in the magical prose

of Miguel Serrano

who dared to suggest

artificial intelligence 

is the true Jewish god

SFR KGB 019 8-1-22 

Kaminski Goes Ballistic

The voyage to HyperboreaA discussion of the writings of Miguel Serrano

with Loki Hulgaard

By John Kaminski

A cold chill suddenly engulfed me, like the entrance of a ghost into the room. The Jewish messiah is artificial intelligence, just as Serrano predicted . . . “a species of monstrous Golem, without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, transinfinite. Perhaps he could even have an electronic brain, a robot, which they manipulate.” He explains . . .

. . . the Judaism of the origins was formed through the inclusion of a series of foreign elements, foreign to this super-mixed people. We have seen how Moses, who was not a Jew, nor was Joseph, an Egyptian priest named Touiya. Nor was Joshua, a Philistine general who stopped the sun, successor of Moses. Solomon would have been an Assyrian named Salmanazar, or an Aryan Amorite initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries of Hathor. Even Kings David and Saul. The Jews took the idea of the Messiah from Egypt, about which one can read in the stones of the Egyptian temples . . .

Suddenly, everything you thought you knew begins to fall apart.

Even the term “Hebrews” did not pertain to them. In conversations . . . with Pastor Jurgen Spanuth, tireless investigator of the history of the Hyperboreans . . . confirmed that the name “Hebrew” appears for the first time in an Egyptian temple . . . Spanuth also affirmed the idea of a “chosen people” is Nordic-Aryan; arriving from Asia Minor with the Hyperboreans from Iran, then with the Philistines, with the Hyksos, with the Amorites.

As with everything else they have done, the Jews have stolen their most ancient heritage . . .


And to think all this marvel of symbols, of mysteries, of legends, of Hyperborean wisdom, has been adulterated, equally with the Orphic Cabala, by a tribe of bastards and slaves, to be placed at the service of a terrible sentiment of racial sin in the fulfillment of the sinister designs of a Planetary Archetype, of the Lord of Darkness and Chaos, of the Master of Shadows they have called Jehovah! 

— Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, pp. 103-104.

Spanuth has demonstrated that the Nordics, after suffering defeat at the hands of Pharaoh Ramses II, returned to the north. Those who remained prisoners escaped with Moses, carrying the Ark (Ar-cadia, with the radical Ar, from Aryan, from Ar-Ar-At) and its associated knowledge with them. 

In this exodus, that perhaps took place not in Asia Minor but in the Gobi Desert, an imitation of the most ancient Polar Exodus of Hyperborea, and there they were infiltrated by this tribe of slaves, that of Judah, who in the end appropriated everything, falsifying even what remained of an antediluvian document: Genesis. (105)

With Serrano quoting Spanuth comes the realization that International Judaism will take over the whole world using artificial intelligence as its god. (108) 

He quotes passages which describe the condition of our world today  . . .

The Jew Moritz Cohn confessed: 

“Without our consent not a potentate in the world can make a decision. No word we do not want can be published and broadcast because we control the press. No idea with which we disagree can penetrate the intellectual world. For some time we have had dominion over the world.” 

— (G. zur Beek in Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion,

3rd edition, 1919, p. 27) 

More chilling is this prediction, from more than 400 years ago.

“In the time of the Messiah the Jews will exterminate all the peoples of the earth.” 

— (1673 Bar Nachmani, in Bammidhar rabba, 

fol. 172, c. 4 and fol. 173, c. 1) 

Writing in the late 1990s, nearing the end of his brilliant literary career, Serrano writes  . . .

This must be achieved by means of the total nuclear war they are now preparing. They will save themselves, the most select group of their anti-race, because they have made arrangements for it, here and in outer space. Therefore: “The Land of Israel will extend in a grandeur that covers the entire world.” To quote the same source. If they have delayed the “final solution” for so long it is because they still do not feel safe enough, in spite of everything, because the Jew knows Hitler and Esoteric Hitlerism did not die in Berlin, at the end of the Second World War. 

It is for this reason that all this discussion relating to the end of the world — which is about to happen today — needs to happen now and happen fast. Never before has the phrase ‘now or never’ been more relevant. That is to say the reason for this discussion is that events are happening now that were predicted long ago about the end of the world happening in nuclear war today.

A legend in two realities

If Nobel Prizes were not dominated by Jewish pseudo intellectuals, Don Miguel Serrano would have won years ago.

But instead he chose to be the leader in the fight against an ancient evil that has plagued humanity since the beginning of recorded history. His poetic and metaphysical analyses still charge many thousands of followers worldwide who firmly grip the deathless hope that justice will one day be free of the monster that holds everyone by the throat.

Diplomat, poet, mythographer and first and foremost a believer in Adolf Hitler as the avatar of the future of humanity, Miguel Serrano (1917-2009) was a worldwide luminary both revered and castigated for his unshakable devotion in both the history and future of the Aryan spirit that derived from a lost civilization older than time itself.

Serrano himself, with his constant veering into the spiritual realm, reveals himself to be not fully corporeal, which is in keeping with the best of the poets as well as the history he discusses. As he reveals himself to be talking with one foot firmly implanted in the spiritual world, he reveals that the early Hyperboreans were of the same mixed composition, part corporeal and part spiritual. Some would call that poetic, while critics, such as the Jews who crushed the life out of Germany and so many other countries, might say insane or schizophrenic.

The main question then becomes, is this way humans once were and are supposed to be, as opposed to totally empirical without a trace of spirit, which is what the Jews have been trying to make us all these many murderous centuries, and what the current injections and the electrification of environment are aimed at doing.

Serrano’s masterpiece, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, is an 838 page odyssey that spans from the beginning of time to the potential of the future. As its jacket attests, 

This is not a Book; it is musical mystery and mysticism, Darkness and Light: Esoteric symbolism, Astral Travel, Master and Pupil and so much more. A Book describing the ongoing, titanic and eternal battle between Gods and Devils – between a Dark Force, a Satanic Spirit and a coming, or returning Hyperborean, Aryan Age. 

This is a central theme in the Book: crucial for the understanding of this epic, Spiritual Odyssey. A Voice, harking from a distant, primordial past, still lingers in those Aryans still loyal to their Race. A Voice beckoning the Hyperborean Archetype, urging those attuned to it to a final, finite fight to the finish, against the Eternal Enemy. A Spiritual battle comparable to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening another. 

The text is here:

Land beyond the north wind

And that was the labour of Hitler, Avatar of the Hyperborean Archetype in the Aryan Collective Unconscious, intending to restore the Golden Age, the perfect world that has been lost. Which was made possible, in some sense, with victory in defeat. It is now a question of time, working within this time and space. Because these things that work from eternity can only give their fruits here below in time. 

Serrano explains how he learned of the ancient history of the white race, and of the haters of humanity we know today as the Jews.

“It is difficult to know the true origin of this people. In the visit I made to Professor Herman Wirth, founder of the Ahnenerbe, high specialized organism of investigation of the SS, and one of the most extraordinary students of Nordic pre-antiquity, I asked him about the Jews and he gave me a strange and unexpected answer: “Nomadic people, from slaves, who lived on the periphery of the great civilization of the Gobi…” 

I deeply regret not having asked more about this. Professor Wirth knew many languages, Sanskrit, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and had finished a work on the origin of the Jews, the fruit of investigations he made his entire long life. When I knew him he was 94 years old and remained agile and alert. Even then, not long before dying, the manuscripts of his work were stolen from him, it is believed by his own collaborators. 

Marxist infiltrators perhaps or maybe Catholics caused this most valuable work to disappear. The world will never know of it. It is a tragedy as great as the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. At least for me. The identical hand must have committed these same crimes to cover up evidence. 

It is commonly believed the Jews are these nomadic Semites, but this is only partly inferred. Therefore it is unjust to speak of the charge Anti-Semitism when it concerns them. The pure Semite is historically unknown also, maybe only the Bedouin nomad most resembles the original pure Semite. But the Bedouin also abandoned the vagabond deserts in remote times, and the first news of them was when they had already mixed with other peoples throughout Asia Minor. (121)

Fate of the faithless

Plato tells us Zeus meets with the other Hyperborean Gods on the summit of the Polar Mountain, to decide the fate of Atlantis. And he adds the latter is submerged, swallowed by the great wave, in a single night, because her inhabitants had mixed the races indiscriminately. The Racial Sin, the mixing of the divine with the daughters of men. Because they had loved them with their bodies, giving life to sons of the flesh, to the semi-divine, the ancient heroes, the Vîras, the giants. 

And we learn of the consequences of race mixing.

The Hyperborean Siddhas tried to organize the world of the first Yugas, battling against the Demiurge. They helped the heroes to recover their total divinity, by means of initiation. To the coloured peoples, the humans, they gave human happiness, organizing them into castes, into varna. (The Hyperboreans were ativarna, beyond caste and colour). Using their mechanical powers in useful labours, they thought, perhaps, to produce a magic mutation in the semi-animal peoples by means of an alchemy of colour, able to take them, in some way, to a transfiguration. They passed on to them a particle of immortality, at the same time as they spiritualized the Earth, ripping it from the clutches of the Dark Lord.


What followed was the resulting catastrophe.

The “cataclysmic solidarity”, the fall of Phaeton, the Great Wave, brought every effort to an end, submerging Alt-Land, the earthly Hyperborea. And the Ice, enemy of Fire, extended through the world. The Ice Ages. 

There is a memory of this in the ancient Nordic Sagas. 

Hyperborea was a separate initiate community, an unreachable world, superior to any then existing on the planet. Eminent guides from the other continents went there to carry out instructions, to know the Law and to receive initiations reserved for the other land areas, the South Atlantic and remnants of Lemuria and Gondwana. Divine teachers commissioned from Hyperborea went to all those lands in those days. 

To get an idea of what this meant, think of what Nietzsche dreamed for the Supermen: a community apart from the rest of humanity, not interfering in their affairs and not reachable by them. To live and let live. Acting magically, by supernatural means, from a distance. As with the Brahmin Guides of our Order, invisible in some topological fold, cavern or mountain, and which the Maestro called “Temple”.

All these events took place before recorded history. How did Serrano possibly get to know about them? 

Hyperborea was made to disappear, becoming invisible (going into the interior of the Earth) before the cataclysm. The remnants did not disappear all at once. Only the central mass of the Polar continent, with the Garden of Induna, the Tree of Paradise and Column that upheld the Sky were made invisible. The Hyperboreans saved the Gral, the Golden Fleece and Wisdom, preserved in the memory of their blood. Some of them took refuge at the other Pole, in the Hollow Earth, in secret cities they themselves had built there, in the emerging Andes. When their clairvoyants foretold to them what was coming, when the Maga Allouine prophesied it, they sent messengers to the other Pole and asked: “Are we allowed among you…?” And the White Gods who were already there opened their arms to the comrades of blood and war. 

So began the exodus of the Hyperboreans who remained on the surface, the mixed Vîras. In Polar Nordic islands, on islets, in Greenland, England, Helgoland, or Heil-Land. A great majority descended towards the Gobi, a fertile land in those days, and developed a great life there, whose remnants could be found much later in Siberia. It was a civilization of giants, who must also disappear from unknown causes. They have discovered traces of atomic radiation in disinterred fossilized objects there. But the ice continued its march, on the heels of the Hyperboreans. Violently it came upon Siberia, freezing the mammoths in just a few seconds. 

Professor Wirth believed the Jews could also trace their existence back to the civilization of the Gobi. If this was so, then the hypothesis must be seriously considered of an explosion, or atomic war, provoked by them too, in the Eternal Return. The symbolic legend of the wife of Lot and the statue of salt would then refer to this.

Is this the way our future ends, too? Or begins? Will there be much more to our story than there was for theirs? Or not?

To be continued

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. The Vedic spread through to all parts of the world before any other branch of humanity, and are indeed the "first people." In China, there were the Tocharians. In India, there were the Vedic Aryans. In Japan, the Ainu. In the Americas, there were the Mandan, who still survive today but don't look like they did when Caitlan encountered them. Even Kennewick Man, who got cast as Meso-American, but whose genetics proved to be Celtic. In Africa, there were the original Egyptians, who were neither black nor Arabic. The Book of Ma'at, The Instructions of Amennemhe'et (The God Amon Is First): "I cast the Nubians under my feet; I carried off the southern Nubians; I caused the Asiatics to flee, even as hounds." Every vestige of the Euroic race, either Aryan or Mediterranean, was chased out of the East and into the West and squeezed by Zionist zealots hopelessly. To paraphrase Eustis Mullins, they cannot defeat the boundless energy, fantastic innovation, and cultural depth of the Euro. Ever. The fight continues on.

  2. I had a VT account they deleted. I don’t trust them anymore, pushing the vaccine hating on anyone isn’t a ass licker. They support people like Harvey Milk. I think they’re gay. They should change the name of their site to Brainwashed Morons Today. I don’t trust anyone was pushing that bioweapon vaccine or supports Barack Obama or any of them. Jack has complemented me before but I’ve since grown tired of VT, anyone can repost articles, and they lost support due to their own hatred of anyone wasn’t a Democrat.

  3. Yes on ancient nukes. Atlantis occupied the n. Atlantic. Three bases, Cyprus, eye of Sahara, south china sea. Most sites have been shut down now. Best of luck on researching.

  4. The Spirit? Rides the wave

    Never falls into the abyss said this

    Follow me as we shall ride that wave together

    Cyclists, suffers and boarders of all kinds get this.

  5. Clarification regarding entry 6 concerning the biblical passage regarding Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt when she turned to look upon the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. If Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by nuclear weapons, then Lot's wife turning into vapor makes sense.

  6. A few things, but first a disclaimer. I really try to avoid making statements as I am without providing proper references and some misstatements may be made due to my own aging memory. However, due to some time constraints and my difficulties in rediscovering my sources, I am going to comment without proper references. If you should need those references then please reply and I will endeavor to provide those as soon as possible. Corrections are welcome where warranted. Also, the comment is split due to its length. Sorry about that

    Is there any evidence that nuclear weapons were used thousands of years ago?

    1. According to the Sumerian tablets translated and interpreted by Zachariah Stichin, Enki was not pleased (to say the least) that Enlil, his younger half-brother, was elevated over him due to greater blood purity. This resulted in a conflict between the brothers and the creation of the rival Ram and Serpent clans. Allegedly, nuclear weapons left over from a previous off-world conflict were smuggled to Earth and eventually used.

    2. There is a location just north of the Sinai Peninsula that not only resembles a blast crater, but background radiation levels are slightly elevated as well. Could this be evidence of a nuclear blast? It may take a bit of time to provide those coordinates and the proper references, but this is perhaps the best location I have run across that may support this possibility.

    3. A type of rock known as Libyan Glass is scattered across a wide swath of the Sahara Desert of eastern Libya and western Egypt. This rock has been classified as an impactite which can only be formed when temperatures exceed 1600°C. Also, the presence of the trace mineral reidite can only occur under very high pressure. The prevailing theory is that this glass was formed by an overhead meteor explosion as no impact crater has been found.(1) However, nobody that I know of has ever entertained the idea that this vitrified glass could possibly have nuclear origins. Primarily, I know of no radiation studies being conducted at this location or some other locations where vitrified glass is present. While this theory is just that, a theory, there has been little to no incentive to test this possibility. Just wondering though.

  7. Where did Serrano get his knowledge?

    Lead by Spirit

    Mr. Kaminski hit this one out of the park. Next question should white Americans move to Russia?

    Just asking.


    • However, my daughter would be racially unpure. Maried to a full blood Native American. As I shall remain behind as the exodus takes place.

  8. Mike: According to Master Serrano, there are humans walking the earth devoid of spirit. He called them the slaves of Atlantis. I've read autobiographies of hard core criminals, killers, who affirm that there are men (generic: women as well) on this planet who have no souls. The ancient Hindus, who were Aryan to the core, said that there are three types of humans on earth. The lowest type lack eternal essence. These are creations of and chow for the Demiurge and his archons. They are perpetually recycled (commonly referred to as reincarnation by the " New (Jew) Age" crowd as reincarnation.

    • HD,
      The question is posed in lieu of the events we are seeing now. It is intended more as a direction for exploration than one with a definitive answer. These type of questions are often asked by those who are hoping to spark inquiry.
      However, yes there are three baisic manifestations of mankind, and of course those entities that muddy the picture by sometimes assuming a human form.

    • Ineffable. How about this: Nothing exists! Allow me to explain.

      For those of you who look around at everything you see, hear, feel, smell and taste and say, “What is this guy talking about? Is this guy crazy?” Well, the jury may still be out about that, but included within our universe – for lack of a better word – exists a state of nothingness. I would know. I’ve been there.

      Several years ago I experienced some lightheadedness and my ego told myself I was okay; that this condition would pass. It didn’t and the only thing that passed (out) was me. Consequently, I ended up on the pavement with a gash on the back of my head that required five stitches to mend.

      When I regained consciousness there was an EMT over me asking if I knew where I was and what happened. I responded quickly and affirmatively and his immediate concerns abated. But that’s not where my mind was at. What I remember the most was asking myself, where was I and where did I come just from?

      Whenever I hear the song Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, these lyrics now have greater meaning for me:

      … I caught a fleeting glimpse,
      out of the corner of my eye,
      I turned to look but it was gone …

      And what I caught a fleeting glimpse of was nothingness. Empty, dark, void. This was not like awakening from anesthesia or some kind of deep slumber. I still remember to this day that fleeting glimpse.

      I am still unable to find the words that adequately describe that moment. For lack of a better description, I guess you could call it a Platonic exercise for it has, in its own way, pushed the limits of my thinking. But my own experience does tell me that “nothing” does exist.


  9. Poetry and art is necessary to describe a condition that is both manifest and unmanifest, and even then it falls short. I've illustrated the ancient Platonic method for arriving at the limit of the mind, the next step is discovery of the ineffable.
    The viable question, one which no one dares to ask, is a simple yet profound one; Is the ineffable, that unmanifest aspect of humanity available for all forms of mankind? In other words, is there amongst mankind those with no ineffable connexion, no higher spirit, no recognition of the true forces of the cosmos?
    The unavoidable conclusion is that such a condition explains much concerning the globalist agenda.
    This really should be given examination through a piece, because it is essential to grasping the destiny that is being layed out for us all.

  10. Magnificent beyond measure. The Norns led me to discover Master Serrano around 1999. I was drawn to his work and wisdom like the tide is to the shoreline. Like it says in the introduction to one of his books, you cannot grasp Serrano by the mind or intellect alone. (I'm paraphrasing here) You have to genuinely feel him, viscerally and spiritually. His writings are so far beyond what the average human of any race can begin to comprehend that it is almost as if he communicates with you in celestial code, telepathically while you are reading him. Great work, John and Loki.

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