The Return opens with a conversation between the now twenty-five-year older Cooper and a tall gaunt man very similar to the “Giant” from the Red Room. They are in a room that appears to be furnished from the early twentieth century and the scene is filmed in black and white. In the distorted vocals requiring subtitles that are characteristic of the disincarnate beings of Twin Peaks the Giant says, “Agent Cooper listen…to the sounds.” They both look at an old gramophone emitting a clicking noise then back at each other and the Giant continues; “It is in…our house now.”  Cooper looks at him, saying in clear English “it is.” The Giant answers “it cannot…be said aloud now. Remember 430, Richard…and Linda, two birds…with one stone.” Cooper nods and resolutely says “I understand…” – Season 3, episode 1. (5:00 – 6:00). Two crates of shovels are delivered to Dr. Jacoby who now lives rough in a trailer in the woods. The camera pans over nighttime Manhattan settling on a red brick building with few windows. In an upper story there is a portal big enough for a man to fit through overlooking the street far below. Inside the building the portal leads into a small glass room about the size of a closet watched intently by a diminutive rodent of a college student named Sam Colby. The glass room is surrounded by cameras and is on a pedestal with an elaborate wiring system underneath. It is in a much larger concrete room with empty boxes in the corner and no furniture. There are no other windows but the portal. Sam sits on the lone love seat on a raised platform. A buzzer sounds. Sam goes outside through the only door and meets a very attractive young woman named Tracy. She has two take out coffees and wants to come inside to drink them with Sam. He tells her she can’t and that what is inside is “top secret.” The sullen looking gorilla of a guard whose desk is in front of the door affirms Tracy is not allowed in the room. She tells Sam she will bring him more coffee tomorrow. The Horne brothers and Lucy Moron are reintroduced. Ben runs the hotel and Gerry is growing hydroponic marijuana and selling it legally tripling their profits. Lucy is still a moron but now she is married to Deputy Andy, another moron.    Somewhere in a secluded area shrouded in darkness a Mercedes pulls up to a cabin. Coopers evil doppelganger who wears his hair long gets out and casually dispatches of the shotgun wielding man guarding the door who tries to stop him. He goes inside and picks up two accomplices; a man named Ray, and a woman named Darya which he will soon murder. When Tracy comes back the next night the guard is nowhere to be found. Sam even checks the bathroom for him. Tracy insists on coming in and Sam wonders aloud how she is going to get […]
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