Someone once asked me to define warrior, even after I thought I did with a whole book. Well, I’ve been in training since I was old enough to talk. I learned to read by reading the bible. Warlock, which my father had a first edition hardcover on the shelf, was the second book I ever read. Johnny Gannon will teach you if you still don’t get it…


  1. Well Jack, everyone of any merrit well knows that any real “science” is from the last century.
    Our dearest RFK jr has to talk to a vaxxed up public, dumbed down by decades of Nazi TV, then, every idea stolen from the Patton office, sworn to protect America’s inventions, then they tell us everyone outside our borders is the enemy.
    Quite a formula for success. For somebody other than an American. I don’t want to blame joos Jack but perhaps it’s time for them to step up for the job of human sacrifice? You know? Joos are the front man and when things go south you take the blame.
    When have you ever seen a Jew do the honorable thing? Oh, wait they hide their virtue in that great sea of Spirit.

    • Well, I have seen one, as my evangelical brother in law worked for a jew that gave him huge bonuses for his work, and a heads up on many business opportunities, so, years later he has prospered just like his jooish boss did.
      I belive, being a heritic that true Jews live by Spirit.

      • When I was in landscaping, we always preferred to work for Jews. They understand that everybody involved has to make money from a business deal. Gentiles never seem to get that fact. As far as hating on the Jews, for what some of them now do, this is an ignorant exercise in futility. Jews don’t run things and RFK’s campaign advisor better get that through his little head fast. Every time he kisses Jewish ass he loses redneck votes. This country is made up of about 30 – 40% rednecks, 2% Jewish. The genius running his campaign better do the math, unless as I suspect he is a saboteur. It was Kennedy naivety that resulted in the death of both his father and uncle so my guess is the apple don’t fall far from the tree and it would be very easy for them to infiltrate his campaign, professional sneaks that they are. He can kiss every Jews ass in this country and Israel and that won’t get him one second of MSM airtime. Jews do not run the media or anything else, they only work for the pirates with all the money buried in the Cayman Islands, and the pirates killed half his family. There’s no way, they figure at least, he’s getting into the White House. Now I’m not saying he should goose step about or jut his jaw out in imitation of Mussolini, alla Trump but he better can all the kissy kiss shit fast. The rednecks still believe the Jews are responsible for this mess in the West, no matter how hard I’ve strived to educate them…

        • Well, take my Hitler pal as an example believing that National Socialism being a product of the Christian religion. Hitler kept the Church but reformed the notion of Jesus to match the goals of NS as he didn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. And yes the Jews being agents of the Brittish crown were based outright yet many Jews were put in positions of leadership to further the goals of a united strong Germany.
          I have tried to educate my Hitler pal on these facts but have given up.
          He is already saying that RFK Jr works for the Jews. Yes, the Kennedy staff are going to have to find a way to deal with this issue.

          • But the thing with your Hitler pal is nine; how fucking stupid are you? Kennedy can’t even get on a Google platform, yet you still think he’s deep state? No fooling them nine, Kennedy is obviously a Kazarian mobster who killed his own father, and his uncle when he was nine years old. Yep, countless bitchut videos prove it as toothless hillbillys fuck their goats and simultaneously pontificate their podcasts. All this has got to be accounted for or Kennedys campaign manager will be removed…

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