Twin Peaks the Return, episode 17


Dali the Last Supper Custom Framed & Mated Finest Quality – Etsy Cole sits in his chair contemplating his gun and lamenting that he could not shoot Diane. Albert tells him that he’s getting soft in his old age to which Cole replies “not where it counts buddy.” Tammy smirks and they toast the FBI. Cole then says “now listen. For twenty-five years I’ve kept something from you Albert. Before he disappeared Major Briggs shared with me and Cooper his discovery of an entity, an extreme negative force called in olden times Jowday. Over time it became Judy. Major Briggs Cooper and I put together a plan that could lead us to Judy and then something happened to Major Briggs and something happened to Cooper. Phillip Jeffries, who doesn’t really exist anymore, at least not in a normal sense, told me a long time ago he was on to this entity and he disappeared. Now the last thing Cooper told me was ‘if I disappear like the others do everything you can to find me. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone.’”-   Season 3, episode 17, 2:00-4:00.   Cole continues, saying that the informant Ray Monroe said the Doppelgänger was searching for […]

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