Astrology is a ‘tool’, used for observing the transits of the planets and comets ‘around’ the Zodiac, through which one can open an ‘eye’ for discerning auspicious times to manifest desired results. The mundane usage of such is to provide horoscopes and ‘predict’ what might unfold for specific ‘archetypes’ over a course of ‘time’. However, this is not how Astrology is utilised by those in the ‘know’ – by those who have been tracking and using such ‘journeys’ throughout our cosmic time (this ‘reality’ we are experiencing), in order to ‘align’ their intentions with outcomes.

Such is occurring continuously, nefariously, and relentlessly – it is also hidden from the eyes of the majority (the ones viewed as mundane’s). But the ‘effects’ of such utilisation cannot hide in the shadows forever – illumination comes from darkness, and it is such ‘light’ that provides the shadow in which they hide. So, what follows is a story of this ‘play’ of light and shadow occurring right now.

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CERN – ‘The European Organisation for Nuclear Research’ (the anacronym for which was derived from the French ‘Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire’) – is an ‘intergovernmental’ organisation established in ‘1954’ (based in Geneva, Switzerland), most famous for ‘probing the fundamental structure of the universe’ via its ‘Large Hadron Collider’ (LHC). It has become the source of many ‘conspiracy stories’ since announcing this particular ‘aspect’ of its work.


The ‘birth’ of CERN (if we Astrologically view the organisation as an ‘individual’ with its own ‘natal’ chart) was under the Zodiac sign of Libra (ruled by Venus) and was at the beginning of the ‘Space Race’ and ‘Cold War’. Viewed through the ‘lens’ of Astrology, CERN would have the ability to create visionary plans (the Air element of Libra), and present ‘the appearance’ of being friendly and out-going, as well as being able to present their point/purpose in a very ‘precise’ manner. As Libra is a ‘cardinal’ sign, they would often be able to ‘take (the) initiative’, would be very ‘energetic’, and would always prefer ‘action’ rather than planning (an important point to note in this story, as it is usually only the ‘effect’ of such ‘action’ that we can perceive and discern). Libra is (represents) the scales – endeavouring to achieve balance – though one must not forget that you can always place the ‘same’ thing on each side).

When CERN’s ‘birth chart’ is observed, we see a very rare positioning of the planets known in Astrology as a ‘Basket’ – where most of the planets are distributed/clustered together (the bucket), opposed by a ‘singleton’ (the handle). This shape is associated with considerable dynamics, with the ‘handle’ holding this ‘life’ together (the life of CERN in this reading) being Mars (Lord of War – an appropriate/sinister ‘symbol’ of the times and purpose of this organisation).

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Nearly all of the planets in this chart are nearing 30 degrees (including the four nestled within the bucket), or in other words are close to transiting out of their current Zodiac ‘archetypes’ into new signs, with Jupiter and Uranus ‘ascendant’, building from Mars in Capricorn (potentially signifying a foundation built ‘beneath’, with a ‘me first’ attitude). The planets in the bucket are ‘clustered’ around Mercury (literally Hermes in this case and pulling from/through ‘past lives’ in the figure of Hermes Trismegistus), are the Moon, Saturn, and Neptune (with Venus merely 18 degrees away) closely spread across and transiting from ‘Scorpio’ into ‘Libra’. The positioning suggests that the ‘time’ CERN was founded was ‘chosen’ to provide a fighting spirit (with all the related tools) in order to provide vitality/energy (or enact ‘action’) through the dying stages of the Piscean Age.

This ‘cluster’ of planets are also forming another rare Astrological positioning – a ‘Yod’ – two in fact, the first with Jupiter, and the second with Pluto (this positioning takes the form of a long, skinny triangle – a ‘witches’ hat’). A ‘Yod’ is very significant and denotes a ‘special mission’ or ‘destiny’ in life. They can create incidents to ‘occur’ (often in a karmic manner) and bestow ‘talents’ or ‘extraordinary gifts’. Within the CERN chart it shows that ‘Something Big is Happening’ – which once again highlights that the ‘timing’ of the founding of CERN was ‘meticulously’ chosen.

The primary ‘thing’ CERN is known for today is the LHC, which was preceded by the ‘Large Electron-Positron Collider’ (LEP) – launched in ‘1989’ (pay attention to this date) and operated until the year 2000 (at the turn of the millennium), when it was dismantled and replaced by the LHC. This device had four ‘detectors’ built around the four ‘collision’ points within its underground halls, which were named – Aleph, Delphi, Opal, and strangely (as it does not follow the/any ‘apparent’ pattern), L3.

The L3 ‘detector’ was an experiment, an enormous ‘octagonal’ magnet, which remained in place when LEP was dismantled and became part of the ‘ALICE’ detector for the LHC (one of the eight detectors currently utilised – and the one which has ‘recently’ undergone a major programme of ‘consolidation’ and upgrade – and has its own ‘collaboration’ of more than 1,800 members coming from 176 institutions in 41 countries – what ‘Wonderland’ of discovery are so many ‘looking’ for?

The accelerators utilised by CERN have been decommissioned and (re)built a number of times over the years, in order to create the means for their ‘experiments’, some of which have ominous sounding acronyms – ATLAS, TOTEM, FASER, ALICE, and it’s most recent (since 2017) – CLEAR. The longest recent ‘closure’ of the LHC was in 2018 (over the months of November and December), which began a three-year shutdown, ostensibly ‘revealed’ as being due to necessary maintenance and upgrades. The closure coincided with a ‘trine’ Saturn-Uranus alignment (within the current Saturn-Uranus cycle which began in 1988) – Can you see any significance with this date?

Operations resumed on 5 July 2022 (during the ‘Waning Square’ phase of this planetary cycle, which was ‘activated’ in June 2022, with the Astrological square in ‘orb’ by mid-July). Venus had a major impact at this time, and its ‘influence’ became very powerful when it became conjunct with Mercury in Virgo (right before it ‘launched’ itself on a journey through its home sign of Libra). An Astrological relationship of ‘action’ which perfectly aligned with the ‘birth’ conditions of CERN – Was this just a coincidence? Or a planned event?

Which brings our story to recent events…

On 19 November 2022 a short video was posted on and YouTube which purported to show, what looks like a ‘Black Hole’ in the sky over Switzerland, near to the home of CERN (and the LHC). At roughly the same time this ‘event’ was observed, a massive earthquake occurred on the island of Indonesia. Once again, when this time and date is viewed through the ‘eye’ of Astrology we can see Mars (again), this time ascendant in Gemini (ironically, or purposefully, representing through the quality of Air – the internet), pulling the ‘arrow of truth’ from Sagittarius into the twin (cult?), and the Moon in ‘Libra’ (a recurring theme). Once again, we observe a ‘Yod’, with Mercury flanked by the Sun and Venus opposing Jupiter.

The timing of this event was very ‘specific’ as – just like with the formation of CERN – the majority of planets are transiting out of their current ‘signs’. As the Sun in Scorpio ‘hit’ Jupiter leaving Aries, Pluto settles in for a ‘big push’ in Capricorn (the foundation of CERN’s birth – completing/complying with a cycle set in motion with its formation).

One of the things we all take for granted these days is the internet, which began as a CERN project named ‘ENQUIRE’ initiated in 1989 (an auspicious date?). And it is interesting to note that the primary/ultimate ‘owner’ of the internet (in a rather ‘opaque’ system that is managed through various ‘owners’  – or carrier’s/provider’s – via a set of levels: ‘Tier 1’, ‘Tier 2’, and ‘Tier 3’) is an organisation/entity believed to be named – ‘Level 3’ (of which you can find very little information about on the internet – maybe it is ‘Tier 0’ – the tip of the pyramid?), is there any correlation with ‘L3’?

At the same time this ‘Black Hole’ was observed, the Swiss Army mobilised 5,000 soldiers to take part in an ‘exercise’ dubbed ‘PILUM 22’ (a Pilum was a heavy Javelin used by the Roman army, which generally consisted of an iron shank with a ‘hard pyramidal head’, attached to a wooden shaft. Since this pyramid shaped tip was wider than the rest of the shank, once it penetrated (the usual defence being a shield), it would leave behind a ‘hole’, larger than the rest of the shank and shaft, so that the soldier behind could be stabbed).

This exercise had taken two years to prepare (so had/has nothing to do with the recent eruption of ‘conflict’ in Ukraine) but was not ‘formally’ announced until 19 November 2022 (exactly an hour before the video mentioned above was recorded and posted to the internet). This ‘training’ exercise will be running between 22-29 November 2022 (although there is very little information available on the internet to provide ‘clarity’ to their purpose or nature – or at least, their ‘true’ purpose. Although it is interesting to note the commencement date – 22/11/22), and is the Swiss Army’s biggest military exercise since 1989 – What a coincidence that this date appears again?

Over the next few days (20-22 November 2022) the transits of the planets formed (to put into mythical terms) – Aries (Latin: Mars) in his war chariot sending a lightning bolt (in this case Uranus not Zeus) into the Earth, opening a ‘doorway’ into the underworld of Hades (Latin: Pluto), potentially in order to lead the armies of the undead towards ‘Truth’ (our character Sagittarius, who fires such arrows). Whilst two conjunctions (both in water signs) occurred: Saturn-Moon and Moon-Neptune (a tale for another time as it is part of a grander ‘movement’ towards 2023, and onwards into the close of multiple cycles in 2026). A near ‘grand trine’ was almost forming, but not quite close enough. Which suggests that despite lengthy planning, and attention to detail, they/this was rushed. A perfect time for ‘something’, although not necessarily what was ‘intended’. It appears to be a case of ‘action’ trumping ‘planning’ and around we must go, like Capricorn (our character the ‘seahorse’ that climbs to the top of the mountain, only to dive back down to the depths of the sea, and round-and-round he must go).


As an aside (although of import to our story), Switzerland is ruled by Taurus and Indonesia is ruled by Virgo, the ‘action’ undertaken in the former country produced an ‘effect’ in the later victim/vector of that action (a case of causation or intention?).

When viewing the above-mentioned charts in whole (and as a whole) they clearly show a ‘hole’ Astrologically and bring to mind the Greek mythology of Hades (Pluto) – specifically the myth of Hades and Persephone, and the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. The author would bid the reader to learn these stories for there is no ‘time’ here for their telling.

On 23 November 2022 we had a ‘New Moon’ in Sagittarius which was/is favourably influenced by Jupiter, with Mercury and Venus in close alignment. A New Moon (‘Dark Moon’ as it cannot be seen by the naked eye) is when the Sun is ‘conjunct’ the Moon and marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another 28-day cycle. It provides a ‘burst of energy’ and ‘initiative’. So, this closing of the moon cycle in Sagittarius provided an excellent opportunity for making a fresh start or starting a new project.

This New Moon was/is ‘trine’ Jupiter which indicates – growth and success – so (again) an ideal ‘time’ to begin the afore mention ‘project(s)’, as well as any new relationships, studies, or long-distance travel. However, Jupiter is ‘retrograde’, so any growth is at risk from ignorance, greed and excess. This risk is heightened because at the prescribed ‘moment/time’ of the New Moon, Jupiter was ‘stationary’, the moon was just five minutes before the direct station, and Jupiter also ‘aligned’ with the star (outside of ‘our’ solar system) ‘Scheat’ – which causes ‘extreme misfortune’. When a New Moon aligns with this star it usually causes a shameless, immoral, and ‘easily seduced’ nature to emerge – which are also the ‘exact’ same attributes associated with a stationary Jupiter – and will likely result in a ‘peak’ or ‘turning point’ during this moon phase (although there is the very real possibility that problems could exacerbate).

Mercury ‘conjunct’ Venus also positively influences this New Moon, making any ‘communication(s)’ harmonious as well as encouraging cooperation. However, once again we have a powerful star involved, in this case ‘Antares’, which is between these two planets causing destructiveness, violence, and malevolence. This particular combination also brings suspicion (possibly the reason why the author is telling this story?), and wrongful accusations (maybe not?). It is important to note that although this new moon is in Sagittarius its position borders ‘Libra’ and ‘Scorpio’ (see a pattern here?), with the moon being close to the constellation ‘Hercules’, and the closest major star being ‘Yed Prior’ in the ‘Serpent Bearer’ – The constellation ‘Ophiuchus’ (famous for his ‘rod’ and for bringing life back to the dead, much to the wrath of Hades. Which resulted in his punishment/death by Zeus, before being raised to the heavens in the afore mentioned constellation).

Hercules provides strength, tenacity, and unchanging purpose, as well as ‘dangerous’ passions of an ardent nature. ‘Yed Prior’ causes shamelessness (which when combined with ‘Scheat’ is ‘amplified’), immorality and revolution (at a time when Uranus in transiting Taurus). Whilst Ophiuchus also implies passion, and an easily seduced nature with a lack of happiness (as well as enmity/strife), and unseen dangers (it has often been associated with poisoning and/or medicines due to the rod which bears his name – so there may be some correlation with this New Moon and the vaccines?).

The ‘influence’ in relation to the 23 November ‘New Moon’, of both Mercury and Venus closely aligned with ‘Antares’ (rival of Mars), in what can be referred to as the: ‘Heart of the Scorpion’, makes ‘individuals’ tough and belligerent and is an important ‘star’ for military personnel (which seems ‘appropriate’ when viewed in conjunction with the aforementioned, and timely PILUM 22).

The ‘stellar’ influence of this ‘New Moon’ will last for four weeks up to the 23 December 2022 ‘New Moon’, with the best time for ‘new projects’ being during the two-week waxing moon phase from 23 November to the 8 December ‘Full Moon’ (which is an Aries – Mars retrograde – event indicating a period when plans and progress will stall, thus ‘illuminating’ that this current period was a ‘last chance’ to maximise any plans/projects that may have been in planning for some time?).

So, what can we take from this story? Is it ‘clear’ that something relating to opening ‘doors’ (for travel or research) is occurring right before our ‘eyes’, but (as usual) it is within the shadows, and it occurs along with something immoral and shameless? Was/is this door a ‘Black Hole’ timed to be opened for the ‘New Moon’ on 23 November 2022?

One thing we can take from this tale is that plans which may have been ongoing for some time have finally reached a point where they are ‘perfect’ for presenting – much like a ‘Bonsai Tree’ – the ‘simulacrum’ tree that has been carefully tended, pruned, shaped, and cared for over a lengthy period of time in order to create the perfect specimen that represents the ‘essence’ of the tree from which it was initially ‘harvested’.

Are we all about to take a trip with ‘Alice through Wonderland’? Or should we be asking a more important question – ‘Which side of the ‘looking glass’ are we staring through from, and who (or what) is reflecting back at us?


Copyright – 2022 Opeaus Blair

All rights reserved


  1. I interrupt this daily programming to say that Arizona will gain new beach front property. Manua Loa has erupted and been artificially set to blow by elements of the US Army and US Navy contracting the work of Lockheed Martin and Tesla (note that Nikola Tesla's tech has been in US possession for some time). This has been achieved through overpressuring and selectively freezing certain areas around the caldera and magmatic chamber, alternating between rapid cooljng and slow heating around Mokuaweoweo through the use of gaseous implements and vibration. Eighty distinguished sailors and geologists partook of this work underwater and have since then left with haste in unmarked subs with transponders off.

    This is a black operation with many goals, best left to the reader's intrepretation. However, I can only bet that this will spell the end of Silicon Valley and many seditious racial elements along the West Coast.

    Good day

  2. Serrano's discussion of the black holes leading to Venus and perhaps Aldebaran is interesting. The cabal might try to take advantage with their crude technology but they will fail against the higher forces who they seek to destroy

    • Let's hope Anon that their adherence to Saturn (I contract/fail), prevents their schemes from bearing fruit. I wonder whether – the goal was not an opening to Aldebaran, but a closure of Antares? And as you say, their crude technology produces an undesired result?

  3. It never fails, that in any description of the course of modern society, the lust for power always figures prominently. Whatever one might think of Cern, the inescapable fact is that lust portrays itself as benign, while its history has been fraught with controversy.
    There is a great flaw in the modern mind. It likes to believe itself capable of stealing all the mysteries of nature, simply to direct them towards cheap and devastating goals.
    This primitive nature worships itself, imagines itself divine, when in reality it is obsessed with regression. The true elevation is unimagined by the would be gods, and that is their downfall.
    Far better to recognize the condition in entirety, before dreaming of changing it in ignorance.

    • Wise words MK, ignorance and delusions of granduer drive so much of our 'modern' reality, and so with every step forward, all we ever see is decline.

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