In the Americas old West snake oil salesman would move from town to town selling opiated concoctions that they guaranteed to cure any ailment those who partook of them had. They would stay for a day or two in a town, sell as many bottles as possible, then move on before their customers realized the only thing, they had purchased was a bottle of dreams.

Google and ilk, the latter-day version of these nefarious peddler’s, has remained in town for twenty plus years promising the world the Jetsons and delivering the Flintstones without ever suffering the consequences of their grifting. This is only due to the fact that insane legislation like the Citizens United Decision enabled them to merge with Americas government through their legal purchase of politicians.

A few days ago, the Silicon Valley Bank, where the snake oil salesman keep their assets, finally succumbed to natures law that nobody rides for nothing. Twenty years of producing nothing but the incoherent words of demented genetic defects like Yuval Noah Harari and Ray Kurzweil caught up with an entire generation of freaks and geeks motivated only by ressentiment for all that is magnificent in the human race.

The banks money, approximately two hundred and fifty billion dollars, not one cent of it ever earned through producing something, turned out to be just as illusory as Googles products. Nature had pronounced its verdict. Undaunted the parasites from Silicon Valley rolled out the child molesting senile relic of political graft they had installed as president. The doddering Joe Biden meandered up to the presidential podium and simply announced that the federal government would assume the banks liabilities. He then scurried off, like the geriatric cockroach that he is, refusing to answer a single question. Just like that Silicon Valley was back in business.

Google, who’s parent company is called Alphabet Inc. after all the federal agencies it has purchased, like the FDA, the EPA, the FCC, the FBI, the CIA and even Americas vaunted NSA through Operation PRISM, was free to continue in its role as the scourge of the western dream and the enemy of free speech.

There is only one man in the West who can stop this kind of blatant political corruption: Robert Kennedy Jr. In May of 2020 in a short piece titled The way Toward Peace (, we called upon him to step up, very simply because no other man can do the job. Three years later, after watching the pharmaceutical companies dismantle the country he loves while Google rode shotgun he has overcome his understandable reluctance and thrown down the gauntlet.


Both his father Senator Robert Kennedy and uncle President John F Kennedy were murdered by the CIA. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a courageous man which is more than can be said of anyone else out there with the pedigree he possesses, and he is far more than just the right bloodline.

The ghoulish Andrew Cuomo, his onetime brother in-law, would never have been governor of NY, had Kennedy as the odds-on favorite run against him for Attorney General of New York. A few years later when Governor Paterson offered him the senate seat from New York, Kennedy turned that down too. That is the problem with politics; the people who should have the job never want it.

In the political battlefield, Kennedy, a renowned trail lawyer amongst his peers, has earned more medals than the entire Senate of the United States of America combined. He has worked ceaselessly in the courtroom for the poor, whether they live in the ghettos of New York City or the steaming jungles of South America or Africa, even having spent a month in the maximum-security prison of a South American hellhole.

Everywhere in the world, whether you be Ford Motor Company, the Department of Defense, or Exxon Oil, you have learned to fear the name Robert Kennedy Jr. Throw something in the water you’re not supposed too, you know Kennedy is coming for you.

Kennedy has latched onto the villainous Bill Gates like an enraged Pitbull, when everyone else in the world, outside of Vladimir Putin, genuflects before him. This is a guy who can and will take on the billionaires who have hijacked this country, just like Putin took them on in Russia.

Kennedy is a hero in the Red States for his tenacious fight against Gates and the pharmaceutical companies and he is a hero in the Blue States for his ceaseless defense of the environment.

In an abbreviated resume Kennedy once sued Westchester County New York to reopen the Croton Point Park, which was heavily used primarily by poor and minority communities from the Bronx. (1) He wasn’t done yet either on behalf of inner-city Black people. He then forced the reopening of the Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, which New York City had closed to the public and converted to a police firing range. (2) He also led a battle to stop a plan to sell Washington, D.C.’s Kingman Island—a rare piece of National Park Service property in a minority neighborhood—to a private developer. In 2004, Kennedy successfully sued Exxon to clean up a large oil spill on Newton Creek in Greenpoint Brooklyn. (3)

As Jimmy Dore points out in the above interview the democrats will attempt to fix the primary just like they did against Bernie Sanders in 2016. If need be, with Silicon Valley riding shotgun, the corporatocracy will fix the elections just like they did in 2020 and 2022. In Pennsylvania they have proven to themselves they can install a retard into the senate, even writing legislation in his name while he languishes in a mental institution, as long as the legacy media and Silicon Valley cover for them.

There will be, for their must be because it is the only thing the elitist billionaires who own the corporatocracy understand, blood in the streets. But there is nothing in this world worth having if it is not worth fighting for.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the last chance America has to avoid balkanization...


1 – Reed, Susan (July 2, 1990). “Polluters, Beware! Riverkeeper John Cronin Patrols the Hudson and Pursues Those Who Foul Its Waters”. People. Archived October 16, 2017.

2 – Cronin, John; Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (1997). The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right. New York: Scribner. p. 304. 

3 – Confessore, Nicholas (November 1, 2005). “An Old Oil Spill Divides a Brooklyn Neighborhood”. The New York Times. Archived October 16, 2017.


  1. So you have gone "back to the future" and the "power of love", and have "friends on the other side"?

  2. Anon, a couple of years ago or more I read that Jim Dean was a newly wed, or what you call it, but I thought she was a woman? Is it a fact that in any relationship only the ones wearing a dress is the bitch? How are you going to prove that? By looking at Elton John and his husband? Or at the one playing a tambourine on the streets of New Orleans?

    Stephen & Jon Batiste In New Orleans

    Elton John & Patti LaBelle – Your song

  3. Anna from Google says tRump to get arested tomorrow? That ought to be amusing!
    Like afterJ6 I am supposed to hit the streets? Or him being the father of the vaxx8ne? Or his latest the father of the 15 minute city?
    My advice if tRump gets put in prison let's hope they put him in a cage with buba or give him the Epstine treatment but for heavens sake stay home, Crack open a beer and binge watch Netflix.


    • Anna, spokes girl for Google, says that when we see who is in an area by who's cell phone gets detected is guilty of insurection and will be jailed no matter if the cops invite you in for a tour. LOL

      Don't you love America? Well what if they call another insurrection and no one shows up?
      Curious minds and all?


  4. The Anna's of the world make the world go round instead of donut shaped or in our Jack's word "toroidal" how is Anna's ass shaped? The Goddesses ass when I see it is perfect. When she speaks to me her voice perfect! Her love perfect? Always perfect. The Spirit is mostly female but on occasion like in His case Spirit is Male. As he departed said sent it.

    Gospel I see

    • Well her ass is definitely to die for, but she does have that nasally little twang to her voice and just like Lynches depiction she curses like a sailor…
      Just for you nine courtesies of Uncle Adolph and Uncle Otto

    • Nice video. Interesting shots of the sun, beautiful women and mountains. I can tell this ties into the all the work here…and Gordon Lightfoot? Well he simply is the most talented.

    • It has a back story they all do but the women leaning against the tree (Yggdrasil) looks like Hanna Reitsch all dolled up and the one on the carpet Eva Braum, I don't know who the other two look like but they certainly are adorable. The year is 2119, 100 years after I first saw it in 2019 when I used it as a calling card. I've been unable to find it for four years no matter how hard I searched until yesterday when it popped right up at the top in a search for Sundown…

  5. Sorry that comment about regarding males/bible etc was mine, it was impossible to use the google-"id". I am not Anna. As one of my neighbors in Northern Norway said when visiting a grave of her ancestors, loved ones, and something came flying up from the grass when she was weeding and planting a flower and scared the heck out of her so that she screamed: "Å, det e ei ånd!!!" (it is a spirit!)…. then realizing at a closer look: "Åh, det var berre ei and!" (oh, it was just a duck

    (Billy Joel – Only human:

  6. Jack, I am a man, too, am I not? Texe Marrs was among those hu-mans who interpretes the Bible and lives according to that strict "he-she" role definitions. Since he was a human with his own experiences in you American society and also a voter there are some few things "you" might find a common ground to stand on, regarding "earth, wind and fire"; or weather and how your common state is treating your citizens, mistreating them, and favorising others. Keep the best and forget the rest. One can draw some important information about most books found in the library (man-kind's voices) without swallowing the book completely. I am not a goddess, never have claimed to be. Interesting what you said about the soul being external to our bodies, which is why "they" are not able to kill it, though they may kill the flesh… Sounds familiar to the evangelicals?

    When it comes to killing everybody, or such, I was only asking if the national socialists or anarchist think it is a wonderful idea to kill Judeo-Christians/Zionist GOPs or what ever label one are using, just to show everybody; get the opportunity to create a well functioning democratic society, or is democrazy a bad word?

    Jim Dean at VT gave his audience the advice to just skip political talks at family reunions, because usually it is just a waste of time and cause of strife, they will not "get it". You know just as well as I that I am "just a man" (human being, though in the bible the word "man" is almost always interpreted as "he", except when reading "blessed is he (she) who does not put his (her) trust in man (males)."

    Stevie Wonder, Blue and Angie – Signed, sealed, delivered

  7. Well it entails to vote for me and the Evangelical queen and the extended family as all must re register every election, show ID and jump through a bunch of circus hoops.
    Why bother?

    • That "Anonymous" comment above was mine. What is the difference between your Evangelical queen and your evangelical princess, is she your daughter? Does that make you the evangelical king?

  8. I would vote for him RMB

    Simply on our Jack's word

    Entais this to vote

    Must re register

    Big hassle at the town hall

    If Jack says

    Like a robot off to vote

    End of story

    • Jack's has a lot of knowledge and it is worth listening to his advice, but even though he may be bright as Lucifer he is just a man, and no man is perfect or always right, they just tend to more usually be sure that they are. I am not an American, but in Norway we show our ID by using the voting card we receive via DigiPost. If I remember correctly during these 1-2 past presidential elections did the immigrants to the US not have to show their IDs so that they could vote twice or more? After all, that was their problem, they were illegal immigrants and did not have any identification papers. While Texe Marrs was still alive I listened to a few of his podcasts and if I remember correctly he mentioned that and was upset about that, at least I am sure he was upset that they got free dental care and several other benefits even though they were illegal immigrants which not even the veterans are receiving. He himself had a background from the Air Force. I also remember Gordon Duff was upset by the miserable service that was provided to veterans who had to wait hours and weeks, or months, for somebody to answer their call for help at the "Veterans Affair" or what you call it so that they could get some medical help, and when – in his case – a foreign woman who was not able to speak English well enough for him to even understand what she said, so bad that he had to hang up the phone because it was impossible continuing the conversation, and when your veterans are sleeping in tents on the asphalt jungle, if they are not dead by disease, overheating or cold by now, I do understand you have a problem.

    • If I am just a man you must be much smarter than me. I see we are still talking about a guy who attempted to murder all his readers and a drooling Christain moron like Texx Marrs. If I didn't know better I would wonder why only certain people are allowed to comment in this blog. By the way whatever did happen to the Whore of Google; our beloved Anna?

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