profit-making insanity.

Many millions more needless deaths are sure to follow as a result of these poison prescriptions that the doctors we trusted have looked us right in the eye and said we needed to take.

What this cynical advice has produced are the cold bodies of our children, communities suffering from dislocation and starvation, and a permanent mistrust of authorities who have proven they are dangerous to human life and health.

The most serious dagger in our hearts must be that our doctors can no longer be trusted, and that their addiction to irresistible wealth has curdled their consciences and ruined the lives of those they had sworn to protect.

It’s long past time for people everywhere to rise up and dismiss their local government boards for their blind acceptance of government lies that have murdered millions of innocent citizens with poison vaccines.

Retribution for this monstrous betrayal of society should be immediate, swift and severe. No punishment is too brutal for those psychopaths who have deliberately killed our children, our parents and our loved ones.

It’s time for people to stop reading their local newspapers and listening to the lying national TV networks that have blindly followed the lies demanded by sponsors of their phony news programs urging people to follow deliberately faulty medical advice that has led not only to uncountable deaths but has largely destroyed and continues to destroy society as we have known it.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab and all those involved with this catastrophic COVID deception that has ravaged the world must be arrested immediately for unprecedented crimes against nature.

Politicians from presidents on down should be immediately imprisoned without bail on charges of conspiracy to commit mass murder. This includes locally elected officials who have failed to professionally question orders from above meant to deliberately murder innocent people.

The principal question for ordinary people now becomes how to regain the primacy of law throughout the world when virtually the entire law enforcement apparatus has been corrupted by the effects of bribery from the politicians who profited from the results of their lies.

Even more dangerously, the information providers that urged us to follow the twisted dictates of deranged doctors can no longer be trusted to provide us with accurate directions to our own safety. Their callous disregard of objective truth while blinded by the lure of unprecedented profits have jeopardized our futures as never before, as the medicines they prescribe are now the primary threats to our health.

Action plan

The jabs, the masks, the lockdowns — all needless hype generated by an overblown plan to control the minds of everyone in the world. This plan is still ongoing, even though its rationale has been blown to bits by the results of its rancid reality.

People need to mass immediately and protest the continuing control of local governments by asinine ass kissers obeying the demented directions of mindless functionaries following the orders of the malevolent millionaires who have bribed them.

This spineless officials, along with the truculent journalists, editors and publishers who have cynically gone along with their fiendish plans, should also be jailed immediately, and punished to the maximum extent of the law, as their penalties deserve no leniency for crimes that defy explanation.

Whether society can actually be rebuilt at this point remains to be seen, as the processes put in place by this gigantic extermination probably cannot be reversed. The environmental poisonings and the financial devastation created by this profitable system of deliberate destruction of society’s most vital systems cannot be reversed in a day; perhaps not ever.

The long term health effects of systemic poisoning of the environment, social systems and human health have yet to fully reveal themselves, but it is likely that the devastating effects of these colossal betrayals have yet to be fully assessed and quantified.

Likely survival in the coming days will be much more difficult as the financial system has been ravaged and consolidated into the sinister secrecy of electronic manipulation and with supply lines sabotaged and product distribution profoundly disrupted, the major effects of starvation and disease resulting from deficient nutrition have barely begun to be felt.

Compounded by the chaos still to be generated by the massive dislocation caused by open borders and government complicity in destabilization of society’s systems, the quotient of misery and death is likely to increase to the point where nobody, no matter how secure they may think themselves to be, will be able to escape its wrath.


Fire your town boards. Stop reading your local newspapers. Destroy your TV sets. And question mightily what your teachers, preachers, doctors and elected leaders are telling you because they’re all liars, all distorting the truth to keep their paychecks, no matter what damage they produce in the people they are supposed to teach, save, keep healthy and safe.

Find local leaders who will chase state leaders into retirement for their perfidy, and state leaders who will challenge federal criminals into federal prison, and actualized leaders who will prioritize the actual health of the poisoned people over the perverted principles of  criminal profits.

Watch out for your family and be wary of strangers. And hang on as best you can because it’s going to get rough.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.














  1. MK, as I apologize for posting again on your blog and thank you.

    But our dearest vaxxine will prove by the end of the next few years to be a disaster for America and the whole of the West as its a bio weapon and a weapon? What is a weapon for but for a war waged against someone.

    That someone is a truly ungovernable people an unconquerable people a people so strong in their notion of personal freedoms that they attached a bill of rights to its very founding document.

    However, that people is so far off track that no election can fix the mess america is in so hence the weapon. I call it a weapon of choice. Its that simple. Its that powerful and change is upon america like it or not.

    Many say that "woke" shall take america into a promised utopia as I see a very vaxxed demographic there of course what would a retard on a linux computer know?

    Just an observation.


    • Well nine, I now add two more people I know who got vaxxed and got Covid. One of them is developing serious side effects. Honestly, I cannot cheer the damage done. I cannot celebrate what others might call justice. I know what is happening, and I know what has been done. The perpetrators twisted the trust and the good will of the people. Did some of them deserve it? Well that's quite a question, isn't it.
      I tried to explain the nature of this existence in previous pieces, however I most likely overlooked an essential factor in all of life. One cannot save anyone from the consequences of what they do.

    • MK, I share our Jack's opinion about the other and said vaxx.
      I simply have a native dislike for those that want to force poison in my arm and further as I explained how me and mine were vaxx injured
      and how I was not shown not one iota of human kindness nor human sympathy for being vaxx injured I absolutely hate them with a passion.

      Further as I observed many friend and family being bullied into taking said vaxx and many whom succumbed and are now deadly sick, I hate them with a passion.

      However, He said must love an enemy perhaps the vaxx zelots are an enemy no one should love?

      What I am seeing in society is an uncomfortable silence in regards to vaxxines in my social situations as they know my response will be to say fuck your vaxxine and those that push it.

      An American uncivil war at its finest.


    • I must say would it not be better to have all the world elite gang up upon the american elite?

      I mean like at a real american school board meeting.
      LBGTQ and other issues were brought up at the schools board meetings a couple of towns over from mine.
      Both overruled teachers and their conduct regarding political idiology.
      A victory of sorts as look I am a home school vet, as I pulled my kids out early. Just leading an army.

      He whom rules a heart rules a home and from a home comes a ruler of a people.

      Both over

  2. Just an observation upon a linux computer. We should simply if in america just throw parties and forget working as its eat drink and be merry time just like 100 years ago let it be the roaring twenty somethings once again.

    If you have not noticed many of our leaders are up for more wars and more austerity at home to pay for said wars through inflation and stagflation, remember the 70's? Perhaps you were not even born then.
    The 70's were a golden age to come of age in America and boy was it a party as Vietnam was done and no more draft wahoo!!

    We went off to college on cheap loans and many of us went to work as you could get married and buy a house cheap then the 80's hit as it hit me like a brick as I mean there were no Jobs anywhere. But one could still grift part time and make rent and fast forward to today? Perhaps living in a car or van is a good way to go and just say fuck it?

    What if the whole country just said fuck it? Lets throw a party.

    Well that pretty much sums up my idea of the whole sum of things.


  3. I don't have the numbers off the top of my head but I can see the effects of said illegal immigration here in Zoo Jersey during both administrations. Trump is a fucking blowhard, liar, criminal and thief, like they all are. If they weren't, they wouldn't get within 10 miles of the Oval Orifice. Trump had the most Jewish administration in U.S. history until that was eclipsed by president brain dead. All of Trump's key appointments were globalist scum. Trump did nothing for the U.S. infrastructure like he promised but he sure did a lot for Israel. Trump is part and parcel of "The Swamp" he so often hypocritically decries. I could go on for hours about that phony asshole. Support him if you like.

    • I agree fully on dat idiot. However, may I suggest, do some research on his uncle, John George Trump. Very interesting the family background.

    • He also killed neoconservatism, America sending kids off to die for Israel. I was one of those kids. That's reason enough.

  4. Weak men serve the government. Those who enter into government service, corporate conglomeration, media, rarely come out of it the same as when they went in. If you desire to be your own person, avoid serving the government. Do not bend to it's will.

  5. I desecrated the American flag I had and tossed it in the garbage where it belongs is what you should do with your flag. America is dead to me. Hopefully something better will rise from the ashes, trying to save it is a fools errand. It needs to be destroyed the government disarmed, take away this nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and sentence all of them to death.

  6. During the Trump administration, more illegal aliens (military invasion) entered the U.S. than during the presidency of Bwack Obongo. All major foreign and domestic policies stayed intact from the administration of Dubya the Dunce through that of Obongo. Operation Warp Speed, which promulgated the monstrous Covid scam was effectuated under Trump. It doesn't matter which sock puppet is selected by the Tribe for the Oval Orifice, the differences between them exist in rhetoric and cosmetic trappings. Talmudic theater for the masses that are asses. The Hidden Hand rules.

    • Show me numbers. From everything I've seen, that was not the case. The "kids in cages" under DJT happened because when the sponsors came to "pick them up," they got popped for being here illegally and sent back with the kids. "Remain In Mexico" also deterred a lot of illegals from trying. Obama was all about The Great Replacement, as he still is through Ronnie Klain, who is the guy he's calling "from my basement in sweatpants. (sic)" BHO was doing all he could to promote and facilitate illegal immigration. OWS wasn't perfect, and the vaccines are a separate issue, but it got them out there. It was The Obiden Regime who delayed it by a month and a half after installation that caused the disaster. "The Hidden Hand," or the CFR/RIIA/Bilderbergers, held precisely one post in the Trump Administration, and I think that person was fired. Face it, he's not perfect, but he's the best we'll get.

  7. Trump has the personality of a hagfish, and despite his degree from U.Penn/Wharton School, he has horrible business sense. However, he is still to be supported. His speech at the 2018 Davos WEF summit knocked "them" on their asses and probably caused the plan demic, which we still suffer from. Ron Paul had the explicit agenda of Nationalism that Donald Trump holds, but he didn't have the personality nor the campaign funds to ram it through. We need another Trump Administration to burst through the great reset/enslavement agenda, and then another nationalist from either party (Tulsi, perhaps?) can go from there.

    • I noticed the rebels in that movie were all Euro, except the lead, who looked Ashkenazic. The government troops had helmets and masks on, so they were affirmative action hires. Interesting, to say the least.

  8. Fine leaders we the people have ,showers with daddy Biden can get the FBI running like mad to find a lost/ abandoned diary that details Pedo joe messing with the daughter and son Hunter signing cheques for millions to pay for Bio labs in a country he cannot speak the language or get straight enough to point to on a map and on the other side of the pond you have blo job Boris who cannot give a straight answer on how many children he has fathered ,swans about in a massive yacht from a anonymous donor lol tells the press he was staying in a tent when it was his security detail that stayed in the said tent Boris could spend $ 4.5 k for a week in a 2 bedroom croft/farm house and leg it after 2 days when the press get wind , note to Boris dont come back to my hood better you lot stay at the other side of the country ,Tom cruise i did not even blink a eye at when he turned up in his fancy new yacht /rented lol . makes you wonder what they came here for the piece and quiet and nothingness or is there more DUMBS i am not aware off !!! .

    Now they are all throwing each other under the bus ? CAR CRASH TV or is it all staged time will tell

  9. My dear cousins, if we had a written Constitution, including the Second Amendment, separate States, elected Sheriffs, and lots of guns and ammo, I do think the Brits would be less cowed. Sadly, like all other English-speaking countries of Empire, most people see it as their birthright to eat shit, watch shit and act as dumb as shit. I have been out on my motorcycle today, in the glorious sunshine, revelling in the beauty of the skies and the countryside. Whenever I encountered the highly affluent areas, I was struck by the animal foolishness of these boastful rascals. They simply have no idea of what is coming their way, being adherents of the FIRE legalised racketeering sector.
    Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. They are clammy handed weaklings married to avaricious wives who will rinse them for every penny when the time comes. The wives look monstrous, with the collagen all gone south, leathery skin, pouting, fish like, for 'selfies'. Their children, deeply unhappy or wildly out of control. I'd quite like to move to Russia, if I didn't have to take care of the family here…J-V.Lee

    • Yes we are cousins JV and the second America is back in the hands of its people we will be coming to Great Britain to free our kin, to which we owe our culture, our language and our conceptual continuity. And to those of you who scoffed and thought you would pull my card in February now that you know you pulled the Death Card, you will free my people in America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand or you will suffer the consequences. Want to keep playing my game? Your move…

  10. This 'shift' as John explains is decades overdue (some might say centuries). Every arm and avenue of the dualistic Talmudistic system is inherently flawed and toxic. Rockerfeller and their 'Flexner' report devastated natural medicine by the 1930's, German war criminals created Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, IG Farben, so international health services became a eugenicists paradise. The Federal Reserve led to 2 world wars, Israel and the removal of the gold standard as well as Quantitative Easing. Education has been devastated in USA and 5 Eyes nations deliberately, the Criminal 'Justice System favours the Oligarchs and Masons and all manner of perversions and exploitations, there is no real media apart from the Indy Media -travel is nigh on impossible and they are coming for all our transport systems, will create digital money, Social Credit, and basically enslave and genocide us as the idle rich see fit. This is the end game, but they can't have their Mosiach and eat it can they, that's where the billions of we the people come in. Mercy is for those who have a conscience, we need to do the honours, we know what is right and fair and must uphold these standards. The coded Declaration of Human Rights can be used as a manual for change and justice, just beware the language traps. There is no option, they want it all and they love the chaos and suffering, the time is now. SL

  11. No chance will Amerians wake up anytime soon from the vaxx hoax since the vaxx itself is a mind control weapon.
    Where I go amongst white people, that vaxx is credited with the return of a bit of normalcy.
    America and the vaxxine were made for each other.

  12. You’re right, now try to convince a Zionist on the right that Israel is not our greatest ally, and neither is Britain or any Zionist gangster puppet regime is the United States government, they’re out-of-control mass murdering psychopaths.

    They’ve killed millions since the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001 their justification for the phony war on terror the entire phony war on terror a war crime and crime against humanity the result of traitorous crimes. They’ve created millions of refugees fighting their phony war on terror.

    1/6/2021 is their justification for their phony war on domestic terrorists. Donald Trump is serving their purpose as he serves himself, he’s protecting them and at the same time he’s being used as their justification to crackdown.

    They just killed millions using a bioweapon, and millions more will die a premature death, their lives destroyed before they die. Good luck trying to reach any of these religious zealots are more loyal to Israel than humanity, it’s not possible, they’re a lost cause same as the woke gay transgender loving degenerates won’t be creating a functioning society much less a civilization.

    I will survive the best I can but I’m not fighting anyone for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Republican or Democrat. If we make it to 2024 the election will be the left wing Zionist from California supported by Hollywood against the right wing Zionist from Florida supported by God. It will be another clown show but nothing will be able to compete with the clown show of clown shows is playing out now.

    It’s over already. I doubt we make it to 2030 that’s being optimistic, we might not make it to 2024. I don’t have a solution. I know what they deserve the people on the right should first go after the people on the right they supported, includes Donald Trump.

  13. The Jewnited States has more lawyers, not just in total but per capita, than any nation on earth. Far more. Only a minority of these are Civil Rights & Constitutional lawyers (because that's not where the real money is) but still, there are a lot of them. Since this most obvious & murderous Covid scam began, why have not these attorneys filed civil RICO lawsuits against all of these complicit governmental officials for racketeering? Why have not the DAs filed criminal RICO charges against them? Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that these slimebag governors, mayors, the President, and all of their bureaucratic sycophants have been and are acting Ultra Vires or beyond their legal authority. Way fucking beyond it. A so-called emergency notwithstanding. Even the totally corrupt DOJ concedes that the civil and constitutional rights of Americans cannot be abrogated in an emergency because the Constitution was drafted in an emergency, the Revolutionary War. They should also be indicted for treason. These fucking shysters are not doing it (with a very few notable exceptions) because they are in collusion with the perpetrators themselves. They should all be rounded up and decapitated, their heads put on poles around government buildings. The heads of Schwab, Gates, and the other WEF vermin should be thrown to the rats for their dinner though undoubtedly they'll vomit.

    • It is frustrating, it’s not difficult to understand they’re either involved in the crime or the coverup, and they’re all involved with the perpetrators, same as 9/11 and everything else.

      There will never be a favorable outcome sorry to say. Justice doesn’t exist, they own and control the legal, court, and justice system too, including the Supreme Court helped install George Bush prior to 9/11. Al Gore never got over it but they all play the game, and they’re all wealthy, including Al Gore also likes massages.

      Can’t prevent what has already occurred the government subverted and usurped, they took full control after 9/11 was also their excuse to build their behemoth police state. The Supreme Court failed the constitution with the Patriot Act and sold us out again with their Citizens United ruling.

  14. This is the calm before the storm all those wounded by the idiot shot will need lasting care and attention not to mention the dwindling Caucasian's birth rate decline now going to a children of men script the movers and shakers in all this need dragged outside and lynched from the nearest lamppost and their assets confiscated

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