Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 4 (substack.com) After meeting Bill and Candy Shaker, friends of Dougie Jones, at the casino and learning roughly where he lived Cooper is driven ‘home’ by limo at the casino’s insistence. As the driver is getting Cooper out they hear an owl hooting. Startled, they both look up and see it gliding stealthily overhead in the darkness and the driver remarks “Dam, thing spooked me.” – Season 3, episode 4. 13:00. Cole meets with the FBI Chief of Staff a drag queen that calls itself Denise Bryson; played by David Duchovny who plays Fox Mulder the hero of the X Files. Back at Twin Peaks a schoolboy dies from an overdose of “Chinese designer drugs,” that are mysteriously making their way into Twin Peaks. Bobby Briggs is now a deputy. He tells Sheriff Frank Truman, Harry’s brother who has taken over for him in his illness that he does not think the drugs are coming in from Canada. He also tells the sheriff that Cooper, after getting out of the hospital the next day after he was found in Glastonbury Grove […]

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