Distorted frames, creating war hurricanes

Suicidal dish, perpetual wish

Killer alone, sniping at crushed bone

Nobody answers the red phone

Is all finally set and done?

Death pretending to be Seth

Blood dripping from the white bed

Have we met?

This is not a threat

friendly fire everyday attire

Bullets of pain hitting your bloody vein

heads slain, crimson-minded affairs that can not be named

The secret war for this domain

Blood spilled, killers wet dreams

so it seems

Kill or to be killed

Are you not thrilled?

Fools death or eternal life

Everything needs some kind of price

answer now or lay low

accept the death and go

Cowards advise, deadly price

violent admission, volatile ignition

On the battlefield, no one needs a signed permission

Born on the wrong side of the heaven

cipher is his name under number seven

Battle rages, falling mages, flying sages

falling red sky Will she even try?

Now is the time, to make a difference

enter the ring and make an appearance

Bullets in the sky, too many will die

hopeless cry, close the shattered eye

Thor and Thunder make you wonder.

All this slander, flesh, and soldiers’ meat

fallen on the devastating, streets

Who is killing who?

Is this the last war, the last scar

On her face, cruel mace

Saucers fly, heil!

The last part of the puzzle must stand by

Old debt paid in blood

Another biblical flood?

Word up in heaven, War under number seven

furnace below turned to eleven

Thirteen would be just a sin

Riots, pools of blood

naked laser dots, food for thoughts

Nothing is ever lost

no matter the cost

Hells has too many stories to tell

time to break the timeless spell

The mood on the field has earned the yield

Naked Bones prancing around heavenly horses

Soul and body violently divorced, the hand has been forced

The battle is on, the target is written on the gun

Everyone is searching for desolated Fun

In this cursed, wounded town,

It used to be white now is just dull and brown

Death is very loud, it moves around

it this sleepless town

Naked views, killer lips

Another body dips, a slash of the whip

Death riding on this day, having a trip

Will this ever stop?,

Do we need another “atomic bomb”

Humans and angels battling side by side

diversity cries with no obligatory divide

houses on fire, devils fueled, and for hire

quagmire, tornado of souls unfolds

Preachers of the gun, praying to the sun

game of life and death is no more fun

Son of the Man, do what you can

Fight under the sign of the light

endure this bloody night

Someday all will be alright

but there must be somebody willing to fight

The dice of life has fallen on you, gather your crew

Ride in the sunset, this is something you must do

If not you who else, knows how to dance?

Horses are getting tired, you are still wired

Another plane lights the northern sky another soul dies

Another body slowly fries

another mother cries

flames and metallic blood, poor Sod

Can this ever be told?

War is not a game of chance, war is not a promised romance

It is a cruel truth, please enter the ring if you would…

Earth tremors, escaping demons looking for foul lemons

Only death for you is the true escape

Anything else would be a horrible mistake

Have you chosen the side, Have you taken the right bride?

Smooth, talking Devil in your head aside

world sighed another rocket hits from behind

Fire and flame eating their game

Will it ever be the same?

Nothing without you, what else can I do?

Calling your name is not the same

Blame, will blame ever end?

Can you and I finally be friends?

what is next? Has the writer lost the text?

Flaming doors, rotting empty floors

Death eats his victim with no remorse

There is nothing left to endorse

“Peace through force”?

Sounds weird, of course,

It is a lame expression, full of dirt and tension

Heaven and Hell tonight are dancing very well

How many lives were lost., nobody can tell…

Another death bells, another bullet sells

The stock exchange has no limit, it is truly a strange exhibit

shorten the range, avenge

Break this plastic and hollow Stonehenge

Pick up your change, make a stance

Silver Bullet is ready to kill this lycan,shape-shifting romance

Evil of old, you have been told

Please disengage, and go to hell, suits you more than well!

Red flowers for the death, a worthy present for the wounded Seth

What is it going to be?

Macbeth, or just plain old death?

Close the curtain…

This act is over, I am more than certain.


  1. I am sorry, to bombard you with “this poetry of mine” but this is something I got to do…

    My apologies… these two articles should be put together, but I wrote this separately…it would take me too much time to paste them together…

    As you know in Europe right now is extremely hot…

    Cheers to all!

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