Jack and Phil participate in the Cumberland County Memorial Day Ceremonies in Crossville, Tennessee. It was, as always a day of reflection upon those from this county who died in combat throughout our nation’s history. The annual ceremonies include a Navy bell ceremony where all the veterans in the county who have died in the last year are recognized for their live’s well spent. The rememberance of those who give their life for their God, country, community, friends, and family for some in the community seems quite controvertial.

Memorial Day 2023 sees a new memorial unvieled in Memorial park.
The band warming up for Memorial Day 2023.
The honor guard from the Vietnam Veterans Association following posting of the colors ceremony. Memorial Day 2023
This is how we do Memorial Day 2023, seating for the folks right in front of Memorial Park, by the court house and Old Glory presented by CCFD.

RFK Jr. on the Green Freaks, and environmentalism Maurice Strong style https://twitter.com/i/status/1662155449121030144

RFK Jr on the constitution https://twitter.com/i/status/1662434709958262784


  1. Anonymous Commenter:

    “You’ve done more than me in your efforts to wake up the masses. Unfortunately people will never search for the truth themselves, they eat up the force fed lies and propaganda, anything will support and reenforce what it is they want to believe as it’s burning down around them. It’s difficult finding a source or person you can trust in a world where most people aren’t trustworthy.

    There is no single arbiter of truth, it’s definitely not the government or their media is nothing more than propaganda. Good people with good intentions can offer a piece of the truth although many I trusted at one time I no longer trust. The government definitely isn’t the arbiter of truth, and neither is their media, same people own the media own the government, and they control it all, it’s that money magick. It works, the other magick works too.

    I live in a place where the overwhelming majority is a bunch of far left pukes, people have fell into every trap set for them although some are aware, the people their lives destroyed are aware, and they have nothing to lose. I try to help even if it’s a kind world. It’s distressing to see the drug addicted homeless zombies, and all the other depraved zombies aren’t homeless. Most people are helpless, they know something is wrong but they’re still voting for the next savior won’t be saving anything. They still have hope in a hopeless world. They’ve sucked all the joy out of the world our sinister evil rulers. My dog gives me joy, people not so much.

    There isn’t a Zionist isn’t a traitor to their own people, nation, and humanity. Zionism is Jewish Supremacy. Zionism is Israel. Zionism is the government, the entire government, and everything else, every institution, media, Hollywood and entertainment. Zionism is money, it’s the federal reserve. I wasted my entire early adult life serving our sinister evil rulers, serving their dishonorable purpose, it’s far worse than dishonorable, it’s evil. I got six good conduct medals for being a good boy. I got eight rows of worthless medals and ribbons. I’m a war criminal. At least I’m willing to admit it. Yes I do blame White people, including myself. I didn’t know. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse.

    Traitors support Israel is Zionism. I don’t care how many excuses they make, and it is a cult, it’s a religious cult with multiple denominations and factions. Still I don’t want to live with or near violent twerking savages are nothing more than trained attack dogs given free reign and a get outa jail free card in addition to their EBT card. They will run out of excuses when they run out of White people to blame.

    This (This explains everything):


    resulted in this (They own and control everything, including their government in Washington D.C.):


    resulted in every President since, and a few prior, it’s our entire history the British involved in all of it, it’s not China responsible for destroying everything but they did destroy China and Russia, Opium Wars, Communism, killing millions in China and Russia. They’ve destroyed America, multiple generations destroyed by drugs and everything else used to destroy a people.

    Submit or we will destroy your economy, government, and people, and when you submit we will destroy your economy, government, and people, rape, pillage, and plunder as they destroy any opposition capable of fighting back. We’re in the beginning stages of a dystopian netherworld, it’s a hellscape. There are delusional pockets of America but not many. They destroyed Black culture and communities before they destroyed everything else, and people adopted what they created is uniquely African-American, halftime at the super-bowl, worse than that. I never wanted this, never made it about race, they did.

    Donald Trump and GITMO Ron are two controlled opposition clowns the so-called deep state created, they’re giving GITMO Ron everything he needs to oppose, it’s over the top so people can see it so they can oppose it but it won’t result in change, they’ve already defeated the Divided States, defeated as a government, soon to be defeated as a people. They’re destroying their Zionist slave colonies, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and every other slave colony, and they’re destroying ancestral homelands too, United Kingdom, Western Europe, same war in Ukraine is older than America, and now Israel exists, their power and control total and complete.


    Politics in this Talmudic gay and transgender dystopian hellscape is Republican Glenn Greenwald and his husband David and their adopted victims against Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten and their adopted victims. Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians against Tranheuser Busch and Dylan Mulvaney.

    They’re united at the top of the pyramid, same people raped Russia then collapsed the Soviet Union after their war in Afghanistan, they were responsible for every war, every war. The entire 20th century and 21st to date wasted and sacrificed to create and sustain Israel, the entire phony war on terror is about creating greater Israel and war profiteering as they roll from one war they start to the next. Is China and Russia in the way? Why are they playing? They being blackmailed? Nuclear blackmail? Another bioweapon? I’ll trust China when they send an entire CVN Battle Group to the bottom using hypersonic missiles.

    Taiwan is China same as Crimea is Russia, they both have more of a historical right than the United States has to Hawaii should secede same as Alaska, and forget about California, they’ve retaken most of California and south Texas, the Alamo will end up being a taco stand.

    This was all planned, and it only took a little over a hundred years once they surrendered America prior to WW1 to be used but it started before that, same people responsible for the Civil War, the south surrendered to them and later became the Bible Belt worshiped them because it’s the same ideological belief system sold by snake oil salesmen, ethnocentric theocratic supremacy is Israel is Zionism, and it’s all fake, the results are real. It’s White people responsible for the lunatics being in charge of the insane asylum, they surrendered because they were brainwashed to worship our sinister evil rulers. British-Israelism and Zionism, it’s Communism, it’s Bolshevism, it’s Bolshevik Trotskyites in power now, they own and control their government in Washington D.C.. They’re not done killing people.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Take it for what it’s worth, and it’s not worth much. I never claimed to know everything. Started questioning everything after the Iraq War based on a lie, people don’t care, people are their televisions and now social media, fake people living in a fake nation, and they have no idea most of them. They’re in for a rude awakening although they will still blame everyone and everything but themselves.

    9/11/2001 was the final nail in America’s coffin, when they took full power and control, it’s their DHS, its always been their FBI, NKVD and Stasi. It’s to protect them not us. They built their behemoth surveillance police state after they failed to provide for national security they have never provided, quite the opposite as they have systematically destroyed America a phased incremental plan spanning several decades. The threat is from within. I was active duty when Jonathan Pollard was arrested.

    Greatest transfer of wealth in the form of debt and consolidation of wealth and power in history under the cover of a bioweapon attack they still call a pandemic, they profited from their bioweapon vaccines and used it to lockdown their own populations as they consolidate their wealth, power and control. Long-term health effects unknown.

    Many Deagel predictions have come true, still a couple years to 2025, predicted the US would lose 70% of its population. Who knows? We will know soon enough:


    One last thing. I go to Drudge to get my daily aggregated dose of lies, propaganda, and dystopian content. Jesus fucking Christ, Latino White Supremacy. They downgraded the charges against the Whitehouse gate crashing non-White Nazi, if he was White he’d be facing life in the gulag. Anyway, Latino White Supremacy, are they setting up the narrative so the can actually secure the border because the leftists can’t handle all the illegal immigrants and they can still blame it on White Supremacy? I hate this fucking place, would leave if I could.


  2. Well we hear on our end the bodybags being shipped stateside in the 100s(1000s??) from the former “ukraine” are for the most part being quietly stashed in the basement this Memorial Weekend, that is fo’ sho.
    Not much to memorialise there, I guess. A coming military defeat that’ll dwarf Kursk back in 43.

    Old time military hands recognize these corpses for what they are: not the bodies of US soldiers returned with honour (I guess? not much honour in murdering goat herders with 60yo AK47s, children ploughing fields and wedding parties, right?) after fighting and dying overseas under a flag, but lowlife mercenaries and international criminals blown to smithereens by legitimate Russian firepower while fighting against those Russians on behalf of a bunch of rag tag lowlifes masquerading as a government, and propped up and armed by US taxpayers and the State Department international rats.
    An even bigger insult to dead US soldiers are calls for these profiteering cockroaches to be buried alongside their legitimate military counterparts in military cemeteries, and even to have their names inscribed on municipal war memorials– the memorials I guess that haven’t been smashed to pieces by wokester faggots “offended” by the white guys who went down in a hail the frikking memorials were dedicated to in the first place.
    Only in ‘murica…Tick tock…
    It’s just a matter of time.

    • I try to be more optimistic B, the Kennedy part is for you, nothing is written in stone, not even the past let alone the future. Of course, what you say is true but really how culpable for any of this are the congenitally stupid, the chronically ignorant? When I tried to speak, I was shoved into the darkest tiny corner of the internet. Those responsible for that must pay and must pay for all eternity. The rest, the unwashed masses, those who just wanted to live their lives unmolested by evil and have always demonstrated kindness and empathy for their fellow living creatures, they are entitled to a way out of this my friend. Leastways that’s the way I see it…

      • Unfortunately ignorance is not an excuse, amigo. They voted for their politicians (and allow themselves STILL to be fooled by the bipartisan fake dialectic; and fooled into thinking their “voting” makes a jot of difference anymore), they consented to the jabs, they are trussed up and will be fallout from the massive geopolitical alignments going on right now, and are just as ignorant about that as they are everything else.
        Natural Law about to reset in the true sense of that word.

        And there will be no election 24.
        (This is well known and being prepared for by governments everywhere.)
        The US is an oligarchical controlled military empire, and the Masters who control it from deep in their luxury bunkers and from their island paradises are fixin’ on a showdown with practically every other national group in the world, euro pissants and antipodean piss-heads excluded, of course.

        If you dont believe me, check out a pie chart of projected US fiscal spending for 23/24, and figure out whats been put aside for military expenditure. (And anybody with a modicum of knowledge about how governments have traditionally allocated funds– in the US’s case, printed paper backed by 50 trillion wortha debt (haha)– will know,at a glance that increases in military expenditure like that mean one thing and one thing only: preparations for a major war. Repeat: major.

        And I don’t give a flying fuck what Fox News or Kennedy Jr or any other faggot in a 200$ silk tie is telling you. Because it’s a puppet show. And tragically, as always, everyone who’s anyone in the International Game knows it. Joe Sixpack stateside however is, of course, always the last to know. And as of it would make a difference if he did, anyway)

        Karma’s coming home, amigo. Don’t get in her way whatEVER you do.

        • Additionally, for the past few months reports have been tabled everywhere from the UN to non-aligned international think tanks to local charities and non aligned NGOs specifying in great detail the number of civilians who were destroyed and misplaced by US illegal wars and interventions dating all the way back to the 1950s. As you know, this would have been IMPOSSIBLE just a few short years ago.
          BIG news across the BRICS nations and their 50+ allied states including the entire muslim world– (remember Iraq and the 3 million dead non combatants? Sheckinaw. A demon under cover of a live action video game. But it was worth it!!!)

          What this means, of course, is that a case is being prepared against successive US governments waaaay back dated.
          And i don’t mean a court case or anything silly like that, I mean a Causus Belli– but this will lay the groundwork for public trials/executions of any perps left surviving after the dust settles.
          As I said, Natural Law is on the new sherriffs in town’s side. And after hundreds and hundreds of years nations will be left alone to follow their own destinies. (Not including MATOstan, naturally. That ship has sailed.)
          The t’s are being crossed and the i’s dotted.
          Tick Tock,
          Watch it happen. And grab your popcorn. It’ll be valuable currency b4 too long.

    • And look what’s just come out! There are no coincidences in the quantum world– and in case you thought I was blowing it out if my arsehole and being nasty just for the sake of it?
      “Larry” can be hit and miss but he is concerned about the direction his formerly magnificent social experiment known as the USA is going in.
      And take a look at his “honors” list– a gaggle of wrong ‘uns if ever there were. Bury em with their boots!!
      As I said, ignorance is no excuse– and here’s your proof.
      Bada Bing.
      There are a few thousand in Russian freezers awaiting reclamation. I wouldn’t be holding my breath but they should charge the US embassy for the refrigeration bill.

      • Larry makes it up as he goes along. “Son of the New American Revolution,” give me a break. The only thing of value in this trash is a single comment made by a Frenchman that had some idea what he was talking about:

        Rambert says

        30 May 2023 at 03:20
        Sorry Sir,
        But you forgett a little thing.
        Eisenhower and Churchill claimed very loud that they will invide France at the beginning of summer 44. They did it.
        And they even claimd where they will land : in Le Pas de Calais… 100 miles, 150 km North of Omaha Beach. And North of Big river Seine.
        For that, they concentrated entier false armies in south England.
        And as you know, it was such a succes that Hitler put all his tanks and good regiments north from river Seine. The D-day, Air force destroyed every bridge…
        You know the following.
        Russian are masters of maskirovka…. But anglo-saxons too.

        Therefore, it’s very possible that Ukro-Otan planners prepare something very
        Ok Russian are sending drones and missile. But against what? Who really know. WE must believe Russian when they say : ” WE send a missile on a concentration of troops near Lviv and it killed 357 men, 15 wemen, 4 dogs and 3 cats”? WE must believe so obvious bullshit?
        Who know the true effect of stikes ? Who know if they didn’t strike brigades in cardboard and flatables with false phone calls?
        Never under estimate an ennemi. Especialy an anglo. And it’s a French who speaking

        • The point is, Jack. The corpses of US “military” refuse are being shipped back stateside by the late 100s. And well into the 1000s which is difficult to confirm because these cockroaches aren’t going through Dover AFB let’s just say that.
          Probably in the holds of passenger aircraft flying over the eurotrash on cheap deals for the summer.
          So scoff away all you like at “Larry”, but he has inside info that checks out at a high level in this case, he’s also an experienced agency desk jockey that somebody whispering in your ear obviously doesn’t like; and it’d behoove you to pay attention to what he has to say.
          At least until Tucker makes his big return, right? heh heh.

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