The serpent power, is a blind energy, circulating in the depths of all living things. It has no conscience, nor does it have any personal awareness. It pervades the behemothian mass with an intrusion, penetrating the great dharmic tide of all existence. It overwhelms the little playthings peopling the entire universe.

The structured corpuscules of so-called matter are infested in a way that all the living things existing inside the great sphere, never reach an understanding of the under taw which makes them move either to the left or to the right, upwards or downwards, towards the above or to the below.

The serpent is an enemy to the superstitious social idiot. A formidable adversary to the conceited solitary magician. It’s the powerful fluidic dynamic makes babies, the little girls & boys, filling perpetually with its copulatory gymnastics the world’s enormous emptiness. Civilizations are built on that invisible fluid. The architects of each society build their complicated constructions of physical and psychic well being on that omnipresent dynamic fluid. Cultures and all sorts of hallowed traditions  even Guénon’s fancy Primordial Tradition are founded upon the potential electrified plasma coagulated from the premises barely sketched within the deep mortar holding all living breath together, within the empty sphere.

If you could hold it with your hands. The beast would burn you to a cinder. If you could consume the radiant thing internally, it would be more devastating then the effects of the non existing nuclear bomb & its so-called fallout! It would burn you to a point so instantly, vaporizing the fragile carnal soul, that your “me” wouldn’t be. There would be no trace or particule left, could prouve the history of your human incarnation.

In the sphere. Even this ubiquitous radiation would hurt more profoundly. The beast transforming you with such simplicity, into a nothing.


Underneath in this earth’s terrestrial mode. The beast slumbers. His minions waiting. On the 9 floors of Hell. Their acrid growth spreading 3 dimensionally. They are Ragnarok’s fairy dream. Waiting to take on a molecular appearance, to climb into the cribs of all the children, of whatever race according to the terrestrial mode of this Earth we supposedly share.


Certain Wise Men, some call them Druids, others Magi, had the great idea, on these ancient lands filled with ghosts, vampires & malevolently inclined sprites, (also there were the inferior bipedal humanoids already latent within the vegetal undergrowth) to protect their RACE, their people, their TRIBE & NATION.  They knew that only HOLY MEN & WOMEN could actually preserve the RACIAL FAMILY by a mysterious pragmatic means. Even if that meant thru their DEATH.

These Wise Men & Women would mummify or inter their own corpses there where the dragon would seek to creep in into the Harmonic Organic Social Structure, the Hyperboreans had seeded.


In the Sacred Crypts of our Holy Ancestors beneath the main altars of all the great cathedrals of Europe, even in the little country roman churches….have been placed with seriously grave & precise position, the dead remains of the HOLY WISE of our PEOPLE, utilizing the Roman Catholic Rite of burial.

There where the SAINT’s remains were placed, the DRAGON can’t get in. It cannot reap havoc & deprave the demented! This is how the SAINTS or The Wise of our Tribes kept watch on us. Preserving our Patriarchal wellbeing!


Now since former times, with the efficacious pragmatic SYMBOLISM of the ANCIENT ARYAN & very Katholic (universal for all our TRIBE) Church, that we knew how to profit from,( this thanks to our innate TRIBAL WISDOM), this knowledge has been withering away and our life blood with the true sacred memory dissipated on the frivolous destruction of our hidden secret rites and very praktical common sense traditions. If there is a RACE, there’s the Soul Knowledge & Noble Wisdom that must needs be, goes with it!

All OUR Churches are or have fallen or just about! Few of the sacred places have been preserved according to the Secret Germanic Katholic Rites.


The cracks in the Wall are everywhere. Malevolence has invaded the doorsteps of the Aryan peoples of Europe. And we have participated in that DESTRUCTION! Because we have left go, the ancient & mysterious magical wisdom our ancestors knew how to use & conduct. Even though it be through the auspices of a Germanic Templar Wisdom. A Teutonic Sapience.


Sainte Radegonde était, l’une d’elles. Le bouchon sur l’orifice du Malheur qu’attend notre Europe depuis si longtemps, dés demain. Tant que le SAINT CORPS y restera, Poitiers, malgré tout l’horrible mélange corrompu & la trés humaine dégradation des moeurs qui y est présent, persistera selon notre mode terrestre de la Terre.




  1. “The crypts of the most holy are built to resonate correctly at 110 hz creating the circumstances for transcendent experiences, healing and the expansion of consciousness. The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum of Malta is a legendary example. Placed at 'omphalos' locations, these sites will offer us powerful protection, courtesy of the ancestors. It is our duty to remember, and honour our remembrance within our blood.” – Jon Valentine-Lee

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