Consequences of trying to ignore the simulated reality, looming recession 2008 style (depression), China serves America with divorce papers and Saudi Arabia secedes from Israel.


  1. Turquoise, in my little tale of woe in poetry lies the truth of the matter is that "she" created the God of this world by being separated from him. They were created together to be the creation together to create worlds but when she decided to create by herself the creation hating imbalance sent "him" from the void. That "him" being selfish and cruel and the creator of death itself. So, apart we have a world based on death. We feed like parasites on the deaths of other creatures as since their separation this is the world "he" created and controls.
    Hidden in the scriptures is the power of Spirit to live above this present world and the church was ment as a rescue opperation.
    It's all for naught as we await his return as nothing else can fix the mess.
    Just an opinion.

  2. Per revelations Jesus is Lucifer. Revelations is the reveling as we have been here before as our eyes see great wonders built from civilizations Past!

    He created them both male and female

    They lived an eternity creating light together

    Then she left him to create alone

    Out of the void came he

    Out of very darkness

    Swallowed the light

    Imprisoned her in time

    He from outside time pursues her

    Her trapped in time will be set free by him

    Then together a new heaven and new earth

    Bride and groom together again


  3. Sorry, meant Ephesians 6:12: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  4. Sounds fine with me. Spirit creates. Word creates. Jack has already explained how church is a woman thing, feminine, where women make men feminine. If there is Spirit in women, men would have listened to them, and not just in the church cafeteria, where … they have made God's house of prayer into a robber's den, even selling silver Holy Ghost necklaces. If males, who usually call women "Jezabel" if they dare "coming" up to their level on the platform reminding them about the scriptures they have erased from their male memory: "My kingdom is not of this earth" (hark… the state of Israel… how they sing, waving the "Star of David" flag among them, making their kids dance to "Play the trumpet in Zion, Zion, sound the alarm on my holy mountain", while attacking Texe Marrs who gave an alternative interpretation to what that verse of the prophet Joel really means; that a supernatural kind of men will attack those walls one day and they; the Khazars, of Israel will not be able to resist them because they are "super humans" (bots?) sent by the God they worship (the Demiurge) to judge them according to their own rules that they have broken)…. When that is said, it can be proved that Santa Claus is actually Baal. Jesus is a fairytale woven into that white washing of heathen history. Names have been changed. Jack Heart has some good points when he talks about Lucifer… I always had a problem with that "star of the morning", "great morning star" etc….When that is said, even though I grew up as a Lutheran, for these past decades Black Baptist Churches hold a warm spot in my heart, and if I should ever go to church it would be there, but there are no such thing like that in Norway, except a Pentecostal-version. Besides I am not a Christian anymore. In wartime sometimes women have to grow balls spiritually, when there are no real men around. A gun can replace muscle power, but in order to win the war one have to know one's enemy. Our battle is not against flesh or blood but against the…You know what it says in Phil. 4.4. I believe black churches have raised an enormous amount of great musicians like for instance Lou Rawls, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Witney and CeCe Houston, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and the list goes on and on, and they have also raised them up to be loving and caring men; taking care of them in times of need, financially like a family, as well as giving them a safe haven, teaching kids to try to avoid alcohol (Luther Vandross great example) and drugs.
    HP posted this one, and here is something about Australia at the end:

    Biblical proof of concave earth – Concave earth drawn explained in line with biblical text

    Gaither – Blow the trumpet in Zion

    John Legend – How I got over

    Thank you lord for all you have done for me – Walther Hawkins

    Lou Rawls – Tough job

    Gladys Knight – Best thing that has happened to me

  5. Spirit filled women? They are Goddesses on earth that men can not help but revere if not outright worship as their value is beyond any earthly wealth or position of earthly power. Only foolish men cannot see this fact and America is full of the lack of Spirit filled women. So, Mother, daughter and Spirit as the men shall surely follow. That is power led by the creator which will bring balanced lives with men and women in harmony creating beautiful well balanced children.
    I would be thrown out of the church for that opinion yet its the truth in my opinion.


  6. The American Evangelical Church? The workers in said church are majority women and I mean those whom serve the needy both in the community and outside of it. Good churches are filled with these Spirit filled angels as Spirit or true Spirit is hidden in the American church but its there. In Evangelical culture, men are expected to provide for women and children so their time at church is limited to Sunday morning so the work of the community being ministry falls to the women.
    The men? Bluster on about theology and what the Bible says as that keeps them busy as the women do the work of the Spirit.
    The above is simply an observation of how the American Evangelical Church operates.


  7. Turquoise,

    Perhaps the mother is the Goddess or the earth and the daughter is the woman and the Spirit is the creator? The creator keeps the creation going. The earth is a garden with the woman yet the man is the gardener whom plants the seeds? Things are backwards on earth with men out of place and women wanting to be men.
    The ancient ways were matriarchal as that makes perfect sense.
    So, go down to America's Southland, walk into a Baptist church and tell them God and his Spirit are women. However, women run these Churches. That's a fact yet the men bluster in public but at home those women run the show and good men let them.

    • Those words are very kind and beautiful, Nine, thanks on behalf of "woman-kind". And yes, they will throw you out for saying that since a woman in supposed to kneel in every way in front of a man. The male ministers preach their congregation full of scriptures of how important the Old Testament is, no matter what Galatian 3 says, and say that it is "all" the word of God which will come to pass, and they use it as a basis for asking for tithes, and teach a woman how she should be. They scip that part of Salomon having 800 men, except in the Mormon church, and also skip the ministering role of Deborah, and go on and on about "Israel"; and you know all of that. I am sorry but they are "Business men for Christ" where women are not allowed to be a part of the club, no matter what "The WIse Woman" (den kloke kone) did for her husband (making him prosperous), and they actually just a Masonic club, since women are not welcome there either. So, no matter how those millions of male preachers over the decades and century preach about the state of Israel etc, a woman will never be allowed to teach them what the Bible says and tell them that they are wrong, like Deborah judged males in the state of Israel for 40 years in the Old Testament according to the word of God. That book of theirs is sent from the U.K. ( It is a political book. But yes, there are lots of wonderful women doing a great job, even a pastor I have found, and who can sing better than her: "Lord let your Spirit fall on me"; and "Star of the morning", but I end up preferring Lyle Lovett these days.

      Shirley Caesar – Star of the morning

      SHIRLEY CAESAR & CAESAR SINGERS: "Lord Let Your Spirit Fall On Me/Never". "NIGHT MUSIC #19" 1988

      Lyle Lovett – Church

  8. Thanks nine, never thought of that one. So what is the name of God's daughter? It is a tragedy for womankind that their jealous godlike other part (not better, just other), is so jealous that we never seem to get anywhere. Except maybe to Australia.

    King James Bible
    As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:

    New International Version
    like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them aloft.

    New Living Translation
    Like an eagle that rouses her chicks and hovers over her young, so he spread his wings to take them up and carried them safely on his pinions.

    Ruach HaKodesh: Him or Her? Is there a Feminine Aspect to God?
    It is neither man (ish) nor the first man (adam). To identify ha-adam, we turn to Genesis 1:27. And God created ha-adam in His image, in the image of God He created him (oto); make and female, He created them (otam). The first part of the verse clearly indicates that ha-adam is a single being.

    The Rescuers Down Under – Cody's flight scene

    Bee Gees – Tragedy

    Irene Cara in Australia – What a feeling

    Celine Dion & The Bee Gees – Immortality

    • Greetings! When you mention Australia what do you mean by this? I'm female and I know there has been great imbalance in the He/She….I cannot stomach how women have gone about trying to get their 'equality' here in the states. It's the wrong way in my opinion. I think the female is equally powerful as the male but just in a different way and that has gone askew over the years as women try and become more like men to get their power. I think this just upsets the dynamic even more….by the way I love Immortality by the way with Celine and Bee Gees…

    • Anon on the matter of the Devine Feminine I have goon to the Jack Heart school. However, my teacher Spirit sent me there.

  9. America. Above post has been censored leave it as art upon a wall called the internet. Censors as I write as so exciting as what could I create?

  10. Now, I thoroughly apologize to entrenched Jewish power for my above posts.

    However, little ole nine has a gripe.
    Why is Jewish power so entrenched with the transgender issue? I home schooled my children to keep them from such indoctrination. Yet through cycling they wish to get to my kids with such messages? From a local bicycle shop small dab and 8n the middle of a most conservative Christian community? Of course questions are antisemitic. In canceled america.

  11. And then there is tRump going around the political stump pontificating how great he will make America by building 10 new gleaming American cities! Wow! Goes to show you how dumb his base truly is! LOL
    Chipped, tagged and cattle prodded into their cages.
    I am the father of that great American 15 minute city just like I fathered the greatest vaxxine on the planet!
    Ain't America grand to have such a wonderful father? Thanks and praise to our heavenly father? Truth of the matter is that that heavenly father was a woman and she had a daughter and both filled with the holy Spirit.


  12. So, Harry Voxx is proof that America has a strong unassailable first amendment right.
    He is moving deep into the Southland, securing a homestead unbowed by Jewish power.
    I wish him the very best! If I were him I would have an arsenal and some like minded friends with him.
    I believe that Voxx from deep in the American South will hold his middle finger high to Jewish power as he's from New York.



    Well, how do we stop the wars if we don't clearly speak about who the enemy really is in America? Yes those whom voxx pontificates in the above are merely followers of the order giver however, since that's all we got I say we must go after them no holds bared.
    Like Voxx says without land your fucked and these joos who though order followers will get all the land and force the rest of us into 15 minute cities.
    That is the survivors of what they that give the orders have planned.
    Heck they tell us outright what they are going to do.


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