It looks like Dr. Poornima Wagh may have fudged her credentials a bit but then again she may not have. Phil looked into it, and it will be discussed in our next Conversations on the Porch which will come out later today or tomorrow. Orage and I managed to write MK Ultra – Cybernetic Mutation, Remote Controlled Slaves, Dragon Soldiers and a Zombie Empire; Paint it Blue and the Blood of Christ: Paint It Blue Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone BeZerk with no medical backgrounds at all. Putting all your faith in doctors is exactly what got us here. After careful consideration we have decided to run this piece for the general public. It just may save you or someone you loves life… – Jack DR. LEE MERRITT AND POORNIMA WAGH PHD – IT’S ALL JUNK SCIENCE Dr. Poornima Wagh is a microbiologist by birth and has been working in the field since she was thirteen years old in her father’s lab. She credits Dr. Judy Evans Myer, a coal miner’s daughter from Pittsburgh, for confirming what common sense was already telling her; that her colleagues in the field were incompetent at best and charlatans at worst. What Dr. Wagh was seeing in the lab […]

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