Here is another “conspiracy theory” that just bit the dust.  As facts prove it was true….Bluetooth signals from the graves of vaxxed people who died in 2021 and 2022?  And in living people who were vaxxed and/or took PCR tests.  Spreads to others who were “close” to them… to speak.

Video made in Mexico.  In a huge open space and away from EMF.  Using devices with “apps” that pick up a BLUETOOTH signal.  Watch their monitors as the people being tested approach the table with the instruments on it.
All in Spanish with English subtitles.  Looks pretty convincing to me.  I knew the cell phone system was being used in tandem with the “vax” and “Covid testing”….and probably stuff already being dropped on us all from jets….”smart dust”.  Some of the chemtrail devices are visible to the naked eye.  I have SEEN them.  Under magnification, they look like metallic squares and hexagons.  Perfectly geometrical.  Easily small enough to breath in.
Bear in mind that this tech chip stuff is IN ADDITION to the mRNA components in the jabs.  That is for a completely different “mission” and agenda.  

Another reason I don’t carry a “smart phone”.  If you have a “receiver” for a “pulse”…..inside your body already.  The Soviets did an experiment with pigs decades ago.  Injected them with some kind of material that was then affected by a particular EMP targeting them.  They all dropped dead.  Links on the internet that described the experiment seem to have disappeared lately.


  1. Yes, Jack, of course I knew that. Still, when you are saying so many important things the act of editing may still be a way of censoring those parts which the editor feels need to be edited… Hopefully Johnny Punish can take those edited parts and "glue" them into one new whole program? I would like to hear those edited parts.

  2. Maybe I misunderstood you? About one the same day or maybe one day after the first or your second interviews or talks between he and you recently, when you posted that VT-youtube interview at your substack post, I read comment were you mentioned "heavily reacted", did you not? Afterwards you edited it and those words were gone. I don't know if one can put "=" between "heavily edited" and cencored?

    • Redacted and censored are two completely different things Turk, as is edited. VT edits its radio program; I edit my podcasts. On the Porch with Phil and I maybe the only show on the internet that is not edited, which may explain why it is so popular.

  3. Very good Turk you were anticipating my response to all this. Please do not threaten Johnny on our blog and as far as I know he has never censored me…

  4. In the veteran environment surrounding Jack such words as "killing" is just like a sport, and that is not a sport that I am practicing, nor am I threatening Johnny Punish. I suppose becoming a controlable robot is punishment enough.

  5. My bet? The Feds couldn't even take and subdue rural Evangelical Virginia. Them hills? Think of the glorious possibilities for ambush as the Feds try to move men in. Do they use helicopters like in Vietnam? An open all out assault on their own country over trans for kids and vaxxines? Artillery strikes upon the rural Baptist church? Will they drive in with them big black suburbans filled with little green haired
    Me suggests they send the woke to rural Virginia and let them try and have their way!

  6. Ask Jack. Do you think that those Evangelical men in rural Virginia will accept trans for kids, give up their guns and take mandatory vaxxines?

  7. The vaxxed Turquoise? In our little war we send the chipped survailed vaxxed on a frontal assault. The hidden unvaxxed will flank their position. We will then kill every man and take no prisoners. Ambush will become a daily occurrence as America is a big place. I know the local land like the back of my hand.
    Their are millions just like me.
    The things left in the agencies and that military are not up for the fight they are picking.
    If they think the Russians are bad fucking wait.

  8. Turquoise, Gordon Duff? I believe he is dead. Jonny punish? And his vaxx? I would personally beat the living shit out of him if he talked to me in public like he did on the internet. Same goes for Duff and Dean.
    At 66 Turquoise? As each day goes by life in prison has less of a deterant on me for trans pushing vaxx pushing retards as I believe they should be shot on site.
    Just me.
    Jack and I and a lot of other men agree. We will raise an American army. And wage a war of attrition on that vaunted us military if they choose the path of war on the American people. Transgenderism for children and mandatory vaxxines to participate in society?
    I will never submit.
    Make me except the transgender for children and take a vaxxine.
    My mindset if war breaks out and FEMA decides to come? How many can I take before they take me?
    Crazy is as crazy does.

  9. The video in the link that Jack posted at the top of this page is very serious. It will be impossible to "log out", they will always know where the "vaccinated", or chipped, people are (locations), and will be able to read what is going on in their bodies and brains… There were actually many Christians who were very sceptical to the vaccine and refused to take it, and many of them died because of "Corona" or "Covid", but were mocked by people like Gordon Duff, and if I remember correctly, also Johnny Punish? But to his credit he allowed critical voices like Jack Heart to post his research articles there, at VT. I remember that I sent many links which I in the beginning found at the site where he warned about the graphene, and later also those of critical voices such as Jack H, to many journalists; newspapers, and even research ( and the Storting, but you know, we were all just conspiracy theorists. Now they are chipped, and are not even aware of it. Oh, how woke-glorious, oh how wonderful, leaning in the everasting arms of…..chipped munks. The masons & their allies have fulfilled their own "biblical" prophesies, and are enjoying the entrance of the Beast, and maybe will they get an erection when that "sting" painful as bites of scorpions starts troubling the new "human nano bots" race? Now they can enjoy the love they share for each other, with the medical pharmaceutical industry will heal them, every day, caring for your body with modern technology…. if you pass that "green card test" entrance first. There'll be sad songs, to make you cry….. Just a closer walk with the Masonic prescious "lord"…. real close! Will it help jumping at the ocean if one get the notion?


    Billy Ocean – There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) (Official Video)

    Etta James, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan – Ain't Nobody Business (live BB King & Friends) [HQ]
    Prescious lord (Etta, Gladys and Chaka)

  10. So, let's say you buy a car in New York city with a loan? Payment is 1200 a month as you default on the loan, stop making payments and the bank sends a repo man?
    Say you skip town and move to Kentucky with said car? Then what? To get a KY license tag all you need is the title I believe to get a KY plate? Could they find you? How much will it cost a repo company to track you down? Possession is nine tenths of the law or perhaps you sabotage said car so that it will never function properly again? Easy with electronic systems in all new cars.
    Trust me try to find a mechanic that can diagnose and repair electrical problems on modern cars. People need to think in these terms. Banks and corporations are the enemy.

  11. Why Jack, it's quite the idea and perhaps invented by the Jews? I mean they tell us outright that first they plan to cull us and then enslave the survivors. However, he whom controls the frequency controls the zombie hoards.
    Obviously we are immune Jack, no the PCR test is simply not enough, they need the heard vaxxed as the PCR test has gone by the wayside yet they double down on the vaxxines? Like the heavily vaxxed cycling community? Talk about the perfect zombie hoard all dressed alike riding down the roads in large groups? We also have been cut a brake. How so? Poor manufacturing quality control of said vaxx and poor control upon administration
    Of said vaxx. How many got the proper dose for the intended effect?
    My observation of my local Jew? Stupid as fuck.
    We can win this and the mind set? Fucking make me do it.


    • Make me take a medical test, or wear a mask, or get an injection of vaxxine or wear a bicycle helmet or motorcycle helmet. Speak your mind in public like Harry Voxx and make me shut up.
      Well like you Voxx gave up on New York and moved south. Like minds find like communities. Blue communities? Full of unarmed vaxxed zombies and Red communities full of armed traditional men and strong unvaxxed women.
      Bring it you blue vaxxed green haired transgendered freaks called the US Military.
      Good luck! Also perhaps a vaxxed jewish army from Isreal could try to occupy us like they do in Palistine? Bring it baby.
      Jew bankers? Come and take the land. Come we await. Where's the fucking muscle to back up what your paper says?
      Cops? Green haired trans military the fucking IDF? I laugh.
      The local Sherrif can stop any repossessions from jew bankers.
      Remember that so let them send the IDF.

  12. Imagine the power in your smart device as we adjust the frequency and watch the zombies dance? The ultimate Sims game? Correct me if I am wrong here but this is quite the idea. Girlfriend "uncooperative" why she needs an adjustment and imagine that no more fights with the apple adjustment app? Of course what do we do with her when we get bored? Why we could have her dance naked in the street or better yet put her to work in the strip club to entertain the 15 minute city slickers.
    Think of the possibilities Jack?


    • Do we even need to tip a zombie stripper Sim Jack? In the strip clubs how were tips managed? Bet the girls fought over tips. Well, we put out the tip jar, properly adjust that "male" frequency as they empty their wallets into said tip jar as the Sim girls dance why we could franchise the opperation and call it Sim girls. That's where murder incorporated comes in if the Sims game people got a problem with this. LOL

    • Sometimes you are funny, Nine, that one with uncooperative girls 🙂 – I remember something I read about many years ago from the former Yugoslavia, I think, about a famous "terrorist" or true warrior, depending upon whose eyes are viewing, who was killed when walking out from his hiding just to take a cellphone call, and "bang", he was struck by a missile or something from above. Some say "every good thing comes from above". I remember Bangers comment to Jack the other day about that article about "the hived mind" (VT). Many Hollywood stars have for a long time been picking up their old cell phones from the drawer because they hope that is more safe. The Hamiltones (Drake) – "Hotline bling":

  13. Cool! So the vaxxed glow with frequency? Where can I get an app for my old disconnected smart phone? I can use it as a vaxxed detector. That way I know for sure and steer clear of the zombies.
    The app? Create your own zombie free zone with the apple zombie app! Before they can even get close to you now you have advanced warning!
    Or a reverse app could be developed causing cognitive decline in our dear zombies since it's all frequency?
    A zombie detector and a zombie repulsed all in one as your movie? Why guns are so primitive for offing zombies I say why kill the zombies as we can put them to work fixing America as they will work cheap.
    View the vaxxed as the new slave class as we can park them in to 15 minute cities and give them free Netflix and video games why kill them? They can walk to work or cycle to work heck we can even give them colorful costumes to wear so they feel comfortable? Those in the cities(work camps) will be so so very happy why are you on Jack Heart opposed to this plan?
    The unvaxxed can have all of nature to experience free of zombies as the way I see it the back roads will be free of traffic perfect for bicycle rides.
    We are the new elite jack.


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