Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 12 & 13 (substack.com) In Buckhorn, Albert, Tammy, and Gordon have a drink. Albert begins “In 1970 the United States Air force shut down Project Blue Book, their twenty year investigation into UFO’s. They concluded that no credible evidence existed and therefore they posed no threat to National Security. Another words a massive cover-up. Cheers …” Albert proposes the toast and they all drink to it. He continues “a few years later the military and FBI formed a top secret task force to explore the troubling extractions raised by cases Bluebook failed to resolve. We called it the Blue Rose after a phrase uttered by a woman in one of these cases just before she died, which suggested these answers could not be reached except by an alternate path we have been travelling ever since. Gordon suggested an agent by the name of Phillip Jefferies to head the squad. He soon recruited three others myself, Chet Desmond and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m the only one out of that group that hasn’t disappeared without explanation” they then formally […]

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