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Sometimes we grow so weary of painting pictures for the blind. Most recently on the ninth of June in various venues we published Pirates Scuttle the Titanic. Its an excerpt from Century of the Magicians. We are doing a deep dive into the Twentieth Century, a century of warfare. It began with the Boer War wherein the British Empire, led by Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and William Stead eventually crushed and annexed the two Dutch countries of South Africa that stood against them.

There were rumors that Rhodes had found the lost kingdom of Ophia, the site of King Solomons mines, the source of the Queen of Sheba’s riches in Mashonaland, rumors of an entire train laden with Dutch gold simply vanishing from the face of the earth. What emerged from this was the Roundtable, a secret society of the most powerful men in the British Empire, a society with unlimited resources and wealth that continues to run roughshod over the West till this very day.  

Rhodes died and like the eternal battle between darkness and light Alfred Milner and William Stead would fight for control of the Roundtable. Milner, backed by the Rothschilds and the disciples of Aliester Crowley, wanted war with Germany. Crowley wanted three wars, the three battles between Horus and Set to usher in the new Aeon. Stead, in Milner’s own estimate backed by angels, wanted only peace.

The schism between demigods culminated when Stead, at the request of President Taft boarded the Titanic, in route to America to address the scions of the Roundtable at Carnegie Hall. He had to be stopped or the century of warfare would have been a century of peace. An elaborate scheme was concocted to ostensibly defraud Lloyds of London but in reality sucker in JP Morgan to collaborate in the murder of one of Gods own, William Stead.

Almost everything you’ve been told about the Titanic is lies. It wasn’t even the Titanic that sunk but its irreparably damaged and uninsurable sister ship the Olympic. All the proof of that needed is in possession of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the French National Institute of Oceanography. It was showcased in a much suppressed British documentary; Titanic The Shocking Truth. Yet the blind cannot see and continue, led by shills like Stew Peters (stupider), to grope in the darkness muttering about Jews, Jesus and Satan.

The submersible sank for a reason, RFK Jr. gave his historical speech on world peace for a reason, yet the blind have no reason. Maybe its our fault we left much of the payload of our research behind a paywall but in due time it will all be revealed when we publish Century of the Magicians. On the eleventh of June I did Titanic the Final Word, the closing synopsis of our chapter on the Titanic, a podcast also behind the paywall. Because I do not want to leave you at the mercy of people like Stew Peters and Alex Jones, even though you deny me my hard-earned fee of ten dollars, I am making Titanic the Final Word available to the public today.  

Five days before the Titanic departed from Southampton “the Californian had left the port of London in a great hurry, ostensibly bound for Boston. Then on the evening of the fourteenth of April the ship came to a dead stop in the middle of the ice field.” The night of April fifteenth when the Titanic sank Captain Lord slept fully dressed on “a couch in the chart room rather than in his cabin. He also ordered her boilers to be kept fired up and her engines on standby.” On fogless nights it was common practice for British captains to steam right through ice fields without even slowing down, icebergs could be seen from miles away. This was attested to by three different captains in the ensuing hearings. Obviously, Captain Lord was “expecting some kind of emergency that would require a last-minute dash into the night. That evening the Titanic received six radio messages. The first three were from other ships giving the location of icebergs. The other three were from the Californian, more concerned with giving her own position stopped for the night. Those three were personally addressed to Captain Smith.” (34) The first of the two fatal mistakes was made by Captain Lord who “failed to keep his radio operator awake. Even so the Californians last message to the Titanic never got there. The Titanic’s radio operators were too busy with passenger’s messages.” (35) Ostensibly because the nearby Californians messaging was booming through the radio room the Titanic’s senior wireless operator Jack Phillips actually told the Californian radio operator, “Keep out; shut up, I’m working Cape Race!” The Californians radio operator, not part of the conspiracy and under no orders from Lord to get the message through at all costs, simply retired for the evening.

The second fatal mistake was made by Captain Edward Smith who left the actual collision of the so said Titanic to his First Officer William McMaster Murdoch while Smith too, no doubt to limit his culpability in the hearings that were sure to ensue, slept fully clothed in the chart room right behind the bridge. As she bore down on the gigantic iceberg, estimated to have been visible on that bright night from five to six miles away, at about half a mile out Murdoch “ordered the ship turned to port and inexplicably engines full astern.” (36) Reversing the engines insured a massive gash on the starboard side of the ship as she spun broadside right into the iceberg. She would sink in less than three hours, not enough time to rescue everybody even if the Californian had been a mile away. After the jolt Smith was on the bridge immediately and “asked the Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall to work out a position. It is clear from the records the titanic navigator worked out a position that was twelve miles away from where they actually were.” (37) In 1985 the discovery of the Titanic’s wreckage by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the French National Institute of Oceanography was made twelve miles from the position given by Boxhall.


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