Twin Peaks the Return, episode 16

"Bring the bacon and I'll put it in the pan Got my own, baby, life is grand Every move I make is just a part of my plan And I do it just because you said I can't..."


Our server isn’t really equipped for podcasts, any trouble with the audio go to our Substack site: Twin Peaks the Return, episode 16 ( The Doppelgänger with Richard Horne as his passenger stops on a lonely country road, pointing his trucks floodlights at a hill. Richard questions what they’re doing and the Doppelgänger tells him to pay attention and he will find out. He then tells him “I’m looking for a place. Do you understand the place?” Richard looks at quizzically, repeating “place?” The Doppelgänger continues “three people have given me coordinates to that place. Two of the coordinates match. What would you do Richard?” Richard replies “I’d check out the two that match.” The Doppelgänger says “you’re a very bright young man and we’re very close to the two that match. It says its right up there” the Doppelgänger gestures with his GPS phone to a boulder at the top of the hill. Jerry Horne, still playing the madman in the woods happens upon the scene and looks on unseen from a hill top in the distance. The Doppelgänger tells Richard that since he is twenty-five years younger he should climb to the top of the rock and pin […]

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