Twin Peaks the Return, episode 2


Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode two ( Hasting’s wife Phyllis visits him in jail and mocks him; telling him she knew of his affair with Ruth Davenport all along. He counters by telling her that he has known about the affair she is having with their lawyer George, “and maybe somebody else.” She scoffs at him telling him he will now spend the rest of his life in prison. A woodsman who materializes in an adjoining cell eavesdrops on the conversation then dematerializes. When Phyllis goes home evil Cooper is waiting for her standing in the shadows of her home. She apparently knows him because she greets him as a friend. He tells her “you did good. You followed human nature perfectly.” Then he pulls a gun and tells her “this is George’s gun.” She turns to run and he shoots her in the back of the head. Season 3, episode 2. 6:00 -7:00.      In Las Vegas Duncan Todd [Robert Bigelow founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science] the mysterious billionaire calls his assistant Roger into the office and hands him two […]

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