City of Light

Evil deeds producing, inducing

conducting, correcting,

misdirecting silently affecting

those that are hit by an invisible golden spear

plunged into the jaws of forbidden pear

golden sweet fruit, looking for a feebleminded recruit

in a dark obnoxious specific suit

a delusional mind always trying to get high

high on broken dreams, filled with penetrating laser beams

Lost they are, too far gone they are

Are they Done?

The potentiality of evil gives them meaning

all inside them is hollow and screaming

They are marching into madness, without sadness

without remorse, they are on an evils course

Corporations are there to endorse, to force them into a coral

without resemblance or dash of any morals

like a common beast, they will cut their no-good wrist

Robots will fall, like children’s butchered doll

from their offices, they will fall

Abyss will eat them, death will greet them

New human children are dreaming, now streaming

New cascading flow, we must give it go

We must let them know

They are not just colorful leaves on the playful wind

Not born to heartless grind but to find

purpose in lifes purse, a new concourse

advancing beyond the reach of dark force

future and past for them are aligned, not divided

Questions are hurling in the air, asking if there will be another unforgivable despair

Broken evil dream, born in the mouth of bastard god

Pushed on human minds as the solution, devotion, in reality, well-hidden fraud

Is Devil dreaming, electric dreams

managing deluded, demonic teams

teams of perverted men, nothing more than scared, well-maintained hens

Without a head, running in circles dead

Waiting to be blead, wearing bloody goats head

Dead amongst us, are you afraid

refrained, constrained


Are you ready to jump into the mouth of vicious death?

To feel the power of this sacred hour

To be devastating Norse without any remorse

To go beyond the white wall, beyond Evil dreams,

the last curtain call

Sword in your hand, remember and do what you can

Polar night is shining bright

You, are you READY TO FIGHT!

Take Down This Night, This evil dream

Earth filled with heroic echos of the past and red, voiceless scream

Where are you gonna go?

when you see blood dancing on the white snow?

Red night all is alright

Red dawn they will be gone

Red Sun, o what fun!

Red skies many will die

Red moon, death of another goon

All for glory, basking in perpetuating euphory

creating a new story, the new model

a new fancy hotel, a loud message

for abused and downtrodden

You are not forgotten!

Join this fight, kiss the still, stary night

set the stage for the new upcoming age

Human drama unfolds, karma is in the end the kiss of cold

Deserved Ticket Everyone will get, the magick cloak has been set

Emerging, newfound life must thrive

The Evil Dream…

Must die.

There is a time and place for everything….so I heard, so has been told.

There was a time before time. An oasis of freedom so far and desolate from anything that the human eye can see or reach.

It was a hidden city, full of joy and kids’ laughter… Gigantic Walls were standing proud and strong, it was an unbreachable fortress, hidden away from preying jealous eyes. From all that has twisted soul, and foul tongue.

But nothing last forever and sometimes evil comes to visit even the finest of the finest men. Nothing in life is free, and so is the case with freedom.

Freedom is born in tears and blood, not in complacency and debauchery…

I know, I know..all this sounds like it happened before…but, this warning story of old has a different ending than most sad stories of now-forgotten civilizations.

When confined in a safe imaginary space men’s muscles become weak, women become lustful and their offspring is just a byproduct of ignorance and delusions of their parents.

Parents who forgot with time how to be a parent, man or woman, both were more interested in life pleasures than in children’s future…

Yes, there was joy and laughter in the white, unusually clean streets, but that laughter had a terrible price, a price that will be soon paid in blood and many tears.

One morning after all day of drinking and exchanging open sexual pleasantries, the forgotten horn sounded an alarm…

Many men were in no condition to fight, many of them have forgotten how to fight, and many of them didn’t know the way to armory anymore. Life was too sweet, too good to bother with all that silly nonsense. These people lived after all in the unbreachable fortress beyond the known world…who would ever dare to attack the Walls of this highly advanced city.

This city is light, and the rest of the world is darkness….there is nothing for any man or woman that lies in that they thought.

“Even if the enemy came in full force, the strong enormous wall will eventually protect them…that was the thought, spreading through hangovered heads of most men….

Why fight? we are safe here and we have everything that can we wish for, who cares for another man’s trouble and suffering..this here, this place, this heaven… well-fortified heaven full of the most beautiful women that any man could only dream of.

Men in this city were also beautiful compared to other men who are drowning in the darkness, far away from the shining lights of this momentous city.

The city actually had no real name, or maybe with time empty heads that resided there have forgotten the name of their precious city, all that mattered to them was: they were safe, well-fed, and they all had engaged in frequent sexual Promiscuity. The closest name that I could remember would be:

The City of Light

That day, it was Friday, the enemy did come in full force, but this was an enemy that has not been seen for many decades, they all vanished after a strange event that happened 300 years ago. Nobody had seen them for 300 hundred years and, now, now this army was at the gates of the White City, a city guarded by white walls. They were a race of extremely skilled warriors but now long forgotten and lost to the ears and eyes of today’s world, almost like people hidden behind mighty white walls…

Karma came to visit….two different doctrines and two different lifestyles will soon clash…

The leader of the invading force was Tramhil, a giant-looking man, he had giant rows of muscles all over his body, and he looked like was stung by wild wasps just a second ago…with his giant stature and his flawless physique he was really a menacing figure. Now this giant menacing figure was standing on the horizon, observing, watching, studying the White walls, scanning for weak points. Sun has started to sunsetting, his shadow was long, and it was reflecting under him in the sand, making Tramhil even more menacing and majestic looking being than he actually was.… It was a sight of almost biblical proportions.

Behind him, his army worked as one, shouting and singing warrior songs…Showing remaining guards on high walls their menacing, extremely sharp, and very advanced weapons…

This was not an ordinary leader and certainly not the ordinary army….

Behind this army that was growing by every minute, you could see three giant bluish Portals…and rivers of soldiers were constantly pouring in from these 3 portals, arriving at the place of looming battle…

All soldiers who came through the portal were in impeccable condition, physically and mentally…like they were groomed for this kind of adventure…Man of War.

Tristan was a guard on the other side, he was like other men, stunned, dumbfounded staring there with confused looks on his face at the development on the horizon.

He said almost in agony…This, this is not an ordinary Army, I told you Gods will send punishment, and now there it is, there is your drunk, filthy bastards…

The wall will endure, kid, you worry too much…

I, do?!?, look at the Horizon, if we don’t organize right now, this moment all men that are capable to bear arms and fight, nothing will be left standing by the next morning….

Do you understand me!!! he screamed at an old-looking guard who was still wobbling around in a drunken state from last night.

Tristan was one of the few in the City of Light who dint subdue to the twisted influences who were tirelessly, devouring his people every day, bit by bit.

The once great culture and society, full of great poets, musicians, mathematicians, and scholars now was a desert filled with sex, vine, and beer…the air in the city smelled like death and soon in a few hours uninvited death will be knocking on the main door…

Tramhil was still filling his ranks and coordinating the attack with his most valuable general Treon, Treon The unforgivable…

Treon looked at the sky it was almost dark. he said…

Soon..soon we will be ready.

Tramhil gave him a silent nod….

On the other side of the wall, Tristan was almost in panic mode looking for his fellow men, maybe, just maybe they can defend the white walls….

but deep inside he wanted to see this city burn to the ground together with his evil unnatural deeds…

What Tristan didn’t know, when you are young, you will do almost anything to protect your loved ones, even if they have sinned and become twisted evil human spirits, who indulge in debauchery and constant drinking.

It was a love-hate relationship, seen and observed in many stories known and unknown, told probably a thousand times in a thousand more ways. It is really hard to hate your family even if they are no good, vile hive of the most wretched villains in the known universe.

In this case, Tristan’s universe was the White City, and in Tristan’s case his family and close ones deserved the hate, but, still, he could not do it..he could not hate them.

In his young heart, there was too much love for this world and too little hate for living creatures that were inhabitants of this wretched, upside-down world.

Tristan came down from the top of the white wall to the spiral-shaped stairs, to his amazement many of his fellow citizens were still enjoying life with full lungs, they were still drinking and f…. behind translucent curtains.

It was like Sodoma and Gomora came alive, for the first time in his life he could see where he really was and what most of his friends and loved ones had become….

In his young brain was only one question: is this worth saving?

Suddenly he was shaken by a strange explosion behind him…

It was a gift sent from invading army….behind him in the walls of the white city was an enormous hole almost a perfect circle….

He was confused, what did this, weapon or magick…there was a brief moment of eery silence and then, then at that moment, all hell broke loose.

Half-naked women started to scream, and children’s cries filled the main square, drunken men were just standing like they have seen a ghost…

Nobody was laughing anymore.

After five thousand years, the great white city has been invaded, and all that has been needed was one sonic pulse….delivered from some kind of Railgun-looking weapon…

The invasion didn’t last long, most of the guards were drunk, and other men were incompetent not skilled in the arts of war….so in just one day, The glow of the white city was turned into darkness…

The utterly strange thing was, no woman was raped, no child was slaughtered, and no man without a weapon has been killed….

This almost godlike Army was truly a strange kind of an invader…after they steamrolled the enemy and conquered the center of the town, something really strange happened.

The big giant figure came to Tristan, it was Tramhil the leader of the invaders…he said…You asked and we came…It is done, your wish has been fulfilled.

Tristan said…but, but, I didn’t mean it…..

Tramhil; kid I am not God I am just an emissary…somebody has heard your prayers and we kid, we, are the answer to your prayers.

What happens now? Tristan asked filled with guilt and admiration…

What happens now….I tell you young man….you will live.

Anyone who was adamant and didn’t participate in this “Blunder Games” will be given a new place and a fresh start….rest, the rest will wander in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. If anyone of these unlucky bastards survives, then: All is forgiven he or she may join you and start fresh.

From this day on, the light Of White City was no more, and many who wandered into the desert have never been seen again, their faces with the passing of time became just a distant memory. Their fate has been sealed from the moment when they arrived in this world.

Tristan became a well-known scholar and the leader of a great now also forgotten civilization.

His rule was just, and people loved him. He build a well-known library where all knowledge of the known and unknown world has been stored for the future generation, so the unfortunate fate of the City of Light never happens again, and people don’t become silhouettes, former shadows of themself.

When he died, he was 111 years old, many say, there was a bright white light inside his quarters right before he closed his eyes for the last time.

Maybe, just maybe he deserved his place in high heaven.

Tristan left the following message:

“What happened once will happen again.”

Alternative ending:

Strange-looking Army of giants disappeared in three portals that were silently rotating on the horizon in a ghost-like manner, As they came. Nobody has seen them ever again.

Even today scholars are fighting about who this great army was, the army that could destroy the White walls and heart of the city in just one day…all investigations led sooner or later to the death end.
Tramhil and his army of giants remain a mystery of mythical status.

Has God sent his army or did this ancient civilization collapse under the weight of their own stupidity?

We may never get the affirmative answer but this is a cautionary story about what happens to civilization when the hearts and minds of people who live in the city are no longer present there.

When all laws of nature are broken and common decency is gone out of sight and out of mind. When everything and anything is permitted and nothing is a cultural or moral taboo. All that was left under the white walls are primal animalistic urges and with time inhabitants of the Great white city were not different from the animals themself. They have become Savages, something that is even lower on an evolutionary scale than the common animal.

Men were men no more, they were just too weak to fight, and women stopped being women…they have become ever more deviant creatures than their male counterparts.

Today’s story in many academical circles about the Great White City is just a myth, nothing more, nothing less. But, it has been proven that White City has existed, parts of the great white wall, and white still shining, glimmering bricks have been found in the exact place that has been described in old books.

To this day the real fate of the city remains shrouded in a veil of mystery. What is left, is a warning to future generations,
because maybe one-day Thamril and his Army of Giants will be seen on the faraway horizon of your city…what happens next I will leave you that problem to your imagination…

Any resemblance with today’s events in the world is purely fictional.


  1. HP, excellent work.

    Speaking of entrenched evil is the movie “sound of freedom” in the theaters now about the horrors of child human trafficking and the kicker? The work is funded by a Mexican Cartel boss and the “charity” is connected to the Clinton’s, Podesta and epstien in a word this is an opp or so it appears.
    At the end of the film patrons are sent to anti human trafficking orgs run by the Clinton’s and the WEF as it appears these organizations have created a database of abused children. The amazing thing is that these organizations are connected to the Clinton’s foundation and thes anti trafficking organizations were created in 1999 to stop trafficking yet in 20 years trafficking has increased five fold. So, the point of these organizations is to increase trafficking yet hide it under the guise of charity preventing it.
    My only Jewish unvaxxed friend is so moved by this film that he is going to organize local protests.
    I told him that this is an opp to see who pops up out of the woodwork.
    Well Jack and Phil and your team perhaps a look at this film? I think it’s a .gov opp run from the top down and the film makers grifters and flim flammers.
    I want to wiesn up my dearest Jewish friend.

    • Thank you Nine, yeah I would not be bothered By the “Sound of Freedom” Zee movie…

      Probably Empire will soon give us a few “guilty actors” to the nervous army of peasants with pitchforks and torches.

      I don’t see any scenario with Jim *Ca- Weasel and his counterpart Mell Gibson where these two are turning their faces to the right godly side.
      F Hollywood I hope the live adaptation of Sodoma and Gomora burns to the ground.

      All the Best, and thank you for reading my ramblings.

      • Right on HP!

        Check out this obvious FBI or homoland security agent pontificating any questioning of this movie and not seeing it or supporting it you are for pedophiles and child traffickers. My dear Jewish unvaxxed friend is extremely angry with me for pointing out to him that this flick is not in any way shape or form an organic attempt to right societal wrongs but a way to first introduce a narritive then hijack it and turn it to their nefarious ends.
        The film is funded by a dirty crooked billionaire and the whole thing smells of a giant grift.
        Well HP, in your fine story above, many can be forgiven but some can never be.
        Jesus once said that to harm a child that perpetrator needed to have a millstone tied to his head and tossed overboard.

  2. “What happened once will happen again.”

    Reference to this address for the graphic image of a “Multi-Universe.”

    Once upon a time a million billion years ago a group of Sirians genetically altered themselves in order to eliminate all forms of aggression. They then proceeded to acquire another group of humans which they genetically altered to become their protectors. They were made to be hyper aggressive and short lived. This aggressive group eventually ended up on earth, and over time that aggressive, short life genome, is now found in all earth humans as it is expressed in greater or lesser degrees.

    Sirian technically-advanced humans who created a new human race with a limited life-span of 100 years, which also bore barbaric traits that tended toward degeneration and cruelty.
    This new human race, which exists on Earth today, was created to protect the Sirians as they had lost the ability to fight through self-manipulation when they were previously living in the Lyra star system.
    The reason for the new human races’ limited life span was because the creator-overlords feared that they would band together and annihilate them. Eventually, their fears became reality, and for this reason new methods had to be found to bring the genetically-manipulated races under their control once again, although it meant that these goals would have to be achieved through radical extermination.

    Since the creator-overlords were more powerful than the genetically-manipulated humans those found but one recourse and that was to flee, which they did with help from benevolent supporters in the Sirius regions. At the same time, these supporters secretly decided to exploit the genetically-manipulated people for their own use.

  3. And somewhere in the darkness a set of hidden eyes stand watching the follies with hope and patience that they will change their ways.
    When the realization sets in those eyes turn from a peaceful glance to a stare. Until the whites begin to crack and boil over turning that icey stare into a red hot glare.
    Somewhere in the infinite night a door cracks open when enough is enough. Possibly an Agent Cooper walks through and in the blink of an eye it’s all over for you.
    As the door slams shut mixing light with dark creating Rorschach shadows dancing all about.
    “I’m Not Locked in Here With You, You’re Locked in Here With Me”
    A silent whisper is all that can be heard, “Kill them all spare you no doubt.”

    “If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction..” – Joseph Goebbels

    • Thank you Greg all the exceptional quotes as is the case with your very insightful comment.

      Cheers, my friend.

  4. “You were too good to them with your ending.”
    Maybe I was, but others won’t be kind…
    anyway Thank you, Phil will sort this out I have only author rights there is no box for me to check as I wrote this.

    My biggest flaw, my wife asked this a few weeks before…I said maybe I am too kind and too forgiving, but most of the time people and other “animals” get what they deserve no matter how high on the social/evolutionary scale they think they are.
    I thought about making a scene of ultimate carnage mixed with blood splatter, but I decide to choose another route…I wanted to show the contrast between them and the giants…You kill when there is absolutely no other choice, and they are, too far gone, they are too rotten and too weak, not worthy of a warrior’s death, let the desert sand and scorching sun slowly eat them.

  5. “but deep inside he wanted to see this city burn to the ground together with his evil unnatural deeds…

    What Tristan didn’t know, when you are young, you will do almost anything to protect your loved ones, even if they have sinned and become twisted evil human spirits, who indulge in debauchery and constant drinking.

    It was a love-hate relationship, seen and observed in many stories known and unknown, told probably a thousand times in a thousand more ways. It is really hard to hate your family even if they are no good, vile hive of the most wretched villains in the known universe.”

    My dilemma for the last decade and my problem with the radical priest and the rest of the Illuminati. One could say this has happened before in recorded history with the Aztec who chose to fight Gods army and were annihilated. These pukes won’t fight HP, they ain’t got it in them anymore to do anything but play games. In a way I have more respect for the sodomite human sacrificing, cannibal Aztecs than I do for them. You were too good to them with your ending.

    PS: You forgot to check the box that drops the paywall on this one. I just did it for you.

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